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MARCH 7, 1914 





:ist, Inc., 

139 Vt/os* 44th 

Str«et, New York City 



March 7 






More top-line acts ere using this song than any other number on the stage. You can use it as a single, double, quartette or any old way. It's a great big hit. 



This song is going to be the <Jbiggest ballad hit in years;- Watch it grow like all the Sterling and Von Til2er ballads: 




Full of ginger. Full of life. A great Lyric. A great Melody. Harry Von Tilzei's "CUBANOLA GLIDE" started the ragtime craze. This, is a better song. 



This is undoubtedly the biggest ballad hit in thecountry, ,and it will be lor some time to= come. .Published in seven keys; also a Bass Solo. 





> CHICAGO OFFICE: Grand Opera House Building. MAURICE RITTER. Manager, Western Office 



Clipper Bureau, B Sooth Square Gray's Inn, London, W. C. 

Fun. 21. 
ficl'lom lina n new management run up 
Mich a record its that of Norninn McKlunoll 
and Frederic Whelcn, nt the Vaudeville — I 
should snv tliey lmv nvernged a piny a 
month. "Helen of the High Hand," which 
(bey did on Tuesday, looks as though It 
might have lictter luck tlinu Its predecessors, 
thanks mnlnly to a flue pcrformnnce by Mr. 
McKlnnell, us James Ollcreu Shaw, a typical 
character of the pottery district, In the North 
Midlands, which Arnold Bennett depicts 
with such fascinating skill In his novels — 
this one lias been adapted to the stage by 
ltlchard Pryce. 

OUerca Shaw had added cottage to cottage 
until he bad become a very rich man. but 
be contentedly lived In a mean bouse, ill 
tended by a slovenly servant, alternating his 
rent-round with a game of bowls and the 
plaintive performance of the Hallelujah chorus 
on a concertina. To him arrived his distant 
rclntlvc, Helen, a maBterful and sclf-conlldcnt 
young woman. She bad a little money, tbe 
profession of a school mistress, an extrava- 
gant taste In dress, and an uncouth lover 
with whom she had agreed to differ. Uncle 
OUcren Shaw made his young relative the 
offer of a home. He was tired of his shrew- 
ish, dishonest housekeeper, and Just a little 
afraid ot a stnnrt widow ranging her forces 
Against Mm. But Helen shouted with laugh- 
ter at tbe idea of the small, stiff parlor, tbe 
bedroom that would hardly contain her hnt 
boxes, the mean housekeeping. The old man, 
fascinated by her presence In his home, by 
her domestic skill and Its ensuing comforts, 
persisted, till at last Helen began to quote 
terms, which were high. There were many 
llerce encounters era the high hand became 
definitely the upper hand. Uncle OUcren 
Shaw bought and equipped n beautiful old 
country house. There he lnstnlled Helen, 
her most unpleasant lover summoned to her 
Bide again, and he allowed her to put nt any 
rate a portion of his vast Income Into gen- 
erous circulation. The old man really de- 
served a better fate. 

Marie Tempest's new play Is not a success. 
Norrey's Council says ho got tho Idea from 
Fielding's "Joaoph Andrews." This Is un- 
necessarily honest, for his debt to Fielding 
is not greater than was thnt of Itnrrle, in 
respect of the Admlrabla Crlchton. In both 
cases the hero is n serving man. Hut Bnrrlc 
switched off nt the right minute. Mr. Cou- 
ncil makes his whimsical, aristocratic hero- 
ine actually innrry her footman, and it is 
not an ngrcenble situation, even though tho 
youth bo well favored and "self cultured." 

Two now sketches were Installed at tho 
Palace on Monday night. One, "L'Imprc- 
Earlo." appealed to Alfred Butt In Paris. It 
li brilliantly played by Scvcrln-Mnrs, but Is 
painful. A young actor. Insane, escapes 
from a sanitarium and makes Ms way to tho 
flat ot a charming actress, who believes him 
to be nn Impresario, due to call, and proceeds 
to sine to Mm. The poor fellow is moved to 
tears and maniacal laughter. Finally he It 
recaptured by the sanitarium attendants. 
"Itlvols for Rosamund," by Arnold Bennett, 
li quite unworthy of tbo author, it Is a three 
cornered discussion, on the eve of Rosa- 
mund's marriage, between herself, her proa- 
Jiecttve husband and an old lover ; poor stuff, 

Israel Zangwill. defending "Tbe Melting 
Pot," says the advanced playwright Is apt to 
be too superior. "Because a drama has a 
dc-flnlto aim, becauses It preaches and dis- 
cusses n big subject, are no reasons why It 
should not contain humor and tears. That, 
1 think, will be the nature of the play of the 
future — n serious subject treated theatrically, 
with elemental effects and expertly studied 
technique." Tho report is that "The Melting 
Pot" Is doing very well here. 

Francois Celller. the long time Savoy con- 
ductor, left rather less than $15,000. 

Stanley Houghton, the dramatist, left less than 
$.10,000. This makes tbo statement that be 
realised $500,000 from "II ladle Wakes" ridicu- 

Karlna, the Russian Ballerina, should bare 
sailed on tbe Cfdrfo next week, but Oswald Stoll 
bus procured n postponement of ber American 
dates till September, so she may work longer at 
the Coliseum, then negotiate his circuit. 

Oscar Aicbe Is to be tbe guest ot honor at 
the Immediate annual dlnuer of tbe Playgoers' 

"You Made lie Love You" la the title of a 
melodrama to supersede the pantomime at the 
Lyceum next week. It la by a new author, Percy 
Cordon Holmes. 

An announcement that tho historic theatre at 
Sadlcrswells, on tbo North Side of London, would 
shortly become a picture house, caused an out- 
er]', and now a scheme la floated to maintain It 
an a legitimate theatre. Ilere. aremaldt clowned, 
and Phelps, for years, ran Shakespeare. 

Arturo Split!, who la American, says he means 
his production of "Oavallerla Bustlcana" to be 
but the drat of many abbreviations of classical 
opera on tbe music ball stage. 

Grace La Rue says abe first thought of nxlng 
up costumes when she was a straggling actress. 
She determined to individualise ber clothes. 
Meanwhile she has never worn a sown she did 
not "create," and often ibe makes them all 

To-night "Tbe Joy Ride Lady' 1 la doe at the 
New Theatre. 

Lonla N. Parker la making an adaptation of 
'•David OopporflelaV' for Sir Herbert Tree, who 
will play Dan'l Pcggotty, and also Wllkcna Ml- 

Oliorlcs rtrookDeld died penniless. A road la la 
order for his widow. 

Rather more than $5,000 has now been col- 
lected for 'Poiiny Slmlen, the alck Gaiety dancer. 

Cyril Maude writes home full ot enthusiasm 
nhoiit your Actors' Home. Ho wonders why we 
have nothing of the kind here. 

0)Tll Harcourt's new play, "A Pair of Silk 
Stockings," will be produced at tbe Criterion to- 

Do Were, the Illusionist, and Jack Somen, tbe 
ogent, have both undergone operations within, tbe 
post few days. 

During the year recently completed, the Alham- 
lira made a profit of nearly $00,000. aa compared 
with a loss of nearly $30,000 during Ibe previous 
year A dividend of ten per cent. Is declared. 

Moss Empires made $700,000 during tbe year 
just completed, and declares a dividend of ten 
per cent. 

Queen Mary attends a performance at tbe Palaeo 
Theatre en Tuesday afternoon, to provide a fund 
for the Instruction of mothers. 

Hardly was tbe need of John nenry Oooke, the 
clrcua veteran, made known when 12.500 ponred 
Into the treasury of tbe fund, which la still 

Melville Gideon's examination In bankruptcy re- 
vealed cash In bis hands amounting to leai than 
three dollars, though be admitted having earned 
140,000 In this country since Jane, 1811, when 
he arrived. 

Whltty Wally Walton, tbe old time comedian, 
whose sickness from cancer was reported laat 
week. Is dead. 

The Elliott Savonaa sail for Australia next 

Actors has petitioned parliament eo to legislate 
that such collapse* in theatrical management aa 
that which occurred at Earl's Court recently shall 
not be possible In the future. 

Olympla la booked for another show, so the 
Ilngenbeck Circus must certainly close this month. 

George Graves cannot Join the Hippodrome 
revue. Another management haa "barred" him. 

A revival of "The Dancing Master" Is due at 
the Empire, to show off Phyllis Bedells. 

Cecily Courtnetdge, tbe clever daughter ot Robl. 
Oourtncldge, la to marry Jack Hulbert, her stage 
lover. In ''The Pearl Girl," at the Shaftesbury 
Theatre. Hulbert Is a clever college boy, whom 
Oourtncldge saw In an amateur sbow, and ac- 
corded htm a chance at the Shaftesbury. He has 
cheerfully consented to tbe engagement of the 
young folks. He should return from America on 
Monday, having settled on "Qneen of the Movies" 
for eventual production st tbe Shaftesbury. But 
"The Pearl Girl" Is still a draw. 

It cannot be sail that "The Attack" la a suc- 
cess here, for Sir George Alexander Is withdraw- 
ing It at tbe end of this month. He will then 
do a play by Alfred Sutro, called "The Two 
Virtues," for which Martha Hedman remains. 

To-night sees the last of "Tbe Pursuit of Pam- 
ela," at the Royalty. A play, entitled "Peggy 
and Her Husband," by Joseph Keating," eneucs. 

Fied Terr? has acquired tbe English rights In 
"The Argyle Oase." 

"Keep Smiling" has now been played ISO times 
at tbe Alhambra. 

Oswald Stoll having experimented with several 
tourlog revues at tbe Ooliseum, now promises the 
production there of an important work on this 

Jean Gilbert, the composer, who Is really Max 
Wlnterfeld, aaya that when be wants to produce 
guy music he selects a rapidly moving automobile 
for hla studio. 

For being too fresh In his comments on a di- 
vorce caae pending In "modern society," Frank 
Harris must spend a month In prison. He Is a 
great authority on Shakespeare, and has written 
some plays. 

Mareellne, the clown, has obtslned a divorce 
from bis wife, an English woman, whom he mar- 
ried when he came to this country In 1888. They 
quarrelled before be weat to America, 

On Saturday night the King and Queen went 
to Drury Lane, laughing heartily at the sbow. 
This Is King George's first visit to pantomime 
since his accession to tbe throne. 

Miss Ilornlman, who has made auch a anccees 
with the Gaiety Theatre, Manchester, writes to 
The Mall, commending tbe business side of the 
theatre as a career for women. 

An elaborate scene making comedy ont of tbe 
appointment of the American manager, Thornton, 
to the Great Eastern Railway, has been Intro- 
duced to tbe Hippodrome revue. 

Ghante, tbe transformation dancer, wanted to 
cut hla act, at tbe New Cross Empire, declaring 
that tbe stage space was Insufficient The firm de- 
clined to sanction the cut, and canceled the week 
Onante brought suit for $250. hla salary. But 
the Judge formed tbe opinion that tbe stage space 
was sufficient, and turned tbe artist down. 

Some locations for Monday next are: Jen La- 
tona. Queen's, Poplar; Lottie Beeman and Po- 
luskl. Queen's. Poplar ; Sccley and West. Palace, 
Reading; Chung Ling Soo, Hippodrome, Dublin: 
Toby Claude, Palace. East Ham; Utoddert and 
Ilyncs, Palace, Buaton; Bert Coot*. London Pa- 
vilion; Laura Guerlte, London Pavilion; Charles 
Aldrlth, Oxford; Anna Dorothy, Oxford. Bert 
Finnic, Palace. Warrington ; Olive and Bunyea, 
Umpire, Bradford; Beth Tate, Duchess, Balaam ; 
May Moore Dupres, Grand, Olapham, and Hippo- 
drome, Lewtsham; Terry and Lambert, Tlvoll, 
Manchester; Houdlnl, Palace, Manchester; Joe 
Jackson, Palace. Manchester; Scott and Whaley, 
Hippodrome. Newcastle; Radford and Valentine, 
Empire. Sheffield ; Haytnan and Franklin, Palace, 

During 1013 the Film Censorship, which exists 
by the agreement of sixty-six aim publishing 
firms, examined opwards of seven million feet of 
Dims, representing 7,488 subjects. No exception 
was taken to 0,861 alms. Of the remainder, 
twen<y-two were peremptorily rejected; the others 
were amended and then passed, 

An International cinematograph exhibition 
ojiened at Glasgow on Tuesday, and will continue 
.till Feb. 28. There are to be lectures on such 
subjects as "The Place ot the Cinematograph In 
Education," 'The Cinematograph In Its Relation 
to Church and Sunday School," and "Advertis- 
ing By Motion Pictures." 

FJeonora Duse Is recovering from a serious 
lllnees, and means to act again quire soon. 

World of Players. 

Fuus at tbe Colombia Theatre In Attleboro. 
Mass., Feb. 21, stopped the evening sbow near Its 
completion. Through the cool beadedness and 
good judgment of the house attendants a panic 
waa averted. The damage waa very alight. 

Tub National Grand Opera. Co., of Canada, 
came to a close at Denver, Col., Feb. 18, through 
tbe maagement refusing to pay tbe artists. The 
opera company waa tendered a benefit Thursday 
afternoon and night, at Auditorium. The princi- 
pals and orchestra donated services, and the city 
gave the use of the Auditorium. Some were left 
1-cunlloss, especially the diorua. Ore girl had Eve 
cents when troupe closed, and o collection was 
taken up for ber. Madame Rappold and Madame 
Orlltxa. were among the prnclpals. F. D. Haw- 
kliiB waa manager. 

Habst Hatman and Jos Leb are bound for 
tbe West Ooaat to organise their own musical 
show. Tbe boys are doing One, and want to be 
remembered to all friends. 

"HAPrr Hooligan" Co. Is doing a big business 
everywhere, many places turning them away. The 
sbow has been out since September, and will 
close tbe later part of April. 

Onxtans Gbntie la requested to communicate 
with his mother. 

Johk Gsiivbs' musical comedy company, con- 
sisting of Elva Grieves, starring; John Grieves, 
Lew Worth, Al. Wrldge, John Mayor, Herb. Ebert. 
Win. Fisher and Ada Fields. Marjnrle Mitchell 
and a chorus ot six, are playing a repertoire ot 
tabloid musical comedlea through Pennsylvania. 

The Toronto Papers were foil of accounts ot 
the coxnmoton caused amongsc tho American 
chorus girls of the Zlegfeld Follies Co. when 
Josle Collins waved au English Sag lnatead of tbe 
L". S. emblem. The following explanation averted 
a "war:" "In one song Miss Collins, supported 
by tbe chorus, la supposed to wave an American 
Hag, but In view of tbe fact that tbe show was 
traveling in Canadian territory, tbe Canadian (lag 
and the American Dag were placed side by side 
on the staff and given equal prominence during 
the song. It la said, however, tbat Miss Collins 
gathered the folds of tbe American Sag so tlgbt 
tbat the Stars and Stripes scarcely showed be- 
side tbe flowing yards of Canadian bunting." 

Jessica Rat (Mrs. E. C. Fllklns) mourns the 
loss of her father, Thomas H. Ray Sr., wbo 
passed away oa Jan. 14, at Luther, Okla. 
Miss Ray la being featured In Holland A Fllklns' 
"Tbe Wolf," aow touring tbe West, after a suc- 
cessful run <n the Pacific roast. 

W. H. FOELONO writes: "After leaving the 
road and locating la Smltbport, Pa.. In the Jew- 
elry business, I had the pleasure of putting on a 
play for the benefit of St. Elisabeth's Catholic 
Church, which proved one of tbe biggest successes 
that waa ever seen there, The best part of It all 
was when the Rev. Father Dugan came around 
the next day, and said that a banquet was waiting 
the actors who took part. It was one of those 
times tbat will be remembered by all. A nice, 
large sum was netted for the church. Another 
play will be ataged after Easter for one of tie 
other churches." 

Goant Alliios ha now with the "What a Girl 
Can Do" Co. 

Lew Worth and Mabjokib Mitchell, of the 
John Grieves' Musical Comedy Company, were 
married at Warren, Pa., Feb. 20. Lew Worth la 
the well-known comedian, late of Hubbard and 

Notes nox Fonda Cohedt Co. : "We are 
laying off for a short time In Bass River, N. S.. 
as Mrs. Fonda Is suffering from a partial para- 
lytic stroke. She la now progressing slowly. 
Business has been good all through this country. 
As soon ss possible Mr. Fonda will remote bis 
wife to ber home. It waa a sad blow and all 
the company hope for a speedy recovery." 

KXI21NE-CINES RELEASE, "GIPSY LOVE," Two Reels. March 17. 


Copyright 10U. by the Frank Queen PablUhlng Company ( Limited). 

Founded by 


NEW YORK, MARCH 7, 1914. 

Price, tO C«ntt. 


Madbid, Spain, Feb. 4. 

The Mysterious Chefalo and Mile, Palermo. il- 
lusionists, and Ooppee's Holland Operetas, opened 
at the Kden Theatre, Oporto. Portugal, to a 
racked honse. Ooopee's Hollanders not being able 
to ail tic time In the program as per contract, 
Chefalo canceled the contract. The Ooppee com- 
pany remained In Oporto for a few days and 
opened at Lisbon for two weeks. I arranged for 
Mile. Palermo and Chefalo at the Apollo Theatre 
(one of the beat), Madrid, for Bfteen dan. at a 
record salary, they opened on Jan. 30, and made a 
phenomenal snecess. the entire press has spoken 
In the highest degree of the performance, cos- 
tnmes and stage settings of Mile. Palermo and 
Chefalo. The following letter speaks for Itself: 

"Habbt Clark, Esq., Manager for Mile. Pal- 
ermo and Ohefalo, Apolo Theatre, Madrid, Spain. 

"Dias Sra: On behalf of the managers of 
the Apollo Theatre, I wish to convey to yon their 
entire satisfaction nnd admiration of the per- 
formance of Mile. Palermo and Ohefalo, in their 
'Garden of Mystery." Never !n the theatrical 
history of Madrid has any lllaslonlst met with 
the success that Mile. Palermo and Chefalo has. 
The entire press of Madrid lias pronounced them 
the most up-to-date and greatest magicians and 
Illusionists that has ever visited Madrid. We 
congratulate yon on having the management of 
these talented artists. Wishing you a successful 
tour, I am. Truly yonrs, Lno.vAno PAxisn, Juan 
De Mens, 21. Madrid." 

Ohefalo will reorganise his company here and 
four Spain, opening at the Lope de Vega Theatre. 
Valladolld. Feb. 12 to 17. The big Plpnatelll 
Theatre. Zaragoia, Feb. 10-25; Teatro Principal 
(provincial threatrel. Barcelona, Feb. 27. for fif- 
teen days, with Valencia, Almerla. Ornnada nnd 
Malagar, from whence we will embark for Sonth 
America, stopping at Gibraltar for eight perform- 
ances at the Royal Theatre. 

The following theatres are all playing to good 
business: Teatro Real (Royal Theatre), Italian 
opera: Espanol, musical comedy; Princes Opereti, 
comedy, musical comedy; Lara, bnrlesqne: Apolo, 
Mile. Palermo Ohefalo and mnscal comedy; Cer- 
vantes, drama ; Oomlco. operetas : Eslava. opt- 
etas: Gran Teatra. drama: Novedades, comedy; 
Martin, operetas: Oollseo Imperial, drama; 
snela, operetas Francalsa (French operetas) ; In- 
fanta Isabel, drama. The followng are the mov- 
ing picture houses: Trianon-Palace, Salon TJore, 
Cinema Novlclado. Principe Alfonso, Edison Cine- 
ma, Cinema X. Brasserie del Palace Hotel, and 
abont twenty others of lesser Importance. 

The Parish Circus will open Its regular season 
April 11. 

• I v 


Elsie Ferguson has been selected by Klaw A 
Erlanger for the role of Lady Frederick* In Ather- 
ton Brownell and William Yonng's play, "The 
t'nseen Hmnlre." which will be produced this 
month. Lady Fredericks Is the sole mistress of 
the great Stahlstadt Oun Works, which she has 
Inherited from, her father, and Is known to her 
workmen at "Our Lady of the Cannon." The 
character was obviously suggested hy Ttertlm 
Kropp, now Fran von Bohlen. daughter of the 
famous German ordnance manufacturer, who he- 
oneathed to her the greatest of all manufactories 
of armsmenta In the world, the Krnpn Oun Works. 
In Essen. "The Unseen Empire" Is a powerful 
drama In three acts and an epilogue, containing 
a strong message for universal peace. 
< » > — 


T. H Ealand writes from Rochester, Minn., 
Feb. 24': 

"Thsi New York CLtresn— Dear Si«: Since 
the operation by Dr. Will Mayo, at Rochester. 
Minn., Miss Oslvln Is recovering rapidly. In a 
few weeks, with her mother, she win go to Chi- 
cago to remain until May 1. A cottage has been 
secured at Atlantic City for the Smntner. but 
the show will probably stjy out en account of 
having lost so much time this season. More than 
a hundred letters have l«en received by Miss 
Oalvln from her friend* wishing her a speedy 
recovery, and she wishes to express her alncete 
appreclaton. T. H. Baland." 



A central European Congress of directors In 
the variety, cabaret and circus Held will he 
held Mav 12 and IS. at Berlin. Germany. Legis- 
lation affecting the Interests will tie considered 
regarding contracts, censorship, etc. This meet- 
ing will be Incidental to the big variety exhi- 
bition, tn which all brandies of the profession 
will be represented. Slay to 24. 
♦ »♦ 


Ed. Aiken and Dollle Day. members of Gasklll 
& MacVltty's Southern "The Shepherd of the 
Hills" company, were married by the Bev. D. M. 
Walker, of the Stanford Christian Church, in 
Stanford, Ky., Feb. 19. Mr. Aiken has been play- 
ing the Shepherd, and Miss Day the part of 
Pete, In this piece for the past two seasons. 
<■ » 

Tai mother of Marie Olive woold like to hear 
from ber. Address 1810 Main Street. Cincinnati, O. 

Tojjt Richardson, of Cleveland, O., formerly 
well-knows in circus circles, was a Cuttib caller 
Feb. 20. He expressed himself highly pleased 
with the Anniversary Number, and also extends 
Ills compliments to Sam Scrlbaer and Sam K. 



Bert Levey, the large noise of vaudeville on 
the Psclllc Coast, put over a big one last week 
when he signed a contract with Florence Stone to 
play a limited engagement at his Republic Thea- 
tre, Los Angeles. Mr. Levey claims that Miss 
Stone is the biggest star ever booked Into the 
popular priced theatre on the Paclfle Coast. Miss 
Stone Is well known In stock circles In the East, 
nnd Is a very talented woman. She was at the 
Boyd Theatre, Omaha, early last Fall, where she 
was a great success. 


Stopped over at Sloane's. In Brooklyn. Inst 
week, and caught a great cabaret show. If yon 
don't know where Sloane's la I will tell you. It 
lc a road house located In the heart of the city. 
Franklin and Atlantic Avenue*, they are running 
some cabaret, under the direction of Frank Olllcn. 
The bill Included: Bessie Deerfield. a nobby sing- 
ing comedienne; Ed. Loraye. Gertrude Foster, 
Eddie Rldgway, and Frank allien, allien Is the 
boy who tickled the Ivories as only Frank knows 
how. Blllle Slsto and Milton Lee were added 
starters, going big. 


I csught a great act over nt the Gayety. Brook- 
lyn, last week. In Allen and Francis. They are 
still doing their old act, with some new material. 
The man la a clever nut comedian, and the woman 
a dandy soobrette. she has some wardrobe too, 
which sbe knows how to wear. They have a new 
act In preparation which they will put on In a 
couple of weeks. 


Sam Glider, who Is billed as the Lone Star 
Mln3trel, Is one of the four oldest performers tn 
America, having begun his minstrel career In 
188S. He portrays the old ante-bellum negro, and 
ohTers a character study that will live In the 
onnals of vaudeville. He Is as spry as an eigh- 
teen year old. Chicago Is the home town of Mr. 
Glider. He Is arranging to come to New York, 
and will journey to England again some time soon, 
Alvin and Kenny open on the Western vaude- 
ville lime sbout Apiil I. 

William, formerly of the Academy, 
Washington, D. 0„ la now manager of the Gay- 
ety. Brooklyn. 

Bessie Lubin. of the Three Lublns, playing tbe 
U. B. 0. time, was married Jan. IS, In New 
I/ondon, Conn., to William E. Ashbolt Jr., the 
well-known aviator. 

James Dnrrr, advertising agent of the Gayetv. 
Brooklyn, will be in the same capacity at the 
New Brighton, Coney Islar.d, tbe rouiing season. 

The Braminos, European musical act of two 
men, will shortly pat on a three act. They nre 
waiting for some musical Instruments which are 
due to arrive from Germany any day. 

Sadie Puis, well known in burlesque, la caba- 
retlng around Greater New York now. 

MoMahom, Diaxonp and Clevence hive Joined 
hands again, and will open on the Orpbenm time 
at tbe Orpbenm Theatre, Omaha, March 23. 

Geo. A. MoDebhtt assumed the management 
of the Bedford. Brooklyn, Feb. 2a Mr. McDer- 
mlt was manager of Fleber A Shea's houses at 
Akron and Yoangstowa, O., before coming to the 

Biluc Sisto, known as the "Italian States- 
man," was a big hit at tbe Orpbenm In Harris- 
burg, last week. Slsto has without a doubt ono of 
■ he most entertaining monologue acts In raudc- 

Dobotht Brennon. who la doing a "single" on 
the United time, will shortly die naisn* for a 
divorce from David T. Hammond, a well-known 
stock broker of Chicago. 

Blkton. Hahn and Caxtwfm. open on the 
S. A a time at Ft Wayne, Jnlv 10. They will 
play In England after they flul-ci the S. A O. 

Ruth Cubtisb Is working the I). 11. O. time, 
under the direction of Benny Burke, nnd going bit. 

Buck lit. Kearney anii Cook have re-organ- 
lard, and will be seen in vaudeville shortly. 

Din you get Bennte Schaefer on Orundway Inst 
week, all dolled up with a new "blanket." lie 
passed ua all up. 

Tont Quinn, Frank Weber and F. W. Elliott, 
the stage crew st the Columbia. Brooklyn, are a 
bunch of hustlers and most certainly know how 
to keen their stage neat and tidy. 

Unsrr amp Siiapieo. who are going hlg on the 
Loew time, will open on the S. A O. time at Ft. 
Wayne, May 25. On tbe same bill Marie Salis- 
bury (Mrs. Joe Bush), who Is In the Winter 
Garden show, will do her "single." 
♦ « 4> 



The boys and girls of tbe Hippodrome have 
been taking; advanage of the lats snowstorms 
and Indulging In sleigh rides. Quite a num- 
ber of the members of the company left the 
stage door on Feb. 21. In a very large sleigh, 
drawn by fonr mighty steeds. The walking 
from Sixth to Ninth Avenne was very good, 
but after that they found enough snow to 
keep the sleigh going to the "wee weeny" 
hours of the morning. 

The responsibility of the outing fell on the 
shoulders of Al. Wyart. 

Some time ago the Hipp. 23 Club was 
awarded a huge silver cup for being the 
most popular club at the big ball, which was 
given In North Bergen, N. J. 

The cup has been Initiated to Its fullest 

The Attaches* Clab of the New York Hip- 
podrome nre very busy at present rehearsing 
a minstrel show, which will be held at the 
Murray Hill Lyceum, Sunday, March 8. The 
show that was given last year was a great 
success, and from the outlook of the present 
show It wll! be duplicated. Ed. Fuller haa 
written an afterpiece entitled "Bits of Shake- 
speare," which looks as If it is going to bo 
very funny. Some of vaudeville b best acts 
have promised to take part In the olio. Tbn 
first part will be full of catchy songs and 
funny material. The dancing will follow tbe 
i now 

Ethel Clerk gave a birthday party to quite 
a number of friends from the Hipp, on Feo. 
24. after the show, which was held In one ot 
the famous cafes on Broadway. It was ber 
seventeenth birthday, and all her friends, a.- 
well as herself, enjoyed themselves to the 
limit. After a very fine supper, dancing and 
entertainment were Indulged tn freelv, 

Nom. — Bunk Newman has the "pip," out- 
Eide of that everything la O. K. George 1 ! 
What did yon call last? 
* i * 

Eva Condon, actress, of the "Too Many Oooks" 
company, now appearing at the Thirty-ninth Street 
Theatre, was granted a divorce, Feb. 20, from 
William R. Daly, a moving picture actor by Jus- 
tice Golf, of the Oouuty Court House. 

TOM Sill :iim AN. 

Tom Sherman, who Is now connected with 
the Oeorgo W, Meyer Company. Is one of the 
best knowu boys In the music business. Ho 
has had a wide experience us a song demon- 
strator, and numbers among bis fi lends the 
biggest features In vaudeville. 

Tom also has had quite come experience In 
vaudeville, being nt different times associated 
with Lydla Hurry, Adolf Hltchle, LouurJ 
Dresser and others. 

MavrM>ii» •PT^ r ~ * ARLINGTON'S WILD WEST. 

People of Arlington's Wild West Show, touring South America, direction Hoy Chand- 
ler. Group taken in Indlau Village, at Japanese Tark, Hnenon Aires. D. V. Tnntllnger, 
Beatrice Broussenu, I,. McBrlde 3. Itamoun, Rose Wentvrorth, Edith Tantlingcr, J. Smith, 
jane Fuller, Chas. Aldrlch, K. Hlokle, Julia Bamoun. i^ 1 ' •« . ••' ,*,/-• --.-.< 


So much has been written recently about 
L. Wolfu Gilbert, one of America's brightest 
lytic writers, that his past performances can 
be summed up In a way that a well known 
rangazln? writer treated Uio leading Ameri- 
can lyric writers. "In speaking of l>. Wolfe 
Gilbert, one need only to look up tho past 
record of this young man to know bis stand- 
ing In the music world. He 1b without ques- 
tion the cleverest and most versatile of 
American lyric writers. He Is a writer who 
does not confine himself to a certain stylo 
of lyrics, but ha* a range from the ordinary 
ragtime song to grand opera. Although ho 
has turned out raoro than a dozen million 
copy sellers, be is yet In tho prime of life 
and wonderful things are expected of him In 
the future. Chief among his past surceases 
arc : 'Mammy Jinny's Jubilee,' 'Ynu Did, Ynu 
Know You Did,' 'What Would I Do Without 
You' and 'You're the Fairest Mttlo Daisy.'" 

The P. A. Mills Pub. Company, Hr. Gil- 
bert's publishers, arc at the present time on 
an advertising campaign that lias seldom 
been attempted by a music publisher It em- 
braces an expenditure of over twenty thou- 
sand dollars, exploiting Mr. Gilbert's two 
Idlest songs, "Camp Meeting Hand" and 
"She's IinnolD? Her Heart Away," written 
In collaboration with Lewis W. Mulr and 
Kerry Mills. Hoth gongs have been on the 
market hut a short time and have shown up 
so wonderful that Mr. Mills decided that n 
large advertising campaign was the only 

{imner thing as a token of regard for what 
>c thlnki ere two of tho greatest songs ever 

4 I » 

Tin Victoria Hotel. New York, cloned Feb, 2d. 
It was built in 187T. An ulllce building will 
occupy the site. 


Under this heading we will publish each week 
linimrtant ami Interesting amusement events oc- 
curring In the corresiiondiog week a quarter of s 
century ago. 

March I, 1HBD.— Thomas llrwket found guilty of 

murder In the first degree at Waterloo, la. 
March 2 — "Hnhert P.minel." by J. I. 0. Olark, 

originally acted at tbe Academy of Music, 

Philadelphia, I'n. 
Miirch 2 — Harry H. miltard made burnt cork 

iletint at Berkeley Lyceum, New York. 
Mnrcli 4. — Cheater, III., Opera House opened. 
Mnrch 4. — "A Oold Mine," by Brander Matthews 

and tiro. II. .tramp, first acted In New 

York at the Fifth Avenue Thenlre. 
Mnrcli 4. — Ilulhmok's Half Dime Museum, Bos- 
ton, MnsH.. <>|ieunl. 
March 4. — "The Osllliorpr Cnse." by Arthur Oood- 

rlrli. tlrst acted n America at the Alcnsnr 

Theatre, Snn Francisco. 
Ms roll II. — Mountain Olty Theatre, Altnona, Pa., 

Mnrcli ".— "A Midnight Hell." by Olins, H, Hoyt. 

first acted In New York at Itljou Oi>cra 

limine (lll.tmi Thenlrol. 
March fl.— Proctor's Tiveiilj-thlrd Street Theatre 

Mnrcli d. — "Anld Itohln Amy," Maude Banks' 

dramatisation nf Lady Anne Hnrnnrd's 

Scotch poem, originally acted nt Mans- 

Held. O. 
March 7. — Farnnta's Theatre, Now Orleans, Ln., 


lltllllNll Till! WEEK. 

"A IIiii.k in Tim OiKiumi," at tho Hush Then. 
ire, Hun Kraiiclsco, lin.l (leorge Ittcliards, ltoss 
franer, Alice Kvnna ami Nettle I.vfiinl. 

iiaiiiit iCuiiski.i, t>|cncii ut (lie Oriilicmii. 

"Tub Oavai.iee" IJ». played New York Oily. 

■ Mill, anii IIattim Mii.i.h were nt Palace, Ht. 

THE TtnsSM were at the I'rovldcnce Mm Mil- 

Kiiank I. rum played "Mordo, the Hunter." 

Katih Putnam anu iiii.i.v KuansoN were nt 
Tois'kn, Kan. 

iIk.mii W. Heaion closed with tbe "Theodora" 

Tits management of the "Said I'nsha" Oo. 
sued The Nmn York lltrnlit tor 100,000 damages, 
for Its criticism of Ihe opera. 

w. II. Cihimik wus with "He, She, Him and 

li'n. II. nu.t.KTTn wni 111 with pneumonia at 
his Inline in Itnrlfiird, Conn. 

linHit isttiniik retired from the Aug. Daly Oo. 

IMON Mater returned from Karone after ar- 
rsnglnit for Henry K. Aliliey lo present M. Ooque- 
lln and Mine. Hernlinnlt tn London. 

Lot'iaE Letta was In Kurniie. 

Omnton MAiiqiiAUD Joined Al. (I. Fields' Min- 

sin. Hantei.i.e announced Ibe rosier o( his nev> 
boat show. 

J. Oiiaiiles Davis was manager of tho People's, 
New York. 

0. Know Doiison managed the Yorkvllls Then- 
Ire, New York. Fella nnd Olnxlon and Mollis 
Thompson were on Ihe bill. 

Ouv Clement won with "The Paymaster," 
under Duncan II. Harrison's management. 

Pannier anii Wii.non, Hilly Hockley, John II. 
Wills. Andy Hughe*. I'niillne tlateheiler. May 
Admim. snd Lulu Mortimer were with the lUiiti- 
Bnntley Oo. 

The Mcecb Bros, secured the .slur, HufTnlo, 
N. Y. 

Mav llnnsov nnd Adellno Htanboiie signed for 
"ItnlK-rt Blsmere." 

Kiiank A. Tanneiiii.1. Ju. eopyrlghtcil "Tin 

flwHBNET ANn Rvmnii were In Knglnnd. 

Oiiah. I'. Wathon slgmil for the l/oreuaugli 

linns anii t'ENToN nnnoiinceil In Tub Clipper 
their siiecesafiil I'.iiMlem debut at tho lluword 
Atlieriiruni, Itnslon, 

Joiiir H. IIaymiii was manager of liie People's, 
.Mllwimkep. Wis. 

OlIAR. Haiiiiimi niiiioiinced the engngmnent of 
Little All Hid. 

Kiiwin FiiENt'H, teller nnd Allen nnisiiinrol 
"A Plug Hut." 

Haiiml'M A iIaii.RV Issneil their call. 

Tunt Huitii wins agent for lAHhrop's tlrnud 
MusiHiin nnd Nntntorluui, Itimtoii. 

Wll. t'OTTi-K Jn. wn» iiinnngtT for Kunl.-e (Inod- 



The young men uml aoiue-i of Hie jmrlsli of ill. 
Mlrlmef's llmiian (iilhulhi (ihiircli. Forlyaeooiid 
Nlreel and foiuth Avenue, ilnxiklyn put mi nil 
excellent inliistrel showut Pie Parish Hull, Thurs- 
day and Friday evenings, Feb. IB mid 10. Tilts 
success of the iierfoniiauce was so great that Ihe 
sliow wus rejiented Monday evening, Feb. 2:1. Tins 
young minstrels were under the itln'ctlou ot 
Frank J. Ltdd*, The end men were: Jack Tracy, 
Dun Krone, Knmuel (lllllgnn. Matt. Itlordan, Oen. 
McMrnoniy and Tiionisai Maloney. 'liie lulolsls 
were: Anna Jcmm, Hue Howling, FruiiMD /ot. 
Mno Ohrystat. Bllsnlielli Ohrystsl, Veronica Uer- 
SKhly, ICIIiel Mullen Krone, Bdgnr Hlllj >r, Tien. 
Dnwllng and Thomas Oouroy, (liTlruile IXnvd w.i/ 
tho pianist. ' 















The dreaded Lenten season ia now on, al- 
though t!jo attendance at the houses wu 
quite goodBlncetbeaeaismof pennance began. 
The new oiterlnga for week of 2 constat of 
Korbet-HobertMB, In repertoire, at the Lyric ; 
Doris Kcnnc, In "Bomance," at tbe AdelphL 
and Julian Eltinge, In "Tbe Crinoline Girl," 
at tbe Garrlck. 

Metropolitan Opbba Hoobb (Alfred Hae- 
cerle. mgr.)— The current week 1a tbe final 
one of tbe operatic season. It will be limited 
to a single- performance 8 of "Madeline and 
"Pagllaccl." Houses of good size witnessed 
"Cristoforo Colombo" 28, "Manon* 25, "Caa- 
randra" and "A Lovers' Quarrel" at the 
matinee, and "Bobeme" at tbe night per 
formance, 20 : "Hamlet" at the matinee, and 
' Itlgoletto ' at the night performance, 28. 
On March J 7 will occur the local premiere of 
•■The Wblp," for an extended run. 

Lime (Lawrence Blumberg mgr.) — 
Forbes-Robertson, In repertoire, begins 2. a 
two week* etay. Gaby Deslys, In "The Little 
Partslenne," had line nouses last week. The 
critics were rather lefthanded In their criti- 
cisms but tbe audiences found tie snow en- 
tirely to their liking. 

aoblphib (Lawrence Blumberg, mgr.)— 


I'M cnyixa just for yov. 



suburb had seen the classic of the racing 
drama. Tbe Plckannlnv Band and Haude 
Parker, aa Madge, scored big kits. 

CHMTlftn Stbbbt Opbba Hodbb (Ralph 
Benaud, mgr.) — The Orpheum stock pro- 
duces ,7 The Price" 2 and week. "The Con- 
cert" waa capitally acted last week to splen- 
did sized houses. Adelaide Kclrn and Berton 
Churchill, aa the Aranya, were line lnterpre- 
tatlona. George Barbler, Genevieve Cliff and 
Kalpb Bimley had splendid roles also. 

Akxricax (James Wall, mgr.)— The stock 
pnti on "The Man On the Box" 2-7. "He 
Fell In Love with Bis Wife" waa liked by 
the patrons lait week. Lois Howell and 
John Loienz carried off the honors In the 
leading roles. _ _ . . _ „. 

Bast's (John W. Hart, mgr.)— The Stan- 
ford Players. In "Monte Chrlsto," bad bis; 
honaea last week. This waa the final week 
of the company at this house, as It will be 
transferred to the Liberty Theatre, starting 
next week. 

B. F. Kami's (H. T. Jordan, mgr.)— 
"Mercedes" la the feature act week of March 
2. Others are: Merrill and Otto, Doris 
Wilson and company, Bird Mlllman. Belle 
Baker. Hneaer and Lee, Vandlnoff and Louie, 
Wheeler and Wilson, Claude Gllllngwater 
and company, and moving pictures. 

Colonial (Harry Brown, mgr.)— Week of 
2-7 : Boganny's Bakers, "Tie Concealed Bed," 
Kolb and Hurland, Mile. Bmerle, Morse and 
Hill. Bl Cleve, and moving pictures. 

Grand (T. M. Dougherty, mgr.)— Week w 
2-7 : George B. Beno and company, Georgette. 
Ernest Carr and company, Meredith, Karl 
Qrees, Malvern Troupe, and moving pictures. 

Allegheny (C. F. Bggleaton, mgr.)— Week 
of 2-7 : Howard, Batliff and company. Three 
Bohemians, Walker and 111, Joe Lanlgan, Mr. 
and Mrs. Stuart Darrow, and moving pic- 

Bljon (J. C. Dougherty, mgr.)— Week of 
B-7: Al. White's Dancing Belles, Evans and 
Alkens, Taylor and Arnold, Dick De Lorta, 
Mysterious Edna, and moving pictures. 

Wm. Pbnn (Wo. W. Miller, mgr.)— Week 
of 2-7 : Sam Mann and company, fieisner and 
Gore, Emtio Hoch and corawiny, Dorothy 
Muothcr, Brooks and Brown, Montamho and 
Wells, and moving pictures. 

Bboadwat (Job. Cohen, mgr.)— Week of 
2-7: Fred J. Ardath and company, Pauline 
Fielding Players, Jennings, Jewel and TJnr- 
lowe, van Hampton and Joslyn, Jock M<- 
Pberson, Burger and Howard, and moving 

ICrawkfObd (J. D. Frelhofer, mgr.)— Week 
of 2-7 : Norlne Carmen and company, Rny 
ConUn, Treate's seals, tbe Alvlnos, Burke 
and Burke, Joan ZImmer. and moving pic- 

Nixon (Fred'k Leopold, mgr.)— Week of 
2-T: France! Clare. Edwina Barry, Warren 
and Andrazlnl, Hamilton and Barnes, Geo. 
Bmedley, and moving pictures. 

Empire (W. C. Cameron, mgr.) — Miner b 
Big Frolic Is scheduled for 2 and week. The 
Ginger Girls were big favorites to fine nouses 
last week. Ed. Lee Wrothe'B comedy la of 
the finest quality and he received deserved 
nnolouie. Jane Le Eeou and the Alpine 
Quartette were also well received. Ben 
Welch 9. _ 

Casino (Ellaa A Koenlg, nigra. — Tho 
Belles of Beauty Bow 2-7. The Gay New 
Yorkera took care of a dozen fine hou«es 
last week. Fox and Stewart are the chief 
fun makers, and they are tireless workers. 
Carrie Schroeder also pleased the houses. 
The Behman Show follows. 

Proplk'b (Chas. F. Edwards, mgr.) — Toe 
Parisian Beauties 2 and week. Eva Mull 
and her Beauty Show were tenants last 
week, and they had no cause to complain 
of the patronage. The show Is of the lively 
sort, and tho atar and her associates did all 



Monday, March 2, will be another big day 
for dramatic novelties In this city. Jtv; 
new attractions make the week a sort or 
record breaker. The theatres, however, need 
something to stir up tbe playgoers, as we 
severe cold weather has made them remain 
by their firesides. . 

Pabb: (Chas. Frohman. Rich k Hams, 
nigra.)— "Fanny's First Play"' opens an en- 
gagement at this bouse 2. The company la 
one made up from the two organization? 
formed by Granville Barker to produce the 
I'lay in England. 

Colonial (Chas. Frohman A Wm. Harris. 
mgn .) —Commencing 2. "Fine Feathers," 
with a ca»t Including : WUton Lackaye, Rob- 
ert Edeson. Rose Cogblan, Max Flgman, 
Florence BoekweU and Lydla Dickepn. 

Hollib (Chaa. J. Elcb, mgr.l — BUUo 
Burke Is here for a fortnight In "The Land 
of Promise," which was completed for her 
only a few months ago by W. Somerset 
Maugham. This Is annonnced aa Miss 


i«nt at die Bhubert tbe week of May 

0*1 of the attractions of txie BWftttj- 
at the Hollls, will be "Tbe Poor Little Rich 

Davb Mabion J«., son of the well Jmorm 
burlesque camedVa, made a splendldlmpres- 
ilon at the Old Howard last weet where he 
was one of the featured act». Marlon Br. 
had better watch out. „_, 

IT is announced that toe new Wilbur 
Theatre will open 28, and 'Within tte Law. 
w&lch la now at tbe Majestic, will be the 
first attraction. 

Mllford, Msvsa^-Opera House (W. Le- 
besque. mgr.) for week of March 1 Harry La 
Marr's Musical Comedy Co.. vaudeville and 
motion pictures, ., ., . 

Lyceum, Idbai, and Tbipoli.— Motion pic- 
tures and songs. __...._„ «» 

Notes.— Lent has cut down attendance at 

the show houses The Selectmen have 

on article in the warrant for Town Meeting 
Day. March- 1, to see If the town will In- 

Burke's last engagement here for more than crease the Uceuse fees for shows fully twen 
a year. Shelley Hull Is leading man of a ty-llve per cent more than has been paid 

This. In the face of universal depression In 
all lines of business, looks bad for the Show 


148 W. 4Bth ST. 

Doris Eeane, In "Romance," has Its first 
local view 2. Helen Ware, In "Within the 
Law," concluded, 28, an eleven weeks' en- 
gagement to uniformly good business. It 
was tho longest run of any attraction so far 
this seaaon. 

Gabbick (Chaa C. Wanamaker, mgr.) — 
Julian Bltlnge, in "Tho Crinoline Girl?' for 
the first time locally, 2. "Nearly Married" 
bad a successful fortnight, ending 28. 

Forrest (Nixon A Zimmerman, mgra.) — 
"Gu I Oh I Delphlne" waa every wCiit aa popu- 
lar last week aa it was on Its previous ap- 
pearance here. The houses were big and 
thorooghlr enjoyed the antics of Frank Mc- 
Intyre and Octavla Brooke. Tho second 
week starts 2. 

Bboao (Nixon & Zimmerman, mgra.) — 
"Tbe Poor Little Rich Girl" continued last 
weak to excellent business. The third week 
begins 2. 

Lotlb Tubatbb (Bculah E. Jay, mgr.)— 
The atort nppeared last week In "Tho Eter- 
nal Mystery,* "Brenda's Elopement," "The 
Man In the Street" and "Literature." 

Walnut (W. °- Wegefarth, mgr.)— -'A 
Fool Tbaro Was" 2-7. Last week was tbe 
first time In several years that "The Whlto 
Slave" was seen, and It scored a big triumph. 
"The Conspiracy" 0. 

Ouphbou (C. K. Lord, mgr.)— "Mutt and 
Jeff in Panama" 2 and week. "In Old Ken- 
tucky" waa virtually a premiere In German- 
town, aa )t was t"e first time that that 

strong company. 

SnrjutRT (Wllbur-Shubert Co.. mgrs.)— 
Gaby Deslys Is here for a stay of one week. 
The vehicle Is "The Little Parlalenne," and 
the company Includes Harry Pllcer, Forrest 
nuff, Frits! Von Bushing, Edgar Atehbjon- 
Ely, Charles Angela, Hattle Kneltel, Louise 
Meyers and Percy Lyndal. Grace George 
and company made a splendid Impression 
last week, In "Jim's Marriage." 

Cost (John B- Cort. mgr.) — After many 
postponements Margaret Aoglln opens 2, a 
short engagement, in her Shakespearean rep- 
ertoire, which Includes "As You Like It," 
"The Taming of the Shrew," "Twelfth 
Night" and "Antony and Cleopatra." 

Majestic (Wllbur-Shubert Co, mgrs.) — 
Third week of "Wlthm the Law." There la 
nothing more that need be said about this 
melodrama which has been much discussed 
during the past two years. Big business. 

Tremont (Jno. B. Schoeffel, mgr.) — Ray- 
mond Hitchcock Is renewing his popularity 
with "The Beauty Shop,'' now In Its third 
week. His famous curtain speech la one of 
the features of tbe show. 

Pltmodtk (Fred. E. Wright, mgr.) — One 
eleventh week of "Under Cover." Continued 
Bucceas Is the only thing to report about the 
comedy drnma. 

'Boston (William Wood, mgr.)— The old 
play, " 'Way Down Bast," holds Its popu- 
larity remarkably well. This week marks 
the fifth of the engagement. Three bargain 
matinees are now being given weekly. 

Castli Sqdarb (Join Craig, mgr.) — Cur- 
rent week John Craig offers, for the first time 
on the stage of this house. Belasoo's famous 
drama of the California of '49. Mary Young 
has the title role. The unnamed farce was a 
great success last week. A name for It will 
be announced later. 

Globb (Robert Janette, mgr.) — After a 
long engagement of one of tbe really worth 
while "white Blave" films, this bonse returns 
to Its combination policy 2, and offers, for 
the first time here, Virginia Brooks' play, 
"Little Lost Ulster." Edward E. Bose, well 
known In Boston, Is also partly responnlble 
for the drama. Two performances will be 
given dally, at popular prices. 

National (G. A. Haley, mgr.) — The Mor- 
ton Opera Co. appears this week, In "The 
Tenderfoot," one of Blchard Carle's former 
successes. "Madame Sherry" was finely done 
last week, the company paying great at- 
tention to detail. 

Walhron'h Casino (Charles H. Waldron, 
mgr.) — Gordon A North's Girls of the Gay 
White Way Co. had what was expected, a big 
week, everything considered. Rose Sydell ana 

Washington's Birthday was marked by a 
blizzard which must have teen something like 
that which raged when the Fatter of Hlo 
Country made his historic passage across the 
Delaware. It was hard on theatricals, and 
tbe holiday matinees were sllmly attended. 
Just one special was given— at the Walnut — 
and the box office harvest was not much 
warmer than the weather. 

Grand Opbba House (John H. Havlln, 
mgr.) — Fanny Ward Is coming March 2, In 
"Madame' President" She follows Julia 
Sanderson, who, aa "The Sunshine Girl." had 
a very bright aid In that rollicking native 
son, Joseph Cawthom. The musical comedy 
was handsomely staged. Alan Murtle, Fred 
Leslie, Yra Jeane. Florence Morrison end 
Flosle Hope were a few of the others who 
helped. Despite the blizzard business aver- 
aged good. ^Excuse Me," with Willis Sweat- 
nam, 9. 

Ltbic (M. T. Mlddleton, mgr.)— The New 
York Winter Garden's production. "The 
Pleasure Seekers," came 1, for a big Joy trip. 
Last week's Innovation, the photodrama, 
"Traffic in AouIb," was attended by good 

Walnut Stbbbt (W. F. Jackson, mgr.) — 
"The Spendthrift," Porter Emerson Browne's 
play, was staged 1, by Kllmt A Oazzolo. 
Last week, Eugenie Blair was seen to ad- 
vantage In "Madame X." "The Warning" 8. 

8. F. Kami's (John F. Royal, mgr.) — 
Sam and Kitty Morton are the topllners 1, 
In "Back to Where They Started." Others: 
William A. Brady's sketch, "Beauty Is Only 
Skin Deep:" the Stan Stanley Trio, Bank- 
hoff and Girlie, Arthur Sullivan and com- 
pany. In "StralRlnt:" Moore and Young. 
Clarke and Verdi, the Four Klttros, and 
Hubert and Goldsmith. Motion pictures, in- 
cluding the Reds In training at Alexandria, 

Eufrkbs (George F. Flab, mgr.) — Tom 
Nawn Is tho star, 1. In "Pat and the Genii." 
others Include : "Onalp," Johnny Neff and 
Carrie Starr. Betty wells, the Rathskeller 
Trio, and the Two Georges. In "The Ineb- 
riate and th« Bellboy." Motion pictures. 

Gdbman (G. E. Schmld, mgr.) — The Ger- 
man Theatre Co. will offer Johann Strauss' 
"Die Fledcrmaua," with Annl Colllnl-Sendcn 
as Adelc. 

Gatbtt (Lurry Nelms, mgr.) — The Roaey 
roaey Girls are due 1. Last week Mollle 

ponies n Uldng on greater activity, v in. 
Dledrkm of the O. B. Schmidt company .. 
deserted the old organisation to play A ith 
the new at Emery Auditorium. ' ln 

John J. Exam's costly theatrical ve»i ur ». 
the Century Theatre, built for vaudeville on 
Qileert Avenue, Walnut Hills, failed to find 
a buyer when offered fox sale at auclloa 
Washington Birthday. clon ' 

Chablks L. Doran, former manager oi n 
F. Keith's, lost his battle for tbe presiding 
of the Free Settlers' Union. He was l v "ul 
by Charies J. Christie. 26 to 25. and w; s «t 
once elevated to the rank of Prince bv'the 
v ictor , who, like the vanquished, is ah old 
newspaper man. 

John C. Wibbb and bis Prize Band h ive 
been winning honors at the Corn Show in 
Dallas, Tex. 

Cincinnati Lodge, No. 83, Theatrical 
Mechanics' Association enjoyed their aurmal 
anniversary banquet at headquarters, ovci ;|i 
Colonial Theatre. Feb. 28. Grand Presl<: nt 
Chas, W. Sciweltze presided, and Grand ncc. 
retary-Treasurer Newman, of Toronto, Grand 
Trustee De Almond, of KnoxvUle. Tenn 
and Grand Organizer Nixon, of Plqua. o'' 
were present. Visiting talent provided m.inv 
lively stunts. ^ 

Cincinnati is ttrlngof tbe sex plays, r-.nd 
they say that after "The Family Cupboard" 
got ftrougb, here the treasury was almost 
as bare as Mother Hubbard's historic •4(1 
place. Critics said — after tbe curtain \a& 




torta of pleasing stunts. The Jolly Girls 
land wee*. 

Tbocadkbo (R. C. Morrow, mgr.) — A Trip 
to Paris Co. will be on band 2 and week. 
1 ho French Models were a fine drawing card 
lost week. Snlti Moore and Hughey Bernard 
were the live wires, and tbelr comedy waa of 
tbe keenoat quality. Loradoe's Models was 
also a big feature. 

V Gaietx (John P. Bckhnrdt, mgr.)— Tho 
atock burlesque furnished a diverting show 
to One housei last week. Cbocaeta, ln a dan- 
cing act, was an added attraction. 

Diimont'h Trunk Dumont, mgr.) — A new 
sketch. "Skating la the Park," was pnt on 
last week, and proved not only to bo timely 
but also highly amusing. Tbe bill also In- 
cluded lrlili hours on 23 and 24, while on 
Washington'* Birthday Eddie Cassady pre- 
sented the children with hatcbets. The first 
part had new ballads and Jokes. Tbe at- 
tendance was good. 


VtcToaiA, Palacb, Plaba, Libbbtt. Kb*- 
btonb and Faibmodnt give vaudeville and 

moving pictures. 


Tub Plat and Platbrs' Cltjb gave "The 
Chasm" at Its clubhouse on 22. 

Tun Philadelphia Ofbbatic Society has 
ra rehearsal "The Gypsy Baron" for an early 

Fbank Gittblson, a Pfclladelphlan. Is re- 
ported to be the reigning sensntlon in Berlin 
by his ability as a violinist. He will tour 
this country next season. 

Fobdbb Atlubk, of the Llttlo Theatre 
Stock Co.. was laid up with Illness last 
week, and as a result the house was not 
open 28. 

Propbibtobb of restaurants and Ciotels In 
which cabaret shows are given are np In 
arms over the action of tho City Treaauror 
In levying a fee of $600 for all establish- 
ments ln rooms where liquors sre sold. The 
hotel men Intend to fight the matter to tho 
last ditch, and a test will be made of wo 
City Treasurer's authority to collect the tax. 
Theatrical managers are In high glee over 
tbe queatlOB, as It will unquestionably com- 
pel the smaller cafes to dispense with tbelr 
cabaret performances. 

Milwaukee, "Wis.— Davidson (Sherman 
Brown, mgr.) "Stop Thiaf" March 1-7, "Dam- 
aged Goods" next _. , „„ 

Majestic (J. A, Hlgler, mgr.)— Bill week 
of 2 : Frank Lalor and company, Geo. Ro- 
land and company, Julius Tannen, Bronson 
and Baldwin, Frits Bnich and Sister Btell- 
Ing and Rovell, Rcllow, end Zara Carmen 
and company. . t _ 

Pabst (Ludwlg Krelss, mgr.)— The Ger- 
man Stock Co. presented "Lottchen's Geburt- 

lior company provide tho entertainment cur- 
rent week. Tine Bon Ton Girls are six days 
from here. 

Qaibtx (George 11. Batcheller, mgr.)— Sam 
Howe's Love Makers aro booked to keep things 
going week of 2. Tbe Gaiety Girls, beaded 
by Gus Fay, had a good week. Honeymoon 
Girls are next ln order. 

HowAitn fQeorgo K. Lolhrop Jr., mgr.) — 
This week the Militant Maids supply what Is 
needed In tho burlesque line. The extra fea- 
tures aire : McRae anil Clegg, Qralg and Will- 
lams, Mn rtln and Perkins, Wright and Clay- 
ton, Prince Runtoni and company, Bl Barto, 
Harry Sydell, and the How .irdecope. 

Grand Opeba Hodbb (George B. Loturop, 
mgr.)— 'Dan Coleman, of course, was given a 
royal welcome last week with the Follies of 
Pleasure Company. Don's Boston friends 
beemed to have followed him from the How- 
ard to this bouse. The Jolly Girls this week 
and to follow, ube Militant Maids. 

Kbitu's (Harry Gustln, mgr.) — It looks 
very much as It some portion of a circus bad 
come to town, as Miss Orford's elephant i 
are performing here current week, The re- 
mainder of toe show Is furnished by "A 
Night ln An English Music Hall," Mrs. Gene 
Hughes and company, Ray L. Royce, Dcvlnc 
and Williams, Raymond and Bain, Llghtnet 



etag" Feb. 28. 

SHtrsBBT (C. A. .. 
bert Stock Co. present "Over Night" March 

Bhdbbbt (C. A. Newton, mgr.)-— The Bhu- 

2 and week. "Green Stockings" next 

Gatbtt (J, W. Whitehead, mgr.) — Cracker 
Jacks week of 1. Vanity Fair next. 

Crtbtal (Wm. Gray, mgr.) — Bill week of 
2 : Torcat and D'Allaa, Pat Btromberg, Copo- 
land and Payton, Mario Fltiglbbons, and 
"The Soul Kiss." 

Obphbuu (Walter Hlldcbrandt, mar.) — 
Bill week of 1 : Luken's lions, Kromer Bros., 
the Lelands, and two other acts. 

Empbbbb (Wm. Raynor. mgr.) — BUI week 
of 1 : Diving Models, Berry and Berry, Mor- 
rlssey and Hackett Whlttler's "Barefoot 
Boy/' "Salvation Sue," and Plcchlani Troupe. 

Dublin, (»b. — Bertha (It. W. Caxswoll, 
mgr.) pictures and vaudeville. "Seven Hours 
Hours In Now York" March 8, "Tie Roio 
Meld" 19. 

Crtbtal Pai.aci (R. W. Canwcll, mgr,)— 

Nora. — "Within the Law" played to good 
bouse" at the Bertha 28. 

and Jordan. Carson and Brown, and tbo 
Tbrce llennrda. 

Obphkum (Victor J. Morris, mgr.)— <Mont- 
:omery and Healy Slaters, Five Armanis, 
Ll. Rover, "The Duchess," Klein Brothers, 
and others, 2-4. Harrah and company, Fran- 
da Yates, Rongh-House Kids, Hurst. Watts 
and Hurst, De Losso Troupe, and others, 6-7. 

St. Jam kb (Marcus Loew Management). — 
Harrah and company, Francis Yates, Rough- 
House Kidi, Hurst, Watts and Hunt, Do 
Lcsso Troupe, and others. 2-4. Montgomery 
and Healy Ulsters, Five Armanis, Al. Rover, 
"The Duchess," Klein Brothers, and others, 

Gobdon'b Oltmfia (John B. Comerford, 
mgr.) — Week of 2: Tbe Adalra Everett Am- 
borst and company, Dow and Dow, Musical 
Avolos, Warren and Faust, and Winning 

Scollat BqvABB (Gordon A Lord, mgra.) 
— Bands Roma, Harry Morse and company, 
James Leonard and company, Edney Bros., 
Qulgley Bros., Three Dreamers, and Charles 

Bowdoin BqoABl (George B LoCirop, 
mgr.) — Consul Pedro, Vernon Castle pictures, 
Forrester and Lloyd. Lawdry Brothers, Great 
Marco. McNally and Stuart, Cody and Roy 
Camler, current week. 

Bijou Dbbau (James W. Craig, Togr.) — 
For current week : Mrs, Eleanor Baldwin 
Cass and her Four Fencing Girls, Masgagne, 
Al. Edwards, Nelson and Mllledge, Kennedy 
and Kramer, Gertrude Breene and Fred 

Bhawmut (H. A. Chenoweth, mgr.) — An 
excellent bill of high class vaudeville and 
motion pictures. 


Chancier In vaudeville and pictures occur 
nt the Old South, Washington, South End, 
Huntington Avenue. New Back Bay, Scenic 
Temple, Comtquo, Niagara, Apollo, Dream- 
land, Star. Olympic, New Palace, Unique, 
lloxbury, Dorchester, Eagle, Harvard, Cam- 
bridge, Day Square, Gem, Williams' Ideal 
and others. 

Annum K. Pick's fourth season of "Trav- 
elogs" ln Tremont Temple, la now on. The 
subjects are "Switzerland/' "Paris and Rural 
France," "Napoleon, the Louvre," and "Ber- 
lin and the Rhine." 

A. L. Lbvbbinq. who managed the Boston 
during the Frohman A Harris regime. Is now 
looking after the Interests of "The Laughing 
Husband." He will go to Loudon In June. 

ID. H. Sothbbn and company, Including 
Julia Marlowe, will open their annual en- 

Williams and ber own company simply rolled 
ln prosperity, the first week of the reduced 
tariff. Harry Sheppel, featured as the fun- 
architect, ln "Tbe Queen of Bohemia." comes 
near being tbe whole show, with his funny 
German dialect as Adam Nutt Mollle Will- 
turns was a radiant queen, and as Nannotti 
she proved a dazzling success. Al, Beeves' 
Show 8. 

Olympic (McMahon & Jackson, mgra) — 
The Cabaret Girls are coming 1, after a Joy- 
ful week of the Happy Maids. Billy Spencer 
and Arthur Mayer were great fun factors. 
Madge Hughes. Will Nell Lavender, Mile. 
Vcola, Eddy Boyd. Lew Hoffman and Lillian 
Kmmerette were In the thick of the good 
work ln burlettas and vaudeville. Hoffman 
made superlatively good as "Tbe Hat 
Maniac." The Rector Girls 8. 

Standard (John J. Black, mgr.)— The Gay 
Morning Glories, with Kyra, are to open 1. 
The Gibson Girls, with Rozelll, the Girl In 
Red, proved a good card. They put on "The 
Cafe Rendezvous" and "Hawkins* Tavern." 
Babe Howard'a pantomime danco made a big 
lntpreaslon, and tbe crowd liked the chorus, 
"Oh, How She Dances." Felton did a little 
bag punching In Ihe olio. 

Nobwood (Mrs, F. J. Lots, mgr.) — Vaude- 
ville and pictures were sidetracked for two 
nights, Feb. 28 24, when the young folks of 
St Mary s Guild put on tbe Mother Gooia 
spectacle, "la Story-Book Land." The di- 
rector waa John B. Rogers, and he had a 
great aggregation of splendid talent to worn 
with. Hazel Hawkins, Marjorle Pope. Ralph 
Thomas, Helen Justls, Florence Enneklng, 
John Johnston and Dorothy Carothers were 
among tho leading Interpreters of nursery 
time characters. 

'Bmbbt Aijditobiusi. — At the Cincinnati 
Symphony Orchestra concerts, Feb. 27, 28, 
tbe soloist was Carl Flesch, the Hungarian 
Mollnlat Dr. Ernest Kunwald directed. 
Paderewakl came Feb. 20. 

Obpbbuk, Hbdck'b Opbba House Pao- 
pli'b, Nkw Ltcedm and Family, vaudeville 
and motion pictures. 

theatrical pulse bbatb. 

Gebtbuob Hoffmann will not come to 
Cincinnati. Manager John F. Royal made 
tbe announcement. The fair Gertrude is one 
of those tabooed by the Catholic Federation 
for presenting an alleged objectionable act. 
Manager Royal would not admit that this 
iad anything to do with the change of dates, 
but It la certain that the few proscribed 
plays that have played here since the edict 
against them, have played to very slim busi- 

Kabl L. Dibtz, formerly stage director of 
tho Orpheum Players, has joined the faculty 
of tbe Cincinnati School of Expression. He 
was formerly general stage director of the 
Scilller Theatre, Berlin. 


Zoo, wont to Baltimore to see about the con- 
signment of a herd of camels from the 

Franco Litconbsb, an accordion player on 
B. F. Keith's program, was married to Nellie 
Dalton, a seventeen year old Louisville girl. 
The wedding was tbe outcome of a meeting 
ln the Falls City. The lovers are studying 
each other's languages. 

Joseph O'Mbaba Is to give two evenings 
of readings at the Odeon, 11-13. 

Coba Cbam la to direct a play to be given 
by the Westwood Women's Club in April. 

Manages John H. Havlin Is escaping all 
Hi la zero weather at his Winter home, M Intnl. 
Fla., where W. F. Wiley, managing editor of 
The CHnoinnaU Enquirer, and known to many 
theatrical folks, Is convalescing after a spell 
of Illness. 

Rionh of coming Gammer are seen beneath 
the snow. Cheater Park has already booked 
a lot of outings for the season Just ahead. 

Tub war of the rival German theatre com- 


145 W. 45th ST. 

fallen — that tbcre was no valid excuse for 
its existence. 

C. B. Bbaiinstbin, well remembered tor 
his part In the old spectacular successes of 
the Order of Clnclnnatus, put on a vaude- 
ville show for his associates at tbe Business 
Men's Club. Mr. Braunstein recently glrdie.i 
the world for pleasure. 

liOBBAtNB JjDbtbb, the Cincinnati girl wltli 
Harry Tlghe, ln bis tabloid play, "Taking 
Things Easy," la a daughter of Mrs. Dora 
Langborst. of Fairfax Avenue. She bas been 
ln musical comedy, and this was her first 
appearance in her native city ln vaudeville. 
She received flowers and much applause. 

Commandbb Eta Booth, of the Salvation 
Army, who was to come to the Lyric, March 
1, for an afternoon address on "My Father," 
was compelled to cancel on account of HI 
health. The Lyric Is to open March 8, for 
ft series of Sunday afternoon men's meetinRS, 
to be addressed by Charles Frederic Goss, 
the cleric author. 

DrjaiNo the five weeks' stay here nearly 
100,000 people have witnessed the photo- 
drama of "The Creation," preacnted at Music 
Hall. The last preflentatiou was Feb. 28, 
and Columbus next sees tbe films. 
. Ruth and Edith, the Johnstone twins, 
.lave withdrawn from the Orpheum Winter 
Garden's cabaret to go Into vaudeville. 

John G. Robinbon III, whose elephants 
wero seen at the Empress, celebrated bis 
birthday during the week. 

March 7 







sailing from Vancouver, B. C, March I8tb, opening at Perth, Australia, May 1. Personal direction BEEHLER BROS. 
J Last American appearance Majestic Theatre, Cedar Rapids, this week. 




Tie first bait of the week of Feb. 23-25 
found tills theatre doing a turn away buul 
new, and Manager "Jake," with bis bright 
assistant manager, telling the patrons they 
would have to 'wait" before they could hope 
to see the show, and Ihey waited, which only 
goes to show what real good shows are being 
shown In Marcus Lcew's Seventh Avenue 

Hlbbert and Kennedy, a two man black 


Thirty-ninth Street (Sam 8. & Lee Shu- 
bert Inc., mgrs.) — Too irony Cooks, a com- 
edy,' In three acts, by Frank Craven, pre- 
sented Wednesday evening, Feb. 25, by Win. 
A. Brady, Ltd., with this cast: 

Alice Cook Ines Plnmmer 

Mrs. Cook, ber mother Mattle Keene 

Mr. Cook, her father Martin Hann 

Louise Cook, her aunt. . . .Jennie Weathersby 

Kmma Cook, her aunt Bessie Osmond 

Bertha Cook, her sister Virginia Irwin 

Mary Cook, her sister Bessie Fischer 

Walter Cook, her uncle Charles Fischer 

Joe Cook, ber brother Phillip Bern 

Louis Cook, her brother Phillip llillman 

Ella Mayer, her friend Eva Condon 


face turn, offered singing, dancing and talk- , 

lng for their part ox the program, and got Albert Bennett, her fiance Frank Craven 

by nicely. Frank Andrews, bis friend. ..John Cromwell 

Seltzer Waters, In song and stories, pleased. George Bennett, bis uncle.. Edward McWade 

Seltzer's effervescent speech at the finish Simpson Jonathan KlefT 

''wanting you" Is good "Uncle" Bea Wilson George Williams 

dogs. The act opens In two with a bugle call 
off stage, and two ladles make their entrance 
from opposite sides of the stage. One makes 
announcements of what Is to happen, and 
the other, dressed as a "page," pulls aside a 
curtain from In front of a large frame show- 
ing a man In different poses with tbe dogs, 
and the young woman who does the an- 
nouncing describes each picture. It Is In 
story form, and about a huntsman and bu 
dogs. The act closes full stage with both 
dogs working a treadmill. It ran about tea 
minutes. i ** 

Moore and Elliott, man and woman, In 
their laughable skit, "Baby Grand," earned 
their way to a very nice reception, 

Llbby and Barton, two men, In a bicycle 
urn, do some novel stunts, and the comedian 
fell' In for many laughs. Pels* 


about leaving them 

I'Lsano and Bingham were the real "clean- 
up" of tbe bill. The audience Just couldn't 
«et enough of them. They open In one, Miss 
llngham singing "Isle D' Amour" off stage, 
In fine voice, and making her entrance 
In the character of an Irish servant glrL 
Her second number. "Be Sure He's Irish," 
Is also well put en. Mr. Plsano as an Italian 

dramas and the other musical comedies al- 
ternating. While one la pitying one nlgat 
stande, the other will play the regulsr week. 
The I.uciia Moroy Stock Company will fur- 
nish the dramatic plays. 

Hobokcn, N, J. — Oayety (Thos. L. Shee- 
ley, mgr.) '"the Lleutcuant and tbe Cowboy," 
with Theodore Lorch leading, and supported 

Mrao. Nail mow 

laborer, tells some very good "gags," and 
his number, "Stay In Italy," gets over big 
Together they put "You Made Me Love You 

taly," gets over big. 

* Love You" 

They were 

'Too Many Cooks" Is a highly diverting 
American comedy, containing plenty of heart 
and bumau Interest. The laughs are frequent 
and spontaneous, arising from the most 
natural au'l convincing iltuatlons Imaginable, 
and tbe dialogue sparkles with witty Lines 
and bright repartee. 

The story treats of a young cbap who, de- 
riding that tbe wedded state Is the life for 
him asks no advice from anyone, but Is 
finiply deluged with It from everyone. Hav- 
ing been ui'cepted by the "only girl." and 
feeling that he would rather build bis own 
little nest In advance, the play opens with a 
rceoe disclosing the foundations of a cotttgo 
In tbe suburbs whlcJ, when built up and fin- 
ished, will become tbe domicile of Albert 
Dennett and his bride. 

The girl, Alice Cook, possesses good looks, 
charm and all the rest of tie requirements, 
but she also possesses a large and meddle- 
some family. 

The young man possesses a good position 
and salary, and a fair bankroll, which ho 
Invests In the building of bis future home. 

In addition to these advantages Bennett 
has great prospects, Id the suape of a 
bachelor uncle who Is enormously wealthy, 
and who would make the nephew his heir 
as he has a hlgj regard for his traits of 
thrift and Industry. 

While Inspecting tbe progress of the work 
on the cottage trouble drops In on Bennett 
In the Shape of his friend Frank Andrews, 
who pessimistically talks of married life h 

n tbo dual roles of Jckyll and Hyde, 
In his own version of the play, In which be 
starred for many seasons. 

iOMi-iiiu i Win. F. Fltsgerald, mgr.)— Ben 
Welch's own aggregation and the Imperial 
Zouaves at a special feature, 2-7. Queens of 
Paris next. 

Lyric («. 8. Rlggs, mgr.)— Bill 2-4: 

Mackey and Lovey, Elsie La Berg- re and 

dogs, nolnnd West's company, comprising 

/IPCCI BV VlITAPF Karl Burnslde. Tom Davles and Nell Wright ; 

UtUXLCI dyUAKE, Pete Baker, and th.Schaller Bros For 6-7. 

A good bill showed Feb. 20-28. llossle's cockatoos, Betty Lorraine and Olga 

There were Montrose and Sydell, a couple I lirltton, ltoland West's T, Auto Bandit." Sain* 

who could sug, dance, ride tbe bicycle and stemblor and Brother, and the Edwards 

do good acrobatic work In general, the lady Brothers, and blgb class photoplays. 

N. J — Bute. Street (Herman 
German" stories, and concluded with the 
topical song "If Columbus Only Had Not 

Doltman and Neville, a clever pianist and 
Linger, and a charming lady vocalist, bad a 
nice act, opening with a soprano solo, with 
piano accompaniment foUowed by an artistic 
piano solo. The "High Jinks" song was a 
gem, and their closing number was 'I've Got 
Everything I Want But You," to good ap- 

The Dancing Smiths presented their dan- 
cing act In three divisions, including a nice, 
dreamy waits movement, then the lively 
tango, with many novel steps, and then the 
Texas Tommy, full of wheels and twirls, to 
several bows and recalls. 

DeltorcIU and GUssando, In their muBlcal 

"Within tie Law" did well. 
March a. 

Noras. — Mme. Tetraialnl prayed to capa- 
city house et her performance given In Con- 
vention Hall Feb, 20 Feb, 20 marked 

the opening of the Empress Theatre, formerly 
Wigam No. 2. and has since played to good 
houses John Harry mo re. in "An Ameri- 
can Cltlsen," played to good houses during 
the two days stay at tbe Wigwam Theatre. 
Lorch appeared, matinee i and .,.,,. Capacity bouses rule at tho n roadway 

Theatre, where Mutual feature series, "Out 
Mutual Girl,'' Is being greatly appreciated. 

by the Gnyety stock. On Feb. 
request, Mr, " 

28, by special 

across ha their own bright way 
a deservedly young riot. 

Billy "Swede" Hall and company, In his 
little playlet "Made Good." was well re- 
ceived. Mr. Hall Is assisted In It by Jennie 
Colborn and Horace Weston. 

Miller. Moore and Gardner, a three man 
cabaret turn, sang "Macon, Ga.," "Boogie 
Man Bag," a burlesque opera bit and a rail- 
road finale. The boys have good voices and 
make a "dandy" appearance. They went big. 

Bush and Lngle, two men ramedy bar act, T be young man possesses a good position Bct wlti Mis, horns, bottles snd sleigh bells, 
one straight and the other comedy, do eomo ana .alary, and a fair bankroll, which ho stm 8tl(:lt to [ be old. tunes like "Allco Wlicio 
clever and daring stunts on the single bar. i„ ves t» in the building of his future home. Art Tnou ," "My Jersey Lily," "My Gal Sal," 
Tbe comedian Is a corking good dancer. All i n addition to these advantages Bennett on ^a one string violin, and "The Carnival 
in aU a very clean-cut act baa great prospects, In the s-iape of a f Vcnlco" and the old tunes were well liked. 

Daniel Frohnmn's picture presentation of bachelor uncle who Is enormously wealthy, j '"g Lv „ it Jr and company presented a 
"The Pride of Jennlco," In four reels, and tt nd who would make the nephew Ms heir , , lttle .. Buster .. blondle, who was full 
Marcus Loaw's "News of tbe Week" were th* aB be has a blgi regard for his traits of f acUon and very serious la his various 
feature movies. Pit*. ^tllt and Industry. • q Ulp , ana made „ big hit with his trite ro- 

For 20-28: While Inspecting the progress of the work ^fa xhe n tt i gi ^ i somewhat older, was 

Considerable variety was evldonced in the on the cottage trouble drops In on Bennett aUo BWCCt an( i farming. The little plot of 
change of show on ''balmy" Thursday, Feb. in the shape of his friend Frank Andrews, tbe wandering father, reformed, returning 
26, and a snugly filled houBe on hand— "and w ho pessimistically talks of married life lu nomo on Christmas Eve, with presents for 
they were still coming in." general, and who, In true kill-Joy fashion, tbo children, to the delight of tfio sorrowful 

The Great Harrah and his chick looking reminds Bennett that lie has not Informed ^ f worked in nicely. When the reunited 
girl partner replaced Burt and Golncs in the his uncle of bis Intended matrimonial ven- 
runnliiK, and started the show off strong In ture. 

Then the bride-elect arrives with 
chum, another gloom-creating person. 


Wahn, mgr.) for March 2-4: Th* photoplay, 
"Tho Lion and the Mouse" the Artist's 
Models, Manning, Moore and Armstrong, and 
the Musical Crockery. For 5-7: "Fedora," 
in photoplay ; Nine Krasy Kids, I.awlcr end 
Putler company, and Dalbeanle and company. 
Hkoao Stbuet (Francis Chase, mgr.) — Kor 
week of 2, the Honey Girls, with Hughey 
Bernard and Snltsy Moors. 

Springfield, Hnii, — Court Square (D. 0. 
Gllmore, mgr.) "The Doll Girl" March 8. 

Pom's Palacb (Gordon Wrlghter, mgr.)— 
Lasky's "Bed Heads," Bowman Bros., Jimmy 
Lucas, Beaumont and Arnold, Princess Mlu- 
nenslcomls, the Glockcrn, I/oiigbllu's dogs, 
lilbonettl, and Pollscope. 

Bqoadway ( D. D. Hcullen, mgr > — "The 
Girl from Hector's," by the stock company, 

Pabk <F. P. Furlong, mgr.)— Vaudeville 
and motion pictures. 

Fox (J. Loowcr, mgr.) — Vaudeville and 
motion pictures 

1'laza (Uoluilcln Bros., mgr*.) — Vaude- 
ville and motion pictures. 

Ituou (M. L. Knight, mgr.) — Foature 

l'liiNCEss, Hudson, Geisha, Palacb, Gai- 


Lion, Globs, Novelty and Lyuic. — Moving 
pictures only. 

Notes. — farl Rrlckett, leading man of tho 

their clover exhibition, alone and together, 
ol fencing skating and dancing on the rollers. 
Harrab has done away with the former third 
irember of the act, and It all looks Lm- 

E roved, be working In cutaway rig and sUk 
at, and the girl continues looking as well In 
the short cue piece pink costume and flesh- 

After making an Introductory speech about 
George Yeoman, George Yeoman made his 
second entrance from the opposite side of 
the stage and, following some patter, sang 
"You Can't Judge the Women by Their 
Clothes," then shot through a catalogue of 
lyrics on tho scarcity of modern femalo ap- 
parel, and more on the Automat restaurant 
and subway difficulties, worked a wee bit 
over tbe limit in kidding Manager Jake's mu- 

sicians and patrons, and flnlshed quite strong up brown." Tbe 
with a good parody on "Heart of Maryland. confusion telgns. 
Morris Brlerre ond Grace King, one of the i„ the last act. 

Mayer by name. 

As If tbe remarks of this pair were not 
enough ro discourage tbe youthful count*, 
Allco Cook's horde at relations, Including 
Pa and Ma, slaters, brothers, cousins, aunts, 
etc., descend on toe scene and manage to 
further complicate matters by all sorts of 

Uncle George happens along also at an 
inopportune moment The various friends, 
relatives, etc., simply can't mix harmoniously, 
as each bas his or ber own opinion ss to 
how the house should be buUt, likewise air- 
ing tbelr positive opinions on every possible 
phase of tbe coming nuptials. 

Of course, they succeed in "doing things 
The engagement Is broken and 


dalnty duo* of vaudovlllo. Improved with 
every moment's passing with their snappy 
conversatlonlng and songs. And after a 
change. Brlerre from the tennis togs Into 
dress suit and Miss King from suit and bat 
to a fresh pink gown. "The Hat-rack in the 
Hall" serves as a good duo number for their 
song and stepping finish. Both possess 18 
karat personality, and are as graceful 1 

after a series of ludicrous 
mishaps and troublesome adventures with 
Carpenters' strikes, warring relations, etc., 
Albert and Alice wisely agree to cut out the 
foreign interference and paddle their own 

The play takes Its name from tho fact Gat 
the majority of the well mooning, but mer- 
cenary relatives seem to be on father's fide 

The Three Donald Athclcts, In 
started with a series of statue poses, 
lng wlti an Interesting series of gymnastic 
exercises which tested their splendid muscu- 
lar development to the utmost A most fin- 
ished act . . _, .. 

Five Interesting pictures split tbe acts. 



Newark, N. J. — Newark (Geo. W. Bob- 
bins, mgr., Elsie Ferguson, In "Tbe Strange 
Woman?' March 2-7. "A Pair of Sites" 9-14. 

BHt/nKitT "(Lee Ottoiengui, mgr.) — May 
Itobson, In "The Clever Woman," 187. 

PnocTon'B (It C. Stuart, mgr.)— Bill 2-7: 
McConnell and Simpson, Charles and Fanny 
Van, Vlollnsky, Ward and Curran. Gladys 
Alexander ana company, Jean l'ucalre, and 
Meredith Sisters, 

Obphbum (M. 8. Schleslnger, mgr.)— Tbo 
Brownell-Stork Stock Co. again enter the 
realm of musical comedy 2-7, with "Tho 

erul w of Uu> rami It conaeauently their names are realm of musical comcqy i 

ivery TeglUmate' move as they are odd In £ ^"ancf m ttS title Indicates there are Time, the Place and the GlrL" "What Hap- 

their eccentric dance for "When We Get On ,' ae e a too many, and they all but "spoil the pened to Mary" neit. > — . 

„iii/.'» -5^.*^ Minbb B Empire (Tom Miner, mgr,) — Tbo 

the Bill la Vaudeville." They should have 
no worry about remaining on good ones 

"Behind the Footlights," Roland West's 
playlet of stage life, wherein a would-bo 
actress maker good with the manager of a the- 
atre by disguising herself and claiming that 
said manager Is her "honeBt to goodness 
husband, and finally disclosing her real self 

Frank Craven, the audor, plays the rolo 
of Albert Bennett, the central male charac- 
ter with a fine sense of comedy values. You 
lauVb with, not at him, at the same time 
sympathising with him in bis predicament. 

Ines Plummer, as Alice Cook, la pretty 
and vivacious and acts well. 

Eva Condon, as the meddlesome friend or 

afterwards marries the 

the groom, Is excellent 

Very mildly 

.. "originality . 
ceptlon of the "props" part, 
received. . _ . 

Bush and Shapiro, straight and Hebrew 
comedians, and the great qilver-Ornando 
Troupe of tumblers are more fully reviewed 
under our New Acts and Beappearances. 

The variety of the bill did not stop with 
the life part of the show, for Manager Jake 
Lubln bad an Interesting list of pictures, 
with Lubln's two-reeler, "The Two noses," as 
a feature; "Tested by Fire," Sellg Western 
drams, featuring a forest fire; "The Woman 
Scorned," a clever Essanoy comedy ; "On the 
Lasy Line," a corker of an Edison for com- 
edy situations, and Pathe's welcome Weekly. 
"On the Lasy Line" led In favor. Toot. 

i s ■ 

Irving- Place Theatre (Budolf Chris- 

. tbe well-intentioned 
friend, vlaya with Intelligence and repression. 
The rest of the large coat are entirely 

C °The settings of the three acts show that a 

8 rest deal of care has been expended on 

"To'o> Many Cooks" ahould meet with a 
genuine welcome, as It la fine comedy nna, 
above all, humorously true to life. Tho 
second week began Ma»ch 2. Bee. 



This home bad lbs capacity rug out Feb, 

Bebmsn Show Is here 2-7, with Lew Kelly, 
Lon Haskell, Vic Casmore, Geo, Douglas, 
Stella Morrlsaey, Ameta Pynes, Freda Flor- 
ence. Laura Hayden. Gertrude Lynch and 
Tom Martelle. Country Store every Tues- 
day night The Girls from Starland 0-14. 

KlBNBT'a (John McNally, mgr.)— Crowded 
houses. BUIed 2-4 : Ten Westerners, "The 
Loop Hole" and six other sets. For 5-7, 
Harry Thompson will be the feature act 

WA8HIH0TON (0. B. N«u, mgr.)— Vaudj- 
vllle and pictures. Bill 2-4: Taylor and 
Brown, Laypo atd Benjamin. Allen-Miller 
and company, Jones snd Harris, "A Itaw 
Becrult" and Harry Basel. For (5 7 : John 
BLakley and company, In "Jlmtown, Junc- 
tion," will feature the bill. 

Lyric (It C. Stuart, mgr.)— Bill 2-4: Mar- 
tini and Qenett, Mile, Carrie, Wanda and 
Stone, and Wation-Hutchius and QdwardM. 
For 5-7: Bohemian Four, Cole and Warner, 
Francis Nordstrom and company, and Kldo. a 
ana company. 

Note.— The Majestic Theatre Is tho latest 
addition to the moving picture field bare. 

Jersey City, If. J— Majestic (F. E. Hen- 

., duplicated 

^uaWFiS^oin^^g^S ft^SSSl* 
was the vehicle chosen for the Mtree of this A Oollr 

This bouve bad the capacity rug out Feb. derson. mgr.) "At Bay," with Crystal Hearii, 

'•r. niri ». verv trood btllwas shown. Guy Standing, and a fine cast, March 2-7. 

Xwling w?L^ thOM two" fellows who "In Old Kc/tucky" to follow. "Tho Con- 

usnasly make good, duplicated here. Their tplracy" was wen received last week, 

talk b bdgnt and op-m-the-nVtoute. Watch • Acadbmx IV. & Henderson, mgr.)— The 

lAi* <™ u "» uk , " , f_ .._ j_av n «!•.«»« QewMsr r*A isa ■ wall haltatiAA/f /vr»<ini. 

FIlxtatlon,"_plByed by Dean 
and Day, lucks laughs. There Is. little to 

*.it~_ f- »hn ■< ap 1'ha 


follow "in the tct. The 
for such short skirts, 

season's guests, Hand "Arnstaedt of the 
Royal Theatre, in Berlin, and Gnstav Wal- 

noraace la BlUs," was a newcomer to New ™«» »«■ would helD some. 

and proved 

York's German theatregoers, 
highly successful. Moluar's splendid sense 
of humor was st all times fully appreciated 
by a house which bore the slgnj'S. B. p. 
long before the opening boar. The two im- 
portant parts of the play, that of the actress 
and her actor-husband, who, during the sec- 
ond act, masquerades ss a member of tbe body 
guard In order to teat her truthfulness, were 
plsyed splendidly by tbe two guests, Frl. 
Arnstaedt scoring the larger part of the 
applause, her partner being hampered 0/ a 
severe cold, a souvenir from the stormy ana 
lengthy trip across the big pond. Hear? " 
MaTtbaes made a decided failure of the splen- , 
did part of tbs critic, while smaller parti 
were taken care of by Augusts Bunnester, 
Bel ma Weber, Eugen Keller and Una Uaen- 
seler. OcroUna. 

.ting lady Is tall 

e act consists of 

and Just 

,e one the 

man uses would help some. 

Olrard and Gardner, In their comedy play- 
let, "Kiss Huh," went over to a tree full of 

*°Tlie '"general" favorite of the theatre, 
"Jack" Drlscoll, sang"Bebecca of Bunnybrook 
Farm," and his reception showed that they 
are still for "Jack/' 

tpiracy" was weii received last week. 

Academy (if. B. Henderson, mgr.) — Tba 
Graham Stock Co. is a well balanced organi- 
sation, and gave tine satisfaction last week. 
"The Golden Giant Mine" 2-7. CXiarlnttc 
Temple next 

Obpbboh (Anthony Michel, mgr.) — For 2- 
7 : The Mermaids, Beatrice Morgan and com- 
pany, Hayl and company. Tom Maboncy, 
Dixon Trio, others and photoplays. 

BOH Ton (BdL U. Cadugan, mgr.)— A fine 
array of variety acts and photoplays. Ex- 
cellent business rules. 

Monticelxo (Robinson & Buns, mgrs.) — 
Feature photoplays. 

Note. — Manager Edwards, of (he Broad- 
way, Bayonne, contemplates working up a 

B Still YOr JBC«. !»»/, ikijuiuio, ivuKuirnm nu,ai., B — r — 

"Tbe Act Royal," a posing set, using two circuit, using two companies, one presenting 

Haverhill, Haas. — Academy (Jos. Mack, 
mgr.) Prince IClwood Co. presented "Behind 
tho Scenes" Fob. 20-28. For March 2-4 tie 
IClwood Co. presents "Mr William's Sec- 
retary." Mr, Blwood aL»o directed tbo High 
School boys' play. 

Colonial (Wm, B. Furber, mgr.) — Bill 
week of 2 : Lamont and Mllham, Y eager and 
Dclore, Kobertl'a animals, Geno Baldwin, and 
Holman's review. 

OnwiBUH (Geo. K. Robinson, mgr.) — For 
week of 2 toe attraction la "The Woman In 
tbe Case," which marks tbo closing week of 

Scbnic Tcuplb, Majestic and Csowx, 
motion pictures only. 

Lawrence, Mass.— Colonial Theatre (Ju- 
lius Cabn, mgr.) Mai ley & Donolson Stock 
Co. present "Shore Acres" March 2-7. "The 
Lbost Breaker" next 

Oi'kra lfui'sa (W. B. Rotbera, mgr.) — 
Vaudeville and motion pictures. 

Nickm. (John it Oldfleld, mgr.)— Bill 2 
and week : Evelyn Cunningham, iOthol Over- 
man Trio, Work and Play. Lew Welch and 
company, Lieut. Jas, Grady and company, 
Iiarues and Asher, Ambler Trio, and pictures. 

Bboadwat. Victobia and rBEHiia, motion 
pictures only. 

Taunton, Mass, — Park (Mallcy a Deul- 
son, mgra) for week of Keb. 28. the stock 
company preset. ted "The Wolf." closing tho 
season, beginning March 2, bitch class mov- 
in" pictures are given, with "i*s Mlserablcs" 
as a feature. 

Casino. Btab, Columbia and Nickbl.— 
Moving pictures only. 

San Diego, Cnl. — Bprcckels (Dodge 4 
Huyward, mgrs.) "Tho Wolf" March 24. 

Gaiety (J. C. Blacklagton, mgr.) Is dark. 

Savoy (Scott k Palmer, mgrs.)— Bill for 
week of 2 : Ethel Davis snd company. Bob 
Albright, Julia Redmond and company, Dia- 
mond: snd Beatrice, Dunbar and Turner, 
Itecd's bull terriers, and Keystone comedy 

Empress opened 2, with 8outlicrr. Stock 
Co., In 'The Price," with ICdna Marshall and 
Geo. V. Dill In the leads. Tbo characters 
aro taken by Clnreaco Bennett and Katherloo 
Kvans. Paul Singer has cbargo of the pro- 
ductions, and Henry Miller of the adver- 
tising. A. B. Faedor !s retained as orchestra 

PniNCEBS (Fred Kuhtvow, mgr.)— Vaude- 
ville and pictures. 

Majestic (Lloyd Brown, mgr.)— Fraturo 
Alms. "Third Degree'' week of 2, 

Muskogee, Okla.— Broadway (D. Myers, 
mgr.) for March 1-4. Boyle Woolfolk presents 
"The Tenderfoot," featuring Groco Thurston 
and Harry Shannon. 

Wiqwak (P. F. Liber, mgr.)— Vaudeville. 
Kathlyn and Mary Plckford, In •Hearts 
Adrift," featured. 

QAIBTT (II. I. Goddard, mgr.)— Wolff Dra- 
matic Stock Co., In "The Senator's Daughter" 
and "Wildfire" 1-7. Good business rules. 

Yale (O. L. Ilrlttan, mgr.)— iMotlon pic- 
tures. , 

Bupbens (II. A. Marcus, mgr.) — Universal 

Hinton (W. M. Hlnton, mgr.)— Feb. 28, 

Oklahoma City, Okla. — Overholior 

(Fred 0. Wels, mgr.) Mite. I'avlowa March 
2, "Within the Law" SB. 

Folly (F. M. Tull. mgr.)— BUI for week 
of 1: Ballo Brothers, Charles Stela and 
company. Tbeo, Tcnney, Belmont and Uari, 
Fay and Tenntson, Pearl Bros, and Burns, 
Three Kmemons, and Folly scope. 

Metropolitan (Bert Russell, mgr.) — 
North Bros.' Stock Co. presents "Across the 
Great Dlvldo" 1-7. 

Lyric (I'cte Slnoulopo, mgr.) — Vaudeville 
and pictures, 

Hmxbbsi (Jack Iioland, mgr.) — Vaude- 
ville and pictures. 

Dbbaiiland, Majestic, Columbia snd 
Olympic, motion pictures only, 

Wllkra-Ilnrre, Vn — Grsnd 0. II. (David 
M. Cauffman, mgr.) "Change" March 3, 4. 

Pom's (John J, Onlvln, mgr.)— Bills 2-7: 
Morey's "Titanic," Leo-Zarrell Trio, Grace 
Belmont, and Dean and Fay, Faust and 
Williams, Ben Lewin. Three Lorottas, and 
Roosevelt In South Africa. 

Nbbbitt (Low W. Haff. mgr.) — "Iliuiy 
Isiy" 2-4. "A Fool 'Phore Was" tt-11, "Tlis 
Girl of the Underworld" 12-14. 

Savoy, Stab, Sun, Aliiauuba Bijou 
Dream, Dueamland, family and UNO, mov- 
ing pictures only. 

Notes. — "Tho Marrlsgo Market" did ca- 
pacity business here Feb. 20 The Ncsbttt 

Theatre tas changed from vaudovlllo to 

legitimate and Is doing good business 

Mr. Gslvln, tho now manager of roll's, had 
packed houses during tho first week of Lent 

Chatuberaburg:, Pa. — ltoscdale (F. A. 
iShlnsbrook, mgr.) Peerless Minstrel Misses 
were hero Keb. 23-28. Manhattan Stock Co, 
March 10-21. 

New (Wm. P. Brltsch, mgr.)— Bill 23 snd 
week Included: Local Thespian dramatlo 
yresentatiou, concert, Chsmbersburg City 
Band, and "Savage and Beast" (Klela). 
28. Guy Brothers. 

Noras. — The l'oerless Minstrel Misses de- 
serve their title, making great record here 

for very clever performances Guy Bros.' 

ptrformanco was the qulntesicuto of all 
th Lugs mlnstrel-llke. 

Meridian, Miss.— Orand (W. II. Jones, 
mgr.) "Tbe RoseMald" Fob. 28, excellent 
show to cspaclty aouse. "lSvory woman" fol- 
lowed 26. 

MAjssric (Green A Mortimer, mgrs.)— 
Kyle Foi's company, In "Isles of Nowhere," 
March 2-7. 

Gsm (H. Frank Isaacs, nagr,) — Feature 
Alms. Specials for week of 28 were: Cyrd 
Scott, la "Day of Days;" "Tbe Battlo of 
Gettysburg," "Tho Groat r^>ap," "Journey's 
Kndlng" and "Buy Bias." 

Princess (Sol 11. SugormaD, mgr.) — Gen- 
eral Film Company service. 

Klitb (Goo. A Grlffln, mgr.) — MoUou pic- 

Troy. If. Y — Proctor's (Dan Corr, mgr.) 
bill for March 2 4 : Two Jlggerups. Halt Bush 
BUI, Clifford Hippie and company, Florence 
May-field, and Bandell. For 0-7 : The Albsrgs. 
Callaway and Roberts, Sslma Walters and 
company. Lucille Tilton, and "Fun In % 
Candy Bhr.p." 

Hand's (N. C. Mlrlck, mgr.)— The Lytel!- 
Vaughaa Stock Co. present ''The Woman" 
week of 2. Capacity business prevails. 

Proctor's, Lycbum, Novelty, Trojan, 
Keith's, Plaza, Majestic and Bmi'irb, 
photoplays only. , 

Oohoes, N. Y^-Proctor'i (W, W. Hatch, 
' "ioDlays. 

Majestio and Bmpiib, 

mgr.) foature photoplays, 
liuicmr Spot, ' 

pliotoplsys only. 

Charlotte, N. 0. — Academy (John I* 
Crovo, mgr.) "Smart Sot" March 0. 

PiBOMONT (led. U. GIdley. mgr.)— Billed 
for 2-7: Dolly Marshall, McGrath and Yeo- 
man, Wonder Kottle, Castle Pictures, Fran- 
ess Dugaa, Moliio Grey Trio, Tlebor's Trained 
Seals and otbei's. 

ISdibonia, ami;he-u, Otto war, Pbihcbbb 
and Tiibato.— Pictures only. 

Nora. — John D. Stratford bas succeeded 
W. L. Covington as treasurer of tbs Pled, 
mont Theatre. 

AVIIoilnston, Del. — Avenue (John S. 
\ al *V ff« r > "Within the Law" week of 
March 2. 

Oabbicb; (W. L. Dockstadcr, mgr.)— Bill 
2-7: Brown and Mllo, Duke Darling. Cole- 
man snd Brown, Past La Croix. "The Lie 
That Jack Built," Itempel sisters Guerro 
and Carmen, tbe Langdons, Kuapp and Cor- 
nelia, Samoroff and Seona, and pictures. 

I'm •■coin, FU_ Penaacola (Sidney P. 
I«vr,.mgr.) for March 2, 8, tho foature mov- 
ing picture "Traffic la Souls," matinee and 

hmi'bbss (J. A. Jones, mgr.)— Tho Pari- 
sian Beauties, third week here to good busi- 

Peoria, IIL— Majestic (Henry Sandmoyer 
Jr., tngr.) "The Common Law" 1-4. "Dam- 
aged Goods" 5, '"Tho Garden of Allah" V-14, 

Obpiibum (Nathan A Greenbarg, mgrs.)— 
Pobtlcoat Minstrels 1-4. 

Hippodbomi (Seaver Amuse. Co., mgrs.)— 

Moillbb (WllUam Moellcr, mgr.)— This 
lionise will open 14, with stock burlesque. 

Columbia, Crystal, Cost, Db Liixb, 
Duciiebs, Eltbium, Bmpbssb, Gabdbn, Illi- 
nois, ihpeoial, Libbbty, Lycbum, Palacb, 
Pbincbss, Sanoamo and Stab, pictures only. 





March 7 

A Ballad that is beautiful, appealing, haunting and full of heart-Interest.'' You have never used a Ballad like It. 

Our other Big Hits: Also, Blanche Ring's Hit in "WHEN CLAUDIA SMILES," "IF THEY'D ONLY MOVE OLD IRELAND OVER HERE," 

"ON THE HONEYMOON EXPRESS," the Great Novelty Hit, known everywhere; "SOONER OR LATER," Great Double Number; 

"LOVE'S LAMENT," a High Class Song for High Class Singers, etc., etc. "THE BELLS" is restricted. 

Send Late Programme and 16c. In stamps for the above. If you are known to us, neither Is necessary. 


1 46 W. 45th ST., N. Y. 


Col. Francis Fenrl. who Is back la New York 
after a trip through Ontario. Michigan, Ohio anil 
New York State, has Just purchased two new 
organs, both of wh'cb were made In this cointry 
My Louis Beml, of this city. One of these rcam- 
inoth musical wonders will be ►hipped to De- 
troit for nse In a dance ball in wblirb Fernrl la 
Interested, while Uio other will adorn one of the 
new wagon fronts now being built for the Ferarl 


Tommy Cannon, the well known carnival stent, 
has signed with Benny Krause as general ajent, 
and will attrt out after contracts this week. 

Cannon, woo has been spending a few days In 
New York, left there on Saturday to Join the 
Kranse Shows, which are now playing la Southern 



George Hamilton, one of the beet known of all 
of the old time carnival contracting agent) his 
forsaken the midway business and Is now Idem! 
fled with the Herschell-Splllmann Company for 
which well known arm of carrousel and rldln- 
device mannfacturera he will derate all <if hi? 
far.'«med energies. Hamilton win establish a 
branch office in New York City, from where he 
win direct a new and widespread campaign. Geo 
Hamilton baa recently resigned from the position 
of general agent with the Harry Six Blue Ribbon 
Shows, Inc. 

DUiilnyed nt the tinnter Hotel Nena-atand, San Antonio, Tex., Feb. 10, 1014. 



NEWBERRY, 8. C, FEB. 14. 


Left to Bigot— Harry Moore, Willie Engel- 
son, Bobblo Hums, Frank O. Scott and Danny 


la the following letter Walter K. SUiley hands 
as a one bouquet: 

Dau Gurrsa.— I would like to expresa by ap- 
proval of yonr truly wonderful Anniversary Num- 
ber. It's about as flue a class paper as I hare 
ever seen, and the way that you handled the car- 
nival and fair department I am sure Is appreciated 
by all In that branch of the business. Very truly 
yours. Walter K. Sibley. 
i a 

Thi following performer* will be with the 
Rents Bros.' Shown this season: Ed. Wblte and 
his Continental Band, Geo. Sweet and wife, Mad- 
den aud wife, Beady and Burcsh, Dave Nlckalson 
and wife, Martlnfllah Brothers, Bruce Clark 
lour Le Olalrs, Rhodes and Rhodes, Ken Palmer 
Mile. Athea, Prof. Wiseman and family. Harry 
Do Oleo, Rube Waters, and Mr. and Mrs. Mc- 
.Namara. Prof. Post will lead one of the bands. 

Habbt Janicei, "SboHy," and wife. Isle of 
the Wyoming Bill Wild West 8how. a well known 
trick and fancy and hippodrome rider, have 
BlgQed contracts with the Oklahoma Bill Wild West 
for the coming season of 1914. Mr. Janlcke will 
be with "the boncb" at tbe stampeJe, and eater 
In several of the contests. He will go to Florida 
v. r r , i v"" 1 »™>«« for a Spanish coll fight, 
which they expect to hold st Tampa Bay race 
track, Tampa, Fla. ^^ 


English swimmer, at Sportsmen's Show, 
ture In fancy diving and swimming. 

Manager and director, Harry Sir. 
season feature free attraction with 
Ribbon Show. 




Originator of the New Idea Circus. Carnival and Chautauqua Combined. 

\j, A. II WK I IIAill Greatest Midway 
A brand new hloh-clas. , a A. WORTHAM 

elliei and big features, par. Addr»*«. Danville. Illinois 


A special train of 25 car*, 
wagons, fronts, sensation- 
al Iroo acts and Concert 
Band. A World >. Fair 
on Wheels. 

At Gnnter Hotel, Snn Antonio, Tex., Feb. 10, 1014. 

The names of the group follow, reading from left to right: Win. Judklns Hewitt Pew» tw^m tv™„.. vr _ * ™_ - .» 
L. C. Beckwltb, Roy Bud,. T. N. ricnot, l/erbert A Kllne,*Ch. fc M. Nlgro.A. Km. W?B.^edgk ^FtvSgf&JwM^ 

Maboh 7 



By WILLIAM JU1MLLNH HJWl ' l ' l '. 
("Bed Onion.") 

Ir THINGS keep going as they are theia 
won't be anybody In the carnival business 
tot a lot of "near managers." The business 
Med* first class Independent showmen, ca- 
yable of producing shows of merit. There 
are plenty of first class managers that woull 
■lake room for showmen, and, besides, a first 
♦lass Independent showman can make more 
none/ In a season than any ten men who 
lave nothing behind them but the desire to 
te a manager. 

Havb you got such a thing In your pocket 
as a gold or sllrer carved wagon front? If 
aot. get one. Many of them seem to have 
plenty of them laying around loose. Mana- 
gers, why not build some real shows to to 
leblnd those fronts? 

Nat Reisb ajtd Johnny J. Jones should 
snake a grand combination together. We caa 
frondly say that we were the first to sus- 
picion this affiliation. Nat and Johnny J., 
allow us to wish you well. Another thirty- 
car carnival added to the excitement. 

Ravincs or A "xeab kanaqeb." — Wanted : 
One more that don't conflict. How can any- 
thing conflict with something that you don't 
fossess? Every man Is entitled to a chance 
to Bhow what he can do, but for why do you 
continue season after season to operate along 
Impossible lines? Aa soon as those "one 
nore show that don't conflict managers" get 
lack behind those hamburger stands, the bet- 
ter off the carnival business In general will 
te. No wonder showmen like P. J. Mundy 
•ecame disgusted and retired from the busi- 
ness, and C. W. Tarker decided to specialize 
to the manufacture of riding devices. 

TO toono fbbss agents. — In pre- 
paring wrlte-up9 for publication In amuse- 
nent Journals you would make a bigger bit 
with the profession In general and would 
to yonr manager more good and cause him 
fess reverse criticism if you would conflno 
your write-ups to actual facts. If you can 
lot tell the troth about the size, merit and 
amount of business done by the carnival that 
yon are with, It would be far better to keep 
illent and even to lose your position than 
lo embelish the troth In a manner la which 
»me of you are doing. Build up vour repu- 
tation on truth and veracity, and It won't 
le long before you will be In demand by 
■rpresentatlve carnival managers. If R«d 
Onion does not make himself clear In this 
matter •write him and he will -write this para- 
graph all over again, as many times as H 
accessary, to make you clearly understand It. 

3. B. Mills left Laredo, Tex., Feb. 18, to 

Sto Memphis, Tenn.. be eald. Karl Bolt 
t the same place for San Francisco wero 
lis parting words. 

John TT Backuan Is perfecting arrange- 
ments to have one of the most complete and 
meritorious trained wild animal shows In the 
carnival business this season. He Is still la 
Winter quarters at Tczarkana .ark. John 
X who do you go with this season. 

B. H. Keeper, a photographic concession- 
aire, of Champaign, HI., did not receive rue 
tesired treatment in a hospital where ho 
was In San Antonio, so a "show bunch" had 
lim removed to the Physicians and Sargcons' 
Hospital, that city, to a private room, where 
te is nndcr the personal care of Dr. W, H. 
BcCoacb, who Is a specialist In the treat- 
ment of bis particular disease, and every 
■ope is entertained for his speedy recovery 
at the iands of this eminent practlcloner. 
*. H. Keefer wants to hear from all of his 
Mends. Address Physicians and Surgeon.' 
Hospital, San Antonio, Tex. lie needs your 
assistance. Write him to-day. 

W. B. Doss, known to side shows, pit 
■bows and museums throughout the world, na 
fte human telescope, Is now playing vaudc- 

W. B. Wedqb stirred them all up wlta 
Ua article, "Carnival Band Troubles," In 
fee Sixty-first Anniversary Number of Tiru 
txippEB. W. B. — Shame on you for doing It, 
•at somebody had to do It 

Jjsok M. Hewitt says because a man Is In. 
be carnival business Is no reason that he Is 
xarnlverous, although he has seen some who 
•joked as though they were. 

Will B. Aike.n and his famous Aiken 
•imneemeat Company attraction, have out 
■ seat little folder announcing their open- 
tog stand, which Is due to take place Miy 
t, m Galllon, 0., under the auspices of 
me company L, Ohio National Guards. Will 
B. has planned a special day for each day 
to the week : Monday, "Soldiers' Day :" Tues- 
day, "Bucrrus Day ; Wednesday "Govern- 
sr a Day ;'' Thursday, "Mansfield Day ;" Fri- 
day,. "Chestllne Day ;" Saturday, "Kratcmnt 
Day." Something doing every minute. The) 
taaouB Aiken Amusement Co. claims to bo 
dean throughout, 

Walter K. Sibley has solved the prob- 
tnn that has long been a boogle-boo to water 
•bowmen, namely, how to have a diving tank; 
without having to dig a hole In the ground. 
Walter K. haa built a portable non-Ieakabla 
'open Monday euro'' tank. It is built In 
two sections on two separate wagons. All 
•f the paraphernalia of the show to be load- 
ed in the tank. The Hannibal Wagon Man- 
ufacturing Company, of Hanibal Mo., la 
tnlldlng the wagons. Walter K. himself la 
wulldlng the tank in San Antonio. Ho will 
tell yon the rest. 

L. C. Beckwith left San Antonio for 
Dallas, Tex., Wednesday. Feb. 18. on the 
•rat lap of a number of leaps and bounds 
that are intended to eventually land him In 
Danville, 111. 

Ton know who the best general agent In 
the carnival business Is. so now tell us who 
the best general manager Is. "I am," they 
•11 answer In a chorus. 

Bibsebt A. Kline wants to know how 
amy carnival can carry enough water wagons 
for a Marine Band to Tide on. 

C C. Wheeleb says S. 0. C. means "shy 
•n cash," 

J. H. Lucas, one of the Gunter Hotel 
clerks, said that he thinks he could spend a 
very profitable and pleasant vacation visiting 
carnivals. Look out for hlm. Guess ho will 
*> It, aU right 

Thxi are still talking about the wonders 
•f the Sixty-drst Anniversary Number of 
Tna New Yobs Clifpeb. It will linger long 
is their memory, as all good things do. 

Blllt Baxob, the wondering sign writer, 
•pent a month last week in Martin, Tex., 
taking the baths at Mineral Springs, near 
that place. Billy la going to write a book. 
••titled "Riroogh Texas With a Can of 
Yellow." Yon can find the name of Billy 
Bangs on Go window signs *n many towns 
throughout trie "Lone Star State," and In 
the carnival season you can find tho namo 
on many advertising banners. He Is one of 
those golnff and coming fellows. last lea- 
•on he tried to convince Dan J. Lund that be 
could tneko announcements for a Diving Girl 
Show. Don't think he will do It again this 
season, though. 

W« Nones that the vertical wan on top 
e* motordromes Is going to be added: to a 
•umber of those devices this season, and 
also notice that red fire will be used as a 
sensational effect to the finish of the races. 


a*n D ve pacts for a dime at fairs, etc We sell It 
to 70a at one cent per pack. 

HELMET CO., Broadway. Olnouuiatt, O. 

James Ltmch, who was with the Nlgro & 
Loos Great White Way Shows last season, 

ro ^ 8l ?f J ll8 .. motI,er ' ,Mrs - J °s'o Caswell 
53 Chestnut Hill Avenue. Brighton. Mnoi 
muca anxiety. Mrs. Caswell has not heard 
from her son since January, 1013, and she 
received a report that he was killed recently 
by a circus train In Florida. Anyone know- 
ing anything about James Lynch kindly noti- 
fy his mother at the address above. 

Sam S. Soi,iNSKi- Is very busy at bis home 
In Beaumont, Tex., settings things ready for 
the Eighth Annual Southeast Tefas Fair, to 
be held in that city in November. 
■ J. G. Milleb has entirely regained hi* 
health, and Is again active In the capacity 
of secretary and treasurer of the Miller I- 
Lachmann Combined Shows. 

Joh.v M. Sheeslet. — How was the Mobile 
Mardl Ores this season? Kindest regards to 
Arthur Hoffman and the rest of your com- 

Masaoehs. — Always bear In mind the fact 
that the public pays. The better you are 
offering the more they will pay you. Have 
you ever thought what you would do If there 
was no public? 

Al. F, Gobmak. — Who Is your general 
agent? Where Is Dick Collins, the pres* 
agent? Al. F.. kindly give us the facts ss 
pertaining to the business done by you at 
the National Corn Exposition, recently held 
at Dallas. 

T. 11. Waiires.— Welcome back to America. 
Suppose that we will find you this season 
again as secretary and treasurer with tho 
Con T. Kennedy S'Jows? 

Btcs & Dors Water Carnival has the 
flnesfllnc of special paper that was probably 
ever gotten out for a water circus. The 
Riverside Printing Company, of Milwaukee, 
did the work. Red Onion received the 
samples, and Its some paper. 

James Patterson. — We have every reason 
to believe that the Great Patterson Shows 
will rank high as a carnival organization 
this season, both In matter of equipment, ex- 
cellency of Its individual attractions and in 
the make-up as a whole. Concessions not 

Emmett Nevada has closed contracts with 
Herbert A. Kline to present bis high dive 
and leap-the-gap arts, as free attractions 
■with his carnival this season. 

Don't lay down and die because you 
happen to be mistaken. 

Felece Buenardi returned to San Antonio 
from his trip to Dallas and Texarkana, Tex. 
Felece bought anotber car whllo be was In 
Texarkana. That makes two. Will be ever 

Pact, Desmvkb, the armless wonder, says 
that he has received bo many good offers 
that he Is nearly parallzed In his right foot 
from writing letters. 

Jambs Tinnbt, «f Chester, Pa., wants to 
hear front George Leslie and George W. 
Chandler, who was recently with the Murrey 
Comedy Company. James says that he will 
be with one of the "big ones" this season. 
He Is right in Ohester, where the Leon W. 
Washburu Carnival Is organizing. That's 
one of the "big ones, 1 ' so guess that's the one 
he will be with. 

W. J. Kshob writes that he and Jennie 
(Mrs. Kelioe) will probably be with C. A. 
Wortbam this season. 

Jack Davis and Mrs. Davis are playing 
In musical comedy stock In Austin, Tex. 
Jack plays a cornet. 

Let d live, and live, and live, and never 
say die, and If you haven't got anything else 
to do while vou live, try and learn something. 
M. Bascom Faulkner has been in Eastern 
Texas for the past few weeks, looking after 
his oil interests in the vicinity of Beaumont. 
Patrick Thomas, who has toeeu touring 
with the Southern Amusement Company, 
has clossd with that company and signed as 
shortstop on the Austin ball team, of the 
Texas State League. 

Fbank Baker is striving to be the cat-rack 
king concessionaire. 

William Crites Is operating a funnel ball 
game with the American Carnival, now tour- 
ing Texas. 

Doc Stewart says that he Is going to 
take out a musical comedy wJth a carnival 
this season, no matter what anybody says to 
the contrary. Minnie, how did you get back? 
C. H. Armstrong. — Suppose that you wilt, 
again be In Rlvervlew Park with your pit 

George 'Washington's Birthday Ole- 
brutloii, Laredo, Tex., Feb. 14-35. 
Ladero la one hundred and fifty- three 
miles, via the International and Great North- 
ern Railroad, almost due South of San An- 
tonio in Webb Country, Southeastern part of 
the Lone Star State, on the Rio 
River, which Is tho dividing line between tha 
United States and Mexico. 

This thriving border city hag a population 
something like 15,000 souls, eighty per cent, 
of which, we are told, are Mexican or of 
Mexican extraction. 

The buildings are characteristically Hex- 
lean In architecture, the streets are very 
narrow, numerous parks and olazis are scat- 
tered tboughout the city, Mexican habits and 
customs dominate the social and business 
life of the community, some of which are so 
radically different from the American way of 
doing things that your curiosity Is aroused 
to such an, extent as to causo you' to more 
carefully investigate the environs. 

Directly opposite Laredo, Tex., Is Nuevo 
Laredo, Hex., which, under normal condi- 
tions, is said to have a population of five 

An International bridge connects the two 
cities In ibe centre of which la a tablet 
marking the dividing lino between the United 
States and Mexico, whereon Is inscribed the 
articles of the treaty made between the 
United States and Mexico in 1841. 

The contrast in conditions between tho 
two Laredos 4s very marked. 

The Laredo on the American side enjoyi 
unbounded prosperity, while the other Is 
being laid low by the ravages of war and Its 
attendant demoralizing Influences — yet only 
a narrow steam of water divides them. 

The celebration 4n honor of the birth of 
the father of our country has been given In 
this city for the past sixteen years, under 
tho auspices of the Yaqul Tribe No. 4, I. O. 
R. M. (Bod Men), and at all times receiving 
the full support of the local merchants ana 
business men. 

This event Is also the time and occasion 
for the gathering of tho men higher up In 
the affairs of the I. O. It. M., who come to 
this city each season from all parts of Texas 
to lend their support In making the George 
Washington Birthday Celebration a success. 
For the past four seasons the Southern 
Amusement Co. has held the contract to fur- 
nish the amusement features, and it was 
with the sanction of the Southern Amuse- 
ment Co. that the Mlller-Lacbman Shows 
were permitted to present their attractions, 
which wero In every way all that could bo 
desired for such an occasion. 

For reasons best known to Don C. Steven- 
son, manager of the Southern Amusement 
Co., their attractions did not make the date. 
Laredo Is the only city or town la Texa* 
that celebrates the birth of the father of our 
country In such a befitting manner. 

AU streets and public business buildings 

were decorated in red, white and blue bunt- 
ing, and feitoonod WlCi red white and Ma* 
electric lights. . - 

_ All business was suspended, and every In- 
habitant being attired la bi» holiday rai- 

Although, programmed for five days the 
real celebration was confined to one day. 
The twenty-second of February being on Sun- 
day, the big features were held over and 
given Monday, Feb. 23, when the grand street 
pageant was presented to erpectant thou- 
sand, in the form of a civic, military. In- 
dustrial and fraternal review, wliich was 
moro than a mllo long, and passed through 
the principal thoroughfares of the city. 

Prior to tho formation of tho parade the 
local Tribe of Red Men gathered In front 
of the City Hall, where the Mayor of Laredo, 
Robert MeCoinb, by proxy, presented cio key 
of the city to Pocahontas, after which a 
response was made by Hon. Joseph Ryan, 
Past Great Sachem I. O. R. M.. of Texas. 

Following this. In the afternoon, were 
other local events. Including a burlesque bull 
tight Each and every ovent revealing some- 
thing unique and distinctively of local mo- 
ment and atmospjcre. Tho whole affair being 
a wonderful success. 

The MUler-Lachman Shows. 
The MUler-Lachman Shows opened their 
engagement in Laredo, Tex, Saturday, Feb. 
14, to continue sixteen daya, with all of the 
attractions located on tho famous Market 
Plaza and adjacent streets thereto. 

Up to this writing, Tuesday, Feb. 24. Ideal 
weather conditions prevailed, all of the showa 
and concessions doing a most satisfactory 
business, and pleasing tCie patrons and of- 
ficials in charge Immensely. 

The MUler-Lachman Shows are well 
equlped as to Its physical being and mana- 
gerial end of the organization, as the fol- 
lowing roster of those la tho executive capa- 
city will reveal : 

The pay attractions, concessions, music, 
staff and railroad equipment being as fol- 

Flillpino Midgets (Juan D e La Crux and 
Martina De La Crux)— George W. Falrley, 
manager and talker; Endlna Gor.zales, tick- 
ets; Jessie and Olln Burblck, balty-hoo art- 
ist : Jessie Burblck, lecturer. 

Trip to the Moon — W. L. Wright, mana- 
ger; Louis W. Leesmnn, talker; Mrs. Louis 
W. I.eesman tickets. 

Pit Side Show — Eugene P. McKenna. man- 
ager and talker; Frank Forrester, lecturer; 
Leo Curley, tickets. 

Edna Midget Show — Kreko De Krekn, 
manager and talker; 0. S. Cook, tickets; 
Mrs. 0. S. Cook lecturer. 

Palace of Orient — Jean De Kreko, mana- 
ger ; Hovesep De Kreko talker and tickets. 
This attraction features Slada (Mrs. Jean Da 
Kreko) In dances of the Orient. 

Pit Show— M. A. Gowdy, manager and 
talker; Fred Everhardt and O. K. Brlggs, 
tickets : Andy McLaughlin, lecturer. 

"Dot." the Small Horse — M. A. Gowdy, 
manager; William Hedberg, talker and 



Beautiful Paulino (Illusion Pit Show)— 
W. II. McCurdy, manager; Clarence Hsyers, 
talker; Donald Adair, tickets. 

Teddy, Educated Horse — 'Mrs. David Lech, 
man, owner, manager and trainer; 0. M. 
Hunt, talker : Mr.i. I. L. Peyser, tickets. 

Traiined Wild Animal Exhibition— J. O. 
Miller, owner; Jerry Cardona, manager; y, 
N. Billings, talker ; Mrs. Jerry Cardona, 

Motordrome— United Motordrome Com- 
pany, of Chicago, owners ; Oscar C. Noble, 
manager; A. D. Murray and Richard Weston, 
talkers ; Ellen Nlrong, tickets ; Orvllle John- 
eon, Rowland Bryant and Ted Talmago, 
riders; Ollle Clark, starter; Harry Turner, 
mechanic; W. E. Smith. George Purtle, Will- 
iam Uolloway and Wlrson Smart, working 

Texas In the Days of '40— P. J. Snell 
(Texas Bud), owner, manager and talker; 
Blondy Martin, tickets: Red Wing, Happy 
Jack, Mexican Tom, Indian Dan, Big Slim, 
Wild Horse Charlie and Texas Bud, riders 
and ropers ; Blondy Martin. Sam Jobaon, 
Bob MoDanlel. Alkali Pete, Forrest Martin, 
Pete Mullen and Albert Hale, working men. 
This Wild West carries seventeen horses, 
two mules and a midget mule known as Tom 

Llztard Girl, Snake Exhibit— W. L. Pal- 
mer, manager and talker ; Jules Kaspe-, 

Parker Jumping Horse Carry-Cf-AU— 
David Laohman, owner ; O, G Cramer, man. 
ager ; Asa Anderson, checker ; Mrs. Asa An- 
derson, tickets; E. H. Marks, engineer. 

GMcesaloiis : . 

Dart Gallery (ten feet )— Mrs. Heinle Wolf. 

Ruby Glass Wheel (fifteen feet)— 'Mrs. O. 
HI. Padgett. 

Doll Back (ten feet)— dt. A. Andersou ; 
Mrs. R. A. Anderson, assistant. 

Knife Rack (twenty feet)— <Paul nunter; 
Leonard McElmore and Alonzo Hernandez, 

Cook House (twenty-four feet)— George 
Anagostlcos ; George Pftchios, chef. 

Palmistry (ten feet)— Wadame Baba (Mr*. 
3. T. Chambers). 

Jewelry Wheel (eight feet)— J. T. Cham- 

Knife Rack (ten feet)— Ihtrle* Heaton. 

Cat Rack (ten feet) — Mrs. Joseph Ward. 

Gues* Weight Scales (six feet)— Charles 

Cook House (sixteen feet) — Frank Coplan. 

Gold Glass Wheel (twelve feet) —John 
Garvey; James Delaney, assistant. 

Pillow Top Wheel (twenty feet)— Paul 
Hunter; Manning B. Plets and George F. 
Donovan, assistants. 

Teddy Bear Wheel (twenty feet) — Paul 
Hunter; J. Fred Plata and Harry Howard, 

Novelties (Ave feet) — Lloyd Nevada; Mrs. 
Louise O'Brien, assistant. 

Pop Corn Wagon (ten feet)— (N. P. 

Knrfo Rack (twelve feet)— Fred Hnpfer; 

Mrs. Fred Hupfcr, assistant 

Jewelry Hoop-la (twelve feet)— B. C. 
Mltrtry: Sirs. E. C. Mltzky, assistant 

Jack Johnson Ball Oame (eight feet) — J. 
F. McMlllcn : Mrs. J. F. McMlllen, assistant 

Jewelry Store (seven feet)— B, P. Wipple. 

Chewing Candy (twelve feet)— 4MB Spar- 
rows ; Samuel Nlfijoia, assistant 

Uamberger Piek-oot (eight feetWtswi 
J. uaes&rty. 

Robinson Amusement R obporation 


O H icaoo ^sssrxm 

ETHEL ROBIN80N - - General Manager 









Formerly Stratford Hotel, Chicago 


Tbe beat that eaaa be produced. Br tha bast of Artists. Get your order • 


The beat that r» n be produced. By i 

placed early while prices am lower. 


HOWARD F. NEUMANN Br., Pica. WALTRR F. DRIV'RR, Ylce-Prca. A Treaa. 



your i 
Avoid tho ruah. 



Watch Store (tit feet)— 'Robert Cantwcll; 
Harry Ilsycs, assistant. 

Watch Store (eight feet)— J. D. Augua; 
Mrs. J. D. Augua, assistant 

Clock and Mirror Storo (ten feot) — Fred 
Ilayncs; Uarrjr Oiuke and Kay I'arke, as- 

Jowciry Store (ten feet)— Fred mynes; 

J. N. Ilruncll, assistant 

Candy Floss (ten feet)— Tony Spring and 
II. Uoad; Ben Letter, assistant 

Feather Flowers (twenty fect)>— Tony 
Spring and B. Moad. 

rtioto-rost-Card Gallery (sixteen feet)— 
E. Y. Wren; R, E3. Uoaklns, assistant 

iWatdi Wheel (six feet) — Jauics Anderson. 

Japanese Rolling Ball 'twenty-two feet I — 
George Sliinomlya ; 8. Kosaka ai.d Y. Uoshl- 
zakl, assistants. 

Jewelry Hoop-la (twelre feet) — K. Kalda ; 
John Myers and Mrs. John Myers, assistant*. 

Japanese China Ware, Needle Wheels 
ttwentv-four feet) — K. Kada ; Barry Saron, 

Novelties ft on feet) — Lloyd Neyada ; Frank 
Pezznnl, assistant. 

Watch Store (six feet)— W. R. McCurdy | 
Larl Mnupln, assistant. 

Jack Johnson Ball Game (ten feet) — T. 

Jack Johnson Ball Gamo (ten feet) — T. 
II. Galther. 

HlEli Striker (twelve feet)— Fred Ilupfer; 
Harold Webber, assistant. 

Novelties (ten feet) — Lloyd Nevada; Jake 
Stockman and I. Abrtmowltz, assistants. 

Novelties (fire feet l — 'Lloyd Nevada. 

Photo Post-Card Gallery (twenty feet) — 
Herman Renslng ; R. F. Murphy and A. W. 
Bay, assistants. 

Japaneso China, Wheel (sixteen feet)— 
George Hhtnomlya. 

Klfle-Blinotlng Gallery (fifteen feet) — 
Prod Ilupfer. 

.Snap-Sbot Camera Post-Card (walking 
concession) — Charles Mngurlam. 

('arm Papers (walking concession) — Jack 

•Music . 

Mlller-Lacbman Concert Band, J. II. Hen- 
ley, director. This musical organization Is 
produclug real music, the Una desired for 
carnival purposes, and at tho opening of the 
regular season will be Increased to twenty 

iMIIIsr-Lachman Show's staff : Manager, 
David Lacbman ; general agent, Robert C. 
La Uurno; assistant general manager. 0. M. 
Padgett : special agent, I. L. Peyser; secre- 
tary and treasurer, J. 0. Miller ; press agent, 
0. U. Hunt ; trainmaster, J. B. Rhodes. 

N«w Yobk Clipficb Agent — George An*- 

Miller- Lachman Show's railroad equipment 
consists of the following private equipment : 
Three state room can, one buffet and dining 
car, three stock cars, three fiat cars. In 
addition to the above two baggage cars, one 
flat car and one day coach are leased from 
railroads, making in all a fourteen car train. 
Seen and Heard In Laredo. 

The Mexicans bare some very set rule! 
and customs regarding the Intermingling of 
the sexes at public gatherings. Strange 
sights confront you at every turn during 
carnival thne and other events. Owing to 
the different clashes, tbe crowds are divided, 
and they form a solid line, and they trav.-l 

Generally two abreast and march around tho 
'lazas In a circle, women going In one direc- 
tion and the men In the other, passing 
Jiarallel with each other, and -when the oh- 
ect of their affection or admiration passes 
they flirt with each other and pass notes, 
bat men and women aro never seen together 
at public gatherings, unless married. This 
promenading Is called "milling," and tho 
custom Is probably as old as the HpanNh 
race Itself. 

Around the Market Plaza there aro Innum- 
erable venders' booths of all descriptions. 
Gating, fruit, confectionery and refreshment 
stands. The Mexicans, as a race, are very 

2 tentative, but among tbo lower classes 
of confine their gambling to penny propo- 
sitions, and aa a result you will find many 
wheel games that market their wares by 
charging from one to Ave cents a turn. You 
can And tho children and grown-ups alike, 
phylng these games for fruit, candy, pea- 
nuts, and bottled sodas. Tbo writer favr 
one stand that was a combination of fruit, 
candy, peanuts and soda water. A peanut 
Icing tho smallest prize and a botrlo of soda 
being tho largest prize. 

George Pendarrls, of Houston, Tex, was 
noticed among the visitors. 

There was no confetti allowed during the 
celebration. Plenty of noise makers and 
ticklers were in evidence. 

II. B. Danville manipulated the situation 
to that everybody made some money. There 
wore at least one hundred "CCiump stands" 
on the Plazas. 

Texas Bud offered one hundred dollars re- 
ward to anyone that could tell hlm tbo where- 
abouts of a beautiful Spanish senorlta who 
responds to tbe namo of Consuls. Texas 
Bud has sn Idea fiat either Oscar C. Noble, 
A. D. Murray. M A. Gowdy and H. II. Don- 


New York City 


L asa it mtatMimamnm 

On* machine earned IlG.StSO in 88 was., 10O4 
On* machine earned 17,048 in 30 wkl., 1001 
One machine turned 110,602 In 21 wka., 1001 
On* machine earned 10,017 In 27 wka,, 1007 
On* machine turned 112,102 in 27 wka, 1001 
On* machine earned 10,842 In 20 wka, 1000 
One machine earned 18,021 In 20 wte., 1010 
One machine earned 020,188 In 02 wk*., 1911 
"Above figures will be verified to customers." 
O. W. PAztKBR. L*UT«uvvnrtk. Kaa. 

Portable ReadyMade 

Rest only t lie grc» n t 
I —iUm your <n«* /«*/• 

[ a*.'t, Jtiffjn tj ri. 
I frtihmittt tt'tmt — 

I uks ti down tny time 
J — Ml it •nywherc— 
I let It up In ■ lew hour* 

I — hommei, wrench an J 
I screwdriver only food 

I acetic*!. Write pciul canl Unlay fur catling iihowlnir this 
I refreshment lUnd, nragn, huMiri, etc., (torn |AS.OO up. 
YPlea*ertyijeftKej.ryMii1o]Uill«lln,rCrta|(.crSo. aJCvl, . 
Scat., Roebuck and Co., Chiceao^^^--fjp 

38 hut' Repiitaiion Back ol Ever, Tout 

Carnival Tents 

Send tor Catalog and tmrnUkmi Lb* 



at the celebration or any place around there 
durlns that tlm* . _ . _ 

Mrs. M. Mltikey, who has toon visiting her 
home In Uochestor, N. Y.. Joined her husband 
in Laredo, Saturday, Feb. 21. 

Prank Coplan has recovered from his re- 
cent Illness, and Is (joint to convert his cook 
house Into a oaady kitchen and Journey on 
for a while with the Mlllcr-Uchman Show*. 

G. M. Padgett, lo addition to betnf the 
•ealitant manager of tbe MUler-Lachman 
Snows, ia also operating tbe buffet and din- 

°%d. iloboke rioted his season with J. O. 
Miller wbll* In Corpus Christ!. Tex. and 
Journeyed to Lane City, same date, when ba 
is engaged In the houso-palntJng business. 

Charles Blckell said that ha could "no 
pavej" at any time during his star In 

Tony Bprinr and I). Moad plan to return 
to Urownaf llle, Ter.. where they have a num- 
ber of concessions, for a short stay. 

M. A. Qowdya favorite expression during 
tbe week was 7l Lefs get some hot stuff/' 

Oh, you peppers I Jaiin, lit tbe mutcn. 

David Lacb man's 1"arker carry-tia-all Os- 
car C Noble's motordrome, Je»n_De Kreko s 
Palace of Orient. 3. O. Miller's TralnedAnl- 

l'alace Of Orient. 3. »■ Minor S'lTsinea ani- 
mal &h»ltlon. Mrs. David Lacbnun's Teddf 
Horse Bhow and George W. Fairlcy's Ifll- 
llplno Midgets enjoyed eicellent business 

Tllle, arc guilty of dohig the kidnapping. 

T. H. Galther says that be thinks that ne 
can get more money with his Jack Johnson 

dtall Game at "picnics" and "pumpkin*" 
than be can at celebrations, so lie Is going 
to confine himself to that kind of celebra- 
tions tula ■cason, There wen no free acta 

■ ■|fiAlV J»iu£t;ta. \.iijwj *, 

during the celebration. 

All of tbe concessions did well, business 
being exceptional with tho Japanes* Vase 
Wheel. IMllow Top Wheel, and tho Photo 
Postcard Oallerlee as thoy bad all of tho 
business that tliey could attend to. 

S. N. Ullltnats has arranged with John A. 
Pollltt to manage his Pit Bhow with C. A. 
Wortham this season. 

Itu Internatlcnial and Grnnt Northern 
Baltroad put on exceptionally low excursion 
rstes during tho celebration. There were 
people there from all parts of tbe world. 

Goorgo W. Falrley, fry special arrangement* 
with tie United States Vlco-Consul at Ntten* 
Laredo, Mexico, on ITeb. 21, took tbe flrtt 
Urge party «f Americans Into that city, 
•inoo tho closing of tho bridge between tha 
two countries. Thoso who were photo* 



Maboh 7 

We wish to inform those of New York State who we planning to nave a Mr week daring the coming 
gammer, and to tboae wlio want a clean company, and a company tbat can please your people, and a 
company that does as they agree. Woare at yonr service, as wo will be playing through your State 
this season, and would llko to contract where we are wanted. Here Is what we have. Ten Shows, 
Three Rides, IM Concciilom, Motordrome. » 86-Pleee Uniform Band. WoDld like to 
hear from those who like to bear trom us, and we will be pleased to direct our advance men yonr way 
that yoa can get acquainted. Tours - THE G ATJSK SHOWS, 

B3* Washington Blvd., East, Ft. Wayne, i„d. 

graphed In front of the American Consulate 
were : B. M. Garrett, American Vice- consul ; 
Darlo Samciez, a prominent citizen of Noevo 
Laredo ; Jaun IV> La Cruz, Filllplno midget ; 
Jule Rasper, Manning D. Plctz, George W. 
Falrley, H, B. Danville, W. P. Palmer, Her- 
man Housing, 0. M. Hunt, Frank Coplan, A. 
W. Day, A. D. Murray, J. Fred Pletx. H. J. 
Jarrard, 1. Abnunwitz, Paul Hunter, Jako 
Davis, M. A. Qowdy, Robert Cantrell and 
Oscar C. Noble, G. M. Padgett and Georgo 
Anagostlcos. planned to put on a musical 
comedy with tie Uiller-Lacbman Shows. 

rnhe Mexicans are a great people to play 
on stringed musical listruments, with a 
preference for the burp, Either, guitar, man- 
dolin and -violin. It Is a common sight to 
see a two or three piece combination of theBe 
instruments playing In front of eating 
stands, saloons and hotel tobbys. 

Jock and Jamie Wyllo played in the Pal- 
ace of the Orient for Jean De Kreko, as a 
spocte'l addition, to the stage performance 
during the Laredo engagement. Many show- 
men and coneeflslcmalree, wbo have been 
Wintering in -San Antonio, went to the La- 
redo cetebratton and worked in capacities 
entirely foreign to them, simply to enjoy the 
outing, and enjoy tbc vacation. 

Among .£Mos« prominent id carnival circles 
wio •wore expected and did not arrive were : 
Herbert A. Kline, J. George Loos, Al. V. Gor- 
man, Wfftter K. Sibley, Fclece Brenardl and 
John Oyrer. , 

Jake Davis, the dapper assistant to Don 
C. Stevenson, has jo:ned the "Suit Case 
Totcre Association." Joke, be carefuR Don't 
allp. Great men have fallen for fair women, 
by being Knights of the Grip. Now take 
Walter P. Stan-ley for instance. 

Jean De ttreko has a new cue for calling 

An old mold was heard to say that Oscar 

C. Noble was the handsomest man with the 

carnival. A. D. Murray said that she meant 

him. Do we believe it ? What makes Oscar 

. C. noble I 

C. It. Kirfay, general manager of the C. R. 
Klrby Bhows, was a visitor at the celebra- 
tion, Friday, Feb. 20. 

Richard Weston says : "A motorcycle is a 
bicycle under the influence of gasoline." 
Richard also says tbat Oscar C. Noble want- 
ed him to talk Mexican during the celebra- 
tion for fear tbat he would be paid off In 
Mexican money. Note: Borne of the Mexi- 
can money at present is being printed on 
little bits of pasteboard cards. We don't 
blame Menard. 

Among the visitors to the celebration 
were: Icmmett Nevada, Charles M. Nigra, 
W. W. True, Mrs. Paul Hunter, Paul Des- 
muke, Mrs. John Esmond and Ethel Shoe- 

J. Fred Pletz kept the Teddy Bear Wheel 
oiled up end working nearly all of the time. 

W. P. Palmer, Jules Knspcr and Charles 
M. Nigra were seen together In close con- 
ference unite frequently. It's a big scheme 
of some kind. 

Charles E. Meyers and Paul Hunter were 
talking it over very confidentially, so we 
look for a olgconcesslon combine. 

George F. Donovan has organized a Root 
Beer Club. It now has twenty members, and 
I* Increasing In number dally. Among the 
applications recently passed on were those 
of H. B. Danville, Don C. Stevenson, Geo. 
W. Falrley, Dnvid Lnchman, J. B. Rhodes, 
3. G. Miller. Charles B. Meyers, A. D. Mar- 
ray, Paul Hunter, P. J. flnell. Manning 11. 
Mete, Oscar C. Noble. J. Fred Pleti, Jean 
De Kreko, Charles M. Nlgro, Jules Kasper, 
W. F. Palmer, Jake Davis, iM. A. Qowdy, 
G. M. Padgett and I. L. Peyser. Red Onion's 
application was turned down. 

Mrs. Paul Hunter must be given credit for 
knowing how to eelect designs for pillow 

II. B. Danville was looked upon by the 


Andy Logston considered himself a very 
busy man for somo cause or other. H. Bern- 
stem, and Charles Ross did their share to 
make the "bunch" feel at home In Laredo. 
Both gentlemen are of considerable local 

fromlnence. Robert McComb, the Mayor of 
aredo, extended himself In assisting In mak- 
ing the celebration a success in every way. 
Dave Goodlett, at ono time in the carnival 
traatnesB, but now operating the Monarch 
Moving Picture Theatre, in Georgetown, Tex., 
was a visitor. 

Jerry Gardenia .the famous animal trainer, 
plans to be in Kansas City this week. Jerry 
•ays that he don't know Just exactly whore 
lie will land at the opening of the regular 

L. L. Vendee, manager of the Hoyal The- 
atre, Laredo, Tex., has leased the Grand 
Opera House, in San Antonio, and will open 
It on April 19, under his management, play- 
ing vaudeville, stock and moving pictures, 
throughout the Summer season, closing Sept. 

Fred Haynes, the concessionaire, plans to 
branch out on a very extensive scale thlj 

Eugene P. McKennn still has the Wild Went 
bag, and Is very likely to have hit own 

About forty thousand strangers visited 
Laredo on Feb. 23, Many came expecting 
to hear the roar of the Mexican cannon 
across the border. There was a little flght- 
lng about ten miles away. 'Something like 
two hundred dead and wounded fell in the 

Jake Stockman says that talking Is not 
a business, but that selling novelties Is a 
business. That's what he Is doing. 

John Osmond was Initiated into the Elks 
whllo in Laredo, 

IL Brcnstein, who claims to be n moving 
picture man of Chicago, and who has been 
identified with various brandies of the tent 
■how business, has been making Laredo his 
home for the past flvo years. 

EX C. Tolbott.— Quite a few of the "bunch" 
were eating o new Mexican food concoction 
called aero-plalnos, seemed to be mado out 
of pepper suuco and dough. Someone re- 
marked that you would like them better 
than Lee A Perrta* sauce. 

Several of the showmen visited Nnevo 
Laredo, Mexico, Sunday, Feb. 22, George 
Wnshlugtons Blrthdny. 

George W. FVdrtey, Charles M. Nlgro. W. 
W. True and William Jndklns Hewitt went 
over in one party and wero met by the Ameri- 
can Vice-consul, K. M. Garrett After 
viewing the conditions, all express them- 
selves that they were glad that they were 

George P. Dortovan was seen talking to a 
Bomber of Mexican generals. That caused 
the "Bunch" to wonder If George was going 
to war. 

Jule Kasper Is probably the originator of 
the whistling Iwlly-hoo. George W. Fair- 
ley says that that will put lettuce and bird 
seed very much in dVmand. Charles Maga- 
dan the cxinoessloaaire, says mat ho comes 
from Harpot, Armenia. Asia Minor. 

P. J. SneU (Texas Bud) la said to bo 
fremlng up a concert ballyhoo, constating of 
a number of senoritas. It's a good lion. 
But why senoritas? 

Located quite a way from the Market 
Plow, behind a fence, was a oneplt Mexican 

Snake Show, with a scnorita dancing with 
the snakes. Fernando Lopez, of Mexico City, 
was the manager, talker and ticket seller. 
He charged five cents admission, but did not 
appear to be doing much business. He said 
ho was going to play there long after the 
celebration was over. Right next to him 
was a twelve-foot, old style fish pond, oper- 
ated by a citizen of Mexico, whose name was 
Jesus Laurez, who charged anything from a 
penny up. lie said he was going to stay 
there until the police run him out 

W. H. Conway, manager of the Western 
Union Telegraph office at Laredo. Is a One 
fellow, nnd did all tbat he could to make 
show folks welcome. It's a pleasure to meet 
a man like Mr. Conway. He knows how to 
cater to the stranger. 

J. W. Hopkins (Paul Jones), tho man who 
made sandwiches famous, has had fourteen 
years' experience In the outdoor amusement 
business, nnd in seasons passed was with 
Van Amburgh and Howes Great London 
Shows, the Parker and Patterson Carnivals, 
is now making Laredo his home, where he 
has been for the last four years. We wish 
him continued success. 

eMIller-Lnebman planned to remain on the 
strceta of Laredo until Sunday night, March 
1 which will make their stay in Laredo of 
sixteen days duration. "Red Onion Day," 
es it was called by the show "bunch" and 
concessionaires, was celebrated Saturday, 
Feb. 21. Red Onion wishes to thank each 
and every one individually and collectively 
for tho reception given him as a representa- 
tive of Ths Nbw York Clipper. 

The executive committee in charge of the 
Georgo Washington's Birthday Celebration 
were: Joseph Netxer. ej airman; A. C Rich- 
ter, I. Alexander, Cot A. P. Blockson, Major 
G. M. Caldwell. Lieut B. It, Zene, George R. 
Pose, 6am Mackln, Dr. C. P. Kenncy, A. Saft, 
Robert McComb, 17. Vlllegas, F. E. Scovlll, 
R. K. Mima, L. Dalches, Capt J. P. Conrad, 
B. M. Alexander, Ray MeLane, Capt H. P. 
Howard, J. T. Agan, J. F. MuilaUy, Jno. A. 

The carnival committee was composed of: 
Robert McComb, Georgo B. Pago and I. Alex- 


IIa vb yon ever heard a town "champ" ask 
his friend to let him have two dollars so 
that he could make his assessment good? Of 
course you have, If you have ever been to a 

CiiAni.ES Wilson. — We have been Informed 
tfiat you were at one time a carnival agent 
Ob, you Smith. 

P. C. CONLsr, the Post Card concession- 
aire, played Scguin, Tex., last week, still. 

P. C. Haft-lei, Saba Bulgarian, Mike Zln- 
ney, James Dunlevey and Omar Saml. — Are 
you going to have your attractions with the 
World at Home this season? 

M. B. Wbstcott will have his own rail- 
road equipment tills season, also a Parker 
carry-us-all and a big Bit Ferris wheel. 
Good selections. M II.. we understand that 
you play on the streets of Milwaukee in 

Will someone please tell us why the 
wheel concessions did not work In Key 
WeBt, Pla.. during the recent celebration? 

iR. W, Kellab, manager of Jolly Trlxle, 
the fat girl arrived In San Antonio, Sun- 
day, Feb. 22, from New Orleans Jolly 
Trlxle is expected to arrive shortly from 
Erie, Pa. 

All mall and telegrams for William Jnd- 
klns Hewitt (Red Onion), address care New 
yoiiK Cui-PEB, 47 W. Twenty-eighth Street, 
New York. 


Saw Antonio, Tex., Feb. 25. 
Editou New York Clipper, 

Deab Sir: Yon will please find a short 
story pertaining to your correspondent, Will- 
iam Judklns Hewitt, better known as "Red 

Laredo's annual celebration this year, was 
greater In many points than it ever was be- 
fore. Of the five days that presented spe- 
cial events In the celebrated. T, 0nion City," 
there was no day enjoyed any more than 
"Red Onion Day" by the showmen or tho 
natives. iHls Highness, Red Onion, arrived 
in Laredo the morning of Feb. 21, at 7.80. 
He was mot at the depot by the carnival band 
and over one hundred of his friends. He 
was taken to the Hotel Bender and there 
given an onion breakfast, consisting of an 
onion stew, onions and small steak, and 
onion omelet He went fairly well at the 
omelet and steak and onions, but fell on the 
stew. He -was from there taken to the 
bridge and led into Old Mexico by Chief 
Onion Falrley, Captain of the Onion Guards 
Dr. Danville, with a company of fifty smaller 
onions. In Mexico he was introduced to 
General No Savs as 'the official war corre- 
spondent of the amusement world, and a man 
whoever was known for his peaceful methods 
end great sincerity in writing or giving 
nothing but truthful reports. At this tho 
general answered that he thought that he 
must not be a representative of the Ameri- 
can press, -which we convinced him he was. 

Returning to Laredo we were met at the 
bridge by Jakey Davis, Manning B, Pletz, 
Jewel I Casper and Oscar Noble, who acted 
as flower (onions) boys, and a host of others, 
showering him, with flowers (onions) when 
ho was mounted on the water wagon and 
led to the carnival grounds, where the shows 
were assembled around £>o City Hall. As 
the picture will show. Red seemed to enjoy 
this ride, and I believe ho was prouder than 
President Wilson was when ho was inaugu- 
rated. The band played "Dixie'' and an 
"Onion March" that was written by Prof. 
Webb, which must have appealed greatly to 
the small boys, as It mostly consisted of long 
chords, short chords, dls-chords and many 
ether hideous strains or sounds that can 
only be produced In classics. 

-A brief synopsis or imaginary scene of 
Red Onion loading tsha parade. When the 
band played "Dixie" and tho clumsy little 
flower girls strewing onions in Onion b path- 
way, a multitude of visitors, and the thou- 
sands of showmen seemed to soy in unison, 
"Long live onions," and closing I wish to 
say that tho many will Imagine wCien they 
tee the coming picture that the ladies did not 
participate In tho reception of tho biggest 
Onion In .all the world. But there was a 
specially arranged program by the ladies of 
the combined carnival companies, namely: 
Southern Amusement Co., Laohman A Miller 
Combined -Shows, De Kreko Bros., and a score 
of Independent concession men's wives gave 
Red Onion a Pink Tea Reception, in Teddy's 
tent It was an exclusive affair, and the 
writer coud not get any of do program from 
Mrs. Lachman, Mrs, Do Kreko, Mrs. Paget 
Mrs. Desmond, Mrs, Foster, or from any of 
the other ladles, nor even Red himself, but 
I heard It whispered that he received a sofa 
pillow and somo other soft and beautiful 

G resents In the way of drawn work and 111- 
gre work, as the ladies seemed to think 
that Ittd Onion is about to go the same way 

that tils old and esteemed friend Walter 
Stanley did „ „ „ 

Red put In every half hour of bis time 
while visiting to a great advantage, and I 
know tbat Tna Clipper has made a host of 
new friends with the natives of Laredo, Tex., 
and Mexico both, and the words of praise 
tbat were heard from everyone connected 
with the different enterprises of amusements 
at the celebration were many and sincere, 
lied announced that he would leave at 7.80 
Sunday evening. The boys had arranged a 
mulligan stag down at the Lachman A Miller 
cars, and had him arrested and put in jail 
until after train time, as they believe Red 
end llko him, they would not take any 
chances, and they got the good Chief Des- 
mond to put him in jail an hour and twenty 
minutes. Red at flrst was a little peeved, 
but down at the cars when he received the 
third degree of tbe Root Beer Club, be seemed 
well satlsQed and promised to Be a real live 
booster for the organization by getting his 
many friends to join. Col. Geo. P. Donlman 
gave Red the work in a real quiet way, ap- 
preciating Red's delicate disposition, bat 
gave it all In a very effective manner. 

The stag party closed at 8 a. m. by all 
present singing "Auld Lang Syne" and "Hes 
a Jolly Good Fellow." Truly yours, Manning 





The ocSees of tho Blue Elbbon Shows are con- 
c««l to be the most popular headquarters for all 
sbowmen in New VcTk. Awl for all showmen that 
come to New York on business, as with but a few 
except Ions, ereryooe nan made these offlcce head- 
quarters whllo in the clt7. . . __ ■ M- 

Tho offices aro centrally located In the the- 
atrical district, nnd everyone that colts at the 
offlce is greeted with a welcome, and Invited bock 
again, and told to make hlm&elf at home litre 
while In the city. 

At the present time Mr. Six has contracted for 
eleven sh-jws, rootonlome and three riding devices. 
The company will carry two aensaUflnsl free at- 
tractions, which are Arthur Holden, back somer- 
sault diver: Mao Bccleston, England's peerless 
lady high diver, in her rutty toot headforemost 
high dive. Miss Eccleston was an added free 
attraction at Madison Square Oardcn, last week, 
at the Sportsmen's Show, where she easily car- 
ried off all bonorv, 

George Hamilton, the general agent of tbe 
show, has resigned tho position, and Is now with 
the Qenhall-Splllman Merry-Oo-Bound Co.. of 
Tonawanda, N. Y. OcoTge has some upper berth 

3. W. Oonklln Is now general agent of the show, 
and from tho way that he Is sending In the cou- 
tracts more than proves that his years of ex- 
perience In the circus world has made him ooe*of 
the best contractors In tbe bnsineas to-day. 
Jim Is one of the best fellows you ever met, and 
when ho goes after anything he never gives up 
until he gets It 

Mr. Six, tho general manager, was elected a 
member of the New York Press Club and a mem- 
ber of the Vanlenllle Comely Olnb. 

At the present time the Blue Ribbon Shows are 
booked solid for the season, op to and inclu>liag 
July 4. which stnnd is Plttsflelri, Moss., under 
the Moose. This city was the banner staml of 
the seaon last vear for the Greater New England 
Shoirs, under* tbe mnasement of Mr Six. 

The water circus with tho Blue ribbon Sho-.w, 
this season, will bo without a doubt one of the 
largest and best equipped shows of lis kind on 
tbe road. 

The management has Juit pirrcbtted a new 
Bernl organ coating 12,100, for the front of tbe 
show. It will take four wasona to haul the show 
this season. This Bbow will give three perform- 
ances a day this Benson, with a twenty-five cents 
admission price. Tbe show consists of tea lady 
divers an J flvo men performers. 

The WUd West Show will be one of the Isrgest 
with any carnival company this season, carrying 
fifteen head of slock and twelve people. The 
owners, Charley Bobbins and Mr. Borvey, have 
surrounded themselves with some of the best tal- 
ent In the Wild West department. Mr. Har?ey 
trill also furnish the Blue Elbbon. Shows with 
his lights this etMSon. < 

Tom BudloeT, who has the ten-ia-one show again 
this season, says that ho will bav? one of the 
strongest shows of its kind on the mad this sea- 
sou, and from the contracts that he has shown 
With different freaks, we believe him. 

Bob Cook, tho old-timer, has two shows and 
flvo concessions with the company this season. 
Bob says that be always does thlnga right, so we 
should worry. 

Dare Devil Develo has his new motordome with 
the show, and everyone knows Develo, so we can 
rest assured that he will get bis share of the 

Frank West, with his athletic show, says that 
be is going to carry five lady wrestlers and three 
men, and he has got a complete new outfit, so 
why. wont be get his! Be always d.d get it 

Ranxna, with her Japanese village, has ten 
performers and a complete new outfit, and believe 
me she has got some show, as they Just played in 
New York 01 ty and we can vouch for them. i 

Prof. Everett, with his Illusion show, has one 
of the neatest and best shows of its kind travel- 
ing with sny carnival company to-day. So here's. 

R. J. Blake, with his dog, pony and monkey 
circus, Is one of the big ones with the Blue Rib- 
bon Shows this season. R. J. says that his show 
will be second to none this season. He always 
did do everything like a showman should. 

George Yamanafca, with his trip to Mans and 
ten concessions. Is a very busy man getting things 
into shape for tbe coming season. George Is get- 
ting a new banner for the trip and says that It 
ia some banner. 

Tbe merry-go-rotmd will be on four wagons and 
the Ferris wheel on one wu?on. There will be 
twelve wagons carried with the show this season, 

Tho official staff of tho show: Harry Six, srax- 
eral manager; J. W. Oonklln, general ageut; 
'Wesley N. Salisbury, secretary and treasurer; 
Harry Bentom anil J. H. Tlbhetts, promoter*; II. 
Walters, press acent; Bill Allen, .Tain-master; 
Gale Kratkle, boss canvas man; H. Needles, com- 
pany electrician; Harry S. Allen, lot superinten- 

The Winter quarters will be established four 
weeks beforo the show opens, at the owning town, 
which will be announced later la these columns. 

Tns Greet Bertlnl Informs as that be has 
signed contracts to go with the H. O. Hunter 
Shows for tho coming season. He will be one of 
the freo acts, prwontlag his spiral tower act 
with fireworks, and besides his bee act be has 
also placed his lanchland show and his new Bug- 
lush game, which ho brought from England with 
him the mlddlo of January, called "Pop It On." 

Tns La Blancbe Musical Comedy Go. has been 
playing la Southern houses since the dosing of tbe 
Notnla Show, In Topeka, Kan., last Fall, to good 
business, featuring Lillian La Blanche nnd Baby 
LoralDe, with Clias. Pounds and tho Hoods In 
vaudeville specialties. John W. Berry is man- 

IUtktz Beos.' performing horse, donkey, ponies 
and dogs, are back at Geneva, after playing vaude- 
ville time. Week before last they were at the 
Cleveland Athletic Olub Circus, tbe show went 
big, and business was Immense at a dollar a 

Tks Doaiavt Dntnr, Fits aho Boots Coxps, of 
New York Olty, hnvo signed contracts with the 
Rents Bros.' Show for tbc season of 1914. This 
Drum Corps Is well known, having been with the 
Barnmn A Bailey Shows, also Walter L. Main's 
Fashion Plato Bbow, Cunamins A Hate's Show, 
the 101 Ranch Wild West and the Yonng_Bnffak> 
Shows, under tbc management of Ed. K. White. 

U, B, O. TIMB. 

March 0-14. 

ATLANTA, GA.— *"OR8 YTHE : Swor A Hack- 
iSid^-Laddle Cliff-Grant A Hoag-t isber 
4 Green— M oore k Young— Byal a Earle— 
Prevost A Brown. 

BUFFAL0-8HEA'8: Diamond » ; Bcennan-«d. 
Hares * Co.— Owen McGiveney— Henry 
Lewfs^-C«dets De O.swlgne-Leo Zarrell 
Trio— Metropolitan Minstrels. 

BALTIMORE— MARYtAND: Belle Baker-^an- 
fleld * Ashley-Chas, Ahearn Troope-i*:}; 
kiwa Jane— Hopkins. Axtell Co.— Cantwell 
4 Walker^. Ebelnoid * Co.-Blrd Hillmta 

BOSTON-KEITH'S: ^Ule^ Fisher-Chief Cju- 
pollcan— Morris Cronln * Oo.— Lasky a Red 
Ueaos-'—Pederson Bros.— Bessie and Har- 
riette Eemple Co.— Cbas. Thompson. 

BROOKLYN— ORPHEUM: Montamto 4 w V ls T: 
Connolly A. Wenrlch— Robbie Oordone— Loals 
Mann A Co. — Ed. Vinton A Buster. 

BROOKLYN— BUSHWICK : Virginia Harned A 

"*0oT-- Minnie Allen — Ball * West -Flying 
Martins— Four Kaaarase— Hunting ft Fcanils 
—Beaumont k Arnold— Harry Haywood A 

COLUMBUS— KEITH'S: Josephine; Danfee— J"*? 

^T. Mnrray— RoIandow»Broe.— Dlgby bell— Mel- 
ville A Hlggins— Mile. Daxle— Haydn, Burton 
A Haydn. 

CLEVELAND— KEITH'S: Creasy * r> *y e -T* l,a "* 

' Lo's Posing Act— Hanlon A Clifton— Merrill 

A Otto— Bert Williams— Five Mowatts. 

01NOI NN ATI -^KEITHS: Gertrude Hoffman- 
Rubs Dickinson — Claude Golden — Imhof, Conn 
& Ooreene— Two Alfreds — Three Eillaons. 

DETROIT TEMPLE: Rlgolettl Bros. — SamaroC A 

Sonla — Eoht. B. Keane— Sophie Tucker — Ohaa. 
Grapewlnt & Co.— Unton ft Lawrence — Prince 

edy Four— Kirk A Kogarty— Ree-1 Bros.-— 
Jos. Jefferson A Co. — Seven Bracks — Kltner & 

HARTFORD CONN.— -POM'S: Harry De Coe— 
Gordon A Rica— Do For Trio— ■Florence Tem- 
pest — Fctima. 

HAMILTON, CAN. — TEMPLE: Two Jooleyj— 
Mary El Irabeth — Kramer A Morton— Obont 
Leon — Mr. A Mrs. Enrtn Connolly— Iner— 
The Drapers. 

INDIANAPOLIS— KEITH'S : "Beauty Is Only Skla 
Deep" — Arthur Sullivan A Co. — Baymonc A 
Oaverly— The'Kltanos— Valentine Vox — Cart- 
tnell A Harris— Aiard Bros. 

mans— Williams, Tho-npaoa ft OopeUnd — Fro- 
sts! — Maxwell Holden. 

LOUISVILLE— KEITH'S: Mae West— Stan Stan- 
ley Trio — Herbert ft 'ioldsmlth — Ernie A 
Ernie— John Gelger — Sam & Kitty Morton — 
Backoff ft Girlie. 

MONTREAL, CAN.— ORPHEUM : Bert Melrose— 
Big City Four — Nina Payne — Ryan and Lea— 
Karao Co. — Kathryn Purnell A Co. 

NEW HAVEN, OONN.— POLI'S: Mljares— Billy 
A Edltn Adams — Bison City Four — Walter 
Van Brunt — Richards ft Brandt — Great How- 
ard — Llano Carrera ft Co. — Bums A Fulton 

NORFOLK, VA.— COLONIAL: Kenny, Nobody A 
Piatt— Richards ft Kyle — Lacy Daly ft Co. — 
The McBans — Davidson De Cardova Oo. 

N. T. CITY. — COLONIAL: Three Renarodos — 
Cross A Josephine — Fred Dupref — Belleclalre 
Bros. — Klrksmlth Slaters. 

Longhlln's Dogs — four Harveya — Six Ameri- 
can Dancers— Belle Blanche— Keno A Green 
— Mons. Agoust A De Beryl — "Love In the 
Suburbs" — Fannie Brlce — "The Booh" — 
Elizabeth Murray. 

N. T. CITY— ALHAMBBA : Montague's Birds— 
Gardiner Trio— Louise Galloway Co.— Minnie 
Dnpree A Co. — Chris. Richards — Marshall P. 
Wilder — "CHownland" — Trlxle Fri gnnta — 
-Flanagan A Edwards. 

H. T. CITY— BRONX: Claude Gllllngwater * 

Co. — Ed Wynn ft Co "A Telephone Tangle" 

— Daniels ft Conrad— Jere Grady A Gfc— 
Little Billy— Oervo. 

H.'T. CITY— FIFTH AVENUE: Ohas. A Fannie 
" Van— McConnell ft Simpson— Ralph, Bayhl, 
Hellen Co.— "Arcadia"— Ward A Ourraa— 
Francis Nordstrom A Co. 

Burke— Morris ft Allen — Bose Marguerlur. 

OTTAWA, CAN.— DOMINION: Williams A Wolfna 
— Tuscarw Bros.— Three Arthurs — Freeman A 
Dunham— Marconi Bros. — "Motoring." 

PROVIDENCE — KEITH'S : Orford's Elephants — 
The Peers — De Vine A Williams— lira. Gene 
Hughes ft Co.— Bell Family— Nell McKlnley— 
Llgbtner A Jordan — ttlpp A Tuck. 

landlc Troupe— Eltnora ft Williams — Howard 
A McCane— Ctte Glockers — "Tho Green Bee- 
tle" — Wilson Bros. — Three Hlckey Bros. — 
O'Brien, Havel A Co. — The Parshleys. 

Trio — iiartln ft Fabrlnl — C. H. O'Donnell ft 
Co. — Will Rogers — Hureley Troupe. 

ROCHESTER, N. Y.— TEMPLE: Farber Slaters- 
Francis McGinn ft Co. — Lane A O'Donnell— 
lelprlg — Mr. ft Mrs. Jimmle Barry — dark ft 
Hamilton — Sprague ft McNecce — Marie ft Billy 

RICHMOND. VA. — LYRIC: Relsner A G o r es Joe 
Cook — Jack Gardner — Blanche Walah 4 Co.— 
Bay A Hill lard. 

nles — "Tbe Girl From Milwaukee" — Olympic 
Trio— Albert Perry A Oo.— "The Trained 
Nones" — Lewis A Dody. 

WBANTON. PA.— POLI'S: Hymns A Mclntyre— 
Hal A Fronds— Alt Holt— Hubert Dyer A 
Co.— Two Tom Boys, 

SYRACUSE, H. Y.— GRAND: Watson A Santos— 
Henry 4 Francis— Harry Holman A Co.— 
Bert Errol — Mareena A Delton Bros. — Rev. 
Alex. Irvine— Dainty English Trio. 

TORONTO, CAN.— SHEA'S: Avon Comedy Four 
— Mile. Martha 4 Oo. — Three Types — In, 
Weston 4 Oo. — Heath 4 MiUershtp— Winona 
Winter— Boxy Las Bocca. 

CrnOA. N. Y.— 8HUBERT: Li! Mbn Rim— Ray- 
mond ft Bain— Wlllard 4 Bond — Leooa 

WASHINGTON— KEITH'S: Claudius A Scarlet 
— Ergottl ft Lilliputians — Harry Tlghe 4 Oo. 
—Van A eehenck— John A Winnie Hennlngs. 


March 9-14, 
BUTTE, MONT.— EMPRESS : Dick Bernard A Co. 

-Will MorrlB— Four Quaint Q'a— Oivllls 

Stamm— Tbcmton 4 Obrlew. 
CINCINNATI— EMPRESS : Three Falcons— Hallen 

A Fuller — Dick Lynch — iMoscrop Sisters— 

"More Binned Against Than Usual." 
CHICAGO— EMPRESS : "Circus Days"— Denisr- 

est A Doll — Great Johnstone— Bljoa RusseU— 

Porte r J. White A Co. 
DENTKR — EMPRESS: Dave Ferguson— lfr. A 

Mrs. Perkins FIshei^Archte Uoodall— Three 

Musketeers — Price A Price. 

FT. WAYNE. IND.— EMPRESS: John Dotln a 
Co.— Frank Morrell— Schreck, D'ArvlJe J 
Datton— Marie Stoddard. c * 

Nawn 4 Co.— Neff A SUrr— Oualp.^^" 11 

-T,P eI Sf5* SMrley-Jsmea MaefiSdES 
vllle Reeder— Whyte, Pefter 4 Whyte— b£ 
Yoscarys. """ 

— American Comedy Four — John R. Goran 1 
Co.— Ladella CwnHqoee— Nestor ft beibere * 

Green, McHenry 4 Deane— "Honor Assaaa 
Tblevea"-The Stotells. moD * 

MINNEAPOLIS— UNIQUE: Berry ft Eerry-Mor 
rlaaey ft nackett— Plccblanl Troupe— "Sai„. 
tlon Sue" — WMttler's "Barefoot Boy" 

PORTLAND, ORE.— EMPRESS : Berke k Korae— 
Clark 4 Word — Kiernan, Walters ot Kleman 
Patrick, Francisco 4 Warren— Bossow JMdl 
gets. "■"* 

ST. LOUIS — PRINCBS3: Cera Bevlng & Q>_ 
Coakley. MeBride ft Mllo—K ammeter ft Warn. 
land— Three Newcnans— Robinson's Elephants. 

ST. PAUL — E5IPRESS : Al. Herman— "Modn LelU- 
schen" — Beatrice Slorrell'g Harmony oirl-^— 
Ryan Bros.— Williams A Segal. ' 

SPOKANE. WASH.— EMPRESS : CanfWd ft Carl- 
ton — Imperial Pekinese Troupe — Maye ft Ad- 
dis— -Edward Marshall — Frank Mollane. 

Moffat, Clare Trio— Olivetti Troubadours— 
James F. Sullivan A Oo. — Top o' the Wor'i 

— Jessica Troupe — Jennings & Dorman— Mc- 
Mabon * Ohappelle — Sebastian Merrill & Co.— 
Bose Tiffany A Co. 

— Esrl Glrdeller ft Dogs— Chaa. B. Lswlor * 
Daughters— Be.t Leslie A Oo.— Rich A Le- 

phlecds — Burke & Harrison — I.uigl DeII-Or» 
— Leonard A Louie — Walsh, Lyncb A Co. 

TAOOMA. WASH.— EMPRESS: Mnrray Bennett- 
Dennis Bros. — Kara — Mack A Atkinson "The 

Stlck-Op Man." 

VICTORIA, CAN.— EMPRESS: Edith Clifford— 
"Everybody's Doing It" — Maine's Circus 

ing — Qwynn ft Gossett — "I've Got It"— Ed. ft 
Jack Smith — tFred St- Onge Troupe. 

WINNIPEG, CAN.— EMPRESS : Louis Grarat— 
Bob Hall — "The Mermaid and the Man"— 
"The Punch" — Tiie Zeraldas. 

March 8-14. 

CALGARY. CAN. — EMPIRE: Allsky's Hawill- 
ana— -Oreo— Cb-nw 4 Sloauc — l>a)my Skn- 
mons — Togan A Geneva— De Alberts. 

Dogs ft Monies — Barrows-Lancaster Com- 
pany — Tow, Kelly — Wood 4 Lawson — Jerome 
A Carson. 

in Chinatown" — Uyeno Japs — Millard, Ken- 
nedy A Christie— Lillian Watson— Dreyer A 
Dreyer — Monaban. 

OAKLAND, CAL. — PANTAGES" : Rboda Royal 
Horses — Brighton Quartette — Hal Davis ft r:o. 
— Murray K. Hill— Melnotte La Note Ttouiie. 


Kama — Edwin Keougb ft Co. — E. J. Moore k 
Co.— Weston & Leon — Spanish Goldlnoe. 

SAN DIEGO, OAL SAVOY: Little Hip and Na- 
poleon — Le Roy and Lytton — The Sylphoaos 
— Rice A Franklyn — Three Jaime. 

Ten— Schrode A Mulvey — Manne ft Belle- 
Clark 4 Lewis — Hughes Musical Trio. 


Lions— •atttea A Dolly Nobles — Howard Trlt 
—Richards A Montrose — Arthur Rlgby— Fhl 
La Toska. 

Bears — Davett 4 Duval! — Mcretto Slaters- 
Lawrence Johnston — Bernard, Flnnerty A 
MltcheR— Gregolre A Elmlro. 

TAOOMA, WASH.— PANTAGES': Riding Dnttots 
— Rhoda A Crampton — Patsy Doyle— -Doncaa 
4 Holt— Clara Stevens A Co. 

Smith — Walker's Happy Girls — Granville 4 
Mack — Clinton A Rogers — Msgnanl Family. 

WINNIPEG, CAN.— -PANTAGES' : Lottie Mayer 
4 Diving Beauties — Lasky's Six Hoboes — Mu- 
sette — Rackett, Hoover A Markey — Coroilla 
4 Wilbur. 

March 0-14. 

DALLAS, TEX. — MAJESTIC: Rocs A Tlnffmin— 
Knowles A White — Ed. Blondell 4 Co.— N>» 
Halperln — Valerie Bergere 4 Co. — Chung 
Hwa Four — Leltxel A Jeanette. 

— Lowlg 4 Hotton — Milton ft De Long Sis- 
ters — Leo Beers — Charlotte Parry 4 Co.— 
Pearl Bros. 4 Burns — Three Emersoni. 


Greys, Three Collegians — Frank Hale ft Slgoa 
Patterson — Jack Kennedy A Co. — Josle 

Meyako Sisters — Vincent ft Raymond — Baros 
Licbter^ — Primrose Four — Paul Klelst A Co. — 
(Last. half): Manola— Three Entertainers — 
Roaiero Family— Hood. 

Sterling — Leona Goerney — Felix ft the Bar.y 
Glrlsj — Kajlyama— • "The Dancing Mars" — 
Mullen ft Coogan — Trevett's Military Dogs. 

March 0-14. 

CHICAGO— McVlCKEiR'S : Powers' EJepbaats— 
Bapoll— U. S. Military Maids — Gene ft 
Arthur — Stlth A Garnler — RubbcII's Min- 
strels — West A Boyd — Leo Flllier. 

CHIOAGO— COLONIAL. 6-11: Comedy Conserva- 
tory — Princeton A Yale — Bottomly Troupe— 
Palaquita A Bro. — Big Bob — Williams ft Cul- 
ver. 12-14: Merlin — Madeline Sack— Oota!- 
do Bros— Tbe Aldeans — Essex Quartette — 
Harry Deaves A Co. 

CHICAGO— CROWN: 0-11: Fields A Lewis— Mer- 
lin—Carmen A Roberts— Madeline Sack. 1-- 
14: Comedy Conservatory — Bottomly Troupe 
— Howard and Sadler — Rose A Williams. 

Fox — Five Plroacofos — Bertram. Beed A 
Duffy— Harry Deavea 4 Co. 12-14: Will H. 
Fox— Princeton 4 Yale — Flo and Ollle Wal- 
ters—Owen A Owen. 

OmOAOO— STAR : 9-11: ClemenRO Bros — E«ex 
Quartette — Beehan ft Hart — Dreano k lilch- 
•Tds. 12-14: Baader La Vclle Trio — Ills 

CHIOAGO— OAK PARK. 0-11: Alsace— Brany 
Sisters. 12-14: Five PlroscofBs— Franklin© * 

CHIOAGO— «OHINDLBR'S. 9-11: Franklino * 
Vloleto— Madison 4 Nase. 12-14: Web* 
American Trie — Howard 4 Graff. 

LILLIAN \V III GHT, wife of George P. 
Wright, please communicate with anderrugned 
regarding a matter of importance, 

Bissau A Emerson, 115 Broadway, Njew York. 


I am ths Largest Dealer of Snakes In tho World 

It Tou Want Value Received, Order from Me. 

Mixed Fixed Deaa, 110.00 and sap. 

A Trial Order Is tho Best Con vl a ocr 


Brownsville Texas 

FOB 8 AXE! i BOO Reels of Film at I "> 

per reel. 8nch subjects as Train Robbers, Ala 
Baba, Cinderella, TheRaDawsyHorse, Dick Tarpla, 
Western Justice, Cowboy, Sports and Pastime. 
jjjjj DAVIS FILM SERvTOK, Watertown. Wis. 

Quick— Good Repertoire 

Bore salary. State all In flrst. Send Photo and 
Programme. Tickets If I know yon. Down and 
oats save stamps, 




Sketch or Act, at* very reasonable price. Satis- 
faction guaranteed or money refunded. Write 
ms now. W. E. NELSON, 84 Backini ham Street, 
Hartford, Ooss, 


W. W. Brown, E. D. Roberto 

Host double Stage. New Show opens Knozvaie, 
Tenn., April 1. State lowe st flrst letter. 

Address BROWS dC ROBERTS, _. 
80ft Osvrfleld Awe., Rockford, HL 



for Immediate and tent season. Must be qaick 
stndv. 3 bills. MUBICIAN8 of aU kinds, good 
BOSS CAjrvA81IAN. Pay yo nr ow n; stop sotels. 
Summer salary. Ton get It. WHBTTER A» UBB- 
MBRT CO., Box e, Davis, 8. Dak. 



March 7 




»OOLJ>FI8CHB '— Irving Place. 

DUPB8" — Oort Theatre, special matinee, 
March. & . 



ASTOE — "Seven Keys to Baldpate," -twenty- 

fourth week. 
ADOLF PHILIPT— "Zabcrn," sixth week. 

Bondage, by Academy Stock Co., third 

BOOTH— "6ma' t the Teotmaker," eighth 
week; third at tbla house. 

BBLASCO — Frances Starr, in 'Tie Secret," 
eleventh week. 

COBT — Laurettc Taylor, to "Pet o' My 
Heart," sixty-third week. 

CASINO — "High Jinks," twenty-third week; 
seventh at this house. 

COMEDY— "Kitty MacKay," ninth week. 

COHAN'S— "Potash & Fcrtmutter," twenty- 
ninth week. 

CENTURY— Century Opera Company, twenty- 
fifth week. 

EMPIRE — Maude Adams, In "The Legend of 
Leonora," ninth -week. 

ELTINGE — "The Yellow Ticket," seventh 

FULTON — 'The Misleading Lady," fifteenth 

FORTY-EIGHTH STBEET— -"To-Day," twen- 
ty-second week. 

Girl," second week. 

GLOBE — "Queen of the Movies," eighth 

GAIETY — "Along Came Ruth," second week. 

HARRIS — "The dtule of Three," third week. 

HIPPODROME — i "America," twenty-seventh 

KNICKERBOCKER — "The Laughing Hus- 
band," fifth week. 

LIBERTY — "Sari," eighth week. 

LYRIC — Blanche Ring, in "When Claudia 
Smiles," fifth week ; second week at 
this bouse. 

LITTLE — "The PhilandereT," tenth week. 

MAXINE BLLIOTrrS — "Help Wanted," 
fourth week, 

NEW AMSTERDAM — "TThe Little Cafe," 
seventeeenth week. 

PRINCESS— iFlve one act plays. 

PL.AYHOU3H — "The Things That Count," 
thirteenth week; eleventh week at 
this house. 

8HCBHRT— "A Thousand Years Ago," tt!ntS> 

Cooks," second week. 

WINTER GARDEN — "The Whirl of the 
World," eighth week. 

WALLACE'S— Cyril Maude and London Play- 
house Company! eighteenth week, 
Lobw's Avenue B, Loew's Gbano Struct, 

Hamilton, Lobw's Delaxcet Street, Pixu, 

'Fourteenth Stbbet, Lobw's Lincoln 


Kirg, City, Cbotona, McxUnlbt Sqijabe, 
New Yobe, Loew's third Avbnus, Acdc- 
10n, elohtt-sixth. lobw's national, nemo. 
BrvEBSiDE. Loew's Obphsum, Loew's Giiee- 


i TwiNTr-PHTB Street, Pboctob'b Fbti- 
eiohth Street and Peociob's Twbnxt- 



Cibcle, Unique, Savot, Herald Squabs, 
Broadway, Weber's, Mount Morris, North 
Stab, Regent, Washington, Yobkvills. 
Fauilt, Union Sqdabb, Keith's Habxxk 
Opesa House and Bijou. 

s ■ 





The .patrons here arc being regaled from 
week to week by dancing act», which repre- 
sent the most proficient performers, and who 
are skilled in dancing movements that have 
hoconio the popular craze over nearly tbe 
entire world. So, while this dancing erase Is 
en, it Is only natural that the managers 
should give their patrons a vlnv of all the 
prominent disciples of the terpslchoreon art. 

Joan Sawyer and John Jarrott, who have 
established themselves as firm favorites In 
theatres farther down town, bead the bill 
here this week la modern dances that were 
received enthusiastically at the matinee of 
March 2. All their dances were applauded 
unstintedly, following In this order: "Aero- 
plane Waltz," "Three in One," "MaxUe," 
'Congo Tango" and the "Turkey Trot" 

Perennially bright, an entertainer to ber 
flnger tips, and a woman who brings warmth 
and gladsome laughter to her audiences on 
all occasions is Fannie Brlce, who holds an 
important program position here this week. 
There was a royal welcome awaiting ber 
first appearance, and for about twenty mln- 
ntes It was Just one round of laughter and 
applause, with everybody happy- Her songs 
and burlesque Imitations place her in n class 
by herself. 

B. A Rolfe's superb musical production, 
entitled "Arcadia," was the musical gem or 
tbe bill, and the artistic manner of its pres- 
entation would achieve success even though 
the talents of the people engaged in the affair 
were not of such marked proficiency. It 
made a strong hit and was highly appre- 
ciated by the big audience. 

Hoey and Lee as character parodists of 
popular songs, and patter which was funny 
all the way, were recalled for many encores. 
Their parodies were all to the merry, and in 
their fine ot work they have but few com- 

Bobble Gordone appeared in her classy 
posing act. presenting a series of statue pic- 
tures which were a feast to tbe eye. 

Alax and Mabel Ford gave one of the best 
dancing acts seen here this season. Their 
three dances won the applause for them In 
volumes, and their neat costuming is a credit- 
able feature of a fine dancing number. 

Arthur Hoops, Ruby Raymond and com- 
pany appeared in their sketch, wherein two 
crooks In a plot to rob a dealer In mines are 
outwitted by their supposed female accom- 
plice. The tables arc turned, and their vk- 
tim upsets their plans and geta the young 
woman to consent to marry him. The sketch 
was well presented, and the audience llket It. 

Burley and Hurley did comedy acrobatics 
and gave a new line of patter that went over 
Is fine shape. In the character of an Eng- 
lish "dude* and a braw little Scotchman, 
they were Irresistibly funny. 

Rafayettc'B animal novelties, composed of 
a group of canines possessing nearly human 
Intelligence, opened the fine bill with a series 
of feats, several of wblch bad never before 
been seen on this stage. The act Is entirely 
too good for the number one position of a 

' Two acta which were programmed but 
were probably delayed by the big snowstorm 
were roster Ball and Ford West, and the 
Three Hedders. Old Timer. 


Lonnncre (H. H. Frazec, mgr.)— The 
Lait Resort a melodrama in three acts, by 
George Scarborough. Froduced by tho author 
on Monday night, March 2, with this east : 

Judge Preiidergaat A. O. Andrews 

Richard Osborne George Fawrett 

Maggie Ryan Julia Blanc 

Billy Ellison Richard Barbee 

Sheridan Holt Wllsou Melroso 

Scott George Wilson 

Frances Ellison Olive Wyndhaia 

Horns Arthur Edwards 

Justice Haskell D. R. Graham 

licssle Jennings Ruth Flndlay 

Justice Alexander George Backus 

Chief Justice Macon Mark Price 

Kennedy Albert Hyde 

Thomas Wilson J. C. Fenton 

Kelly Alfred Moore 

Adams Chas. N. Greeno 

George Scarborough, the author of "The 
Lure" and "At Bay, made his bow as a pro- 
ducing manager on Monday night, March 2, 
when he presented his third play, "The Last 

We have had many plays in tbe past deal- 
ing with political and judicial corruption, 
but none of them have been quite so daring 
as "The Last Resort." If we are to bellevo 
Mr. Scarborough (and we aro assured that 
tbe main incidents in the play are founded 
on facts which came under his observation 
while Jn the Secret Service) many of the 
judges on our highest courts are dishonest, 
and those that are honest have their hands 
tied by corporations and political bosses. 

It is not surprising that many managers 
refused to produce this play, and the author 
was therefore compelled to present it himself. 

Mr, Scarborough has written an Interest- 
ing but not 8 convincing play. We doubt If 
it will prove successful as a two dollar attrac- 
tion. On tbe cheaper circuits it will proba- 
bly "clean up" a lot ot money for its author, 
for It Is really an old time melodrama, with- 
out the heroic speeches and pistol shots. 

The play has for its chief character, Rich- 
ard Osborne, a corporation lawyer, who has 
been engaged to ruin Sberldan Holt, a rich 
young lawyer who is taking up, without fees, 
the legal fights of the poor against railroads. 
Osborne arranges with a conuut judge named 
Prendergast, to bring about the young law- 
yer's disbarment for contempt of court, 
which offense Prendergast forces him to 
commit. The Judge sentences him to Jail and 
orders his disbarment 

Holt takes his case to the Appellate Court. 
Osborne manages to get Into the private 
consultation rooms of me Appellate Court and 
orders Justices Haskell and Alexander around 
as if they were office boys. He even goes so 
far as to dictate their opinion in the Holt 
case. Bat Chief Justice Macon remains true 
to his high office and orders Osborne leave 
the room. All of tho conversation has been 
overheard by Frances Ellison, a newspaper 
woman, wbo is also Holfs sweetheart. She 
had been biding In the telephone booth and 
had taken down the talk In shorthand. The 
lawyer and the corrupt lawyer, and tho dis- 
honest justice charge her wiEi burglary and 
she Is found guilty and Is sentenced to 
prison for five years. 

Holt is also returned to jail, and from 
his cell he directs his campaign for governor. 
He, of course, eventually wins, the girl Is 
released on ball, tbe corrupt Judges have been 
removed, Osborne gets bis deserts, and the 
Chief Justice performs the wedding ceremony 
of Holt and bis sweetheart. 

George Fawcett was Osborne, tbe corrupt 
corporation lawyer, who even made war on 
women in order to carry out his plans. 
Despite the fact that he slipped up on his 
lines once or twice, he gave a capital per- 
formance. In roles such as this one, Fuw- 
cett Is superlatively good. 

Wilson Melrose, as Sheridan Holt, ployed 
with distinction. He is a capital actor who, 
for some reason or other, is not seen often 
enough on tbe New York stage. He has a 
splendid speaking voice, a commanding pres- 
ence, and speaks distinctly, wblch Is, Indeed, 
a novelty In tbe theatre these days. 

Olive wyndham was sweet and charming 
as Frances Ellison, but was unequal to her 
big scene In the last act 

Richard Barbee, as Billy Ellison, made 
much of bis one scene in the third act 

Mark Price was dignified as the Chief 
Justice, but his make-np was very poor. 

The others in tbe cast have small roles. 

The scenes showing tbe Justice's Chambers 
were richly mounted, and the throwing of 
the election returns on tbe wall ot the cell 
for the Imprisoned candidate for governor to 
read was well worked oat. Eeloef. 




Manager Gus has a varied and speedy bill 
at the Fifth Avenue this week and, con- 
sidering the blizzard that blew in with the 
Initial show of the week, Monday, March 2, 
the house was In good spirits, with the 
vision ot old March blowing out like a Iamb 
and an early Spring. They enjoyed every 

Paul Fetching and company opened the 
show in a refreshing oddity, "Schneider's 
Musical Garden." (See New Acts next week.) 

It was a reviving treat to watch and bear 
those two winsome girlies. Myrtle and Daisy. 
They claimed a goodly share of the "hand" 
thing with their dainty way of singing and 
dancing, and every bit about them Is grace- 
ful and tidy to set off the good looks 
each bas been endowed with. The blonde 
girl Is a clever pianist and Dinger, and the 
oark girlie Just ber equal. Well, I guess you 
think we liked Myrtle and Daisy. Wo do, 
and so should all future audiences. 

Raving Nell McKlnley sang and extracted 
nut amusement to extraordinary favor. 

Joe Keaton continued attempting to make 
tho rather larger Buster behave, but Buster 
slips "Pop" a few of tbe medicine he's been 
brought up on, and with Myra, why, they 
Just swept things clean for satisfaction. 

'Louis Mann, with a large and capable 
company, Including Emily Ann Wellman, du- 
plicated former laughing successes with a 
version ot "Elevating a Husband." 

Wellington Cross and Lois Josephine, that 
conple of rollicking singers and dancers, 
slipped away another success into tbe old 
trunk, and Rose Marguerite pat a touch of 
class to the show's finish, with tho assistance 
of ber magnificent white horse and chubby 
pony, in graceful poses. 

Joe Cook, the "one man vaudeville show," 
held op his billing to a fine verdict Tod. 

Metropolitan Opera House. — Bills for 
week ending Feb. 28: La Boheme Monday, 
23 (matinee). Madeleine and Don Paiguate 
23 (night). The Jewels of the Madonm 24 ; 
Lohengrin 25; JuUen 20 (first time In Amer- 
ica), The Magic Flute 27 ; Ootterdammcruno 
28 (matinee). The Girl of the Golden West 
28 (night). 

Columbia (J. Herbert Mack, mgr.) — 
Oaictti (Hrle this week. Rose 8yoeU's Lon- 
don Helios next. 

People's (Frank Abbott. nagr.) — Bros* 
tcay Qirlt this week. Sodil Aulas next. 

The play (written twenty-eight years ago) 
Is by this time so antiquated that no reason 
why it was unearthed can be seen, and the 
stale Jokes and equally stale plot could 
produce scarcely a smile off and on. There 
were, however, three factors that made it 

rsslble to lire through the performance, 
e.. the acting of Hansl Arnstacdt, Grete 
Meyer and Heinrich Marlow, a trio worthy 
of tbe highest praise. Besides, the two 
ladies showed a goodly number of upto-date 
and becoming costumes, an added attraction 
universally appreciated. Fri. Arnstaedt 
proved that she is also an excellent emo- 
tional actress ; may we soon bave an oppor- 
tunity to see ber in a more appreciative 
part, She deserves tbe reputation she enjoys 
abroad, fully. Herr Hatthaes took good rare 
of tbe clumsy, middle-aged country gentle- 
man, while llcrr Watdan was altogether oat 
of place, being far too old and stout for his 
part. The rest of tho cast did well in minor 
roles. Bcrollna. 


Hudson (Henry B. Harris' Estate, tDgra.) 
— What Would You Dot a four act play by 
Augastln Macilugb, produced Monday even- 
ing, March 2, with this cast: 

Ethel Halworth Loutso Drow 

A Butler John I.. Arthur 

Herbert Hostage Milton Silks 

Amy Hostage Gladys Wynno 

Alice Bessie Barrlscale 

Robert Jenkins A. Byron Bcasley 

Howard M. Smote Richie Lias 

Mrs. Lispanard Halworth Matt le 'Russell 

Tom Gllfau Karl Bitter 

Kato ..Alice Carrlngton 

A. B. Maynard Robert MacKay 

It is almost unbelievable that a clever 
writer of Ingenuous comedy situations and 
brilliantly humorous dialogue, such at Au- 
gustus MaoHugh proved himself to be In the 
turning out of his initial success, "Officer 
000," coold bave constructed sued an abso- 
lutely absurd and inartistic affair as "What 
Would You Do?" Possibly tho author's forte 
is realistic farce, at any rato It would seem 
so, after a casnal resume of the good and 
bad points of bis first serious drama. 

Of the latter there are many glaring and 
noticeable faults, which would Indicate that 
this piny was not exactly a recent effort, but 
possibly one ot his very first brain dilldren. 

To be sure, there Is much to be said in 
praise, too, especially of tho efficiently drawn 
characters and the working into tho plot of 
numerous little life-like touches tbat evidence 
tbe keen observer of life In New York. 

The play starts off slowly as light comedy, 
gradually dissolves into melodrama, ana 
nearly ends up as a rustic idyll, with a 
strong sprinkling of farce. 

Herbert Hostage, bank clerk, possessed ot 
a three thousand a year job and a wlfo with 
five thousand a year Inclinations, is in- 
duced by this mercenary little woman to 
speculate In Wall Street on tbe Up of one 
Howard M Smote, who, according to tho 
program, is a multi-millionaire. Howard is 
also a very wicked gentleman. 

Robert Jenkins, a magazine writer, is a 
friend of tbe family, who has Herbert Hos- 
tage's best Interests at heart, and naturally 
being a youth of sophistication, wisely co'in- 
eelsHerbcrt against the Investment flyer. 

Tbe wife's fondness for the luxuries of 
life determines tbe young bank clerk, and he 
dips Into the dizzy whirl of high finance and, 
of course, wins, first tune out. They always 
do. So far so good. But, excited with the 
first taste of pnrcbaseable pleasures, the 
wife urges further ventures in the financial 
jungle, with the natural resultant climax. 

In the second act we find Herbert despond- 
ent and ready to commit suicide. No wonder. 
The poor love-lorn youth has stumbled and 
fallen hard Naturally a bank clerk with 
access to tho money drawer tnkes the 
simplest coarse of action, whlcli moans In this 
instance that Herbert has helped himself to 
$50,000 worth of someone else's property ln> 
a vain effort to recoup his losses. 

Tho magazine writer. Bob, Is a resource- 
ful chap, however, and after a consultation 
be puts a plan Into effect that is virtually 
a live or die effort In brief the bank em- 
ployeee Is Instructed to "borrow" a half mil- 
lion dollars in securities. With tbe help 
of friend Bob this is Invested and the 
market, taking tho hoped for turn, put the 
easily Influenced Herbert $300,000 ahead of 
tbe game. Meanwhile the multi-millionaire 
has been quietly endeavoring to steal Her- 
berts wife, not satisfied with having tried 
vainly to plot bis financial and social ruin. 

Herbert and Bob happen in at an oppor- 
tune moment and catch Smote violently 
hugging tho resisting Mrs. Hostage. A scene, 
in which both are denounced In highly melo- 
dramatic fashion— r'You villain, you bsve 
broken op my home," etc.— follows. Mrs. 
Hostage proves satisfactorily that, while she 
bas been slightly indiscreet, she has been 
true to ber husband. In the strict sense of 
the word. 

'Herbert has quit winner with $300,000, 
which anyone will concede Is a nice little 
bankroll. This be proffers to his wife, who 
calmly accepts as if it were live or ten dol- 
lars. This acceptance shows him clearly 
the shoddy character of bis wife in a bright, 
glaring light In the fourth act, however, 
she evidently, according to the dialogue, 
must have repented and sent back the boodle, 
only extracting a small sum, we learn, with 
which to pay her debts. 

Tfte title "What Would You Do?" refers 
to the final disposition of the HI gotten cur- 
rency. Herbert solves this, after much dis- 
cussion, by building a Some for cripples, 
which was a rather peculiar expedient used 
by tho author, to end tho play. 

Louise Drew, as tbe mercenary wife's sis- 
ter, was simply mis-cast. A slng-songy 
method of reading lines, and an utter lack 
of any conception of tbe role, marred ker 

John L. Arthur offered an acceptable "bit," 
as a butler. MUton Sills, as the foolish 
young husband, was entirely too stagy and 
lacking In the technique necessary to make 
the rather difficult part convincing. 

Gladys Wynne, who was supposed to be 
his Bister In the play, spoke with a marked 
cockney accent, while Mr. Sills articulated 
New Yorkese, a rather jarring and Irritating 
inconsistency, which may have been caused 
by the necessity of engaging some one for 
the sister rolo hurriedly. 

Bessie Barrlscale was only fair at best as 
the wife, never at any tlmo seeming to have 
a proper conception of the character. 

A. Byron Beasley. barring an occasional 
tendency to grope for his lines, portrayed 
the role of tbe magazlno story writing fixer 
with a pleasant, breezy, light comedy method, 

Ritchie Ling, as tbe wicked man of money, 
who wanted to steal Herbert's wife right 
under his nose, gave a performance good 
only in spots. He teemea to lack force In 
tbe big scene. Possibly It may have been 
the lines. 

•flattie. Russell was very good Indeed, as 
the money-mad, extravagant, burgcols mother 
of the wife. Hers was a delightfully correct 

Karl Bitter, as a chauffeur, and Alice Car- 
rlngton, as a maid, played two minor roles 

Robert MacKay, as the crooked stock 
broker, who was misled into buying and 
selling stock for Hostage and his friend, 
Jenkins, was fair In a poorly written part 

The const ruction of the play throughout 
Is loose, and tbe production end, which called 
for three scenes, very commonplace, shabby 
nod distinctly not up to the Broadway stand- 

The author might be accused of having 
paralleled the story of 'Wine Feathers" but 
for the fact that "What Would You Dor' 
was very evidently written long before the 
above mentioned domestic problem piny. 
Possibly a process of revision might help the 
slow moving story, but It looks hopeless. 


Jardln de Danae (iRd. B. Pldgeon, 
mgr.)— The advent of Lent does not appear 
to hags lessened the dancing vogue of this 
popular place, where a long list of enter- 
tainers remains practically the same. Mons. 
Carlos Sebastian, who recently won such 
popularity here. Is a return feature this 
week, and has as one of bis dancing partners 
a prominent society girl from Chicago, who 
is making ber first professional appearances. 
Clifton Webb Is a newcomer to the Jardln do 
Danso patrons this week, and be has es- 
tablished himself as a dancer of ability as a 
partner of Janet Hellwalne. Tlitirwlny, 
evening, March 5, will bo another "Frolic 
Night" on tbe Boot. 



Regardless of the severe storm that had 
New York in its grin, a capacity audlenco 
was la attendance here Monday evening. 
Thoeo that braved the storm were rewarded 
with ono of tbe banner bills of tho season. 

As a special feature Berthn Knllch, as- 
sisted by ter sterling little company, gnvo 
for tbe llrst time in vaudcvlllo la Now York 
a condensed version ot "Mariana." (See 
New Acts.) 

Another act of Importance that attracted 
considerable attention was Jesso L. Lasky's 
latest offering, "The Beauties," with Stewart 
Balrd. The piece recently had Its Initial 
opening at an uptown house, and duplicated 
its success here. 'Mr. Balrd's pcrformnnco 
was all that could bo wished for, and ho 
was givsn able support by Lora Llob and a 
company of fifteen. 

Gcorgo Whlto and Isabella Jatcn tried out 
a new act and, 11 applause counts for any- 
thing, they can bo put down as making 
uulto a bit (Seo New Acta) 

Hoey end Lee, .with now parodies and 
gags, cleaned up. The secret ot these boys' 
success Is always keeping their material up- 

Roy Barnes and Bessie Crawford, ono ot 
the extras added to tho program, made thi 
hit ot their career. As a nut comedian 
Barnes stands alone. He has a lino of talk 
that would make a saint laugh. Miss Craw- 
ford successfully rendered "In On My Way 
to Mnndalny," taking several bowB for her 

Tbat Joyous singing comedienne, Emma 
Carus. assisted by Carl Randall, held down 
a rather poor spot on tho bill, but showed 
what on artist she is by going on and mak- 
ing ono of tbe bits ot the show. Miss Carus 
has added some upto-date dancing, which 
Includes tbe tango, one step and the Maxlxe, 
surprising tho audience with her cloverness. 
Mr. Randall also deserves much credit in 
rendering aovernl snugs, also a special dance. 
In which be showed many new steps. 

Lawrence Soman. The Evening Bun') car- 
toonist, drew pictures of our baseball stars 
and received much applause for bis work. 

Tho Great Jungman Family, in features 
on the wire, performed stunts that would 
prove difficult to perform on the ground. 
All are finished artists la their line and, 
although In the opening position, took many 
encores. •faek. 



Manager Matthews had his bands fall try- 
ing to make a regular show out of tho nine 
acts that were sent him Thursday morning, 
Feb. 26, and after pulling tbo lever on four 
of 'em, and repeating on a fow of the "fill 
in" ones, he Anally threw up tho sponge, 
and we round a mostly "fair" bill on hand 
Friday evening. 

Tho act tbat displayed merit was the 
Three Novarnoe (see Now Acts), and they 
were on No. 1. Interest lingered a while 
with the Dresser, Wallaco three act (seo New 
Acts), In No, 8, and after the Dancing Shows 
(New Acts) claimed tbe bit of tbe ovcnlng 
In their, ballroom specialties, Dan Burko's 
Wonder Girls (reappearance), on No. 0, hold 
attention by tbe nut way of a comedian. 
Logan and Ferris (New Acts) cashed tho 
laughs of the show in a comic soldier skit, 
and Ban Marguerite and ber beautiful white 
borso set tho bill off as it started, with 
pretty posings, in closing position. 

Others appearing under New Acts and Re- 
appearances la this Issue are: Callan and 
Davis, Dave Hoffman, and Qllsabefh Ward. 

Manager Matthews had a Universal reel 
of Charles Becker, the former lloutenant of 
police, leaving tbe Jail in Ossinlng, N, Y. It 
was quirk work and, with that end In view, 
the Universal picture was applauded. Other 
picture dramas and comedies helped the show 
oat strongly. Tod. 


Irrlnsr Place (Rudolf Christians, mgr.) 
—QoUfltchc ("Gold Fishes"), a four act 
comedy by tho old established Ann of Schocn- 
than and Kadelburg, was presented with the 
following cast : 

Joachim von Felscn, Col Ernst Holsnagel 

Bricb. Lieutenant Gustav Waldau 

Martin Winter L'rnst Robert 

Bmmy. bis daughter Louise Scheurlch 

Josephine von Pochlaar Hansi Arnstaedt 

Wolf von Pochlaar-BenEberg..IIelnrlch Marlow 

Mathllde Ton Kosswlta Greta Meyer 

Hans Roland Willy Wahl 

Stottendorf Holnrlch Matthaos 

Malwine, maid Selma Weber 

Otto, butler JBwi Wehrls 

Haxnmrrsteln'e.— JMU week of March 2 
announced l -\M« Cberle," Low Shank, Eliza- 
beth Murray, James J. Morton, Wlnsor Me- 
Cay, Volant, Herbert. Ashler and Canfleld, 
Four Shapely Sylphs, Harry Bills, the White 
Hussars, Arthur and Grace' Torry, the Har- 
vey De vole Trio, and pictures. 

Century Opera House^-For week be- 
ginning Tuesday. Feb. 24, tbe Century Opera 
Co. presented Tho Secret of B»$anne and 
/ PagHaoct. In the former, Lois Dwell, 
Louis Kreldler end Frank Phillips appeared. 
In the last named work, Lois Swell, Morgan 
Kingston. Thomas Chalmers, James Davis 
and Silvio wero the singers. 

irvlnir — linn si Arnstacdt and 
Gustav Waldau, tho stars of the company 
at this theatre, nave mado such a snecess as 
to recall the most popular days of this play- 
house. On Thursday night, Mar* S, thoy 
will be seen la "Ooldflacne/' which ma "The 
Railroad of Lore" was one of tho groat suc- 
cesses of Daly's Theatre, 

Grand Opera House (Gee. A. Kings- 
bury, mgr.)— "The New Henrietta," with 
W. H. Crane, Douglas Fairbanks, Amelia 
Bingham and Patricia Coinage In the com- 
pany. Is the current week's attraction. Ann 
Swinburne. In "The Madcap Duchess," next 

Proctor's Twenty-lhlrd Street (Frank 
McCuno, mgr.) — Vaudeville and featuro pic- 
tures. Tho Beau Brummel manager of tho 
Proctor bouses baa Dan Burko and bis Won- 
der Girls as- tho feature for the first bait of 
the current week. Others are: Logan and 
Ferris, Ben Bernard, Richmond Hutclilns 
and company, In a comedy sketch, "An Event- 
ful Klopomcnt;" O'Brien and Lear, Edith 
Raymond and company, and Arthur Morris. 

BtasihattauB Opera IIoih (Frank O. 
Miller, mgr.) — "The Lure" began a two 
weeks' return engagement hero Monday, 
March 2. 

Oarrtelb— M bouse Joined the motion 
picture ranks March 2, when "Smashing the 
Vice Trust" films moved hero from another 

Proctor's Flfty-elarhth Street (John 
Buck, mgr.) — Vaudeville, andptcturce. Hugh 
Herbert audi company In "The Son of Solo- 
mon," heads a diversified bill hero March 2- 
4. Others include : Lionel Paris, Wheat nnd 
Alwlo, Morrlsey and Lee, McDermott and 
Wallace, the Tbreo Romanoffs, and photo- 
plays, changed dally. 

Oly mplo (Dave Kraos, mgr.) — ' Crutoe 
Girls this week. Follies of Pleasure next. 

Murray Hill (Erred Weidmann, \ — 
Oinecr OirU this week. Belles of Boauty 
Bow next. 

West Knd (M. Smith, mgr.)— "The lUlud- 
imm of Virtue" Is tbe attr.ustlin for the week. 

Keith's Alhaaabra (O. flamuleni, mar.)— 
Tbvr are dolag well bera. For Ibis week: Anna 
IMd bead* the bill. Other* are: Jack IV- 
"init snd company. OUsdlos and flcsrtet, Ilftron 
snfl Osylord. Harry Da Ow, Four K*«nc«, 
ifrkiK- and Lcsmt. Verala Kiufaun, Ooldmlth 
and Ooppe, and BoOey and Nobis. 


BcnsaUoaal Ingenuity, cleverness and versatility, 
sn»rklinjf,)ovottihnmer,daaaung,solnUlaUng wit 
and screaming, side-splitting, convoking mirth 
orlaflnltoawootneas, patbos, beanty ami artistic 
ncaa all woven perfectly and harmoniously Into 
thoso startling original Sketches, Fantaslea, Acts, 
Dialogues, Monologues. Sonus. Psrodles and Jokes 
written to ontor hy T1IK KINO OF VBRRA- 
TIL.K ORIGINALITY. 100 loiters of praise 
from famous American and Kuropoau ileadUnors 
who play with my liraln Chlldron. Terms upon 
request. Amateurs of ability who aro desirous of 
onteringVandevniewrltoto mo. 
EDWIN Vo\ WALDBN, Cincinnati, O. 
(The King ot Versatile-Originality.) 


From Oar Owa Correspondent, 
Heory jgg H lbbert, 


Walter Dickson has resigned the chairmanship 
of tbe London Empire, atttr a bail year, giving 
IU health as tho reason. 

Qente opened for a farewell eight weeks at 
the Coliseum. The "Robert the Dsvll" balut 
had a tK«aeeojoai reception. 

A vast audience grteted Nlvlnsky at th* Palace 
Theatre to-night 

Maugham's play, "The Land ot Promise," la 
a treat inccesa at the Bake of York'i Theatre. 

A million people oava visited the Harentwck 
Show, which closed at the Olrmpla, Saturday. 

Blr Botffeohtn Tne is sopsrvlsing the production 
of "Joseph, and His Brethren" at Mots' Empire. 

Keith's Harlem Opera House or. 

Swift, mgr.)— Motion pictures of "The Drug 
Terror" are bslng presented here. 

Hurtlpr de seatuon'a (Harry Seanion, 
mgr. I — Joo Howard's lluoens of Parts oiotioI 
March a, to a croiviM houto. and ante a satis- 
factory i<rforaunes front tmy standpoint. 

Go thorn (0, Franklyn, mgr.) — The Follies of 
FleaeuK began a return date March 1. 

Hoyal J Frank Qcraten, nwr.)— Week Mutch 
2, "uarla Rota," with Lou Tollegeii mil Dorothy 
Doaoollr. coma from downtown to play hero this 
week. Last week "Tho Family Cupboard." 

Proapeot (lrrank Oeraten. mgr.) — Thti wesk 
"Our Wlvet," with ttowaen Hall. 

Cecil Spooner (Joseph Oono, mgr.)— Thti 
week. "The Bacane," by Paul Annstrun*. I* the 
play. Last weak "The Little Terror" drew guod 

Bronx Overs Honso (Rlchjnl Madden 
mgr.)— Thlt week Obtuncey Olcott, In his new 
play, "Shameen Dtu." it too ottering, 

Miner's Bronx. — This week tbe Amuncaa 
Beauties appear hear. 

Keith's Bronx (Barry Bailey, mgr.)— This 
week's bill It: Virginia llnrnni, In ''Anon Keren. 
ina;" Trlxle Frlaansa. Muxler Oabrlol ntid com- 
pany, in "Little Kick;" Dully aul Lonua*, la 
"Hprlngtlnuo ;" Alleen Stanley, laklkawa Jipv. . 
London. Lacier company, la "lieain of Hilarity i" 
Ixv and Cranston, and (he Panrtileyi. 

llrouklyn, N, Y Academy (V. O. Kdiall. 

mgr.) concerts, mimical eutertalninoiitt, ledum, 
etc. 11. M. Newman'" travel talks, "London," 
March 4; Mew York Symphony Orchrttra Maria 
0, Commander Krant' Illustrated lecture, "Dis- 
covery of the Knntti Pole," March 31 ; F H. 
Newman every Wednesday, afternoon and evening. 

MuNTAUK (Rdw. Trail, mgr.) — "Allele" til* 
week, Dsvld Warflsld, In "Tho Auctioneer," 
week ot 0. 

M*jn»Ti'i (John B, Pierce, nagr. ) Joseph Hunt- 
ley, In "When Dreama OomoTrue," return engage- 
ment, opened here Monday, to capacity, 

DnoiDWAT (1*0 U. Taller, mgr. I — Ann (twin- 
liurnr, in "The Madcap Ducheat," tbla week. 
William Oram and Douglas Ifalrbaakt, la "The 
New Henrietta." next. 

Da Kai.n (I. Flngclman, mgr,)— The Irving 
Place Theatre Co. this week. May Kohaxin, la 
"A Clever Woman," noil. 

Oiii'jiiuu (Benedict Blatt, mgr,) — Bill week 
of 2: Blanche Dates and company, Hyatna and 
Mclntyre, Walter Van Brunt, Keno anil (Ireen, 
Harry Hayward and company, Heed linn., Caba- 
ret Trio, Lorraine, Dudley and company, and the 
Jordan Olrls. 

BiianwiuK (William Matanl, mgr.) — Dill meek 
of 2: Moiitmtuc'i lllrila, llauders and Mllllaa. 
Pelleclalro Bros , Norton nnd Nicholson, Chief 
Ciupollean, "Clownlaml," Florence Teoipwt and 
company, Kd. Wynn and company, Bert Krrol, "A 
Telephone Tangle," Van and Hcnenck, and Ade- 
laide- Herrmann. 

CiuoKHT <AI. Trahem, inar.l— TUo Orcwtit 
Block tX present "Wo Aro Be»en" this week. 
"Oamllle" next. 

GsiNU (Loul* Birr, mgr. ) — Tbo (Iraml G|«ra 
llouau Stock Co. prevent ''The dlinat Breaker" 
this week. "Oouvlct No, WD" nil. 

Htas (M. J. Joyor, mgr.)— The new Tail Girls 
this week. AmaU*ir night* alert hero Friday, U, 
Tbe Big Oayoty Co. next, 

Kmiibs (J. n. Our tin. mgr.) — The Social 
Maids thlt week. Tho Tari tilrle mat, 

Casino (Obaa. Daniels, tout.)— Oltr and (lat- 
ter Show this week. American Beaolles next. 

Ossikpoist (Lew Parker, mgr.)— Tne (Irrtn- 
point Stock Co. present "'The Man from Mex- 
ico" this week. ''Undo Tom's Cabin" neat. 

Onriim (James J. MacOurdy, mgr. ) — The 
MacOurdy Players present "Catallle" thlt week. 
"Tbe House of Bond ago" next, 

DurruaLC — The latest feature motion picture 

lihdin (A. H. Schwarta, mgr-)— The latest 
photoplays and vaudeville. 

Comjuuu (A, Blehel. mgr.)— Vaudeville and 
moving pictures. Bill 2-4: De tlaino and Cora, 
Bcott Provan, Plorenee llayneld, Ilosa and Fen- 
ton Playera, Itaney and Baker, and U, O, Falls. 
For 5-T: ''The Arengor," Kddle Foyer, It/jbin, 
and three to nil, 

CoMaor (Win, Fox, mgr.)— Pic lures and vaude- 

l'our (Wm. Fox, mgr.) — Ploturw and vande- 

UovAt, (Marcus Lovw, mgr.)— Photoplays and 

Fifth Avxttss (It. II. Base, mgr.)— Motion 
pictures and vaudeville. 

Jonss (If. T. Jones, mgr.) — Vaudeville and 

LiasBTr (John A. Zero, mgr.) — The latest 
photoplays and vauderllle. Bill 2-4 1 Bessie's 
cockatoos, Kddle Foyer, Edwardj Bros., two to 
(ill. For 0-T : Mottle Choato and company, Schul- 
ler Brca., and three to nil. 

Oxtosp (Oeo. J. Wslsa, mgr.)— Tbo latest 
photoplays and vauderllle. 

Waawiux (Aoabroso Miller, mgr.)— Vauderllle 
and photoplays. 

Bijou (Geo. Scnenck, tngr,)— Loew'e rinds- 
vltle, obaaard twine weekly, also the latest ohoto- 
Flaya. Billed 2-4: Burke and Harris, White's 
animals, Lotus Williams and company, Oreighloa 
Bros, and Belmont, two to All. Tor 5-7: Ward 
and West, Boss and Moon, Wm. EL Armstrong 
and company. Brady and Uahoeey, Uarlthlma 
Bros*, and one to till. 

Haisir (M. H. Saxe, mgr. )— U Inlatnr* m» 
alcal comedies, together with vaudeville and (ha 
latest photoplays 

Brorono (BeoKaho, mar.)— Vaudeville and the 
latest photoplays. The program Is changed twios 

Fulton (A If. Ugbton, mgr.) — Vaudeville, 
changed twice weekly, and ple'.nres. BUI 2-41 
The Frankfords, netbtrt and Droals, Manrlee 
Samuels and company, Oeo, Tarmacs. Hilling's 
sceJa. and one to Oil. Ifor 8-7: Purcella Bros., 
Oraee Doyle, Anderson and Burt, Qalnlan and 
nichardt, Lawrence Crane and company, and one 
to (III. ^^ 

HiiDODrr (Wm. Sheeby, mgr.)— Loew's vaude- 
ville continue* to big bouse*, Tbe program Is 
chanced twice weekly, Bill 2-4 1 Oeo. "vera. 
Watch outers, John P. Wade and company, Busk 
and Sblparo, and three to (ill. Fvr S-7: Bessie 
Leonird, Maurlco Samuels and company, Three 
Kaeardos. and four to fill. 

OxvHrvo (Herman Wacke, mgr.) — Continuous 
vaudeville and pictures. 

Oavstt (H. A, MeArdle, mgr.)— Vaudeville 
and pictures. 

Mots.— B. F. Keith tiaa shifted the rarlous 
managers of his Brooklyn Theatres as follows: 
William Maaand, formerly of the Orpheum, ts 
use Hush wick; Benedict Blatt, from Buahwlck 
to tbe Orpheum: Lew Parker, of the Crescent, 
to the Oreenptttnt, and Al. Trahem, from Oreen- 

polnt to tbe Orescent The r>e Avenue Stock 

Co.. which was under tbe maniajrment of Edwin 
r. Bellly, doted last (Saturday algat, Feb 3s. 





t .■.<-.*■»■ - 

March 7 


Pounded la 1883. 

Editorial and Boainass Mahaoh. 

HEW YORK, MABCH 7. 1914. 

Entered June 24. 1879. at the Toat Office at 
New York. N. Y.. aa second claaa matter, under 
the act ot March .1. 1870. 

Adterllsenicnta— $2.80 |ier inch, alngle coluiuo. 
Adrerllaenients act wltb border, 10 per ct. extra. 

One rear, la adrance, 84; all months. 12; three 
months, $1. Canada mid foreign postage extra. 
Single eoplea will be sent, poatpald, on receipt o( 
10 cents. _ . 

Oar Term* nre Cnnli. 
THE CLirPEB la Isaued ererj WEDNESDAY. 
The Porma CIosIiib Promiitlj? on 
Tueadn}'. At 10 A. M. 
fleaee remit by express money order, check, 
P. O. order or registered letter. All cash enclosed 
irltb letter la at risk or Lender. 
Address All Coauuinnlcatlona to 
47 Weal 28th Street, Near York. 

Tel. 2274-UadliOD. 
Ilcotileitd Cable Addicts, ••Aotuoiiitv." 


of Taa clutch Is located at Rooni 0U5, Aabland 
Clock. Cblcago. Warren A. Patrick, manager and 


TJctajl, at DOT agents, Dnw's Steamship Agency, 
17 Green Street. Obarlng Cross Road, Lon- 
don, W. 0., England; Urentano's news depot, 37 
Aycnue de f'Ouera, I'arla, 1'rnnce; Diamond News 
Co., I2G I'rado, Havana ; Manila Book and Sta- 
tioner/ Co.. 128 Eacolta, Manila. P. I.; Qorrlon 
A Oatcb. 123 I'ltt tltreet, Sydney. N. 8. W.. 



J. J. M., New York.— .It Is tbe same W. J. 

It. Ii., Buffalo. — >We do not know present 
vtaereaboutB of party. Address her In care 
of this office and we will advertise letter In 
i'miteb letter list. 


M. V. H„ Portland.— (Tho cards you en- 
closed only represented n band ace high. 

I. II., Buffalo. — As the last trick counts 
10 points, B won. 05 plug 10 equals 75. 


The report that Marcus Loew Is to take 
over the Sulllvan-Conaldlnc circuit was 
started last week oy the departure of Mr. 
Loew and Jos. M. Scbcnck, with Adolph 
Zukor, for a trip which Is eald to lndudo a 
Tlslt to every city between Chicago and Los 
Angeles, In which the S. & C. time Is repre- 
sented. Jones A Llnlck, of the Chicago 
vaudeville firm, will join tho party In Chi- 

Mr. Zukor Is gome West to supervise tho 
making of a new film production by the 
Kamous Players Co,, and whether the trip of 
the other portends anything more than a 
casual Junketing trip to keep him cotnpuny, 
remains to be seen. It Is positive that At 

£ reseat no personal Interests clakn. Mr. 
oew's attention out West, and It may be 
that he goes there to acquire same. 


Through his London manager, Charles 
l-'robmnn last week completed a long term 
rontract for the engagement of Miss Ncllaon- 
Terry, daughter of Julia Nellson and Fred 
Terry, and niece of Ellen Terry, to come 
under his management first In England and 
later In' America, where she will appear In a 
variety of parts. 

Miss Neilson-Terry Is by for the most 
popular of native English actresses, as well 
as the youngest. Lately she completed a not- 
able repertoire season as the leading woman 
to Sir Heerbohm Tree at Bis Majesty's Thea- 
tre, where she appeared in an entire cycle of 
the Shakespearean comedies, and later in the 
comedies of Bherldnn and Goldsmith. Her 
most notable recent success In London wob as 
.lullet. nt the New Theatre. Out later she 

B roved equally expert as Rosalind and Viola. 
iisg Nellson-Terry's parents, Julia Nellson 
aud Fred Terry, appeared In New York two 
years ago In "Henry of Navarro" and "Tho 
Ecarlet Pimpernel. Miss Nellson-Terry's 

firesent uppermost ambition la to tour Amer- 
ca In old English comedies. This is one of 
the plans for tier Charles Frobman now has 
under consideration. 

4 s» 


The Huseo Social Argentlno. of Buenos 
Aires, Argentina, South America, Is organ- 
izing an American section. The object of 
this addition to tbe museum is to bring 
about a better acquaintance between tbe two 
countries by means of the greater reciprocal 

With this in view Toman Amadeo, the 

feneral secretary, solicits American publics- 
Ions of all binds to be placed in the library 
of the museum. 

Correspondence rhould be addressed to 
Huseo Social Argentlno, Tucuman, 900, 
Buenos Aires. Argentina. 
a) I » 
(Lyric Theatre, at Jamestown, N. Y., which, 
■wob operated a part of this season with 
vaudeville and pictures, by Edward T. Con- 
nelly, manager of tie Samuels Opera House, 
has been leased by him to the Lyric Amuse- 
ment Company. James M. Cowan is the presi- 
dent, George B. Illnman, secretary, and 
Joseph W. Kiumpp, treasurer, Harry A. 
Deardourff, former manager of tlie Lyric, 
again assumes charge of the new company. 
Popular priced vaudeville, with, three per- 
formances daily, opened Monday, March 2. 
4 i » — 

Julian Eltingo and his new play will bo 
seen at the Knickerbocker. New York, March 
1G. Supporting Mr. Eltlnge are: Herbert 
Corthcll, Charles P. Morrison. James C. 
Spottswood, Walter Horton, Herbert McKen- 
sle, Edwin Cushman, Joseph Smith Marba, 
Helen Ltittrell, Maldcl Turner, Edna Whist- 
ler and Augusta Scott. 
a x | 


active preparations are going on for the 

S reduction of "Billy Black/' a new comedy 
rama in thrco acts by Cbarles Bradley, In 
which H. B. Warner Is to bo starred. II. II. 
Kraaee bas engaged Rita Stamwood, Annie 
Esmonde, Lynn Pratt, William Devereaux, 
Bertram Marburgh and Frederick Malcolm. 

Warning-Managers and Booking Agents 


Using the name of 


or using Dialogue or Business in the Character 01 


will he held Liable, and Prosecuted to the full extent of the law. 




So. 2 Hector Street, NEW YORK 


CBpcciul dUnatch to TH1 Niw YOBK C'Lirpxa.) 

Columbia. — Monday, March 2, second and 
last week of Bessie Abott and company, in 
"Robin Hood." 

Coet. — Monday, 2, for six nights and mati- 
nees, Harry Lauder and vaudeville company. 

Savoy.— Sunday, 1, second week of "Crome 
of the Law." 

Gaiety. — Monday, 2, Marie Dressier and 
associates, in "The Merry Gamble." 

Alcazar.— Monday, 2, second week of Mrs. 
Douglas Crane supported by the stock com- 
pany of the house and Frank Elliott and 
Howard Hickman, in "Her Soul and Her 

Orpheum. — Bill opening Sunday (mati- 
nee), 1 : Marie Lloyd, Eva Taylor and com- 
pany, Blnns, Blnns and Blnns, Alclde Capi- 
tnine, the Hockney company, Foster and 
Lovett, Francis Dooley assisted by Corlnne 
Sales, Bessie Clayton and company, and Day. 
light motion pictures. __. 

Empress. — Bill opening Sunday (mati- 
nee), 1: Barl Girdeller, Rich and Lenore, 
Chas. 'B. Lawlor and Daughters, Burke and 
McDonald, Bert Leslie and company, and 
Twilight pictures. _ . ... 

Pantaoes'. — Bill opening Sunday (mati- 
nee), 1 : Hal Davis and company, the Brelgh- 
ton Quartette, Both well Browne, Rhoda 
Royal's horses, and Sunlight pictures. 

At the howies named, the following' photo- 

filays were shown for week of Feb. 22. At 
he Tlvoll, "The Bride of Lommevnnoor." 
At the Portola, "A Man's Shadow." and the 
sixth of the series o* "Our Mutual Girl." 
At the Imperial, "Evangeline." 

Gerahdy, the 'cellist, assisted by Gabriel 
Ysaye, violinist, and Frank LaForge, pianist, 
is announced for two concerts. Sunday after- 
noons, March 8 and 15, at the Columbia. 

Louise Hamilton, who was leading lady 
for Andrew Mack, at tho Alcazar, this city, 
at the commencement of his special season, 
lately and thereafter a member of "Mile- 
stones" Co., Is announced as engaged to be 
married as eoon as the present tour of the 
"Milestones" season is ended, to Perclval 
Walker Selby, president of the California 
Golf Association, and a reputed millionaire. 
Selby is a -widower and resident ot Burlln- 
game, the "smart set colony" out of San 
Francisco, and has two married daughters. 
His father (Thomas H. Selby) was an early 
settler of this city and mayor of Son Fran- 
cisco many years ago. 

The Db Lono Amusement Co. has leased 
(he American Theatre, located on tbe South 
side of Market Street, just WeBt of Seventh, 
and adjoining the Odd Fellows' Building, for 
a long term ot years, and $70,000 will bo 
expended in transforming the present build- 
ing Into a modern, up-to-date amusement 
palace. The theatre will be known aa tho 
California, and will be devoted exclusively 
to highest class photoplays, tbe management 
having already contracted for the best oat- 
put of the leading manufacturers. The seat- 
ing capacity will approximate 2,000, every 
seat having an unobstructed view of the en- 
tire stage. It is expected to be ready for 
opening In about ninety days. 

The bronze bust of Verdi, presented to tbe 
city of San Francisco by Italian citizens, 
will eoon be unveiled at Its resting place 
beside tho music stand in Golden Gate Park. 
The bust Is the work of an Italian sculptor, 
and was made and cast in Italy. It Is ex- 
pected that Lulsa Tctracslnl, the prima 
donna, will assist In the unveiling cere 

4» » 


Items of Elk interest are constantly filter- 
ing through Into tbe Bunllght. Quite recently 
a cheap lodging house In Boston was de- 
stroyed by fire. Many of the lodgers were 
burned to death, and upon their removal 
from the ruins, sixteen were unidentified. 
These were about to be interred in Potter's 
Field when Boston Lodge, No. 10, volun- 
teered to give them all a Christian burial. 
A cemetery plot was purchased, and tho in- 
terment of the sixteen took place. No. 10 
did a creditable act, and brought honorable 
mention to the order. 

4t » 


Edwnrd T, Connelly, manager of the 
Samuels Opera House, at Jamestown, N. Y., 
a former vaudeville actor, showed his ability 
last week when ho Jumped into tbe role of 
Matty McGowan, in "The College Widow" 
production by the Blsbce Players. 

Tna roster ot "Ilnpjw Hooligan" Includes: 
Artie Lewla. Joe J. Sullivan, Martin I. Onlld, 
Itotyb Woods, Jack F. Henry, Charles Harett, 
Celta Mavis. Vera Franklin, Malvern La.Forde, 
Bthel Bellamy, Adolf Knoll, Geo. Bascomb. 
Chorus— -Louis Western. Magnjv Rasher. Mabel Er- 
wln, Edith Bellamy, Anette Divine. Bide Hunter. 
Bell Amour. May Sullivan, May Banyta, Florence 
Wbltfonl. Basel divert, Jewell Webster. Joe 
Harah, Mabell Dean. Executive etstr— Grirr Will- 
lams, manager; Sam Beiber, business manager; 
S, Fellow, advance man; Martin Guild, stage 
director; Howard Webster, musical director; 
Adolf Knoll, Carpenter; Cnas. Hurts, properly 
man; B. J. Nojer. electrician; Alice Curtis, ward- 
robe lady. 

Edwaio L. Fmomnxo and Winnie Bollock were 
Linrrled quietly in Worcester. Mass., Feb. 10. Mr. 
Fllagerald la with tbe Grew Players, while Mrs. 
Fltaanrald was formerly a telephone oiicrator In 
Fitchburg, Mass. 


Brant ford, Can. — Grand (F. Johnson, 
mgr.) March 2, Laurence Irving and com- 
pany: March 4, Broadway. 

Brant (Ernie Moule, mgr.)— Vaudeville 
and motion pictures. 

Colonial (E. Simons, mgr.)— Bill 2-4: 
The Three Lesters. Sharp and Thomas, Clair 
Trio, Mr. and Mrs. Green, and motion pic- 

Obit (Geo. F. Lorn, mgr.) — Vaudeville 
end motion pictures. _ . _ 

Apollo (Ernie Moule, mgr.) — Vaudeville 
and motion pictures. 

Empire (J. Lucas, mgr.)— Motion pictures 
and boxing bouts. 

Notes.— At the Gem week of Feb. 23, 
Keblee and Johnson, In a novel trick skating 

act, were a big success Tbe feature act 

at the Now Brant week o( 23. was Blllie 
Goldle, opening with a novel and snappy act 
which went over big.... Thorp and Thomas, 
at the Colonial, went over well A com- 
pany has been formed here to be known as 
the Brant Theatre of Brantford, with an au- 
thorized capital of $100,000. 

Montreal, Con.— His Majesty's (H. Q. 
Brooks, mgr.) "Fine Feathers," to good at- 
tendance, Feb. 28-28 ; Quintan Opera Co. week 
of March 2, same company 0-14. 

Princess (Ahble Wright, mgr.) — "No- 
body's Daughter," to good bouses, week of 
Feb. 23-28. Alice Lloyd Marei 2-7, Nat Good- 
win 0-14. „ . 

OnpnEDM (Geo. Drlscoll, mgr.)— Vaude- 
ville. Business good. Bill 2-7 : Morris Cronln 
and his Merry Men, Harry Tate's "Motor- 
big," Six Klrksmltb Sisters, McKay and Ar- 
dlne, Freeman and Dunman, the Three 
Arthurs. Bert and Bessie Draper, and Tus- 
cano Brothers. . m . 

Francais. — Week of 2: Four Mendel- 
sohn's, Theo. Bamberg, Wilfred end Martin, 
Gertrude Lamoot, Ronar and Ward, and 
Drake's dogs. 

Gatbtt (FTed Crow, mgr.) — Good houses 

frected the Honeymoon Girls week of 23-28. 
lowery Burlesquers 2-7. Watson Sisters 0- 

Hamilton, Can.— Grand (A. R. Loudon, 
mgr.) Laurence Irving March 2-4 "Broad- 
way Jones" 6, 7, "The Dear Fool'' 0. Tiger 
Minstrels (local) 10-12, Alice Lloyd 18, 14. 

Templb (J. G. Appieton, mgr.) — Bill week 
of 2: Australian Boy Scouts. Mr. and Mrs. 
•Mark Murphy, Williams and Wolfus. Sutton, 
Mclntyre and Sutton, Holmes and Buchanan 
Pealson and Goldle, John T. Murray, and 
Tuscano Brothers. 

Griffin's (J, Malone, mgr.) — Vaudeville 
and pictures. 

Ltric (J. F. Morgan, mgr.) — Pictures and 

Reading, Pa. — As a sequel to the pro- 
ceedings of last week, Walter G Marshall, of 
Kansas City. Mo., arrived In Reading. Pa., 
Feb. 28, and filed suit against Robert Hyman, 
leading mni of the Orpheum Players, for 
alienation ot bis wife's affections, Virginia 
Mann, until recently leading woman of the 
Orpheum Players. He asked damages to the 
amount of $10,000. On 25, Mr. Marshall 
made a public statement exonerating his 
wife and Mr. Hyman, paid the cost and 
withdrew the suit without any inducement. 
Mr. Marshall, who left this city as suddenly 
as be came in. will go to St. Louis to help 
bis father In business. He recently closed 
with "The Man from Home" Co. Miss Mann 
closed her engagement at the Hippodrome 28. 
Mr. Hyman left the Orpheum Players 28. . .. 
Manager Callahan end his Caisanlth Stock 
Co. vacated tbe Grand Theatre, 28, and left 
tor Atlantic City, for engagement at the 
Savoy Theatre on th9 Boardwalk during the 

Lenten season The International Bible 

Students' Association, of Brooklyn. N. Y.. 
have leased tbe Grand Theatre, and will 
show pictures depleting Biblical stories every 
afternoon end evening, including Sunday, 

without charge ot admission Walter P. 

Richardson is the new leading man of the 
Orpheum riayers, and It making his first 
local appearances In "Hawthorne of the TJ. 
S. A.,'' a piey never before seen here. He 
Just closed a stock engagement in Lynn, 
Mass., and was formerly with Corse Pay ton 
Stock, in Newark. N. J. He played Reading 
some years ago. aa leading man with Grace 
Merrltt, la "When Knighthood Was in 

Academt (Phil Levy, mgr.)— "Smashing 
(he Vice Trust" pictures week of March 2. 

Or.riiEUU (J. W. Rush, mgr.) — The Or- 
pheum Players present "Hawthorne of the 
U. 8. A." week of 2, with Sydney Shields 
and Walter Richardson in the leads. 

Grand (F. L. Callahan, mgr.)— Moving 
pictures of the Bible, week of 2. 

Hippodrome YC. G. Keeney, mgr.) — Von 
Tllzer's Honey Girls are the headllnera here 
week ot 2. 

Memphla, Tenn. — Lyceum (Frank Gray, 
mgr.) "Within the Law," Feb. 10-22, had 
good Attendance. San Carlo Grand Opera 
L'c, 23-20, had crowded bouses, Anna Pav- 
lowa March 4, Nell O'Brien's Minstrels 6. 

Lyric (BenJ. M. Stainback, mgr.)— Packed 
nouses prevailed at every performance of 
"At Plney Ridge," presented by Emma Bunt- 
ing and company week of Feb. 22. For week 
of March 1, "What Happened to Mary" Is 
the offering. 

OsPitEUAf (Max Fablah, mgr.) — Bill 2-8: 


We isaert atfvertlsetoeats In this eelamn at i 
special rate of $1.7* per agate Use for 8 mantis 
(or IS tunes). This will enable local managers 
to keep their houses prominently and contlnaallj 
before the oiaaaten of companies. During the 
am* the ad. la running we will sent each adver- 
tiser a copy of Tna Oltftd free. 

WANTED— Good attractions; drawing capac- 
ity. 3,600; new Opera Bouse; electric lights, hot 
and cold water, dressing rooms, large stage and 

8ood scenery; best show town In Western Pa. 0. 
'. ALT. M gr., Knox, Pa. 

UNION hall, CHAZY, v. Y. Modern, new 
sceneries. Stage, 20x24. Electric lights. Seating 
capacity, 800, Population, 800. Drawing popula- 
tion, 2600. Z. A. BIS80KNETTE, Prop. 


Shows. Good light and stage ; Beating capacity 326. 
Population 1,200. O. H. RIDOEWAY, Mgr. 

L'PIIPlrC TUDITDIr Bridgevllle, Del. 
BiiLLnll 1hIjAJ.BE, Seating soo. Open 

Ume for good shows. 


6,000. Large stage and good scenery. Miners Hall, 
Nanty Olo, Pa. John Scalf, William White, Mga. 

HINES, Sfoneboro, Pa. 

Better than ever. Town Is growing, everything 
working foil time. Open time for good shows. 

Sam Chip and Mary Marble, Conlin, Steele 
and Carr, Harry Breen, Blank Family, Agnes 
Bcott and Henry Keane, and motion pictures. 
Majesticu (2), Empires (2), Princess, 
Alamo, Queen, Colonial, Palace, Plaza, 
Carbolton, American, Echo, Eden, Subur- 
ban, Pastimes (2), Daisys (2), Metro- 
politan. Columbia, Famous, Gem, Royal, 
Savoy, Pekin and Joy, motion pictures only. 

Nashville, Tenn. — Vendome (W. A, 

Sheetz, mgr.) the San Carlos Grand Opera 
Co. scored a big hit here Feb. 18-21. "A 
Modem Eve" followed 27. 28, Nell O'Brien's 

Minstrels March 4. John Drew 7, "Joseph 
and His Brethren" to follow. 

Orpheum (Geo. H. Hickman, mgr.) — 
"Merely Mary Ann'' Feb. 23-28, wag a fine 

£roductlon, and did good business. "Texas" 
larch 2-7. 

Princess (Harry Sudekmn mgr.) — "The 
Rehearsal" Feb. 23-28, to good business. 

Loo Cabin. Crystal, Elite, Fifth Ave- 
nue, Alhambra and Rex. — Motion pictures. 

Note. — Ernest Cantrell. of the Orpheum, 
has Just returned from Mardi Grns, at Mo- 
bile, Ala., where he reports having had a 
limit of a time. 

Hartford, Conn— Parsons' (H. C. Par- 
sons, mgr.) Richard Carle and Hattle Will- 
lams, In "The Doll Girl," March 5. 

Poli's (W. D. Ascough, mgr.) — Bill week 
of 2: "The Porch Party," tbe Bison City 
Four, Five MetzettlB, Willard and Bond. A!f. 
Holt. "Girl from Milwaukee," Billy and 
Edith Adams, and Pollgraph. 

Hartford (Fred P. Dean, mgr.) — BUI 
week of 2: Eddie Ford, Vedder and Morgan, 
Millard Bros, Katherlne Yorke, Kenney and 
Hollls, Auditorium Fire, Bight English 
Roses, Fred Zobedle, Stewart and Hal. May- 
belle Fisher Trio, B. Kelley Forrest. 

Princess, Empire, Crown and Stab con- 
tinue successfully in motion pictures. 

The Happy Hour was completely de- 
stroyed by fire last week. 

ClarkHdale, Miss. — Now Clarksdale The- 
atre (Paul Brown, mgr.) "Peg o liy Heart" 
March 6. 

Cacum's (Sign or Cecum, mgr.) — Licensed 
motion picture and vaudeville. Henry E 
Dixcy, in "Chelsea 7760," and "Tlo Wreck," 
Feb. 20, could not accommodate the crowds. 
W. J. Dressier will be featured MarcCi 2, 8. 
BuBlneaa Is the very best at all times. 

Note. — Paul Brown has leeeed the New 
Clarksdale Theatre from Crawley Bros., for 
the rest of the season, and will add motion 
pictures between regular bookings. 

St. Joseph, Mo. — Lyceum Theatre (C. TJ. 
Phllley, mgr.) "Officer 666" March 1-8, "Re- 
becca of Sunnybrook Farm" S, 8. 

Majestic (Fred Coaman, mgr.)— Vaude- 
ville and pictures. 

Crystal (Fred Cosman, mgr.) — High class 
vaudeville and tabloid musical comedy. 

Orpheum, Royal, Empress and Colonial, 
pictures and singers. 

Anrnsta, Gaw— The Grand (B. B. Tanl, 
mgr.) was dark week of Feb. 23. "Stop 
TWof" March 4. " 

Bijou (E. J. Sparks, mgr.)— Max Bloom, 
in 'The Sunny Side of Broadway," with the 
best show of tbe season at this house, has 
broken attendance records. 

Bonita, Modjbska and Dreamland, pic- 
tures only, have done good business. 

Qnlnor. 111. — Emplro-Hlppodrome (W. L 
Busby, mgr.) Bt Louis German Stock Co. 
were seen in "Papa Nlsthe," Feb. 25. "With- 
in the Law" was here 28. 

Bijou (W. N. MoConnell, mgr.) — "The 
Runaways," tabloid, March 2-7. 

. - • - .-.« not azoredlng one line la Ssasal 
will be pobllabed, properly elasaUed is thla tadar 
at the rat* ot $10 for one year (63 lasoea)7a 
copy ot Tea Haw You: Currxa will be sent rxaa 
to eeatj atvertlsec while the advertisement la rus> 
alng. — — — — 


0. W. Trsiaer Mfg. Co.. 70 Pearl at, Boatoa 


D. 0. ■ u aas k ryi Co,, 818 Arch St, Philadelphia, 

B. H. Mariana ft San, 64 WUloagbby St., Broofe- 
tyn, N. I. 

Baeekhelm Bros, ft Eckstein, 24S So. Peoria St, 

Cblca go. 

8. Bower, 117 Barman St., Brooklyn, N. T. 

Edwin B. Street, 28 Brook St., Hart/cri, Oosn. 

J. 0. Deacon, 3800 N. Clark St, Chicago, to. 

A. Branneija, 1013 Napier Ave., Richmond ML 
N X. 



H. J. Borwoed'g Bona, 69 Pearl 8t, Boston, Mias. 


Boeekhela Bros, ft Eckstein, 2tS So. Peoria St, 

O. U Story Scenic Co., SoaervlUs Station, Bos- 
ton, Haas. 
Seaman ft Landls Co., 417 8. Clinton Bt, Ohleaga, 
SheU'a Beanie Studios, S81 So. High St, Ooina* 

boa. Ohio. 
New York Studio, 1001 Times Bldg., N. Y. a 
Howard Tattle, 1202 Center St. Milwaukee, Wit, 
Paul Taoilg ft Bon, 104 B. 14th 8t, N. Y. a 


Boston Regalia Co., S87 Wash. Bt. Boston, Bam 


B. Walker. 309 W. 88th 8t. New York. 

Ben Hobson, 1590 Amsterdam Ave., N. Y. City. 


tor any Instrument or nnmber of lnstrumentav 
Songi, Words and Music, 8ketches,etc. Sendstama. 
CHAS. L. LSWia, 42» Richmond St., Cincinnati B. 

WRITTEN TO ORDER. Terms for stamp. 

E. L. OAMBLE, AUTHOR, East Liverpool, a 

Side Shotv, Carnival, Vaudeville and Medlclnr 
Performers, get the latest and start the season 
right. E. WITHERS, Madison St., Eugene, Ore. 

13 BAND UNIFORMS, with Helmet Boa 
and Plumes; good condition; cost $300; sacriflor 
for $100 or best oiler; also Magician's Magical out- 
fit: cost over $200; sacrifice for $60 or beat offer. 
Ad. Mrs. Rynlnger, 602 Grand Ay.. Milwaukee. Wis 

FOR SALE— 40x60; good as new; little used; 
complete poles, stakes, etc.; ready to set up; alas 
stage; two sides and back scene; first order for 

f» gets it PKOF. HICTON, 013 West 
th St., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

to us to pay postage on 4 World's Best Yodles, 
Including orchestra. These are Yodles, so hurrr 
and make a Hit Address NATIONAL MCSIO CO, 
Agents, Chicago, 111 Dept. 0. 

FOR, B\LE-30x60 Tent Outfit Complete, k. 
good condition: Stage Scenery, Marquet, Beany 
Lights. Stake Puller. 10x16 Cook Tent, Stove, Cots, 
Bedding, etc. Just right for a Med. or small vaude- 
ville show. Add. GEO. M. MILLER, care show, 
Blnnamahonlng, Cameron County, Pa. 



Half way between Montreal, Quebec, and near 
Sherbrooke, Que., under new management Tar 
best one night and Week sund of its size. Popa- 
httlon, 4,000. 



With good Irish play. Sharing terms. 


times for Picture Theatres. 

Address PROF. F. JIMEWEZ, Mgr., 

Richmond, P. •!,, Canada, 


BnBjBj Dancing, Etc 

safh to Data in ev«y MsnW 

Buck, Jig, Skirt, Cbcrus Tork, Opt* 

Ekaitlon, Singing, VruJt villi Aa» 

MsBaaft Acting Dramatic Art, Bas 


School Always Open. 

TEACH YOU HOW. Perform- 
ers are cleaning up $29.00 to $ioo.o» 
per week. Escape from Police HandV 
cnffB, Boxes, Ropes, etc Complete te- 
6tructlons, Blue Prints for TwKRTT 

SENSATIONAL MYSTERIES for $1.00, postpaid. 

Particulars for red stamp. THE MAGICRAFTOO, 

Dept 0., Box 261, Detroit, Mich. 


E, B. Bonnes, Gen. Mgr. 

Booking Everything In the Amusement Lisa 

Chicago Representative for 

Frankel Bros. Southern Vaudeville Time 

Suite 203 Thompson Bldg. 

360 North. Clark St., Chicago, 111. 

Local and Long Distance Phone, Franklin 2234 

For spot cosh, Stage Properties, Ground Cloths, 
Rugs, Curtains, Spot, Flood. Bunch and Strip 
Lights, Lobby Frames: in tact, anything for 
theatrical use, except Scenery. Will pay spot 
cash. Give full descriptions and location ot 
goods to save correspondence. 
X. Y. Z-. care of CLIPPER OFFICE. 


Vaudeville Author 


I make good or it costs you nothing 



Good, Original Work 
R. L. JBNNE, Box 32, Indianapolis, Ind. 





March 7 





■ A NEW STYLE PAINT. All Colon, Per Stick IA. ,-H AP. 
7 J_ NEW LINERS, All Colors, Per Stick SflC a "" 2SC 


Portland, Me. — Jefferson (Julius C-ihn, 









we append a partial list of the Winter quarters 
d taut (bows concerning which information la at 
kaod. Oorreetlona and additions an Invited to 
enable the publication of amended Uata la inbse- 
gs, as It is our desire to catalogue the 
beadqnartera of all tented organlia- 

Atmt Phoebe Snow Buffalo. N. T. 

AoKar Bros. Missouri Taller, la. 

Banrnm * Bailey Bridgeport. Oouo. 

Barnes, Al. Q Portland, Ore. 

Bailey, Home, (Heat B. It, Shows, 

1213 Oak St., Houston, Tex. 

Barkoot Carnival Oo. Knoxvllle. Icon. 

Baeknan's Animal Shows, 

Box 13T, Texarkana, Tex. 

Barlow, Ed. P South Mllford. Ind. 

Barms. J. T Altos. Okla. 

Bonheor Bros. Carmen, Okla. 

Brown Family Anderson Ind. 

Buckskin Ben Wild Wert OambridfEe, Ind. 

Broncho John'a Wild Wert Valparaiso, Ind. 

Brown's United Shows, 

71T Bo. Beach St, Syracuse. S. Y. 

Braden, a A Natches, Hiss. 

Brown's, Ed., Overland Shows Bath, He 

Brundage, 8. W., Shows, Leavenworth, Kan. 

BUlie Brooghton'a Orerland Shows.... AmMa, Ind. 
Bark's R. B. Shows, 

Bannock St and Col. Are.. Dearer, Co!. 
Buckskin Jim Vellloqaette Wild West... Albla, la. 

Brown's Combined Little Bock. Ark 

Carlln Bros.' New Uodern Shows, 

Psichall, Pa., or 1318 So. 04th St., Phils. 

Colorado Grant's.,.. Sparta, Ky, 

Clark Bros Atoka, Okla 

Cancie Bros.' Shows Latrobe, Pa. 

Clark's United Shows..... Alexandria, La. 

Coulter, W. H. Albany. Ho. 

Oollini, P. T., Wagon Shows Stennett, la. 

CooJey A Thorn Pt Pleasant. W. Vs. 

Carlisle's WUd West Sooth Cairo, N. X. 

Garter, John..... Wheeler, Wis. 

OmkUng's Tent Shows Hatteawaa, 8. T. 

Crawford's-Col Box 57T, Bed Key. Ind. 

California Frank's Wild West...... Augusta, Ga. 

Caminxbam Bras Learenwortb, Kan. 

Canada Frank Tipton, la. 

<M* * Bice Genera, 0. 

Carson, Kit Wild West Birmingham, Ala. 

Downle, Andrew .......... Timonliun Md. 

Baahlnfton Bros Danville, Ta. 

De Oestro's....BlTersld> Are., Jacksonville. Fla. 

Baenbarth, B. B Marietta, 0. 

■ba, Geo. S Bering, Tex. 

Els tun's Dog and Pony 8how. .. Kansas City, Ho. 

Klaor, Fred Garland, Pa. 

Brans' One Bin* Show Wooster, O. 

Ferari, Francis Harrlsbnrg, Pa. 

Fnad, H. W. 606 Grand St, Nllea, Mich. 

Fim, Thos. L., A Co. Hooslck Falls, N. 7. 

Forepeagh-Sells See Ringllag Bros.' 

Fowler A Clark's Famous Dog and Pony Show, 

Albany, Ho. 

Fair Bros La Salle, Wis. 

Gentry Bros Bloomington. Iod. 

Gorton's, 8. F. Toledo, 0. 

Bollmar Bros Baraboo, Wis. 

Bleat Wagner Show Milwaukee, Wis. 

Great Patterson Shows , Paolo, Ban. 

Gorman's Greater Shows, 

Hippodrome New Orleans 

Bayer Bros. Lexington, Ho. 

Hsgenbeck-Wallace Shows Pern, Ind. 

Offices, Suite 643, Harquette Bldg., Chicago. 

Home A Co. Dearer, Col. 

Hang. E. Shrereport La. 

Harris. Cha». N. Schnylerville, N. T. 

Hall, F. W At wool. Kan. 

Hall's, Geo. W-, Jr Evanarllle, Wis. 

Hargrearea' Chester. Pa. 

Harkness A Fox's HcKeesport Pa. 

BWner, Prof. J. H Beaureganle, Miss. 

Heber Bros ..811 B. 17th At., Columbus, O. 

Henry, J. B. Stonewall. Okla. 

Howe's Great London Montgomery, Ala. 

Jones Bras.' Show. No. 3 Norfolk. Va. 

Kennedy, Con T., Shows Leavenworth, Kan. 

Kennedy Bros ...Perry Okla. 

Kennedy's X. I. T. Baneh Dresden, Tenn. 

fflrbj's Norelty Sensation Show Elnora, Ind. 

Ka-Dell-Krltcbletd Show Marselles, HI. 

A'lme, Herbert A., Bhows San Antonio, Tex. 

Knight, a H. Dunkirk; O. 

Lacbmann A Lewie San Antonio, Tex. 

Lamps Bros* Shows Absecon, N. J. 

La Tena's Wild Animal Circus. . ..Tlmonlmn. Md. 

Lea La Vant'a TbompaonTllle, Miss. 

leaden ...Dublin, Va. 

Lambrlgger's. Gas Orrllle, O. 

Lament Bros..... Salem. Ill, 

Lee Bros Cranston, R. I. 

lewry Bros..... Shenandoah, Pa. 

Lombard. 3. 0. Saco, Me. 

Locky Bill Box 201, Qnenemo, Ean. 

Marble's. W. B Spr/ttsvUle. Ky. 

Head Dog and Pony Show Brooklyn. N. x. 

Martin Bros.' .....Saraonah, Ga. 

McDade's Owensboro, Ky. 

Miller Bros.' Big Show West Liberty, la. 

MlaelU Bros. (Nos. 1 and 2) Delaware, O. 

Miller Bros.' 101 Banco Bliss, Okla. 

Mordoek Bros ............Gardner, Haas. 

Fobles, Chss. Charleston, 8. 0. 

Oklahoma Bill Wild West Douglas, Gs, 

Patrick (B. H.), Greater Shows... .Harleton. Pa 

-Pierce Amusement Co. Goldcboro, N. 0. 

PnbUlenea Cafe Central. Harana, Cuba 

Klppel, 0. A Frankfort, IniL 

Bead's. A. H. Vernon. IIL 

. Mas 1 Dore ...Portland, Ore. 

Singling Bros.' Chicago Office.. 221 Institute Place 
Winter Quarters, Baraboo, Wis. 

Biggs' Wild Wert Parkin. Ark. 

Bents Bros Genera, 0. 

Kobinson's, John Terrace Park, O. 

Gen'l Offices, 2d Nat Bank Bldg., Cincinnati 

Robinson, Yankee Des Moines. la. 

Bobbins, F. A..... .Jersey City, N. J. 

Ripley. Geo. W. Homer, N. Y. 

Fmlth's, E. O Bockatown, Pa. 

Sells-Floto-Buffalo Bill Shows Dearer. CM. 

Bnlth Greater Shows .Acgaata, Ga. 

Smith, Prof. Harry Grata, Pa. 

Smith's, E. G., Colossal Shows Atwater, a 

Sparks, Jobs H. A Coal Salisbury, H. OL 

8 Uata Bros.' Shows. 

1874 Washington Are., Bronx, N. Y. C 

iautelle, Sit. Homer, N. Y. 

Stewart's, Cap. Fort Wayne, Ind, 

BUrrett'a. ...87 Clermont Are., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

San Bros Central City 'Park. Macon. Gs. 

Hirer, Bert Crystal. Mich. 

Spam, Byron Haverford, Pa. 

Swift Bros Golden Gate, IlL 

Swain (W. I.) Show Co., 

Swain Bldg., GraTle: ft Telemachus Streets., 

Hew Orleans 

Thompson, Frank H Aurora, III. 

Tannen. Ben Colby, Wis. 

Todd, Was. En tonr through South 

Tompkins. 0. B Lambertavllle, N. J. 

Terry Shows Little Sioux, la. 

Udes'e Will West Flanagan. III. 

Tan's Famous Shows Scott. O. 

Tan Hansen's, J. J Highland, Kan. 

Welih Bros... 703 North Eighth St., Philadelphia 

Wheeler. Al. F Oxford, Pa. 

Wlntermute Bros Ft Atkinson, Wis. 

Wren. W. O Lelpsle, O. 

Wood's, J. L. Lstta, 8. a 

Worthaa, a A Danrllle, III. 

Wortham A Allen Bhows LeaTenwortb, Kan. 

Yoong Baffalo Wild West, 

99 Uadtsoo Street, Chlcaro. HI- 

LmuN COMCOIO will Join "The Red Widow" 
Co. this week. 

t.i Busbbxl and her basbsnd, A. P. 
Moore, sailed Feb. 28, for Panama. 

A sawari r was given Harch 1, at the CVutlno. 
Bew York, for the Hebrew Infant Asylum, at 
which a long list of volunteers were scheduled. 

Kou am Dill opened in "A Peck of Pickles," 
at lodUaoapoUa, The company Includes Lillian 

mgr.) the Jefferson Stock Co. arc presenting, 
fffr the first time it popular prices, "Stop 
Thief " March 2-7, with the popular players 
In suppoat of Robert Conncss nnd Justlna 
Mhyne. Ttae satin souvenir photos presented 
lady patrons the present week are of Bella 
D'Arcy. Among the notable earl; bookings 
Wttlch will appear hero Us "Fine Feathers," 
wWch comes immediately after its Hosfton 

Keith's (I. M. Moshcr, mgr.) — Vaudeville 
ond motion pictures. Bill week of 2: Baby 
Helen. Jesse Lasky presents Bcrrlck Hart, 
In "Eloplrrg:" Do Witt, Burrrs and Torrance, 
Williams and Wales. Armstrong and; Munley, 
Klein, Abe and Nicholson, and Gallsnao. 
The United Commercial TrnTelers' (local) 
annual -minstrel show drew packed bouses 
matinee an! night, Feb. 28. •The Taudevlllc 
for that date wa9 shtiuted orer to. the New 
Portland Theatre. 

New Portland fM. C. Bluxnenbcrg mgr.l 
— Vaudeville and motion, pictures. BIB week 
of 2: Murray and Lane, Mtjlo and Spenser, 
Helen Under, .Bail and LaPont, May Hlxon 
and compinw, »r,U the Lively Lev-ten. 
Pathe's Weekly. and "Adventures of Katblyn, 
No 4" are among the feature picture offer- 
ings The big double bill of Keith's and thU 
theatre combined packed the bouse mntlnec 
and rriglit 28. 

Gbepxt's (Jaires W.O'reelv. mgr,)— \faude- 
Tllle and motion pictures. For week of 2, 
the Marcus Musical Comedy Co., presenting 
"A Theatrical .Hotel," -witfr change of bin 
Thursday. The vaudeville In the olio In* 
eludes specialties by Mike Sachs, Keenc Sis- 
ters. Millie -Burke and Lillian Ncsblt. The 
Slctura offerings Include : "The Price of a 
:uby" and "Tho CaHIng of Jim Barton." 
Cabco (J. W. Greely, iragr.) — ttotlon pic- 
tures week of 2 tochlcJe : •'Absinthe," "Tbo 
Mad Hermit," "Into the Lion's Pit" and 
"The Universal Animated Weekly." 

Bio Nickel (Wm. D. Reeves, mgr.) — Mo- 
tion pictures. 

HsiriiiH (D. D. Leader, mgr.)— Motion pic- 
tures. The leading film offerings week of 2 
include : "The Marrtare of Figaro," "Caught 
with tho Goods," '«Ihe Vagaries of Fate" 
anu "The Temple of the Lion." 

Pavilion (Barron A OIBrlen, mgrs.) — 
The Arlington Orchestra, with song; numbers 
and dancing. 

New City Hall. — Tho 'Boston Opera Co. 
gave an enjoyable .concert here Feb. 20, to 
a good house. Mme. Marguerite Gallagher 
Boas (a native of this city) was accorded a 
well deserved ovation and; presented with a 
handsome bouquet by .her Portland friends. 
"The Melsterslngers" appear in concert 
March 4. 

Notes.— The Portland Theatrical Me- 
chanical Association "Stage Folks" wero 
tendered a big benefit entertainment at 
Grecly's Theatre, Sunday evening, 1, with 
augmented orchestra, combined talent and 
picture features, A special permit was ob- 
tained from the city officials for this event, 
which was readily allowed In realization that 
Sunday evening must be the only "time off" 
for these industrious workers who labor all 
the rest of the week for the entertainment of 

Clinton, la. — Clinton Theatre (O. E. 
Dixon, mgr.) "Bunty Pulls the Strings" 
March 2, lloso StahL in "Maggie Pepper," 5 ; 
•Excuse Me" 7, "The Traffic" 9, "Within 
the Law" (return engagement) 10, William 
Hodge, In "The Road to Happiness," 11; 
Mme. Nazlmova, In "Belladonna," 14; "Peg 
o' My Heart" 16, "Bunty Pull3 the Strings" 
(return) 17, "Ben-Hur" 25, 26. 

Family (EL A. Sodlng, mgr.) — "Monte 
Chrlsto" 24, all girl vaudeville bill C-8: 
Mrs. Bob Fltzslmmons, 'Five O'Connor Sis- 
ters, Campbell and Campbell, Mile, Ortiz, 
and Fisher Sisters. "Bright Eyes" 9-11, 
vaudeville 12-15. 

Aiiuse-v, Colonial, Ltbic, Cibino and 
Best, pictures only. 

Notes. — 'ETa Tanguay and company played 

tc capacity business Feb. 24 March 20 

is date set for the opening of the New Or- 
pheum, and Manager Sodlng fans promised 
the best bill ever staged here.... Leo Hoyt, 
that funny Dutch comedian, this season with 
the Passing Parade, visited here with Mr. 
and Mrs. Oberman last week. Hoyt and the 
Overmans worked together in vaudeville BeT- 
eral seasons ago. 

Des Holnea, In. — Orphcum (H. B. Bur- 
ton, mgr.) bill March 1-7: Jno. F. Conroy, 
Ed. Gnllager and Bob Garlln, Nonette, Horace 
Wright and Ben Dietrich, Muriel and Fran- 
cis. Besuns Sisters, and pictures. 

Unique, Casino, Stab. Palace, Colonial, 
Family, Majestic, 'Black Cat pictures only. 

Berciiell (Elbert A Getchell. mgr.)— Otis 
Skinner March 5-7. 

iBmphesb (Elbert & Getchell, mgrs.) — fiul- 
llvan-CoDsldlne vaudeville to big business. 

Majestic (Elbert A Getchell, mgrs.) will 
open with a stock company some time in 

Pbincirs (Elbert A Getchell, mgrs.) — 
Closed until August, 

Davenport, la. — Eurtln (Ohas. T. Kindt, 
mgr.) "Damaged Goods" March 1, 2, Broad- 
way Belles 3, Yiddish Players 4, "Bunty 
PuUs tho Strings" 5, Boss Stehl, In "Maggie 
Pepper," 7. 

America* (A. A. Frurlenfeld, mgr.) — Otis 
Oliver Players presented "The Chauffeur and 
tbo Lady" Feb. 23-25, "The Woman Pays" 

Columbia (J. Harry Blanchard, mgr.) — 
BUI opening 23 included: "When Women 
Rule," Seven Arabs, and others. 

Keoknk, In.— Grind (Cbas. H. Dodca, 
mgr.) Madame Fanny Blumenthal Zelslor 
Feb. 24, had good patronage. ''Boagfht and 
Paid For" March 4, "Romance" 11, "The 
Boad to Happiness" 14, "The Winning of 
Barbara Worth'' 10, Eva Tanguay 26. 

HlrPODBOUB (Mark Angell, mgr.) — Bill 
week of 2 : Lavtnc and la-man, Gruet ami 
Gruet, Knight Broi and Sawtefle, tho Dor- 
ians, and tho musical tabloid, "Lovers anil 

Colonial, OnnreuM and Gea.n-d, moving 
pictures only. 

Johnstown. Pa^^amhrla (Scherer A 
Kelly, nigra.) the Roger Gray Opera Co., in 
"The Time, the Place and tho GlrL" week of 
March 2. 

Majestic (Ml P. Boyle, mgr.) — Bill week 
of 2: The Tourists, Baby Ann, Versatile 
Trio, and Western, Baker and company. 

I'abk (ScCicrer A Kelly, mgrs,)— Ploturcs 
and songs. 


Nemo and Windbku, Tanderlllo and pictures. 
Notzb. — The Roger Gray Opera Co., at 

the Cambria, Is drawing large crowds 

Country Store, a new Innovation at the Ma- 
jestic, 1* testing the capacity of toe house. 

There's Only One "Uregan" 


Working (or "STARS OP BURLMT 

"Queen of the Ivories'* 


Eddie Swartz 



Fannie Vedder 


Undsr the Msiugamsnt of JACOBS ft JERMON 


Wljk the PBORQE88I VK Q1BL8 

Weston and Keith 

Taxi Taagolats with Eva Moll's Olrls from Maxim's 









Principal Irish Comedian and Olio Feature. 



Prima Donna 

Lorn Talbot Still thrsi 


TBAHP and IIKHRKW with Eva Mull' 
(UrlB From Maxim's 



"Hello, Jack, what's your hurry 1" 

"I'm hiking up to tbo Bronx to catch tbo 
Star nnd Garter Bbow." 

"Ob. you've got lots of time, but don't 
miss ft 'Let me tell jou that It's some 

"I saw It the early part of the season, 
but thought I'd like to look it over again." 

"x*ou must nave some dame in the show." 

"Nope, not me; but I llko that little Irish 
comedian : he's the goods." 

"You mean Jock Conway I" 

"That's the guy." 

"Well, old scout, let -me tell you that he 
haa class written all oTer him." 

"I should say so. lie's an artist to his 
fnger tips." 

"Ain't 'he great In that drunken scene 
when the girl sings those Irish songs?" 

"I should so say, boy I He handed mo a 
laugh a minute all through the show. Yon 
know, I'm from tho old sod myself and know 
a good turkey ■when I seo one. Well, Cnn- 
way'B one of those Irish comics that you 
nercr forget. He's great." 

'That's what they all sny." 

"Who's tho Dutch Guy?" 

"Billy Werp, and he's very, very good, 
plenty of action in his work, and he works 
well with Conway.'' 

"Yon know that little trick that reminds 
yon so much of a small edition of Eva Tan- 
guay? You know the ono I mean, the dams 
that sings the bathing number?" 

"Oh. Irene Casslnt" 

"That's the on-i ; tbo soum-erfo." 

"Let me put you wlso to something ; that's 
Billy Welp's wife." 

"well, she's ranch to the merry." 

"The straight man Is fine, ain't he?" 

'Where's a comer for you. Do you know 
this Is his drat whack at a real part, and 
bo's O. K. His name is Thomas Welch. 
Boy, tills fellow can sing a few, too." 

"Well, to dresses tho part Just right, looks 
natty and Is all to tho good, 

"Tint's some prima dorma they got. What 
a beautiful voice I" 

"Bculah Benton, I should guess yes. Very, 
very few In »jow business got anything on 
Beulah as a prima donna." 

"I haven't seen any. 

"Nor I." 

"Yon know thmt little dark-eyed donna 
that sings tho song in the harem scene with 
the Oriental costume." 

"You mean Ahna Kern." 

"Thafs tho one. Well I ftink she's fine." 

"You hit that right 1 «he used to do a 
piano bit, and she plays sorao piano, lot mo 
tell you." 

"You know tho big girl that sings the song 
with the straight man, In tho sec no whero 
Cie Sphinx moves its eyea" 

"You mean Mildred Rose, that's tho mana- 
ger's wife." 

"She's fine." 

'That fellow thof s got tho bass pipes got 
some basement voice. 

"He belongs to the nuartette that sings 
so well, so does the little fellow that plays 
the Commodore." 

"Eugene Bantu, Cotton, Welch, it. A. 
O'Brien and Tommy Welch aro tho boys." 

"Well they play parts better than, any 
quartette I've seen In burlesque." 

"I should say so." 

"You know that fat actor that plays the 
Zulu Queen, he's the property man." 

"As a property man, some man." 

"As an actor, the end book." 

"Who owns the show?" 

"One of the best fellows yon ever met, a 
regular guy and a real showman." 

"Irzv Berk, from Chi. He's one fellow 
that will stop at nothing to mako his sbows 

"Well, he's certainly spent some dough on 
this outfit I never saw so many scenes and 
sets with a burlesque In my life." 

"Well, that's Herk's way; be wants a 
regular show or nothing." 

"He's got one In Use altar and Garter 
fihow, and that takes In everything, not for- 
getting the chorus, which Is all to the merry. 

"Well, you bettor hook along and blow 
your nickel to the Interfcorough or you'll 
miss the show. Bo long!" 
■ s 


•The Wanhtntiton (D. O.) Timet, of Feb. 
27, printed a front page story and cut of 
Minnie Burke tripping gayly down tfao Capi- 
tol stops on her toes. Miss Burke won a 
bet by doing the Btunt, which attracted cou- 
aldorable attention among tho senators. 

We quote The Timet : "She performed la 
the historic spot where presidents hnTo taken 
the oath of office since tho Capitol was 
erected. iBut she made a new bit of Jlstory 
for tho spot. Records show that an automo- 
bile once tried to climb op tho flight. Carl 
Browne succeeded In making a speech there 
bcfoTo lie died, but tbo oldest employes of 
the Capitol stoutly maintain that never be- 
fore has a toe dancer performed ttiore, and 
look duly shocked Wuea. asked such a ques- 

"And that cosrumo 1 Tho lock was as brief 
as tho costume. l>or another cloak waiting 
na two cirmpanlons bustled the adventortnis 

f'oimg woman Into an automobile. But whirl- 
ng draperies and a hazy tiivprcsslou of legs 
— -beg pardon, limbs — is tho only deflnlto Im- 
pression on those who saw tlm performance." 


An •unprecedented Injunction has been 

granted to Aaron Hoffman, dramatic writer, 
y Judge Ba/. in tho V. 8. District Court 
lor the Northern District of Now York, on 
Feb. 13, 1014, in an Injunction brought by 
Hoffman against Bam Lo Traunlck, a Ger- 
man comedian, using tho stage name "Sena- 
tor Murphy," and against Jean Bedtnl, a 
theatrical manager. Bedlnl has boon pro- 
ducing a play entitled 'vTho Mlsohlof Mak- 
ers," nnd a feature of tho performances was 
a topical monologuo recited by "Senator 
Murphy" (i-o Traunlk). It was shown In 
the anion that the Murphy monologue con- 
sisted of a, collection of gags culled from 
thirteen copyrighted monologues, written hy 
Aaron Hoffman, undor the title "Tho Ger- 
man Senator" and "Tho German Politician." 

Hoffman's monologues wcro used by tho 
Into Cliff Gordon, 'Who, nt tho tlmo <if his 
sudden death In 1IH.1. 'ia<l become ono of 
tho most successful comcdlilrm on tlm Ameri- 
can stage, and was receiving $500 a week for 
reciting tbo clever, funny nnd Intightor arona- 
lngs sarcasms, roalaprops and witticism)) 
written for hlin by Hoffman. Trrrbtigli Cliff 
Gordon, "Senator Murphy" (In Trounik) 
became acquainted wlni <Hoffinan'B mono- 
logues. He attended repeated recitals given 
by Gordon, and from memory ho took down 
tho best passages, from which ho mndo up a 
composlto reproduction of Hoffninn's -ma- 
terial, This composite result wait resetted by 
him Id Iledlnl'H show. 

In oho final decree, which has lust been 
rendered by Judge Hay, It Is •adjmigcii that 
tbeso monologues are tho original crcntlons 
of Aaron Hoffman, and that Hoffman Iras 
valid copyright in them. 

The composlto anonologuo onado up by Lo 
Traunlk Is declared to do an unlancful repro- 
duction, and ho and Hedlnl nro adjudged 
guilty of Infringement of Hoffman's copy- 

An injunction Is granted porpetually ro- 
etralnlng the reproduction, recltnl or use of 
Hoffman's monologues, or of any part there- 
of, or of any abridgement, compilation, or- 
ruDgement, Imitation or version of said 

-Hoffman is awarded $1,000 damages nnd 
$005.78 coals. 

This Is the first known enso whore a comic 
monologue has been protected by tlm courts, 
and wbeie both tho actor and manager of the 
attraction bavo been mulcted In dimingea. 

Nathan Uurkan. of 105 altroadway, was 
the attorney for tho plaint iff. 


Dick 1'atton leaving the Dreamland Oo, 

JiHur Rosen's new pin. 

Fnin Koi.i.rrr'H benefit. 

Huoniu IIebnaud's new tdlOW. 

Dim. Dmr Watson's now postal card. 

Anns I'mLLirs' "nut In a box." 

Jos Lswis ehoad of Ilurtlx A Heamon's Bhows. 

Mas. An. Itairss' tangoing. 

Max Abkstbonq's bmlaclio. 

Vsn V'kuiii, «mgt»K Irish songs. 

Buastrr Lstt's Halg and Balg. 

Job Visum' lost voice. 

liaxst ABDorr'n bis benefit 

Fsxd. McOtor'H editorial on agents, 

Jos Burton, playing clubs. 

HLtB. Ds Ijoon's marriage. 

Biur FosTsa's Ova year contract 

Brsr Bison's near Job. 



n«»BT B. Li Tan, the little nebrew with tbo 
funny laugh, Joined the Peter 8. Olsrk Honey 
I'obot Girls, replacing Irving Clear, Ls Tag Is 
playing oppmlie silks J. KcTlj. 

Tin following veil known hurtaiqno and rande- 
vlllc performers have promised to appear at Man- 
ager Frank AMkiii's testimonial, which will occur 
at Miner's I'enple'* Htimlay errnlng, March ill 
Den Welch, May Want 1-hiinia O'Neill. Mahel Lea- 
He, Hammer and Ward. Irving Herlln, l-'lve lien- 
net t Waters, TtKimpaiMt * llnrww, Four Nevarroa, 
Farlnclll Oivra Co., Uotirrla, Ilnyes and lliderls. 
Zeno and Cook. Kannto Voider, Killer and Morton, 
Rnsalre ami I'reriMt. the Nine Zanslhnni, Itolit. 
Sterling, lleth Stone nnd comimny, nnd Kitty 
Klynn. Tickets are pel Hug ra|>l,|ly. nnd It looks 
like a record. 

Stki.i.a (Iii.ucisb win ntwent train the cast of 
the Rectcr (llrla, In 1'lilla.. I'd., due to lllneaa, 
her part waa |iktye<l with auccess by Myrtle 

Viroinia Ksi.rr. late prima donna with one of 
the Columbia wheel ahowsj. Is now playing vaude- 
ville, working over the II. II. 0. time, and making 
a hit In a single sinning specially. 

Wu.ntin Dosns, Into fealurc comedian with the 
Taxi Olrka, who was to play vaudeville with 
Frank Hawthorns In a mw act. entitled "Tho 
Chef," baa decided not to enter the vaudeville 

Tstxta OtASKXOON. annbrctt© with the Hector 
illrla, will not rloso with the troopo "' me i'eo- 
ple'a. l'MladelphlB, Ps. 

dii.i.t Van,, advance man for the Ons Fay 
Shew, has a lot of novelty advertising for the 
ahow thla week, at ttio Cnlnmhin, New York. 

MAnKi.i.a Oi^anK, lain sonhrelte with the llellea 
of lteauty Row. will take a abort vnenllnn, play 
a few vnmlmllle dntrs Mils Mimmer, then back 
to lmrleane next aeamn. 

BSN Wri.cit luado a decided hit al llurtlg A 
Seanion's una latnrojl nnd Tiveniy-tlfih Street 
last week, and played to a big business the en- 
tire week, 

I'atst nAWi»rr ano Ciias. niiHN niwn over 
the Ixww time next week. Introducing their clever 
singing and talking specialty. 

Smitx Mooitn and Joa Mit.i.s, who opened with 
the French Models nt the TntcnileM, I'ltlliMlelpbls, 
l'u , Veb. S.'l, made a deckled bit. 

IIawit Hmrrs, llio Jew eimile, will put on a 
tabloid at the close of the burlesque aeaaon, 
bookoil by tho II. II. 0. 

Jos Viblos was nilHimx from tho cast of tint 
Tcxl Girls, at tho aikmuna. fell. 24, lacing con- 
fined to Ids beal rrllti a touch of thu grip. Murty 
Ward and Frank llarcourt dotriiteil In tlie jiart. 

I'am I.AwnaNcta haa i.anmwiaia enticing oitith for 
vmilc-vlllo nt llio clow of lUo liiirlesqne acnauii. 
rain la making a derided hit with lliu Quceu-i of 
Paris, irliti her rei*rtolm of setiga, 

Jos Hi.-stiin, tbo clever lllllo Irish conwdlan, 
late with thu lloneynsnu Cllrla, la playliw clubs 
armRMl Now York, nail Is kept busy In Ins now 

Maroib Dsmorbst arrival In New York Feb. 
24, faun Plutslnniili, hnvlng closed with tin- Ca- 
baret Girls, to tako n iniHt neulnl reat for the 
balanco of the seaaoai, 

Jkwki.t, ItUaaBM. AND AMOS DaKIKI.S elrwed 
with tlio Broadway Hello* On. in Iiullnnai>olia. 
Vie llurnett nnd Vlavl.1 OHrlton will closo nillt 
the aimio Show In cint-igo. 

Tuns. V. I.r.NNoM, lain electrician nt l«nw's 
NniloiHil, Is now at Miner's ltrtnu Tliealrv, In 
the nntno capacity. 

DriiT llAKRa and his Bin Tnna played three 
days at (bantnn'a Ut|>|aHlronie, ICIIaalwtli, N, .!,. to 
eaiinclty btmlrens, Peveral local orgnnlintluis 
hold tlientre parties during the three day slaid. 
Walter LeaUti bad llio Jersey town tsSol llko a 

HiniAnn Patton eloieil with Dave Marlon's 
Show as maniiin-r, In Otilcagn, HI-, Fob. 31. 

ifAiuiiirr Maviihw eloaeil with Hilly lleet Wat- 
son's Hlmw, nml relirrned lo New York. 

Kl.lZAiimt IIookuh ckwnd Willi tlm Monle (kirlo 
Girls Kvl>. 21, a: list IbiyiJirket, UIiIcbko, Ii> 
BJBJSJ9 a wealthy Chicago lituker. I^nnlg WiitlerH, 
lute of tho Sunshine Girls 0>., will Tw hrlitei- 
tnnld. The Uoneyiuuon will b« spent In Florida. 

jB\vm,r, ItusHiii.r, and Aljob maniki.h bavu left 
tho llmmlway HelleH Oo. Mlao Itusaell Is with 
the Fellies of tlm Ihiy, wlilln Alkie la relietirs- 
lug with a vntuliwlllo act In which shu Is lo bavo 
a tmanlucnt part. 

Fiiank Kroar, formerly shctrietan Willi lbs 
Ttroodwny Holies Oi., Is now mnstjr of iirotair- 
tint* with llio American Ileaulles Co. 

VOANCIS T, rejoined tho Kvn Mull 
Show, * the I'er.plo's. 1'lilla.. I'a., March 2. 

Jamkh Kmuinkt, Into of llio F.v.i Mull Show, 
opens with a new act, entitled "The Ihitler," 
orer tlin (Jnliiloy time. 

W ii. nni Dunlin, t lut well-known Dutch ciaue- 
(linn, left for Chlcitxii. Ill , l>VI>. 2*. In Join No. 
2 Oniupaiiy of "HaiitpuilMrt' Morn," playing the H. 
ft II. I hue. 

Job Kuans bus I'lgned wllli llurllg A Heiinmii, 
far next sensoii. 

Hriik'h wlint Tho Preu, of Patcrtan, N, ]., 

says Of Ixm Kelly : 

"U-w Kelly, as 'I'fofesanr Dojie,' Is n iinat 
grmliialo from the 'College of Funeliigy.' 'Origin- 
ality' la capital letters describes Kelly to a T.' 
Kelly hat a brand of sayings Hint linvo lOti 
staminil on cadi sldn, and ull klisU nt ability to 
bring out tba full worth of ench of tlionu Kelly 
Is funny at all times without ever Imeiwning 
offensive, and his work vn» n pleasure ami revo- 
lution to the land utslloiu-e." 


A sunber of appllcstloas have been received 
by Wash Martin, secretary of the I»x Otab, for 
measbershlp. All those who wish to Join this 
new ortler of hurlcarjuers are nguested to send In 
their applications at their earliest convenience. 
Election of officers will tako placo tba latter part 
of March. A special meeting will be called In 
order to make arrangements for clubreoms. A 
printed booklet of the Constitution and Ily-Laws 
Is now In the bands of a printer and will be 
sent to members In a few days. Among the new 
members elected in tho order are: Dllly Foster, 
Hal l>*tie, Joe Burtln, 8am l>wla, Ilngblo Ber- 
nard and Dick Zelsler. All commuulcntlona as to 
spptleattona for membership should be sent to 
Wash Martin, 711 Seventh Avenue, Lox Clnb, 
New York City. 



Tho Progressive circuit will In all probabilities 
(jo In to Milwaukee next season. It Is also re- 
ported that tho Boyd, Omaha, Neb., goes oaer to 
fio new wheel. Tho Broadway, Brooklyn, will 
moat likely be ono of the Progressive houses. At 
tho he&donartor» of the circuit It Is stated that 
at least thirty-five houses will be on the circuit 
next season. 


Oias. Robinson and his Crusoe Girls, playing s 
return engaarenient at the Gotham. N. Y., broke 
tba Monday afternoon and night house record. 
Fob. as, and tag business Is reported for the entire 


Bob Manchester Is president of thu company 
which Is building In I'nlmvlllo, 0., llio best 
equipped llieatro for a city of that sire in nhlo, 

Tbo llieatro Is fireproof, nnd all lloors, colling* 
end roofs will be rc-lnforceil concrete. It will 
cost $7(1,000. 

In tbo citrlor design tho enlrnuco Is clearly 
defined by a two story ornamental arch lllimilu- 
nteil try buaiilrtsls) of cuneiMtnl ligiii* A uinnpilsu 
tho full width of the entrance Is also pmvldisl. 

Tlie lobby Is 20 f«>t wbl.i aiul 4B feet ileen, 
with hnportcd marble wilnacotlng 10 feet high, 
brown grueljy tllo fldbr anil iirnainental fillister 
celling with four largo Indirect lighting natures. 
Ticket ofllce, ebeek room, retlrtitg rooms, etc., 
connect with die lobby, 

'Die main auditorium Is DO hy 100 feet and a 
foyer 10 by 00 feet Is at the roar of tbo audi- 
torium. Hhrirs from the foyer lead to a lues- 
lanlno floor on Tililcb an additional retiring and 
check room*, nnd s foyer 10 by 00 feet, which 
gives the balcony patrons amnio lounging and 
promenade spsce. From tills foyer wide stairs 
lew) to*tlio center of balcony. 

The theatre ls being erected by tbo Utopia 
Amusement Oo. Mr. Manchester I* president, 
Harry Leonl. vlce-jireaident, nnd D. P, Hopkins, 
aooretary and treaaurer. All arc residents ot 
1'alneavllle. A. O. Wolf, Hose DullilUig, Cleve- 
land, ls the architect. 

I i 


The contest held week of Feb. 10, at tho Mur- 
ray Hill, was won by (lorman and Gorman ($00 
In gold), second prize ($30) went to Dirgan and 
Dugan, and the third ($20) to Malono and Dolan. 

Tbo entire affair was a big aiiccea*. the teams 
were evenly matched and much local Interest was 
l a ken 111 the competition. Another ono will lie 
lield shortly. The Country fttorvs aro alao a big 
success at the Hurray Hill. 

There was a big party at Iho Lansdowne, Pater- 
son, Feb. 27. wlr-u Jack Hlnger entertained George 
Hldoey ana a party of theatrical folks at a Inn- 
net In tbo big dining ball here. Among those 
present were'. Oeorgo Sidney, Carrie Welier, Nw 
Kelly, Lon Hoskell. Mela I'ynex. Dick Hume, 
Bydney Wire, K. J. Hulk ley. Jim Tenbmoke, 
Owen Brady, Jack Smith, Jack McMantw. Freda 
Florence. Htella Horrissey, Jessie Kstcrbruuk, 
Babe GrlfOii and otlieri, 

s l 


The ProgresslTB Circuit of New York has pur- 
chased the site of Iho obi Oarrolltou House, of 
Oolonlal fame, Maht and 'lemma streets, this 
quet In tbo big dining halt here. Among thoso 
new bouse Is scheduled to Im completed In Asgust, 
will cost about $INO,000, 

-Ta*. T(tr Btooxs JolnM tho Bohman Show, to 
Inks the place of the late Fred Wyckmtr, to the 
entire solfufsctlon of nianiigemerrt anil audience. 

Hear linn,* has Joined the Belles of Beauty 
Bow in the Irish role. ... „ ,. 

I.rma Josrv, who ban been ill for three weeks, 
rejoined the Bettor Oitl* last week. 







March 7 



"Schmidt's Widows" Is the burlesque, with 
the following cast: 

Kudolph Schmidt Gus Fay 

John James Jones Eugene Jergo 

Terrence McNab Billy Kelly 

Bud Tliomas Hodgeman 

Betty, the shop girl Edyth Hamilton 

Mrs. Flossie Schmidt Ada Lum 

Mrs. Susie Schmidt Ifie Williams 

Mrs. Beauty Wright NelUc Florede 

Models and Shop dirts — Morgan Sisters, 
Cattell Bisters, La Vann, Cushman, Mayers, 
Larmon, Griffin, Marlon, Kelly, Wilson. Hel- 
dclle, rierce, Harrington, Chapman, Wilson, 
Wall, May, waldron, lhirnham, Glenn, Stokes. 

The plot Is very meagre, but It gives Qus 
Fay a chance to be funny as the fat German 
tailor, and to disguise himself for a few 
moments with a beard as a doctor. 

Eugene Jerge appears to excellent advan- 
tage as the straight; Billy Kelly plays a 
perfunctory Irishman. 

Edyth Hamilton was a gingery soubrette 
ehop girl ; Ada Lum was one of the wldo.vs ; 
Jlae Williams Is a buxom and comely singer. 

Nellie iFloredc eaxig well as the prima 
donna, and appeared well In a number of at- 
tractive gowns. 

The numbers In tho first act were "Regi- 
ment Bond," by Mr. Jerge ; "Girl from Arl- 
sons," by Miss Florede; "Rudolph Schmidt," 
by Mr. Fay : "Get Out and Oet Under," put 
over In lively manner by Miss Hamilton and 
(he active chorus, to several encores; "Tho 
Cat Duo," wlUi ''Nobody Lovs Me-Ow," fea- 
tured by Mr. Fay and Miss Hamilton, with 
several chorus girls selected to do the 
chorus; "Rosclanu," well sung by Miss Will- 
lams end Mr, Jerge, with the girls In showy 
rose costume ; a singing; ana talking sex- 
tette, and "Picnic Day," with the ladles' 
band, American flag, etc., to a lively finish. 
Ike Wall made a big hit playing the detec- 
tive in the bomb skit,* although not billed on 
the program. 

The olio had Jergo and Hamilton In their 
cntchy act, singing 'iComo and Kiss Your 
Llttlo Baby ;" "Kentucky Eyes," by Mr. 
Jerge, with a fine dance by Miss Hamilton, I 
ana a good double finish. The Interna- 1 
tlonnl Musical Maids played a brass quar- 1 
tette, "The Horary" solo, on tbo French horn, | 
accompanied by tho chime, was a big bit, 
and tho brass selections, by six, In which 
the talky eyed drummer girl stood out, served 
as encore getter, 

Nellie Florcdo opened with "Mother Ma- 
chrce," then rang "Your Loving Daughter 
Handy," and finished with her trump ace, 
"My Hero," striking tbo Wgti notes trae as 

Tho second act Is a cabaret scene, the 
opening song, Introducing four KusKlnn 
dancers and four Americans. "Gambling 
Man" was' Bung by Miss Wlllnmn; "This Is 
the Life." served Miss Hamilton as another 
winner. Qua Fay did "Fall Blver Lino" 
with the choruB, frequently Interrupted by 
the Circe man bond, with Ike Wall non- 
chalcntly playing the bass drum ; Miss Hamil- 
ton, In a natty black dancing suit, led tho 
eight buck and wing hoofers. In white. For 
tho finale, Nellie Florede. In UpJhtB, sang 
"The ncart of Maryland," with tho girls in 
full tights doing march movements. 

Qus Fay enjoyed that part of tho show 
from a scat In tho aisle. A slRsy" scene be- 
tween Mr. Jerge and Mr. Fay was amusing. 
A table scene alii not do so much. Tbo band 
worked on full tlmo at tho drop of the cur- 

Tho staff: Bob Simons, manager; William 
Vail, agent; Eugene Jerge. stage manager; 
Melville Browne, musical dlroctor ; Qus F«y, 
dance producer; Joe Mullen carpenter; Will- 
iam Hauford, electrician ; Iko Wall, property 
manager; Allco Wilson, wardrobo mistress. 


Another gun In tho campaign against Sun- 
flny shows was tired this week, when J. 
Herbert Mack, president of tho Columbia 
Amusement Co. and manager of tho Columbia. 
Now York, was bnnded a summons March 2, 
to appear In court, on a charge of violating 
tho Sunday Law. The "concert" at ttio Co- 
lumbia, on March 1, included an acrobatic 
act, a big girl act. in tights, etc., and other 
acts, tho presentation of which could bo con- 
strued to im a violation of tbo statutes. Tho 
outcome, will be wutched with great In- 
terest by local managers, who bnvo thus fur 
enjoyed tho extremely liberal Interpretation 

Bulletin for Box Office Reference Concerning 

Oliver Morosco's Enterprises 





Peg' O My Heart." 

493rd to 50 1 st Performances. Cross for the Week, $ 1 1 ,694 

•'PEG O' MY IlKART"— Co. A. 

(ELSA RYAN) Feb. 21-211, 
Return Week, St. Louis, Mo., $9,tt90 

•'PEG O' Ml HKART"— Un.C. 

(PEGGY O'NEILL) Feb. 22-28, 
Week, Minneapolis, Minn., #19,367 

"PEG O' MY HEART"— Co. E. 

(MARION DEKTLEB) Feb. 22-28, 
Canada, One Night Stands, 93,749 

"HEM 1 WANTED"— Chicago 

10th Week. Oort Theatre, 10,814 
Total for "PEG O'MY HEART," week of Feb. XZ 
Total for other Morosoo Enterprises 'week of Feb. M 

"PEG O' HY HEART"— Co. B. 

(BLANCHE HALL), Feb. 21-28, 
Repeat week, New Orleans, 18,657. 

"PEG O' HY HEART"— Co. D. 

(FLORENCE MARTIN), Feb. 22-28, 
Week, Milwaukee, Wis., |0,irje. 


(LEONORE VLBIOH), Feb. 22-28, 
Week, Detroit, Mich., $9,480. 

On this season's GREATEST 
him. Each copy bean 
stamp for Descriptive 


A CLEVER YOUNG LBADIWG HAW— Man for Characters—with Specialty 
LADY MUSICIANS— VIollnlsjt with Library 
One year'a work to the right peopls. Other useful people write— Wanted to buy plays 
CLINT A. ROBBIWS. gnCKRK. BO' PAK. t March ■ and Week 




playing Road Shows, Vaudeville and Pictures. Mast bo experienced and a "Bight" reader, play beih 
and have lull lino of traps. Report at once. Address, stating lowest salary " • ™"» 

CHAS. W. BOYER, Mar, ager 


"HELP WANTED"— New York. 

ad Week, Haxlne Elliott's Theatre, |8,3a7. 

■ a ■ 104,816 


GEORGE MOOSER, General Manager for Oliver Morosco, being subscribed and duly sworn, 
docs hereby make affidavit that the above Is a trne and correct statement of the bual- 
ness done by Oliver Morosco's several companies on the days and dates given. 

(Signed) 0EOK0K MOOSER 

Sworn to before me this 2d day of March, 1014, JAQOIN W. BUCKLEY, Notary Public, 

New York Co., No. 41», New York Register (288. My commission expires Marob 80, 1015 


of tb< 

o law. 


n. P. Dixon's Pedes of Bounty Row loft New 
York for Philadelphia, but were blocked near 
MM Ilrook, and returned to New York. They 
sot through on Tuesday ami expected to oiien 
Tuesday night. Too Big Frolic Co. were also 
delayed, «■ well as several shows going In and 
oat of Pittsburgh. 


Robe Bernstein's Follies of Pleasure owned 
without their scenery at tho Gothum, ami played 
to good biurlnem at both perlonnauceB, Moiulny, 
March 2, Tbo book has lieco chtnged around and 
ntrmctous iicnr bits added, and an entirely new 
repertoire of soiuro havo replaced tho old tolec- 
tlona Tho cast Include* : Dan Coleman, Tom He- 
Kenna, Fled. Bullu, Clyde J. Dates, Pull Jnire, 
Lillian Raymond, Airua Bauer and Violet Hllsou. 
s ' 


The show at the Colombia next we«0c will In- 
clude: Jobnnlo Weber, Georgo Clayton Krye, 
Louis Thiol, Harry Campbell James Bocnnl, 
Norma Bell, Pearl Turner, Otara Sttason and 
Florecca Nicoll. 


Mtbtcjb Dat, a member of the Broadway Relleii, 
and Karl White, of tho Willis Wood Theatre, la 
Kansas Olty.wcre married on, Feb. 24, in that 
City. Miss Day l» well known In Omaha, where 
sho won o member of the Tbelss Burlesque Stock 
Co., list Bununcr. 

Uii.uukii Waxino. — Your father Is very sick and 
would like to bear from you. 

(Iiixat preparations are lielng made by Kid 
Brick, the boy scout, and Smiling Joe, his gen- 
eral adviser, for tbo theatre party and banquet 
which will ho tendered to Mao Ilolrtcn, of Iho 
American Bounties, March 10, at tho Castao, 
Brooklyn. Over Ihrco hundred tickets have been 
sold for the occasion. 

Jack Htboubb left Iho Golden Crooks Co, Fob. 
28, at tho Gayety, Omaha, after Bvo years with 
tho same show. 

Zimu Is tho added attraction at tbo Co- 
lumbia, Indianapolis, this week, with Dare 
Marlon's Own Oo. 


A good house attended Sunday afternoon, but 
tho evening house was light. The bill preaenteil 
Patty, tho head balancer: Sharp and Baker, trick 
clog dancers; Graham ami Randall In their sketch, 
Carson awl Wlllard In a new act, tho Seven 
Braacks, RIslcy acts Lydell, Rogers and Lydell, 
In a good comedy singing and dancing act; Colo 
and Den shy, tango dancers; Walter lames, tramp 
comedian, and the Honey Girls. 
1 . » 

OsoAB Haiiiiebbtbix Is made defendant In a 
snlt to forecloso a mechanics lien on his new 
Opera House, Lexington Avenue and Fifty-tint 
Street, New York. 

Jos M. Kuan and his dogs are In the seventh 
week or the United Family time, placed thero hy 
Phil Bunt 

MAjua and Bruja Bait are doing well en the U. 
B. 0. time, and aro Ixnked up to June. Tlietr 
original horleaqoo mind-reading act is, os anal, 

Ahnir Rusbbu. has leased the Little Theatre, 
in Philadelphia. 

Andxbls Dirr-IL mar manage a branch of tbo 
Patl-c-FtcNs Film Studio. 

Oiiablib Kr.BN sails Match 4 for loud on. 
George M. Oohoa has poatpon«d tt» sailing. 

Tun new Strand Theatre Mug built la New- 
ark, Is to open about April 10. 





( Oontinucd on page ts.) 

Maurice Snmnels and CompanyJn "A 
Day on Ellis Island." 

Fulton, HrooklvN, Matinbh. Mabcti 2. 

Owing to the big storm Samuels' scenery did 
not arrive In time for the Monday nnttlnee, so 
the act used on Interior set furnished by tho 
house, and wag a big bit on their re-appearance 

The story tells of an Italian woman and a boy 
arriving In tills country, and owing to tbo woman 
not having tho necessary dollars required by all 
emigrants, she Is about to bo deported, when her 
sweetheart arrives at Ellis Island, showing docu- 
ments providing that he marries her within thirty 
ilnyn after tho death of an uncle he is to rccelvo 
$r,o,0oo, and the "Inspectors" agree to tho wishes 
of both and the ceremony. 

Good business remains abundantly throughout 
tbe sketch. Mnurleo Samuels Is a wonderful im- 
personator of tbe Italian character, and be never 
once gets away from his study. Toe Inspector, a 
gruff sore of a part, Is well taken care of, as welt 
as the Irish officer, who la Indeed made successful 
by a man who alto "doubles" In tbe prleit part 
with cuuully good results. 

Mr. Samuels la excellent as tho Immigrant, and 
tbo boy is a clever Juvenile performer. Ills violin 
specialty, using "I Miss You Most of All," "Got 
Out and Oct under" and "International Rag," 
went big, He is a musician of merit. Samuels 
worked up One comedy during Its entirety. 

It Is worthy of being classed "a laugh a minute 
comedy," as It Is extraordinarily bright and 
hugely funny. A decided hit over the brllge 
Monday afternoon, taking four curiam, calls. 
Twenty-seven minutes, full stage. fits'. 

s 1 

Alleen Stanley. 
Biotobo, Buookltn, Hattnbb, Maich I. 

Making her entrance wearing a pretty evening 
gown of pink over white, with a handsome white 
silk coat and white lace cap, for "This Is tbe 
Life," Mum Stanley won her audience at this 
house at once. "1 Do" followed, without coat, 
and went big. "That Isn't What He Said" was 
another good one, Then Miss Stanley, with the 
assistance of a chair, put over a parody on "Get 
Out and Get Under," alternately la JewlBh and 
Irish dialect, and It was a real big bit for her. 
For an encore this clever young lady ottered "Sal- 
vation Nell," In wblcb alio worked up s lot of 
good business, and scored a great success. 

Mils Stanley Is a tall, shapely, and attractive 
young lady who lias the dexterity of knowing 
how to put a number over. Twelve minutes. In 
one. Bit. 


Dresser, Wallace and Company, la 
"In WatsonvlIIe." 

Pbootob'b 120th Stbbxt, Feu. 27. 

Tho plot of this comedy sketch deals with ths 
desires of one Percy Hastings, a rural dude, to 
eecuro a "city gal" for a wife, so he puts a 
matrimonial advertisement In a New York 
paper, and Helen Hargrave Brown applies and Is 
advanced raldroad fare. 

Tho action passes la Robert Stevens' law office 
In Wotsonvllle, a small country town, and hers 
Percy discloses his plan to tbo lawyer. In short, 
Helen arrives, falls immediately In love wltb the 
lawyer, and Percy Is the goat. 

The Idea Is weak and, although Frederick Wal- 
lace and Edward Dresser do west Is poasiblo la 
Iho ruba and lawyer roles, respectively, Ibey 
cannot hope for better than threc-a-day. Mary 
Walk played Helen. Thirteen minutes. Toil. 

Hln-lt Life "4." 

Bijou, Buooklyn, Uatineu, ran, 27. 

Fern* One looking fellows doing a grout singing 
act. They open with "Vlrgbilo," which roes over 
■well. "OR With the Old Love. On With the 
Now," by one member, was very good. A medley 
of popular numbers follows by all four Is a go. 
"Would You Tuko Mo Buck Again T" by oue iron, 
goes over flue. They end with "Dixieland" and) 
"Obcvunenke Bay." 

The High Life "4" are as clever a quartet as 

any In vaudeville to-dny. They all have One 

voices, and know how to put numbers over, and 

best of nil Ibey bamioiilrc. The boys weur neat 

business suits of one color and style. The art la 

classy, and one that Is bound to go. Running 

eleven minutes, in one. stti. 


Lotrait and Ferris. 

PBOCTOB'B 123tii &TBUT, I'm. 2T. 

Bnrlesquo military comedians. One straight 
as general, other in comic Uebrenv soldier outut. 
Both unlforrna covered with prop. dust. Work 
before special "battlefleld" drop. 

The tnlk Is better than ordinary the 
a good Yiddish fun-maker. The "straight" sings 
a solo In fslr bass voice, while comedian atugs 
a comic "Ain't That Nice." Final battle and 
gun play finishes their set strongly, with the 
straight carrying other off. Thirteen, minutes, 
olio. Tod, 

s ■■ 

Dave Hoffman. 

Pbootob's 12STU Stmxt, fib. 2T. 
nebrew comedian, la messenger boy togs to 

?ien with a song, and then adopting a draggy 
Iddlsher dialect for his following monologue. 
After an unnecessary announcement ho changes 
to Tuxedo suit, and tinder spot sings in Illustrated 
song style, two ballsds that should be Immediate- 
ly dlRnlaced for popular owe. His voice. It well 
suited for the ballad numbers, a strong baritone. 
Twelve minute, la one. rod. 

c. .■ 
. d . . 1 . 




if you fb specialties. Send photo and size, also lowest salary. Steady work until September 1 I 
Address JACK ALLEN, Grand Theatre, Burlington, la., this week; Sterling, 111., next week. ' 

Dan Hn rite's Womler Glrla. 
- Psocron's 125th STBBsr, Feb. 27. 

Be-appesrlng locally with the same running of 
the act as when It wss first reviewed In 1010, 
but featuring Jack Dempaey, a comedian and soft 
shoe dancer. Baa Burke's girls found a warm 
spot with the attendance on above date. 

Dcmneey works with an air of confidence, with 
a revival of past performances, but his person- 
ality makes It get by strongly. The numbers of 
the girls need rearranging. They are a lively 
half dozen pretty girls, and with newer songs and 
costumes would overcome that handicap. The 
numbers with the bells concealed in a fence be- 
fore the lake drop, ts retained and the girls play- 
ing the "bells" with their feet while lying on 
their backs, helps out nicely. The baseball bit 
could bo worked up much stronger, thoush an- 
other might substitute it with better results. 
Nineteen minutes, full stage. Toi. 

B 1 

Bertha Kullch. 

Palace, Mondai Evenino, March 2. 

Presenting a condensed version of "Marlunn," 
Berths Kallch made her uret appearance at this 
hoaso Monday, March 2, and was little short 
of a sensation. Her selection of a sketch for bcr 
Initial performance bare lias bten well choFen. 
Her company Is good and lend her excellent sup- 
port. In tho character of Mnrlana, a reveu^eful 
wife. Miss K nil ell has seldom been seen to 
greater advantage. Her acting was at times vesy 
forceful, ond showed oft her talent to perfection. 

Chief among her enpport is Frank Andrews ond 

John ElaTrlngton, both men acting their character* 

In a convincing manner. Tbo act runs stiout 

thirty minutes, on full stage. Jack. 


Oeovge White and Isabelle Jnaeo. 

Palaob, Monday K.vbnino, Mabch 2. 

Mnk-'ng a new tram In vaudeville thla clever 
pair made their first New York anpes ranee to- 
gether and presented one of tho roost entertaining 
acts of this kind ever given In this bouse. Songs 
sad dancing form the foundation of their per- 
formance, and as both have been commented 
upon In these columns many times, It only re- 
mains to be said that both duplicated tbe success 
that has always attended tbclr efforts In this 
city. A new rong. Introduced by Mr. White, en- 
titled "Push It Along," sounds like one of Iboas 
quick lire kind, and went over with a bang. The 
act reus about eighteen minutes. Jack. 

a 1 

Three Ncvarnoa. 
Pbootob's 123th Stvltt, Fob. 27. 

Two men nod a woman coniposo this clever 
g}T>uiuailr turn. 

Thu men, working straight, go through a aeries 
of meritorious baud to band balancing stunts, tiul 
feature a dlv-i by tha top man from atop of two 
barrels on top of a labia at C. D, F, to the un- 
denbsnder up stage, tho catch being made back- 
ward ond with tho wonuu locked about the 
un<1rrstander J s waist. 

The men ore a clever duo la their special line, 
and the woman. In a maid part, knte-Iengtb 
Ores, apron, etc., does what sro Is allotted her, 
very well. The act could have a better idea 
written around It, as It stands the reason for 
working In Interior set appears odd. Eight min- 
utes. Toi , 
s — — ■ 
Harvard Trio. 
Oatbtt, Brooklyn, Niour, Frn, 2d. 

Three men, two on bicycles, playing basket- 
ball, the third as referee and announcer. The 
bays play an exciting game, bitting the ball with 
small sticks instead of thdr hands. They ride 
well and do. some clever stunts anil get a few 
tumbles. They also work up somo good lai'ghs. 
Tbe act Is fast and full of action. Running eight 
minutes, full itoge. aid. 

S ii 

Dancing; Shaws. 

Pbootob's 125th Stbbbt, Fra. 27. 
Young man and woman featuring tango, Inno- 
vation, hesitation and other styles of latest ball- 
roo:n donees. 

They are graceful in all they do, and with 
farther wardroblng should do well on the "pop" 
time. Ten minutes, full stage. Tot. 

■ s 

Elisabeth Ward. 
Pbootob's 12Btb Stsbet, fbb. 27. 
A singer who lacks voice, modem wardrobe, 
songs and everything else that licenses one to 
become a "professional" entertainer. 

There an many good singing comediennes "vis- 
iting for dates" dally. Then why this mediocre 
talent! Thirteen minutes, In one. red. 

s ■ 

Cnllun and Davis. 
Pboctob'b 12Sin Stbbbt, Fob. 37. 
Man and woman, singers and dancers. The 
wooden shoo dancing by the man Is the best of It, 
Ordinary small timers. Eight minutes, In one. 



City Treasurer Wm, MoOoach, of Phila- 
delphia, recently sent out an order. Baying 
every public place having one or more pianos, 
must have a theatrical license costing $600. 
This would not only apply to the cafes, but 
means that songs can not be demonstrated 
in moving picture bouses, department stores 
nnil five ond ten cent stores. This means a 
temporary, if not permannt stop to music 

4 ■» 


Surrogate Fowler has granted tie order on a 

Bitltlon of the executor of tbe estate of Thomas 
Innean, asking for permission to exchange bonds 
belonging to the estate of the Ocean Ooaeter 
Oonapany, operating an amusement plant at Ooncy 
island, for bonds la a new concern to operate tho 
same plant. 

The Ocean fboster Ooropany was unable to 
realise say profits, and a new company was formed 
which has obtained tho plant for {4,0110 a year 
with tbe payment of taxes. 



Prima Donna, Sonbrette, Dancing Sketch Team, Sister Act, Straight Man, Chorus Girls; In fact, People 
in All Lines. This Is a Tabloid Musical Comedy playing week stands. No fancy salaries, but you get 
what I promise you every week. Statoage, height, weight, and lowest salary- lfpoBSlble, Bend photo, 
which I will return. Pleased to hear from old Mends. Address FRANK KING;, Gen. Del., Mobile, Ala. 

Deatps in ge gwjtgjoi 

Mrs. Edward Kectch. nged Ihirty-nlne 
years died Feb. IS, in the Olty Hospital In Kan 
Antonio, Tex. Mrs. Keetch was a wire walkei, 
and a member of the Keetch family Vaudeville 
Show, under canvas. She leaves her husband and 
•three children. ... . 

Hayme Hlonne. of the team of John and 
Mnyme Sloane, died Feb. 28, of imrltoultls, at St. 
Clair Ropltal, Columbus, O. The reirutlafl were 
removed to her late homo In Youugstown, 0., for 

Frank Gadow, who was well-known In the 
theatrical profession, and who was a Jockey for 
many years, died of heart failure at Kallspcll, 
Mont, Feb. 13. One timber und ono sister sur- 
vive him. 

John B. AtTvcIl died March 1. Be was 
well known as a vaudeville agent. 

Cnrl II re Imi died Feb. 27 ot Erie, Pa. 


Cleveland, 0. — Opera TToure (A. F. Hartz, 
mgr.) for week of March 2, Cohan & Harris' 
"Stop Thief," to be followed by Julia Sanderson. 
"The Simshlno Ulrl" beginning ,i. 

OoLOKiiL (F. lloy OoiaitocK, a$r. ) — "The Hon- 
eymoon Express" 2-7. "Peg o' My Heart," re- 
turn engagement, I'M. 

Kuth's llu'i'ODiious CI. A. Daniels, mgr.) — 
Bill beginning Tuesday, 3 : Gertrude Hoffmiiu Is 
the heiicllliier. Others are: Jos, Jefferson and com- 
pany, Bobt. Emmett Kcunc. Dainty English Trio, 
llalugan and Sykes, Melville and Blgglus, Klta- 
mura Japs, and Patbe's Weekly. Tho Olilcauc Grand 
Opera Co. appears on Monday aftecnoon sod 
evening, 2, for two perfonnincee only. At tha 
iinitlnec. Wolf-Fcri arl's "Jewelo of tho Madonna," 
wltb Mines. Carolina White, llerat. and l.vonii 
and Amadco Bissl was given, Mary Garden, 
Uanjj'iiguohi, Polceo and Nlcolny were the princi- 
pals In the evening parfomiance of Puccini's 
"Torn." Oampanlnl lead tbo orchestra, 

Pbospsot (J. W. Lyons, mgr.)— "Tho Warn- 
ing" 2-7, "The Shepherd of tho Hills" next. 

MnnorouTAN (Fred E. Jotcson, mgr.)— For 
week of 2, tho Vaughn-Q laser Block Co. present 
"The Eternal 01ty.' r wltb ' Qulncy Adams Saw- 
yer" to follow, f). There Is no dnndng between 
nets thla week on account of the character of tho 

Sdctibsb (FI. 0. Buckley, mgr.)— Owing to 
the Illness of Miss Masvtell there wero no perform- 
ances at this theatre last week, and ber con- 
dition also prevents her appearrnce tbe present 
week. Tho bouse will remain dark, except for 
pictures oa Sunday. 

Olbvbland (II. D. Zlrker, mgr,)— Holden Play- 
ers. In "The Penalty," 2-7. 
- M i" 8 •f" 1 "''' Rayman, mgr.)— Dill week of 
7. : „y hn ^ Kenna, Beatrice Sweeney and company, 
Llllle Jewell, the Great Ln Seine, American 
hewsboys' Quartette, Jack and Agnes Omuor, 
and pictures. ' 

jnOMUA (P. E. Seat, mgr.)— Bill week of 2: 
r-T b , e afflES 11 *! Sc , 11001 Girls, 1 ' "The Ferris Wheel 
Girls," Two Lucifers, Edmonds and True Jano 
Iletton and company, McNlsh and HcNlah, and 

iSfrJRa, !**■** m *"- ) - Bcaut7 - 

Girt" 2-" (aco * <aenet ' ■**>—*■• ""^e 
OnWH (H. N. Do.vns, mgr.)— First 
run pictures, Including "Native Lin Hunt" and 
'The 8unkea Village" and others 2-7. Muslo 
specially arranged by Spltosny's orchestra. 

AuiAiiBBA (A. S. MeOandllBh, mgr.)— High 
class photoplays and orchestra muBlc, with tho 

M&kan? SHUS* tttl ™ <J "' We(k " "n- 

hJLS^u •£?"*.?"■ - :' ni8 ftaturo 2-1 is Mel- 
bourne McDowell and company, ln "Tho Man 
and Labor." For 5-7: "The Third Degree," iS 

Smnt? flT0 wn *® « ct8 ■»*» peE 
uM^ieSSF "" l O^-V'uc-ovill* and 

rti! ,™; - Shumatm-Helnk gave a recital at 
prey's Armory 8. Tbe entire house wi. irac- 
tleally sold out In sdvanee. . .7. .rxhc Mlnnea Sib 
SrWiS JHPiLS" «'»» the sTventh »nee"t 
*, ? e B / m « >n0D >: « rl c» nt Grny's Armory evcohut 
S'.! ; 2!B*lBi** *fi " silolat and wUI n ay 

ES.S A* ••.;■•• V '■ snnoanced that Mme. 
Emma Eames will sing at the Hotel Statler In ■ 
J^mrHBt eopcert on Friday evening, 13.. The 
Central Amusement Co.. of which A a 82 

2SSSS ft *S*EJ*Lm9r- *mmi. & 

acquired the Alhamlrra, Olympda and Globe' tT 1c ? 
atres from the Keith Interests. No radical 
changes of policy are as yet aanounced. 

Lonlswllle, Ky.— Macaoley's (John T. Ma- 
esuley, mgr.) George Arllss, ln ''Disraeli," nlavej 
Jo good bouses week of Feb. 23. "^1 nfrS !3 
Paradise" March 2-7. "Bought andPald For^ 

HiirniBrr fj. Love, mgr.)— Dark week of 2 
BnoKiNOHAM (Horace MeOroeklln, mgr.)— Dave 
Marlon's Big Show scored big week tf BataT la? 
Mollis Williams- Big Show Ma.chSlV 
^«g"*l S S"ffi*« ngr.)— "The Divorce 
Question" enjoyed a big week ending Feb. 28. 

wF2L?SJr la Psn ««"'" M»rcb 3-7. Bijbb. 

is. iihta nnt, 

o,^ il ^. DT „ 1 (I J' llK>n ^« n ?• ««"<». mgr.)— Bill 
*».<■ A.«gaW J? Broadway." Kills and Ella- 
worth. De Velde Troupe, Tuxedo Three, sad Will 

Natiohai, (Lee Goldberg, mgr.)— Bill 2-7: 
Fields and Lewis, Four Oook Sfslera, Le Clair 
jnd Sampson, Four Baldwins, Jack Howard, and 

mJSrZf (J - L - w ** d ' tmrr.)— Bill 2-7: Harry 

Tlcjbe and company. Three Ellisons, Bubo Dlckln- 
■on. Blssett and 8eott, Wanda, Barry and Wol- 
Ibrd, Fkrenco IHIISJW ■ Boys and Girls 

OarusuAl (A. Kinney, mgr.) — "The Uphill 
Climb" In the feature film week of 1. 

Novtott <S. Levenaon, mgr.) — "For tho Fam- 
ily Honor" featuring week of 1. 

Majbitio (L. Dlttmar. ^rngr.)— "The Pride of 
Jcnnlco" foa luring week ot 1. 


And Wear "Bhoeeraft" 
Short Vamp Shoes, 

They fit well, make your 
feet look small and dainty, 
and finish off your ward* 
robe with a touch of class. 
The boot Illustrated la made 
of patent colt skin, with 
turn sole and mat. kid top, 

(Parcel! Post Prepaid.) 
Fit guaranteed. Send 
for catalog "A." and 
measurement blanks. 


27"W.:WthSt„ N.Y. 

West of 6th Ave. 
Tel., 16 Greeley. 




Light Comedies 


26 yrs. 6 ft. st; ln 


Ingenue— Sonbrette 
23 yrs. 6 ft. Ajj In. 

Good Lino Specialties Can Join on Wire 

Address JOB SBARS, 
Westerla Hotel. Oeala, Fla. 

To Open 1st Aagnst, 1914 


Useful Rep. People Write 


General Delivery, webstbk, mass. 


Juvenile Leads, Heavies and some Characters. 
Age 22; ( ft. 11 In. 194 Saltotistsll Ave., , 
New Haven, Conn. 


Irish, B. P., Magic, etc.; fako P. A. 0.: change for 
two weeks; your limit; ticket. CIIA8. E. MET- 1 
CALF, Gen. Del., Jamestown, Mo. Dak. I 

Casino (A. Kenny, mgr.) — "The Winning 
Hand" featuring week of 1. 

Coi.uuniA (A. Kenny, mgr.)— "In tbe Python's 
Den'" featuring week of 1. 

Hopkins', Olvupio, HiPPODnoMB, Oiyktal, 
Wsst BBOAOWAT, Ideal, Pabkiand, Cut-row, . 
genua and Baxtbm. — Motion pictures only. i 

(SfecM wire to Tub Outrxa.) 

Ouicaoo, Moreh 3. 
Two inlts aggregating 100,000 for alleged dum- 
eges, were died ln the Federal Court here today, 
by Ed. L. Drew, of Bailey A Drew, owners at 
"The Traffic," the much discussed play that litis 
Just completed a four months' run ln Chicago, 
and by Colonel Bill Thompson, leasee and mana- 
ger of the Waukegin Opera House, against Mayor 
Bedlnger, the Aldermen, and the Olty of Wnu- 
kegan. The snlt grows out of Mayor Bedlnger a 
stopping of "Tbe Traffic" from playing In that 
city, and the complainants, each of whom aska 
for $26,000 damages, aaaert that tbe mayor, who 
never saw the play, described it to tbe Oouncll 
In a manner, false, misleading, and defamatory 
to the property and to those interested ln pre- 
senting tho drama. Several small town officials 
have already Interfered with "Tbe Traffic," and 
tbe objectors have In every case been individual' 
who linvc never witnessed too performance. "I'ctty 

Solltles, local fends, and hysterical reform fad- 
lata," says Manager Drew, "bare In each case 
given as trouble. Hereafter we will fight thla 
kind of Injustice ln tbe Federal Courts. Neve.- 
again will we submit to bave our property and 
Ita owners slandered and Injured by false reports 
and provincial bigotry. 'The Traffic' has had no 
opposition In the larger cities towns towns. Three 
companies are now en tout- In this play." 
«« » 

By far the most notable event In Washington, 
D, 0., of tho present aeason took place at Poll > 
Popular Theatre week of Feb. S3, with the 
premiere of "The Governor's Boss," by ea-oens- 
tor James 8. Barcus. The Poll management cer- 
tainly deserves credit for having presented a 
brand new play by an unknown author, gmki 
business ruled all week, and the performances 
were attended by moBt every notable politician 
in Washington, tho most notable, of course, oc- 
log President Wilson. The play la being nego- 
tiated for by several well known New York man- 
agers, and will be produced ln New Terk In ths 
early Spring. 


Men. CACxrfl opened mcceirfnlly at Proctor's, 
Ellanbtth. N. J., Feb. 28. _. . ... 

Jesb Danot, who played the Cincinnati 
brewer ln "The Prloco of PHscn" for several sea- 
nons, and Is also well known In vaudeville, tins 
been engaged by Oliver Morosco to erente toe 
part of HohlMiWr in that manager's prpdjie- 
Jtkm of "Auction PlnocMe," which he will Ming 
«,ot ln Los Angeles week after next. 

JtrrjAN Eminob, in his new play. "The Crino- 
line Girl," will be seen March 10 at the Knicker- 
bocker Theatre, New Tort. . ... 

Wrt.uAM NrrecHKB has again assnracfl ibo 
duties of assistant manager of the Broadway 
Theatre, New York. 


it lil 
tilt ' 




S- & C CIRCUIT CHANGES HANDS. Clipper Post Office, 


Herb. Bnyman With Woods. 

Herbert Ilayroun, -whose name now appears 
on the Mine frosted door with Rose Mul- 
lnney'e as you enter Joe Woods' ofllco on the 
sixth floor In 1493 Broadway, Is preparing 
for near future presentation a new one act 
musical comedy, Including ten people, In 
which he wllT feature Maurice Barrett, pro- 
tege of Sam Bernard. The act la booked to 
open March 10. before the snakes and St. 
Tat begin to celebrate. 

Pope and Uno In CM. 

Pope end I'no will open on the Orpheum 
time at the Majestic, Chicago, this month, 
with a large slice of European dates to 

"Tiro Irish Terriers and 

Frank Corbet t, Sam Shepherd and Walton 
Donovan, now kuown as the 'Two Irish Ter- 
riers and a Bloodhound," played a Sunday 
concert at the Wadsworth Theatre, up on 
Washington Heights, Feb. 22, and cleaned 
things up Uke ancient Qeorgle mutilated the 
now extinct "cherry" thing. It's no lie. 
Heck the Washington Heighten just salamed 
to their melodies like little George did in 
the woodshed trick, and now the trio has 
been chosen as the added attraction of the 
Broadway Girls, at Hurtlg & Seamon'a The- 
atre next week. 

More Doctor Bills. 

Carrie Lille, "the personality lass," has 
been adding more wealth to a certain Bronx 
physician's bank roll. She was taken HI and 
forced to cancel route and return for another 
spell of Illness at her new One Hundred 
and Fifty-sixth Street home, two weeks ago. 
But she's comln' around slowly now under 
the careful eye of her "mommer." 
Twenty-five Years Old. 

Proctor's Twenty-third Street Theatre will 
celebrate "her" twenty-fifth birthday on 
Thursday, March 5, and the way Manager 
Frank McCune Is smiling this week ouo 
would think he was "her" father. Bless his 
little heart. 

Joe Remington Still Bony. 

Joseph Remington and his company, pre- 
senting "The Millinery Salesman," comedy 
sketch, will open on the Pontages time In 
Winnipeg, Can., March 23. 

Albert and Rosella Dne. 

'Albert and Rozclla are doe to be looking 
over He metropolis In the near future. In 
a few lines recently received, dated Mel- 
bourne, Victoria. Auk.. Jan. 20, they expect- 
ed to "sail for home" Feb. 7, on the T. 8. 8. 
Sonoma. They were playing a two weeks' 
return date at the New Gaiety Theatre In 
Melbourne, then, having worked there week of 
Nor. 11. They returned to South Australia 
after the Melbourne engagement for a re- 
turn date at the King's Theatre. !n Adelaide, 
where they were for Christmas and New 
Year's week. 

Hlnes and Fenton Split. 

After four years of partnership nines an<l 
Fenton "Stuffy and Sliver," mutually agreed 
to part. Botb comedians have teamed up 
with "straight men." 

Help I 

Dear B. K. : 

According to the "all figured out for you" 
seals of salaries appearing in l'at Casey's 
IlullcUn. dated Feb. HI, I should be drawing 
down something equal to twenty cents un 
bour. (Somebody's cheating.) 

Them Were Happy Days. 

'Seeing Bert Roscnquest handling the as- 
sistant managerial reins down at the Four- 
teenth Street Theatre reminds me of when 
I went to skule with blm. Wo have both 
outgrown the lumps wo originated on one 
cuother's beds with Prof. Maxwell's Hlates, 
at least he has, for Bert is good to look 
upon, wile I — ah, don't laff, boys, the folks 
wui all out on the buty thing wen 1 blew In. 
But to git bak to Fourteenth Street. Bert 
teams to bo satisfied with his surrondlngs, 
for has be not got Jack Drlscoll still singing 
the ballards, and, by the way, Jack is set- 
ting thin. And then there's Harry Shea 
•tuning the bouse with pretty good shows 
•vrte few days without enybodle's help hut 
Harry Shea. 

Martin Shcan and Jimmy Flattery are 
featured as the "Keystone Caps" of the 
house, and the rest of the crew includes Leo 
Kenton, shelling out the stubs as treasurer ; 
Daniel Green, chief ushering; Louis Conroy 
and Daniel Rice, chief and assistant plcktur 
operators, and LunleL P. Pinto on the door, 
while Dick Kcrwln Is a ducedly devah stage 

Goc, these are Ibeppy days, too, fellers, 
even If we particular crltcrlng ginks aro 
classed In the "poor bum" bunco. 

Boo Slated tor Seventeen. 

No. Doc O'Nell Is not slated "to do" seven- 
teen months or years la Osstning or Muttca- 
wan or any such good places. It's too bad, I 
•now, but i well anyway I'm Just try- 
leg to tell you that the plump nut will bo 
feeding out the sniff powders at Oscar or 
Willie Hammersteln's theatre, up there on 
the corner of Forty-second and Seventh Ave* 
sue, during St. Patrick's Birthday week, 
Avllng and Lloyd Featured. 

Avllngr and Lloyd, those carefree come- 
dians, who ore compelled to work with min- 
ium In a pinch, are going to be featured In. 
a big girl act, which Is to be put nut by Jack 
Goldberg, of the Marcus Loew forces. 
' Lillian for London. 

Caught LUUan (Russell) Bradley, the 
Hondo beauty, gathering in dates at the U. 
B. O. headquarters one afternoon last week. 
Lillian's flno soprano voice made her one of 
the favorites of Jurdin de Danso during her 
engagement there, besides carrying ber to 
more recent triumphs In vaudeville. She has 
seen booked by M. S. Bentbam for extensive 
European engagements, and will hi herself 
Londonwards via the Olympiv on May 10 
■cat. . 

In the meantime she would be a welcome 
song feature of local variety bills, lust as 
she was on the benefit bill for the Hebrew 
Inlant Asylum at Uio Casino last Sunday 

Burke's Girls In Town. 

Caught Dan Burke's Wonder Girls up In 
Harlem last week. Jack Dempeey, a hickory 
■ut comedian is featured in the present con- 
glomeration of song and frolic, and though 
there Is still a Holler girlie In the "girl" end 
•f it all, as when first seen here In 1010, 
alie is Dagmer Moller. The other live girlies 
surrounding Dempsey are: Ethel Stuart. 
Loans Sbaw, Cecil Von-Mason. Bvolyn Keam* 
and Catherine Brooks, all full of life and 
With shapely, musical-endowed limbs. 
One from Grayer. 

Grayco Connell, formerly Of Malson 
Jacques* "Cloak Models" act. In vaudeville, 
lut now filling a special dancing port with 
Ihe Anderson Gaiety Company's "Candy 
simp" through the West, says that while 
flaying a one-nlghter recently sho became 
faint, and as a relief asked one of the stage 
lands If the town was dry. 

"N-n-no. Miss, not 'zactly dry we do bov 
■ shower now an' then.** 

Grayce later asked tho same theatrical 
magnate what "curtain" it was, and he wh ta- 
re red that ho thought it asbestos, but 
vouidn't chance testing It. 


Direction James Plnnkett 

«« -lllfFHtRDaiMlCIIAlR I-dbu 
-Direction Pat Casey 

Omcaao, March I.— Tho Sullivan k Oonaldlne 
circuit has been purchased by Marcos Loew, 
Adolph Zokor and Joseph M. Soheock, of New 
York, and Aaron Jones, of Jones, Llnlck & Schaef- 
fcr, of Chicago. Tho prlco runs Into tho millions 
of dollars, fly this purctiaso a number of the 
theatres have been purchased outrbjbt, 

The new combination will bo ablo to book 
vaudeville artists for almost thrvo years without 

Too theatroj In Chicago In tho new arrange- 
meat aro: McVtckcr'a, Colonial, La Salle, Or- 
pheum, American. Wlllanl. Crown, HIJou Dream, 
two Rmprow Theatre., Lyric, Premier and Koynl. 
Tat Wilson Avenue Theatre was sold last month. 

In order to avoid mistakes and te 
iainra the prompt delivery of the 
letters advertised in this list, an 
envelope plainly addressed maat be 
aent for ench letter, and a written 
order for the letter, ■ tuned with the 
fa. I name and nddres* and the line 
of bnslneas followed by the aender, 
mast also be enclosed. 

Please mention the date <or num- 
ber) of the < i.ll'Tiil In which tho 
letters sent for were advertised. 



Innls' Eyes Dad. 

Wondered why Maude Ryan was unaccom- 
panied by "hub on Broadway ono afternoon 
last week, until I was pumped with the 
spoonful of unsatisfactory knowledge that 
"hub's'' eyes were in bad shape ana a rest 
was compulsory. 

Freddie's Crew' In Dancer. 

Freddie Becque, the coming impresario of 
the "movies," who runs feature picture shows 
In New City and Congers, N. Y., once each 
week, and his crew of Bob Hopper and Geo. 
Martllng camo near a catastrophe on tho 
way from the latter place night of Feb. 20, 
when their sleigh did a brodlc, and to or- 
ganization and feature picture, "Jerry's 
Mother-in-Law," were stuck Into the white 
etuff up to their Belmonts. 

They managed to lose no time scrambling 
to good breathing apace, and after lushing a 
telegram to Madeline, In Bay Ridge, that ho 
was still healthy and unharmed, Freddie and 
his assistants gilded on. He says bis illus- 
trated songs, sung by Columbia records, are 
setting 'cm up straight in New City and 

Last Week at the Fifth Avenue, 

Tho Meredith Sisters were on too early 
(No. 3) on the Fifth Avenue bill last week, 
but keeping tabs on the show Pearls ana 
Clara were ono of the pleasures of the en- 
tire entertainment. They made five classy 
changes, and besides continuing the "Hia- 
watha' number and special Indian set they 
used "Mandalny," "I've Never Been Kissed 
Before," "Hello, Wintertime," and a special 
Dutch number, all well rendered. They still 
have that taste for good clothes. 

Ted Lorraine and Hattle Burks sang and 
danced beautifully to a good reception. Joe 
Howard and charming Mabel McCane's mix- 
ture of sketch and song, and Miss McCane'S 
display of wonderful gowns, found them 
guilty of causing another small rumpus when 
They left 

I eat crullers like Vlollnsky Angers out 
that "Apache" Intermezzo on the piano (ask 
any one of "the girls" In Child's). Nuf sed. 
When Ward Johnstone tossed that half dol- 
lar over tho footlights for that "cafe pianist" 
finish of Vl's last Wednesday night I nearly 
dove out of as upstairs box. Vlollnsky got 
all that as coming and a few more bows 
that were. due. 

Gormloy and Caffery aro ono of tho best 
acrobatic pairs In their line, and were a great 
opener for the show. Tho black face Brown 
Brothers wcro good and funny when they 
danced on tho skates. "The I'lnno Movori" 
Is as well known as Edmond Hayes Is him- 
self, and Just as funny now as he and Tom 
Snyder always mado It In their respective 
roles, assisted cleverly by Marie Jansen. 
Herberts dogs nre up In the lead as an en- 
tertaining canine act, with that little loon- 
tho-loop terrier putting the fun to the beauty 
of the act. A good show, but hardly appre- 
ciated by the peculiar audience of Ola par- 
ticular evening. 

HarlenVa Cabarcters. 

Hurry your entry In for Tim Clipper's 
Bong writers' Contest and that tin cap, 
boys, to be held at the theatrical and novelty 
ball of the Dick Jess Association, at Burlaw! 
Casino, next Tuesday night, March 10. (I'm 
:oing to borrow an open faced Moe Levy If 
'm fortunate, so have your monocle on or I 
won't give you a tumble.) 

Business at the Alamo, on One Hundred) 
and Twcnty-Qfth Street, continues to boom 
along scrumptously, with Jo-Jo and Delancy 
end Hattle Harlowe as regular songsters, 
and Irving Daah casing out "those melodies.' 

Henrietta Hanson was featuring "Camp 
Meotln' Band" and "Let By-gonea Be By- 
gones," besides doing a bit at the piano, up 
at Nlemeycra', nrhflo Bstella Sanson was 
romping through with "Kiss Me, I've Never 
Been Kissed Before," "You've Got Your 
Mother's Big* Bine aye*." "Mandalny" and 
too "'Rover" numbers In Mg fashion. Busi- 
ness IS BO-BO, 

'Business at the College Inn appears to be 
most satisfactory. At least that's tho Im- 
pression the surroundings made on my 
bruised forehead last Thursday evening, Peb. 
20, when wo dropped In for a peek and 

Paul Cunningham had Just finished silvery 
voicing "I'm Crying Just for You" and "Dan- 
cing Around," and both numbers went smash- 
ing well. And who were slanted at a table 
nearby but the two Sams, Lewis and Body. 
(Wonder what they did with that chicken 
they won at the Inn, en route for Bridge- 

Corbett Shepherd and Donovan used 
"Rubens Tango HuikbV Bee" end "Dandna 
Around" to their usual big reception, ana 
Elmer Fleming, chick and peppery, eased 
over '^Chattanooga" in good form, while 
Dave Foi romped through two corking good 
parodies on "Why Do You Hang Around" 
and "Got Out tuid Get Under." 

Mery Bruce, a pretty young singer, with 
abundance of soprano voice, was then an- 
nounced as a special surprise, and the way 
eho warbled "Isle D'Amour" was worth all 
tbe way It was received. Joe Goodwin, of 
Leo Feist's shop, was In, but didn't uso 
"Ragtime Dream 7 ' or "You Broke My Heart 
to lass the Time Away" for the rest of our 
stay: although Mae Vincent helped the sleep 
melody that Joe didn't with "Dreaming, '■ 
and Abo rrankoi, at the piano, during a fol- 
lowing moment's rest, tried to pick into 
fond recollections with a few strains of "My 
Little Texas Queen," and didn't know we had 
his number. Abe is getting to bo a notori- 
ous favorite with Louis Wilson and Benny 
Levy's patrons, while last, but not least, 
Artie SfebbuuT Job of overseeing the dance 
floor and saving many lives from dipping 
tticroseves to the slippery tudeifaotlng. Is 

Marie Hns Sla-ned. 

Marie URlette, the dainty and dating tra- 
peze artist, has signed with the Ocllmar 
Bros.* Shows for this season. 
Jake Worries. 

Jake I.ubln Is always ready for an earful 
of new music about what's going on In the 
theatrical world in general outside of Loow's 
Seventh Avenue Theatre, where Jake has 
added heaps to> his "rep as a manager ie 
luxe since grabbing up tho reins there for 

Joe Vogcl Is one of the best little assistant 
managers about the Loew circuit, too, if 
any fair one should inquire of you, nnd Man- 
ager Jake will vouch for such boost Jake 
protests against Ills patrons sacking their 
little dimes and quarters Into the cash win- 
dow without first warning them U a capacity 

house is already within. That's why he Is 
doing a big sharo of Locw's local business up 
In Harlem. 

Mnrnclls on S. & C, 
The Dancing Marnells, singers and dan- 
cers, nro on their sixth week of Sullivan A 

Allen, Mary 
Alrln, Agnes 
A'lell, Uiwo 
Adamson, Kthcl 
MM Irene 
biaic, Mrs. 
lluchai an, 



Farrcll, Krankle Nlclson, t'eirl 

CntcAoo, III., March -. — Action Lewis hns 
started a vaudeville booking agency, and 
announces that Kuropcan methods will bo In- 
troduced In the new concern. The firm will 
»,. lu ._ vi . u . u ..u « *• known as tho Vaudeville Managers' Pro- 
Oonsldtno time, and after Ovo weeks moro «*ctlye Association, with offices at .104 West WflJ*"ff _ 
will go out for tDclr agent J. Simon, on the Washington Street. Mr. Lewis Is the general g»JJ«g. ""•,£• 

Interstate circuit Their new. original manager. itodco MIm R.B 

dance, "Corn Flakes and Orapo Nuts," Is a ____ _-____• ._ _..-_._» Berlin, Hilda 

great big featuro In every city. BERT COWDBEY IN CHICAGO. uutSi. 

— Occtl Archer 

The Tango Jawed Beby. 

Hare you ever noticed tho peculiarities of 
the piano fellows In the local "vaudeville and 
picture" houses ? I doubt if any of 'cm havo 
it on tho clever chap who workB tho upright 
at Proctor's Ono Hundred and Twenty-flits, 
Street house. 

This boy can keep time with any "camp 
meeting band" or ballroom exponent in tbo 
country. Just slip blm a pack of Spearmint 
some time and gaze upon him, dear one, ga*o 
upon him. I've had neuralgia la my Jsvvs 
for three days after every visit to Billy 
Matthews' auditorium 


CuiCAao, March 2.— Rort Cowdrcy, de<^ 
tcctlvo-scrgcant of the Chicago Poilco De- 
partment for a number of years, who has 
returned to theatrical life and Is now play- 
ing on the Sullivan A Conaldlno circuit, was 
a welcome caller at tho Western Bureau of 
Tin New York Cliitkh. in Chicago, Satur- 
day, Feb. 28, accompanied by W. J. Wei- 
basky, president of tho /rational Policemen's 
Home Journal, of Now York, and who wns 
for many years legal representative for n 
number of America's lending circuses, in- 
cluding Barnum & itnlley. Great Wnllaro 
Shows and tbo Adam Foropnugh Circus. 

Bmma r. 
Bumettc, Anna 

Mayme Victor 
nenielco, Mile. 
Bates, Gertrude 
lllnnchard Lilian 
llulkley Mrs. V. 
llurby, Jane 
Co Hns, JeMle 
Ciirleton Kle.inr 
Orollus, LoulM 
Olirk, May lton 

wSSVSSlfrS. i, h.,v •_ ----- Cowdrcy Is illustrating tho BortllTon system Covet* Jgjw 
Frank Corbctts wife Is back .from i Boston, of identifying criminals, as Introduced In aiiford, Gens 

hut she says Frank may keep the buU terrier 
ho purchased when she went away. 
Myrtle and Daisy la. 
Myrtle and Daisy, those two clcvor looking, 
graceful girlies who are presenting their 

5 olden hucd song and piano act at Proctor's 
'ltth Avenue Theatre tills week, have lost 
but four weeks since tbey decided they could 

. identifying . 
America by Georgo M. I'ortcotis, null Is meet- 
ing with marked success In vaudeville thea- 
tres, and has bookings leading him into the 


CnicAoo, March 2, — Henry Gllbortson, sn- 

get by" in a "double." So their "hubbys," pcrlnlendent of privileges with tho Sclls-Ptoto 

who happen to bo tdo Landry Bros., hnvo jgSS Bill Shows, was a wclcomo callor at 

nothlngon 'em for doing the "make good" aZSPtflUKE? 1 !& f . iSPaJass 
f-lek Curran la Chicago, ror tho pant lr 


frtek " i Jiri'Ki in v.meuuii. rur me nm ilvo Bcn- 

Barkhardt Has Another. « on » no nM ■•* tho privileges with tho Tarn- 

u » ,v iTi . . , . , „ men-Bonllls Aggregation. Ho Is the owner 

Ifag BhJkhardt a t* t«Jm _in*_stosll J\ 6 «y,Mtofa «oncV In Colorado a 

another partner in lOmmett Gullfplle, who prei)Cnre ot a 500 BC rcs. twenty^tlireo miles 

SS^L'^^ t 3LJ¥SBS!^J^^Sr From Fort Morgan. . On the rtnch Gilbert 


Fannie Louise 
Clulr. Ada 
Dcuslas, Rose 
Bwycr, Daisy 
De Leon, Millie 
Dunbar, IMlth 

Rvrtyn Paler 
BnUoli, Blanche 
Dover* LUIIau U 
Dover*. Mabel 
DeMarlo, Kami* 

Fuller, Mart 
Fallon. Susl 
tlullhcrt, llelene 
Oiu. Harriet 
(Irejsnmii. Sidle 
Olbson, Mnbel 
(lonlon. J«au 
Ull, Pilar 
(llrMOU, Clara 
Hall, ldabel 
Howard Anna M 
Hall. Lilian 
Hamilton. Kitty 
Harris, May 

Jnt'kaon, Mlas It 
ICcnnlaon, Jessie 
Kits, tleorgo 
Kohler HrnA.L. 
Kennedy, FU> 
Kennedy, Helen 
Kenull, (Irnco 
Knox, Helen 
Lvlsh, Mnbel 
Letter. Beatrice 
I Mine. Carol 
Uonnrd, Ma« 
l^roy. Alma 
Larkln, Jean 
l/irnlnc, Lola 
Louoy, Delia K 
Leo. KdyUM 

Mrs. H. K 
Mayoard, Lillian 
McKeosle, May 

Harsh, Bess 

Mack, Onclo 
Moore, Almi 
Mooru, Until 

Dolscamn, Irene Moran, Irene 

terminer up at tho College Inn in Harlem, 


son has COO head of prize cattle, 00 hornos, 
cle. Gllbortson enjoys the unique distinc- 
tion ot having Introduced Individual drinking 
cups on tho lcmonndn stands with the Sells- 
Kioto Shows. It may not bo amiss to record Faulkner, itoso 
the fact that Joe Ucpp christened "1'ho layette, Lotus 

Delay MraKUdue 
De bajawjM 

KnlteL Rose 
Foley, Kmma 
Fisher, Susie 

iriAer. nmlly 

White Top Banch." 

Wonotiau, Cora 
Maohatt, Louse 
Martin, Oitaslo 
Marbrl, ifli* 
Morrli, I/hiI«o 

Myers, Louisa 
Noble. Jessie 
Neville, Bests 
Now ton. Noil a 
Nlcoll. Julia 
Nelson, Miss J., OetllVlil 

NmUe, Mile. 
Nolliuan, Ite.ste 
O'Neill, ICv.l 

I'oworp, Uauc 

Mrs. ft a aa w 
ronml, Alia 
Oit'Sby, H«e 
llevseT, Co; line 
Itoliertf Coidi'lla 
itedeil, MM-Cbaa 
Kusaell, lluiler 
llaniey, Marie 
ltai«loltdi Marie 
Ityan, Millie 
Itobertsun VeuU 

Kta. Thns.Vt*. 
s <e'e, Oertrude 
Sulhsnl, l.ej 
Mnn, Minnie 
Mi'tcaa, l.""'.a 
Starr, tbuattU 
tiweet, Dolly 
Silencer Margrcl 
Bt. Lcnaid, 

Simon Idal'latelle 
Kamaiana Loral* 
Htcele. Uertrude 
Siaythe, Trlale 
Tripp. Anna 
Toblu, Mao 

Nellie r*. 
ivrty, Lillian 
rainier Marlon a 
Tamer, Ltau 
I'hou.pann, Amy 
Von Luke. Kdllh 
Wlualow, Norn* 
Wllion, Ileleuc 

Mrs. Lew 
Worth, vint. 't 

Wetsel Oharlutio 
War I us-, Mild re i 
Wining, llentiles 
Xoang, Virginia 


chicaqo, March 2. — Sprlrgtlme la ap- 

^™"^^^^^™~^^^^^^^^^^ Alia Walt W 

0IO B09LBY TO WHO. Aria,' Annl 

CmCAOO, III.. March 2.— Hlg Iloiloy, local Ahnan nros. 

proachlng and tho weather is fine in Arkan- manager / or sbnplro-Ilernsteln Muslo Com- Arn«tro,,g b. w. 

sas. Arthur Dcvls, who for a numbor ot rJJ__ ■ ... B hortlv be married to Fay ITunlB. TrS?** lt . l !y f • 

years was prominently Identified with several Sfr^.rlv with ttie JJrnadwav Glrli. v I n *„? "'Sr' 

it America's leadlnir tented atmrceatlona. and >nnerly wltn toe uromiway uins. Atkins, It . 



of Americas leading tented aggregations, nnj 
for the past two years bos occupied an execu- 
tive position In tho Btoward's department of 
tho Hotel La Salle. Chicago, left for 'Hot 
Springs to-day for a two weeks' outtng. 
This Is In conformance with Arthur's regu- 
lar habit, taking two or three weeks away 
every year to spend with his friend, W. G. 
Maurice, in the Arkansas metropolis. Pretty 
soft for Arthur, not only in being Identified 
with one ot tho world's greatest hostclrlet, 
but to enjoy tbo prerogative of taking a va- 
cntlon and spending- it every year with our 
dear old friend Bill Maurice Hut as Dr. 
Grouch says: "Them that has, gets." 

i s 
Wallace Sackett will be identified with 
the llugcnbeck-Wallaco Shows in 1014 as 
press agent back with the organisation, Mr. 
Sackett is a university man, and has long 
been identified with traveling theatrical pro- 
ductions. Last Fall bo was In the Hast 
assisting bis father, who ran on the l'ro- 

Srossivo ticket for the governshlp of the 
tate of New Jersey. Sackett Is at present 
connected with a Chicago dally newspaper. 

S I ii 


CniCAOO. 111., March 2. — Adolph Zukor, 
founder of the Famous Players Film Com- 
pany, arrived In Chicago this week. He la qusr" for future feature attraction 



CniCAOO, III., March 2.— Walter Stanford. 
lato loading man of "A Trip to Washington 
la appearing ot tho Kcdfclo Theatre this week, 
with Ebtclle McMcal. In a skotch entitled 
"Orange Blossom Time." 


Wntrrbnry, Conn— Poll's (Kiurono Wilson, 
■nor.) this Is Poll's Jubilvo woek (March 2-7), 
celsbratlng ». Z. Toll's twenty urtli anniversary 
as a theatrical magnate, and ulane were nude to 
rmtlimly ohanrvo anmo In all Mr. Toll's hoiiane, 
with • apoclal concert evening of M.rcb 1. at which {|!?J5 jiii, 
lbs Five Mnaictl Durand, Vlaiocolh lk>y<, Her- SYSJm, ™* 
bart llndd, Oertlo Oarllale and KwreUiearta ami !,",,-,»„ T 
feature Biros marto up th» bill. Far 2-1 lbs new !! or 7 ,e » J*Kr> * 
bill Includes: Tho Metnqwlltan Minstrels, Fnii 
Zobedle, Mr. anil Mrs. Wm. Moms, MayU-lle 
Fisher Trio, OoIoU, BtorU and La Varette. Til- 
ford and Lanratto Hlaters and i'olvgraph. Bill 
dole and Denahy, A«li and Hunw, llarry Ullbert, 
Cole aiidd DoMby, Ash and Kbaw, llarry Hoi- 
man audi company, I'll Operatic Trio. Frank 
Stafford end onntiuir, and special nlma. Bualueu 
la very good. Mauager Wilson announce* engage. 
moot of Annie lUisaell, In "She Sloops to Ouo- 

Adams, Low 
Anl.note, M. A 
Anderson, I'our 
Illake, Basil V. 
lt«Tlbold, Kdw. 
Dowser, S. M. 
Boyd A Veola 
ltlalolfl, Jos, 
III ma, llarry 
Belaud, Jas. 
Doe Oreet 

Plavers, Mfr, 
Bamea, Great 
llrsnnaiia, Mm. 
llrown k Foster 
llurk, Dan 
llarlrlinea. The 
lien All Bey 
llarnoo A lteails 
Ilium, (loo. 
llrinrn, 10. H. 

on his way to tbe Coast Mr. Zukor stated 
while West he will establish his own plant, 
atudlo and establishment In Southern Cali- 
fornia. Marcus Loew. head of the Loew cir- 
cuit in the Bast; Aaron Jones and Adolph 
Llnlck, of Jones, Llnlck & Schaefer, accom.- 
panted Mr. Zukor West They are financially 
interested In the Famous riayvre aim con- 

Chicaqo, 111., March 2. — IMward Haynmri, 
formerly with the Western Vaudeville Mana- 
ger's Association, left this week for San 
Diego, Cal„ for a month's vacation. He was 
accompanied by Mrs. Ilayman. 

■ S ■ !■ 

CniCAOO, HI., March 2.— Charles O. Eobl, 
of the Western Vaudovlllo Managers' Associa- 
tion, writes from Florida that tie will prob- 
ably leave for Havana, Cuba, the latter part 
of this week. Mr. Kohl is vacationing 
through tho South. 

CniCAOO, 111., March 2. — Aaron Jones and 
Adolph Llnlck returned last Sunday from 
the East. Tbey left Uio aamo afternoon for 
Los Angeles. Peter J. Schaefer Is left In 
charge. Mr. Saiaofer will remain in Oil 

Uoyle, Oonnle 
Brady, J. 
Hurry. Ulch. T. 
■truly, Ilughie 
Iklkwa, A. ID. 
llovla A Ilarloy 
Itasaett, Kdw, 
Oralg. Billy 
Cummlngs, 9. 
Orliln, Werner 
Cooper. Tea** 
Cranflell, If. B. 
O nnett, Dan B. 
t'liape) Franklrn 
C-h»t0fU, 1/e.llo 
Connett Dan B 
C'urtesu, Frank 
OitueTt, Ham 
Oooovsr, Larry 
Callahan J. 
Costley, Bob 
Clove, K 

Jacouas (Harry Tarsona mar.)— The Poll 
Players are preaeutlnr "Tbo Italnlwn" '/ -7, fur 
Jnhuae Week. Mr. Toll will attend In person at 
one of the evening performance*. 

Vox's (Lout* D. (larvoy, mir.l— Friday eve, 
Feb. 27, was "Old IIom«' r nlalit here, when His 
Four Crooells and Bernard and Edwards, Water- 
bury boys, appeared on the bill, and wot* given 

• ronatnk welcome by delg*tlon* of tbo II. V. U. 
B. and tbo Latarvl Club of this city. Wm. do- 
rian, of the Casting Oronells, wa« tho recipient Z'£S?' "'X« 
of a B P, O. ». traveling card case and a bond- }f:",rf', ., 
some toilet set; and Geo. Tlornaii, or tho aamo 852B"'iCa*aa 
troupe, was presented with a token of n«t«ct an* JiSJSf, b!*, , 
esteem, the presentations bolus mode by Man. J*™" ';' '•. " }" ' 
sger Carver. A beautiful IK/ral offering, pre- i^ek jRlmlsl 
•rated to tie tronpe, broiuflit * speech of thanks JSui™ ii "m 
from "Billy" Orouan, who, on behalf of the 
Laurel Club, extended an iiirltalloa to Uio vaude- 
ville rrtlat and houso attaclKM, to lie yrosent at a 
retention at tho club room* afior tbo show. 
Needless to say alt accepted, nnd urovud thotnselves 
royal company. Bin 2-4 : Tolly Tlcklm' I'ets, 
Three Hinging Boys, Brat and Tnpah. Anns Hurry, 
De Alma, i'erry and Hay. Raymond's posing dogs, 
and Alois. Tor 0-7: Clatro Vincent ami coin- 
I'uuy, VA. Foley, Katharine Kay. Throe Ilarrlug- 
tons, and Maillaon Tour. Bunlitefs Is good. 

Mots.— Joseph Itrrlcco, tho "Court by Girls" 
set, is laying off for a short vacation here after 

* busy season. 
Oasaot, Btab, AiniuDU, Colonial, Poin- 

pbss, Bboaowat, Oabpin, Libio and Scatna, 
ptetvjre* only. 

Collins, W. II. 
l>nrigan, H. M. 
Domay. It. 
Diets, lid, 
Demlng, Bob 
Dudley, ICilgar 
Dliworth, O. W, 
DeAmwnd, Jno, 
Edwards, IT. 


Drake's Dog 

Circus. Mir. 
DcrMsr, I'aul 

Dalllmore, Mil.— Ford's (Chas. B. Ford, 
cago until April, when ho will take,. a Euro* ngr. )— "Nearly Married" March 2-7, "Little Mlas 

pesn trip, touring the Continent by motor 
car. He Will return In September. 


Cbicaao. 111., March 2. — Jones, Llnlck A 
Schaefer's new American Theatre, now In 
the course of construction by Georgo Lomax, 
will be completed long before scheduled time, 
It will be finished by May IS. A lease on 
this playhouse lias been taken out by Jones, 
Llnlck * Schaefer, beginning Aug. JL 

ii s 


Cnicaoo. ill;, March 2. — Jerome H. Bern tck, 
bead of the Jerome H. Benuck Co., music 
publishers, was a Chicago visitor last week, 
while here Mr. Remlck stated that he was 
well satisfied with hi* Chlcagr offices. He 
Is on bit way to Colorado, tx-ljg Interested 
In several mines In that country, 


Coicaoo. I1L, March 2.— "Carlos Sebastian, 
who had been appearing at Rector's with 
Beatrice Allen, 


Brown" near, 

AciD*i« (Tunis Dean, ragr. )— Zlogfall's 
ties" 2-7. •'Tho Doll Otrl" rait. 

AtmrroaiDU.— Poll's Pl«yem present *Tb» Trav- 
eling Holes-man" 2-7. "Madams gharry" rest. 

CfiLOKUL.— "Ono Day" 2-7. "Mott and Jeff" 

Holi idat (Wm. Blfo mgr. ) — "A Shady la 
Scarlet" 2*7, "A TTntnissiiin Henri" mnt. 

OAiwrr (Wm. BalluT, nigr.j— (J»y New Xorksrs 
2-7. Miner's Big Frollo next 

Ma»vlanii (Feed Sbambsrger, Bagr.) — BUI 2-7 1 
Howard and McGsne, Puthiv sail (Iroen, Van and 
I'earce. Owen Mcniveney, Bd. Vinton and Doner, 
Ilradna and Derrick, Glare Morton, Big ORy Watt, 
and Welae Troupe. 

N*w (Oee. Bchntder, mcr.)— Bill 2-7; Harry 
Thriller, Harry Cutler, Brown and Brown, Mr. 
and Mrs. Marry Denver, and the Three Kngllab 

Victoria (O. H. Ix-wda, ragr.)— Bill a-T; aia 
state Parr Girl*. Lotmx. I'.vor*. Wlnoom anil 
company, Atkinson, Koogti and Francb*, Oole and 
Rogers, Watson's dogs, and Norton. 


DuPree, Lee 

Dorbln, Will H. 
DaranliT, Vred 
Homing, Arthur 
Duaklutoo, II. L 
Davis, Owen i>. 
Dalntres, Oarl 
Dunn, ITrank 
Doonor, J. 
Duawvtu, Jerry 
Dee, J. J. liny 
Doyle. Johnny 
Tliinklnon, H L. 
7)o ty. Otsnees 
lirltaaaellt, Ilex 
Favle, LoalS A 
T.lkan, Walt. 

Xrwood, K. J. 
nmroertck, 0, J 
H»l». Jno, 
Krneraoa. Jno. 
Xsvosr, Fred 
Talkner, V. \f. 
Tarrler, Bob 
Varuura, Wilton 
risks. H. D. 
Ftox, Roy ». 
lahr, Burton 
rinwlek. ". L, 
rnach, Joe. W, 
Frauds. Harry 
PVran, Jas. XL 
Kioley, Pddls 
Vox, Pred D. 
Kreete, Billy 


in Lhelr latest "tango" OOOASIOffBD BY TUB SffOW STORM. Ksnshawe, A. t, 
dances. Is appearing, at .the Palace^ Muslo i ■■■■■a ■■ ■ in i Ti !!<?»»*•*■'> 

Hall this week' with 'tho Misses wane Ott and 
Dorothy Dentlry. 

■ » 

Chicago, III., March 2. — A ,B. Meysra at 
one time one of the biggest and best bootbig 
ngents In Chicago, has "come back" accord- 
ing to tbe show that he booked at the Royal, 

aPOIIDBlfTB AS WELL AS aJTIlKK "[»('. htnd. II. 


. Tirxo. and Oa vini.a La Jan* wish to thank the 

formerly th, Sullivan A Ccmsldlne Kmnre*. f»Mp "J^S**^}"^*™'* "• -«. 

Theatre, at Slsty-tblrd and Cottage drove 
Avenue. Following Is the prlie bill : Bider 
La Velle Trio, Tom and Rdlth Almond. Baker 
and O'Neal, Duffy Nichols and company, In 
"Humanity ;" the Telegraph Four, Leo Al- 
va rec 

•nd all the performer* and employee* for tbelr 
kindness to them in tbelr bereavement, following 
the death of their daughter, Mr*. Frank Yore, 
who died at her residence In Chicago, Feb. 20, 

iIo7*ka Dot.r.r end llarry Carroll will bo seen 
toicellieT In vaudeville. 

iiau'ai Epwaaos la booked ea the Loew time. 

(istes, Walt 
Grabsme, Ferd. 
Ursy, Jollan 
tlonsales. Adolf 
iloTdon A usrx 
Oerard, Harry 
flranat, IxmIs M 
tioodwln, Ben. 
rinrdon A iMarx* 
Ollawa, dbas. 
Glider*. Tl'n 
Ulnctartone Half 
Oalluk, Butt 

ilonlnn, ItoM. 

Btock Co. 
Clorner, Fred 
llbntlus, Jno, B. 
lluftlo, Jim. 
IlnTrts Bros.' 

llydo. Jack 
Harford, Jack 
llayward, II. 
Hunt. 0. M. 
Huntloy, J. U 
Harr*. ATI. 
Uowlnnd. O. V, 
Ilaldenby, uso, 
Harris, Bob 
lllhlwt. till" 
Harden, Tom 
llolnian, IL 
Hughes, Clia*. 
Ilulchlnson, V>". 
Hickman, iiuy 
llopklrk, Obu*. 
Hookey, Oha*. 
lljilo. Jack 

l*rof. VI. 
tola's 1'oo.lle* 
IbblbMn, T. D 
Jacobaon, Jess* 
Jeaawn Ohauncey 
Jom*, Walt. 
Jowol A Uoldeti 
Johnaon L, II. 
Judgo, H. 0. 
Johnaon, O. W. 
Jacob*. Jack 
Jackson, 8 A. 
Johnaoii, u. 0. 
Jobaston, It. U 
Kng, Frank 
Klein A Yosts 
Ituhn, i.eo. 
Keno A Orren 
Kohler, Ja.:ic 
Kohler, Otto 
Kvrltu, Horace 
Kane, LeonarJ 
Lyon, Olaude W 
long. Homer 

lAVvrn AGrlaa 

L«nn, O. J. 
Lewis, B. B. 
I^nharn Broi. 

i«wis, j, a 

Lasbley, Goo. T 
Lambert. Steve 
Caps, Wra. 
I eMoo t. Harry 

Lyle, Cecil 
U-wl* Aril* 

I^llCll, Jll 

Ij*juoii», Harry 
I^tnoru Iinrry 
li«w**y, Al. - 
l.aVsnlrn, Theo. 
l.surliuom, J. II 
Lnggolt. ti. 0. 
I*wls, Fnil 0. 
ijiwfordfl tsratit 
liowls, Uarrv 
logrenl*, tJini, 
I/omui'Io, Wm. 
Ixirralue, ll.iwid 
'.ynch. if. 19. 
'jeenvnda, ilowd 
Lynch Jos. II. 
Mayestlo Trio 
MsosrWd, Vf. J. 
Murphy, lougeae 
Msnabach, Ixwls 
Melrose, Doa 
Monroe, Ned 
Matties Ward B 
Marhlo, Will H. 
MetcslrV K-.rl 
Mark*. Clarence 
IfcMaans, Joe L 
Myers, fcol, 

Corey O* 
Martlo, Harresto 
Harks. Clarance 
McDonald, J. II, 
Moore, Jno. J. 
Miller, Obis. 
Moody, llalph 
Moore, Fred I>. 
McDonald Trans 
McElroy, ». W, 
McOonnelt O. B. 
Ma It Iron, Albert 

Cora. t>. 
Murray. .Lis. 
Moore. El. B. 
Mnrley, W, V. 
MriViy, Jsi. H. 
Matthews, G. 
Mn.tar, I,. II. 
Nelson, Fred. 
Norton, B. 
Nnvlllo ALimatas 
Nlms, Artliur 
Owen, Kverett 
Overton, II. R. 

Paul, H.irrr 
Towers, Kdw, A 
eerlvsi <>"n 4 
Tlmiinter I 1 '.. L. 
Polly of lbs (Jlr. 
Tattoo, It. II. 
Porter, Kd. 
fieir. Man B 

Hulgg, Jno 
ollena, Jack 
lloberllv, A. 
lioueru. Htsaley 
Uoh, Chas. 
Bo**, Arthur 
Held. Johnny 
lion*, Newtoa 
Itolllns. Mr., 'lorn 
Itowlos, Jl.'k 
llliodM, Wm, 
llohlnaun, Ulia*. 
Iloasmyii. Holly 
llor, Walt 
Itobwls, Ted 
Itlrbardaon, P*. 
Iluon*, Jacob 
Itaymond. v. J. 
Hold, Wife* A. 
Itookway, llalph 
Tierce, Italic 
lluaao. Joe 
llobyn, Wm. 
Hpatn, J. Ixsalts 
tlaaon, i'avlln 
Htout, Koiin'r 
Hsunuar*, OtsuA 
Hecenl. D. 0. 
Bktminer. Percy 
Bleln. J. 
Beay, Vrsnk 

Hlanffer, Ilia. 
Htantou Walt 
Halntpott, Julio 
Hpeck. Ourtli 
Bhertan A Short 
Souw, Geo. I . 
Hlehlilns, HI 
Hrbu.llk. Tri-I J 
Saraarog AHonia 
Hruall, Pen 
Utellinaii, W. G. 
holoniayor, O. 
Hmlth, Thio. 
Sinclair. Mowed 
Bhaw, J. in. K. 
Hmlth. T. F. 
Hlad. Dell . . 
Kattleffe, >/. I. 
Htovena, Bert 
He aright, I'. 
Becker, Isv 
Xewell, Tlma. 
Htewart, CAiu.O 
Helillllk. I' red J. 
Hnedcker, II. It. 
Hheau, BUI' 
Miiirali, Billy 
Tianpletcsi, U"t, Art. II. 
Taylor Alloward 
Turnour, Jules 
Taylor, Zvlda 
Turenne, Itmlls 
Tlisycr, Ion. 
IVnhrooke. Jim 
Travllla llroi. 
Vandluoff, Mr. 
Vine, Bernard 
Victor, l,euu 
Vosel, Jno. W. 

Ilea 'Ties, B 
Vsn Bros, 
Welnnerg. Gas 
wrlgit, O, 
varaey, VI* A 
Welner, J. 
Wlsosutn, F. 
wiiit*. Porter J. 
Walt, Warren 
Webater, U'uar* 
Wals, Freu 
Wesvor, Xalwla 
Warren. Oeo. H 
Walck, Kira 0. 
Wanle. A. K. 
World A A 
Weman" Oa, 
Walilmann, Kd, 
Ward, Warren 



Wright. Sam 
"Woman Pro- 

Williams A 

H tan ley 
WlllJain*, D*n 
Wilson, flio. 
Veleh, <lrr 
Webb. Wsit 
Wsdo. Harry 
Waterbary. H tf 
Wanda A Mono 
Woods, Roy a 
Ward, l|.|.ny 
William.. Dan 
Wlajoo, rrink 
Wlbnn, Turn L> 

Osinan, Billy I>, Woodail, Hilly 
Oakley, Frank WlMelr, II. K. 
Trutrnte, V, B. Wiiwn, Sam 
Parks, Jjn Wovpnaa. G. W 

Trelle, Chas 
THngte, Johuile 
Tayne. J.ll.AC.A 
Telktier, I'lerre 

Wltman. ». W. 
iVIIcos, B«rt 

Zanclgl, To* 


March 7 


i TTtfavva 5w*L<iB»7* r « r » i « : » r » : t ji » : « jC H ai » 2 » 





The State Food Commissioner of Illinois, 
W. S. Miuttbcws, lion Arranged to co-opcrato 
with merchants and manufacturers awl moke 
a tour of the State under the aupplees of 
the Hoard of Health, In a big campaign for 
pure food. In addition to nn exhibit consist- 
ing of food, good, and bad properly or im- 
properly bandied, there will V shown sani- 
tary device* for food preparation la shops 
and In the home, The nig and vital feature 
of tbe campaign will be moving picture films 
showing graphically perils of the fly pest, 
proper and Improper methods of handling 
mlBc and other food products, the necessity 
(or clean, wholesome food supply, especially 
as a means toward safeguarding the health 
of children. Tho practicability of utilizing 
moving pictures in showing all these details 
Diss been amply demonstrated. Besides, it 
odds a new nest of Interest to tbe great new 
campaign for safeguarding public health. 
The industrial and educational value of mov- 
ing picture} is beginning more than ever bo- 
fore to be realized and applied for big re- 
sults in bettering the conditions of life. 

I/ondon is experiencing a moving picture 
revival of Scllg's great historical three reel 

film, "The Coming of Columbus." This big 
feature recently made A long tour through 

Mabel Tamapkmio, the heroine of Scllg's 
"('Indartlla,'' and her husband, Tom Carrl- 
gun, associated with many Hellg picture 
plnys, are both playing In Chicago now. 
Miss Taliaferro is playing with her sister, 
I'M I th at the Towers, in the satirical com- 
edy, "Young Wisdom;" while Mr. Carrlgau 
Is playing with Edith Wynne Matt bison, In 
"The Deadlock," at tho Howard. Both wero 
visitors last week at the Bellg studios. 

John J. McGbaw, the famous boseb.ill 
player, has been casting aspersions on tho 
llrltlsh army during tho tour of his "nine" 
abroad, and our revered Admiral Dewey has 
Iieen saying tome disagreeable things nbout 
I he German navy, so that wo are liable to 
pile up eorac international complications as 
the result of too much talking. . Why can't 
our heroes be rltlccnt, or If they really want 
to bo safe ; In other words, wordproof, let 
them get Into the silent drama. There Is a 
good picture, engagement open either for Mc- 
Cimw or Admiral Dewey 1 

Tim vogue of "The Adventures of Kath- 
lyn" has become so much of a habit with the 
patrons of tho merles that they cull 
lor it as they do for books at the public 
library. Tho usual experience has been that 
a picture onco given, passes along tbe lino 
until it roaches tho limit of Its activity 
described by the General Wlro Company. In 
the rase . of "Kabhiyn" however, theatres 
lime ttccn repeating roe various releases over 
and over. In conformity with request. A 
number of theatres are this week announcing 
they will bo giving tho drat and second Issues 
of tie Bcrlcs. This sneaks well for the per- 
petual popularity Of the greatest lnnovntlon 
as a business maker for picture exhibitors. 


"Tun Better Way." — The family physl- 
clan, who Is generally a better adviser than 
the lawyer, is called to settle a curious case, 
and nbout his very drastic decision, is woven , 

a thrilling and picturesque melodrama. Big HP ■E*?&3S WES ■Hart? J**" 
In two reels. Released March I^r. What a^glortoua tbJns; It will b» to.aea 

wCicre. and, in Little Rock the mayor gave 
him the key to the city. 

IIu-lby Holmes, the well known dramatic 
actor, has joined the Essanay Eastern 8 took 
Co. at Chicago. 


Tnnocon error George Klolne's new eight 
past, subject, '.'For Napoleon and France," 
was announced In the trade press as simply 
"Napoleon." The Kleine offices wish to ad- 
vise that tbe correct title Is "For Napoleon 
and France," and the subject will be ready 
for exhibition under that title next month. 

Archbishop HrAui.m no, of Quincy, 111., 
attended a performance of "Quo VadlsSV at 
that city recently. The archbishop informed 
the Kleine representative that it was tbe 
first time in twenty years that he bad been 
Inside of a theatre. ''I knew nothing of mo- 
tion pictures and their possible Influence 
on the community until I had seen "Quo 
Vndls?" said the archbishop. "As this is 
the first time I have l»een Inside a theatre In 
twenty years I could not be expected to 
know much of the new art. I was attracted 
in this case by tbe religious nature of the 
picture and by what I bad been reading of 
censorship boards, etc. Of course, I have 
seen motion pictures before at social afTalrs 
held by churches in my diocese." 

Quito a gathering of local newspaper men. 
Including representatives from the many Chi- 
cago newspapers that are now conducting 
motion picture departments and members of 
the trado press, saw George Klelne's "For 
Napoleon and Franco" at a private exhibition 
last Saturday. They were loud In their 
praise of the beautiful eight part Clnes 

J. D, BtjTLFB, the famous Pacific Coast 
teacher and orator, used George Rlelne'j 
"The Last Days of Pompeii" as a subject lor 
a lecture before a convention of professors 
and teachers at Olympta, Wash., fast week. 
Butler dwelt at grcnt length upon the edu- 
cational features of "Pompeii," and dis- 
cussed the splendid powers of the subject in 
eradicating previous mental pictures of tbe 
stricken city and supplanting in their placo 
I ho producer's own ideas of the civilization 
of the times and the physical appearances of 
streets, buildings, costumes, etc. It was 
from this angle, declared the lecturer, that 
the plcturo reached Its highest usefulness 
rather than from tho standpoint of story or 



Largcit Picture Erhibltor in Chicago, and 

UuiUlrr of tint First Uuvinn Picture 

Theatre In the State of HHnoit. 

Long after wo have becomo ancestors, and 
our children's children have reaped the 
heritage of parentage the moving picture 
will represent tho blotter of life — the file in 
which is laid away the lives wo lived — from 
whose archives one can pluck "canned his- 
tory." Moving pictures mean that much to 
the world, if not more. 

Can you for a moment Imagine yourself a 
citizen of this country In the year ROOO, 
perusing history and reading the fives of the 



Jk LL exhibitors aspire to reach the goal of suc- 
**■ cess, but often overlook the greatest asset of 
a Photo-Play Theatre. 

A profitable business must be built up on sta- 
bility, and Motion Picture profits can only be 
assured through the use of the best films and 

perfect pictures for over 70 per cent of the en- . 
tire trade. 



Ninety Gold Street, New York City 


and moving. 

"Tub trOU or Venus." — The mytho- 
logical romance that never grows old hat 
Ikcii brought right up-to-date through the 
fascinating medium of the "dissolve." Ile- 
leased March IT. 

"Tub Cop on the IIbat." — The big, good- 
natured policemen frequently do good turn* 
for the distressed. The "cop" in this In- 
stance figures In nn Interesting ploy that 
ranges from the Wild West back to tho big 
City. Itolonsed March 18. 

'•Tim Evil, Wn Do." — iA- heartless coipiotto 
infatuates two simple sous of the sea, who 
battle to death for her. She Uvea on a 
lonely life, a victim of remorse for her own 
lieurtlcssncss. Ucleascd March 19. 

"Two Litti.b Vaoadondb,"— <A pair of 
homeless boys from th* city try life In the 
country, but give it up very quickly, going 
back to the rush and the roar of the big 
city In preference to tho peaceful calm of 
the country. Ilelensed March 20. 

"Tub EBuMMnua news Pictorial" is 
released every Saturday as a thousand foot 


Thanks to tho return of the real, unadul- 
terated California sunshine, which has this 
year taken oue of the longest vacations since 
wen the r bureau records were kept, Q. M. 
Anderson hits this past week chalked up 
another Potlllc Const record In the making 
of pictures. In tho studio at Nlles, and up 
In the canyon adjacent, ho produced and 
made six complete stories In seven days. 
This takes no account of tho work of other 
directors and producers at tho same studio. 
The record belongs to "Broncho Billy" alone. 
Mr.- Anderson is now adding to his arduous 
work the production of more elaborate pic- 
tures — subjects that will compare In every 
detail .With those with which the most finely 
quipped of IQastern studios are associated. 

our old friend, Teddy Itoosovelt, step out of 
the plcturo sheet, show us bis perfect mas- 
ticating Implements with a merry "delight- 
ed." What a grand thing; It will be to sea 
our prehistoric Secretary of State, William 
J. Bryan, bearing upon his shoulders the dig- 
nity of our nation, while he calmly sips a 
grape Julco highball and lectures from the 
Chautauqua platform. 

JO very millionaire of onr present nge is 
having Alms made of his family. There aro 
In existence at this time eomo wonderful 


J. R. Holmes, 'Safety Director of Cincin- 
nati, 0., has barred the "country store" busl- 
cessgctting Idea, as an adjunct to theatres 
end picture shows, and Covington, Ky., an- 
other thriving metropolitan centre, has fol- 
lowed suit. Cincinnati Local, No. 2, M. P. 
E. L. ©f A., likewise decries tho practice of 

m'mflTf l John a j«c T ob A«S?, wlw wertXSS &KLBr^.SJMBLS^L.SSfm 
tmM lSrmSSSkmFmm Wallr Inter- Stalnatton qf tho 

This bus been rendered possible by the com- 

8 lotion at tho Nlles plant of elaborately 
uilt heavy sets that will be used in the 
making of pictures on any and every subject 
under oho cun. Indeed, the main sta 
Miles looks for all tho world like tho 
jner home of souio commercial Croesus 
Its rich, furnishings, magnificent appoint 
ments and all tho thousand and one details 
that go to mnko and ore necessary for the 
careful and faithful reproduction of interior 
scenes far removed from tho pristine sim- 
plicity and rugged die comfort Of the regular 
Wild West storlos. 

Francis X. Bushman, Bssanay's leading 
dramatic mnn, who leads In hero contests 
has spent an enjoyable week lecturing on 
motion pictures In Now Orleans, Little flock, 
Ark., and St. Louis. His reception at tho 
depot In Now Orleans Is one to be long re- 
membered. Tlic manager of a local theatre 
announced that Mr. Bushman would glvo an 
autographed photo to every woman that 
would meet htin at the depot. Bushman ar- 
rived with 8,000 photographs of himself, and 
when they had been distributed he could 
have used several hundred more. Two or 
tlrree pretty girls Insisted upon kissing him 

cstlng films of J. Plcrpont Morgan, our 
wealthiest man, who recently passed Into the 
great beyond. These Sims are Invaluable at 
this time. Think what they may bo worth a 
hundred years from to-day. 

What would wo not give now to have 
George Washington, Napoleon, La Payette, 
Lincoln, Douglas, McKlnley or Robert m. Leo 
emtio at lis from the picture ebeet. How 
valuable to us would he a picture of Betsy 
Ross in tho act of making the first American 
flag? 'How valuable would an animated view 
be of old Matthew Duncan setting tip his 
first printing press In tbe State of Illinois, 
and publishing our first newspaper? 

Just as valuable will ho views of us. as wo 
are to-duy, In the centuries to come. Our 
styles, our manners and our methods will be 
a study to our futuro race. Just as Interest- 
ing to our futuro citizens will be pictures of 
the female ecx In silt skirts and nobbles as 
would be a view of the fair ones in furbe- 
lows or hoops to us. 

Moving pictures moan history. Camera 
men are now rapidly taking animated views 
of tho Mexican War. 

Of course, ambitious moving picture manu- 
facturers aro making counterfeit productions 
of tbe Civil War. Lincoln J. Carter has 
given us eomo excellent and authentic scenes 
from tbe Battles of Gettysburg and Chatta- 
nooga. We have also had a film called "Lin- 
coln and Lover," In which John Ince, Im- 
personating old Abe, shows tho first court- 
ship of Anno Ruthledge. We have also had 
a film colled "Tho Man of Destiny,", showing 
an Incident In tbe life of Napoleon. Many 

'country store" plan 
throughout the country." The rlncipal con- 
tention of tho objectors scorns to be that tie 
premium giving constitutes a lottery, All 
well enough, but remember that a certain 
chain, of cigar stores built up their enormouB 
business with the use of premiums. And, 
say, Horace, wasn't the censorship mania 
started m Cincinnati? Wonder if tho Clnsv 
local "recommends" that for adoption 
"throughout the country?" 

« Ah BU'aS.S Mb ■* «*«» discern? 
It is possible that the celebrated poet lltcra- 
Jour. ago author of the famous "Portrait 
Upon the Cafe Floor," Hugh I>Arcy, has 
committed the same error that "Tracy H," 
the Boy Editor of the "FilmfuUoflt," made 
last •week. Yeb 1 "Ms so, alas 1 A press notice 
ii °? ,V uWl jy 1 " 6 enllgBrtens us to the faet that 
a full staff of photographers will accompany 
a t-r-o-o-p of film actors on a trip to Sarii- 
nac.' AlwayB thought actors were troupers, 
and soldiers troopers. Maybe eomo of the 
actors in this company are soldiers at that 
At any rate tier - 




(Copyright, IM8, by George Klolne,) 
Ills love for the wandering Oypsy nearly costs him wife and fortune. A remarkably powerful and 
beautifully photographed story of Bohomla. i hbbiisbsjbubbibbb 



1, 3 and O Bheet Posters with this Snbjeet. 

166 North Stato St. 

OHIQAOO, ll_l_ 


Margaret Fischer and Harm Pollard, 
appearing in "American Beauty" motion pic- 
tures on the Mutual program, are the same 
Fischer and Pollard who appeared la vaude- 
vlllle in tho popular sketch, "When Hearts 
Aro Trumps." 1 Miss Fischer ana Mr. Pol- 
lard made their debut on the picture screen 
with Hio Sellg Company before which they 
were both recognized stage favorites. 

Pbebidbnt C7 J. Hits, of tho Thanhouser 
ana 'Majestic Companies, announces another 
marriage in tho ranks of tho Majestic Com- 
pany. The latest aspirant for domestic 

AtanyratetheyarcmlngtoputoVBugene VmS '" ft6 We " 6 ** 1 *** ■****" 

Bayes and Norworth and "Tie Eternal 
waits," in which he starred with Mabel 
Berra, has signed a contract with the Titan- 
SS?i?° r Company _ *» appear in a series of 
•Billy Ass" comedies, from tho pen of Lloyd 
Lonergan, to be seen In Mutual movies at 
on early date. 
A new comedy burlesque, by Anita Loos, 

2SS ^ Bm.m tf a three reel Western, 
featuring Josephine West has Just been com- 
pleted by the Colorado Motion Picture Com- 
pany at Canon City, Col. 

« J .?" tt i^f- 5"SW mta •*■ the Colorado 
Motion Picture Co.. who was badly Injured 
by a falling horse a short time ago, will he 

Josephine Wcsf, In "Tho Ace of Diamonds.' 
John Fblzbb, for many years w*th Edison' 
ana more ™ 

is scheducd for early release by the Reliance 
Company. Director Eddie Dillon, formerly 

Manufacturer of Moving Pic- 
ture Machine., KurlngPlo- 
tore Cameras ana 
Tainarunlo Heads. 

*» 1*PJPS. 11.76, $2.26. $8, $13 and 
fa;** In. Condensers, i5c.;61u.Oon- 
doiiBors, $1; a In. Condensers, $1.0; 
B In. Condensers, $i).H); lu In. Ooo- 
SS^ 618 * * 6 > Moving riotare Lenses, 
(2.76; Jackets, $oo; all foooses, 
BtereopUcon Lenses, all foooses, Mc 
S? 00 ; Holders. 76o.; fitoreopUcons, 
}12; Slide Carriers, 28c: 60 Candle 
Lamps, too.; Rheostats. $3 to $e: Films, 
10. per ft Circulars and catalogue. 
L.BETZ, 802 E. 28d St., N. V. City 


5,£!?.?« ,10tlon *l pu, Si 10 ° "»> ]B a ' 1 cent a ftiot, 
Borne at $8 a reel: have Western and Indian KeeiaT 
• - p VJfSSf s, Wes, 600. to $1 a set; 

Sum- felted in the film, but %hcse same figures If Si- S,5?«. ^»- ^ at ^i. afl , Sales Manager- siw^w the staaln^ «f P M 



the nations and Hie world. . 

The film preserves for us lnddeaetg and 
occurrences that we could not retain In a 
word picture. We can read Dulwer Lytton's 
"Aglncourt." "Bobby OBurns," "Mnra Castle" 
and a hundred other masters of language In 
their gorgeous descriptions and word pic- 
tures, but these same things, If reproduced 
In the motion picture, would be as much 
educational as interesting. ■ 

Therefore I say moving plcturon mean 
everything to the world. Obey mean hla- , , . 

tory-iife-love-llberty and memory. They b2for« if f- SL^ .^ r il Wlm Cerpoiatlen, 
mean an epoch In the history of the world. ? c " lB P* 1 ' • tte general market. 


,_bnt now producing 

"""igram, Is respon- 

lns Loos' latest 

entitled "The Fatal Drees 

Waob Scott, known for several years as 
manager and stock leading man, is now with 
2HHS ^rw Hall, of tho iinp brand, te 
assistant director and scenario writer. Also 
HSLfiH! ?".* c i en L In some of. Mr, Hall's 

Jam Rttaburgh, Cincinnati and Cleveland tJEP, "tf - Kl V-*<* director. Thomas H. wmedles. bavtag aniSirrf 

efflcea of tho World fUm T Cornomtlon Mm! » nce ' rS a J s ? «» «uthor of exceptional abU. feller" in "The BlUlrdfL 

visited by the general ^igertf too ^on? 1!L J!i '5^' ^ ra , ma i wrlttcn 3 co>I«»»ra- Finish." 1-"* 

eern the past week, wl^forod ttww offices (wflft W^LX IWS . entwIed . ""w ■» *<*><* 

*■ Jt "ry flourishing condition. S2..5 nl S. ot ° San ' ,s •» Innovation in aged comi 

as {he "narrow 

.. Love," and "A Hot 

both of them burlesque comedies. 

appeared In lead roles and man- 

Onb qf the Orst releases to be announced 
■f JM Anstralaslan Film Co., manufactared 


An American consular officer la India 
writes that n resident of his district deslrea 
to bo placed In communication with Amerl- 

.'nTir'u bhVnoT be'en-fo" t4T«mVT"M™l ? u n Zn£2*W&H2g2%!FBZ 

of tho police nushman would have been „, B „, nna - B1m8 -- ™ e - - fllms - d? 81 ^ »» »o»js 
mvamped. Instead of the usual "Votes for 
Women" the placards read "Votes for Push- 
mnn." All Now Orleans vouched "llushman 
would win the 'Ladles' World' hero contest." 
In fit. Louis. Bushman filled the gigantic 

ng mainly to historical and 

The fllms desired- are'those tho UfflT iffi "nwn.nii" SS tnmrf'hiS SBSSkJ -0 

v to historical and geograph- thought* Jrredstftlyto fts Swl mia and fSm^Vm 11 

The Inquirer states that be Is ho was leaving the next dav to^.^S»' a^S tS 113 ? 1 ^ v1 ™' 

Den banker/ credit to Insure more and bale up fo? their low sears of »hichT„.? 

Kids ordered. rVitnlniniAa mil ■muii.Si. i_ iJi:_.__ i""l_.'S a ti «•*» or Which AUBti 

-a vivid manner the realistic ilie of the sheen 
The.lnnoccnce herders _of_ New South Walca Stanley B. 

leal sti. 

prepared to open 

payment of goods ordered. Catalogues and 
prlco lists with discounts should be fur- 
nished. Correspondence may bo in English, 

llljyodroine to canity [gBWJ toT^MJ ^~Y^^HDfu%' Tn\7yZ"{^^rJ^^'Si as bto s^en^to^ght back mS^?^^ 

' gHpJpif Domesue Oommeice, Washing- owti^u1ai<^^ ^otwbSStoejr 

- girl ,( back East," whom bo 

* SSSsm* C h\d SS&A! ^I^^*^ taken hold "of IhVmann: 

^ls owl dSld^and Q™—."* o f S business with his cue- 

*™' re •*». promises a scries of releases 

every three or four weekB, In 

aeparauon. In closing - STi»SftJ?&>& 55!S. A 5S*a!ft!. _«?M»*. stories,, settlers' 

Kids • had brought tears to tho eyes 

matter of obtaining certain results on the 

.. credit 
erperiencea director so closely has tbe 
H5 2B& J?"* together. Mr. Wilson's suc- 
cess with his fire* film assures bis directing 
other pictures In the near future. 

NATiyn Lin in tub PiiiLirriNBS," the 
ali-reel feature being exploited by the Pan- 
American Company, was witnessed by an 
overflowing - 


cordial wclcomo was extended to him every- ton7~D7c7" 

ftcta In years, 

Deputing upon this most lnterestlnc «ob- 














The Famous Placers Film Company lyn-o 
now In course vt production Grace George's 
sensational dramatic success, "Clothes," 
written by Avery Hopwood and Chutmlng 
Pollock, tie play that startled metropolitan 
society. "Clothes,." based oa Carryle's Im- 
mortal line, "Society Is founded upon cloth," 
isa powerful -contrast ef love and desire, 
shun and sincerity-. It Is a true story In 
many respects, only too. true to, the. life It 
depicts so vrvldly. 

The Mm' produetlan of this celebrated so- 
ciety drama will be mounted to the minutest 
detail, with, elaborate care and faithful ad- 
herence to the imposing dignity of tho 
original atago presentation. Charlotte Ives 

Sortrays the role made famous by Grace 
eorge, supported by a notable cast, Includ- 
ing 1 : House Peters, Edward Mackay, Minna 
Gale Haynes, Fred Webber, and the famous 
stage child, Mlail Yvonne. 


Adolpn Zukor, president of the Famous 
Players Film Co., left Saturday for Los An- 
geles, to visit the Pacific Ooast studios of 
tie Famous Players for purposes that be bag 
not disclosed, but wrilrh are whispered to -bo 
of more than ordinary importance. Accom- 
panying Mr, Zukor were Marcus Loew, Aaron 
Jones and Joseph M. Schenck, of the Loew 
enterprises, guests of Mr. Zukor on his trip 
to the Coast, where they will visit the studios 
and watch a picture now In the course of 
production by Edwin S. Porter, technical di- 
rector of the Famous Players. 

Tbts Is Mr. Zukor's first trip away from 
iho Now York studios since his recent journey 


A 'descriptive and illustrated catalogue, 
giving ■ full particulars concerning "Klne- 
clalr, the new projection machine of the 
Eclair Film Company, will shortly be ready 
for distribution. Inquiries have poured in 
from, every part of the country regarding 
this wonderful invention, and the catalogue 
will rive complete information, a technical 
description in fall of "Klneclnlr," manner 
of operation, and cover all other points of 
interest to the prospective purchaser. 


In first offering his great historical pic- 
tures of the "Indian Ware for Civilization" 
for public approval, Colonel Cody, "Buffalo 
Bill," and his associates were honored by a 
I'j'i-i-lul invitation to present them before the 
members of the Government Home Club at 
.Washington, D.\ C, on Thursday evening, 
l'"eb. 26. 

Tho distinguished scout said: "My object 
and desire has been to preserve history by 
the aid of the camera with us many of the 
living participants In the closing Indian 
wars of North America as could bo procured. 
It Is something that .has never been done 
before ; that Is, to preserve our old wars for 
future generations by living or moving pic- 

"I first broached this subject to Secretary 
of War Llndley M. Garrison and Bccrctnry 
of the Interior Franklin K. Lane, and they 
epproved of taking these remarkable pc- 
tures, provided they could be made historic- 
aly correct, and would tell tho story of the 
old Indian wars and the progress of the In- 
dian from the days of savagery up to the 
present time. Secretary Garrison gave me 

Jiermtsslon to use the United Btntcs troops 
or this expedition, and Secretary Lane au- 
thorised tho mobilization of the Indians 
necessary for the purpose. 

"Then I looked around and found na runny 
of the old rime arm; officers as ore now 
living, who had actually participated In thoso 
campaigns and events that occurred twenty- 
live to forty years ago, and I finally succeeded 
to trotting them to agreo to appear In repro- 
duolug these battles with the aid of the 
modern camera, true to life and history. My 
efforts were rewarded In securing such men 
as General Nelson A. Miles, General Jesse M. 
Lee, General Frank 1). Baldwin, General 
Morton P. Mnus, General Charles KlDg and 
Colonel H. G. Sickles, now colonel of the 
'Xwelf th U. S. Cavalry. These men, of course, 
were then younger, and with less rank than 
they have nt the present. 

"Wo then proceeded to tho Pine Bldge 
Agency, In South Dakota, where the last 
Indian battles were fought end there took 
the pictures of the campaign of 1800 and 
1801, known as the Ghost Dance or Messina 
Crase War, wiloh Included tho capturo of 
Chief Big Foot and Ids followers, Dec. 28; 
the Battle of Wounded Knee Dec. 2D, under 
command of General James Win, Forsyth, 
with the Seventh Cavalry ; and the Battle 
of the Mission Dec. 80, 1800, where General 
Guy V. Henry went to tho relief of the 
Seventh Cavalry. Wo also took other battles, 
namely: "The Battle of Summit Springs," 
■wCiich was fought on June 11, 1800, on the 
Eastern borders of Colorado, under command 
of General Eugene A. Carr, and the battle 
' known as Warbonnct Creek, fought on July 
17, 1876, under command of General Wesley 
Merritt General Charles King was at that 
time tho Adjutant of tho .Fifoa Cavalry, and 
It was that organization which fought tho 
Indians at the battle of Warbonnct Creek. 

"We were six or seven weeks taking the 
pictures of these different battles. The pic- 
tures are made much more interesting and 
valuable because of the faot that they can- 
not be again reproduced, as the same men, 
not only the army officers, but a great many 
of tho old time Indians who originally par- 
ticipated In these engagements, are growing 
too old to ever again appear In a reproduc- 
tion of these scenes and Incidents. Several 
of the original participants have died since 
these reproductions were staged a few months 
ago. , Consequently tho pictures will be as 
valuable a hundred years from now for tho 
entertainment and enlightenment of future 
generations as they ore to-day. And It was 
only by hhe aid or tho perfected camera that 
these scenes could be taken and perpetuated 
for future generations. 

"There will be a sot of these reels, cover- 
ing over seven miles of dims, placed In the 
archive* of the War Department and also In 
the Interior Department, to be kept for fu- 
ture use and educational purposes.' 


■Col. John D. Lorls presented, for the first 
time In COIcnco, the Balkan War Ilcturcs, 
at the OlW Theatre, last week. They "were 
uronoanttW if the press and public a Mg 
eldod success.' ' The pictures show actrMl 

battle scenes on thy land end grrni fights 
on the sea. 

Part one shows Turkey's desperate pre- 
parations to engage the Allies of Greece, 
Itulgarla, Bervla and Montenegro, In war — 
Greek trcdips off lor war — the beautiful Gulf 
of Salonloa — Greek Ships before Salonlcn — 
Greeks In c'Jarge of Salonlca after its cap- 
ture— Spoils of War— Greek Cavalry and in- 
fnntry In action — Turkish prisoners— Greeks 
marching to Vodeno — A poet Inspires the 
warrior -Greeks — Marvellous sunset on the 
Gulf of Salonlca. — Greek troupe mbrcbing to 

Part two shows : Greek troups In Fiorina 
— Turkish prisoners and flying refugees- 
Burial of dead. — Salonlca after its surrender 
by tho Turks — Triumphant entry of tho vic- 
tors Into Salonlca, headed by the King of 
Greece — The Greek flag flying In victory over 
the Turkish fort at Salonlca— Tho flghttng 
General Dagleesc, 

Part three shows Turkish, troops Inspired 
by Softas and Muezzins, leaving Constanti- 
nople for the front. Turkish camp bCBlde the 
Blver Tehorlu : Turkish regiment on the 
march to Sllvlii, army corps digging fortifi- 
cation trenches under the command of Nazun 
Pasha ; grim Turks on the firing line I sent! 
ncl captures a Turkish spy ; wonderful pic- 
tures of the siege and capture of Adrlanople ; 
CBinrtaun-Tnrlou forts stormed and taken by 
the Allies, a stirring scene of aotual war ; 
the last desperate stand of the lurklsh army, 
showing 25,000 soldiers la a sanguinary 
battle." The great drum fort where Chukrl 
Pasha was captured ; triumphant entry of 
the Bulgars and Serbs Into Aaiianoplc ; 0,000 
TurklBh prisoners; the bivouac of the dead; 
Turkish prisoners burying their slain com- 
rades; splendid panornma of Adrlanople; 
f.ic great mosque of Sclim-DJamla where the 
Sultans of the Ottoman Empire lie burled; 
Iho Holy City of the Turks ; officers of the 
victorious army enter tho great mosque In 
triumph. Second Balkan War. — Bulgaria 
against Greece, Servla, Montenegro and Bou- 

Part four sbaws scene at Bulgarian head- 
quarters with foreign officers — signalling by 
means of sunlight — tho Battle of Istlp— 
terrific artillery duel between Servian and 
Bulgar cannon— shells explode In front of 
(Igbttng lines — .Servian heavy artillery In 
action, showing modern guns In death-deal- 
ing havoc — terrific hand to hand bayonet 
buttle of Servians and Bulgars at latin— 
actual war, with death struggles of com- 
batant!) — guns and ammunition captured bv 
the Herbs — Red Cross caring for tie wound- 
ed on the battlefield — last homage to the 
dead— Bulgarians at Sofia hearing the news 
of their great defeat. 

Part five shows peasants bringing food to 
starving- Bulgarian Army — modern commis- 
sariat transporting food and supplies by 
motor trucks — "To the Front for the Glory 
of Greece" — a wonderful series of moving 

Slcturcs showing the enthusiasm of the 
reck Army, a marvelous panorama of war 
—bow the news Is told and orders given In 
war— iliulgnrlnus on the march — Oca Cross 
rations— .Greek aeroplanes flying over the 
enemy's camp, tho first use of fiylng ma- 
chines in war — thrilling pictures of the 
blockage of Port Lugo—Greeks fight ele- 
ments where Darius' ancient navy was scat- 
tered — Greek man-of-war bombarding Bul- 
gars at Port Logo— Greeks land provisions 
near Cnvallo— corn, wine and oil for Gre- 
cians — King Constantino of Greece, with 
General Dagloese and staff, an intimate view 
of the victorious commanders — (Iroclan 
troops depart for KUkls— « halt by tho road- 
side — the king reviews tho famous Sixth 
Division, a stirring picture of war's dread 
front — the Euzonos, the famous flgliUng Hel- 
lenes, the pride of the Grecian Army— Ore 
clan warriors in camp before KlIfelB. 

Part six shows tbo scene, boforo tho battle 
of Klikln — Grecian soldier writing farewell 
to his sweetheart— dawn of the day of buttle 
— a wonderful scene of peace before the 
slaughter — the Bloody Burger Angle, show- 
ing their heavy guns checking too Grootan 
advance — SplonoSd strategy of tho Grecian 
King 1 — glorious and deadly charge of the 
Grecian cavalry against tho Bulgarian heavy 
artillery — reckless and desperate daring of 
the Grecian officers, leading the great charge 
far In advance of toelr men, an astounding 
picture of real warfare, the only one of Its 
kind In tba world, -After the bottle — the -role 
call on the field of action — one-half of tho 
Grecian troops slain or wounded — terrible 
toll of death — triumphant entry of Grecian 
army Into KUkls after its evacuation by the 
Bulgars— dumb martrs of war — spalls of 
war — captured Bulgarian guns swing as 
trophies to Athens — (victorious Grecians, con- 
quorers in two groat wars, disbanding and 
returning to their homes in Helas, from 
Zante, after tie final peace In Bucharest, In 
Bou mania. 

TOheso wonderful motion pictures •of tho 
Balkan Wars were taken by apodal permis- 
sion, under tho direction of Frederick Til- 
lers, the famous war correspondent, by a 
corps of twenty-two expert came;, men. 


The Mutual Film Corporation filed an- 
other suit In the Federal District Court last 
week In Chicago, to restrain the Censor 
Board of that city from censoring their pro- 
ductions. James Qleason, police chief, and 
Major Funbhauser, deputy chief of the Chi- 
cago polico department, are 'made the de- 
fendants in the suit. 

Jesse Lsaky, president of the photoplay 
company that bears his name, has arrived 
on the Coast, and Is hard nt Work at tho 
Los Angeles studio, overseeing future film 
productions. Dinrtin Parnum. Cecil De Mine, 
Bdward Abelcs and Edmund Breeze aceom- 

Snled Lanky on the trip, aad will bask in 
e California sunshine for tome time to 
come. Mr. Lasky returns East In a week 
or two. "The Squaw Man," It 1b said, has 
received more bookings on the strength of 
its first showing than any feature of Its 
class ever made. 


A Poet, poor fellow, ...... .Ernest Lawford 

iBetsy, Faltful ii-n Merlin 

Mr*. MadWche, the Aunt of the Good 

Little Devil William Norrls 

Charles MacLence, a Goo* Little Devil, 

Ernest Truer 

Old Nick 8r. Edward Connelly 

Old Nick Jr. Etlenne GlrarJot 

Juliet, who loves th Good Little Devil. 

Mary Pkkford 

Marian, Juliet's ...I. Laura Grant 

The Solicitor from London,,. 'Dennis Clcugh 
The Doctor from Invcrary. ,.,Jys. A. Wilkes 

The Lawyer from Obar. : Robert VIvUn 

Bab, the Dog Arthur Hill 

Charles MacLaace. "a good little dovll." 
and a little friend of all the worM, upon fall 
mothers death 1b sent to his uncle, Lord 
Collnton, to he reared as will boflt his future 
rank. Lord Collnton' %os recently lost his 
only son, and with ids memories and his 
broken heart, unable to bear the tight of 
children, places Charles in tho care of a 
distant and heartless aunt, Mrs. MacMlche. 
Charles loves the fairies with all tbo nrdor 
of his poetic soul, and In spite of Jls rags 
and misery the ethereal creatures bring him 
solace; while Mrs. MocMlrhe. with ber sor- 
did soul and Iron heart, to whom the fairies 
ere fiends, llws In pathetic terror of their 
power. Charles meets and loves Juliet, into 
whose eyes God forgot to put the light, and 
the fairies, who only come when tho heart Is 
so full that It cannot speak, manifest them- 
selves to too happy young lovers In a my- 
riad ways. Upon the death of Lord Colln- 
ton, Charles becomes heir to bis title nnd 
fortune, and takes a pitiful and tender fare- 
well of Juliet, promising to Toturrt w'jon he 
is old enough to make her bis Lady Collnton. 

With the lapse of years and' the possession 
of power Charles forgets the fairies and 
Juliet, and becomes a snobl Jullct'B heart 
calls to blm through tho distance and the 
darkness, but her prayer Is In vain. Mean- 
lime, Love and Sympathy have entered the 
heart of Mrs. MacMlche. and -fn Charles' ab- 
sence she realizes that she loves him. Faith 
conquers fear, and her hate of the fairies Is 
dispelled. Through her longing for Charles 
she becomes seriously 111, and dispatches n 
servant to ask htm to como to her, I,ord 
Collnton spurns the plea, and later becomes 
engaged to the famous Lady Rosalind — "a 
very distinguished match I" Ills conscience, 
sjmbotizod In the form of the Little Chnrlcs 
of Long Ago, accuses Lord Collnton of his 
perfidy, and in contempt leaves his body. 
Mrs. Mac-MIehc's Illness becomes nggrnvatcd. 
and tho doctor informs Lord Collnton that 
unless she sees him she will die of a broken 
heart, and this .time he deigns to visit her. 
Ills old aunt and Juliet arc staggered by the 
rod transformation In him. As he is nbout 
to leave he house his Conscience confronts 
him and battles with his worse self for su- 
premacy. Ills soul .triumphs, and the spirit 
of (the Old Charles returns. lie denounces 
and renounces the snobs who accompanied 
liitn on his visit, nnd tells them with dra- 
matic simplicity that he has seen the light 
end has learned wisdom I 

There Is a tender reunion between himself 
and Juliet, and they live happy forever and 

One of the best Famous Players produc- 
tions Been in some time. Mary l'lckford 
plays with her usual charm and simplicity 
of manner, and the work of Ernest Truer is 
exceedingly artistic. There Is a world of en- 
tertainment in the film version of Belasco's 
fairy play, and It should become one of 
those perennial favorites around holiday time 
for years to come. Inasmuch aa It contains 
so much that will Interest the youngsters. 
Fine camera work and careful attention to 
detail in the matter of producing nod direct- 
ing Is noticed throughout. 


S. II. ("Bdpp") llndley hns resigned as 
.assistant to Philip Mlndll, in the publicity 
department of the Mutual Film Corporation. 

Ills successor with the Mutual is George 
Du Bols Proctor, formerly editor of The Mo- 
tion Picture A'eirs. Mr. Proctor In well 
known tin newspaper, magazine and motion 
picture circles. lie In a charter member of 
the Screen Club, a social organization com- 
posed ot men who have motion picture In- 
terests, and of which Mr. llndley Is corre- 
sponding secretary. 


Bopp llndley has been appointed publicity 
representative for tho Bolax Co., of Fort Lee. 
N. J., replacing II. Z. La vine, who resigned 
to become London representative on the Unl- 
Jacques Jensen, tho well known actor, 
writer, linguist nnd globe-trotter, and now 
ono of the popular members of the Sellg 
1'olyncopo Company, has written a number of 
classics for the silent drama, and Is at pres- 
ent working on a problem play In which tho 
eminent young actor, Harold Vosburgb., late 
of the David Bclasco forces, will play tho 
leading rolo. Mr, Vosburgb is now playing 
"leads with tbo Sellg Polyscope Company, 
and will be remembered by the public for 
bis fine work In "Putting It Over, Olympic, 
Chicago; "The Woman," Republic, New 
York, etc. 


D. V. GrlfflUh recently had the' unique ex- 
perience of acting as atago manager to David 
Bclasco, of stngo production fame. 

Mr. Bclasco posed for several scenes, and 
In' addition to his interest In moving picture 
making showed his love for tftc silent drama 
by looking at Director Griffith's pictures 
from eight o'clock In the evening until mid- 
night, and then asking that bo bo allowed 
to see "Just oao more. 

During his visit to the studio Mr. Bclasco 
met pretty Lillian Gish, who was ono of the 
members of Mr. Griffith's company. MIsh 
01b.1i, who Is still In her teens, had appeared 
previously under Belasco's direction in New 
York, and the great producer said that he 
considers her the most beautiful blonde In 
the world. 

Lillian Glsh will soon be seen Interpreting 
one of the greatest roles in her varied career 
as an actress when tho first (Jrlllltli film, en- 
titled "Tho Battle of the Sexes; or, The 
.Single Standard." by the noted author of 
' linear Bevclly, * Daniel Carson Goodman, 
Is presented upon tba Mutual program. 


Tbb big moving picture theatre at No. 
2775 Kensington Avenue has Kin sold by F. 
C. Mlahai'lson bo Harry D. Sternberg, for n 
nominal oonnlderatlon, subject to a ISK.OOO 
mortgage. The theatre measures 80 by lvtu 
feet, and has an eight hundred seating oapa- 

a'n uptown syndicate has leased a plot of 
ground at Third Btreet and Oirnrd Avenue, 
where it Is planned to erect an alrdome with 
a fifteen Ciandrcd seating capacity. 

Bxuckbbt A Sloan, architects, arc design- 
ing a 1250,000 moving picture theatre at 
Fifty-second and Locust Streets. Tho name 
of the owner bos not been disclosed. 

Burr bail been, begun by John Meyers 
agalsst Hagdatena Hagner and Prank K. 
Drang, to render an account of the moving 
picture theatre at Nos. 510-21-23 Bast Girard 
Avenue, conducted 'by the parties under a 
co-partnership agreement. The court has 
appointed Henry I. Hynemann receiver, <» 
take charge of fho theatre, and continue It 
until it can be fold or wound up. 
i s 


An American consul In a Latin-American 
country has received Inquiries for cinemato- 
graph projecting apparatus, flans, etc., aad 
desires to get Into communication with somo 
film producers who can supply rented films 
from the port of New Orleans at Intervals 
of ten days. The Inquirer desires catalogues, 
terms, etc.: in English, and he would also 
like to obtain information regarding auto- 
matic bands or Instruments which can bo 
Tired with this apparatus. Catalogues, etc., 
should be stnt In duplicate to the consul 
forwarding tbo Inoulrv. In answering use 
file No. 12057, nu nil u of Foreign ana Do- 
mestic Commerce, Washington, D, C. 



Better Way" 

A big, tense, telling melodrama, 
up-to-date, decisive in detail, 
answering an onusual question in 
an unusual way. It is worth a 
volume of articles on the moot 
question ol tho day-Eugenia 


March iT-"rm story of imv 

A ourront romnnce, with a classic echo In beautiful "dissolves," 

March i8-"THE OOP ON THE MAT." 

An Interesting bit of adventure, ranging from Western wines to an Eastern city, 

March 10 "THE EVIL WE DO." 
llow two simple sons of tho sea gave up their lives for tho charms of ft coquette. 


Two city waifs ore dazzled by the sim plicity of tho country a nd in foar "bilco" back to town. 

TUB 11KAR8T-BELI0 NKW8 1'IOTOHIAI, is thu latest and greatest novelty In tho realm 
of inouon pictures, lloloosod ovory iiatiinlay. 

N, B.-Oot tho 8ELIO posters for spirited design and charm of color. Make your lulilij a 
real art gallery. One-shoeu) fur urery release; threes and sixes for multiple reels, 



OHIOAa €>• XTmXm. 





"A Good Little Devil" 

Adapted from «hs French by Austin Strong 


With Darlrt Uslasco^ All Star Out 



William Norris and Ernest True* I 


Released March 1, 1014 I 



Studot 2/3 W. 26th St., tiew York 

Y 30 X, 

\ A YtAP- h 


"nioiNt ^-r=^ sun. omaoTOft 

■Ti tiMina i n muuttuimjaanuiMiai 

ft I'AMOU:.. 
\[ r-TATURf'S 


k A YEAl 

Tbe Hex. Big RAHO Feat are 



An aotoundlng Photo Drama, raplote with 
Startling incidents and Scenes of Gripping In- 
tensity. Three Grim and Powerful Parts. 
Now ready for the market. 

For Territorial nights Gommunlcato Itlroct With 

RAMO FILMS, lie, Columbia Theatre BullfHig, New York 

Wrlto, wire or phono 0. LA NO conn, Jit., Vffr., Hales anil I'liiilliltr 

<:ni(.'A(io'H censors tarred tho flhu version 
tit "Haiilio," after a considerable susn of 
jiK>iioy lou been 8|*>nt on making; cCinDge*. 
Inst week. "Too Woman In Black" and 
"Children of Destiny" were also put on tho 
"can't show" list. "North of rlfty-tlirei!" 
lias been held fur a second Inspection. At tin 
first showing thu cntlro board, of five fn- 
males and ono lono man, condemned It. 

DlBiaaroB T haves and company are now 
workliiK : oiv a threo reel Wnstera feature/ an- 
ttUetl "Tie Ace of Diamonds." . 

ton Cdmhinoh has just retamefl to toe 

l'atlio studio in ........j . . > uuui ii wctsK'a 

tour through Uio Middle West, wbcre he ap- 
peared la a number of prominent picture 
theatres. IIo had to cut bit trip, which 
was a frent success, as he was ordered Houth 
to Join the Patho Htock Company at St 
Augustine, Fin. 

II. IIiHHCH, mutineer of tho Iloston branch 
of the World r'lhn Corporation, has been 
brought Into tho homo bflk-e to look after 
the general builnesi ot tho exchanges, 




March 7 



The kind of a Success that brings the public's dimes and nickels to the little window down in front— the kind 
of a success that makes people tell their friends about the Show they saw— the kind of a Success that sends 
your patrons away completely satisfied and makes them want to come back again day after day, week after 
week— that's the kind of a Success long-headed Exhibitors are looking for and that's the kind of a Success the 



has proved to be—only It has turned out to be FAR bigger THAN WE THOUGHT. This weekly news film, flashing on the screens each week 
the vital, throbbing events of the WORLD'S living DRAMA as they have never been flashed before, has become a giant success from the 
very first film. No such combination of the best trained newspaper men In the world, working hand in hand with a matchless producing com- 
pany, has ever before been known. No staging, no make-believe, no "play-acting"— Just the ACTUAL drama OF LIFE with its heroes, uncon- 
scious of their audience, snapped In the great crises of the world's events, and their every look, every gesture, every movement brought from 
the uttermost ends of the earth and flashed upon your theatre screen. 

The greatest advertising you can do. is to give your patrons the kind of pictures that win bring them back again and again— that win make 
them wining to STAND IN line FOR HALF AN HOUR TO SEE YOUR SHOW. A hundred thousand d ollars s pent In advertising yo ur th eatre 

wouldn't do for you what good pictures will. Here's an opportunity for you to get a really GOOD picture EVERY WEEK— A REAL NEWS REEL— the 
kind that will build your patronage up and HOLD IT. Thousands of exhibitors have already Jumped at the chance to get the I ' EARST-SELIG 
NEWS PICTORIAL weekly service, and are ALREADY reaping the benefits. DON'T LAG BEHIND. GET IT FROM YOUR EXCHANGE TO-DAY." 

Supplied by the GENERAL FlLalVI CO. (Inc.) 


i J 

■ ! 





"Not Just yot," said F. l'\ Proctor's run- 
rcsentacfve, when naked about n report pub- 
lished In a so-called amusement paper last 
week which declared that the Fifth Avenue 
Theatre. Now York, would become a motion 
iilcturo limine. "You may quote me aa say- 
ing that Mr. Proctor !• well satisfied with 
vaudeville aa an attraction at present, and! 
contemplate)) nuking no elmugu.H whatso- 

It t!iu paper that reported thla intent piece 
of dream news keeps on printing "amusing" 
notices of this sort, It will surely be entitled) 
to to called "an amusement Journal." 


Pictures of Lieut. Decker, who has Jnat 
boon accorded a second trial, will be shown 
In flammcrsteln's this week. Outsido of 
"corner" (prominently displayed, la a framo 
of photographs showing still pictures of a 
pbotodrnma of the "underworld" type, In 
which Jack Hose. Sam Bchepps and Harry 
Vallon, tho famous trio of informer*, aro 
featured. Curiously, yea, curiously. Sclii-ppa 
In disclosed holding a copy Of 77io Morning 

Tho setting Is the Interior of a Humbling 
house. KrotT Booswax can llnlah the utory, 
which goes back a few months In film history 
and treats of the virtuous refusal of adver- 
tising by u certain paper devoted to the In- 
terests of horso racing and motion pictures 
mnoug other things, what's tliat you say, 
Arnold, mat consistency and Jewelry! 

JUNK H TO la, 

Tho convention of the I. II. 1'. A will bo 
held In conjunction with on exposition of 
tho Motion Picture Art at the Urund Cen- 
tral Palace, from Juno 8 to Juno 13. A 
thousand dollars will bo given away in 
prises, live hundred dollars of which will be 
ottered for tho ©est suggestion benefiting nn 
exhibitor, and three hundred dollars, which 
will bo given for the best scheme suggested 
that will perfect r national organization of 
exhibit urn. Two hundred dollars will be 
given to the person who will tell them how 
to finance the organltatioa when completed. 
Now, ye film comedians, go ahead and sug- 
gest other prices. 


Vhe Garrlck Theatre linn gone Into pictures 
again. "Smashing the Vico Trust" moved 
from Weber's lust Monday. The producers 
of the white slave picture will shortly start 
a Detective Bums feature, which Dallas Fita- 
irerald will direct. 


"'Hearts of Oak" and several others of 
Junes A. Heme's successful dramas will be 

firoduccil as featuro photoplays by the Mo- 
iawk Klliu Co., of which Wruy Pbyeloc lint* 
been appointed chief director. 
Tho Children's Welfare League, of Rox- 
bury, has made an investigation covering a 
iierlud of eleven weeks, of tho motion picture 
houses in that section, ami the il ml I huh 
would seem to Indicate that twenty per cent, 
of tho pictures aro unfit. All told, four hun- 
dred and fifty films were examined by niem- of the Reform Committee, and nlniMj- 
two were found to be objectionable lu tlirlr 
eyes, It. S. Thompson is the secretary of Mm 
League, and In a statement declared that 
the Welfare Association had tried not to bo 
prudish In their Judgment of the movies. 
With one bunch of reform advocates shout- 
ing loudly lu favor of pictures of tho "white 

slave" type, and another crowd noisily clam- 
oring to manage a business of which they 
apparently know so little,. coupled with the 
activities of tho various appointed and self- 
appointed censors throughout tho country, 
the motion picture industry should becomo 
quite high-brow, providing there Is anything 
left of It when tho muck-rakers got through. 
The Playgoers Film Company, In -which 
Daniel V. Arhur, tho well known legitimate 
theatrical producer Is interested bad some 
of tho biggest stars In the business under 
contract Among thorn' arc Wallace Md- 
dlnger, CCurlos Iloss, Gale Kane, E 11. Pratt, 
Edward Gillespie and Bllta Proctor Oils, 
who will bo featured In forthcoming re- 
leases. Tho first production of tbo Play- 
goers' Co. will bo "The Great Diamond Rob- 
bery," tho well known molodrama, produced 
several years back, originally by A. M. 
Palmer and T. Henry French. Toe second 
release will be "Mixion Lescaut." in which 
Lina Owuileri will appear In the principal 


Tho oxecutlvo board of tho M. P. K. A. 
held u meeting at the Hotel Imperial, New 
York City, last Tuesday and Wednesday. The 
locals of Westchester County, Poughkeepsle, 
Troy, Utlcn, Little Falls, Syracuse, Roch- 
ester, lllngbamton and Buffalo sent repre- 
sentatives. Samuel Trigger, president, ap- 
pointed Mr. Oouquo special organiser for 
New York State, and expressed the hope 
that nlnoty per cent, of all the exhibitors 
visited would becomo mombcrs before Juno 
8, whon tho convention of the association 
till bo held at the Grand Central Palace, 
New York. Among several matters of Im- 
portance discussed was tho question of now 
by-laws and constitution. Representative 
Smith, of Schenectady, made a motion, sec- 
onded by Mr. HopfiueUter. of Buffalo, de- 
claring for tbe national censor board rather 
than State censorship. The next meeting 
will bo held Juno 8. 

Bn.r.v S my AMD II tt-i.T Wxi.uil, of the TTnl- 
vorsal forces, returned from Bermuda last 

A, M. Krnnbdt, president of Kennedy's 
Features, returned from the Coast last Sat- 
urday, looking as lit as a Addle. 

II. It. Mium, formerly of Warner'* Pea- 
tores, has been appointed general manager 
of tho Industries M. P. Co. The orw con- 
cern will make Industrial and educational 

A. B. Waiinbb. sales manager for Warner's 
Features, has returned from, a Canadian trip, 
end will shortly leave for the West. Mr. 
Warner, while away, will tnako an Inspec- 
tion of the cntlro chain of nil company's 
II Im exchangee. 

Charles B. Towns want to Albany last 
week to introduce a Mil that will prohibit 
tho selling of drugs. "Tho Drug Torror," a 
Kliiemaeolor retoaso, may be used as an ar- 
gument to convince tho legislators of the 
necessity of Buch a law. 

John W. Murkat, manager of the local 
olllco of the Gnrraway Co., took to himself a 
wife last week. Marie Psvls, a motion pic- 
ture actress, wse the nappy bride. 

ORORan I>BiiRiinit has quit the Angio-Amcrl- 
enn Film Company, of which he was gcnoral 
director. Nate ttpingold has been appointed 
in his place. 

Tim production of "America," at tho nip- 
podrnmo, will be filmed by tho Sliubert Bros. 
it Is anld upwards of two hundred thou- 
sand dollars will be spent In making this one 
of tho greatest features ever manufactured. 

Majob FuNKiiAuSHu condemned last week 
"Uow Mosha Came Back" and "Partners," 
two motion pictures In which it is claimed 
tbe Jewish and Irish races wore held up to 
ridicule, Tho Amusement Protective League 
has been formed In Chicago to combat ridicu- 
lous, harsh aal unjust censorship of pictures. 
We wish them luck. They will need It, anil 
they surely deserve It If half of the reports 
from the Windy City are true regarding aim 
conditions out there. 

Wai.tbr W. (Iiibunb, long Identified with 
the exchange business in New Mngland, as 
well as tbe owner of a circuit of motion pic- 
ture theatres down 'Blast, opened a feature 
111m sales tinslness, under the name of 
Greene's Feature Photoplays, Inc. His fea- 
tures will not be exclusively of one brand, as 
It Is (Mr. Greeno's Idea that he would rather 
pick the specifically excellent features In- 
ftead of contracting to take all of this or 
that manufacturer's output, which would 
sometimes coerce him In releasing Alms of 
lesser merit. Tho first release will be "Vam- 
pires of tbo .Night," In five roelo. As Is nat- 
ural to suppose, Mr. Greene has not put bla 
weakest foot forward in beginning his cam- 
paign, as this featuro Is Justifiably expected 
to Indicate tho quality of Groeno's releases. 

Onk of the situations In "The Reform Can- 
didate," a three reel Majestic, held n crowd 
In tho business section of Los Angeles In 
breathless suspense recently. Lamar John- 
stone plays the part of the reform candidate 
for mayor, unjustly accused of murder. 
Francella ltllllngton, as his wife, determines 
to free bun. and. disguised as a telegraph 
inossengor, obtftlus the evidenco which proves 
his Innocence. Her disguise Is detected by her 
husband's cnomlcs, and she Is locked In a 
room on tho tenth floor. In a large office 
building. Crawling out of the window on 
the tenth floor she gets a foothold In the 
ercvico of tho cornice of the building, hold- 
ing on for dear life. . However .she reached 
I'.er destination in safety. The girl's perilous 
feat was greeted with thundoroun cheers, 
but many a person heaved a sigh of relief 
when it was seen that she was out of danger. 
Lamar Johnson, the leading woman, waa 
white as a sheet. "The Stronger Hand," a 
two reel Majestic, by John Burkv, Is being 
produced under tho direction of Albert Hale, 
with Ernest Joy. Eugene Palletle and BlIHs 
West la the principal roles. The same com- 
pany produced the "Thief and the Book." a 
two reel play of the underworld, which was 
received with much favor. 

The motion picture fraternity will be well 
represented at the forthcoming Cmi-pxh 
Hong Contest, to be hold at Borland's Cawlno, 
llroux, N. Y„ March 10. The successful 
song writer will be awarded a valuable silver 
loving cup, as the music editor has undoubt- 
edly told you In his bailiwick. 

Wbat concerns us, however, is that King 
lloggolt, tbo Universal star, Ilughle Mack, 
the Vltagraph funster. Matt -Moore, tho 
liandsomc lead of tho Victor forces, Arthur 
Johnson, Lubin's chief drawing card, debon- 
air Irving cummuiKs. of Pathe, and Glen 
White, of tho uiograpb, have all signified 
their Intention of occupying a box, with 
twenty or thirty Screen Club members as an 

In coMFntANca with the request of many 
exhibitors, Edison announces a change In re- 
lease schedule for the "Dolly of tho Dailies'* 
n>rlcs, in which Mary Fuller Is starring. Be- 
ginning with the third release In tho series 
on March 14, thcro will be a "Dolly" film re- 
leased on the second and fourth Saturday of 
each month, Instead of the last Saturday, as 
originally arranged. Although only Just be- 
ginning, the "Dolly" pictures gained Instant 
recognition because of tho prominence of 
tho author, Acton Davlcs, ana the popular- 
ity of Mary Fuller. As the heroine of the 
"Mary" stories, Mary Fuller became a na- 
tional figure. iSho is Increasing In popu- 
larity with this now series. 


Mch. ft. 
Mch. 1*1. 
Mch. 14. 

Mch. >. 
Mch. 11. 
Mch, IS. 
Mch. 14. 

Mch. It. 
Mch. 10. 

Mch. 11. 

Mch. 12. 

Mch. 14— 

Mch. 0.— 

Mch. 10. 
Mch. 11. 

Mch. 12. 
Mch. 13. 
Mch. 14, 

Meh. 0. 
Mch. 10. 
Mch. 11, 
Mcb. 12. 
Mch. 18. 
Mch. 14. 



— "Jot Auld Lang Syne" (Dr.) 

—"Her Hind" (Dr.) 

— "Mm the Tiilor" (Corn.) 

"Shorty Hakes a Bet" <Oom.) 

-"The Secret of the Will" (Dr. Parts 

1 and 2). 
—'"The Medicine Man's Vengeance" (Dr. 

PtrtB 1 and 2). 
—"Her Fallen Hero" (Com.) 

"looking for a Fortune" (Oora.) 
—"Tbe Bare For a Mine" (Dr.) 


— •"Paths's Weekly, No. 201014" 

— "Hie Hunting Spiders" (Mature 


"The Ficturesnuo Coast of Catalonia" 

— "Abide With Me" (Dr.) 
—"A Spoiled Life" (Dr. Parts t and 1). 

"Making Laco Fans" (Industrial). 
"Fathe's Weekly, No. 21-1814" (Nb.ts). 

."Against Heavy Odds" <Dr. Parts 1 

and 2). 

"A Tjlp to the Groat Nile Dam" 



•The Adventures of Kathlvn, No. 0." 

"Three Bsgs of Silver" (Dr. Parts 1 

and 2). 

-"Suppressed News" (Dr.) 

-'"He Speedway of Despair" (Dr.) 

"The Oilliedral and Leans Tower of 

Pisa" (Rducatlanal). 
-"Kid Pink and tho Maharajah" (Dr.) 
-"Elisabeth's Prayer" (Dr.) 
-"Ilearst-Scllg News" (Pictorial). 

-"Ginger's Rtlgn" (Western Dr.) 
-"Tho Portrait" (Dr. Parts 1 and 2). 
-"Art for a Heart" "v»i 


"Tho Way to Heaven 1 ' (Dr.) 
-'•Mrs. Maioney' Fortune" (Corn.) 
-"A Officer and a Gentleman" ( 
tary Dr. Parts 1 and 2.) 


Meh. 0.— "The Sultan and the Boiler Skates" 

-'The Mexican's OraUtods" (Dr.) 
-"Andy, tbo Actor" (Com.) 
-'The Price of the Necklace" (Dr. 
Parts 1 and 2). 
."Aa Affair of Dress" (Oom. Dr.) 

-"The Counter Melody" (Dr.) 
•'•Ota GlrL the Cop and the Burglar" 

-'Tbe Warning" (Western Dr.) 
•'■areas Oonaty Goes Dry" (Obm. Parts 
I and 2.) 

;*fhe. Interference of Broncho Billy" 
(Western Dr.) ^^ 

—"A Danireroos Case" (Oom.) 
"SlmnbervUM'a Bcare" (Oom.) 
—"A Oroet Bevence" (Dr. I 

Mch. 10.- 
Mch. 11.- 
Mch. 18.- 

Mca. 14.- 

Mch. 10.- 
Mch. 11.- 

Meh. 12.- 
Mch. 18.- 

Mch. 14,—" 

Mch, 10. 

Mch. 11 

Moh, 12. 

Mch. IS.. 
Meh. 14.. 

Mch, 10.- 
Mch .12.- 

Met. 0. 
Mch. IS. 

Mch. 0.- 
Mci. 18.- 

and 2) 
-"A 81 

Parts 1 

'range Melody" (Dr. Parts 1 


and 2). 

-'The Tell Tate Star" (Dr.) 
-"lost a Note" (Oom.) 
'the Wanted a Count'' 
(a KMne). 
-'The Greatest Gift" (Dr. Parts 1 
and 2). 

-"Love's Oblivion" (Oom.) 
"One oa Batty Bill" (Com.) 


-"Hearts sod flowers" (Dr.) 
-"The Uoncrmoaoers." 

-"A Mnrdcrous Elopement" (Oom.) 
-"The Faith of TscVMDr.) 


Mch. 0. — "The Flaming Diagram." 

Mch. 12.— "Jealousy and Giant Powder" (Oom.) 

Gold Hi-Hi. 
Mcb. 10.— "Tbe Twins' Double" (Detective Dr. 
S reels). 

Men. 10.— "Blmberg's Love Affair" (Ohm.) 

Mch. IB "Kelly's Ghost" (Oom.) 

Mch. 11 — "The Mexican's Last Bald" (Dr.) 

Universal Ike. 
Mch. 10.— "Cnlversal Ike's Wooing" (Oom.) 

Meh. 11.— "A Mexico Mix" (Com.) 
Mch. 14.— "Won In the First" (Com.) 

Mch. 11 — "Into the Foothills" (Dr. S reels). . 

Mch. IS "At the Oonrt of Prince Make Believe" 


Mch. 12.— "Heart of the Hills" (Dr. 8 reels). 
Mch. IB.— "The Senator's Bill." 


Meh. 11.— "Animated Weekly." 


Mch. 12 "The Colonel of the Nats" (Oom.) 

Mcb. 14.— "His Younger Brother" (Dr.) 

Mch. 13 "What a Baby Did" (Com.) 


Mch. ."The Call of the Traumerle" (Mas. 

Dr. S nek). 
Mch. 14 — "A Story of Little Italy" (Dr.) 

Mch. O.— "Tango Tangle." 
Mch. 12.— "His Favorite Pastime." 
Mch. 18. — "A Bund Demon," 
Mcb. S.— "Our Mutual Girl No. 8." 
Mch. 11.— "Caught la the Web'' (Dr.) 
Mch. 14— "Bed the Mediator" (Dr.) 

Mch. 10.— "His First Love." 
Mch. 14.— "The MoonshlD-r's Daughter" (Dr.) 
Mch. 15 — "His Little Pat" (DrJ 

Mch. 10. — "Kathleen, tho Irish Rose" (Dr. 

2 reels l. 
Mch. IB. — "Tbo Eugenic Boy" (Com.) 

Mch. 11.— "Closed at Ten" (Dr.) 

Moh. 11.— 'The Barrier Boyal" (Dr. 9 reels). 


Mch. 12.— 'The SUent Messenger" (Dr. 2 reels). 


Meh. 11 "Mutual Weekly, No. 03." 

Mch. 12.— "The Yegg and the Eggs" (Com.) 

Mch. 18.— "Desert Cold" (Dr. 2 reels). 

Mch. IS.— "Billy's Buss" (Com.) 

Mch. IB.— "Dad's Terrible Ma tch" (Obm.) 


Nsw MijssTic— "Sapho," in six reels, with 
Florence Roberts. 

Tnannousim,— "Moths," In four reels, with 
Mande Feoly. . 

Tiianuiiusm.— "Kobm Bood." to four roeU. 
with Oerda Holmes. 

TnANHODssa.— "A Legend of Provence," m 
four reels, with Maude Fealy. 

TiiAN-nocBos. — "Fron-Fron," la four reelSi 
with Maude Fcaly. 

TiiAifiioirsBB. — "Joseph In the Land of EgypL 

TiiANiiiiuaiiB.— "Cardinal Rlchellea's Ward." 

Kat-Bbs. — "The Battle of Gettysburg," In live 

kbthtonb. — "Za Zu, the Band Leader," In two 
two reels. 

Majbbtic. — "Huj-Blas." 











That Gus K<1 -wards has several new songs 
that will shortly be released. 

That Rocco Voeco. Chicago manager for Leo 
Feist, la rapidly recovering from hla 

QUERIES answered; 

A Constant Ruadkr, Portland. — 1. Wo do 

not care to recommend any of Uie Onus. 3. 

Never board of the waff. 

A. J, Stcvbnb, Chicago.— I would suggest 

recent Illness, that yon send your compositions to the J. II. 

That Harry Carroll and Roslka Dolly havo Kemlclc Co., 210 Wust tcorty-eUth Street, 

teamed up for vaudeville. New York. 

That Bert Kalmar will begin a vaudeville Aux. Starnkr, BonroN.— Harry Von Til- 

STRUGGLE FOR BEAUTIFDL TROPHY TO BE GREATEST EVER r»« iffiSfW^Sfe^ back . m IttST 1 ' 1 itrect * K * 

___— .^_^____ . ^__ _ __. _ *" *~" Jr HANK 


of songs from Florida that will mako 

Jonks, Lansing. — Address Wm in 

V* uuiiriLi ii'-i.i i r.i'iii mill n • i i man" inn.iA WU-iMli AAtHOinUi •IWUWB *IIIU 111 

the mualc bualncts alt up and take care of Leo Foist, 138 \V. Forty-fourth Street 

Get ready! Set? And at ten o'clock next 
Tuesday evening-, March 10, at the theatrical 
novelty ball of the Dick Jens Association, to 
to held at Borland Casino, Westchester 
Avenue at the foot of Prospect Avenue Bub- 
way Station, Bronx, the word will be given 
that will start off on a race for The Clipper 
Cup, the Greatest array of song waiting talent 
ever gathered In the history of popular song. 
Our readers have witnessed many events in 
tbo past few years that have been Innova- 
tions Id the theatrical world. Firstly, wo 
had an "all star" week In vaudeville then 
we bad an "old timers" week, then ''Inter- 
national stars" week, and so on down the 
line, until we reached the so-called "song- 
writers convention." Cup contests were held 
by tho score, but at very few of these con- 

sole, and Is so pleased over the results al- 
ready shown that be can talk of little else. 
Standard Bearer Dick Jesa and President 
Milt Schmidt are saying little these days, 
but one sees them all over, constantly 
"Plugging" among tho press and public. An- 
other whose great work Is aiding the suc- 
cess of the affair is Harold Jones. His 
work In tbe immediate vicinity of the hall 
has raised the enthusiasm of tbe residents 
to a high pitch, and all are now eagerly 
awaiting the starting bell. 

AU Theatrical World Present. 

Everyone who Is anyone In tho world of 

make believe, all the members of tbe musical 

comedy, vaudeville and dramatic shows an 

well as all tbo motion picture stars In town 

testa waa the cup ever won bv a~"reni"toneC m ^ lt d A to w i". a PP« ar to lend the aid In 
writer In. most Instance? some BSssBC iBK§" •«»> <*o **& «er Mo- 
tive of the writer carried off the cnp. 
But, did - 

SeSd so 5 ng"wrTter u TSanTho"a°dWneli nd ,,3 ■£?? aonVtinE'to^eomi 

That the new Strand 'Building has bocomo 

quite popular with music publishers. 
That P. A. Mills is looking for a location 

That Geo. W. Meyer was offered ono of tlio 

firms now controlled by llcnry Wat- 

terson. ' 
That Irving Berlin's new show la a big 

That L. Wolfe Gilbert has had tempting 

offers for a vaudeville engagement in 

That Leon Flatow Is taking tango lessons. 
That Glenn Leap will movo to tbe sixth floor 

of the Exchange Building. 


Tho Kalmar A Pack Matte Company, >whlrh 
last week was announced as likely to be- 


The mimic world was inui-h startled Inst 
Week when tho news went tho rounds thnt 
Geo. W. Meyer had resigned from tho 
company of tho Geo. W. Meyer concern. 

It has been a welt known fact 'or aoinc- 
tlmo thnt tilings wcro not as they hould ho 
In tbo Meyer offices, and a chnngo was looted 
forward to by tboBO who wero on tho Inside 
of fncts. 

Mr. Meyer has had several tempting offers 
from tlio larger firms, but as yet it uiul>:- 
sided what .*io Intends to do. 

Whoever Is fortunate In landing him will 
certainly get somo melody man. 


Knrl Carroll, t£io writer of "lain D' Amour," 
"Dreaming" and "A Thousand Years Ago." 
took a trip to Pittsburgh last week to visit 
his parents, whom ho has not seen In several 


The above firm, who make a buslnen of 
acting as sales agents and representatives 
for Western publishers and Individual writ- 
ers who desire competent and active pro- 
motion of their live publications In New York 
City and tho Eastern territory, havo lately 

Eu4br Siiott St. Lotus. — Wo do not 
criticise songs. Tho public is tho only Judge. 

Jbnniii itoaKRS, Cincinnati.— 1. The Arm 
has been out of business for many years. 
". We do not know of any house. 

"Dear Barry: Bead tho enclosed you fat- 
head and see if I am na Jcoloua of you aa yon . 

are of me, I am tbo last of tho gentile secured tho sales agency for Allco Lloyd's 
song writers, and can lick you ana your - 
vrholo family. Give our best regards to your 
good wife also to that poor boob who slaves 
lor you. too ono who rails himself Uornsteln. 
Sco you week of March, 3. Best to you, 

EHBNIST It, '1V.U.I,." 

No, dear reader, the boys arc the best of 
friends. Read further on and you will 
notice that there la no Jealousy among com- 

"There la a, man whom you oil know, who 
la king of tbem all, a man who has been 
-writing hits year In and year out for twenty- 
five years. Just think of it— keep! 
tbe times for a quarter of a cent 
log and planning songs to suit tlio popular 

great song, now being sung by her, entitled 
'•Bring Your Bathing Suit Along." 

Their steady tolling ballad, "The Rose of 
My Dreams," remains very popular, and Is 
an unusually good ballad for all singing acts. 


Tho Pcnn Music Company are at present 
specialising In modern dance numbers of 
exceptional merit Which aro being featured 
by practically all tlio prominent exhibition 
dancers orchestras and dancing teachers 
ror twenty- throughout tho entlro country. 
ng up with Principal among their popular publication 
ury, think- are tho now famous tango, "llrtilllni 

— yoi 
Neither did 1 1 It remained for The Clip- 
pie to Introduce this Innovation to the thea- 
trical and song publishing world, and once tho 
idea got abroad it caught like wildfire, and 
for the past mont'.i has had New York and 
surrounding country fairly gasping for 
breath In an effort to keep pace with tho 
kaledloscopic events concerning the contest. 
Week after week tbo entry list continued to 
grow until now, on the eve of the great 
battle, the total number of entries has 
reached the total of thirty-four, by the addi- 
tion last week of tie names of: Leo Edwards, 
Bubey Cowan, Jeff Branncn and Eddie 
O'Keefe, George Merle, Martin Dobson. The 
other thirty are : Maurice Abrahams, Lew 
Brown, James Kcndls, Herman Paley, Glenn 
I Leap, Jlmmlo Monaco, Joe MCartby, Theo- 
dore Morse, D, A. Esrom, Earl Carroll, Fred 

Dreams;" ono-step and trot, 


. .il linn 


ucugeu sung writer, a man wno naa cornea in tnum «„ iiHTn™. twi S.. £T eame time to come, uniy un wren several •»• »•"• k— "- —o jr»»- •" ""•,- •"■■ ' r-i— ■■•• i»rcsinui; onwicp aim woi, -inr-pinmiici 
out bit after hit? No, of course you dldn'f SJSTJnM^ ^r,,',» H i- rr ^- n,s ' 7" 5 Clip " ™* *»n wero released by" tbem, and with fancy, and year after jenr being successful Rve;" a now Hesitation waits, "La Pnusn' 
Neither did II It remained for Visa ft.n.. f?* 8 . m PH 0U J? Ict . urB 90% n "? received .prom- the orotcnt ones alreadv handled bv tho in his efforts. _ . .. en,. Pause), which has fcho renllv eorreel 

1 Fischer, Jack Qlogau, Harry Von Tllzer, Ir- 
ving Berlin, Lewis V. Mulr, Ernie Ball, Harry 
Carroll, Ballard McDonald, Seymour Brown, 
Kay walker, Tommy Gray, Gus Edwards, 
Harry Williams, Billy Tracey, Henry I. Mar- 
s'.iall, Charlie McCarron, L. Wolfe Gilbert, 
Jos. M. Daly, Geo. B. Johnson, Joseph Daly 
end George Whittnker. 

Just glance over this list and then candidly 
ask yourself if you have ever witnessed a 
contest for a cap where even one-third of the 
above mentioned stars appeared. And thero 
Isn't anyone who can truthfully say that ho 
or she did, so for that reason we aro all 
going to Journey to Burland Caclno, Pros- 
pect and Weatohester Avenues, Bronx, next 
Tuesday evening, March 10, and gaze at tbo 
greatest event ever held In tho world of 
theatricals, either In the past or present. 
All Writers Expect to Win. 

As before some Important contest both 
sides ere confident of carrying off the honors, 
so Is it with the writers entered In this con- 
test. Bach and every one who ban signified 
his Intention of making a supreme effort to 
beat the rest is confident that ho will be re- 
turned tho winner of the cup and the cham- 
pionship of America. With tho great amount 
of confidence emitted by each entry It Is a 
foregone conclusion that Napoleon's great 
fight ait Waterloo will appear as a sham 
battle in comparison with the struggle that 
will be made for Tiin Clippeh Cup next Tues- 
day evening at the affair of tbe Dkk Jess 

Cup a Beautiful Trophy. 

The cnp which will be presented to tbe 
winner is perhaps tbe moat beautiful and 
artistic loving cup that has ever been given 
as a prize at a song contest. The cup waa 
(specially designed and engraved for Tub 
Ci.ii'1'eh by the Queen City Silver Company, 
of Cincinnati, O. No words nor camera ran 
describe tbe wonderful prize. The cup Is 
sixteen inches in height, gold lined, and has 
three French gray handles. It Is a tropby 
i well worth trying for, as with it goes tbo 
title of Champion of America and an amount 
of prestige to the winning bomb that could 
not be nought for ten thousand dollars. 
While talking of the cup we print for tho 
last time, and for those who have heretofore 
paid uo attention, tbo 

Boles Governing; Contest. 

The contest will start promptly at 10 p. 

Every contestant must be in tbo ball 
9.15 7. x. and should report to Jack F.<. 
wards, chairman of the contest committee, 
as soon as he or she enters tho ball. 

Every contestant must enter with a song 
that is not over six months old. 

The contestant mutt have written tho 
lyric or melody of tbo song he or she sings. 

One verso and two choruses will bo the 
limit for participants, no encores allowad 
under any circumstances. 

Any aong writer using singing boosters or 
vandevUlo artists In the contest to loin in 
tbe chorus of his song will bo disqualified. 

Publishers can enter as many contestants 
as they care to, but each writer must sing 
his own song ; no two writers of the same 
firm can sing the aame aong. 

The contest will bo decided by originality, 
simplicity of melody and lyric, delivery, 
octlon and enunciation of the singer. 

No form of advertising will be permitted 
in the ball except that which appears in tho 
official program of the Dick Jess Association. 

Publishers will not be allowed to flood the 
hall with chorus slips of songs being used by 
the contestants, 
i For the benefit of those who have not their* 
own pianist, Melville Morris has been selected 
•6 the official pianist for the contest. 

Five solemn, silent men, who are promi- 
nent In tie theatrical world, with the writer 
as chairman and deciding member, will act 
as Judges of tho contest. Each man is known 
for his impartiality, sense of fairness, and 
for his known Judgement In rendering de- 
cisions that will meet with the approval 
of all concerned. Bach Judge will he fur- 
nished with a ballot upon which it printed 
the contestanti name, and wjt-n the last 
entry has finished his song they will select 
the winner In accordance with the rule« 

foveming tho contest. After the Judges 
nvo announced their decision tho members 
of (he Dick Jess Association will furnish 

yea's motion picture roan, has received prom- 
ise of every member of the Screen Club that 
they will be there in. a body. Managers of 
all city bouses have advised the committee 
that they will appear with their entire show. 
All tills but foreshadows the wonderful suc- 
cess that the contest and ball will be. 
A Treat for "Movie" Fans. 
The "movie" fans, as well as those whoso 
tastes run to the theatrical end, will all 
nave their Inning at this affair. A treat Is 
in store for those who admire the "movie" 
stars. By a wonderful piece of good for- 
tune, combined with some hard work, the 
association has obtained tho consent of 
Norma Phillips, "The Mutual Girl," to lend 
the grand march along with ono of the mnto 
stars of the film world. This Is indeed a 
treat for the fans, as it will give them the 
opportunity of studying "Tbe Mutual Qlrl" 
herself and tbe wonderful gowns she is now 
exhibiting at clote range. Other celebrities 
will vie for favor with Miss Phillips, among 
whom will be Mary Plckford, Lillian Walker. 
Alice Joyce, Anita Btewnrt, Miriam Ncsbltt, 
Billy Quirk, John Bonny, Irving Cummlngs 
and others of equal prominence. 

'Another novel feature of the hall will bo 
the grand march. Favorable criticism has 
been received from s tlio newspapers by other 
associations for tie intricate formations of 
tlieir marches. Tbe grand march at tbe af- 
fair or the Dick Jess Association will bo a 
distinct departure from tbo old style. It 
has been named the "Tango Grand March," 
and Floor Manager Harry Rogers has prom- 
ised to surprise everyone present by showing 
evolutions that heretofore have never been 
conceived nor attempted; and wdlch will be 
tho talk of the evening. Don't forget next 
Tuesday night. The cup is now on exhibi- 
tion at Weber A Hellbroncr. Broadway and 
Forty-fourth Street, Now York. 

the present ones already handled by 
firm, makes their catalogue as good as 


Mr. Stark, tho general manager, was very 
much Incensed when he learned that an an- 
nouncement had been mads that tho firm 
would discontinue. Dozens ef vaudeville 
acts read tho announcement and hurried to 
the offices on Forty-fifth only to find out that 
the firm was still on the Job handing out 
the usual material. 


Ray Walker placed a song with tho Leo 
Fclst Company last week that Phil Korn- 
bel8cr thinks should be a clean-up. It's n 
dog eong, and one of the best of its kind 
ever put on tho market, 


"1 refer to n»rry Von TDaer, whom I havo 
known for sixteen years, and during all of 
that time I have not known of him being 
without a bit I am going back to the dnys 
of 'I'd Lcavo My Happy Homo for You' and 
'When the Harvest Hoys Aro Over, Jessie 
Dear.' And be was writing bits for ten years 
before I met him. 

"He has written waits songs, rag numbers 
and ballads of overy description, and after 
all these years of catering to the public 
taate he crowns all this success by writing 
a scml-lilgb class ballad, 'Last Night Was 
the End of tho Work!,' a tremendous bit 
from ono end of tbe country to the other. 
That In itself Is proof enough that ballad.* 
are ou the up-grade, instead of going down 


Under a caption Inst week that "Bong 
Writers Aro Horn, Not Matter Jack I/iiiduii, 
a lyric writer of Boston, takes Issue with me 
as follows: 

"Being a constant reader of your valuable 
mngnilno, Tits Nnw York Cmi'i-kii, allow mo 
(o express my thoughts which resulted from 
your last Issuo whllo glancing over your 
.-olumn la Melody Lane, called 'Do You Know 
That '/' 

"One particular sontenco caught my eye 
and made mo think. 

''Hero It Is: 'Do You Know That Bong 
Writers Aro Born and Not Made?' 

"That's a very true statement with a 
capital question mark, and on tho other hand 
there Is nut a bit of truth In It. 

"Judging from tbo 'popular songs' we henr 
nowadays (especially lyrics), one could In- 
elnntly make up Ids mind that 'song writers' 
are made and not born. 

"I had a doublo act como to mo tlio other 
week and loft an order to lie written to mi 
already popular melody, as they told mo they 
liked tbo tune, but wero ashamed to uso the 

"This particular caso and the abovo par- 
ticular sentence caused you the trouble of 
rending this long, pestv lotter. Hoping tlint 
'song wrltera' will start using the word 
'brains' and stop forcing on the public songs 
that spell 'trash,' I beg to remain, respect- 
fully. Jack Lonikm." 

(The Pause), -which has tlio really correct 
swing and accent for tins beautiful dance : 
also a Very flno Mnxlxo Brcslllenne, "I.n 
Nutlva" (Tho Native), written by Will II. 
Dixon, composer of "llrlslllan Dreams." 

Besslo Wynn. America's daintiest come- 
dienne, is featuring tticlr great popular bal- 
lad. "Daddy Has a Sweetheart," also "Chic, 
Cbfc, Chic, Chic, Chicken," both being big 
hits In her act. 

Ono of IUanoho Ring's feature songs. In 
"When Claudia Bailies,'' now playing New 
York City, is "Everybody -Homcnime Must 
Lorvo Someone," written by Buck A Stamper, 
writers of "Some Boy." 


"Just for To-Nlght." tbe March release. 
looks like another "Some of Tlieso Days.' 1 
Many of tho big ones ore already singing 
this fascinating number, already mado mum- 
what famous by l-'rauklyn llatlo. 

Cora Cowuu Is given crodlt by tlio prnfes- 
~ piping to mal 
Hoy," "I'm Saving All My uOVtai let You 

slonal staff of helping to mako popular 
(Jhlcjigo, /'Brlug Mo .Back My l<ovlii' Honey 

THE A. H. GOEniNG MUSIC C0/ H,, ,r• , • m • ,00k,n • o,^ .? r, fiB»»a MnsioPnb- 

. riw «»wiw_wi Usher who wants a live lyilo writer with new 
A fALl. Ideas, latest lyrics, wrlto best terms to meat onoe. 

v, i. «« t MsnZL .»,.»_ _«. v .< If you are located outaldo of New York andwant 

_ Li '".w 1 XSSft t 5 at /s w !.7 ffl ,'? ortl £ e<! S to establish an N . Y . office, "I'm the Guy." Alto 
a sign that reads A. B. Goettlng Music Co.," have been a constant reader of "TheOld Rcllablo" 
la th vicinity of torty-flfth Street. for years and keep In touch with the latest. ED — *rz-ii 

As was recently announced In this column, TAS8IB. now looatedSMW. 17th St. Km York Cltv Don't you think you aro a little harsh. 
It Is tho intention of tbo now firm to have »•»»«•■»• ^ Jack? Y" 

ono of tbe largest and finest equipped muals 
publishing concerns In the world, 

Mr. GuottinVs wide experience la the 
music game would undoubtedly annke him a 
big contender for honors as a hit producer. 
From a reliable source comes the Informa- 
tion that an announcement win shortly be 


The Standard Music Company, of Provi- 
dence. H. I., recently released a song entitled 
"I Want You," by Arnold and Brown, that 
has shown np wonderfully well, It sounds 
like one of those natural corn bits, and has 
proven a clean-up for many acta featuring it. 

Tho Cadillac Music Co. announces the re 


The question that Is going the rounds in 
tnnsle circles lust now is "Who is the most 
successful ballad writer?" Cbss. E. Harris 
bat always held that distinction and has 
proven It year after year, but along comes 
this young follow with Ideal galore, named 
Joe Goodwin, that not a fow people teem to 
think is the season's biggest ballad producer. 
Then there is Fred Fischer, who put over 
"Peg o' My Heart." There are also several 
others that could be mentioned a* ballad 
writ or s 


The hundreds of friends of Homer Tie/ward, 
of tho Wcnrlch & Howard Muslo Company, 

_ou evidently havo never seen the 
' v doings of somo of tho "would-be writers." 
Lyrical Bsm Lewis, who hss boon writing 
with Geo. W. Meyer for several years past, 
resigned from tho Geo. W. Meyer Compony 
last week. Ho has not as yet signed up 
with any of tbe other Arms. 


F. A. Mills thinks so well of "Compli- 
mentary Band" and "She's Dancing Ili-r 
Heart Away," tho two lotcst songs of b, 
Wolfe Gilbert and Lewis V. Mulr, thnt ho 
Is expending aomcfMng over fifteen thousand 
dollars in advertising these numbers, a de- 
parture never before attempted by a music 

He has a forco of twenty peoplo employed 

anil "On tho Hunks of Lnvollght Bar." 

A card Just rccolvod from Allan Summers 
from Los Angeles, t.'ul., states that bu has 
been very successful wllh several llotsller 
numbers and bus been going steady tlneo 
last September. 

Bob Dally Is now manager nt Upton's Old 
Stylo Inn, Chicago, and Is also lining his 
wliiire In tlio entertainment department. 
"Just for To-Nlght," bo declares, Is tlio big- 
gest hit ho hns sung In years. 

The Troy Comedy Knur have an excellent. 
closing number In "Bring Mo Back My Lovlu' 
Honey Boy." 

Nonet to, the singing violinist, Is delighted 
with tlio cucoro propensities of "On tho 
Bsnks of I.nvc-llglit Bay." 

Mne Curtis and Myrtlo ilelmrd aro enjoy- 
ing great song prosperity With "Tho Minstrel 
Show Parade/' 

"I Think I'll On Out on a Strike" Is prov- 
ing n rollicking comedy number for Tranklyn 

Sam Herman Is featuring "Jutt for To- 
Nlght," with "Tho Minstrel Show Purado" 
as an extra added attraction. 

That Bottonlnn -l-Vm r aro using to excel, 
lent advantago "Just for Tn-Nlght, "Tho Min- 
strel Show Parade" and "On the Banks of 
Lovelight Bay." 

Emma Weston, now featured In Chlengn 
neighborhood theatres, Is singing "The Min- 
strel Show Pnrsds," "You Were All I Had" 
and "On tbe Banks of Lovelight Bay." 


The Southern California Music Co., of Los 
Angeles, Who made "Casey Jones" famous the 
world over, announces the rolcnao of another 
wlnnor, and predicts to break all tlio records 
of tho famous hit 

It's title, "That Million Dollar Band,'' 

?lves Just an Idea of what can ho expected of 
hat song, a million dollar song and every 
cent Of It. 

The very clover lyrlct aro by Joslu Dorlty. 
and tho uuisle by Albort Under, two unities 

"There's No Ono Just Like You." is the 

feature number that Is receiving one atten- 
tion of toe Wolf, 

Phil Bush, tho professional manager for 

iat is receiving tho attcn- tos ]M v rr!s Music «o. is exoeetlna- to for tbo Geo. W. Meyer Company 

; Wilson Oo, of Lansing, gj, ™\g ^ffiS &£ T?W«* 1 ffi^MW tf ggJsTgB teeneofths 

trip to the West Phlf placed file flrm'e songs hardest working demonstrators In the I ust- 

GEO. W. MEYER CO. ERLARGHNG wSkfr^i^S^" 1 ^ ^^P2^«M«S 

CAD/*C tv ii. i. van tit.kkii nrrvs elnglng "Acrota the Great Divide.' 


A silly rumor went the rounds last week 
when it became known that Goo. W. Meyer 
had resigned from tbo firm, of the Geo. W". 
Meyer Mualc Company, that they were out 
of business. 

Maurice Richmond, tbe president of tbe 
company, denies that tho firm has any inten- 
tions of discontinuing tie business. Under 
his management the Geo. W. Meyer Company 
has, in a few years, taken Its place among 
tho leaders, and it seems absurd to think 
that a well established firm should close its 
doors on account of several of its writers 

It is Mr. Richmond's Intention to broaden 
tho field that be entered several years back, 
nnd make tbe Geo. W. Meyer Company one 
of the largest publishing bouses in tbe 

He wBl shortly enlarge his staff, having 
already In view several of tho best known 
boys In the music game. He will also accept 
compositions of all writers, as be does not 
intend to sign up with any composers. 

"Across the Great Divide," which is the 
feature song at tbe present time, Is showing 
up wonderfully, ana Mr. Richmond looks 
forward to It being one of the best songs 
published in years. 

He bas started an outside advertising 
campaign tbat should prove beneficial to all 
performers featuring this song. 


Jimmy Kcndls returned last week from • 
trip that took him as far as Buffalo, and 
found that his two latest numbers, "Tbo 



As was announced several weeks ago In 
this column, tho Broaday Muslo Comiuiny 
open a branch office, la Philadelphia Mon- 
day. (Murray Whitman, who was formerly 
connected with tbe Geo. W, Meyer Music 
Company, will bo hi charge. 

The opening of this new office It In line 
with tbo Idea Mr. Von Tllzer started some 
time ago in announcing that he Intends to 
open offices in all tbe principal cities. 

Mr. Whlteman is one of the best known 
boys In tho music game and should prove a 
worthy manager of this new branch. 

Nat Vincent and Charley Morbus, the boys 
who look after the burlcsquo and small time 
acts for tbe Broadway Music Co., seem to 
have tho knack of convincing shows and acts 
that their songs are tbe goods. 

There hasn't been a show Into tbe Co- 
lumbia Theatre, New York, In the past twenty 
weeks that didn't have a number of theirs, 
end mado It a feature, at that 

Both boys are so well known and have 
such a fine personality tbat they find It llttlo 
trouble lo placing their songs. 


The F. B. Havliand Music Co. will shortly 
move uptown to larger quartors. Mr. Havl- 
iand recently signed several well known 
writers, and expects to get into the game on 
a much larger scale. 


F. J. A. Forster, tbe Chicago publisher, 
Who gave up bis New York office some time 

.. the strength of getting this new ap- 
pointment Moe has had a desk set In the 
centre of the offices, and already has a sign 
reading Moe Kleemtn. with a blank spaco 
after the name for the caption. 

Frank Glllen. who was connected wltb tlio 
Theodore Morse Music Co. some tlmo ego, 
Is on the scent for a good lyric writer. To 
Introduce Frank I would say that he Is the 
boy wbo wrote Blnnoho Ring's successful 
song in her latest production, "When 
Claudia Smile*," entitled "It They On'y 
Move Old Ireland Over Here." _ 

Frank is now located at tho Fulton Thea- 
tre In Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Lew Brown, who bat over fifty successful 
songs to his credit, won the aong contest at 
Ixxnv's Avenue B Theatre last week under 
tho greatest opposition that bas over boon 
given a writer. Unannounced, Low went on 
with his latest song, "Kvcryone in Town 
Lovos My Ulrl," and took so much applanse 
cvor his original way la putting over a aong 
that tbere was nothing to it but to award 
blm the cup. 

Lew bas entered into more than a dozen 
contests and has never failed to land In the 

He Is also entered In Tim Ci.irrrn'a song 
contest, and says b» will surely lift that cup. 

Billy Day, one of tho boys connnectcd with 
the Boston ofllco of Loo Feist, Inc., is one 
of the heroes of tbe city. Here Is the story : 
A serious panic among a thousand or more 

cause it's a great number nnd a dandy rag, 
to which you can ting, whlstlo and dance nil 
night long — anil then some I 

We advise all acts who are In need of a 
sensational novelty or of a real "knockout" 
closing tong. to get, at ouce, their copies of 
that "song hit" 

Tho famous California Hdrtner Band will 
featnro this number en their campaign 
through all tlio States, and thousands and 
thousands upon thousand* of people will 
boost tbo song from Wont to Halt 


Charles and Molllo King aro a clean-up 
of lO" 

eat re. Chics*) 

den Ulrl." 

with tlio Passing Kliow of loi.'l playing tliii 
fiarrlck Theatre, Chicago, with ''Winter Oar 

Joseph Daly nnd Gcorgo Whlbtaker aro 
coming to New York from Iloatou to sing at 
Tim Cur-run; Hong Contest. TCier will bu 
there with a few surprises up their sleeves. 

Louise Mario Is ccrtnlnly cleaning np with 
"Heart of a City." Ask her. 

'Dclmontco tint man with tho doublo voire, 
writes In thnt "Heart of a City" Is tho big- 

Cent thing that be ever sang. lie ought to 

The TUywood Trio always uso 
songs, There's a rouson, 

Uluulcs McCoy is cleaning up with 
of a City." 

Freda Applohaum hns been ad 
nlready large stuff of Daly's suf 
In Now York. Bhcwtlt bo glad t 
Daly* hits to her friends In tho 
and also new ones, 

Harry Collins Cio New York manager, 
says that "Heart Of a City" is being sung In 
every cafo nnd csbarrt In Now York, Ho 
also say* that "Too Much Olnger," Psly h 
tango bit, Is played by nil tho orchestras, 
and tbe lender* tell him that It Is their big- 
gest lastrmnental bit 


Confident Of SoceCSS, 
All members of the association are con- 
fident that tbe affair will be the greatest 
and most successful that hss ever been held 
in tbe history of New York. Treasurer 
General Jees reports aa enormous advauce 

are In rlgdt, and all bave advised me to be 
on the lockout for "Something nig." Let it 
come. boys. I am watching. 

This Feirt fellow generally does things 
as they should bo done, so it mart be worth 
waiting for. 

It again. He hardly is in town long enough 
t» get acquainted with the ofllco staff before 
he is on tho Job somewhere In this Wide 
world, eonvlncfng performers that tbe Broad- 
way Music Compsny hive the best line of 
songs in the business. 



during the excitement fainted, nnd for a 
time It looted as though lives might be lost, 
bat Billy was on the lob, and for a reward 
got his ifotare ando beo<Iln» 

wrltrop la all 


for Acts. Kveryone * Hit 


Writer of "fiood.Bye tsl," 
" II They'd Only Move Old IrHsna Over Hera," 

nitnche King's Big Success 
Address «f Weet sMtlt »t., WUVr YOstK. 



i mm 






m^tJf^^i^^^'^i K r 'pta „ 1 . , ?. ,5t ' «"* E,linbcHv **»"*'* 

fZHX tblsw«k Wl* ttEU&JS! J-of P llo n fmi nn . the eminent piano 

•'The 783r2£» which wtTl haVe lt« S (ft? 2 1 r 1 tu <"». ■•* W<> 'arewcll appearance in 

American tmfotWnce at the fS?Art! *£2 Chicago, at the Studcbaker, l/unday arter- 

ntrc. TiieX nfchTI. by the irW f%|m Kg. * ««»* tb* direction of K. Wight Neu- 

only one performance to tho original con- i° ur i„ 8n<1 *"' not return to ^ed* nest 
ttict, «M go* tho final presentation of 

ana now 
"Uwcetbcarts" at the Illinois will bo given 
on Sunday, 8. 

Weber & Fields and (heir festival com- 
pany begun the second and last week of 

sea boo. 

John HoCormack, the noted Irish tenor, 
will bo heard In recital In Orchestra Hall on 
Sunday afternoon. 8. under the direction of 
Weasels A VoegelL Mr. JdcCormnck will be 
assisted by Donald MoBeatb, violin and Vln- 
rot O'Brien, piano. 
Ignace I'adcrcT-akl, the world famous 

gliSSS '' y • pIa, concernlD <f «"• .««■«* ^^^^fMgmWffm!^ 

I A tho BiaetotoM Theatre to-night, Kthcl «fV«a«" « the early nineteenth ccn- 

Barrymore enters upon tho sccoud week of her 3 __, r, * « i. .. , 

Chicago engogemont, in C. llnddon Chambers' „ Enrlc <> Caruso, tenor of the Metropolitan 

<wmedy. "Tanto," founded on Mra Anno °P C n a Company, and Tltta Buffo, baritone 

Douglas Sedgwick's novo! of that name. Mlsa ?' "iS V? 1 , ng ,? G^nd Opera Company, have 

'llarrymore, in addition to tho regular Satur- , ,ourod '"e'r liquid voices together down the 

day matinees, baa deviated from :ier usual fcraz ? n funnel of a phonograph. Tho two 

rule and will play oftcruoon performances f r , c T' slneers, whose professional emotions 

on Wednesdays. •»•»«.«■ geldom allow them to approach each other 

Eugene Walter's play "Tho Troll of tho wlttt smllc 8 except for photographic purposes*, 

I*ne££e Hne" made 7 * fron l «E ^ novel by I" 8 , l" BM ^A £J cnd voices t£at>ve 

John Fox Jr., in Which Charlotte Walker has ?%£ &^,^£ *J°.!L„,H «rla selected 

the part of Jane, will end Its three weeks' ESffiJ^K Vf « Sh IV'i * 1 pr< ! vl 5 ( ' < !, ft? 

engagement at tho Olympic Snturdny night, T. J?W¥ 25t,KSJ , 3l2 8 highest priced duet. 

T"Si Passing Show of 1913" continues at SUSsS KSfiSLSl^S SSSS and IS 

tbe aarrick iWre. The reproduction of fi 7n i7j ho ' c i ltc ;? d L nto J b , e hurm0Ii y 6 «« ld 

Capitol steps, at Washincton 1b tho bin- ,'£. laVo . lna ?o ,»? Tendttlon unusually bo. 

ifc P fMtUre or tto ^fomanc ' It o£ StSW Rasp's la th ? »'•» of V . lct0 !: 


FRANK Q. DOYLE, General Manager 

Orpheum Tho>tr» Build ln«, 110 go. State Street - CBICAOO, IU„ 





90AMajMtlc Theatre Bldg., Chicago, III. 

Producer ol Feature Vaudtvllle Attraction* 
7th Floor, Gibbons lildg.; 20 E. Jackson Blvd., 
CHIOAOO. Phono Wabash (002. Good Chorus 
Girls and Principals Wanted at all times. 

lie. — "True, my dear, but marriage ".nis 
made another man of me." 

Outside It was snowing hard, and the 


HafoUc Thtatre BaCimt, . - CHICAGO 


W» Consumers Bldg., CHICAGO, 11,1.. 

"New Acts Wanted at All Times." 

••MY NEW BPBOIAI/TV," Placing 


SAM DU VRIES, Artiste' Ropmantetlve 

finite 209, 86 8. Dearborn Street, CHICAGO 

Tbb Fomt Mioz Bbothbus reopened ttelr 
show at Gary, Iiul., lost week. 1h*j will tour 
the Ansociatlon time. .„ 

Ella OiivrH bss recoTerd from her recent ill- 
ness, and trill bo able to leare tho hospital at 

Miss Galrln 

teacher considered It her duty to •warn bcr B ™ h t ,,er ' - MI ," n :i 1 to **° w , < ' < ' k, • 
charges. ' w111 V off sU " ll " <xmiLn * Summer. 


tack wall, and on itsVoad area the chorus l„2 B i«L Mrf?,™. d .v* tl 'v '. by Alma Gluclc 
performs a series of Intricate dancing evola- a - n - -- ohn iPEP*!!* . Victor Herbert'a Or- 


"Doys and girls should be careful to avoid 
colds at this time," she said solemnly. "I 
had a darling little brother only seven years 
old. One day be went out In the snow with 
his new sled and caught cold. Pneumonia 
set In and in three days ho was dead." 

A hush fell upon tho schoolroom; then a 
youngster In the back tow stood up and 

"Where's hi) sled?" 


"Help Wanted," Jsok Lair's play of bust, 
ness life with a stenographer as Its central 
figure, continues on Its war at the Cort, 
and entered Into Its eleventh week Sunday 
night, 1. The one hundredth performance of 
"Help Wanted," at the Cort, will be cele- 
brated on Wednesday, 4. 

(Mabel and Edith Taliaferro, In "Young 
iWlsdom," is In Its second week at Powers. 

"Soven Keys to Ualdpate," surc-llro farce 

chestrap can be heard In a couple of melodl- 
ous medleys. 

American Music Hall (Satnnel P. Oer- 
son. mgr.) — Primrose & Dockstader. Com- 
mencing Sunday, 8. "A Peck o' Pickles." 

AtiDiTOBttM (B. Ulrlcu, mgr.)— Weber & 
Fields Co. 

I1i,acksto!(b (Harry J. Powers mgr.)— 
Ethel Hnrrymore, In "Tante." 

Conr (U. J. Hermann, mgr.)— "Ilelp 

featuring Cyril Bcort;'ir'in >i 'lts"tlirrdwcok"'at piJI?, AnTS <A ' U Pcrr * m 8r.)-The Irish 

Hi*\ M ^Inn 1 . Ihm< (In... II.,,,.,,. linvirH. 

OAitnicK (John J. Oarrlty, mgr.) — 'Toss- 
lng Show of 1013." 

Ow.iiuh M. Cohan's GnANn Opeba IIouhb 
(Harry nidlngs, mgr.) — "Seven Keys to 

Jon HowAnn's (F. O. Peers, mgr.) — Edith 
Wynne Mattlilson, In "The Dendlock." 

Illinois (W. J. Davis, mgrj— Christie 
Mncdouald, In "Sweethearts." Commencing 
Monday, 1), "The Marriage Market." 

La Hat.le Ofbba Houhb (Harry Askln, 
mgr.) — "September Morn." 

Olympic (George C. Warren, mgr.)— "The 
Trail of the Lonesome Pine." Beginning 
Sunday. 8, "Tho Argylo Case." 

Powjihs' (Harry Powers, mgr.)— Mabel 
and Edith Tallnfcrro, In "Young Wisdom." 

Princess (Win. Singer, mgr.) — "The 

Stddbbakbr (Sam Lcdercr, mgr.)— "Tho 
Speckled Hand." 

Columbia (B>, H. Woods, mgr.)— Week 
March 1, Beauty Porado; 8, tGe Liberty 

Stab anb Gartbb (Dick Illder, mgr.)— 
Week March 1, Al. Reeves ; 8. Dnvo Marlon. 
. Folly (R, C. Schoencdac, mgr.) — Week 
March 1. Billy Watson; 8, the Cracker Jacks. 

Geo. M. Cohan's Grand Opera House. 

"Tho Lure" continues Its successful run 
at tho Princess. 

•'The Deadlock," at Howard's, with Edith 
Wynne MntUilson In tho stellar role, Is In 
Its second week 

_ Tho National offers this week Virginia 
Brooks' "Little Lost Sister." Tho play Is 
Cull of thrills and sensations. 

"Tho Uound-iip" Is in Its second and Inst 
week at the Imperial Then ire. 

The Victoria offers as Its attractions this 
week Dcnman Thompson's "Tho Old Home- 

The early future holds promise of a va- 
riety of theatrical entertainment, some of It 
new, some familiar. 

Beginning Sunday night, 8. Kolb and Dill 
will begin their tenancy of tho American 
Aluslc Hall, with Kriiiik Btammcrs' tniiBlcnl 
comedy, "A Peck o' Pickles." Maude Lillian 
Bcrrl and Olga Hterk will bo In tho company. 
Also on that night Itobert Hllllnrd will bring 
to tho Olympic the Harriet Ford, Harvey J. 
O'lllgglns and William J. Burns dctcctlvo 
play, "Tho Argyle Case." and Al. Jolson will 
rc-appear with an unchanged cart In "Tho 
Honeymoon Express," at tho Auditorium. 

Ilegluulng Moudny night, 3, Douald Brian, IIaimabkkt (J. P. Kirk mgr.)— Week 

aided by Carroll McComas, Porclvnl Knight March 1, Girls from tho Follies; 8, Girls 

ond May do Sousa. will play "Tho Marrlugo Irora Joylaud. 

Market/' at tho Illinois. . National (J. P. Barrett, mgr.) — "Little 

On Mundoy, 10, Mnrgucrlto Clark Will net Lost Sister.'* 
at the Fine Arts Theatre In tho Oranvlllo s 

L "r r uneiia°-' d Laurcnc0 Hou " nnQ **"«' SUCH IS LIFE IN CHiaGO. 

On Tuesday, 17, Maurice Browno will re- »_^__ 

Vivo at hi) Lit tin Theatre, Gilbert Murray's D r oad 

translation of Euripides' "Tho Tro/un ' 


On Sunday, 22. Anna Pnvluwa, tho dan 

Frederick nation. In Tho OMcaoo RventoQ 
Post, says nice things about our old sldo 

Z'JZlX t "' UWmn ^ "* rt 'X Ila^'Ttte 1 ,,^ fflVM Z°- 
*I iMondiv '28 nilllo Burke will act W d "et?n, '-The Passing Show." He declares 

ntliers, and moro naughty persons, descrlbo 
"Tho Passing Show" as a 120-leg power sue- 

Somerset Maugham's "The Laud of Prouiluu 
»t tho Illinois. 

On Monday. 80, E. II. Sothern will como 
to the Gnrrlck, to net for n fortnight In 
"Hamlet," "If I Wero King" and "Lord 

On April 12 a musical comedy by Edward 
Pnullou and Ludwlg Mnglandoi', called "Muie. 
Moselle." will bo produced at the Garrlck. 

On April 18 Joho Drew will come to 
Powers' to act llnddon Chambers' "Tho 
Tyranny of Tears" and Bnrrle's "Tho Will." 

Hugh O'Donuell the travel lecturer, will 

cess — human, not horse, 
A . mimical friend of 

mine saw "The 

Speckled Hand" advertised at tho Studehnkcr. 


fall, beginning to-night. 

o bought his ticket, then hollered for his 
monoy back after the flrst act, claiming that 
ho enmo to llsleu to music and not to witness 
a lurid melodrama. 

Thcro aro plenty of seats to be had In our 
well kuown Loop theatres theso days and 
nlglits, and tho only place for tho "S. It. O." 
s'R" , ,1? attached to tho modern skirt. 
..,"»' Kossltcr's March releases Include: 
'Just for Tonight," "When All tho Lights 
Ar Out but tho Moon" and "I Think I'll Go 

8l !, cn ..r£f 0Dan!r ' ?, : 7 rc lf IMl 'i 1io I ld f h Si °,! ,t 0n * Strike." Tho popping good bunch 

and "Damascus Constantinople and Athens" of song nmunltlon. If you ask us ■""•>•» 

Monday, 28. The lectures will bo profusely fi Webb Murphy was forced out of base- 

Illustrated with motion and colored picttiros. ball at the point of a million dollar bank roll. 

. I !i! B<> /,K ort * CB 5 k - f 5 e «econd cencermelfrter Wo'd like to bo forced out of our business 

of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, will be at the point of the same amount— or what 

heard la violin recital In tho Klne Arts The- havo you? 

•tre tornlght, under tho direction of Wessels try Tmn n» vnTtn irminvvm, 

A Voegellf Ho wlU be assisted b, Bhnll y ^^wtoMnl ™* 

Soubrettc— I should sny not. 

Ire a series of four lectures In Orchestra 

"til 1 - — 
will bo ''Panatna to Hate." 

The first lecture 
"Egypt" will bo 


An Cordially Invited to Hako 

Headquarters at the Western Bureau 


The New York Clipper 

In the Heart of the lllalto 

505 Ashland Block, Cor. dark & Randolph 


If not convenient to call, MAIL KOUTKB 

vontlonal. It is original, aggressive, 1m 
partial, reliable, and above all, IT HAS A 

■ »js^WHW^*<S^ 


Hero— Then can I be yours? 

liniton Powell has banded Harry Newton 
his check for fifteen hundred, dollars as ad- 
vanco royalty on forthcoming tabloids now 
belag constructed by tho latter, and which 
will have early productions early noxt season. 
Mr. Powell declared himself thoroughly satis- 
fied with Mr. Newton's work this season, 
thus tho retaining feo to hiauro his further 
cntmlilo services. 

whot has become of the old fashioned man 
with egg stains In his whiskers? Ho Is still 
cxtnnt, but owing to tho prevailing price of 
eggs, minus the egg stains In his whiskers. 

Harry Splugold attends a dancing class 
every Friday evening now. Tills 1b tho height 
of something but bless us It wo know whnt. 

Innocent Old Lady — "I hear a great deal 
lately about tango tea. How much Is It a 

Tell Taylor Is back from New York. Ity 
the time you read this, however, he Is qulto 
likely to ho In New York again. Travel Is 
the best Ilttlo thing Mr. Taylor does uow-a- 

Actor to friend, after tho performance. — 
"Well, what did you think of my noting?" 

Candid Friend. — "Acting? That wasn't 
acting. That was misbehavior." 

Charllo Wcegman can start as many boll 
clubs as bo wants to, Just so long as Tie 
maintains his restaurants, wo don't care. 

Tho Dalkan War supplied tho Ideas for 
foino of the latest styles In women's dress. 
With this as a criterion, It Is to be hoped 
that Hie next war does not break out In 

Bbo. — "Before wo wero married you 
solemnly declared that you novcr could bo 
happy without me." 

J. Brandon Walsh la a busy chap these 
days. He has a Waterbury watch and a 
couple of songs that he's trying to make bits. 
There, John, I told you I'd say something 
nice about you. 

Vaudeville has cnBnared the talents of 
Billy Mason, for the past three years with a 
prominent "movie" industry, and Alice For- 
rest, star pianist for Wltmark. They will 
have an act wherein occurs much comedy 
and song. 

Larry Keating says lie has been an actor 
for twelve years, and that It doesn't seem 
like more than twenty-five. 

Walter Zimmerman strenuously denies the 
report current that bis elevator Is to be the 
subject of an official Investigation by the 
Judge of the speeders' court The Grand 
Opera House tenants likewise. Just as strenu- 
ously deny that there Is any chance to 
squeeze any speed from said elevator, and 
tin v will all he witnesses In Walter's defense. 

Floods In California, blizzards In the 
South, East and West; earthquakes In the 
Eastern part of the U. B. and Japan : small- 
pox In Southern Illinois; war In Mexico; 
famine in China, the Balkans and Russia, 
suffragette riots In England — oh, well, Chl- 
chago Isn't such a b ad little s pot after all. 


Jack Rkioy and wun (Ireao H. Dlanvelt) hnrs 
closed Tilth the Apptcgnte Hugo Co., and will lay 
Off for two or three weeks at Knillcott, Neb. 

J. 0. Mattiibws announces that the I'ollnrd 
Opera Co. will start a return tour on tho I'au- 
taxes' circuit In the ncsr future. 

IlatfsiiAW AND Avunr havo been booked for a 
long routs on the Association time -through tho 
Simon Agency. 

International Tnio are finishing their twen- 
ty-Brut week at tho Lambs' Oa/t. A roato is 
being arranged for them by Johnny Shnons for a 
tour ot the W. V, M. A. 

Jissis Kei.lhb and Tommy Wara ones for ths 
Association March 2, at Madison, Wis. 

Fii.'um and Lewis were given an extra en- 
gagement at tlie Crown Theatre by Frank Q. 
poyle. They open on the Pautugea' time March 

John B. Simon has arranged a few middle 
Went dates for Sherman, Van and Hclman. 

Josefs W. Rbuinoton and oosicaky open for 
a tour of the Pantoget' circuit on March 23, at 

The La Grand Theatre, In Chicago, has been 
purchased by Toplan anil Oreenuerg. 

Ooi.b, Rdssell and Davis start on a return 
trip on the Pantagct' circuit on April 8, at Win- 
nipeg, Can. They played Ban Franolsco last week, 
and are expected to pais through Chicago on their 
way to Winnipeg. 


Br. Qoorgo Leinlnger, superintendent of the 
Chicago State Hospital at Dunning, is a very 
close friend of Aaron J. Jones, the little dyna- 
matlo vaudeville plunger. 

Recently Jones, with a party of friends, visited 
the asylum to discing a means of entertainment 
for the inmates who have proven intelligence 
enough to enjoy tho harmless pastime of checkers, 

flnochlo and other games. Ho had suggested mo- 
Ion pictures as a splendid means ot entertain- 

WMlo there ho noticed a dignified Inmate with 
kingly bearing In a brown study. 

"How do you do, sir," said Mr. Jones. "What 
Is your name, may I ask?" 

"My name?" said tho other frowning fiercely. 
"Why. Kaiser Wllhelm. of coarse." 

"Indeed I" replied Mr. Jones, "Bat the last 
time I was here yon were Wooilrow Wilson." 

"Yes, of course," answered the other quickly, 
"but that was by my first wife.*' 


Tom is the "gentleman of color" who runs 

.. A". Ltnok, of Ashevfile, N. C, was a Chi- 
cago visitor recently on business regarding tabloids 
lor the South. He Is now the head of a big con- 
cern controlling a number of theatres In the 
South, capitalized at »2S0,00O, with *10O,O0O 
paid In. 

"Taa Iblb or Qinoeb" was at Nashville, 
Tens., last week playing a return date. The show 
plays Chattanooga again this week, after which 
the show Jumps to the Harry Miller time. 

A liuuar up vaudeville bill was placed Instead 
ef "Teas of the Tangoes." at the Joplln, Mo., 
vaudeville theatre lait week. The show was mails 
up of Lea Mountfords, Mnrgaret Burke, Herbert 
Mitchell, Wellly and Ten Kyek, anil Fitch Cooper, 

"Tiss or the Tanoobs" was cancelled on the 
Harry Miller time following bad reports from 

Ohablds M. Mabsh returned from bis success- 
ful trip to Dallas. Tex., last week. Both he and 
bis brother Edward leave this week, to be at 
meetings that they had arranged. 

Anoxlo Abuento and Bans, have been booked 
by the Simon Agency on the Asioclntlou time, 
following a long route given them earlier In the 

Ham and Eittt HonTON will probably tour the 
W. V, M. A. time, through the Simon Agency. 

Tan Cullen Brothers, who have Just completed 
the S. & 0. tour, open for tho Association shortly, 
booked by Johnny Simons. 

Mas. Bob Fitzbimhons has been booked for 
the route on tho W. V. U. A. as a single. 

Patkiok Fbanoisoo and Warren havo been 
booked for a long tour on the Association Umo 
through the Simon Agency. 

Tux lost Sullivan A Conslillne bill at the Lyric, 
Calenry Can., was a good one, made up of Im- 

iierlal Russlsn Fcur, Ivelso Brothers, Florence 
lohson and tho Ivatts. '.he Pantages vaudeville 
baa now moved into tho Lyric. 

Obobob H. Wxssteb Ib back at bis desk again 
after an illness. He reports good business on the 
Wehstcr circuit, as far ni his correspondence 
makes clear, 

J. A. GERSPAORin, for ueveral years personal 
Teprerentallvo of Frank L. Talbot and his the- 
atrical enterprises, who lins been the general press 
rcpresentallve of Ibe T.ilhnt Hippodromes and 
mnnagoT of tho Kansas City bouNC, has severed 
Ms connection with tho Tnlhot Interests, and will 
devolo his future efforts In wider Oelds. 

Cos Sun has given Boyle Woolrolk's "The 
Dlile Daisies," four more weeks' time. 

Axel Christdnsbn met with such great suc- 
cess with the first tango-ragtime recital, at Lo- 
San Fquure, that a second one will be given at 
akley Hall, March 4, 


Momim Silvias, formerly of Fennessy and 
Silvers, Is permitting tho rumor to spread that 
he Is booking tho North American, Natalby's, 
States, Wooillawa and the Congress Cafes, through 
tho W. V. M. A Inquiry dcvelopB tho fsct that 
Silvers has no relations with tho Association 

Tub North American Cabaret has the following 
Western Vaudeville Malingers' acts this week: 
Ithi'll Trio, Victoria Four, Wheeler and Muck, 
Iuterustloual Dancers, Blanche Maxwell, and Fox 
and Witt. Viva Ethella was booked by Abo 
Franks direct in settlement of a claim. 

Tub Oarr Theatre, In Qar.v, Intl., is now 
owned by 0. L. Brown, who will play combina- 
tions exclusively, discontinuing vaudeville week 
before last. 

Saw. Du Vatns Is doing splendidly os an art- 
lot's representative, booking lots of acts with lbs 
various oscncles. Tho Five Orcein are at the Pal- 
ace Theatre, Detroit, this week : the Cox Foully 
Is at tho Hippodrome. In St. Louis; tho Itcxos 
baa a routo from different circuits; Leontlne, 
Inst from the Knot, opens la Chicago shortly; 
Helen Dickson ira* here, and was Introduced to 
Mr. Du Vrlcs, by Barnes * n-ihlro.mi, who hos 
undertaken to secure bookings for her; the Ferris 
Wheel Qlrls are nuw ou tho Huu circuit ; Maxzono 
A Masioue were placed wiHi Qua Snn'B cabaret 
■how, and Fouat rxul Faust were booked for nine 
weeks on the Association time. 

Davis and Leiot are hack la Chicago, after 
eighteen weeks In the East. 

Al. Diamr reached Chicago from the East re- 
cently, snd bad his first Chicago engagement at 
the North American. 

Minnis Palhee's "Ths Prbco Dance" ap- 
peared at the Virginia Theatre, la Chicago, tho 
last half of last week, and Sidney Jerome, who 
books tho house, reports that it la a big feature. 

Amanda Bxndiiokb presented a sew act at 

Sullivan A Oonaldlne. will change allegiance to 
Charles Growl, of the Chicago V. B. 0„ on 
March 10. Ths Indiana Theatre, at Mnrlon, 
Ind., which booked with Crowl last season, almu- 

the elevator over la the Orpheum Theatre Build- the Americas Theatre the last half of last week, 
lag, Be 1m heea "fired'' and "Meed" mora Knox Wilson was offered nineteen weeks of 
times than ho can remember. the Orpheum time, with an act that ho used 

Atlolpb Llutck, secretary of the Jones, Ltnlck there last season, so he organised a little com* 
A Scbsefer firm, who owa the building anil oc- pany and played a few Association dates. The 
cupy tho third floor with their executive offices, notices given the act wero good, bat Wilson felt 
noticed Tom standing In the hallway contemplnt- that he needed new material and closed the act 
log an empty bottle, which label was marked rather than to return Into Western country. 
"London din." Tlis Colonial Theatre, at Logaosport, Ind., 

Ilia sorrowful countenance Invited conversation, which Is being hooked by the Chicago oOlro of 

"Why so sad?" asked Mr. Llnlck. 

"Christmas done come an' gouel" and Tom 
sighed deeply, 


There was much excitement at the Kettering 
home when Ralph Jr., the three year old soo, 
was takeu 111 with a light attack of pneumonia. 

Bis father, who Is general representative of 
Jones, Llnlck A Schierer's string of theutres, 
hurriedly called In a flock of physicians. The 
result was a dose of medicine to be adminis- 
tered half-hourly sll night. 

Along toward four In tho morning the Ilttlo fel- 
low noticed his father nodding sleepily In an arm- 
chair near his bed. 

"Say. daddy," ho said, "don't yon wish I was 

Touur BtiBciiti-u of tho Western Vaudeville 
ManaxerB' Association, was initiated last week, 
havlug Joined the II. P. 0. E, It was a rough 
night for Tommy. 

Tin La Seals Tronpo opened a new act at the 
Apollo Theatre last week. 

i:o. BLONDELL AMD COMVANT panned through 
Chicago last week, en route from New York to 
the Inter-State time. 

"RioiiAiin, tub (Ibiut" has It on all tho other 
monks In his globe feats, according to vaude- 
ville authorities, 

(uiABLBs Rowland and Kdwln Ford have an 
option 011 property at Mansfield, O., and are ugur- 
log on building a vaudeville theatre. 


Eagle AutoTransfer Co. 

Phone, Wabash 6206, CHICAGO. 

Motor Traeki Used Kxclaslvely. 

* Theatrical Lawyer 


Practice In AU State and V. 8. Courts. 
ADVICK PUKE. 1628 011s Bldg., Chlcugo 

When In CHICAGO Visit 

WEISS S Hungarian Kent 


55 IV. Handolpb St., CHICAGO, 11.1,. 

"Where All Stiowfolks Go." 

dons legitimate shortly, and returns to U. B. 0. 
vaudeville under the management of I'rlro & Jen- 
nings. A house In Vlncennes, Ind., will be niMul 
tohls bookings opening shortly. 

WiNi-ntY II. ftcSBELL, manager of the Majestic 
Ctmttanuogo, Teuu.. and Harry Sudekum, of 
Nashville, vrere hi Chicago Inst week, for s tew 
days' stay, making beadujaarters at diaries 
Oroivl'a office in. B. O.) 

NnatfAN Kbiidinwald returned to his otllce la 
Chicago after a long absence In the South, WhcM 
be hud a tabloid. 

J. Sciiicklbb, general manager of Minnie Pal- 
mer's attractions, was at Michigan City, lad., 
for the closing performance of "The Duke of 
Durham," which has been a mony-maklng tab- 

O. Wabde Bbownb has been added to the cist 
of Minnie Palmer's "Prince Dance." 

Oatiminb Oountiss was welcomed hero lost 
week by her husband, E. D. Price. 

Lillian Watson has returned from a success- 
ful tour of the Pantages circuit. She will play 
around Chicago and the Middle West. 

The Cafe De Luxe keeps on doing a remarkable 
business. Patrlcola and her orchestra continues 
as the star feature, but Billy Fox Is putting In 
some good shows through the W. V. M. A. 

Tub Trevors 1b another set that has learned 
a lesson through experience. This act was boohed 
in the Crown Theatre, Chicago, recently, and 
after arriving at the theatre was closed. The 
cause for this was that It was Impossible to 
handle the paraphernalia necessary for the act to 
work, as tho stsge manager had just come out of 
the hospital after a severe Illness and was nnable 
to lift the heavy rigging. The Trevors now 
carry an extra man so that an accident like this 
will not occur again. 

"Tub Tbaftio ' is undoubtedly one of the most 
successful plays of the season. A short time ago 
the No. 2 show was hooked In Decatur, 111 , on 
• Sundsy, and bare made an unforgetable record 
there. The show was booked In Bloomlngton the 
following Wednesdsy, but was prevented from 
playing same as the authorities would not per- 
mit a show of this nature to play there. Ar- 
rangements were made to play Decatur again, and 
the business amounted to $1,200 this time, where 
it was $300 tho drat time. On Saturday, censor- 
ship caused the show to negotiate for another 
date nut of somo ether town back Into Decatur, 
playing tho matlme and ulnrlit to $1,000 worth of 
business. In all the show played there Ave per- 
formances with an Intake of $3,000. A No. 3 
ahow has been sent out, and the cant consists of 
Laura Hudson, Maude Hlllman, Helen Lane, 
Sylvia De Frnnkle, Bertha Julian. John Coon- 
lelgh, Allen Lleber, Harry Bellmore Jr.. Oil L>. 
Uhl, Harry Jackson and Fong Ough. The show 
opened In Gary, Ind., Feb. 14, to the greatest 
crowd the town has ever known. 

Bonar QAYLoa was a Olifpsb caller lost week. 
He Inquired alwut the Showmen's League of 
America la reganls to membership, as Bobby says 
he's strong for the organisation, and being nn old 
showman he feels that lie ought to be a memlier. 

AIavsioe ltiTTiu. local manager of tho Harry 
Von Tllser Music Co., will be united la manlnge 
shortly to Mlna ytralee. Miss Stralee Is a ca- 
baret entertnler, and Is very popular in Chicago. 

IMenlo Moors was In the East last week, ar- 
ranging bookings for acts bo expects to send Into 
that territory next seaaon. In New York be saw 
lils "Mother Goose Girls." He bad a conference 
with Norman JefTrlcs, In Philadelphia, rvlntlvi* 
to Rasters time for bis nets. In Pittsburgn sir. 
Moore saw his "Summer (J Iris." and reports tbnt 
they are doing great bunliiers. Mr. Moore's 
"Stsge Door Johnnies" opened fifteen weeks of 
the W. V. M. A. tlmo In Sioux F.ils, S. D„ Inst 
week. The act passed through Chicago earlier 
In tho week, en loute from the East. Hla "Bali, 
Rah Boys," in which Lerna Jackson is featured, 
was at tho Avenue Theatre. Mondoy. It also bus 
fifteen weeks of tho Association bookings abend of 
It. Theso latter two acta toured the Fast this 
season, snd tbo members ot the casts object 
strenuously to tho hlnpodromo form of amusement 
In the East, saying they much prefer the Western 

Mautma ItusssLL, the well known motion pic 
turo actress, now appearing in a dramatic sketch, 
"The First Law of Nature," worn a legal caso 
brought by Charles Perkins, who bad been a mem- 
ber of her company. Miss Russell plsyed Kansas 
City recently, and was compelled to dlscbn.-c* 
Perkins, paying him full salary and bringing him 
back to Chicago. While playing the Colonial 
Theatre, Perkins attached her for salary covering 
the two weeks' notice. The case came up in 
court last week and was dlcposetl of with a 
victory in favor of Miss Russell. 

In a 10NAWAT accident In nibbing, Minn., 
last week Halton Powell proved himself as much 
of a hero an any part In melodroma calls for. He 
traveled to nibbing with bis "A Nhrht on Broad- 
way," and with a female member of the tab com- 
pany entered a bns. Tho horses took fright and 
ran away. Mr. Powell had plenty of opportunity 
to jump before the horses attained high speed 
out he gamely stuck: to the young woman, doing 
all in his power to protect her. The team collided 
with a telephone pole and both horses were 
killed and the vehicle deuiollabed. Both V.r. 
Powell and the young woman wero rendered on- 
oonsclons but neither was hurt badly. 

Bbssib Wtnn. last week's headllner at tho 
Majestic, was attached by Mstsene, the photo- 
grapher, owing to ter failure to pay for photos 
ordered by her about four years ago. Miss 
Wynn's wardrobe sad trunks were levied upon 
by the bailiff of the Municipal Court, and owing 
to her Inability to perforin without clothing, 
she wrote an order for amount due upon box 
office. Attorney Edward J. Ader, of Chtcotjo, 
represented Matsene. 


XalVO Tent Show News. Circus, Carnival, wild West Gossip and 

Comment. Pertinent Paragraphs by our 

Special Corresp ondent. 


When a man's ideals go no higher than WiA- 
balls— alas 1 

WAaf the world doesn't know Is how somo peo- 
ple exist, or why. 

/ suppose the exenso for the bad cookbouse 
next season will be (he high cost of living. 

r»o way some show folks can frame an alibi 
for being on the nut, marks them as being diplo- 
mats of the flrst rank. 

Timely QrteHtiQt: Hello, old pal, slip me two 

H'l asking a little too much of destiny to tip 
off what la going to happen next. 

Tile man who trumpets his wrongs makes such 
discordant music that all bands take to theis 

For fatty fermentation of the mfad consult Doc- 
Gct-Next-to- Yourself. 

Pcrtaps you have noticed that It Is harder each 
time to get out of the bole of your own making. 

Emulation Is a stimulant— *ut envy needs a 

IVt a waste of time to reason with the on- 

Tie man who lingers at flrst base will never 
make a home run. 

Some folks who pride themselves on being 
"legUmato" are stronger than short cake when 

■ 1 


> < 

r ui'> 

■A* *4. 

I.f . 

1 •■.' 
I •■ 


V (•*•■ „ *%• 




It conns to potting on the rough stuff. They 
won't ereo gtra s guy *a Mt for ■ sawbuck. 

...»_. E , tam ' "'l **"* 2, 1014. 

■Mr DHI JOB. — I em astonished sometimes 
Joe, to conversing with the circus d^gnltarlej to 
learn tfaat they all seem to think It In nimeccos- 
aarr to exhibit In Chicago suburban towns. llk« 
Jollet, Aurora and Elgin, because amusement 

U.Ira 11 — llTn In ttinui nnrl Athsa *.-___ a • 


Jollet, - 

loving people In these and other towns suburban 
to Chicago Tlslt the clrcoses when playing Chi- 
cago Ooliaetun and lota located In various nafts 
of the city. Bach Is not the case, Joe. I have 
talked with people In -these and other scow towns 
near Chicago and tiiey all tell dm that while the 
loop theatres In Chicago secure a good deal of 
suburban business, Tery few people patroiUe the 
Bint-line Show at the Coliseum In the U-prlng or 
show* plsylng the. Chicago lots, and the eon- 
cenaa* of opinion la that If the circus managers 
want business from these towns and vicinity they 
must come after It with their amusement enter- 
prises and get It. 

There in another thing, Joe, that I know roa 
will take pains to make plain to the circus con- 
tracting agents as they Tlslt our Chicago office, 
and that Is they cannot plsy somewhere over In 
Illinois, make a Jump through Chicago yards and 
reach the town beyond Chicago In Incllnn'a or 
Michigan In time for exhibition, let alone In time 
for the parade. The railroads switching through 
Chicago yards pay no attention to contracts made 
with the circus contracting igenta, and tike their 
own time In switching through Chicago, rooking 
to the safety of the trains rather thin fist time 
Some of the circus managers have found this out 
to hhelr sorrow, and It is to he hoped the other 
shows will profit by the experience of circuses 
that hare been delayed this way. 

The reports I get, Joe, Indicate that great ac- 
tlrlty prevails In tbe Winter quarters of all the 
big shows. They nre all arranging for a big 
season, and all Tery optimistic, and It Is to be 
hoped that when the lnyentory of the season's 
business Is taken, about Not. IB, the ledger will 
show this to be the banner circus season of the 
twentieth century. Let us all hope so, Joe. Yours 
fraternally, W. A. Atkins. 

"Daus Pbibnd Job: rtecelTcd yotir welcome 
letter, and pleased to have heard from you, Will 
Warren and Eed Onion came orer here to-day 
from San Antonio, and you sure ought to boo 
*■]£'«? Um0 .YJ 8 • faT . e tnem > and TnB Clu>pdb Is 
5** l k. £ w » m mail . 7<m s P * 3 " 11 w » hid taken 
then think It OTer for yourself. I ) mT e been 
doing very nice with my picture In Texas. 1 put 
SSUL. 1 ?^? ,. ? ^!Sm "L the Qunter Hotel, with 
Bnrmett Dslton. Ttlll write you some news when 
I return to San Antonio. Trusting: all Is well 
as erer, with best wishes, Your friend Goo P. 
DomovaM. Onnter Hotel, San Antonio, 'Tex." 



. c f '. CA< J2! lu -- M«r«h 2.-^Martln Beck ar- 
rived In Chicago the early .part of this week, 
on bis way to the Coast. He stopped over 
for one day to look over the doings of the 
Western Vaudeville Managers' Association, 
or which he la president. 

1 s 

w. v. m. a. to increase: staff. 

Chicago, HI., March 2.— Wort Singer, gen- 
eral manager of the Western Vaudeville 
Managers' Association, has given out a state- 
ment that he wall add several new people 
and two more booking men In the Associa- 
tion. iMr. .Singer also stated that eaoh floor 
man Is now handling several theatres, 



Chicago. ID., March 2.— (The Btagc hands' 
dance at the Coliseum Annex last week was 
a very successful affair, and It has been said 
to 'bathe biggest thing of Its kind ever held 
In Chicago. Thousands of people were 
turned away. William Scbroud waB chair- 
man of tbe committee. Tom MoCann, aged 
seventy-live, led the grand march, 


Chicago, III., March 2. — The Western 
Vaudeville Managers' Association traveling 
representative, Fnnt Qeorge. has been tour- 
ing Southern territory for the past six weeks, 
meeting with remarkable success in securing 
bouses for Association bookings. Thirty-two 
new houses were secured by Mr. George. 
■ a 


Chicago, 111., March 2.— Cedl Lean and 
t'leo Mayfleld were married In Chicago last 
Saturday. Mr. Lean's flret wife was Flor- 
ence Holbrook. 


Chicago, III., March 2.— sFrank Q. Doyle, 
general booking manager of the Jones, Llntck 
4 Schnefor Agency, booked tbe Six Abdallnhs 
and the Five PlroBooflls at the Auditorium 
Theatre last week, with tbe Weber A Fields' 
shows. Both acts were extra added attrac- 




?. . Our a-epertolre of ffllty one not plays running from thirty minutes to one hoar are from ths 
■ en nf .h li |»d authors. While some are lntenae In sensational dramatic noT<.lt lea, In others 
he laughter Is continuous and Irrepressible. Whether comedy or dramatic they nre all keyed 
op to concert pitch from beginning to and, antl contain all the substance of longer plays 
wit hout their tedlonsness and superfluous characters. These playlets represent a great variety 
of ■ t tti I " treatment and subject and are excelled by none. 

When yon see an audience sitting on the edge of their seats eagerly •' 
££.*.,£ EVJl '.".\ u UI »'«ld« yon can feerasanred that oar play a contain substi 

x*. o. RioaifVE.r.1* je 

waiting each action 
stanca-THB "STUFF" 



GEORGE BARR, General Stag* Director 


Ottawa, Can. — Russell (refer Gorman, 
mgr.) week of Feb. 28, the Qulnlan Opera 
Co., in the following operas : "Lohengrin," 
"Rlgoletto," "Samson and Delilah," "Olrl of 
the Golden West," "La Bdheme," "Tinn- 
houser," "Tales of Hoffmann,'' "Flying 
Dutchman." Felice kyne was given a splen- 
did reception in her roles as* Gtlda and Mlml. 
Miss Lyne possesses the finest lyric soprano 
ever beard) In Ottawa. Business was excop. 
tlonally poor. Mr. Qulnlan said they were 
better patronized in towns of but 10,000. 

Dominion (J. F. Clancy, mgr.)— The week 
of Feb 23 was a notable one at this bouse. 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Murphy played "loo 
Coal Strike" again and renewed many old 
Acquaintances. A (troupe of Australian Boy 
Scouts and, the Six Klrkamith Bisters also 

Family (Ken. B. Flnlay, mgr.) — The sec- 
ond part of "The Adventures of Katulyn" 
was shown here 23 and 24, to splendid busi- 

Fbancai8 <Ken. B. Flnlay, mgr.) — Motion 
pictures and vaudeville. 

St. OnoBdE's (J. I). Murray, mgr.) — 'Mo- 
tion pictures and specialties. 

Notes.— The new theatre on Bank Street, 
he Imperial, Is rapidly nearing completion, 
..... .Milton Aborn, the well known pro- 
ducer of grand opera, in English, spent the 
early part of last week In this city in con- 
ference with Thos. Qulnlan. It has been said 
that Quintan and the Aborm might Join 

Loaransport, Ind. — Nelson (BdV. F. Oal- 
lignn, mgr.) Richard Bennett, in "Damaged 
Goods," March 6, Willis Granger, in "The 
Master Mind," 7; Merry 'Burlcsquers 9, Olive 
Voile, In "TJc Girl from Mumms," 11 ; "The 
Traffic" 12, "-Girl ond the Tramp" 14, J 'TJnclo 
Toms Cabin" 10, Wm. T. Hodge, in "The 
Road to Happiness," 20 ; Great Griffith 23 
and week. 'Business is excellent. 

Colonial ('Harold Beyerly, mgr.)— 'Bill 2- 
4 : Kelso and Leigh ton, Harrow Howell, 
IMcrco and Roslyn. For D-0 : Says and Hays, 
Bernard Carman, Tom Powell's Comedy Con- 

Bhoadway (E. H -Cunnlnghtrm mgr.) — 

F. Rcnard and company. Brown, Hnrrls anil 
Brown, Marie King Scott, Stciuer and 
Swsyne, De Itenzo and La Due, and tho 

Ghotto.— Montrose .Sisters' Stock Co. week 
of 1. 

Wknonah, Star, Temtlb, Cnow.v and Fam- 
ily, moving pictures only. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. — Powers' (Harry 
0. Sommers & Co., mere.) moylng pictures 
March 2-7, of "Smashing the Vice Trust." 
"Joseph and His Brethren" next week. John 
McCormack 18, and George Arllss 27. 28. 

Majestic (Orln Stair, 'mgr.) — Week Of 
Feb. 21 Thurston drew crowded houses. 
"Little Lost Bister" week of March 1. "The 
Common Law" 8-14, and "Officer 000" week 
of ID. 

Columbia. — BUI week of 2: Frederick V. 
Bowers and company, Laura Buckley, 1'rlnco 
Flora, Dupree and Duprcc, Hnydn, Burton 
mid Hnydn, Lawton and Rawls, aud Von 

Knlnmnaoo, Mich.— Fuller (Cedrlc F. 
Lawrence, mgr.) Al. G. Field's Minstrels 
March 5, Earl Stock Co. 0-14. 

Majehtic (Will Marshall, mgr.)— Bill 2-4, 
Four Marx Bros., In "Mrs. Green's Recep- 
tion." For 6-7: Emma Francis Amis, Alnd- 
dln'B Lamp. Lclllot Bros., MHIs and Molton, 
C'lnpp and Ahlgren, Majesties* ope. 

Colonial, Ki.itb, Obpiibum, Lyiiic and 
New, motion pictures only, 

Vaudeville andgamotoplays. 

Auk, Guani), Tokyo and Hub, photoplaya 

Notes.— Owing to errors la booking the 
High Rollers, burlesque company, found tho 
(lain at Pcrue, Ind, Feb. 21, filled by a reper- 
toire company. Although at the Nelson, 
here, 10, they played tbe open date at tho 

same house, securing good touslneSB A 

largo oil painting of LaiNeta, of tho High 
Rollers, on display on one of tho comers 
here, was stolen and not recovered. Tbo 

company said It was worth $50 Plcrco 

and Roslyn play a return data at tho Co- 
lonial 2-4, patrons of this theatre practically 
demanding their return ..... .Martini and 

Maxlmllllan, in a travesty on magic, were 
an immense hit at the same bouse 20-28. 

Sonth Bend, Ind.— Oliver (S. Pickering, 
mgr.) "Damaged Goods" March 0, Al. G. 
Field's Minstrels 7. 


Brldareport, Conn. — Park (II. It. Clarke, 
mgr.) Annie Russell and comedy company 
March 2, 8, Harry Hastings' Big Show 6-7. 
James K. Haokctt. in "The Groin, of Dust," 

Pen's (Matt Saunders, mgr-) — Wally 
Brooks and <Sunshlne Girls,* Ann Walters and 
company, Pkt Operatic Trio, Webb and 
Burns, Mao Francis, and tho Australian 
Whip Crackers, 

Plaza (Jeff Callan, mgr.)— -0BU1 2-7:Gus 
Edwards' Bong Review, Gertrude Flsk, Cluck 
and Chicklets, Pennane, Held and Cameron, 
first run pictures. 

Lybic, Bijod, Arco, Lbnox, Crescent, 
Family, Stab, Blbcybic, Houth End, 1m- 
niiiAL, Stdbio. Elk, WBsr Bni>, Palace, 
Em pi be, Hall and new Hippo- 
imoME. — Moving pictures only. 

New Britain, Conn. — Keeney's (P. H. 
McMahan, mgr.) vaudeville and 'moving pic- 

Fox's, Scenic, Bijod and Bhoadway, mov- 
ing pictures only. 

Lyceum (T. J. Lynch, mgtr.) — "The stock 
company, for week of 2, presents "The Man 
fromMexlco." "The Fortune Hunter," last 
week's vehfL-lc nsed 'by tbe company, was a 
arrest drawing attraction, under the direction 
S W. W., Blair. 

New Haven, Conn — Hjtpcrlon (B. C. 
Kldrldge. mgr.) Julia Dean March 4, Richard 
Carle and llattie WUlinms 6, 7. 

POM'B. — Bill 2-7 : Fatorna. Charles Abeam 
Troupe, Consul and Betty, Gerard and West, 
Mason and Forev "10.40 West," Lo Vler, 
Henry Lewis, J alia Cartlss, and Da For Boys. 

Wichita, Knaa.--At the Crawford Grand 
(B. L. Martllnc. mgr.) Barah Padden, In 
"Lavender and Old Lace" pleased the People 
afternoon and evening of 28. John McCor- 
mack, in concert, March 8. 

Pbincms (L M. MUler. mgr.)— Bill for 
20-28 Included: Victoria Lawrence and com- 
pany, G. Herbert Mitchell, Welly and Ten 
wck, Bertema, Les Montfords, and moving 
pictures. Business is good. 

Buraiaa ( M. B. BlaivrbuTfr. mgr-) — Tbe 
Keyes Btork Co. presented •'Terraeesee'fl Part- 
ner" to good busbices week ending 2w. 

HeAJeeter, Oku.- Dusby (A. Bert 
Bates, mgr.) Hie local lodge of EOks put on 
a flrot class nrueical drama, entitled "Doodle 
Bog," Feb. 23, 24. to capacity basinees. 
Mme. NaxlmoTa Marrfi 2. 

Ya lb-Majestic (D, A. MacDoDald, mgr.) 
High class Tandevlilo and Orst rjim pictures, 
changed dally, continue to fill this tneatrc 
to capHcltv. 

STArt, Fobdm and LlBIBTT, OOMnt pic- 
tures only. 

■oitri i bum (Carl J. Allanlt, mgr,)— Bill 
for 2-4 : Samoyoa. Bilber and North, "PusBcn- 
ger Wreck," venita Gould and Lucille Mul- 
liuli and company. For 6-7 : Carlta Day, 
Hayes and Johnson, Fay, Two Ooleys ana 
Fay, Hayania Japs, and Charles Bennington. 

Auditobium (8. Ilckcrlng, mgr.) — I'noto- 
plays week «f 2. 

Majbstic (P. J. Clifford, mgr.) — Manager 
Clifford announces that Obe damages cnuued 
by the recavt lira In this bouse havo been re- 
paired, and tCie Angell Musical Comedy Co. 
will open here, la "Lovers' Trail," 8. 

Subfbibb, Amkbicam, 8taj> and Peabl, mo- 
tion pictures only. 

Providence, R. I. — Opera House (Felix 
Wendelschaefer, mgr.) Gilbert and Sullivan 
Festival Co. March 2-7. 

Colonial (A. H. Bplnk, mgr.)— "In Old 
Kentucky" 2-7. 

Bmpibb (Sol Braurrlg, mgr.)— "The Still 
Alarm" 2-7. 

Kbith'h (Cbas. Lovenberg, mgr.)— Bill 2- 
7: "Woman I'raposes," Schooler and Dickin- 
son, Andrew Kelly, Burns and Fulton. Minnie 
Allen, Hunting and Francis Tom Kyle and 
company, ai'd Lockett and Waldron. 

Bullock's (Parker Burke, mgr.) — Vaude- 
ville and pictures. 

Scenic (Martin Toohcy, mgr.) —Martin 
Toohey and Temple Players, Bddlo Healcy, 
and Marie Horton and company continue. 

Wbstuinstbb (Geo. Collier, mgr.) — Bon 
Ton Girls 2-7. 

Union (Cbas. Allen, mgr.) — » Vaudeville 
nnd pictures. ' 

Casino, Bijou and Mickbl. — Pictures only. 

Woimsoektt, R. I. — Park (G. W, Smith, 
mgr.) Edward Lynch Block Co.. presenting 
•The Girl in the .Tori," March 2-7. "Whcro 
the Trail Divides" next. 

Smith's •and Kkku Motion tplctures 


Notkh. — 'Elks Night was ooseared ticro Feb. 
20, and a large number cf the lA'nl order 

attended tho chow The B. It. O. sign 

wns hung up again Washingtons Blrtbday. 

Ithaca, N. Y^— Star (C. F.<HskrAr, mgr.) 
bill March 2-4: Carl Henry and Nellie 
Francis, Kelly and Aehby, and photoplays. 
For 6-7 : Tho White Hunters, George Chews' 
Utile; Lambs, and photoplays. 

Happy Hoes (W. K. Tree, mgr.) — Feature 

Lycbum (M. M. Gutstadt. mgr.)— Donald 
Brian, In "TJe Marriage Mnrktt," 2. 

Hot Springs, Ark — Auditorium" (Frank 
Head, mgr.) "Within the*Law" was presented 
to a fine audience. Feb. 24, all the boxes 
being occupied by box parties. "Olrl of tho 
Underworld" March 4. Elks' Minstrel (local) 
6, "Peg o' My Heart'' 12. 

Pbincbbb (Doc Owcds, mgr.)— •mils week 
Feb. 28 Included : J. C. Nugent and company, 
Window and Duffy, the Two Kerns, Wilton 
Bisters, Mabel Blondell, the Great Nlkko 
Troupe, Tlvoll Trio. Howard Sisters, Hank 
Phillips, Silvers Oakley. W. J. Da Boll, and 
I'rlncesscope pictures. 

Centbal, Royal, Lyceum and Lybic, mov- 
ing pictures. 

Bar Cliff Mich. — Washington (It. H. 

Ilohiie, mgr.) "Baby Mine" March 0, "Alice 
In Wonderland" 7. 

Bijou (G. A. Realty, mgr.)— For 1-4, mu- 
sical tabloid, "Johnny Wise.'' For 6-7 : Ed. 


The Gordon Hays Stock Company is one. 
of the now arrivals In tho Texus colony of 
tent shows. Gordon Is well known In Louis- 
iana, where he haB confined bis operations 
the past two seasons, and will undoubtedly 
get bis share of tho "Lone Star" Slate pat- 
ronage. Welcome to our midst, Gordon. 

Several over-Jealous county attorneys In 
Texas have enforced tho old "blue laws" to 
ihc extent that to buy anything on Sunday 
In the shape of tobacco, candy, etc., is Im- 
possible. Thespians, proporo for tlieso closed 
Sundays, as they are fierce, should you hap- 
pen to strike them. 

A conservative estimate will at last give 
tbe number of tent shown. Including carni- 
vals, repertoire and ono nlghters, In Tcxnn, 
as numbering close to fifty. From all reports 
they are all doing a good business. A partial 
list of tho attractions are as follows : Tho 
repertoire section includes the Harrison The- 
atre Co., Roy B. Fox's Players, Torbett and 
Bartlctt, Ciasc-Llster 'Southern Co., Gordon 
Hays Stack Co., Fred and Ethel Hays Thea- 
tre Co., Armotta A Pullcn's Comedians, Neff 
Theatre Co., Ward's Princess Stock Co., Wood 
& Bay Stock Co., Jennings Show, Tom Jen- 
nings' National Stock Co., Thomas Bros. Co., 
and Leo Blondin. The ono night attractions 
include several colored minstrel shows, In- 
cluding Jones' Alabama Minstrels, under tho 
management of C. L. Brickson,; Dark town 
Butterfly Minstrels, and Dana Thompson 
(Minstrels. Here's a tip for music publishers 
— anusic forme a big part of all these tent 
shows as they carry bond and orchestras 
consisting of from nine to eighteen men. 
The orchestra lender of the Harrison Theatre 
Co. B. J Redflcld recently informed mo 
that bis men were kept quite busy -ploying 
oirtsldo engagements, such, as receptions, 
dances, etc., and small wonder, as I liad tho 
pleasure of hearing somo of their programs, 
Which Included Llstz's "2d Hungarian Rbap- 
sody," "William Tell," etc. The Kritchfleld 
vaudeville show and Morodock A Watson's 
White Minstrels are also strong factors for 
Texas prftronoge. The circus section includes 
Adam Fetser. Geo. Lugl. J. H. Henry and 
Geo, Ely. All 'those. Including raony more, 
and the number of attractions Wintering 
here, make somo grand total, so tho show- 
man is well represented In the "Lono Star 
State." . . 

Wasn't that Anniversary issuo some clasa7 
I know a certain agent who missed a train 
(the only ono for twelve hours, too), so 
deeply engrossed In it was lie, but nary a 
worry did it cause him— -too good an excuse, 
eaycth he. . _ . 

Another, well known agent was heard to 
ask, after putting in a fow months in ths 
"Panhandle'' section of Texau, where the 
high winds constitute the most of tho scen- 
ery, why the managers of the tent "rep. 
shows didn't change the billing to "rip ns 
being much more appropriate. Doubtless bo 
referred to the condition of the top. 
< » » 
gome Australian Bills. 
'The bill at tbe Tlvoll Theatre, in Sydney, week 
of Jan. 17, Included: Qene areeiw, "The pin- 
IKror of Baatlme," aaslilod by Otarlle MCOWtl 
at tbe piano; Jowpblno DatIs, asnMrd by Bllllo 
(Idler; Manuel De Kra, la a chair-balancing st>e- 
clalty ; the Botnauo Bros., Grecian, rlsdlator* ; tlio 
Five aCerry Yooucslere, tbe bright and ■ breezy 

Juvenile comedians; the qcbmettRns (staling 
fonday, Jan. IS), and the ever popular faTorttes, 
Rarle' Reynolrla and Nellie Donrffsu, portraying 
tbe art of ballroom and Tango daaclog on roller 

The bill appearing at tbe Tlvoll Gardens. Ade- 
laide Oral, Adelaide, week of Jan. 17. included: 
Do Gallon, the talkatire trlckMcr on the totterln* 
ladder; Marie Qalntrdl, Australia's favorite bnl- 
ladlste; Alberto Marlnl, erielirated Kalian tenor; 
the Qreat Alberto> and company. In magical non- 
nenae; Boaa ltoma, tho gipsy violinist: Ouoko 
end Rotberts, too American novelty dancer* ; 
Vaudo and Verne, patterolofflsta, and the- (JHenun- 
do* Trio, aenaatuiual acrobaui, who made their 
first appearances In Adelaide. 

On tbe bill appearing at tbe Opera House, In 
Melbourne, week of Jan. 17, wenv: B. Frederick 
Mawley and company, presenting "Tbe Bandit;" 
Helena Braats, the world-wide known lady Joggler; 
Ferry Oonrey, tbe musical clown : Barton and Ash- 
ley, in "Money Talks;" Krlc Blone, tbe artist 
entertainer; Lily Bj-too, alnclng comedlenos; Ike 
Fire Prtleys, aerialurta and Jarnra Olemoos and 
Oossie Dean, making Uielr initial appearances In 
Aostralla, lntrodotlng naetr specially, "Tbe Ine- 
briate Dance." 

♦ ■ » 

"Tub BosAir," Bsstera company, ctosefl st 
Waukesha, Wis., Feb. 14. Barry Boyale, who 
played tbe role of Fatber Kelly, was engaged by 
Haskell * MacVltty. for "Preacbln' Bill?' In ih« 
Sootbern company of "Toe Abepberd of lite mils." 
He Joined tbe company at Bowllna; Oreen, Ky. 
Ollrer and Lillian Htoops, of to* same company, 
went with Mobt. Dempster stock company, at 
RprloaHeM, Mo. Art Walton Joined tho Kram* 
Hunting company at Memphis, Twin, 

I-ouis Masssn, Is Is raported, will Join Darll 
Belaaco as stage director. 


Another class of sluik-nts of the American 
Academy or Dramatic Arts end Knudro Tticnlro 
Dramatic Xcliool. gavo a uatinee iiertorinaiKV on 
Thunlox Kob. '.Ml Tho plays aeK«ted by tho 
faculty Vero 'Tho Oouatant llnshaml," o coined)', 
la ono act. by Cicely Hamilton, nnd n revival of 
W. 8. Hubert's three act fairy play, "Uniken 

•The (Vnstant nuaband" reeeiveil on this occa- 
sion Ha ilrst perfomunce in Amerlci. Tho cost 
la as follows: 

Edward Itounell Alfred Rhlrlee 

Jusllne Honimll VirginUi Cordello 

Hilda lienuiiKMit Ilotio IxirluK 

.Hteiiheiis Lellcv Bencloit 

80KNB— The SIlllnaT-nioiii In Mtf. nenmnrtnt's 
Fist, Kenslngto<» tioru Mansions, Loudon, liug- 

TIME— Too pit-Mut. 

It proved to be on Interesting and wellwrlllen 
plojlot. It tell* Hie story of a vouiu liuahniul 
who has a habit of eloping, hut wlin always re- 
turns lo lib) wife and Mka forgiveness. Bile bas 
gotten used tv bis afTaun and bas (enrol to lav 
worried by them. Indeed, klkt nsnlsti at one of 
these eloiHinenis, for wben the other girl la about 
to hock out, tho wire posheil her buck !ulo tho 

Such a wlfo may exist In theulrctand, luit real 
?lfc knows Iter not. Alfml Hlilrley gnve a good 
IKTrfoniuneo as the liusbaiid, ami Vlrgnla Our- 
ilelle as the wife, made mucii of her rolo. Mbo 
lias a One Preueli accent, lloim lowing, as the 
cloiilng girl, made a ploaalug linpreshlon, anil 
lA'llee Scnclon ployed Bleplirus, a mirill role, n 
au acreptalde inunm-r. 

While "Broken Htnrta" iltd not have a long run 
nt tbo time of Its flrat New York pruducMon nt 
Hie old .Msdlmn Sipiare Tlieatre, somo years ago. 
It iwmoKHci! a good deal of merit and charm. Too 
cast Is as rollout : : 

Prince Florlan Douglas MacT*nn 

Monals David L. Leonard 

The Lady Hilda Olive 1V1 

The lady Vavlr Alma Tell 

Tho Lady Melua'r.e Ovnlevo JUihlnsou 

Tbe l.udy Anututlils Ulara Thotuan 

K0KNI5— Tho Irland of Ilrokcn Hvirts. 

Tin action of ttto play takes place within 
twenly-four boun. 

Tbe action takes place on on Island In ono 
day, Four beautiful young women determine to 
ajwnd tbo rest of tlw-lr Uvea on this Inland, 
mourning Uielr lent lovers. Kacli maiden picks 
out somo lntiiumoto object to wblcb to toll their 
sorrows. Tbe young womou ore under the pro- 
tection of an old eerrant named Mousta. 

In course of tlmo a prlneo happens along. 
When ho throw a shawl over bis head bo la sup- 
posed to bo Invlrlblo. Ho wcTuearw the girls 
talking to their Inanlmato loves, anl Willi his 
• howl lo place ho ftiienkn wttli tliein, making each 
lady bellero that her Inlmato lover has been 
blniaed -with tbe power of aiieocti, 

I^idy mida/s wnectbeart, who was a prince, 
went to' oca and never returned. Tbo prince who 
visited the Island, finally shows himself In tbo 

exceptionally good acting was contributed by 
two Ttry beautiful young women, wbo, by the 
way, are sisters. Their Mines am Olive, and 
Alma Tell. They have tbe role* of I.ady Hilda 
and Lady Vlrlr, and their performances won 
them much applause. They bare insdo no mtstiko 
lu adopting din c.tago as a profession. 

Douglas MacLean played well the rolo of tho 
1 (rlneo and tlni part of the' deformed 'Mousta Was 
cloverly bandied by David Ironard. 

Tbe other roles wm well bandied. 

On Thunday, March 0, at the Umpire, tho 
atudenta will jrreaeut four new one act play* by 
Knrllfb writers: "Tbe CucnoTTS," by Oladya 
linger; "Jinny," by Hltha 'Bowerbyi "Wianeii- 
klnd," by Wilfred Wilson Olbbnmi. and "Ttio Two 
Bold Knights." by Obester Bailey OTornsM. 

I.nurcito Taylor and her asroclate pluyers, in 
"I'eg o* By lleiirt," bow at llto Obrt llmitro, 
will l»»-tn a «nne» of four special luatlnooH at 
that bona*, March 0, of four new one act plays 
lo be given on tho four 1'Yld.iys In Mar?ti. Tne 
imniose Is to give tbo actors und artrejse* of the 
company certain recreation- during tbe run of 

Tho four plays that will he presented Include a 
twentieth century romance by J, Hartley Man- 
ners, entitled "Juat As Well," In which Mlsa 
Taylor, Hussird Hhort ICmlllo Melville and Yvonno 
Jurreit will appear: "Tbo Forbidden Ouesta." 
a plmninsy, by John Oarbln. wlilch will bo 
played by Miss Taylor, Violet Ktanble Coo[mt, 
YTonne Jarrelt, II. !te*ryi»» Smith, Olamice lian- 
dyslde and MaaU>r Howard llrtoks; "lUptilncsa," 
In- J Herlloy Manners, will have for Its cast 
Mlsa Taylor, oils* Oooper, .Mr. Short nnd I'elrr 
iiimwtt, and an allegory by J. Hartley Man- 
ners, entitled "The Day of Dunes," with Miss 
Taylor, .Muts Melville and Messrs. Reevet-Hoiltli, 
.Short, Hamlyalde and Reginald Maou In Hie cast. 

a> i » 

William ICIIIaft, rn Haturdsy, signed iirteeu 
eonlraohs for players la his several "Kitty Hie 
Kay" cocniiaDles of neat araton, tebraraaJs for 
which will bo fully under way to a- week or two. 
Mr. Killott Will not send those companies upon 
the road this seasour but they will be ttrat oof of 
all the ooropulet to take to the highway next 
season. Among tbe Otteea* oootraebs slgued. one 
is for a young actress of exceptional popularity 
nnd promise to • linear tn the title role. Tfane 
men have been' signed for tbe role of Handy Mc- 
Nab, and two for the role of Dleot. David Gra- 
ham, tbe young lekdlnlr man's part. Most of the 
players are now engaged with other companies, 
wboae mnnageineiss bavo requested that no an- 
nouncement of rotors activities be made so early. 
Three of ibowi engugnl, however, aro Wallace Kre- 
klne. win will play I /ml Inglehart; Reglaald 
Denny, as David Qrabam, and George I'lott, as 

■' 4»» 


Organization of a Decatur center cf tbe Drams 
League of Amerlci was scheduled to take plaeo at 
a meting to be held In the Asoetauon of Oom- 
merce rooms, la Deistur, III., Thomday afler- 
r.oon, Feb. 'M. Circular leuira were sent out 
by R. B. Hrlcbcock to a ntMbrr of Decator i«eo- 
pla wbo mlgbi te Interested, urging them to at 
Und tbe ratberlng. 

The object of the orginlfatlon Is to support 
good ploy* wtivi they play Decatur. Itecenlly 
a company of dltttiurulatied Ri«llsb players gavo 
a perfonuanco to nfty people at the Powers', 
In -that city. It was on* of tbe best dramatic 
attractions of tbe season sad the company was 
eafhoslaatlcellr received In Chicago. 

Mr. Hitchcock is a member of tbe publicity 
rommlltee of I ho Drama Leagae of America, and 
brncebls Interest in forming the organtiatloti here. 

Jack Mason, who pat on fke mnvleal nitmlicrs 
for "Tbe Midnbrht Olrl." has I mm sneclally en 
aared to direct tbe musical ouinbers In tho Ham 
llvmard Hbow. 



(Special to Tub Currta;. 

Hi'MKoriaui. Mass., March 1. 
One of tbo most dlaaittuos Ores Hprliuileal 
has hsd to recent yeara broke out tn roll's i'avt 
Tlieatre block nt the corner of Worth Insttxi aaf 
Dwlght Streets Jwt beforo 4 o'clock this nnrtiln*. 
Tho I'ark Tiieatre building was almost cua- 
tilctely destroyed, torrlher wltb tbe contenta. 
It was liupoaalblo to usecrlniu the exact loss. 
but a coimerTatlve eatliutto placetl It at sp- 

Kroilmately S'JOU.GOO. The loss It mainly sbansl 
y the heirs of Andrew J. Whitney, woo on 
the building, and 8. Z. i'oll, who had leased at 
and who sulfrred Ibe eoniplcte Iom of tbo theatre 
Bflures, Ineliullng tho stagu aemsortes nnd fur- 
niture. The grccud lloor of tlio building was 
divided Into shire rooms, nnd tliera were occs- 

Iiled by Tlnmthv J, Hulllvnn'w eool ntllco K. 
'apafrnnrof * Co. 'a Uootblnckliig ehlanll.'linteM 
Alfred T. Mill*' barber shop, a confectionery 
•tore enndiictnl by Mr*. Msry Fossa, the grounS 
Boor of the theatre auditorium, nnd P. A. Ilrrnlle 
A Cb.'s and retail lltjuor stores. The 
loss a urn- red by the owners of tbo different 
•tores was mostly try water. The llrst alnrm 
was rung In at .'1.(17. A second alarm followed 
St 4.11,1 o'clock, or Just eight minutes later. Tbe 
loss la mostly covered by Insurance. 

The fire was invisibly one of Ibe moat apecla- 
ciilsv aeon In this city hi terent years. The 
buthlliig was mainly of wmaleit construction and 
bad served aa an mnuseiiviit resort for msuy 
years. Wlint It was nmt oimshsI It wn« knows 
aa the Auditorium and It later «-i» known umler 
the name of Urniul Tlieatre. In n»>n> re. rut 
yrara It was known aa Full's Then t re, retaining 
Hint name tin recently, when me uomo wa* 
changed to Poll's Park Theatre. 

The Prlncesa Plnrera, F. Itny Oomsliick'a fa- 
mous Thlclv -ninth Street orgiuitiatloo, under the 
direction or llollmmk lllliin, will Inaugurate Its 
llrst trans. eo'itliienlnl lour Mik-eli 10, In De- 
troit, Mich., with a «-i«'k In rn«Tiolre. to be fol- 
Inwed by aitf Indelndld but ut nil events. lirkaT 
t'ligogenient In Hie t'rlneess Tbratrs,' of Ohlcsso. 
after which will imw n rn|>l.l tiroirress to Ins 
I'neltle Ounat, eoverlng all of the Inrre ell lea, 
Willi an early Hiiiiancr ret'ini throii'ih Canada. 
Dirrlng Hie two years of It* igtlsdenop the unique 
Princess company has not been aeen oiitalilii Its 
own bijou* iiisnuln Its entire repertoire of ouo- 
acl idaya will is- Includisl, mmI the tanninst* and 
scenic division of the heivv v|i«-lal trails which 
will carry tlio full eoiu|ili-mi<ii is? Ilia organlaa- 
tlon Wmlw.iM, v,lll bu of nr-'lnitloiiH illmemlon. 
The plays will Include: "Fancy Free," "fwr," 
"At Hie Hwltchlauml," "F(«wl," "Any Nlind," 
"Kn Dew'iabllli." "Harl-Kiirl," "Tlic lllnek 

Mask, I1h« llrlde." "Ilusalu," "Tho Neglected 

l.ndy." "TIk* llsrd Man," '"Pie Klst In the 
Durk." "'flie Fountain," nnd "It Out He Done." 
The Princes 'llontre will not, however, lan- 
guish In dnrkniMs because nt the depurturo of 
Its eorpurnte im.'foniiliig child; somo exeeiillau- 
nlly liitereatliig plana arts lietug innilo for a produe- 
t ifn of a very timely new play well adapted Is 
this theatre. 

4 •» 

Last week wIIimtmsI a hl| aliskc-uo In lbs 
pseeiillvo stsIT of UlO II, F. Keltb Ibentrvs aa 
llreoler New York, 

Nam Tiiuimr goes from the Colonial to lbs 
limns, mid llerry Halley, for the past two year* 
tiuiimifiT of Kollh's Uroux, Inko Mr. Tnulst** 
place at tho (tilonlnl. 

Wm. Mussuud low been tnirwftTreil from the flr- 
phennt lo the Ilushwlck, while Hen muck goes 
from Hie Ihodiwlck to Iho tiriilieum, 

Al. Triiliem leu yew Hie llroeiiisilnt In lak* 

charge of tlic OrPMsTut, ami lew Parker, for arv 

end nemunisi iiiiinager of 'lie Onsieent, lakes 

Mr, Traliem's plaeo ot the (lnaii|H>lnt. 


A KINO until T. 

1 have hem waiting lo w> If any of Hie many 
lovers i*f dogn winild cxiitcmh ndiiilratloii foi its* 

sentiment Mm. W, K. V U-rhllt expresM'd, a 

few iluya sg» wiirn her benullfiil liotno was liurs- 
lug down. "Never inliid Iho ludiiiliigv ami works 
of an, savo my lliren ilog; cue la n erltiiilel'* 
How biniinne. Imw sublime, ishhi but a kind Iwart 
could bavo given expresaloik to such a beiullfial 
consideration for Iho |smr nnlmuls. 'Ilinuk Clot 
Hist In this ago nf vlTksecllou, them are snaas 
wlioae heirlM ui> tut In «yiii|i:ilhy fir man's brat 
I r lend, tlio dog. W. T. KTHfllSNS, Actors* 

a) »» 

Van anii fluiiKKtiK will anil for l->iropo In June. 

Maiu-ii II, III, SO and 27 are tho dales set (or 

Hie mieelill I.aUTVtlU TSiylur lull 1 1 mi-s. 

F.I.UBU ItouaviH la aulTurliig front nil ntlaek of 
er.vsl|M-les. and flam lb*nc aro beard from as 
making a big lilt at tlio lAtlulon lll|>i«»lrmur. 

Tun Dancing Kenuedys hivu Joined the Weber- 

FI'-l'lK HllilW. 

Isit-m ItOMAhDO AND Dot Lis Kl.l.swonTlf. 
Iiolh iik'uiIsts of the 'Miislnl (tnllege Olrl Hliow, 
were married In Iioiidon, Ky., Feb. -4. 



lui.i'ii Hti:aut closed Ills slock season tt 
tho Lyceum Theatre, Port Arthur, Can., Febi 
28, and ho used "Tbo llosary" for his fare- 
well attraction, 

"David IIaiiiim" was used Week ending 
Fob, 2d, at tho Musfc llifll, Akron, U. Ueorg* 
Taylor ployed tho loading rlsarnctur. 

"Oub Wivbh." tho •bright nnd brevity fares 
comedy, was played with great success weak 
ending Fob. 2s, by tile linker Ployors, nt ths 
linker Theatre, Portland, Ore., under lbs 
Iiiiiiiiigoment of (leorge L. linker. 

Jack YocKNgr. late wlcU Wilmer It Via* 
cent's lirpliciini -Hloek, is nonv with Keener 
Htock, Metrogwlbs 'llieatro. New York. Iff 
has been rc-tngnged ky Wilmer ft Vincent 
for stock noit Hummer, 

"IIawtikiiinb or Till U. H. A," Is being 
used by tho Orphoum Players at tho Or- 
iiheum, Hooding, Pa., week ending March 7. 
Walter Jliclinrdson, too now leading , man 
with tills company, opens in tills production, 
playing the rolo originated by Douglas Falr- 

"iKoitTr-rivn Hinvtib vuou IUoadwai" 
Is annoiinted for early production at nam* 
tiel's Opern •House, Jamestown, N, Y. 

"The Ninety and Nine" was the attrac- 
tlon at the Park, Manchester, N. IL, week 
earHng Feb. 28, with Iloao King nuil 'Herbert 
Hoyea playing tho leadlnK parts. stapportM 
by a most excellent company. All plays sra 

Produced under tho stoge direction of Edwin 

"Hawthoiine ov rim V. B. A" did th« 
largest iteek's business of tlio season' at the 
Audtt^riifm, Lyon, Mess,, week ending Fob. 

"Tiiii LoTTgnr Han" was used at ttat 
Westchester Tlieatre, Mt Vernon, N. Y., wsjfc 
ending Fob*. 28, under tlw dlrectroa of C. B. 


(ConUnurtl on papo IS.) 


puts f or wa no 


Her Own. Co, 






Mabch 7 

taikt, »»br., Fob. as, 1 914.- A big but- 
prise this week at tbe Orpheom Theatre U Horace 
Wright and Bclnlo Deltzioh. Tney have played 
this city a great many ames, and bare a very 
pleasing act Hiss Deltrich U singing a beautiful 
operatic number that la well received. Mr. Wright 
display od wonderful personality and magnetism 
with Ills special costume, Introducing his latest 
Western ballad, "Cross the Great Divide." 

Dearer, Colo., Feb. T, 1914.— Lyons and 
Tosco, high class musical and singing act, tsap- 
pearlng this week at too Orpheum Theatre, They 
bare composed a number of their own songs, 
that ire quite well-known through the country: 
In particular, "I'm Coming Back to Dixie and 
Ton." They also rendered a new ballad, entitled 
"Cross tbe Great DlTlde," which gave them sev- 
eral additional encores. 

$!k ^ 

These are only a few of the newspaper clippings that have appeared In the leading 
newspapers throughout the country on the greatest novelty 

ballad of the season* 



If you are looking for a ballad that Is a sure encore getter, you are losing time 
If you don't put this wonderful ballad on at onoe. 


GEO. W. MIYER MUSIC CO., 145 W. 45th St., NEW YORK 








Norfolk, V»., Feb. IS, 1014.-0ne of the 
most successful Comedy Acts in VandsTllle Is 
playing here this week at tbe Colonial Theatre 
John and May Burke are well known to the public 
In this city, having played here a number of times. 
The man at the piano rendered bis numbers well. 
Miss Burke Is Introducing a comparatively new 
Ballad, "Cross the Great Divide," which received 
the approbation of tbe audience. 

Toronto, Oat., Feb. 6. 1914.- The local 
bill at* Shea's Theatre this week Is particularly 
good. In fact, one of the best of the season. 
Amongst the beadllners was Ben Deeley A Co., 
an act that seemed to receive the favor of the 
audience from the time the curtain rose. The 
biggest surprise was the ballad rendered by Mr. 
Deeley, entitled, •'Cross the Great Divide." It 
was very striking. 




'VtflT'fr 1 !?— When no date la 
Hwl aV>S3i"" B ivcii, tbe week of 

March *-7 Is represented. 

Abbott, Tilly. A Partner. Orpheum, Minneapolis. 

Adelaide & Hughes, Shea's, Buffalo. 

Adas' Family, Empress, Sa:nnneuto, Gal. 

Aciduria .V Llviofnlon, Neiv Emprise, Chatta- 
nooga, Tens. 

Adams, Hilly A Ftllth, Poll', Hartford. Coon. 

Adams, Mabel. A Co., Orpheum, St. Paul. 

Adolrs, Tbe, Gordon's Olympla, nostra. 

Agufso. Loulw, & Co., Bronx, N, Y. 0. 

Agonal, Moos., A De Beryle, 81oioae, Hammer- 
sWu'a, N. Y. C. 

Alieern, Charlie, Troupe, Poll's, New Haven, 
Conn. ; Maryland, Baltimore, 9-14. 

Abeam Bros., Empress. Dee Moines; Majestic, 
Sioux Kails, S. dT, 9-14. 

Aldro & Mltchel, Empress, Kansas City, Mo. 

Allmou, Grant, ''What a Girl Can Do" Go. 


Original Grotesque Character Dancers. 

We lave Imitator, who call themselves "Lang 
A May." 

Allnun A Kevins, Plata, N. Y. 0.; Taylor 0.11., 
Trenton, N. J„ 9-14. 

Alrlu, Poter U., Colonial, Erie. Po. 

Alexander, Bob Olympla Circuit, 

Alleu. Minnie, Keith's, Providence. 

Alexander Bros. Colonial, Norfolk, Va, 

Alexander ft Scott, Auditorium, Chicago. 

Alriuw, The, Fronkford, Phlla. 

American Oouwly Four, Empress, Sacramento, 

Ainorloan Dancers (6), Shubert, Ctlca, N. T. 

/rubier Trio, Nickel, Lawrence. Mats., B-T. 

Auiberit, Everett, ft Co., Gordon's Olympla, Bos- 

Anderson ft Goloes, Loen's, Newborrh, N. Y„ 9-7. 

Anderson ft Burt, Fulton, Bkui., 6-7. 

Apdole's Circus, Orpheum. Harrtaburx, Pa. 

"Arcadia," Colonial, N. Y. O. 

Arlliura (3), Ori/beum, Montreal, Can, 

Anustrous ft Ford, Orpheum. Portland. Ore. 

Armanis (5), St. Jame*', Boston, 6-7. 

Armstrong, W. U.. ft Co., BUou. Bkln., S-T. 

Ardulh, Fred J., ft Co., Broadway. Phlla. 

Arloo Four, Keith's. Lowell, Mass. 

Auhl, Orpheum. Duluth. 

Ashlyn, Belle, Orpbeum, Omaha. 

Ash. Sam, Look's, Faterton, N. J„ 5-7. 

Athietss 14), Oriineum, New Orleaui. 

Australian Boy Scouts, Temple, Hamilton. Csn. 

"Aato Bandit, Tbe," Lyric, liobokeo. N. J., 5-7. 

Avery, Van ft Carrie, Priueess, Hot Sudors, 
Ark., 5 7 j Walker O. II. , Champaign, 111., 9- 

Avoo Ctomcdy Four, Shea's, Buffalo. 
"Arenger Tbo," Columbia. Pain,, 5-7. 
Avofoo, Musical. Gordon'B Olympla. Boston. 
Assrd, Paul, Troupe, Empress, Chicago. 
Atard Bros., Grand O. H., Pittsburgh. 
Iiarton ft Lovers, Empress, Los Angeles, Csl. 
Barnard, Anger ft Co., Orpbenm, Kmaas City. 
Bnajoph lends (0), Empress. Ogden, U„ 5-7: Em- 
press. Salt Lake Olty, U., 9-14. 





Bates, Blanche, & CO., Orpheum, Bkla, 

linker, Belle, Keith's, Phlla. 

ItaDkoff ft Qlrilo Keith's, Ouiclnnttl. 

Barry ft Wo I ford, Keith's, Luulvlllu. 

Hall ft Wot. Coltnlal. N. Y. C. 

Harry, Mr. ft Mrs. James, Temple, Detroit. 

Ball, Ray Ellnore, Orpheum, Jacksonville, Fla. 

Barnes, Stus-t, Majestic, Chicago. 

Harbour, 8am, Otpbeum, Portland, Ore. 

Barnes, Gertrude, Orpheom, Sacramento, Cat., 
4. 7. 

Barnard, Flnnerty ft Mitchell, Pantares', Spo- 
kane, Wash.; Pantagea', Heattle, Wash., 0-14. 

Baker, Weston ft Co., Orphean], Altooca, Pa., 

Bayes, Nora, ft Co., Auditorium, Chicago. 

Harry. Edvrina, ft Oo.. Nlxoa, Phlla. 

Barnes A Aahu, Nickel, Lawrence, Mass., 5-7. 

Barlo. KL Howard. Boatoo. 

Bands Boma, Soolly So., noston. 

Ballo Bros., Folly, Oklahoma City. Okla. 

Darnells, The, Plara, Sim Antonio, Tex. 

Brrlns, Clem, ft Co., Lyric, Indianapolis. 

Bernard A Lloyd. Empress. Kansas City, Mb. 

Berry ft Berry, Empress, Mllwss ase. 



Direction HARBY J. FITgOaCRAA.D. 

Berks ft Korae, Kmnreas, Tsooma. Ws»h. 
Ueanctt Murrsy, Empress, Victoria. Oaa. 
Berg Bros., Apollo, Nurnberg, Genuny, 341. 
Beawar ft Dayton, Atlanta, Ga. 
BeUe * Jonei. Orpheum. Danville, III., B-T; Or- 

pheura Hanimoud, Ind., 9-1 4. 
"Beam Arts," Fuplre. Montaomery, Ala. 
Bernnrd. Dick, A Co., Rmpreaa, Bulbs, Mast, 9- 

H^leelalre Bros., Buahwlrk, Bkln. 

"Ileaaly Is Only Bkln Deep," Keith's. Oluelnnatl. 

I^anrnont ft Arnold. l-olPa, Bprlnraeld, Mass. 

IWI Dlgby, Keith's, Toledo. 

Bessie's Cockatoos Ljric Beboksa, N. J., B-7. 

Bedlnl, Madam, ft Hones, Avenue. East St. 

Louis; Malettlc, Sprlngfleld, 111., 9-14. 
Bernard ft Harrlngtai, Kmtilre, Edmonton, Car.., 

0, 7. 
"Behind the Footlights." American, N. X. C. 

Beban, Oeo., ft Co.. Auditorium. Chicago. 
Belmont ft Harl, Folly. Oklahoma Olty, Okla. 
Berry ft Nelson, Keith's, Lowell, Mass, 
Beslry. Harry, Lyric, Buffalo. 
"Big Jlro." Empress, Salt Lake Olty, TJ. 
Big Olty Four. Maryland, Baltimore; Orpbeum. 

Montreal, Onn., 9-14, 
Bison Olty Four, Poll's, Hartford, Conn,; Poll's, 

New Haven, Conn., 9-14. 
Blsaett ft Boott, Keith's, Louisville. 
Blapham, David, Empire, Edmonton, dan., 6, 7. 
Blnns, Blnns ft Blnna, Orpheum, San Fran., Oal. 
Blabop. Marie, Orpbewn, Oakland, Oil, 
Bimbos, The, Trw.roo, Lynchburg, Va. ; Lyric, 

Richmond. Va., 9-14. 
Blessings, The, Orpbeuin, Vancouver, Oaa. 
Blank Family, Orpheutn. Memphis, Tenn. 
Ulabtley, John, ft Co., Washington, Newark. 

N. J., 8-7. 
Bolaes (4). Hammersmith, Londan; Ktlbora, Lon- 
don, 814; Olympla, Shoredltch, London, 16-21; 

Islington, London, 23-28. 
Bowers, Fred. V., ft Oo., Columbia. Grand Baplds, 

Boudinl Bros., Orpheum, Sioux Olty, It. 
Bobby A Date, Yooges. Toronto, Can. 
Bogsrt ft Nelson, Orpbeum, N. Y. C, 6-7. 
Boganny'a Bakers, Colonial, Phlla. 
Babemlaag (8), Allegheny, Phlla. 
Bohemian Four, i^rlc, Newark, N. J., B-7. 
Bond, Fred, Bijou, Boston. 
Brown, Emmett ft Chase, Empress, OmeUmatl 


Hgt. C. A. FOUOHOT. Palace Blast., W. T. 

Brownies (8), Bmpreas, Ft Wayne, Ind. 

Browning, Bessie, Empress, Seattle, Wash. 

Brown Bros. (6), Primrose & Dockstader Min- 

Bragg ft Bragg, Toronto, Oaa. 

Brooks, Franklin A, Princess, Rochester, N. T. 

Brown, Harrli ft Brown. Bijou, r-»"«'"f. Mich.; 
Jefferles. Saginaw, Mirk., 9-14. 

Brlxhton Quartette, Pantagea', San Fran,, Oil.; 
Pantages', Oakland. Oal., 9-14. 

Brlee. Fannie. Ooioatsi, N. I. a 

Bradt. Tbe, Orpheom, Duluth. 

Bryan, Somner Co., Orpheum, Lincoln, Neb. 

Browuaoo ft Baldwin, Majestic. Milwaukee. 

Broen, Harry, Orpbeum, Memphis. Tens. 

Brlerre ft King, Orpheum, Boston. 

Brant Bras., Greeley 8q„ N. T O., 3-7. 

Brady ft Mahooey, Bljon. Bkla.. 5-7. 

Brooks ft Bowen, Wm. Perm, Phlla.; Temple, De- 
troit, 9 14. 

Breen, Oertrnoe, BUou, Boston. 

Browne, Bothwell. Pantages'. San Fran., Oal. 

Brown ft Mllo, Garrlck, Wilmington, Del. 

Burke ft Harrison, Empress. Ogden, TJ., B-7. 

Burke A McDonald, Empress, San Fran., Oak 

llurke, John P., Folly, Detroit. 

Burns A Fulton, Keith's, Providence. 

Hurley ft Burley, Hammersteln's, N. Y. C 

Burke, John ft Mae, Shubert, Dtlea, N. Y. 

Buckley's Animals, Orphesm, Jacksonville, Fla. 

Buckley, Laura. Colombia, Grand Rapids, Mteh. 

Bush, Frlti ft Luey, Msjestlc, Milwaukee. 

Burns, Kilmer ft Grady, Orpheom, Vanooaver, 

Burke ft Harris, Boulevard. N. Y. C B-7. 

Bush Bros., Yonges, Toronto, Can. 

Bush ft Shapiro, Greeley Sq., N. Y. 0., 6-7. 

Burger & Howard, Broadway, Phils. 

Burke ft Burke, Frankford, Phlla. 

"Canoe Girls." Prnpress, Kansss Olty, Mo 

Oanfield ft Carlton, Empress, Butte. Mont, 

Carson ft Brown, Keith's, Boston. 

Cabaret Trio. Orpheum. Bkln. 

Oaopollcsa, Chief, Bushwlck, Bkla 

Oanheld ft Ashley, Hsmmersteln's, Nf. T O. 

Oarreoa, Llann, ft Oo.. Poll's, Scran ton. Pa, 

Cantwell ft Walker. Lyric, Richmond, Vs. 

Onrter. fluxaun, ft Co., Odeon. BartlesrUle, OUi.; 
O. H„ Pavhusks, Okla., U-21. 

C-.rmen, Zitx. Trio, Majestic Mllswukee. 

Cameron A O'Obnnrr, Orpheam, Portland, Or*. 

Oapltalne, El, Orpheum, flau Fran., Oal. 

Oarillo. Leo, Orpheum, Los Angeles, Oat 

Carr, Ernest, ft Co., Grand, Phlla. 

Oarmes. Notine, ft CO.. KranWord, VWIa. 

Cuss's, Mrs. imenor, Fencing OArls, Bljoo, Bes- 

Oamter, Bar, BUou, Boston. 

Oarttan ft CUfford, Lyric, Bufitlo. 

Celts Bros., Lyric, Buffalo. 

Cvell, Khid ft Carr, Bvnpress, Wlnxatpeg. Oaa. 

"OHIuloJa. Sara," -lYtaplerTWhesterrV. X. 

Ohunns, Four, Touring Europe. 

"Oheycnne Days," Shubert, fltlca. tt. Y. 

Chip ft Marble, Omeessx, Mesxphls. Team. 

Cboalo. Mattte. ft Co., Ubcrrr. Bkln., B-7. 

"Otrcos Days." Princes* St. Louis. 

Clifford, Bdlth, imperial. Vanooaver, asm. 

Clarke ft Owen, Mebourne, Anrtrlla. 

Clark ft Turner, Boso SydeH Oo. 

Olemo, Great, ft Johison, Burkoot's Show. 

Clark, Kdw., ft Co., Proctor's. Newark, N. J, 

Claudius ft Scarlet, AThambra, N. X. 0. 

"Olownland." Bushwlck, Bkln. 

CUrk ft Verdi. Keith's. OmcuwatL 

Clark ft Hamilton, Temple, Detroit. 

Cliff, Laddie. Lyric, Blchmood, Ys, 

Clayton, Bessie, ft Co., Orneum, Ban Fran., Oal. 

Clark, Harry, Auditorium, Ctricago. 

Clare, Frances, ft Oo., Nixon, Phils. 

Ooakley, McBrlde ft Mllo, Lyric, Indianapolis. 

Coluoru. Jeimle. Billy "Swede" Hall ft Co. 

Cotloo, Lola, San Diego, Oal. 

Consul ft Betty, Poll's. New Haven, Conn. 

Cook. Joe, Bth Ave., N. Y, 0. 

"Colonial Days." Orpheum, Harrlsbsn. Pa.. 

CooroT ft Models, Orpheam. Des Molaes. ' 

Couutlss, Oatherlas, ft Co., Palace, Cbkigo. 

Collus, Milt, Palace, Chicago. 

Conchas, Paul. Orpheum, Los Angeles, Oal. 

Connelly ft Webb. Orpbeom, 8alt Lake City, U. 

Oorrelll A Gillette, Orpbeuan, Omaha. 

Conlln, Steele ft Carr, Orpheam, Memphis, Tens. 

"Concealed Bed, The," Colonial, Phlla. 

Conlln, Ray. Frankford. Phlla. 

Cole ft Warner, Lyric, Newark, V J., 5-7. 

Consul, Pedro, Bowdoln Sq., Boston, 

Cody, Bowdoln Sq., Boston. 

Coleman ft Brown, Garrlck, Wilmington, Del. 

Cross ft Josephine, Bth Ave., N. Y. O. ; Colonial, 

and Hammersteln's, N. Y. 0., 9-14, 
Cressy ft Dsyne, Keith's, Toledo. 
Croaln, Morris, ft Oo. Orpheum. Montreal. Oas. 
Cross, Loella, Frankfort. Germany; Omwldorf, 

Germany. 9-14. 
Crouch ft Welch, Orpbeum, Duluth. 
Orelghton Slaters (3), Yooges, Toronto, Can. 
Crelghtoo Bros, ft Belmont, Grand St., N. X, C. 

Crane, Lawrence, & Co., Fulton. Bkln., B-7. 
Craig ft Williams, Howard, Boston. 
Curtis. Sam J„ ft Co., Forsytbe, Atlanta, Gs. 
Cummligs A Gladying, Orpheum, St. Paul. 
Cuttys. Musical (6), Majestic. ChleagA 
D'VoTax, Palios Rink, Buffalo. 
D'ATViUe, Jeanett* Montreal, Can. 
"Day at the Olrcos, A," Empieei, Los Angeles, 

Dally. Boht a 4 Co., Ketth's. ladlanapollj. 
Danleli ft Conrad. Shea's. Toronto, Can. 
Dainty English Trio, Keith's, Cleveland. 
"Dance Dream, The, ' Foreytlie, Atlanta, Go. 
Damerel, Geo., ft Co., Oruheum, Los Angeles. Oal. 
Davctt ft Duval, Pantagea', Spokane, Wash. ; 

Pontages'. Seattle, Wash., 9-14. 
Dsrrows, The, Allegheny, Phlla.; Wm. Pens, 

Phlla.. 9-14. 
Davis, Hal, A Ob., Pintaces', San Fran., OaL 
Darling, Duke. Garrlck, Wilmington. Del. 
Dcll'Oro. Lulgl, fhnpress. Ogden, U., B-7; Bat- 
press, Salt Lake Olty, U., u-ld. 


NOVELTY. Perm, address, CUPPER 

Demarest ft Doll. Princess, St Louis. 
Dennis Bros., Bmpreas, Vletorls, Oan. 
De Groote ft Langtry, Casino. Charlotte, N. O. 
Deaves, Harry, ft Co., G. 0. House, Terra Haute, 

Ind., 5-8. 
De long, Maldle, Miles, Minneapolis. 
De Vise ft Williams, Keith's. Bo«ton. 
De Coe. Harry, Alhambrs, N. Y. a 
De Vom, Harvey, Trio, Uarmneroteln's; N. Y. 0. 
Reason. Arthu' Keith's, Colombu. 
He Gsscolgne. Oaileta, Temple. Roche s b ar. N. X. 
Do Hctelle, Dorothy, ft Co., Poll's, Scrantoo, Pa. 
Deeley, Ben, ft Co., Empire, Edmonton, Dan., 

0. 7. 
Dcmirest ft Ohatot, Orpbeum, Soramenlo, Oil., 

6, 7. 
Dellma, Perry & Pay, Firc'a. Waterbury, Coon., 5- 

7; O. H.. Ne,r Haven, Conn., 8-11. 
De Lesao Troupe, Orpheum, Boston, 5-7. 
Diamnid, Eugene, Orpheom, St. Paul. 
De Jariden. Trlxle. Dan Frlecdly's M, 0. Oo. 
De Lorls, Dick, Bijou, Phlla. 
De Lacy, Leigh. Keith's, Lowell, Msss. 
De La Rocca, Boxy, Shea's, Buffalo. 
Diving Nymphs, Empress, Denver. 


Direction JACK CURTIS 
Perm. Address, 133 W. 113 ■>— Hew York 

Diamond A Brennan, Grand O. H., Plttsurgh; 

Shea's, Buffalo, 9-14. 
Dickinson, "Rube." Keith's, Louisville. 
Diving Models, Empress, Milwaukee. 
Dixon Trio, Orpheum, Jersey City, N. J. 
Dorch ft Russell, Empress, Wlnntpeg, Oan. 
Dooley. Jed ft Ethel, Keith's, Lowell, Mass. 
Donovan ft Arnold, Orpheum, Jacksonville, Fla. 
Doyle, Patsy, Pantares', Vancouver, Can.; Pan* 

t ages', Tseoms,* Wash., 0-14. 
Dolce Sisters, Palace, Chicago. 
Dooley ft Baylea, Orpheum, Baa Frsn., OaL 
"Doable Gross, The," Orpbeom. Los Angeles, Oal. 
Dotsoa ft Gordon. Yooges. Toronto, Can. 
Don alls (3), 7th Ave.. N. X. 0„ 5-7. 
Doyle, Grace, Fulton. Bkla., B-7. 
Dow ft Dow, Gordon's, Olympla, Bosses. 
Drew, Ohaa, O., ft Co., Empress, Bolt Lake 

Ctty. D. 
DripTrs, 'Oe. Orpheum, Montreal. Ota. 
"Dochesa, The," £L James', Boston. B-7. 
DuplEo. Erwsi Empress, Kansas Otr, M«. 
DuBarry ft LHgh. Wonderland, Plattsborg, N. 

X.. B-7 ; Star. Utttetoo, 5. Bf„ 9-14. 
Duranda, Musical (5). Keeny's, Newark, N. J., 

Duncan, Dan H-, Majestic, Tmss, OkJs. 

Dunn ft Hartnuu, Majestic, Waterloo, Is., B-7 ! 

Majestic, Oedar Baplds, la., 8-11. 
Duprte, Minnie, ft Co., Keith's, Washington. 
Duffy ft Lorena?, Bronx, N. Y. 01 
Duprsa, Fred, Teirple. Rochester, N. X. 
Du For Trio, lHdl's, New Haven, Conn. 
Duprre ft Dupree. Oolunbli, Grand Rapids, Mteh, 
Duntre, Josephine, Majestic. Chicago. 
Dyer, Dnhert. ft Oo.. OOloalai, Erie, Pa. 
Ear: A Ourt^ American, N. T. O, B-7. 
Edna. Ruth, Gat e'en, Dallai, Tex.; Lafayette, 

New Orleans, La., e-|4. 
Edwards, Tom, Touring England. 
Edwirds*. Oas, "School Boys ft Girls," Harris', 

nttsbergh: Vletorls, StrebenrUle, o„ 9-11. 
Ksward* Bros.. Lirte. Ho bo km. N. J., B-7. 
Edwards. Bait*. Orphean), N. X. a, B-7. 
Kdas. Mysterious, lllioo, Phils. 
Edwards, Al , Bljoa, BaaUw. 
Edaey Bros., 8u>Hy Sq., Toston. 
Egsa, Jos al., ft Dogs, Imperial, Boston, B-7; 

Beacon, Boston, 9-14. 
Ellas. Harry, Stetson's "U. T. 0." Eastern 0% 
Ellncre ft Williams, Keith's, Wsahlngtan. 

ETllsoDS (S). Keith's, Louisville. 

Ellis, Harry, Hammeratoln'a, N, Y. 0. 

El CTevo. Obloolal, Phlla. 

Eldora, ft 00., Lyric, Newark, N. J., 6-7. 

Empire Comedy Four, Colonial. Norfolk, Va. ; 
Orpheom, Harrisburg, Pa., B-14. 

Emmett, Hugh, A Co., Empire, Birmingham. Eng- 
land; Empire, New Oaatle, England, 9-14; Ar- 
gyle, Birkenhead, 15-21; Empire, Blddlesboro, 

Emerle, Mile., Colonial, Phlla. 

Emeraons (3), Folly, Oklahoma Olty. Okla. 

Bngllah Roses (8), Hartford, Hartford, Conn, 

Errol. Bert, Bushwlck, Bkln, 

Escardos (8). Shubert, Bkln., B-7. 

Espe, AL ft Paul, Poll's, Springfield, Mass., 9-14, 



Eugene Trio. American, N. X. 0„ B-7. 
"Everybody's Doing It," Imperial, Vancouver, 

Evans, Billy ft Clara, New Era Boat Show. 
Evans ft Vldocq, American, N. Y. C, 6-7. 
Evers, Geo., Lincoln Sq., N. X. C, 6-7. 
Evans ft Alkeni, Bijou. Phlla. 
Fay ft Miller, Apollo. Janesvtlle, Wis., 6-8. 
Farber Sisters, Temple, Detroit. 
Fatlma. Poll'i, New Haven, Conn. 
Fay. Anna Eva, Salem, Salem, Mass., 5-7. 
Falls, 0. 0.. Grand St, N. X. O.. 6-7. 
Fay ft Tenntaoo. Folly, Oklahoma Olty, Okla. 
Fisher, Mr. ft Mrs., Perkins, Empress, Denver, 9- 

Finlay, Bob, ft Misses Yates, Gary, Gary, Ind,, 

Fisher ft Green, Maryland, Baltimore. 
Fisher. Bud, Majestic, Chicago. 
"Fixing toe Foresee," Majestic, Milwaukee 
Fltigibbon. Bert, Orpheam, Silt Lake City, TJ. 
Fielding, Pauline, Players. Broadway, Phlla. 
Fliher, Msybelle, Trio, Hartford, Hartford, Conn, 
Fletcher, Oha*. Leonard, Orphesm, N. Y. C, 

Fong, Hong, Empress, Spokane, Wash 
Fox ft Dolly, Colombia. St Louis. 
Foster ft Lorett, Orpbeum, Ban Fran.. Cil. 
Foyer, Eddie, Columbia, Bkln., 5-7. 
Forrester ft Lloyd. Bowdoin Sq„ Boston, 
Fostell ft Bmmett. Crlsfleld, Md. 
Frostlck, Hume ft Thomas, Empress, Salt Lake 

Olty. P. 



Freeman, Maurice, ft Co., Empress, Salt Lake 

F rim ml. Lei, Seattle, Wash,. Indefinite. 
Friend ft Lesser, Alhambrs, N. X. C. 
Frlgsnia, Trlxle, Bronx, N. X. C. 
Freeman ft Dunham, Orpheam, Montreal, Can. 
Fro sloi, Forsythe, Atlanta, Ga. 



Now tonrlng with big anccess over the Loew Clrcnlt 

French A Els,, Orpheum. Winnipeg, Can. 
Prankforda, Tbe, 7th Avenue, N. Y. 0.. 6-7. 
Gabriel, Master, ft Co., Bronx, N. X. 0. 
Galvln, Wallace, Shea's, Toronto, Oan. 
Gallagher ft Oarlln, Orpheum, Des Moines. 
Gannon, Helen, Orpbeum, Sacramento, OaL, B-7. 
Gasch Sisters, Boulevard, N. Y. 0., B-7. 
Georges (2), Empress, Cincinnati. 
Gelger, John, Keith's, Indianapolis. 
George, Edwin, Colonial, Erie. Pa. 
Genaro ft Bailey, Orpheum, New Orleans. 
Georgette, Grsnd. Phils, 
Gillette's Animals, Orpbeum, Portland. Ore. 
Otrdelaac, Bart, ft Dogs, Empress, Ban Fun., Oal. 


The Original Loss fltar Mlaatrsl. 
V. B. 0. TtMB° Direction HARRY RAPF. 

Gfllen, Eddie, Panama Coral Show. White City. 

GUllngwater, Olande, ft Co.. Keith's, Phils. 
"Girt from Milwaukee, The," Poll's, Hsrtford, 

Gfltoll, Harry, Orphean, Winnipeg, Oan, 
Gordons, Bsqadlng, Eaipreas, Portland, Org, 


Pennsnent Adstress, If. T. CMPHBL 

Gordon, John A., ft Co., Empress, SacraiaezUo, 

Gossans, Bobby, Majestic. Pueblo, Col. 
Goldsmith A lloppe. AJhatnbra. N. X. a 
Gordooe, Robbie. Colonial. N. Y. O. 
Gordon ft Blea, Foil's. Scnntm, Pa. 
Gordon. Paul, Majestic, Chicago. 


Signed with Bnrleaqne next Benso n. 

Goleman's Animals, Orpbeum. Los Angeles, OaL 
Goldla. Horace, ft Oo., Orpheum. Denver. 
Gcrrtcn ft Murphy, Loew's, Fsll River, Mass., 

Gordon ft Marx, Lmcola So., N. X. C, B-7. 
Golden ft West. Orphesm, N. Y. a, B-7. 
Green, McHenry ft Desne, Empress, Chicago. 

Granat, Lools, Empress, St Paul. 
Gruet ft Oroet, Kedxle, Chicago; Majretlc, Water- 
loo, la., 9-14. 
Grspcwln, Chas., ft Co., Shea's, Toronto, Can. 
"Green Betttlo, The," Colonial, Noifolk, Va. 
Green, Ethel, Forsythe, Atlanta, Ga. 
Oreos, Karl, Grand, Phlla. 
Gray, Jas., ft CO., Nickel, Jjiwrence, Mass., 5-7. 
Guerro ft Ckrra-n, Garrlck, Wilmington, Dei. 
Gwynn ft Gosett, Empress, Seattle, Wash. 
HaUea ft Fnller, Empress, Ft. Wayne, Ind. 



Hall, Bob, Empress, St. Paul. 

Hart, Marie A Billy, Temple, Detroit; Temple, 

Rochester, N. Y„ 9-14. 
Hayes, Ed„ 4 Co., Colonial, Erie. Pa. ; Shea's, 

Buffalo, 9-14. 
Haggerty ft Le Clair, Broadway, Camden ; Family, 

Ht. Camel, Pa., 9-14. 
Hart, Annie, "McFadden's Fists" Co. 
Haywood, Harry, ft Oo„ Orphetrm, Bkln. 
Handera ft Millies. Bushwlck. Bkln. 
Hal ft Francis, Keith's, Washington. 
Hsrned, Virginia, ft Co.. Bronx. N. Y. O. 
Hsnlon ft Clinton, Keith's, Indianapolis. 
Harveya (4), Grand, Syracuse, N. Y. 
Halllgsn ft Sykes, Keith's, Cleveland. 
gas——. The, Forsythe, Atlanta, Oa. 
Hoyden, Burton ft Haydea, Columbia, Grand 

Baplds, Mich. 


_ Perm, address, 870 W.9dth Street, New York. 

Haezard, Jack, Orpbeum, St. PauL 

Hawkins, Lew, Orpheum, Lincoln, Neb, 

Hartley's Wonders, Orpheum, Seattle, Wash, 

Hardt, Lools, Orpbeum, Oakland, Cal. 

Hsnlon ft Hanlon, Otpbeum, Omaha. 

Himh, Great, ft Oo,, Orpbenm, Boston, 5-7, 

Harris A Hart, Yonges, Toronto, Can. 

"Happiness," Yonges, Toronto, Can. 

Hamll. Fred, ft Co., Yooges, Toronto, Can. 

Harlsblma Bros. (8), Bijou, Bkln., 8-7. 

Hamilton ft Barnes, Nixon, Phils. 

Hayl ft Oo., Orpbeum, Jersey City, N. J. 

Herman ft Shirley, Empress, Denver. 

Herman. AL, Unique, MtnoeapoUs. 

Hedge, John, Sidney, Australia. 

Henman Trio, Mobile, Mobile. Ala. ; ColumUa, 6L 

Loala. 9-14. 
Held. Anna. Alhambrs. N. X. 0. 
Herron ft Gaylord, Alhambrs, N. Y. 0. 
Herman, Adelaide, Bushwlck, Bkln. 
Herbert ft Goldsmith. Keith's, Cincinnati. 
Hedders (8), Colonial, N. Y. 0. 
Heath ft Mlllerahlp. Shea's, Buffalo. . 

Hermlngs, John ft Winnie, Lyric, Richmond. Vs. 
Helene ft Justin, Coluinbla, Grand Baplds, Mica. 
Herleln, Lilian. Orpbeum, Lincoln. Neb. 
Herman, Dr, Orpbeum. Los Angeles, Cal. 
Herbert ft Dennis, 7th Are., N. Y. C 5-7. 
Heron. Eddie, ft Co., Greeley Sq., N. Y. O. 6-7. 
Hill ft Ackvrman Moss Toot, England. 
"Honor Among Thieves," Empress, Ofalcsiv. 
Hogin, Gas. Ernie Mirks Co. 
Houitan, Henry. Touring Australia. 
Howard Bros., Touring England. 
Howard A McCane, Maryland, Baltimore. 
Hoey ft Lea, Ooloolal. N. Y. 0. 
Howard'a Ponies, Poll's. Hartford. Conn. 
Holt, All.. Poll's. Hartford, Conn. 
Howard, Great, Poll's, Sprtajrueld, Mass. 
Hoffman, Great, Keith's. Cleveland. 
Holmes A Buchanan, Temple, Hamilton, Oan. 
"Hooee Warmers," SbubCLt, Otles. N. X. 
Hacktey ft Oo., Orpheom, Bon Fran.. Oal. 
Hoyt's Minstrels, Seventh Ave.. N. Y. C. B-7. 
Hoimee A Riley. Greeley 8q„ N. X. C, 5-7. 
Howard, Ratllff Oo., Alletuesy, Phlla. 
Hoch. EmU. ft Co.. Wm. Penn, PhUa. 
Hughes, Musical Trio. Pantagea', San Fran., 3- 

Hunter ft Bow, WJson Ave., Chicago: National, 

Loolsvlllo, 9-14. 
Hnghes, Mrs, Gene, ft Co., Keith's, Boston. 
Hunting ft Frances, Keith's, Prortdsnce. 
Husaey ft Lee, Keith's, Phfa. 
Hcrslc* Tronpe, Keith's, Loulavllls. 
Hultai?s Baals. Dsltney 8t. N. Y. 0.. »-7. 
Hurst, Watts ft Hurst, Orpheum, Boston, 6-7. 
Hunting, MUlle ft Lew, Colonial. Norfolk, Va. 
Hyams ft Melatyss. Orpheom, Skin.; Poll's, 

Ocreatsa. Pa . 9-14. 
Hyatt ft Le Note, Lrcsttm, atrksbnrg, W. la. 
loelandle Troaje, OrpaeofB, Bkln.; Keith's, 

Phlla., 9-14. 
Imperial Pekinese Troupe, 1'ntpress, Bstte, lion*. 
Imhof, ooaa ft Ooreene, on-heum, Harrisburg. 

•In Old Now York," Empress, Wlanlpeg. Cauv 
lues Dotalfltoc, Ottawa. Can. 
JagUs ft Redding, DcUnoty Ht, U. Y. C, B-7. 
Itatsn Slater,, Orpliesn. Lincoln, Neb. 
Ishakawa Japs, Bronx, 5. X, 0. 
"I've Got It," Empress, neattle. Wash. 
Jack's, Cant.. Polar Bears, Pantagea', flpekana. 
„ Wash. ; Pantages'. Beattle, Wish., 9-14. 
Jefferson, Jsseph, ft Co., Keith's, aevelsnd, 
Jennlnxs. Jewel ft Barlow, Broadway, Phlla. 
Johnstone, Great. Prlaetss, St. Lools. 
Johnstons, Musical, Empire, Leeds. England I Obls- 

wtefc Empire, London. 9-14; Cellaepm, London, 

19-21 ; PaUoe, Southampton, M-28. 
Jordan Girls, Orpbenm, Bkln. 
Jonleya (2), Shea's, Toronto. Can. 
Johnson, Martin, Orpheutn, Silt Lake Olty, TJ. 
Kammerer ft Howlind, Lyric, Indianapolis, 
Kara. Imperial, Vanconver, Oin. 
Kaufman, Reba ft Ines, Parti, France, Indefinite. 
Karroll. Dot. "Utile Millionaire" Co. 
Kauracs (4), Alhambra. N. X. C 
Kanfman. Vernle. Alhambra, N. Y. 0. 
Kartell!, Orprieum. Winnipeg. Csa. 
Kargo, Nick, Orpheum, Minneapolis. 

March 7 




Bongs or Instrumental Manic r If no, be BURG to 
have same arranged by an EXPERT I An artistic) 
arrangement means SUCCESS I I bare done HUN- 
DREDS Of BIO HITS I Write or call afternoons 3-0 

Care Shapiro. 1*10 Bwadway, H. V. C. 

Kaufman Bros.. Orphenm. Seattle, Weih. 
KaiMJ, Nobody & Piatt, Orjbeirm, Itarrlihurr, 

Pa.; Colonial, Norfolk. Va.. 0-14. 
Kelly * Mack, Virginia, Chicago. 
Keno ft, Scbludlefs, Chicago, 5-7, 
Keno A Green, Orpheum, Beaton. 
Kelly, Andrew, Keith's, Providence. 
Kearone (3), 6 th Are., N. Y. a 
Keane, Bobt E., Keith's, Cleveland. 



Always Working 

Kelly A Laffertr, roll's, Scranton, Pa. 

Keoo, Walih A Merose, Empire, Edmonton. Can., 

Kelly Duo, Orphean, New Orleans. 

Kennedy A Booney, Orpheuin, Omaha. 

Kent, 8. Miller, A Co., Crpheum, Kansas Oily, 

Kelt A De Mont, Salem, Salem, Mass., 3-7. 
Kennedy A Kramer,' BLjon, lloston. 
Kiernan, Walters A Klernan. Empress, Tacomj. 

Klnkald, Billy, Jefferson, Snrlngteld, JIo. : Ox- 

pbeum, Tulsa, Okln., 0-14. 
Kltanos, The, Keith's, Cincinnati. 
Kingston, Chester, Hammerateln's, N. T. C. 
Klrksmlta Slaters. Orphean, Montreal, Can. 
Kltamnra Jans, Keith's, Cleveland. 
Kingston A Eboer, Orpbewn, Seattle, Wash. 
Klssaly's Afsnlfcins, Lyric, Buffalo. 
Klarv, Katherlne, Empress, Los Angeles, Oal, 
Klein Bros., St. James. Boston. 6-7. 
Klase A Bernle, American, N. X. O.. 1-7, 




Knapp A CbrntlU, Oarrick, Wilmington, Del.: 

Orrheum, Altooaa, Pa., 8-11. 
KoJb A Hirlaad, Uolonul. PUIa. 
Kramer A Morton, Shea's, Toronto, Out 
Kramer Bros., Orpbeum, Milwaukee. 
Kyle. Tom. A Co., Keith's, Providence. 
Ladeila Oomlquie (4), Emprees, Sacramento, Cal. 
Lawlor, Ohaa. B., A Daughters, Empress, Sao 

Fran., Oal. 
La Toy Bros., Columbia, St Louis; Orpheum, 

Memphis, Tenn., 9-14. 
Lai Men Kim, Prince, Keith's, Indianapolis: 

Shubert, UHcs. N. Y.. 0-14. 
La Booth, Louise, Armory, Clarlnda, la., 5-8. 
Latham, Ada, & Co.. Keith's, Lowell, Mass.; 

Bronx, N. Y. 0.. 9-14. 
La Toska, Phil, lyric, North Yakima. Wish. : 

Pantages', Spokane, Wash.. 9-14. 
La Hoe A nichusond. Lyric, Jamestown, N. Y.l 

Carlton, Dn Bols, Pa.. 9-14. 
Leakey's "Red HeiJa," Poll's, Springfield, Mais. 
La Vier, Poll's, Springfleld, Mass. 
Lane A O'Donnell, Temple, Detroit. 
La Bocca, Roxy, Shea's, BuCuIo. 
Lawton, Cclumbl*, Grand Rapids, Mich. 
"Lawn Party, The", Columbia, St Louis. 
Lang A May, Scolly Sq., Boston ; Orpheum, QIow> 

ter, Mass., 9-11. 
Lanlgan. Joe, Allegheny, Phils. 
Lawlor, Frnlc, A Co., Majestic, Milwaukee 1 . 
Lanplon, The, Garrlctr, \VllJ)!ngtoo, Del. 
La Croix, Paul, Oarrick, Wilmington, Del. 
Leonard A Louie, Empress, Ogden, U„ 5-7. 



LoewTime. Perm. Address 

MO Remington Ave., Jamaica, L. L 

Leslie, Bert. A Co., Empress, San Fran., Oal. 

Le Itoy A dhill, Roanoke, Roanoke, Va. 

Lee A Cranston, Bronx., N T. 0. 

Lelpslg, Temple, Detroit. 

Leon, Great, Dominion, Ottawa, Can. 

Lewis, Henry, Poll's, New Haven, Conn. 

Leon, Dasle, Orpbeum, Sioux City, la. 

Levy, Bert, Orpheum, Sioux City, la. 

Lester, Harry B., Orpheum, Sioux City, la. 

Lean, Cecil. A Co., Orpheum, Dnluth. 

Lewis A HcCarty, Orpbeum, St. Louis. 

Leonard A Russell, Orpheum, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Lehr, Anna, A Co., Orpheum, Oakland, Cat 

Leonard, Bessie, Sbubert, Bkln., 5-7. 

Leffel Trio, National. N. Y. O., 5-7. 

Leland, Orphenm, Milwaukee. 

Leonard, James, A Co., Sdollay Sq.. Boston. 

Ledeger, Charles, Scotlay Sq., Boston. 

Le Clair, John, Preiser », Newark, N. 3. 

Leonard A Whitney, Lyric. Buffalo. 

Llchter, Baron, Majestic, Ban Antonio, Tex. 

Llghtner A Jordan, Keith's, Boston. 

j.AiaoaicH mSSSSSSS ' 


MORRISON HOTEL, Chicago, P. 8. A. 

Llbor.ltl. Poll's, Springfleld, Unas. 

Lloyd, Hugh, Shnbert, Utlca, N. Y. 

Lloyd, Marie, Orpbeum, San Fran.. Oal. 

Loose A Sterling, Majestic, Houston, Tex. ; Ma- 
jestic, San Antonio, Tex., 9-14. 

Long, Chanron A Green, Acotenry, DanTllIe, Vav, 

Lcralne A Dudley, Orpheom, Bkln. 

Lockett A Waldron, Keith's, Providence. 

Lo, Maria, A Co., Keith's, Toledo. 

Loyal, Sylvia, A Co., Orpheom. Oakland, Oat 

"Love Specialist, The," Boulevard, N. Y. Q., 

Lncler, Lancton, A Co., Keith's, Washington. 

Luken's Lions, Orpbeum, MUwaukee. 

Lynch, Dick, Empress, Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

Lyons A Yoeco, Palace, Chicago. 

Lynch A Zeller, Orpheum, New Orleans. 

Marshall, Eddie, Empress, Butte, Mont 

Maye A Addis, Empress, Butte, Moot. 

Maxwell's Dancing Girls, Empress, Portland, Ore. 

Mack A Atkinson, Imperial, Vancouver, Cam 

Marguerite, Rose. Bth Ave., N. Y. O. 

Mann, Louis, A Co., 6th Aye., N. Y. 0. 

"Matinee Girls," Keith's, Columbus. 

Martha, Mile., A Co.. Shea's, Buffalo. 

Mason A Murray, Poll's. New Haven, Conn. 

Martin A Farblnl, Colonial, Erie. Pa. 

Mortiere. Laura, Franca Is, Ottawa, Can. 

Mason, Homer, A Co., Majestic. Chicago. 

Marie, Dainty, Orpbeum, St Louis. 

Maltland, Madge, Orpheom, Portland, Ore. 

Matilde A Elvira, Orpheum. Seattle, Wart. 

Maxim A Bobby, Orpbeam, Sacramento, Oat, 
6. 7. 

Martlnettl A Sylvester, Orpbeum. Oakland, Oal. 

Mack A Orth. Orphean. New Orleans. 

Mario too, Orpbeum, Kunsu Cty, Mo. 

1'ajo, Louise, Young's, Toronto, Can. 

Malvern Troupe, Grand. Phlla. 

Mann, Sam, A Co., Win. Peon, Pblla. 

Marco. Great, Bow.lom Sq.. Boston. 

Martins A Perkins. Howinl, Boston. 

Mascagnls, The, BIJou, Boston. 

Itahouey, Tom. Orpheum. Jersey City, S. J. 

Mario A Duly, Orpheum. Kansas Oity, Mo. a 
Folly, Oklahoma City, OWi.. 9-14. 

Mab, Queen, A Wei*. Oospcr. Music Hall. Lewis- 
ten. Me. ; Imperial, St JUin, Can., 9-14. 

McDonald. James. Empress, Denver. 

ITeRse A Clegg, Howard. Boston. 

ItcAvoT. Dan F., Hagen*ie:k A Wallace Circus. 

McOonnell A Simpson, rroctit's Newark, N. J. 

lTcGiveney, Owen, Maryland, Baltimore. 

McFarland. Marie A Mary, Keith's, Washington, 

McOay, Windsor, HammersteJu's, N. Y. C. 

McGinn. Franca*. A Co., Temple, Detroit 

McKay A Ardlne. Orr'ieum, Montreal, Can. 

McBant, The. Lyric. Richmond, Va. 

McDerltt Kelley A Locey, Orpheum, St Pant 

MeOonaaek A Irwin, Orphean, Denver. 

MeObTd A Shaw, Orpheum. Denver. 

Mcpherson, "Jock," Broadivay, Phlla. 



Van Cortlandt 

142 to 146 W. 49th St. near Broadway, 



100 Booms-Near Bath, 11.50 per Day and op 
Room and Batb, $3.00 per Day and op 

Parlor, Bedroom and Bath. 

and up 

Excellent Restaurant 

♦3.S0 per D«t 

Good Musle 

«j up. 

Special 75 cent Table d'Hote Dinner. 

Clab Breakfast 25 cents np. 

McNally A Stuart. Howard, Boston. 
Merlan's Dogs, Empress, Kansas City, Mo. 
"Meln Llebscben," Unique, Minneapolis. 
"Mermaid and the Man, The." Empress. St Pant 
Melnotte, La Nole Troupe, Pantagcs', Saa Fran,, 

Oat; Pantagcs', Oakland, Cat, 9-14. 
Meredith Slaters, Proctor's, Newark, N. J. 
Mercedes, Keith's, Phlla. 
Merrill A Otto, Keith's, Phlla. 
Melville A Higgles, Keith's. Cleveland. 
"Melvlna How OouM You," Lincoln 84., N. t. O., 

Meredith, Grand, Phlla. 

Mermaids, The, Orpbeum, Jersey City, N. J. 

MUloy, Richard, A Co., Empress, Los Angeles, 

Mlllman, Bird, Trio, Keith's, Phlla. 

Military Maids A Stewart, Boulevard. N. Y. 0., 

Miller A Williams. Orpheom, Altoona, Pa., 5-7. 
Moscrop Sisters. Empress, Ft. Wayne, lad. 

"More Sinned Against Than Usual, " Empress, Ft 

Wayne, Ind. 
Moffat, Clare, Trio, Empress, Spokane, Wash. 
Morrlssey A Hackett, Empress, Milwaukee. 
Morrell'a Harmony Girls, Unique, Minneapolis. 
Montagne'a Cockatoos, Boahwlck, Bkln. ; Albam- 

bra, N. Y. O.. 9-14. 
Morton, Olara. Maryland, Baltimore. 
Moore A Young, Keith's, Cincinnati. 
Morton, 8am A Kitty, Keith's, Cincinnati. 
Morton, James J., Hammerateln's, N. Y. C. 
"Motoring," Orpbeum, Montreal, Oan. 
Morris A Alien, Grand 0. H., Pittsburgh. 
Moralls Bros., Orpheum, Minneapolis. 
Montgomery, Marshall, Orpbeum, St. Loots. 
Mosher, Hayes A Mosher, Orpheom, Vancoover, 

Uontgomery A Healey Sisters, St. James, Boston, 

Moore A Elliott, Yonge's, Tcronto OUn. 
Morris A Beasley, Orpheum, N. Y. c, C-7. 
Monroe, Geo. W., Aodltorlnm, Chicago. 
Morse A Hill, Colonial, Phlla. 
Montambo A Wells, Wm. Penn., Phlla. 
Morse, Harry, A Ob., Scolly Sq., Boston. 
Morgan, Beatrice, A Co., Oti'hetsm, Jeney Oitj, 

N. J. 
Mnllane, Frank, Empress, Butte, Mont. 
Mnrray, BllisbetU, Hamraertiedn's, N. Y. O. 
Murray, John T., Temple, Hamilton, Can. 
Mnrpby, Mr. A Mrs. Mart, Temple, lluuilton, 

Muriel ft Frances, Orpheum, Des Moines. 
Muller A Stanley, Orpheuin, Lincoln Neb 
Murphy A Nichols, Orpheum. Los Angeles, Cat 
Moether, Dorothy, Wm. Penn, Pblla. 
Myrtle A Daisy, Proctor'* blh Ave., N. Y. 0. 
Nawn, Tom, A Co, Empress, Cincinnati. 




Nash, Julia, A Co., Orpbeum, Vancouver, Oan. 

Neff & Starr, Einoros, ijluclnnatl. 

Newmans (3), Lyric, Indianapolis. 

Nestor A Delberg, Empress, Sacramento. Oal. 

"Neptune's Garden," oroheum, Bt. Paul. 

Nethetsole, Olga, Orpheuin, Vancouver, Can. 

Nelson A Nelson, Orbheuin, Denver. 

Nelson, Juggling, Loew's. Patersou, N. J. 

Nelson A Mllledgj, Bijyn, Boston. 

Nick's Skating Girls, Keith's, Washington. 

Nichols, "Don," Bijou, Greunville, 8. C 

"Nlgbt In an English Music Hall, A," Keith's, 

Nichols, Nellie, Palace, Chicago. 
Niblo's, Birds, Lincoln Sq., N. Y. C, 5-7. 
Norton A Nicholson. Busbwlck, Bkln. 
Nonette, Orpbeum, Des Moines. 
Nosses, Musical, Delancey St., N. Y. O. 
Nordstrom, Francis, A Co., Lyric, Newark, N. J., 

Oakland, Will, ft Co., Grand, Syracuse, N. Y. 
O'Boyle ft Brazil, National. N. Y. 0.. 5-7. 
O'Donnell. O. H., ft Co., Keith's, Indianapolis. 
O'Dell, Maude, ft Co.. Maleettc, Chicago. 
O'FarreUa, The. Rlngllng Bros.' Olrcus. 
Oberlla, La Belle, Orpheum, St. Louis. 
Olivetti Troubidonra, Empnas, Spobiue, Wash. 
Old Solldler Fiddlers, Keith's, Toledo. 
Olympic Trio, Keith's. Lowell, Mass. 
O'Mesrss. Gliding. Temple. Rochester, N. Y. 
Onalp, Empress, Cincinnati. 
Onra, Belle, Shea's, Toronto. Oan. 
CNell, Nance, Orpbeum, Salt Lake City, C. 
Orford's Elephants. Keith's. Boston. 
Ott A Bryan, Arcade, Toledo; Colonial, Dayton, 

a, 9-14. 

Patrick, Francisco A Wancu, Empress, Tacoma, 

Parshleys, The, Bronx, N. Y. C 
Panll A Boyne. Hudson. Union mil. N. J, 
Parlllo A Tmbito. Oroheum. Vacouvcr. Can, 
Pantier Duo, Orpbeum, Salt Lake City, IT. 
Pasaerl's Band, Grand St, N. Y. C, 5-7. 
Pepper, H. L., Majestic. Tulsa, Okla. 
Pealaon A Goldle. Temple, Hamilton, Can. 
"Peep at the Future," Grand St.. N. Y. C, 5-T, 
Pearl Bros. A Burns, Folly, Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Phasma, Empress, Kansas City, Mo. 
Phillips ft White, Orpbenm, Sacramento, Cat, B-7. 
Plcchlsnl Troupe, Empress, Milwaukee. 
Plsano ft Bingham, Loew's, Psterson, N, J. 
Plsaao, Ge neral, Yongea, Toronto, Can. . 

wSS S5 evans fmSSSSff m 


to "Speaking of Father," by CEO. APE 

Power Bros., Orpheum, St. Panl. 
"Porch Party, Tbe," Poll's, Hartford, Conn, 
Power Bros., Orp1i-*om. St. Paul. 
Primrose Four, Majestic, Houston, Tex.; Ma- 
jestic, Ban Antonio, Tex., 9-14. 
Prnltt, BUI, Empire, Edmonton, Can., 0, 7. 
Prince ft Doery, Lyric, Buffalo. 


Directions Jacfc Cartls 

"Punch, The." EvBpress. St Panl. 

"Purple Lady. Th-V Orpheum. Altoona, Pa. 

Pomell, KatberiD?, A Co, Dominion, Ottowa, 

Qudnlan A Richards. Fulton, Bkln.. 5-7. 
Queer ft Quaint, Uhamliro, Beaver Falls, Pa. J 

Empire. East Liberty. Pa., 9-11. 
Qnlgley Bros.. Scolly Sq,, Boston. 


la Ute Screamingly Pnnnw Faroe 

'alu on Accopwr eg a WW* 

Baymond A Oarerly, KettU's, Toledo; Ketta's. 
Indlsnapolla 9-14. 

This name U familiar to thousands of professional men and women. Btamped on a Trunk or Bag It 
dm toe fall ilgnlncanoe of tbe English ball mark oa Jewelry— QUALITY and MBBJT. 

Bee that your next trunk bears tbe quality sign "Bal ". 

W TT.T.TA M BAL, Inc. 1 hack Tuonk co.. 

. ^TT-tr^TT 10 * •• M » l - aM^Me-spalls.'TeM. 

146 W. 46th St, VICTOR +HUBR CO M 

Atrtr York OUr »* >Uto "»«i •»" Fram Uco 


m New Jersey Central 


From Liberty St., 7 A. M. ta 10 P. M. 

and at Midnight with Sleepers 


From W. »3d St. 


Consult P. W. HEROY, E. P. A«t. 


Randalls, Toe. Orpheom. Winnipeg, Oan. 
Raymond A Bain. Keith's, Beaton; SbnbKt, 

Utlca, N. Y., 9-14. 
Rafayette's Dogs, Colonial, N. Y. O. 
Ray A Hlllanl, Orpbenn, Jacksonville, Fls. 
Raynore, Valmont, Orpheum Salt Lake Olty, U. 
Randall, Geo., ft Co., Family, Kochejter, N. Y. 
Rathskeller Trio, Empress, Cincinnati. 
Rerder, Orvlllo, Bmpress, Denver, 
Remington, Joseph, A Co., Logan 8a., Chicago, 

Renarde, Keith's, Bostm. 
Reed Bros., Orpheum, Boston. 
Belsner A Gores. Wm. Penn Phils. 
Res us (4), Orpheuin, Des Moines. 
Relir.w. Majestic Milwaukee 
Renter Bros., Orohen-n, Memphis, Tram. 
Remple, Bessie A llar.-ie*. Oarrick, VTilolng- 

ton, Del.; Keith's, Boston, 8-14. 
Reno, Geo. B., A Co., Grand Phlla. 
Koiarda (3), Keith's. Boston 
Rhelnold, Bernard, ft Co., Temple, Rochester, 

N. X. 
Rich A Lenore, Bmpress, San rran., Cal 
Rio Bros. (4), Touring England. 


F. MILLER, 821 Longacre Bids;., N. Y. 0. 

When I Lost You, Mellndn's Wedding Day, 
Made Me Lore You, Apple Illossom Time In 
Normandy, Trail of tbe Lonesome I'lno, I 1 
Want a Girl— for 11. l'nrodle* written ' 
to order In 24 hours. 





si •Ob. t . Ausnoir siown, 

Collins, A Holmri' Minstrels. 

They opened In Philadelphia on Nov. 20, 

1871, at Friendship tlall. after which they 

season In Chicago on Aug. 25, 1878. with 
Bam Myers as manasrer. Kerable, Cotton, 
Arlington. Hilly Itlce. li. M. Kane, Surrlilge, 
John QsV, II. T. lVlssaa, Msisiia. WHwa, 
Hobby Newcomb, C. 8. |frc<Ierlcks, John 
Davis. Rroest IJndcn and Master O. Daven- 
irort In tbe organisation. iHeaaon closed Mny 

10. 1874, and they travolwl. 

John Lang, tenor, dletl In consumption In 
Chicago, on Doe. 5. 1874. at tho uospllnl, 
corner Fourteenth Street and Indiana Ave- 

The Globe Minstrels 

Opened at tho Olobo Thentro, Rroailwny, 
New York, Nov. 27, 1871. O. W. 11. Orlflin, 
James 11. Budworth, bones', Wm. lludwortli, 
tambo; D. 8. Vornoo, Arthur MuKouu, Stiles, 
I'helps and others. 

Purdy, Scott and Fostelle formed a bnnd, 
consisting of 8. S. purdy. M. Alnslcy Hrott, 
Kostclle, Frnnk Jouos. A. Stanwood, T. llakvr, 
L. Zimmerman, S. Schubert. V. Iioain, H. 
Jackson, It. Williams and W. flldill. They 
started from San Frnnclsco In February, 
1872, for a Winter cnmnulgn. 

Harry Robinson's Minstrels, 
"The Man with tbe Silver Horns," were 
organized In August, 187:1, and consisted of 
nilly McAllister, Dick Gorman, Frank t'nrl- 
ton. Milt 'Harlow, John ilenshaw, I). Clark, 
H. Clark, Seymour, David Hchlff. W. Slierl- 
dan. John Crawford, J. 0. Wallace, 11. F. 
Llnder, Jus. Dalton, Alonzo Do Forrest, John 
H. Policy, 0. W. Morgau, Charles Dcnrliorn, 
and John Itlcaby, mlvnucc ngent. They re- 
hearsed and atartcd from Troy, N. Y. J. II. 
Policy and Hnrry KohlLson wore proprietors. 
In eight weeks Policy sold out bin Interest to 
Robinson and withdrew from tbe company. 
In February, lh'il, six end men and a liny 
doorkeeper wero announced. Closed tbs ten- 
son May 31, 1873, at Niagara Falls. Com- 
menced the next season with the following 
people : Bernardo, Qutlter, Ooldrleh. John 
McVeigh, Jas. A. Oullck. Oscar Hlakoicy, W. 

11. Workman, Henry Dray, Cbnrlos Webster, 
George Morgan, D. Clark, Henry Grant. C. 
A. Simpson, Thos. Latimer, R. Templeton, 
A. Withers and T. Watta. On Sept. '.'7, 
1878, Hilly Gray Joined the party. Itcor- 

fanlted and started from Syracuse, N. Y., 
an. 10, 1874. Closed the season at Olnnme- 
burg. Pa„ Feb. 18, 1874, the business having 
been bad. Ilc-organlied and started Aug. 24, 

1 In April, 

■sm s s s ssnsj 1 jas. ■ Myer's New Opera House an Monroe Street, 

DlAnOrn InA llfrAOff between State and Dearborn Streets Obi- 

nlCllarO I IB |9T cigo. on .Sept. 113, 1872. Arlington Cotton, 

■ ■■WIIsJlI M U IIW SJdl WMl Kcm J,i c Burrldge, K. M. Kane, J, A. Lanf, 

Personal Representative, COM. K. Hodklns c A. Ilunneman and C. Fostello were In the 
Orplkssim Theatre Bldat. Chicago, ill. 

Rlchsrds A Kyle, Temple. Rochester, N. T. 
Richards. Chris. Dominion, Ottawa. Can. 
Rice, Andy, Columbia, Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Rlgoletto Bros., Majestic, Chicago. 
Rives, Helen, Orpheum, Seattle, Wash. 
Rose, Julian, Empress, Chicago. 
Robinson's Klephaota, Lyric, Indianapolis. 
Resjow Midgets, Bmpress. Tacooa. Wash. 
Rose, Harry, Empress, Winnipeg, Can. 
Romanoff Trio. Keith's, Jersey City. N. J., 6-7. 
Boss, Olark, Empress, Winnipeg, Can. ; Baocock, 

Billings, Mont., 11, 12. 
Rosalies, Tbe, Colonial, Erie, Pa. 
Royce, Ray L., Keith's, Boston. 
Boehm'a Athletic Girls, Keith's, Indianapolis. 
Rogers, Will, Grand, Syracuse, N. Y. 
Rolanaow Bros. Temple, Rochester, N. Y. 
Roach A McOurdy, Orpheuin, Harrlalmrg. Pa. 
Roye, Roth, Orpbenm, Winnipeg, Can. 
Roberts, Theo., ft Co., Orpheom, Minneapolis. 
Roshanara, Orpheum, Mlnueapolls. 
Rogers, Blllle. Orpheum, Sacramento. Cal., 0, 7. 
Roberts, llans, Orpheum, Oakland, Cal. 
Roberta ft Vevera, Orpheom, Kansas Olty, Mo. 
Roliln, Columbia, Bkln., S-7. 
"ilougb House Kids," Orpbeum, Boston, B-T. 
Rover, A)., St. James, Boston, 0-7. 
Rose ft Moon, BIJou, Bkln., 6-7. 
Holland. Geo., A Co., Majestic, Milwaukee. 
Royal, Rhoda A Horses, Pantagcs', Saa FTan., 

Russell, BIJou Princess, St. Lonls. 
Rugglcs, Helen. Orphean. Seattle. Wash. 
Ronton, Prince, ft Co.. Howard, Boston. 
Ryan Bros, Uoiiiuc, MUineaiolls. 
Ryan A Lee, Dominion, nttnwa. Can. 
"Salvation Sue.," Klmoress, Milwaukee. 
Santcll, Groat, Touring England. 
Savoys, Tlie, Majestic, Kalamazoo, Mich., S-7 ; 

JetTerss Saginaw, «J:b.. 8-10. 
Sawyer ft Jatrott, OoloalaJ. N. T. 0. 
Sansono A Dellla, tfelonlnl, Norfolk. Va. 
Bamarob? ft SooU, Oarrlca, Wlhnlngtou, Del. 
Sele, Chick, Ornhenn, Oahland, Cal. 
SamaTlns (0), Orpheum, (>miha, 
Samuels. Maurice, A Oo.. Shuuert. Bkln.. B-7. 
Bchoeler ft Dickinson, Keith's, Providence. 
Schank, Lewis, iliiunerstein's. N. Y. C. 
Scheff, Frltale, Orphentn, Portland, Ore. 
Eeott A Keane, Orpheum, Memphis. Tenn. 
Bchulier Bro., Liberty. Bkln., B-7. 
Sebastian A Merrill, Palace, Chicago. 
"Becrgent Babhy," Orp'ieom. New Orleans, 
Bbaw, Lillian, Orphenm, Omaha, 
Sharp ft Torek, Orpheum, Denver. 
Shaw, Aerial, Dominion, Otlawa, Can. 
Blsto, Wm, Hudson, Union Hill. N. J. 


IN BIS FUtSr SPEECH. 14M Boyd Ave., Wood* 
haven, M. Y. Phone 654 W. Richmond 11111. 

Bkatells, The, Empress, Chlcsgo. 

Skipper, Kennedy A Reeves, Hipp., Peoria, HI,, 

B-7; Hipp., Bt. Lonls, S-14. 
Siemens, Fredrlcka, ft Co., Grand. Syracuse. N. T. 
Smith, Ed. A Jack, Empress. Seattle, Wash.' 
Smiths, Aerial, Touring Europe. 
Small, Johnny, ft Slaters, Orpheum, Dnlntb. 
Bmedley, Oeorge, Nbon, Phlla. 
Snow, Ray, Xouges, Toronto, Can, 
Bonsas, Tbe, Tampa, Fls. 
Society Girls (8), Majestic, Waterloo, la., 5-7; 

Majestic, Oedar Rapids, la., 8-11. 
Splssel Bros. A Hack. Emnresa, Portland, Ore. 
Bprarue A McNeece, Temple, Detroit. 
Splro A Lovlns, Orpheua, Birmingham, Ala. I 

Bijou, Savannah, da., 0-11. 
St. Onge, Fred, Troupe, Kmpress, Seattle, Wash. 
"Stick-Up Han, Tbe," Bmpress, Vlctorls, Oan. 
Btalne's Circus, Imperial, Vancouver, Can. 
Starrett, Howard S., Jr., Zlegfeld's Follies 1018 

Stevens A Dunn, Amuzu, Wilson, N. C. 
Stanley, Stan, Trio, Keith's, Cincinnati. 
Stinley, Alleen, Bronx. N. Y. 0. 
Stephens, Leona, Orpheum, Harrlsborg, PS. 
Stelner A Swayne, BIJou, Bsy City, Mich., I-T| 

Great Northern, Chicago, 9-14. 
Stevens, Clara, A Co., Pontages', Vancouver, 

Can.; Pantagcs', Tacoma, Wash., 0-14. 
Stelllng A Revelle, Majestic. Milwaukee. 
Btetnbler, Sallle, A Bros., Lyric, Hoboken, N. 3., 

Btantons, Hie, Orpheum. N. Y C, S-7. 
Btein, Okas.. A Co., Folly, Oklahoma Olty, Olds. 
Btewart ft Hal, Hartford, Hartford, Conn. 
BalUvan, James P., ft Co., Kmpress, Spokane, 

Sntton ft Caprice. Liberty Girls Oo. 
Button, Larry, Lyndon's Big Show. 
Sullivan. Arthur, ft Oo., Keith's, Cincinnati. 
Suratt, Valeska, A Co., 8les's, Toronto, Can. 
Sutton, Mclntjra A Sutton, Temple, Hamilton, 

Bnllys (S), Orpheum, Lincoln, Neb 
Bweet, Cbss., Colonial. Norfolk. Va. 
Sylvester, Empress, Los Anteles, Oal, 
Sylnhldcs, Tbe Uammersteln r s, N. Y. 0. 
Sydell, Harry. Howard, Boston. 
Tasean A Olaitoo, Majestic. Snrlnglleld, III., •*. 
T ambo ft Tambo, Tbvguig Mnglsnd. 

Norman w.jAHOB AND HOWARD »•» 

Presenting a Vaudeville Absurdity with " 
Huramersteln'a This Week. 
Direction BERT B. PERKINS. 

Tannen, Julius. Ilajestlr, Milwaukee. 
Tabors, The. Orpheuin, l'ortlnxl, Ore. 
Taylor, Krs, A 0.. Orpheum, San Fran., Oal. 
Taylor A Arnold. Bijou, Phlla. 
Tempest. Florence, A Co., Rnsbwlck. Bkln. 
•Tekphooe Tangle. A." nnihwlck. Bkls. 
Terrys. The Uammeretrla's, N. T. CI 
"Temptation." Poll's. Hartford, Com. 
Teeny. Then. Folly, Oklahoma Olty, Okla, 
Thomas A Hall, Orpheom, Winnipeg, Can. 

Henry. IVIos Clark, John Stout, Hank Wal- 
ters, J. \V. Sells, T. Seymour and Jno. (Melt. 
W. 8. Uolknap) severed his connection with 
the company. early In 1877. (Icorgc Knbln- 
son changed his namo to Mustache In Feb- 
ruary, 1878. 

Harry Robinson opened with his connpnny 
In Chicago, July 20, 1878, and wna Joined by 
Arlington, Cotton and Koroblc. Robinson 
left Ms company In Omaiia, In October, 1878. 
Several members of tho company nlso with- 
drew to Join other bands. The company as 
then organised consisted of: Wclby, Prnrl, 
Irving it. Hush, Harry Shirley, Oeo. Frank- 
lin. W. S. Belknap. 3. 0. Ruben, <lco. Hastings. 
Ohaa Klgga. John Oberlst, Horace lMshby, 
Qeo. Bala and 0. F. Seymour. 

The Alhasnhro Minstrels 
Was a new party made up by Thomas 
Mngulre, to open at tho Alhambra Theatre, 
Ban Francisco, w'jen Simmons and Slocum 
had closed tbelr enugement there, lUekey, 
Add Ryman. Cool Burgess, Sweatman, Dob 
Hart, M. Atnsley .Scott. Cbas. Sutton, 3. G. 
Russell, Delchanty and Hengler, were In the 
party, who opened Auk. 5, 1872. Ehnerson 
having sold out his Interest In tho place to 
Magufro the band was called Majrulre's Cali- 
fornia Minstrels until December, 1872. wher* 
tho old name of Hhnerson's Minstrels was 
used. Hilly Hmcrson having returned nnd 
, opened Nor. 25. On Dec. ISM Worrell His- 

party. The season closed May .1, 1873, and tors and Ullle Hall appeared In burlesque. 

they went traveling. Commenced their nest „ nQ Jenny Worrell In song nnd dance. The 

' season closed Jan. Hi, 187a. and the party 

IOII, II r I1TUU9IH1I UtM »».v. „•*«.« b~ v# 

went on a tour with the following company : 
8. 8. Sanford, Add Collins, A. Unlaws, Paul 
Ocrger, 1x1. Achuff, Frank Solomon and 
Jimmy Daly. Collins and Sanford wero the 
end men. „ .. _ 

Add Collins, right name A. K. Harding, 
entered the profession In 1802. being seven- 
teen years old. Ho was born In Fostcrvillc, 
Lucks Ox. l'n. 

Arlington's Minstrels 
Was a new organisation that opened the 
Wert 81do Opera House, Chicago, III. (former- 
ly known as Rice A Jackson's Ilall). Nov. 27, 
1871, under tho management of Sam Myers. 
In the company were : Hilly Arlington, Hilly 
Reeves, Sam Price, Clark Olblbs, Johnny 
Booker, O. W. Mills, Morton, Manning, Wm. 
Scott, A. W. Hamilton. John Stout, Walter 
Phillips, Horace Bontwcll and John Duel. 
This party was shortly after known as 
Arlington, Cotton It Kemble's. 
Harrlgan and Hart appeared with this party 
1872. This party inaugurated 

1874, with James Iloche. 
Kline Bros., C. M. Basset 

Harry Armstrong, 
Frank S. Morton, 

went traveling. Ito-apponrmi at the Alham- 
bra, Feb. 3, 1873. Add Ityman cloned March 
19. Chai. Vivian opened April 7, followed 
by Kelly and Leon and Master Harney, who 
appeared May B. ICniorsmi disposed of bis 
Interest In the theatre In Mar, when Magniro 
became solo proprietor, and the band was 

Maanlre's California Minstrels. 
In Juno, 1873, a company was mndo up from 
this party, and sent Into tbn Interior for 9 
tour. In tin- party wore: Sam Rickey, Hob 
Hart, Llttlo Mack. Master Harney, Justin ltob> 
lnson and J. U. Hussoll. Frank Moran and 
Hilly Manning opened Juno 30, with the 
company, In 'Prlsco, nnd the party that had 
been out traveling, returned nnd opened 
the same vlnte. Hilly Hwca'Jimu opened July 
28, 1873. Owing lo bad business tha sensors 
closed Sept. 7, and tho party started 011 01 
tour, opening In Hnjcrauiciito, Sept. 8, with 
Kolly, Leon, Munnlng. Sweittnam, Llttlo Mao. 
Welch and Itlco la the party. He-appeared 
at tlie .VHinmhru OcL 20. with Sweatnnru, 
Llttlo Mac, Manning:, Hubert Fraicr, John 
Robinson, Chns. Recti, Welch, like, J. O. 
Hurhc'II, W. F. llaker It. Montague. D. I. 
Sherwood, Ksthur Williams, ami orchestra. 
On Felt. 2,'l, 1874 they opened Magutro's 
Opera House s.111 Fnuu-fsco. In April, Man- 
ning seceded from tho comt>any, who weut 
traveling. TJioy ro-appenred in 'Frisco. May 
11, at the Opera House. Hobby Ncwfomb 
opened Mar 18. (.'an Mold and Hooker opened 
Jan. 18. 1875. Closed their season In 'Frisco 
April 17. 

Opened at Hooloy's Opora House. Chicago, 
May 8. Arlington, Cotton, Hilly Ilicc, lfin- 
erson, Little Mac, John Oberlst, KcmMe, J. 
O. Russell, Norcross (Norrla), Con Mhirphy, 
nnd others. This party openod In New Y>>rlr, 
at the Park Theatre. May III, 1875. On 
Sept. 25 they appeared in Chicago. Tills, 
Maekln, Wilson nnd Jas. Morrison, left 0D 
that date, and Cbns, Sutton, Mnrrehetts, Jod- 
tilngs, Ctias. Henry, C. B. Fredericks and 
John Oberlst, opined. Hen Cotton opened 
Nor. 22. The company then split up and 
a portion went to Detroit, openintj on Sept. 
80. Tills company, then under tho manage- 
ment of J. HI. Iluvorly, closed In Chicago), 
Jan. 1, 1870, and went traveling. Ilo-ap- 
penred In Chicago, at Hooley's Opera House, 
June 24. I'at llooney, Bcltoolcraft, Uco. Com 
and C'lias. Howard, joined on tho opening 

C Simpson, Frank Welch, Charles Olsllng. night. On Aug. 21, 1870. this party opened 

Justin Robinson, Deles Clark, Thomas and nt Hnverly's (previously known as Hooley's) 

Hceney. Closed the season at Sydney, 0., Opera House. Emerson, Schoolcraft, Coes, ' 

June in, 187S. Started out on another tour Ren Cotton, RADford, Wilson. Bcnalon, Cron- 

In September, 187B, with Oreen, Sadler, In, J. O. Russell, Krnest linden, W. H. Tlllfl, 

Oscar WHIN. Charles Armstrong Hilly Mr- ('. B. iFredericks, It, Tyrrell, Oberlst and Jas. 

Alllstcr, Mike Foley, Uco. Robinson, HI Morrison In the party. (TO iih continued.) 


Wgmmttm Tosur. 

'Top 0' TI10 World Dancers," Kmpress, Spo- 
kane, Wash. 

Torcnt's Itnoste.'s, Orystal, Milwaukee; lilies', 
Mlwsriolis. 0-14. 

Tom Boys (2), Keith's, Waslilogtoit. 

"To Ssve Ono Olrl," Ornheum, Seattle. Wash. 

"Tourists, Tho." Orpiieuin, Altoona, Pa., n-7. 

Toye, Dorothy. Auilltorluin, Chicago. 

Trueheart A Burke, roily. Detroit. 

Trsna-Atlantla Trio. Keith's. Columbus. 

Treat's Sesls, Frankfort), Phlla. 

Tuscauo Bros., Temple. Ilanilltos, Can. 

Ty|>es (3). Shea's, BufTalo. 

Upton ft Ingrnbam, WeUter, Fisher A Levey Cir- 

{Titer Trio, Bmpress, Winnipeg, Can. 

Vallcclta's Leopards, Blckartla' Circuit, Anstralta. 

Varadamau, Sidney, Australia. 

Van Brunt, Walter, Orpheuin, Bkln. 

Van, Cbas. ft Fannie, Proctor's, Newark, N. J. 

Van A Pierce. Maryland. Baltimore. 

Vaniilcotr A Louie, Xelth's. Phils. 

Van ft Brfaenck, Bushwlck. Bkln. 

Van Bros., Grand, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Vut Hmen, Orpheum, Dulutli. 

Van. Billy B.. ft Co.. Orjiheum. Rsnsas Oity, Mo. 

Van Hamplon ft Joslyn, Broadwsy, Pblla. 

Van Oofro A Cotrely, llrand, Lake Olty, If. 

Vernal lie Trio, Orpheiiro. Allooon, Pi., &-J. 

Vinton. VA., ft "Baiter," Maryland, Baltimotei 
Orpbeum. Bkln.. 9-14. 

Vivian A Alton, Itlckanls' Olrcnlt, Australia, 

Vlollnjky. Proclor's, Newark, N. J. 

Volsnt, Hammerateln's, N. Y. 0. 

Von Tiller, AI., Orpbeum. Bait Lake Olty, U. 

Vort. Eil., Oonn's, COneoril. N. II. 

Wslsh, Lynch A Co.. Rupron, Ogden, U., B-T. 

Wsrren A Blancharif, Empress, Portland, Ots. 

Ward, Marly. Tail Olrls Oo. 

Walte. Kenneth It.. Ous Sun Circuit. 

Washer Bros., Toortrg Bngland. 

Winl ft Currsn, Proctor's, Newark, H. J, 

Wanda. Keith's, Louisville. 

Watson ft Santos, Kellh's. Columhni. 

Ward Sisters. Great Northern, Pa., B-7; Mary 
land. Baltimore, HI. 

Wsrd ft Webber. Orpbenm, Winnipeg, Oan, 

Wtrem. Percy, ft Co.. Orpheum, Bt. Louts 

Waaaofleld, Wllla BoK, Orpheom, Los / ' teles, 

Wade.' John P.. ft Co., loess's, Newtmrgh, 1 T„ 

Ward ft West, RUoe. Bkln., B-7. 
Walker A III, Allegheny, Phlla. 
Warren ft Andrsilnl, Nixon, Phlla. 
Wsrren A Fanst, Oordon's Olyropls, Beaton. 
West. John A.. A Co., Majestic, Cesar Bastes 

Is., S-7; MsJVntle, Dubuque. la., 9-11. 
Welse Troope Maryland. Baltimore. 
West, Mae, Keith's, ladlsaapolls. 
West, Wm., A Co., Shea's, nofTalo. 
Weston A Claire, orpheum, Memphis. Tenn, 
Weber ft Fields, Andilorlora, Ohlcsaxi. 
Wells; Betty. Empress. Clnclnnstl. 
Weston. Wm.. A Co.. Shea's. Haifa In. 
Welsh isieTlcas Tito, Btarland, Mlchlgaa Olty. 

Mich, 0-11; Schlndler'i. Chicago, 111., 12-15. 
Whyto. reiser ft Whyte, Kmp«ss, Denver. 
Wliltelirs'l, Joe, Kmpreas, Los Angeles, Oil. 
Whlttter'a "BMefaot Boy," Empress, Milwaukee, 
White, Peeler, ft Co., Princess, Bt. Fouls. 
White City Comedy Four, Now York, N. Y. O., 

"When Woman Proposes," Keith's, Providence. 
Wheeler A Wilson, Keith's Milln. 
WIHts lliiiwars (0), HaovneriUln's. ». Y. C. 
White, Clayton. A do,, Orpheum, Omaha. 
White's Animals, Orpiietni, N. Y. 0., B-7. 
White's Dsnclng lMles, liljou, Phils. 
Wllllsmo ft Begs I, Untitle, Minneapolis. 
Wilbur, Oladys, Kmpress, Portland, Ore. I', 

Wlllliiim A Wanwr, Koipress Halt Lake City, I,'. , 
Wllcoi Bert, A Co., Harris', Detroit. 
WIIkvi A Aubrey, Keith's, Portland, Me. I 

Wilson Bros., Able, ICaatn, Pa.. .1-7; Keith's, 

Phlla., 0-M. 


ra^tS-swaae*-** Mile CARRIE 

i, Has., Lyric Blehraoad, Va IVIIIWSI %sF r% I » I ■ I H 


Tins, suae., Ljnt, issssssssssa. v«. 
Tliaberg, Herman. Orsfcesm. Vsneonrer, Osss/ 
Ttxsjsey ft .Norman, Keats', LowsU, Mass. 

IsfTto> Msjsrswfe, lf.sT, Ktwos. Ul 


"World's AUaost Oroatest Wrestlers." Plavinj 
Dnlted Time. DlreoUon MAX B. BATIS. . 

M'il««n, Doris, Trio, Keith's, Phlla. ' 

Wilder, Marshall P., Kel'b's, Wsshlnglnn. 
Wilson Jack, A Oo , Keith's. Indianapolis. 
Wlllard A Bond, Poll's, nartfonl, Conn. 
Wtrth. liar, ft Co,, Grand O. II., Pltlslmriili. 
Williams, liert, Grand 0. IT. I'lttsliurgh. 
Williams ft Wolfns, Temple, Hamilton, Osn. 
Williams, Thompson ft Oopslsnd, Fsnytbe. At. 

lima, fla. ; Orphean, Jacksonville, Fls., 0-11. 
Winter, Wlnons, Shea's, Buffalo. 
Wllsoi, Kiwi, Palace, Ohlesro. 
Wilson ft Pearson, Ornboun, Denver. 
Wllllauw. lottle, ft CO., National, ,V. T. 0.. B-W 

HIGH Lin u i n 


LoewTlme, Then g. ft 0. Address WjWMfc 

"Wlnntnsj Widows, ' OonVm's Olympla. Boston. 

Wood, 11,-ilt. ntwliwl.!k, Bkln. 

Wood A W'yde. Mal»tt], Chicago. 

Wrl«ht, Cecilia. Grand, Ryrivuse, it. Y. j Keith's, r 

Tolerto. 9-14. 
Wright ft Dietrich, On'heum. Des Moines. 
Wright A Clayton, Howard, Boston. 
Wysn, Kd„ ft Co., Bushwlck, Bkln. 
Wysn, Bessie, Orphean, Minneapolis. 
Yankee ft Dixie, Grand, Syracuse, S. Y. 
Yates, Frsnces, Orpheum. Boston, 8-7. 
Yeomnns, Geo., Doolevtrd, N. Y. O., B-7. 
Yescatys (8), Empress, Denver. 
Young, Otlle ft April, Mslestle, Cedar BajsHs, 

Is : Avenue, Chlcsgo, 9-14. 
Zssell, 11 M., Co., Orpheom, Edmonton, Can., 

7-9. ' 1 

Eerildas, The, Kmpress, sVM 
Zlsuwr, John, Frankford. Phils, 1 

Zsbeale, Fred, Hartford, Hartford, Conn. j 

maubioe HiummiM' 

Iff I 


uirteuon iubuy pinoub. ( 



England's Peerless Lady High 

and Fancy Dr 


Miss KCCLESTON Is the moit perfectly formed laAy before the public today. Special added attraction at trie Sportsmen's Show at Modlion Square Garden, week of Feb. 41 to 37. 


Under the personal direction and management of HE. HARRY BIX, Boom 503, QtMety Theatre Bldg., 46th Street and Broadway, Jew Terk City. 


la (be standard of excellence In Bilverwsre. 
Madison's Bodget 1h the standard of 
excellence In comedy material. Get tbe 
latest Issue. 

BUDGET No. 15 

.Contents Include 19 dandy mono- 
logue*, 8 acta for two male* and 7 
act* for male and female, (the real 
goods) 10 brand-new parodies, 3 
frreat minstrel Urat parts, a side" 
■pllttlng tabloid farce, besides 
hundreds of original gags, side- 
walk bits, etc. Price 


per cop;. Back Issues ont of print, ex- 
cept No. 14; price, $1.00, or Badgeta U and 
16 together, *1.M. 




i 6 to 10 weeks time, starting May 17, avail- 
able in modern tbcatre In Mid- West Cliy of 

] 200,000, for organized Dramatic Stock or 
Comlo Opera. Four Mats, weekly. Will go 
aee attraction. Woman Star preferred. Best 
located house In city; now enjoying 1m- 
mcnio patronage at pop. prices; Sunday 
town; practically no Summer parks; house 
has never closed in last seven years; have 
played everything from 6o pictures to David 
Wartlcld— and all successfully. Aggressive 
management. City fresh for drama or opera, 
if you have city goods, plays, productions, 
people. Small town boys, keep off. Address 
R. to. O., euro Goneraf Elcctrio Co., Dwlght 
Bldg.. Kansas City, Mo. 

LEST voo forget nn flCECC 



Contracts, Tiokets, Envelopes, Free Samples, etc 
STAGE MONEY, 16o. Book Of Herald Cuts, 35c 


First time live years, owing to misrepresentation 
«( manager 

Margaret J. Stockford 


6 ft, 7 In.; 140 lbs.; ago, SO. A-l wardrobe, abil- 
ity, 8 years experience. Stock or first-class rep. 
preferred. Good references. Address 

HOTEL KLHO, Harbor Springs, Mich. 

Wantod forHimmolein'8 Associate Tlayors 



Ingenue Woman. Other useful peoplo write. Nat. 
Bums, Job. Deiupscy, If at liberty, wire Russell 
Test, Gene Lewis, Hairy I.aCour, write. 

IRA K. KAALK, Manager 
HaTerstravr, N. V., Slarch a and Week 
Osslnnlng, ft. Y.. March "and Week. 



812,000.00 HIPPODROME 

tor $2,600.00, at WUdwood, N. J„ guaranteeing 
tl .000.00 or more on investment each year. W.J. 
STEWART, 2700 German town Ave., Tula., Pa. 


for large theatre. Bin city, near Now York, 
devoted to motion clotures. Must bo experienced 
and a hustler with a clear record. Address with 
foil particulars. CHARLES ARON8TBIN, 
Boom 417, l4o:i Broadway, New York . 

At Liberty, JACK FAY 

Characters and Straights, Bass or Baritone Har- 
monlcer. Wardrobe, Al. Height, Oft.; weight 
165; age, 28. Also 

Height, 6 ft. S tn. weight, 120: age, 20. 
Address GEN. DEL., 1'lTTSBUllGH, PA 


Qeaeiy Kaltratwd, alio rbjraa word tic- 
mtiixr. «Wt« bouad, 11. 8. CUMM1N8. SB0 
'Wtllaorhbj are., Brooklyn, N. X. 



Large Danco Hall and Refreshment Stands. Maple 
Shade. Throe minutes walk from main streot. Ad- 
dress PARK MANAGER, East Stroudsburg, Pa. 


Manuscripts and Parts. Send for CataloRiie 

a 10 Lyric Theatre Bldg. Cincinnati, O 


AND DANCERS, Sensational Jugglers, eto. Long 
experience. Add. ALBANY, KY. Pen. Del. 


for week. Sober aud reliable. FONDA COMEDY 
00., Bass River, N. 8., Canada. 



LoTwIT, Mdsl.— KcUVa (HenJ. Pickett, 
mgr.) bill (or 2 and week : Mr. and Mrs. 
Frederic Voelker and company, Berry 'and 
Nelson. Toomey and Norman, Arlon Four, 
Olympic Trio, Ada Latham and company, 
Jed and tttnel Dooley, and Patbe's Weekly. 

Mkiik. Sqiaiib (F. J. Carroll, mgr.) — BUI 
2-4 : Counsel Pedro. Joe Rollins, the Km- 
sadcrg, "Roundy" Roane. For S-7: Bold 
and Lorane, Nina Espey, Nela Daggett, 
Counsel Pedro, and pictures. 

Academy (Will White, mgr.) — Universal 
pictures and songs. 

Opera Hokhk (Will Howe, mgr.) — Famous 
Players and Warner's Features, pictures, and 
Bernard Horan, in songs. 

Owl (S. Aroncli, mgr.) — Mutual pictures, 
and Milss Murlngbam, in songs. 

Colonial (S. Knopf, mgr.)— Association 
pictures, and Margaret McDonough, In songs. 

Voyonb (T. V. Hennessey, mgr.) — Qen. 
Film Inclusive Service, and Lillian -Shuuuy 
and Bob Fournler, In songs. 

Royal (-George Hurson, mgr.) — Associa- 
tion pictures and illustrated songs. 

Jewel (Ilaysoot & Topljan, nigra.) — iMu- 
tual pictures and songs. 

Premier.— (Mutual and Universal pictures. 

Pastime (Cecil Dodge, mgr.) — Closed 25, 

Pall River, Man. — Savoy (J. Fred 

Muller, mgr.) the Malley-Denlson Stock Co. 
presents "Pretty Peggy" week of March. 2. 

Bwou (Chas. B. Cook, mgr.) — The Bay- 
lles-IUeks Co. iprescnts "The Man-o'-Wars- 
mnn" week of 2. 

Academy (L. if, Boos, mgT.) — Bill March 
2-4 : Boland West's Players and "Oh, Eflle," 
Burton, Hnhn and Cantwell, Kent and De 
Mont, and Eva Prout. 

Premier (Ohas. L. Benson, mgr.)— Bill 
2-4 : Four •HaganB, Walter Weens, McGavey, 
and Reded and Hilton. 

Palace, Lyric, Stab, Globe, Scenic and 
Nickelodeon, motion pictures only. 

Buffalo, N. Y,— Star (Dr. P. C. Cornell, 
mgr.) Donald Brian, In "The Marriage 
Market," March 2-7 ; Fannie WaTd, in "Ma- 
dam President," week of SI 

Teck (Messrs, Shubert, mgrs.) — "Pru- 
nella," wiCi Margaret Clark, -week of 2; 
"When Dreams Come True'* week of 0. 

Shea's (M. Shea, mgr.)— Bill week of 2: 
Avon Comedy Four, the Three Typos, Bobby 
Heath and Florrle MillersMp, Winona Wla- 
tcre, Wm. Weston and company, Adelaide 
and Hughes, Roxy and La Rocca, Mile. 
Martha and Sister, In "When the Boys Are 
Away. ' "Between Savage and Tiger" Is the 
Klcluc picture. 

Majestic (J. Laughlln, mgr.)— For week 
of 2, "WUoro the Trail Divides." Eugenic 
Blair, in "Madame X," week of f>. 

■Oayety (J. M. Ward, mgr.) — For week of 
2, Girls from Happyland and BUly W. Wat- 
son. Pat White follows. 

Garden (W. F. Graaam, mgr.) — John L. 
Sullivan and Progressive Girls, with Jack 
Held, week of 2. Monte Carlo Glrla follow. 

Frontier (Charles Bowe, mgr.) — Current 
pictures ; "The Money Sharks," in three 
parts, and "The Dancer," In two parte. Busi- 
ness excellent. 

Palace Rink. — Adelaide D'Yorak week 
of 2. 

Keith's. — "A Web of Fate" and "Mrs. 
Mnnly's Baby" are the films for week of 2. 

Lyric (II. M. Marcus, mgr.) — BdU for 
week of 2 : Leonard and Whitney, Calts 
Bros., Klssaly's manikins, Prince and Decry, 
Cnrlton and Clifford. Harry Bcstry. 

Strand (Mark & Brock, mgrs.) — "Tho 
Squaw Man," In six parts, is the film play 
for week of 0. 

Albany, N. Y. — Harmanus Bleecker Hall 
(Edward M. Hart, mgr.) "Tbe Madcap 
Duchess," with Ann Swinburne, concluded a 
successful engagement Feb. 28. Al. W. Mar- 
tin's "Uncle Tom's Cabin" comes March 2, 
Madame Llpzln, Yiddish tragedienne, 3 ; Nat 
C. Goodwin, in "Never Say Die," 4 ; Madamo 
. iliumnnn-Hclnk, in concert. 5 ; "The Third 
Degree" (photoplay) 0, 7. 

nm (Jas. JI. Rhodes, mgr.) — Bur 
lcsquo continues to command big bouses. 
Honeymoon Girls 2-4, Girls of the Gay Whito 
Way n-7. Bowery Rurlesquers 9-11, and Sam 
Howe's Lovelorn! Burlesque™ 12-14. 

PitocTon's Grand (Oscar Perrln, mgr.)— 
Continuous vaudeville, <wlah moving pictures, 
doing well. 

PROcron's Theatre (Jos, P. Coyne, mgr.) 
— (Moving pictures, with vaudeville. 

Proctor's Colonial (Oliver Stacy, mgr.) 
— .Moving pictures, with vaudeville. 

Majestic (Emdl Belches, mgr.)— ■Vaude- 
ville, with moving pictures, to Satisfactory 

Clinton Square, Bboadwat, Proctor's 
Annex, Stab, Obpheuu. White Wat, Pal- 
ace, moving pictures only. 

Glens Falls, N. Y — Empire (Joe Miller, 
mgr.) March 2-4 : Two Clfpps, Steve Jen- 
nings, Blue Cloud and company, Swain's 
cockatoos, Rube Willis, Gilson Tolon. Loral 
Y, M. C A. Minstrels 5. Nat Goodwin. In 
"Never Say Die," 6; Schumnn-Heink 9-14, 
Bliley Allen Musical Comedy Co. 18. "Littlo 

Park (Maasert ft Bird, mgrs.') — Week of 
2: Lloyd and Churchill, Mitchell and Grant, 
the Carllsles, W. P. Harvey and company, 
Douglas and Douglas, Eddie Rowley. 

Bijou, — Motion pictures only. 

St. Paul, Minn. — At the Metropolitan 
Opera House (L. N. Scott, mgr,) Robert B. 
Mantel), In Shakespearean repertoire, bad 
big business all of week of 23, and scored a 
great dramatic success. William Hodge, In 
"The Road to Happiness," comes week of 1, 
and May Irwin, week or 8. 

Shubert (Frank C. Priest, mgr.) — The 
Huntington Players had big houses, In "Deep 
Purple." week of 22. For week of 1, "The 
l,ove Route." 

OnriiFUM (E. C. Burroughs, mgr.) — Busi- 
ness continued big week of 22. The peoplo 
for week of 1 arc : Neptune's Garden and the 
Enchanted Pool, John E. Ilazzard, Mnbcllc 
Adams and company, Cummlngs and Glady- 
lugs, McDovitt. Kelly and Lucey, Eugene 
Damond, and the Power Bros. 

Empress (Gns 8. Greening, mgr.)— JBusl- 
ness big week of 22. For week of 1 : Clark 
Ross and a company of fifteen, Marietta 
Craig end company, Bob Hall, .Louis Qranat, 
and the Zernldas. . 

Grand (Theodore L. Hays, togr.)— The 
Cracker Jacks, with Beatrice Harlojw, hod 
big business week of 22. Week of 1, Vanity 

Majestic, Princess and Gaiety, motion 

Znneavliie, O.— Scbultz (W. 3. Canning, 
mgr.) "SCiephcrd of the Hills" March 5, 
"The FlreOy T ' and "Girl of My Dreams" i* 

Obi-mum (E. R. Harris, mgr.)— 'Vaude- 
ville and motion pictures. Bill for jweek of 
2 Includes Bob Fitzslmmons and others. 

Quimby (W. C Qulmby, mgr.) — Motion 
pictures to good business. 

Hippodrome (W. 8. Canning, mgr.) — Mo- 
tion pictures. After several weeks' rest Miss 
Ruth Kappcs is again at the piano. 

Grand (James Collins, mgr.) — This little 
house Is gaining in popularity dally, with 
motion pictures. 

American. — Motion pictures only. 

Notes. — '"Glggy" Cameron and Ruby Dc- 
vere, two chorus girls -with tbe De Mbyer Mu- 
sical Comedy Co., which played at the Or- 
pheutn 26-28, made a big hit, and won a $50 
prize In a contest for the chorus ladles of 
tbe company for doing the best vaudeville 
stunt.. .. .Two Eastern theatrical men were 
in the city 25, looking over -the theatrical 
situation in this city and visiting the Weller 
Theatre, which is now closed.. ..The Jubilee 
Singers, under the auspices of the Teachers' 
Association, were greeted by a large audience, 

at the Auditorium. 27 Plane have been 

drawn for a new picture and vaudeville 
house to be erected In tae rear of the Llnd 
store on Mam Street. A beautiful lobby 
will lead through a store room from Main 
Street to the new house, which will be built 
close to the Sohultz Opera Block. The pro- 
moters of the new louse arc withholding 
their names. It Is to be completed late this 
Spring, and will scat from 500 to 600. 

Snndaaky, O. — Star, Tbcatorlum, Gem 
and Royal, motion pictures. 

Sandusky Theatre (V. O. Woodward, 
mgr.)— Chas. K. Chauplaln Stock Co. March 

Evansvllle, Ind. — Wells' Bijou (Charles 
Swecton, mgr.) "The Girl of My Dreams" 
March 1, "The Cowboy Girl" 2, Vogel's Min- 
strels 7, "Prince of To-Nigbt" 8. 

New Grand (Wm. McGowan, mgr.) — Bill 
2-4 ; Curtis and Hlbbcrd. J. E. Henehaw and 
Grace Avery, Preston, "The Bower of Mel- 
ody," and Cal Stowurt For 5-8 : Dudley 
and Parsons, Sullivan and Mason, the Shar- 
rocks, Abe Attell, and Duffln-Redcay Troupe. 

Majestic (Chas. Sweeton, mgr.) — Dave 
Marlon's Own Show 1, Moille Williams' 
Co. 8. 

OnrnEtiM and Nokthsidb (Chas. Sweeton, 
mgr.) — Amateur vaudeville and motion pic- 

Savoy, Colonial, Riverside, Novelty, 
Princess, Virginia, Aliiamhra, Governor, 
Columbia, Fulton, Valada, Stadium, 
Franklin and Colokial, motion pictures 

Notes. — The Novelty, motion picture the- 
atre, has changed management, Isldor Kabn 

succeeding Phillip Holzman Tbe New 

Grand reports the best ialf week's business 
this year, with, bill of Feb. 10-18. 

Scranton, Pa. — Lyceum (J3. J. Lynch, 
rngr.) week of March 2, the final week of tbe 
Morton Opera Co., tae most successful stock 
organization ever appearing In this city, the 
closing production being "The Girl la the 

Poli (John H. Docking, mgr.) — BUI week 
of 2 : Llano Carrara, assisted by Bobby Wat- 
eon; Dorothy De Shclle and company. Stepp, 
Goodrich and King, Gordon and Rica, Doc 
O'Nell, Kelly, and Lafferty, Emlye Sisters. 
Business continues Al. 

Majestic (Frank W. Weed, mgr.) — "Baby 
Mine" 3-4, matinee dally. "One Day" last 
week, had good business. 

Academy (A. F. Wlnstrom. mgr.) — Week 
of 2-0, new photoplays, subjects changed 
doily, and special features. 

Buotr Dreams, Manhattan, Wonders, 
Colonial, Hippodrome, Wonderland. Vic- 
toria and Obphbun. — All doing good, pre- 
senting movies. 

Norfolk, Va.— New Wells (Otto Wells, 
owr.) the New York Grand Opera Co., in 
"Faust" played to fair- business Feb. 24. 
Grace Kerns, 20, wns accorded a hearty re- 
ception. "The Blindness of Virtue" 27-28; 
"Bought and Paid For" Marci 2, Zlegfeld 
Follies 10. • ~ "• 

Colonial (C. C. Esau, mgr.)— Acts billed 
to play this resort week March 2 : "The 
Green Beetle," Empire Comedy Four, Charles 
Sweet Lew and Millie Hunting. Sansonl end 
Delilah, and Alexander Brothers. Business 
week Feb. 23 very good. 

Academy (Otto Wells, mgr.) — Vaudeville 
and motion pictures continue to do good 
business at this house, 

Granbt, American, Arcade, Wondebland. 
Columbia, Elite and Potosho, report good 
business with, motion pictures. 

Charleston, S. C. — Academy of Music 
(Chas. R. Matthews mgr.) Paul Gllmore 
March 2, "Stop Thier' 3, Crescent Stock Co. 

Victoria.— /The Pastime Amusement Co., "A 
Night In Old Heidelberg," 2-4 ; Maxwell and 
Holden, Armstrong and Clarke, McConnack 
and Wallace. Travilla Bros.. Grace Pomeroy 

Dixieland (IHilo Am. Co.)— dtnssell, 
Owen A Sharper Stock Co., Indefinite. Bessie 
Brown and Stella Harris, Wiggins Bombay. 
Mmc. La Rue, Jonelle Perry, Hamilton and 
Wilson 5-7. 

Princsss, Majestic, Lyric, TJno, Cbes- 
cent. Casino. — Pictures only. 

Topeka, Kan. — Grand (Trultt ft Max- 
ell, mgrs.) Pnrkhurst Scries March 5, Negro 
Players 7, Alia Nazlmovn 9, "The Newlywetls" 
11, "The Candy Shop" 20, "The Shepherd of 
the Hills" 28. 

.Novelty (Traitt A . Maxell, nigra.)— Rill 
Feb. 28-25 Included: The TTaviolas. Leo 




Sketches written to order In 24 hoars, 
F. M1XLUR, 821 Lon««ore Bid*., N. Y. V. 

AN EPISODE, Dramatic Comedy, 8 m., 
1 f. THE MASTER CROOK, 2 m.. 1 f. 
IN THE NUT, White Slave, 2 nv, 1 f. THE 
8TRIKER, Dramatic, 2 m.. 8 f. TANGO- 
1*18, Comedy, 1 m., 1 i CENTURIES 
AHEAD. 2 m., 1 f. THE SPOOK, Farce, 
a Ssj 1 1 All new, up to the minute. 


Young, Character and Heavy Woman 

Height 6 ft tin. Repertoire or permanent stock preferred. Only reliable Managers. Address 

■' Star Theatre, Berlin, Ont. 



T%VO ScenlO ArtlstS ThatPlay Parts. 

Young) Handsome Leading Woman, (strong enough » feature). 

Stock People in All Lines, write. (For No. 2 Company. 

Wardrobe, Ability, Appearance and Sobriety absolutely esientlal. Tickets 
advanced on deposit of baggage checks only. 

EUGENE J. MURPHY, Star Theatre, Berlin, Ontario, Can. 


When yon puD Mary's latest parodies on: "Corse Aching Heart," "Last Night End of World." 
"Snooty Ooknms," "Chesapeake Bay," *Mnch To Be Thankful For." <-Bonch of Shamrocks " 
■•Row." "Bo As Mnch For You," "Bumble Bee," "Midnight Ohoo-ChoOj" "Old Olrl of Mine " 

"That's How I Need Ton, 

"Made Me Love Ton, 



w-vuw, uiu viri ui sum 

»^.. a hut, ,i, tC u . uu , __._. »«», "Lonesome Pine," "In My Harem," "Son 
body's Coming To My Bouse." "Apple Blossom Time In Normandy," "Blue Eyed Baby," "L 
Night In Dreamland," "InJJew Orleans," "What Beautiful Dream," "When I Lost You," "All 
Night Long" and "On Mississippi." Last 12 for Hebrew, loo. each, S for 25c., or whole 24 Big Parody 
Riots, $1.50. And another sore-Are laughter ana applause winner is : "Dixie Lou." A Dope Fiend 
Home Race Recitation. Runs S minutes, price 25c. Other material. Catalog and testimonials tree. 
BULB. MAHY E. afr. THAYEB, 8190 Broad St., Providence, B. I. 

Second Hand Dramatic Tent Ontflt.^Keady to set np complete. Nothing smaller than a sixty foot. Must 
not be too far from Kansas. All particulars first letter. 

WANTED FOR REP. Young Clever Ingenne Leading Woman with specialty, strong enongk 
to feature. Rep. People all lines with first class specialties write. Late photos and programs; 
ORCHESTRA LEADER with real mnslc, MUSICIANS for orskestra (only) that double stage, or 
with harmony voices. Show opens In Kansas middle of April. 

Address HAL H. PLUMB, 303 Madison St., Woodstock, HI. (Mall will be forwarded.) 

Note— Jnita Leighton, Chas. Emery write, 


AlfSeenle Artist. Must be good. Permanent Stock. Also want to bear from people in all lines 
for Repertoire Company No. 2. Under canvas. Also Mnsicluns for B. 4 0.; canvas, To open about 
middle of Kay. 
WAJfTED— To buy Tent in good condition. Address all correspondence to 

EDW. C.W.iLLEK, American Theatre, Council Bluffs, Iowa. 

HVanted at Once 



Running Summer and Winter. Week stands. Piano and Violin donbllng brass. Strong Street Comet. 
with orchestra double. Others with usef al doubles, write. FRANK MANNING, Belolt, Kans. 



for summer and regular season, Open Jnne28th next and close May 30th, 1915. Need Union 
Props and Electrician. Leaning Man, Young Character Woman, Advance Agent and either 
Comedian or Strong Character Man who Is experienced Director and able to direct Broadway 
successes inacUssy manner. Apply by Letter Only, sending photos and necessary data 
MARCH, Rooaa saasfTstasaJ Acre Bnlldlng, Times 8qnare, ST — 




(for a fnely equipped tent theatre) Young Clever Leading Woman who posesses 
*S» 7»«i" P ff Br S? ce ' Pl 1 ?"""".'/^ 5 nd wardrobe I a Clever Leading Hani 
an A-l Director thoroughly qualified, painstaking and able to produce results. 

Other competent people In an lines doing specialties or doubling In band write. I also want to hear 
from musicians doubling orchestra and Btrong comet leader. auuwwssassatssasr 

If you can work In harmony and really desirous of employment— at least a year's engagement- 
sober and mindful of your own affairs this proposition Is worth your while. Show opens latter part of 
March. Tel yonr whole story In first letter. Advances and fares to only those wo kTow or tuoee who 
can give sattefactory convincing references. Send all wires prepaid. ^^ 

H. B. lie VAN, care Oentropolls Hotel, KANSAS CITY, MO. 

Wanted To Join Upon Receipt of Tele sr am 

S°Sa i r»^i?il^ rt iw!?5t f *? B - 1 ?1 < ? ft EBMH ot xbii and next season), and other Musicians with 
B. and O. doubles. Sober and .reliable people. State lowest salary. Wo pay expenses : no car, hotels. 

Address DE RUE BROS.' MLTOrJLS, f^titf^kh^'A'T 

Seers, Mimic Four, the Dohertye, Rose 
Troupe, and motion pictures. The musical, 
travesty "Going Up" followed 26-28. 

Majestic (Trultt & Maxwell, mgrs,)'— 
North Bros.' Stock Co., tn "The Witching 
Hour," March 2-7. 

OnPBEUH (Lew Natbonson, mgr.) — Bill 
Feb. 26-28 included: Five Maclarens, Jack 
Folk, Hilton and Hughes, tbe Arena, Seriera 
and James, and motion pictures. 

Bmpbbss, Cozy, Best, Gnu, Cbtstal, 
Ibis and Aubora, motion pictures only. 
„_ Note.— The North Bros.' Stock Co. leaves 
oere for Fort Smith, Ark., week of March 9. 

Kansas Cltr, Mo--^bubert (Earl Stew- 
ard, mgr.) "Bought and Paid For," Feb. 23- 
23, did fairly well. Week of March 2 is 
divided between Montgomery and Stone and 
Elsie Janls. tbe first four nights, and Alia 
Nstknovo, in "Bella Donna." the last three 
nights. B. H. Sothern, in "If I Were King,'' 
"Lord Dundreary" and "Hamlet," next week. 

uhand (A, Judah. mgr.)— "Officer 686" 
had good houses last tveek. "The Newly, 
weds and Their Baby" 2-7. "Rebecca of 
Sunnybrook Farm" next 

Orphbxm (Martin Lehman, mgr.) — BUI 
week of 2 : Billy B. Van, S. MlllcrKent and 
company, Sophye Barnard and Lou Anger 
company, Roberto Mario and Duffy, and Ma- 
jor Mack Rboads. 

Auditorium (Mota Miller, mgr.) — Last 
week a very good performance of "Romeo 
nnd Juliet" was given. "Merely Mary Ann" 
2-7. "The Honso Next Door" next 

Eupbess (Dan McCoy, mgrj — Bill 2-7: 
"The Canoe Girls" Merrinn's Swiss Panto- 
mime company of dogs, Bernard and Earl 
Lloyd, Ernest Dupllle, Fhnsma. and Aldro 
and Mitchell. 

Hiptodromc (F. 3. Talbot, mgr.)— Bill 
2-7: IngulB and Cleveland, tho Dumltrescue 
Trio, Connolley and NauKy, Craig and Whit- 
ney, and the Five Beralvlcl Bros, 

Uaybty (Burt McPhell, mgr.) — Barney 
Gerard's Follies of the Day 2-7. College 
Girls next. 

Willis Wood (Roy Crawford, mgr.)— The 
High Life Girls 2-7. The Tango Olrls next. 

Convention Hall (Louis Sbouse, mgr.) — 
Last week, '•Garden ot Allah" did well. 

Los Anatelea, Cal. — Hamburger's Ma- 
jestic (Oliver Morosco, mgr.) bill March 2-7, 
r, The Blue Bird." 

Mobosco'b Thbatbb (Oliver Moroscot 
mgr.) — "Between Savage and Tiger." 

Mbnosco's Burbakk Teeatbe (Oliver 
Morosco, mgr.) — Kitty Gordon, In 'Trettjr 
Mrs. Smith/' 

Little Thtatm. — "Come Home, Smith." 

Obphidk (Clarence Drown, mgr.) — BUI 
2 and week : Murphy and NltOolsvCblemnn's 
animals. Leonard and Russell, WUla Holt 
Wakefield, Leo Carlllo, Dr. Herman, "The 
Double Cross," and Paul Conchas. 

Empress (Dean Worley, mgr.)— BUI 2 
and week : Barton and Lovera, "A Day at file 
Circus," Katherlne Klare, Richard Mllloy and 
company, Sylvester, and Joe Whitehead. 

Pantagbs' (Carl Walker, mgr.)— Sill 2-T: 
Littlo Hip ana Napoleon. Leroy end Lytton, 
Rice and FranUyn, the Sylphonee, and Three 

Ripubiic (Bob Cunningham, mgr.)— B1E 
23 and week included: Florence Stone, WU- 
hat Troupe, Murlelle, La Vine and La Vine, 
Musical Casads, Bob and Elsie Austin, and 
Laurctte Boyd. 

'Hippodbomi (Lester Fountain, mgr.)— 
BIU 23 and week Included : Art Boden and 
company, Tjornton and King, Benson and 
Belle, Agnes Burr. CharUe Hctlly and com- 
pany, and Llsfrt Opera Four. 

Clunk's Broadway, Mozart, 'Miller's and 
Tally's Bboadwat, moving pictures. 

Battle Creek, Mich,— Post (E. R. Smith, 
rrgr.) Helen Gardner, In "Cleopatra," -March 
1, 2 ; Al. Field's Minstrels 4. 

Bijou (Harry Lordh, mgr.) — Bill 1-4: 
Kmma Francis and Arabs, Lelllott Bros., 
Menlo Moore's "Aladdin's Lamp,'' Miller and 
Mouiton. Algrim and Clapp. For 6-7, Marks 
Bros., In "Fun In Hi Bkool." 

Nots.— lAhlgrlm and Clapp are a couple of 
local young people who, as amateurs, hare 
captured a number of prizes for their fancy 
dancing. They are so good that Mansser 
Butterfield bns billed them over the entire 
Michigan vaudeville circuit. Sunday, March 
1, will be their first professional appearance 

Mabch 7 





lloutes Intended (or Tills Column 

Jlast neacli Tlila OUlce Not l.nter 

Than Snturday Defore Duy of 

Publication to Insure 


Adams, Maude — Empire, New York. Indefinite. 

Anlln, Margaret— Cort, Boston. 2-14. 

ArlUa, George — Indianapolis 2-7. 

"Adele," No. 2 Oo. — San Antonio. Tex., o-T, 
Houston 9, 10, Galveston 11, 12, Austin 13, 
Waco 14. 

"At Bay"— Majestic, Jersey City, N. J., 2-7. 

"Along Game Kuth" — Gaiety, New York, Indefl- 

Burke, Blllle— Hollls Street, Boston, 2-14. 

Brian, Donald— Rochester, N, Y., 4, Buffalo 6-7, 
Illinois, Chicago, 0-21. 

Barrymore, Ethel — Blackstone, Chicago, 2-21. 

"Barerljr of Qraustark" (Long a Bttca, roars.) 
— Clifton Forge, Vs., 4, Ulen Jean, W. Va„ S, 
Lagan 8, Ircnton, O., 7, Welch, W. Vi., 9, 
North Fork 10, l'rlnceton 11, Bluefleld 12, 
Wytberllle, V*., 13, Bristol, Tenn.. 14. 

"Baby Mine" — Seranton, Pa., 2-4, Berwick 5, 
GlratdTllle 0. Shamokln 7, Freeland 10. Potts- 
vllle 11, Strondaburg 12. 

"Bird of Paradise"— Moroeco's— Louisville 2-7. 
Clocbmati 9-14. 

"EUndneaa of Virtue, The"— West End, New 
York, 2-7. 

"Bnnty Pull* the Strings" — Washington 2-7. 

"Bought and Paid For" — Keokuk. Is., 4. 

"Bunt; Pulls the Strings" (Wm. Cranston, mgr.) 
— Iowa City, la., 4, Davenport S. 

"Broadway Jonts)" — Brantfoid, Can., 4, Guelnii 5, 
amlltoo 6, 7, Peteruoro 9, Kingston 10, lirock- 
rllle 11, Ottawa 12-14. 

Carle-Williams— Worcester, Mats., 4, Hartford, 
Conn., 0, New Haven b\ ,7, Baltimore 9-14. 

Crane, Wtn.— O. O. H., New York, 2-7. 

Century Orand Opera (Milton 4 Sargent Atom, 
nigra.) — Century Opera House, New York, In- 

"Conspiracy. The" — Wanrat. Phlla., 9-14. 

"Cowboy Girl, The" '(Geo, O. Teed, mgr.) — 
Evansfllle, Ind., 2-4, vhelburn 6, Jasonvllle 7. 

Drew, John — Atlanta, 0*., 4, Chattanooga, Tenn.. 
S, NashTllle 6, 7, New Orleans, La., 9-14. 

De Koven Opera Oo. — Oakland. Oal., 10, 11. 

"DlTorce Question, The" (Fred. Doujlas, mgr.) — 
New Orleans, La., 1-7, Atlmta. Ga., 9-14. 

"Damaged Goods" — Davidson, Milwaukee, all. 

"Deadlock, The" — Howard's, Chicago, Indefinite. 

"Damaged Goods" — Logansport, lnd., S. 

"Darktown Follies, The" (»os. Loevl, ra„T.) — 
American, St. Louis, 1-7, National, Chicago, 

Kltlnge, Julian— Garrlck, Phlla., 2-14. 

"Every woman" — Macon, Ga.. 4, S, Atlanta II, 
Chattanooga, Tens., 7, KnoiTllle 0, 10, Ailie- 
rllle, N. a, 11. 12, Charlotte 13. 14. 

"East Lynne" (II. N. Manlcy, mgr.i— Westerly. 
B. I., 4, Danlelson, Conn., 5, Bristol 0, Mllford 
7. So. Manchester 9, Plainueid 10, itockland 11, 
So. Norwalk 12, Mlllervllle 13, Jewett City 14. 

Forbes-Boberteoo — Lyric Phlla., 2-14. 

Ferguson, Elsie — Newark, N. J., 2-7. 

••Folllea of 1913," Zlegfeld'v— Baltimore 2-7. 

"Firefly, Tbe" (Geo. A. Kdcs. mgr.) — Clarks- 
burg, W. Vs., 4, Fairmont 5, Uorpantown (i. 
Wheeling 7, Washington, Pa., 9, Conncllsvllie 
10, Cnlontown 11. Cumberland, Md., 12, Johns- 
town. Pa., 13, Altoona 14. 

"Fool There Was, A"— Walnut, Phlla., 2tf. 

"Fine Feathers" — H. II. Fruzee's — Colonial, Bos- 
ton. 1-14. 

"Fanny's First Play"— Park, Boston, 2-7. 

"Girl from Menu's" — Frankfort, Ind., 4, Tipton 
5, Ellwood 6, Muncle 7, Anderson 9, Logans, 
port 11, Kokomo 12, Peru 13, Huntington 14, 
Ft Wayne 16. 

"Girl and the Tramp" (Fred Byers, mgr.) — Ssn 
Angelo, Tex., 4, Colorado 5, Big Springs 6, 
Midland 7. 

"Girl and the Stampede, The" — Merle H. Nor- 
ton's— Capo Girardeau, Mo., 7, Poplar Bluff 

10, Harrison, Ark., 14. 
Hodge. Wm. — Burlington, la., 13. 

Hitchcock. Raymond — Tremont, Boston, Indefinite. 
Hackett, Jas. K.— Washington 2-7. 
Hllllard, Bobt.— Olympic. Chicago. 8. indeflllo. 
"Hans Hanson" (N. J. Loranger, mgr.) — Tupelo, 

Miss.. IS, Covington 9. 
"Help Wanted"— Maxlne Elliott, New York, In- 
"Help Wanted"— Cert, Chicago, Indefinite. 
"High Jinks"— Casino. New York. Indefinite. 
"Happy Hooligan" — Gus Hill's — Trenton. N. J„ 

2-4, Somervllle 6, Plalnfield 7, Providence, R. 

I., 9-14. 
Irving-Hackney — St. Oartherlnes, Ont., Can., 5. 
Irving Place Theatre Co.— De Kalb, Bkln., 2-7. 
Irish Players— Fine Arts, Chicago, 2-14. 
"In Old Kentucky" (Dan Consedlne, mgr.) — 

Providence, R. I., 2-7, Jersey City, N. J., 9-14. 
"Kidnapped for a Million" (B. H. Perry, mgr.) 

—New Lisbon, la., 6, Roseblll 6, Slgourney 7, 

MlllersburK 9. Lisbon 11. 
"Kitty MacKay" — Comedy, New York, Indefinite. 
"King of tbe Mountains. The" — Apollo. Atlantic 

City. N. J., 8, 7, National, Washington, D. C, 

London Criterion Oo. — Broclrrllle, Ont., Can., 4, 

Trenton 5, Belleville 6, Kingston 7. Hamilton 

9, London 10, St. Thomas 11, Woodstock 12, 
■ Berlin 13, Brantford 14. 

Lewis, Dave — La Salle, Chicago, Indefinite. 

"Little Cafe, The"— New Amsterdam, New York, 

"Little Women"— Saskatoon, Sask., Can., 2-4, 
Beglna B-7, Winnipeg. Man., 9-14. 

"Little Lost Sister" Uohn Berncro, mgr.)— Na- 
tional. Chicago, 1-7. 

"Little Lost Sister" (Chas. Lceklns, mgr.)-Gl<d»\ 
Boston. 9-14. 

"Lure, The"— Manhattan O. H., New York, 2-7. 

"Lure, The" — Princess, Chicago, Indefinite. 

"Laughing Husband, The"— iKnlckerbockcr, New 
York, Indefinite. 

"Llttlo Millionaire, The"— Big Springs, Tex., t, 
Midland i. Pecos 9, Carlsbad. N. Mex., 7, 3ns- 
well 9, OloTls 10, Flalnvlew 11, Lubbock IS, 
Amarlllo 13, Childress 14. 

'Leopard's Spots, The" (The*. Dixon, mgr.)— 
■ Pt. Arthur. Tex., 4, Beaumont 5, 0, Houston 
7, 8, Brenham 0, Yoakum 10, Beevllle 11, Vic- 
toria 12, Bay Olty 13, Galveston 14, 15. 

"Last Resort, The 1 '— Lcngacre, New York, 2, 

Maude, Cyril— Wallnck's, New York, Indefinite. 

Metropolitan Grand Opera — Metropolian 0. II., 
New York^. Indefinite. _, 

Macdonald, Christie— Illinois, Chicago, 1-7. 

Martin, Loo. Co.— Mt. Pleasant, In.. 2-7, New 
Sharon 9-14. _ _ __ _ 

MoGlnley, Bob and Eva— Lartmore, No. Dak., 3 
6". Portland 7-9. „ _ _, 

Mclntyre 4 Heath— Seattle, Wash.. 1-4, Yakima 
fi, Walla Walla 0, Lewlstou, Ida., 7, Spokane, 
Wash., 8, 9. Wallace, Ida., 10, Missoula. Mou., 

11, Helena 12, Great Falls 13, Anaconda 14. 
Morton Opera — Boston Indefinite. 

Morton Opera — Seranton, Pa., Indefinite. 

Mantell. Root Rockfbrd, III.. 11. 

"MoFadden's Flata" (Jack Gflnes, mgr.) — Berlin. 
Can., 4, Gait 5, Oahawa 6, Peterboro 7. Lind- 
say 9, Orrtlla 10, Midland 11, Barrle 12, No. 
Bay 13, Cobalt 14. 

"Madcap Duchess, Toe" — Broadway, Bkln., 2-7. 

"Misleading Lady, The" — Fulton, New York, In- 

"Modern Eve, A" (Le Oompte a Flesher, mgrs.) 
— Owensbnro, Ky., 4, Bowling Green 5. Frank- 
fort 9, Lexington 7. Winchester 9, Richmond 

10, Mlddlesboro 11. Rnoxvllle, Tenn., 12. Spar- 
tanburg, S. 0., 13, Greenville 14. 

"Mutt and Jeff In Panama," A Oo — Seattle, 
Wash., 0-8, Tncoma 0, Everett 10. Anacortea 

11, Sedro Woolley 12, Victoria, B. C. 13, 14. 
"Mutt and Jeff In Panama." B Co. — Orplieum, 

Phlla., 2-7. BalUmure 9-14. 

"Master Mind, The"— Willis Granger— Logans- 
port, Ind.. 7. 

"Mntt and Jeff In Panama," O Co.— Hamilton. 
Mon., 4, Helena 5, Great Falls 0, Anaconda 7, 
Butte 9, Bowman 9, Lewlaton 10, Livingston 11, 
Big Timber 12, Billings 13, Mites City 14. 

"Mutt and Jeff In Panama," D Oo.— Louisville 
1-7, Indianapolis 9-14. 

"Mutt and Jaff in Panama," E Co.— Washington, 
Pa., 4, Waynteburg S, Monoogahela 0, Greens- 
burs 7, Unlontown 9, Monrantown. W. Vs.. 10, 
Fairmont 11, Clarksburg 12. Grafton 13, Cum- 
berland, Md., 14. 

"Merry Gambol"— Gaiety, San Fran., Cal., Indefi- 

'^Midnight Olrl, The"— Forty-fourth Street, New 
York, Indefinite. 

"Mlatoorl Olrl. The," Has tern— Merle H. Norton's 
— Ma Falls, Ida., 6. Pony, Moo,, 14. 

"Shooting the Bull" is being handed out very liberally in every line of 
business; in fact, it is amazing the amount of the SPANISH PASTIME 
that is being unloaded everywhere, particularly in the music business. 
It is a habit to rave about every song that is written- almost before 
it is even printed, It's 90 per cent, air and 10 per cent. fact. To be 
perfectly frank, we too, have "shot the bull." Luckily, though, so 
perfect was our aim, that we hit the bull's eye and landed HITS 
Galore! Now let us deal in PACTS! 

It is a fact, is it not, that in 1913 we handed you more real, live, 
honest-to-goodness hits than any other publisher in the business. 
We'll try and do it again this year, and believe we start off with ma- 
terial, TRIED and PROVEN, that will appeal to you as being WORTH 
WHILE, WORTH WHILE to put in your act, WORTH WHILE to 
feature. Send for them and be your own judge and jury as to their 
merit and value. Give them a fair look-over! Then write your own 
verdict. Here they are! Some of them are already hits, some are 
near-hits and some are hits to be. 

The Recititive Ballad with the Punch. By Joe Goodwin & Leo Wood 

The Successor of "Peg 'O My Heart." By Al. Bryan & Fred Fisher 

A "rag" song with an idea. By Joe Goodwin & Lew Brown 

A "two-four" for opening or closing song. By Lew Brown & Nat Ayer 

A new Ballad by the writer of "Curse of an Aching Heart." 

By Al. Piantadosi. 

If you sang "Dreamy Italian Waltz" get this new one. Great Patter. 

By Jack Glogau & Al. Piantadosi. 

We have cut out all the "raves;" all the "bull," all the publishers 
usual blather, and put it right up to you yourselves to decide whether 
or not the songs which we are submitting this season are "there" or 
not. GET THEM! 

LEO. FEIST, i.c 

Send all mall 
to N. Y. Office. 


MM all mall 
to !». V. Office. 


Western Office, 
145 If. t L AUK. 


"Mlssonr Olrl, Tbe," Nortr. A mtVs Western— 
Manhfielil, Ore., 7, RnMhtirg 1.1. 

Nnstmotn Mme. — TuUn, Okla.j 4. Kansas Clly, 
Mo., 5-7, Topeka, Kan.. D, St. Joseph. Mo.. It), 
Lincoln. Neb., II. Sioux City, la.. 13, Water- 
loo 1.1, Clinton 14. 

"Nearly Married" — Baltimore 2-T, Washington ft- 

"OHIecr nflft" (Frank Holland, mar.)— Louisville 
t-T. Cincinnati 8-14. 

"Old Itamnleail" — Victoria, Chicago. 

"Oh I oh! IVIphlnc"— Forrest, ram, lndeiliil!c. 

ro»t. any nates — llonth, New York, Indefinite. 

Pattows—. Memphis, Tenn., 4, 

"Passing Show ot 1B13" — Oarrlck, Chicago, In- 

"Plcaautc Seeker*. The" (Fields A I^wre, mgra.) 
—Lyric, Cincinnati. 1-T. 

"Potanh A rerlnrnttcr"— Cohan's, New York, In- 

"Peg o' My Heart." Monaco's A Co.— Delrolt 
3-T, Cleveland 0-14. 

"fair of Sites, A"— .N'ewar*. N. J.. 11-14. 

"I"eck o' Pickles, A"— American Music Hull. Chi- 
cago, 8-1 I. 

'Teg o' My Heart," It Co.— Ynsoo City, Miss., 
4. Onvmvnod A, Olnrkadilo 0, Helens, Ark., 7, 
fine Illiilt », Mttlrt Rock 10, 11, Hot Springs 
12, Texarknnn IS, Stirovcnurt, I.n.. 14. 

"1'ck o' My llentt.' 1 O Co.— Winnipeg, Man., 2-T, 
llrnnd Korku. No, Dak., 0. Fargo 10, Jnmea- 
!?.?.? Mi Ulsnurk 12, Miles Clly. Mon.. la, 
Hillings 14. 

"I'eg o' My Heart," D Co — nioonilngton, III,, 4. 
B, Springfield o-ti. Dccnlnr 0, 10, Qulney U, 12 
Muscatine 13, Mollno 14. 

" , 'i' g ,?.'. M7 "'"f';" » Co.— Klngaton. Out.. Can.. 
4, Ottawa 0-7, Ogdonsbiirg, N. Y., 0, fottmliini 
10, Oanton 11, Soiliis 12, Fulton 1.1, Watertowu 

•Thl'lSMlerer, The"— Mttle, New York, Indefinite, 
•"•rlnter of Udell's, That/' ,J,»,cll & Ma^VUty*, 

-pMaitliMi. Minn., 4, llolnood Falls (I. atoopr 
Kye 6, Bt. fcter 7. New lllm 8. St. Jara« II 
Fairmont 10. nine Karth 11. Well, 12, Wlu- 
mlwgo 13, .Mankato 14. 
"fries She fal.l." Uublnsky Dros., Northern— 

I*S?it lsf Ut * Ct ■ ,,M * 3l0nx U11>r 8 ' ^ ko 
)!"*!"" °1" """'■' "— — 'Ifskls, Tenn., 0. 
H lc *«i'° .',",'''. ' Knatcni-Jlattooii, ill., 4. ' 
bl^D Oenlral— Trlnldail, Col., 4. l'ne- 

'.li!°? r 4 U & nWl nirl"— nriMid, Phlla., 2-7. 

•fain of Ma, The" (H. N. Manley, ni»r.)-Mn- 
hanoy oily, h... 4 » n f» £ 3i .<' Illn,;lm,n ,'„,, 
fu.i-'iA N ? 1 ^wlc : ,l , 7 - "In"' ». Herkimer 10 
Vernon i l"" ' ' wk " 1 " 11 ,2 ' Wll "»" »». ML 

"Quwn uf tat Mmrlcs"— Ololw, New York, Indefl- 

"tkh!:, M .ft7" Scw,,rk ' "• '- 2-T, De Kalh. 

Illng. iilanche— l^ric, New York. Inilellnltc. 

"Itwusnce"— Adelplil, Wills., 2-7. 

•ll<»>e Maid, 'lhe" (limil Ankeriiill|.>r, mgr.)— 
llii.taden, Ah., 4. llome. lis., IS, Ccd.irtown 0, 
m ."il" m' ( £ ) ,' U !'.'. |J !V\ U ' """Micas 10, Alhnny 
vll'le^ll 15 r, n * M " *' "»*. "»■ Jacks.»ii- 

Itcd Widow, ; me" (I». H. Nivcn, mgr.)— Han- 
aver. fa.. 4, York 6, I'ollavllle 0, iSislon 7. 
Itnl Itune, The" (W. J. Dcrtblck, mgr.)— North 
llajr. j l)nt., Can., 4, urlllla 5. Ilsrrle II. Ilnml- 
ford 7, Unit 0. Ilnelph 10, Ilcrlln 11, Strafford 
12, HI. Thomas 111, Londnii 14. 

"Ilule of Three. The"— Harris, New York, Indefl- 

Swenlnam, Wilbur— 0. O. II., Cincinnati, o-ll. 

Htarr, I rniicon— llelaaco, New York, 

Muinleraoii, Julia— Columhus, O., 4, Bprlnaueld B. 
Lima il, Toledo 7, Cleveland 0-14, 

Solium, K. II. (Claxton Wllstacli, mgr.)— Den- 
ver, Colo., 2-7, Kansas City, Mn., 0-14. 

Shea. Thus. K— IiiiIIsim|o|Is 2-7, Loulsrlllo 8-14. 

Hlalil, Itoae — Jollet, 111., 4. Aurora 6, UucUford 
U, ltaclue. Wis.. 7, Miiillsiin 0, Oshkosh 10, 
(MM liny 11, Wiimmi 12. |,u Crosse 111. ICsu 
Claim 14. 

"Seven Keys to llaldpnlc"— Aslor, New York. 

"Slop Thief." Unstern — Clcvelnncl 2-7, I'ltlsliurgh 

"Stop Ttilcr." Western— Augusta, Cltt., 4, Colum- 
Ills, Tenn., 0, Urwuvllli. u, Nashville 7, 
lotto, N. U, U, Urveunlwro 10, Itulnlgh 11, Itlrh- 
inoinl. Vs., 12-14. 

"Seven Kejs to llsldpate," No. 3 Co,— 0, O. II., 
Chicago. Indefinite. ' 

"Sunny Houlh" (J. C. Itockwell. mgr.)— Han- 
dolpn, N. Y., 4, Cuba 5, Friendship 0, Owego 
7, ilaluiirhlgc fi. Unadllla 10, Waltou 11, Uelll 
12, Liberty 111, Kllenvlllo 14. 

"Hurl"— IMmtf, New York, liiilediiHo. 

"81s Hopkins" (C. Jay Huiltb, mgr,)— rurccll, 
Okla., 4, Pauls Valley 5, Wynnewood 0, Davis 
7, ArdrooTo U, Tlsliomlnuu 10, Madlll 11, Uudilv 
12, Durant in, Deulaon, Tea,, 14 

"Siiendihrlft, The"— Wee A Umliert's— Osilnlng, 
N. Y., 4, Ilackcnsack, N. J., 0, FrunkUn Fur- 
nace U, Walutield 7, Freehold 0, Flemlngtnu 
10, Alleatown, !•«., 11, 12, Lvlninou la, Hnr- 
rlsburg 14. 

"Slop Thief," Central— Milwaukee 1-7. 8o. Ueud, 
Ind., P, (Jushen 10, Van Wert, (>., 1 1, St. Marys 
12, 1'luutt 111, Lima 14. ' 

"aiiendlhrlft, The" (M. F. Iloefs. mgr.)— Cincin- 
nati 1-7, Bt. Louis 8-14, 

"Speckled Sand, Tho"— Sludobakcr, Chicago, Ui- 

"HlieiJherd of tho Illlta, The" (Onakill A Mac- 

» V .^ , , l,, 0.i , ve|•.n7 , S.•.4T VUU,,g, ' O " , '' °" 2 ' 4 ' "">* 
"Hherbcrd I of the Hills"— Iledfonl, Ind., 4, Uloom- 
luguni 5, Linton U, Vlncinncs 7, lUibhisou 111 
P. ISldorsdo 10, Metro|»lls II, Harrlsburii li 
Marlou 111, Uenlon 10. * 

"Shepherd of tho Hills" — Cambridge. O.. 4. 
Zaiitiivllle 5, (Jrockavllle 0, Newark 7. Wooatar 
0. Klyrl. 10, Norwalk U. l'lBn 14. w<w,wr 
Wierhenl of the Illlta*' — Waco. Teg., 4 Martin 
ft, league 0. Oomcuim 7, Ft. Dodgo 0. in. 
Uoiiham 11, Dcnlson 12, Oslnearllls 111, DuranL 

"Bliciiherd of (he Hills"— York, Neo., 4. Mluden 
0, I oldredgo (1, McCook 7, Norton, kirn. l» 
Sinllh Center 10, Mankato II, Downs 12. 0s' 
lainis la, lielolt 14. 

"Seven Houra In New York" (Wee A Lambert, 
BI ^Mg r*stMwBih 0s„ 4, Ksndersvlllo 5 
Mllledgcvlllo U, Athens 7, Abbeville, 0. O.. 
(jreenwood 10, Urcnvlllo 11, Hpiirlanburjj 12, 
tlaatouls, N. tt. la, Chester, M, O., 14. 

lallaferro, Mabel and 15,11m — fowoti', Ohle.igo, 

Taylor, Laurctte— Cort, New York, Indefinite. 

luriier, .Clara (W. V. Harry, mgr.)— Youkcrs 
New York, luilcllnlle. "uavrs, 

Thurston, Howard (Jack Jones, ingr.)— Lyceum. 
Detroit, MIcU., 1-7, Valentine, Toledo, o7, 8- 

•Things Thst Count, Tho"— Playhouse, New York. 

"To-Day"— Manuscript Prod. Oo. — Forty-elahth 

Street, New York, Indefinite. *»"y-«iiuia 

•"riiousand Years Ago, A"— Hhubort, New York. 

"Tliehna" (Henry W. Link, mgr.)— Corning, Is., 

0, Oakland 7, Harlan 10. " 

"Teui|«st Slid Sunshine" (J. It. Wright, mgr.) — 

MM Iilutf, Ark.. 4, Klilorado 0. Huston, l*„ 0. 

Arcsdln, Fls., 7, Hhrevepoit, La., 8, Manhull, 

Tex., I), 
"Town Fool, Tim" (Hsrry (Ircon, mgr.)— 0>ar- 

Uetd. la.. 0. ICIllston 7, Seymour 11, Moravia 

12, Rlcblaml 13, Illrinlngham 14. 

"TratUc. The" IW. H. Duggan, mgr.)— Streator. 
III., 4, Ottawa 6, La Hallo 0, Kuwauee 7, llock 
Island 8, Clinton 0. 

"TraOle, The"— Indlananolla 2-7. 

"Too Many Cooks"— 'Thirty -ninth Hlrect, New 
York, Indefinite. 

"Uncle Tom's Cabin" (Wm. Kibble, mgr.)— Pnwl- 
ence, II. I., 2-7, Rochester, N. Y., 8-1 1, Syra- 
cuse 1314. 

"Uncle Tom's Cabin," Terry's (B. O. Jones, mgr.) 
— Dolmont, Bo. Dak., 4, Armour B, btlckuey a, 
Corsica 7, Trlppa B, Porkslon 10, Kimball 11, 
I'lanklnton 12, Sit. Vernon 13, Mitchell 14. 

"Uncle Tom's Cabin." Stetson's (I«on Waidiburii, 
mgr.) — lllchmond, Ind,, 4, CounrrsTllls 3, 
Franklin 0. 

"Under Oorcr" — riymouth, Itoston. Indefinite. 

"Virginian, The," Jones A Oram's No. 1 Oo. — 
Unlontown, l's.. 6, Altoona 7, Tyrone 0, Clear- 
fielil 10, Du Bole 11, Puuiaiitawney 12, Indiana 

13, Oreensburg 14. 

"Virginian, Tlie," No. 2— Jollet, Mon., 4, Cody, 
Wyo„ S, Ullllfigs, Mon.. 0, Hardin 7, Sheridan, 
Wyu., 8. Ulllette 0, Ft. Itoblnson, Nub., 11, 
Alliance 12, llrldgejiort 1.1. 

"Virginian, The," No. 8— Vulla, Te».. 4. Plain- 
view S, Lubbock 0, Hn/dor 7, ;*«ii Angelo 0, 
tlolnman 10, llrownwooil II, (Juldtiiwalts 12, 
l.ainiiaassa 111. 

Wunl, Fannie— O. O. II.. Cincinnati, 2-7. 

Walker. Charlotte — Olympic, Chicago. 3-7. 

WarPeld, Unwlil — ■ National, Wsahlngfm, 2-7. 

"Whirl tit the World"— Winter Harden, New York, 

"'Way Down Kast"— Itoston. Boston, lodeflalts. 

"Where the Trail Divides"— Buffalo 4-7. 



Mabch 7 



Doilet Preparations 


The Rauiin Udlei know whnt to 
una for their complexion and hair. In 
childhood they are taught the value of 
rare Oriental Oil* In the correct oom - 

Here are the preparations for you. 


SKIN BEAUTIFIER, a combination 

of rare Oriental oils— slightly astringent— a 
preventive of flabby akin. 

Jan 00c, 79c, Sl.aft; Tube, 50c 

FACE POWDER, pure and perfect— 

kccpi tbe skin smooth and fresh. All shadeB. 

Box, 50c end 80c 

SCALP TONICi a combination of rare 

Oriental tialr oils, vegetable berbs and 
steeped peppers. 

Bottlca, 45c, 00c, S)1.00 

HAIR GROWER (a cream) which feeds 
starving hair cells and actually grows hair. 
It counteracts and checks oily hair. 

Jars, 40c and 70c 

PINE SHAMPOO (a liquid), ready for 

use— a delightful cleanser of scalp and hair. 
Antiseptic. Buttles, HOC and 50c 

PINE HAIR POWDER (for diy sham 

fioo). It absorbs dust, oil or moisture. An 
deal method when It is not convenient to 
wash tbe hair. Autlscptlc. Box, 00c 

TALCUM POWDER, pure and per- 
feet. Perfumed or unsccnted. Box, U5c 

BRILLI ANTINE, the most satisfactory 
hair dressing now before tho public. Does 
not Injure the bslr nor leave It greasy. 

Bottle, 35c 

COMPACT POWDER, a vegetable 

preparation easily carried In tho purse. 
White, pink, flesh, 3»c;dark red, 38e 

LIP STICK— It keeps the lips naturally 
moist and attractive, 

White and dark red, 35c 


cleansing and wholesome to tho skin. 

Tube, DOc; Jar, 00c 

These Russian toilet requisites are a dis- 
tinct relief from inferior offerings now 
flooding the market Made by me in my 
own laboratory from original Russian for- 
mulas. I use them myself and guarantee 
their purity, safety and efficacy. Thous- 
ands of private patrons havo used them 
exclusively since 1900, Look for my pho- 
tograph on label. On sale In Greater 
New York at Stern Bros., J as. 
McCreery Co.. R. H. Macy & Co., 
Bloomingdale Bros. , Fred'k Loeser 
Co., Abraham & Straus, Riker- 
Hegeman Drug Store s. In Phlla. , 
at Wanamaker's, Strawbrldge Ac 
Clothier, Snellenberg's and Geo. 
B. Evans Drug Stores. 

Or by mall direct to the 


Sole Manufacturer 

/4. &0?>tta+y*<ji> 

Pace and flair Specialist 

«5 West 34th St., 

New York 


To Theatre Managers, 

Show Managers and Actors 

In my action against "SENATOR" FRANCIS HUBPHT and JEM BEDIM - 

Judge Ray, in the United States .District Court for the Northern District of New York, 
decided that my Monologues which were written for CUFF GOEDOfl, under the title 
"THE GERMAN SENATOR" and "THE GERMAN P0U11CIAN" were my original creations, 
and that I have valid copyrights therein: that the use of them by "Senator" Francis 
Murphy in Jean Bedini's show, "THE HI8CH1EFHAKEBS," was unlawful, and he awarded 
a judgment against them for $1,000 damages and $665. 7 8 costs and also a perpetual 
injunction restraining the reproduction, recital or use of my monologues or any imi- 
tation thereof. 

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that I will hold responsible for the unlawful use of any 
of my material, not only the actor reciting the same, but the owner of the show 
and the manager of the theatre who permits the use thereof. 


166 Broadway, Wew York, N. Y. 


Longacre Theatre Building, Mew York, IT. Y. 

"Wolf, The," Jones 4 Ormio's— Vnn Burou, Ark., 
4, Okrksvllle 5, Morrllltou 0. Little llock. 7, 
Hot Springs 0, Beebe 10, Walnut Ridge 12, 
Blythovllle 13. Coming 14. 

"When Dreams Oome True"— Majestic. Bkln., 2-7. 

"WarnlDK, Tbe" (Will Kllroy, mgr. )— Cleveland 
1-7, Cincinnati 8-H. 

"Wlthlo the Law"— Jane Oowl— Majestic, Boston, 

"Within the Law"— Ilajuiarket, London, En?., 
Indefinite. . _ 

"Within the Law"— Margaret Illlngton— El Paso. 
Tex., 4, H, Albuquerque, N. Mex., 0. Sauta l"a 
7. Trinidad. Colo., 8, La Junta 0, Denver 10-1 1. 

"Within the Law' 1 — Special — Wilmington, Del., 
2-7. Bllrabotb, N. J., 9-11, Providence, «. 1 . 

!»■»• . ~ . 

"Within tho Law"— Helen Ware— Pittsburgh 2X4. 

"Within the Law" — Eastern— Sioux Olty. In., 
2-4, Pt. Dodge B. Marsballtown 0, Waterloo 7, 
Dubuque P, Clinton 10, Winona, Minn., 12, 
Duluth 13, 14. 

"Within the Law" — Western — Bartow, Fls., 4. 
Arcadia E, Lakelnnd 0, St. Petersburg 7, 
Tampa i>, Gainesville 10, Brunswick, Ga., 11. 
Wsycrosv 12, Pltsgerald IS, Amerlcua 14. 

"Within the Law" — Northern — Canton, HI., 4, 
Macomb 0. Oalesbum 7, Muacatlne, In., 8, 
Monmouth, 111., B, Washington, In., 10. Center- 
vllle 11. Albla 12, Grlnnell 111, Iowa Kails 11. 

"Within too Law"— Southern— Okls. Olty. Okla.. 
8-5, Ft. Worth, Tex., 0, 7, Dallas 0-12, Waco 
18, Austin 14. 

"Within the Law" — Central— Trenton. Mo., 4. 
Meryvlllc 0. Orcston. la., 0, Atlantic 7, Red 
Oak 0, Clarlnda 10. Brookflcld. Mo., 11. Obllll- 
cothe 12. Clinton IS. Springfield 14. 

"What Would You Dot"— Hudson, New York, In- 

"Warning, The" — Cleveland 2-7, Cincinnati 8-14. 

"Yellow Ticket, The" — Eltlnge. New York, In- 

"Zabern"— Fifty-seventh Street, Now York, Indefi- 

Permanent and Travelings 

Alcssar Stock— San Pran., Oal., Indefinite. 

Auditorium Stock — Lynn. Mass., Indefinite. 

Angell Stock (Joe Angell, mgr.)— Lancia ter, 0., 

Academy of Music Stock— Wm. Pox's— Academy, 
New York, Indefinte. 

American Stock — Phlla. Indefinite. 

Auditorium Stock— Kansas Olty, Mo., Indefinite. 

Bryan, Blanche, ft Associate Players (M, D. 
Btreeter, mgr.) — Indianapolis Indefinite. 

Dalle/ ft Mitchell Stock— Seattle, Wash., Indefi- 

Bishop Players (II. W. Bishop, mgr.) — Oakland, 
Oal., Indefinite. 

Bryant, BUly, Stock— Madlsonvllle, Ky., 2-7. 
Beiaey. Jack, Co.— Mason City, la., Ull May 2. 

Haldwln-Melvllle Stock — Buffalo lndednlte. 

Uaylles-Hlcks Stock— Fall Elver, Mass., Indefinite. 

Broadway Stock — Bayonne, N. J., Indefinite. 

Ilrownell-Stork Stock— Newark, N. J., Indefinite. 

Baker Stock — Portland, Ore.. Indefinite. 

Blondln Stock — Temple, Tex., Indefinite. 

Broadway Stock — Springfield, Mass. Indefinite. 

Bunting, Emma, Co.— Memphis, Tenn., Indefinite. 

Barrett Players — Paducsb, Ky., Indefinite. 

Blsbee Players— Jamestown, N. J., Indefinite. 

Calsmlth Stock — Beading, Pa., Indefinite. 

Crescent Players — B. IT. Keith's— Brooklyn, N. 
Y., Indefinite. 

Oolonlnl Stock — Beading, Pa., indefinite. 

Cornell-Price Players— dJaveratraw, N. Y.. 2-7. 

Craig Stock — Boston Indefinite. 

Oonneas Players — Wilmington, Del., Indefinite. 

Cummlnga Stock (Forrest H. Oummlngs, mgr.) — 
New Castle, Pa. Indefinite. 

Clearer, Laura, Players (Ernest Eastman, mgr.) 
—Saratoga, N. Y.. 2-4. 

Doner Players — Elmlra, N. Y., Indefinite. 

Davis Stock (Hsrry Davis, mgr.)— Pittsburgh, 
Pa., Indefinite. 

Do Oafferelly, Marie, Stock— Starke, Fla., Indefi- 

Drama Playera (Edward Keane, mgr.) — West- 
brook, Me., Indefinite. 

Duquesne Stock — Pittsburgh, Pa., Indefinite. 

Dillon & King's Mus. Coo. Oo.— Oakland, Oal., 

Empire Stock — Providence, R. I., Indefinite. 

Enrle Stock (L. A. Earle, mgr. )— djucyrus, 0., 2- 
7, Kalamaxoo, Mich.. 8-14. 

r.ilcllngs, Georglanna Co. (P. E. Moore, mgr.) — 
Arlington, la., 2-7. 

Empire Stock (Ion Carroll, mgr.) — Fayettevllle, 
W. Vs., 2-7. 

Pranklyn Plersoo Comedy Co. — Adrian, No. Dak., 

Franklin Stock (H. L. Case, mgr.) — Anderson, 
Ind., Indefinite. 

OlaBer, Vsugban, Stock — Cleveland, Indefinite. 

Orecnpolnt Players — B. F. Keith's— .Brooklyn, N. 
Y.. Indefinite. 

Qayety Stock — Hoboken, N. J., Indefinite. 

(lrand Opera House Stock — Brooklyn, Indefinite. 

Herman Stock — Milwaukee, Indefinite 

German Stock — Cincinnati. Indefinite. 

Olbney. Sarah, Stock (Walter Wilson, mgr.)— 
Chatham, Out., Can., Indefinite. 

Qrahame Stock— Jersey Olty, N. J., Indefinite. 

Olrard Stock— Phlla., Indefinite. 

Harrison Thestre Oo. — Tyler, Tex., Indefinite. 

Huntington, Wright, Stock— St. Psul, Minn., In- 

Home Stock— Akron, 0., Indefinite. 

Haawell, Percy. Stock— Cleveland, Indefinite. 

Harrington, Beatrice, Stock— Denlson, Tex., In- 

Heuderson Stock— Eddy ville. Is,, 2-7, Eldon 0-14. 

Holden a Edwards' Colonial Stock — Indianapolis, 
Ind., Indefinite. 

Hawk, Earl, Stock — Blloxl, Miss., Indefinite. 

Hunter Bradford Players — Altoons, Pa.. Indefinite. 

Jefferson Theatre Stock (Julius Oahn, mgr.)— 
Portland, Me., Indefinite. 

Keyea Bisters' Slock (Cheater Keyes, mgr.)— 
Wichita, Kan., Indefinite. 

Kllmt * Qanolo Stock— Baltimore, Md., lndefl- 

Knlckerbocker Btock (B. J. Mnrohy, mgr.)— Ber- 
lin, Out., Can., Indefinite. 

Long, Frank E., Stock— Merrill, Wis., 2-7. 

Lyceum Stock (Jack Simmons, mgr.)— Wymote, 
Neb., 2-7, Liberty 9-14. 

Little Thestre Stocfc— Phlla., indefinite. 

Lyceum Stock — New Britain, Coon., indefinite. 

Luttrlsger Stock (Al. Luttrlnger, mgr.)— Augusta, 
Me., Indefinite. . _ . _ . 

Leonard Players— Promise Olty, Is., 2-4, Derby 
5-7. Blythedale, Mo., 9-11, Kellerton, la., 12- 

Lynn, Jack, Stock (Jack Lynn, mgr.)— Rockvlllc, 

Conn., 2-7. „ _ mm 

Lytell-Vaughan Stock— Troy, N. Y.. 2-7. 
Lynch, Edward, Stock— Woonsocket, R. I., Indeft- 

MacOurdy Players— Ootham, Bkln., Indefinite. 
Murat Btock — Indianapolis, Indefinite. 
Morosco Stock (Oliver Morosco, mgr.) — Los An- 
geles, Oal., Indefinite. . , 
Morgan, J. Doug.. Co.— Humboldt, la., ,1-7. 
Alslfey 4 Dcnnlion Stock— Fall Rlvr, Mass.. In- 

Murpiy*'Yoder Co.— Berlin, Ont., Osn., 'sacflnlte. 

Majestic Stock (Fred K. Lanham. mgr.)— Erie, 

Pa., indefinite. __ _ «,_-., 

Marks, Ernie, Co.— Ootalt. Ont, Can.. 2-7, Bud- 

Metropolitan Slock— Cleveland, Indefinite. 
National Stock— Philadelphia. Indefinite. 
New Theatre Slock— Thiladclpkla. Indefinite. 
National Stock — Sault Ste, Marie, Mich., lodefl- 

Novllle, Julia. Stock— Chattanooga, Tenn., Indefi- 
nite. _.. _ _ 

North Bros.' Stock— Okls. City, Okla.. 2-7. 

Orpheum Players— Cincinnati, Indefinite. 

Orpheum Plsyers— Wllmlnaton. Del., indefinite. 

Orphean) Players— Philad?lobla, Indefinite. 

Oliver Players— Rockford, III., Indefinite. 

Pitt Players — Pittsburgh, Indefinite. 

Prlnxle, Dells, ft Stock (0. K. Vsn Auken, mgr.) 
—Empire, Butte, Mont., indefinite. 

Poll Players (James Thatcher, mar.) — Washing- 
ton, D. C Indefinite. 

Permanent Players — Edmoaton, Con., indefinite. 

I'rltcliard's Select Players— Grayling, Mich., 2-4, 
Gaylord S-7, E. Jordan 9-14. 

I'lrkert Stock— Miami, Fla.. 2-7. 

Penn rlarers — Phlla., Indefinite. 

Poll Playera — Baltimore, Indefinite. 

Perry, Augusts, Stock (Walter Downing, mgr.)— 
So, Kramlnghnm, Mass , indefinite. 

Princess Stock— Kockford. III.. Indefinite. 

Poynter, Beulah, Stock — Blrmlngbsm, Ai., indeu- 

Prospect Slock— Bronx, New York. Indefinite. 

Itusk-Blabce Stock — Erie, Pa., Indeflnlte. 

lioblne, Miss Bobby (F. K. Clay ton, mgr.)— 
riene. Bo. Dnk., 2-7, ttapid Olty 9-14. 

Sayles, Francis, Oo. — Richmond, Ind , Indefinite. 

Sliubert Stock— Milwaukee, Indefinite. 

Sherman Stock — Milwaukee indefinite. 

Sherman-Wooda Stock— St. John, N. 11., Can., In- 
definite. . 

Stanford Players—i Liberty, Pliltadclphla, Indefinite. 

Slork-Brownell Slock. Newark, N. J., Indefinite. 

Shannon Stock.— Michigan Olty, Ind., 2-7, Chicago 
Junction, 0.. 9-14. 

TrlrJett-Owwia Stock— Louisville, Ky., Indefinite. 

Torbett ft White Stock — Bnwnwood, rex., indefi- 

Thompson & Woods Stock — St. John, N. B., Oan„ 

Tlvoll Stock — Snn Francisco, Oal.. tmleflnlte, 

Temple Stock— Camden, N. J., indefinite. 

Trumbull, Lawrence R.. Pla y er s Albion, Pa., 2-7. 

Vinton, Myrtle, Co. (H. P. Btumer, mgr. )— Blwablk, 
Minn., 4. Hibblnf 5, Tower fl, Kly 7. 

Tan Dyke ft Baton Stock (F. Mack, mgr.)— La 
Orosse, Wis.. Indefinite. 

Wella Stock— NacUvUle, Tenn., indefinite. 

Whitney Stock Co.— Grayling, Mich., i-1. 

Wolford Stock (B. L. Paul, mgr.) — Ureenwood, 

Ark., 2-7. 
Washinglon 8tock — Detroit, indefinite. 
Wadeworth Players — Wndswortb, New York, Indefi- 
Wallace, Chester, rlayers — Bradford, Ps., Indefi- 

Wlunlnger Players (John. D. Wlnnuger, mgr.) — 
Faribault, Minn., 1-7, Albert Lea 8-14. 
Amlck's Pennant Winners— Merldisn, Miss., 2-7. 
Columbus, Ga., 9-14. 

Friendly, Dsn, Mus. Ocm. Oo. — Greenville, Mich., 
2-7, Garcrn Olty 0-14. 

"Funny Moon, The"— Jas. P. Lee — Jackson, 
Mich., 2-4, Ann Arbor 5-7, Virginia, Minn., 
9-11, Duluth 12-14. 

Gorman's Comedians — Morgantown, W. Va., 2-1, 
Fairmont 6-7, Parkersburg 9-11. Huntington 12- 

La Man's Mus. On. Co.— Mllford. Mass., 2-7. 

"Lovers end Lunatics" (Boyle Woolfolk. mgr.) — 
Bock Island, 111., 2-4. Keokuk, la., 5-8, Qulncy, 
III., 9-11, GalesbuiY 12-14. 

Rapier, Qua, Mns. Com. Co. — Indianapolis, In- 

"Salomy Jane"— La Salle, 111., 2-4, Rock Island 
6-8, Keoknk. la., 12-16. 

Toy's Mus. Oom. Co. — Concord. N. H., 2-7. 

Wills, Mrs. J. B.. Oom. Oo. — Montreal, Can., 2-T. 

Deslys, Oaby— Shnbert, Boston, 2-7. 

I.nuder, Harry — Oakland. Oal., 9. 

l.loyd, Alice, Co. — St. Catharines, Ont., Can. 9. 

Ragtime Ail Star Oo. — Atkinson. Wis., 2-7. 

Weber ft Flelite — Auditorium, Chicago, 2-7. 

Wlnnlnger. Frank, Mus. Oom. Co. — Monmouth, 
111., 2-7, Ft. Madison, Is., 8-14. 

Columbia Wheel. 

American Beauties (Louis Epstein, mgr.) — Bronx, 
New York. 2-7, Osslno, Bkln., 9-14. 

Beauty Parade (E. Scbaeter, mgr.) — Oolmnlila, 
Chicago, 2-7, Standard, St Louis, 9-14. 

Behman Show (Jack Singer, mgr.) — Empire, New- 
ark, 2-7, Osslno, Phlla., 9-14. 

Ben Welch Burlesqners (Jake Lleberman, mgr.) 
— Empire, Hoboken, 2-7. Empire, Phlla., 9-14. 

Belles of Beauty Bow (Henry P. Dixon, mgr.)— 
Casino. Phils.. 2-7, Murray Hill, New York, 

Beauty. Youth and Folly (Wm. V. Jennings, mgr.) 
— Star. Cleveland. 2-7, Empire, Toledo, 0-14. 

Big Jubilee (James Weedon. mgr.) — Qayety, To- 
ronto, 2-7. Gaiety, Buffalo, 9-14. 

BUly Watson's Big Show (Den Guggenheim, mgr.) 
— Folly, Chicago. 2-7, Gayety. Detroit, 9-14, 

Bon Ton Girls (Prank McAleer, mgr.) — West- 
minster, Providence, 2-7, Casino. Boston, 0-14. 

Broadway Girls (Louts Onerworth, mgr.) — Peo- 
ple's, New York, 2-7. Hurtlg ft beamoo's, New 
York, 9-14. 

Bowery Burlesque™ (Geo. Harris, mgr.) — Qayety, 
Montreal, 2-7. Empire, Albany, 9-14, Franklin 
Square, Worcester, 12-14. 

College Girls (Henry Hedges, mgr.)— Standard, 
St Louis, 2-7, Gayety, Kansas City, 9-14. 

Columbia Burlesquers (J. 0. McFsrlan. mgr.) — 
Beatable. Syracuse, 2-4, Lumberg, Utlea, 6-7, 
Gayety. Montreal, 9-14. 

Crackerjacks (Ohas. B. Arnold, mgr.) — Gayety, 
Milwaukee, 2 7, Folly, Chicago, 0-14. 

Dreamlands (Dick Patten, mgr.) — Gayety, De- 
troit, 2-7, Gayety.^ Toronto. 9-14. 

Follies of the Dsy (Jack McXamara, mgr.) — Gay- 
ety, Kansas Olty, 2-7, Gayety, Omaha, 9-14. 

Gay New Yorkers (Jake Qoldenberg, mgr.) — Qay- 
ety, Baltimore, 2-7, Gayety Washington, 9-14. 

Olrla of the Gay White Way (Dave Gordon, mgr.) 
Holyoke. Holyoke, 2-4, Empire, Albany, 0-7, 
Bronx. New York, 9-14. 

Girls from Happylond (E. W. Chlpman, mgr.) — 
Gayety, Buffalo, 2-7, Corinthian, Rochester, 9- 

Golden Crook (James Fulton, mgr.) — Lay off 2-7, 
Gayety, Minneapolis, 9-14. , 

Girls from Starland (Charles Donahue, mgr.) — 
Orpheum, Pateraon, 2-7, Empire, Newark, 9-14. 

Qlnger Girls (E, Rosenthal, mgr.) — Murray Hill, 
New York. 2-7, lay off 0-11, Park, Bridgeport, 

Qayety Girls (Bob Simons, mgr.)— Columbia, New 
York, 2-7. Star. Bkln., 9-147 

Happy Widows (Win. Fennessy, mgr.) — Gayety. 
Minneapolis, 2-7, Grand, St. Paul, 9-14. 

noneymoon Girls (W. M. ("BUI") Hsle, mgr.) 
— Empire, Albany, 2-4, Franklin Square, Wor- 
cester. 6-7. Gaiety, Boston. 9-14. 

Hsatlngs' Big Show (Jack Levy, mgr.) — lay Off 
2-4, Park, Bridgeport, 6-7, Westminster, Provi- 
dence, 9-14, 

Liberty Girls (Alex. Gorman, mgr.) — Empire, To- 
ledo. 2-7, Columbia, Chicago, 9-14. 

Love Makers (Ira Miller, ,ugr.)— Gaiety, Boston, 
2-7. Holyoke, Holyjke, 9-11, Empire, Albany, 

Marlon's Own Show (Bob Travers. mgr.) — On- 
luunbls, Indianapolis, 2-7, Star and Garter, Chi- 
cago, 0-14. 

Miner's Big Fiollc (Al. I.ubln, mgr.) — Empire, 
Phlla., 2-7, Qayety, Baltimore, 0-14. 

Mollle Williams' Show (Phil Isaacs, mgr.)— Bnck 
Ingham, Louisville, 2-7, Oolumbls, Indianapolis, 

Queens of Paris (Joe Howard, mgr.) — Hurtlg ft 
Seamnn's, New York, 2-7, Empire, Hoboken, 

Reeves' Big Show (Al. Reevs, mgr.) — Star aud 
Garter, Chicago, 2-7, Gayety, Cincinnati, 9-14. 

Ruble's Big Show (Joe Roble, mgr.) — Gayety. 
Waablngtun. 2-7, Gayety, Pittsburgh, 9-14. 

Roselsnd Girls (Wslter Greaves, mgr.)— Gayety, 
Omaha, 2-7. lay oft 9-14. 

Rose Sydell's London Belles (Harry Thompson, 
mgr.) — Casino, Boston, 2-7, Columbia, New 
YoTk. 9-14. 

Rosey Posey Girls (Louis Livingston, mgr-)— 
Gayety, Clnlnnati, 2-7, Buckingham, Louisville, 

Star and Garter (Harry Rose, nogr.)— Casino, 
Bkln.. 2-7, Orpheum, Peterson, 9-14. 

Social Maids (Bob Cohen, mgr.)— Empire, Bkln., 
2-7, People's. New York, 9-14. 

Taxi Girls (Louis Hurtlg, mgr.)— SUr, Bkln., 
2-7, Empire. Bkln.. 9-14. 

Trocaderoa (Prank Pierce, mgr.) — Gayety, Pitts- 
burgh, 2-7. Star, Cleveland, 9-14. 

Vanity Fair (Wm. Clark, mgr.) — Grand, St. 
Paul, 2-7. Gayety, Milwaukee. 9-14. 

Watson Slaters' Show (Geo. Belfrsge, mgr.) — 
Corinthian, Rochester, 2-7, Baatable, Syracuse, 
8 11, Lumberg, Utlcs, 11-14. 

Progressive Wheel. 

Broadway Belle* (Jos. Oppenhelmcr, mgr.) — Lay 
off 2-7, New Rnglewood, Ohlcsgo. 9-14 

Crusoe Olrla (Sam Robinson mgr.) — Olympic, 
New York, 2-7, Trocooero, Phlla.. B-14. 

Cabaret Girls— (Dandy Girls)— Max Armstrong, 
mgr.)— Olympic. Cincinnati, 2-7, Majestic, In. 
dlanaoolls, 9-14. 

Eva Mull's Girls from Msxlm's (Lewis Talbot, 
mgr.)— Victoria, Pittsburgh, 2-7, Empire, Cleve- 
land. 9-14. _ , 

Flirting Widows— (Blanche Balrd's Big 8how) 
Dunn ft Levy, nigra.) — Cadillac, Detroit, 2-7, 
Star. Toronto, 9-14. 

Follies of Pleasure (Stair ft Bernstein, mgrs.)— 
Gotham. New York, 2-7, Olympic, New York, 

French Models— (Honey Girls)— (Hughle Bernard. 
mgr.)— Broad Street, Trenton, 2-7, People's, 
Phlla., 9-14. 

Girls of the Follies (Harry U. Strouse. mgr.)— 
Haymarket, Chicago, 2-7, Cadillac, Detroit 9- 

Girls from Joyland (Lou Stark, mgr.)— NewEogle- 
wood, Chicago, 2-7, Hsymarket, Chicago, 9-14. 

High Life Girls (Frsnk Calder, mgr.)— Willis 
Wood, Kanssa Olty, 2-7, lay off 9-14. 

Jack Reed's Progressive Girls (Fred Rider, mgr.) 
— -Garden, Buffalo, 2-7, Armory, Blnghamton, 9- 
11, Van Curler, Schenectady, 12-14. 

Monte Carlo Qlils (Tom D. Sullivan, mgr.) — Star, 
Toronto. 2-7, Garden, Buffalo, 9-14. 

Military Maids— (Mirth Makers) — (Hatch ft 
Bestty, mgrs.) — Howard, Boston, 2-7, G O. H., 
Boston, 9-14. 

Mischief Makers (Jean Bedlnl, mgr.) — Empire, 
Pltufield, 2-4, Empire, Holyoke, 6-7, Howard, 
Boston. 9-14. 

Parisian Beauties (Sim Williams, mgr.) — Peo- 
ple's, Phlla., 2-7, Victoria, Pittsburgh, 9-14. 

Queens of the Cabaret — (Dolly Dimple Girls) — 
(Sutter ft Leavitt mgrs.) — Armory, Blngham- 
ton, 2-4, Van Curler. Schenectady, 6-7, Em- 
pire, PIttsfleld, 9-11, Empire, Holyoke, 12-14. 

Rector Girls (Morris Wsinstock, mgr.) — Empire, 
Cleveland, 2-7, Olympic, Cincinnati, 9-14. 

The Jolly Girls— (Msy Howard's Girls of All 
Nations) — (Sol Myers, mgr.) — 0. 0., Boston, 
2-7, Gotham, New York, 9-14. 

Tango Girls (Ohas. E. Tsylor, mgr.) — Gayety, St. 
Louis, 2-7, Willis Wood, Kansas Olty, 9-14. 

Tbe Hsppy Maids — (Stars of Burlesque) — (W. J. 
Bentley, mgr.) — Majestic, Indianapolis, 2-7, 
Gayety. St Louts, 9-14. 

Trip to Paris (Hsrry C. Lake, mgr.) — TTocadero, 
Phlla., 2-7, Broad Street Trenton, 9-14. 


Dumont's — Phlla., Indefinite. 

De Rue Bros.' — Mllford, N. J., 6, Glen Gardner 
0, High Bridge 7, Kutitown, Ps., 9, Allentowo 

Field, Al. G.— Battle Creek, Mich., 4, Kalamasoo 
6, Elkhart Ind., 0, .South Bend 7, Mollne. III., 
8, Davenport, la., 9, Burlington 10, Oskaloosa 
11, Msrshalltown 12, Dee Moines 13, St Joseph, 
Mo., 14. 

Uuy Bros.— Winchester, Vs., 4, Grcencastle. Ps., 

5, Cumberland, Md., 6, Meyeradale, Pa,, 7. 
Greater Dixie— CoatesvUIe, Pa., 4, Harruburg S, 

Huntingdon 0. Saxton 7, Hopewell 9, Mt. Union 
10, Tyrone 11. 
Huntington's Mighty— Dermott Ark.. 4, HoGehee 

6, Pine Bluff 0, 7, Stuttgart 9, Clarendon lu. 
Helena 11, 12, Marianne 13, Forest Olty 14. 

O'Brien's, Nell (O. F. Hodge, mgr.)— Nashville, 

Tenn., 4, Memphis 6, Jackson, Miss., 0, Vlcks- 

burg 7, New Orleans, La., 8-14. 
Prlnuoso ft Dockstsder's (Earl Burgess, mgr.)— 

American Music Hall, Chicago, 2-7, Aaron, 

III., 8. 
VogeTs, John W.— Evansvllle, Ind., 7. 


Chicago Symphony Orchestra— Milwaukee, Wis., 9, 
Madison 10. 

Fischer's Exposition Orchestra— VIcksburg, Midi., 
4, Battle Creek 6, Lansing 6, E. Lansing 7, 
Kalamasoo S, Charlotte 9. Constant Ine 11, Jenn- 
vllle 12, Ann Arbor 13, B. Lansing 14. 

Page's, Versatile Musicians (W. W. Page, mgr.) — 
Payson, U., indefinite. 

Vessela'a Band— Steel Pier, Atlantic City, N. J., 


"Drug Terror, The" — Park, New York, indefinite. 

"Lea Mlsexables" — Curneglo Lyceum, New York, in. 

"Musketeers, The Three"— Now York, New York, 

"Smsshlng the Vice Trust"— Weber's, New York, 

"Sky Monster, The"— Republic New York, Indefi- 


Howard Amuse. Co. — Vlcksburg, Miss., 2-7. 

Tropical Amuse. Oo. — Union, S. C, 2-7, Green- 
ville 9-14. 


D'Esta-Raoods' Unique Novelties— Union, S. C, 

Griffith, Great — Kankakee, 111., 1-7, Saginaw. 
Mich.. 8-14. 

RIcton Big Shew — Cincinnati Indefinite, 

Smith, Mysterious — Beresford, So. Dak., 4, Hur- 
ley 8 Davis 0, Lennox 7, Freeman 0. Scotland 
10, Springfield 11, Banning Water 12, Lynch, 
Neb., 13, Fairfax, So. Dak., 14. 

Walden, Dnna — Nashville, 111., 4, Murpbysboro 6, 
Bslnbrllge, Ind., 0, Arlington 7, westport C, 
Batesville 10, Dayton 11, Pennville 12, Royal 
Center 14. 



Drnver, Col. — Broadway (Peter McCoort 
mgr.) E. H. Sothern March 2 snd week. 

OaruaTJM (A. O. Carson, mgr.) — Bill 2 and 
week: Horace Goldln and company. Vers McOord 
and Arthur Shaw, Sharp and Tnrrek, Wilson and 
Pearson, MeOormlck and Irwin, Nelson and Nel- 
son, Bombay Deerfoot and moving pictures. 

DsmtAM (Woodward ft Roman, mgrs.) — "Mrs. 
Black la Back" 1 and week. 

Ektobh (George A. Bovyer, mgr.)— B1U 2 snd 
week: Snyder snd Halls, Onset and Grnet. 
O'Brien and Lear Clayton Drew Playera, Clar- 
ence Oliver, and "Cupid's Syndicate." 

Tabo* Gsakd (Peter MoCourt mgr.) — 
"Freckles" 1 and week. 

Baxn (Nettle Wilson Wa.-d, mgr-)— Waldo and 
Hoyt, In burlesque, vaudeville and moving pic- 

St. Catharines, Can, — Grand (G. B. Od- 
ium, mgr.) Dockstsder's Minstrels did big busi- 
ness Feb. 17. "Peg f> My Heart" played to R. 
R. 0. 33. "A Chinese Honeymoon" (amateurs), 
good business 24. 26. Flake O'Hara. In "Dear 
Old Dublin," followed 29. Lawrence Irving and 
Mabel Hackney March D, Alice Lloyd 9, "The Old 

CHA8. K. HARRIS* New Sensational 

Arranged as One-Step, Two-step >nd.Tr 1. 
Small, Cello and Piano, IS Cents 





Let them all rave about their Hesitation Waltzes, 
they haven't a single one to compare with 
CUAS. K. HARRIS' great hit If you want 
something novel, catchy and DANCY then be 
sure to get this sensational hit. 
Small, CeUo and Piano, • 19 Cent! 

t°h f e ROSE 


Another phenomlnal hit by Leo. Edwards. The 
catchltst, prettiest and most delightful hesitation 
Waltz on the market One of the- biggest Bits we 
ever published. 
Small, Cello and Piano, - IS Cents 


LIKE 100 

Another big bit by Leo. Edwards. If you want 
the real thing In a Tango, one which is really a 
Tango and not a misfit, then be sure to send for 
"Nobody Tangoes Like Yon." 
Small. Cello and Piano, . 19 Cents 


Here's a spicy bit of melody by the clever writer, 
Jos. E. Howard. A Tango which makes them all 
sit up and take notice and a bit from tbe word 
"go." You need this one and wc offer It at a price 
which Bhonld be attractive. 
Small, Cello and Piano, - 19 Cents 



Here's a Tango by a past-master In the art, tbe 
ever popular, ecccbtric and wonderfully gifted 
Manrlce Levi. If you could see them Tango to 
this tune you wouldn't hesitate to send for it at 
once, and you'll have good use for it too. 
Small, Cello and Piano, - 19 Cents 


Bring Back the Love Days of Junetlme . Waltz 
I've Just Come In to Say Hello • Two-step 
When Roses Bloom In Dixie Land • Two step 
No One Else Can Take Your Place • Two. step 
Oon't You Wish You Were Back Home 

Again - Waltz 

SPECIAL A r;^a b oo v v c e ro f r o? , Sf:oo 6c SPECIAL 

Chas. ¥ Harris' Medley Overture No. 8 



For enclosed send music marked. 


Address .....•••..• 





47th St. t Broadway, NEW YORK 




Deaths in llK Profession. 

(Continued from another page.) 



Who Died March 5, 1019 




Died Fob. 26, 1013. 

Putnam Grliwold. 

Pctnam GatswoLO, the noted American basso, 
d,«l early Thursday morning, Feb. £0, In 
Mill Alston'! sanitarium, on West 3!ity-nr«: 
Street, this dry, following an operation for ap- 
pendicitis be underwent on Feb. 10. He made his 
fut appearance it the Wagner concert at the 
Metropolitan Opera House two day* before be 
was operated opon. He waa thirty-six years old. 
Twice decanted by tbe German Emperor, Mr. 
Grlswold was perhaps one of the beat known of 
American singers. He began singing at can -eh 
concerts la California wben be was twenty-two. 
and In a brief time went to London, pursuing bis 
musical studies with Albert Bandegger, of tbe 
Royal College of Music. Later be went to Ps.-is 
and stilled with Jacques Bouby. He sobw 
asently appeared in opera at Oovent Garden, and 
was a member also of tbe Boyal Opera ensembles 
of Munich and Berlin. As a member of tba 
"Parsifal" company Mr. Orlswold appeared In 
opera In tola coon try In 1904, produced by Henry 
W. Saraje, and sung In English. Mr, Orlswold 
returned to Europe and sang at tbe Berlin Opera. 
He was engaged for tbe Metropolitan and began 
bis career st that opera bouse In the Fall of 
1011. His Brat appearance at the Metropolitan 
was as Hagen, In ''Qoetterdaemmerunr." Since 
then be Sited numerous bass roles. Mr. Orlswold 
llred st the Majestic Hob»L His wife survives 
hint. i r- 

Night of Feb. 27 It was learned that the Kni- 
peror of Germany had rent a coble message to the 
German Embassy at Waahlnston, D. C directing 
that a representative be sent to the funeral services 
of Mr. Grlswold. He also directed that a 
crown be placed on the bier as a symbol of bis 

Trie funeral services were lield Fob. 28, at Ihe 
Broadway Tabernacle, end a Quartet, conslstltu: of 
Herbert 'Wltherspoon, Carl Schlegel, Lambert Mur- 
phy and Paul Althouae, tang. Honorary palt- 
bearers included: Ginllo Gattl-Gasarea, Ottn H. 
Kahn Enrico Oarnso, Herman Brlon, Otto Gorlu. 
Edward N. dark, Rudolf Berger, Frederics Steln- 
way, Patqnale Atnato, Rlecardo Martin, Hans 
Tauseber, Adamo Dldur and Giorgio Polaeco. 

Mr. Gittl Casezxa had renewed his contract 
with Mr. Grlsnold less than a fortnight ago. 





(Continued from another page.) 

Dorothy Brennon, 
BaxtroiD, Bboosxtn, Fas. 25. 

Breaking to her act under tbe name of Dorothy 
Gordon, Mlaa Brennon offered one of the nest 
"singles" ever seen In this house. She lias a good 
selection of songs. 

For her entrance number, "Twentieth Century 
Rag," she won a tan broadcloth tailor made 
dress. "On the Stepa of the Great White Capi- 
tol," quickly followed, wben the change of dress 
mi made to • white spangled minaret gown la 
which Miss Bresson made a very pretty picture. 

For her next number, "Posh It Alone," she 
wore a handsome pink evening gown. The song 
went over finely, and captured the audience. 

Good taste was shown In the last number, a 
real "add" song. "But I'm Not Uolng To Tell 
What I Know*. Miss Brennon made a "cute 
kiddle." She entered, riding on the back of a 
big stuffed dog on wheels, which looted so life- 
like one almost expected to hear hltn bark. Tbe 
number went bbr, and reaped the reward of great 

Mlaa Brennon has a fine net, a wonderful ward- 
robe, a voice of rich quality, unlimited talent, 
beauty, personality, and the knack of putting a 
number over. She should be on tbe big time. 

The act runs twelve minutes, in one. fill. 

Leatel Trio. 

Ftjltom, BbooKLIU, MattKXB, FBa. 24. 

Doing a clever eoaaedy and novelty bar set, this 
trio won the applause they deserved. 

Three men, one dressed as a woman, go throurh 
their tricks with ease. Their performance on 
the ban and then comedy are apod. It la not a 
new act, bat they work away from the usual run 
of thla style of work. They carry their own drop, 
representing the outalde of a dob bouse. Eight 
minutes, full stage. Bid. 



(Continued from another page.) 

Heater Howard (Mrs. Herman Sutler), 
only daoghter of Mr. and Mrs. Curry Howard, died 
at the none of her grandparents In Dubuque, 
la., Feb. 23. in vaudeville, Hester Howard was 
seen for several years in a wire act, with "Duke" 
Ward, billed as Brother and Slater Howard, and 
a ppea red on tbe Orpheom. W. V. M. A.. liruton, 
Goodwin's and Weber circuits. She had also been 
connected, In company with her parents, with the 
following carnival companies: Danville and Cas- 
ter's, worthnm and Allen, Al. Gorman, O. W. 
Parker and the Cosmopolitan Shows. She had 
been a semi-Invalid for tbe .oast three years, 
end death came after unrelieved suffering. Funeral 
services were held from tbe Methodist Obnrch In 
nnbuqoe, Feb. "5, the Eev. Victor Albert officiat- 
ing and members of the I. A. T. S. R. acted as 
pall-bearers. Many beautiful floral tributes were 
received from professional friends and sdmlrerj of 
Miss Howard from all over the country. 

Mrs. A. Leon (Mrs. Alice A. St. John), 
widow of the late J. A. St. John, known as Prof. 
E. Leon, tie professional tight-rope walker and 
veteran -showman, died at her borne, 146 North 
Mulberry Street, Mansfield, 0., Monday morning, 
Feb. 9, after a three weeks' Illness of bronchial 
pneumonia. Mrs. St. John, who was known as 
Mrs. A. Leon when tbe was associated with her 
husband, assisted In his aerial acta while he 
walked high over thafjieads of thrilled spectators. 
One of her awc-lnsplflag acts was to sew on s 
sewing machine, on a platform balanced on a taut 
rope, high In the air, while Prof. Leon performed 
on the same rope. Surviving ber are one daughter, 
Mrs. W. H. Starrsel: one sister, Mrs. William 
Ferguson, and one brother. Homer Culberson. 
Burial was made In the same grave as ber hus- 
band, In the family plot. In Mansfield. - 

Dede Cameron, a young actress, who was 
making her first stage appearance In "The Bine 
Bird," and whose name In private life was 
Elisabeth Murray, died Feb. 18 In the Surgeons 
and Physicians' Hospital at San Antonio, Tex., 
where the company was playing an engagement 
Hiss Oameron was seventeen years old, and was 
the daughter of John J. Murray, a prominent 
Tammany man, who died fourteen years ago. 
Her mother died In 1911. Mlaa Murray is sur- 
vived by two brothers, John and Robert Murray. 
and three sisters, two with "The Bine Bird" 
company, and Mrs. Enfene O'Oonnell. of 460 
West One Hundred snd Forty-ninth Street, New 
York City. 

Adelaide Tloaelle (Merry), who years avo 
played mnny principal roles In the leading support 
of some of England's greatest actors, and who 
was also a member of F. B. Conway's Park Thea- 
tre, Brooklyn, stock company, died Feb. 26. at 
the residence of her daughter. Mrs. George Ken- 
sington, 615 Sonford Ave., Flushing, L. I. Sue 
was tbe widow of the late Harley Merry, a well- 
known scenic artist, and was In ber seventieth 
year when death came after a three years' Ill- 

Geortrc Paxtoa, an actor died Feb. 10 at 
tbe ESlmwood Hospital, near Fort Lee, N. J. 
He lived at Whltestone, L. I., hot was taken 111 
In Fort Lee while In the employ of tbe Solax 
Motion Picture Company. Mr. Paxton was born 
In England In 1862, and came to America over 
twenty-five years ago. For several years be took 
prominent parts In a number of plays, and wh«i 
his voice failed be took up picture work. He 
wss a grandson of Sir George Paxton, architect 
of the Crystal Palace, Suydenbam, Bug. 

Miriam Schvvartw, s veteran Jewish 
actress and a member of the Thomaseefsky Yid- 
dish Shock Co., died In Philadelphia. Feb. It). 
Kbe waa In tbe sixtieth year of ber aire, and bad 
been acting In this country for a number of yenn. 
The funeral took place from the Arch Street The- 
atre, 15, and was largely attended by friends 
from New York and Philadelphia. Interment 
was made In Har Nebo Cemetery. Frankford. 

Tots Merrick, one of the members of the 
team known as the Wilton Brothers, died of coo- 
stnnptlon, Feb. 24, at 268 West Forty-fourth Street, 
New York. Mr. Merrick wss a native of Scot- 
lejid, and waa forty years old. He was a mem- 
ber of the White Rats and the Masons. Relatives 
may communicate with Joe Wilton, care of the 
White Rats, New York City. Iimim Bra please 

Mrs. Gertrude Foster, formerly an actress, 
aged forty-one yean, died at tho Knickerbocker 
Hospital, In New York, Bon/lay. Feb. 16. She wss 
taken 111 tbe previous day it ber home, 020 Am- 
sterdam Avenue. Arrangements were made to ship 
the body to Chicago where Mrs. Foster wns said 
to have relatives). 

Kenneth Dryden, a baritone singer, and 
a former resident of Philadelphia, Pa., died In 
Milan, Italy, last week, aged twenty-nine years. 
He sang with the Philadelphia Operatic Society 
In 1011. Since then be had been studying abroad, 
anticipating making his debut in grand opera In 
St. Petersburg. In the near future. 

J. J. Hnllen, formerly of the vaudeville 
team of Mullen and Magee, died In the Cook County 
Hospital, In Chicago, Sunday night, Jan. 18, and 
was burled by a subscription collected anvmi per- 
formers and the Actors fund. Funeral services 
were held Jan. 21, and burial made In the Ever- 
green Cemetery at Er-wxreen, III. 

Oacar Lewis (Unstrom), formerly well 
known wllh Green and Lewis, died recently, at 
Boekxord, HI., from tuberculosis, age thirty-nine. 
He is survived by bis wife, Msy Agnes Fleming, 
snd two children. 

Wra. Tiffany slogan died Feb. 20, at 
Baltimore, Mel. He waa well known for many 
years as business manager and advance agent. 
This season be was In advance of the Trocaoeroa. 

Marnello, Female Impersonator. 

For/row, Bbookltn, Night. Fan. 21. 

Marnello U making his re-appearance In snd 
around New York, and is making a bigger suc- 
cess than be did on bis first appearance In this 
country some three years ago. 

Marnello Is one of the best female Impersonators 
American vaudeville has ever seen, and was 
easily the hit at the Fulton Theatre on the 
above date. 

He opens at the piano singing "Oaro Nome," 
from "Blgoletto," In evening dress, lace spangles 
over orange, with blonde wig. He next plays 
popular selections, and he certainly can play 
those "Ivories," closing with "When It's Apple 
Blossom Time In Normandy," For an encore he 
often a popular number, never changing his voice, 
which Is a high soprano. 

Marnello la a fine looking -hap, with good 
features, and with arms and neck as symmetrical 
as a woman's. Hie looks snd voice are so de- 
ceiving that oa the above date tbe audience did 
not know their entertainer was s msn until he 
took oft his wig, which he did when he took his 
encore. He la clever and does an excellent set. 
He carries hla own plush drop. The act runs ten 
minutes, In two. , Bid. 


OMver-Ornnndo Troupe. 
Loan's Bxtbkth Avenue, Feb. 20. 

Thla troupe of six fine looking acrobatic chaps 
(sll having she appearance of being real native! 
of these United States) were the cleanup turn 
of Jake Labia's bill up In Harlem last hslt of 
last week. 

Ercry one of the half down, dres*d at this 
show In white athletic shirts, white flannel 
bloomers and black hose, appears equal to the 
mates in the art of wonderful tumbling, and 
there Is an air of speed about the entire act that 
made It one of the beat that has appeared In the 
"one" metro|»lls In many days. 

And there Is ability for comedy work In one or 
two of them that makes It all the better for en- 
joying. A olle-a-mlnute troupe of expert acro- 
bats. Six minutes, full stage. Tot. 
s ■ 

Rush and Shlparo.- 

Loans'* SBTBlfTK AVXMTJB, Fib. 20. 

Plump straight and Hebrew comedian, Ihe latter 
working the character with but an over-fitting derby, 
without relying on the "prop" beard, etc. He 
has a giggle-making chuckle and a comic slide that 
he decs not overwork. 

Straight man Is a good worker, and baa per- 
sonality and enough of a singing voice, hut some- 
what plays out tbe face-slapping business. 

Then la speed and entertainment to all they 
offer, and they were one of the two tills of thl< 
bill. The comedian might substitute a newer num- 
ber for his solo for still stronger gouvr. He can 
get a number over nicely. Ten minutes, in one. 


Aran forty successful weeks at the Murray The- 
atre. Richmond, lad., the Frauds Saylea Playere 
were forced to move to the Gennett Theatre. 
which Is tbe largest theatre In the city, snd Mana- 
ger Mnrray canceled all road attractions so as 
to make the Francis Saylea Piayera a permanent 
organisation In Blchmond. They opened at the 
Glimett. Monday. Feb. 16, In Cans. Klein's big 
play, "The Oamblen," which played to big busi- 
ness all week. The Glnnett Theatre gives the 
company ample srtage room to atage any of the 
bigger plays, also a large seating capacity. Mr. 
Sayles and bis company opened la Blchmond, the 
first week In May and the business has been re- 
markable, playing to capacity at most every per- 
formance, and there la little doobt that Rich- 
mond will become the borne of this excellent 
stock company. During the Richmond engagement 
both Mr. Saylea and hla manager. Mr. Hellmsn, 
have been married there, and at the last election 
In November, seven members of the company 
voted, Mr. Saylea haa the record of playing a 
longer engagement In this city than any other 
company in a elty of the ssme population. The 
compsny Includes, besides Mr. Bsyles: flips 
Worth, Panllne Ls Roy. Meta Eyferth. Mary 
Mower. Rnth Wood. J. J. Flynn, Arthur Verner, 
Dave Callls. Francis Clark, any Harper, E. It. 
Montgomery, Ernest Kast. Joe Dill. Harry North- 
up and Dave nellman. Each production la marts 
complete, and the company will compare favorably 
with any playing at popular prices. 

Tna Star Theatre, Joplln. Mo., opened with 
permanent stock on Feb. 0, with H. Edmund 
Rush as leading roan, and Lillian Gardner as 
'eadlng woman. The company and production! 
have been exceptionally strong and tnrnawsy 
business Is the result. For the past two Satin- 
days and Sundaya two complete night perform- 
ances have beer, given, which Is something eitra- 
ordinary for a full stock. The supporting cora- 
nony Includes- Ltnnle Btlllwell. B.M. Curtis, 
iltlly (Single) Grigs. Lou Strieker, John Oaesldy. 
Lee Summer. Florence Strieker. Mabel Oassldy 
and Bessie Weldon. "St. Elmo" did capicity 
business tbe past week. Little Miss Gardner has 
more than made good with tho Joplln audiences, 
and the flowers started early In the second week. 
Mr. Rush has also come In for his share of ad- 
mirera. as well as others In the company. 

Norn raou th* Kan-ran Stook Co.— We are 
back In West Virginia, playing a number of re- 
turn dates. Business at Princeton, return date, 
was big all week. At Bluefleld the company had 
capactrv business for two weeks, many bring 
turned away rightly the second week. UJM, 
Ky., waa also ftttnrilng room only for three nights 
Manacer Carroll has added a band find orchestra, 
and the results have been highly satisfactory. 
The company will probably stoy out sll Bummer. 
Roster: Ion Carroll, proprietor and rasnoper ; Fid- 
irmnd Barrett. Jobnnv MeOroa. Robt. Gray. Will 
Wlllnrd. Charlotte Claire. Stella WllllsTd. Ida 
Gonf. Msy Corley, Prof. W. G. Grlswold, lender 
of band and orchestra. Vaudeville features: Bar- 
rett and Claire, comedy entertalnere; tbe Musical 
Wllllards and Johnny McOray. 

Blur HAIL snd wife, Elbe, are In their twenty- 
ninth week with the Yale Stock Co., and at present 
are playing an Indefinite engagement at Waltbam, 

"Tnn Hocsb or Bonoaob" Is retained at the 
Academy of Music. New York, for Ha third week. 

Noras no* m TnsaxaA L. KAsrw* Oj,— 
Theresa L. Martin, who sraai NrWrF lnjared in 
a runaway, Is slowly leeamtng. and baa ratotned 
her company, while still on crutches, and will be 
for perhaps ''two months yet, MUmVeittt I* at- 
tending to the managerial end of Ihe company 
and patiently waiting the tuns when she can 
walk again. The company remains not same, snd 
la giving universal satisfaction everywhere. Mlaa 
Martin will open a stock mgsjrement In Marshal- 
town la., March 20, for an Indefinite period. 
Roster of company Is i Happy Hulett, Karl Mack. 
Lou Andrews. Oscar Wseler, Jack Smith. Claude 
Lyons, Darwin Hlgby. Basle Ralph. Anita Uoret- 
tin, Bertha Lyons, Ada Dsretts sad Theresa L, 
Martin. _. _ _- . 

KLiiNoa OuiB4itD. of ths Eleanor Cleveland 
Slock Company, of Bridgeport, Coon., suffered 
considerable bodily Injury in a coistliig accident 
near ber home at Wattrtown, Man. Losing con- 
trol upon ths bard, ley surface of tbe steep Incline, 
ths sled hit an obstruction snd protected Miss 
Cleveland over the rough ground a distance of mors 
than a hundred feet, tearing her clothing snj 
ripping Ihe soles off her shoes. Although suffer- 
ing from numerous bnifea and bleeding profusely, 
lbs plucky little woman Insisted upon nslklng to 
her boms unaided. Her exhibition of grit was 
loudly applauded by the numerous spectators. The 
Injuries, while very painful, an hoped not to be 

•"•on*. ... ,~- 

D. U. Hadhuann, manager of Angell's Come. 

dlsns. writes, from Weatberford, Tea., that tbe 
business with hla company has been eitra good 
all Winter, and they only made one change In 
the cast, which wss when Mr. Angell left to 
spend the Winter at bis Winter borne In Cali- 
fornia. Hla place was filled by Oeorge Gordon. 
The show Is booking return dates at several of 
Ihe stands, and will cover the ssme route next 
Winter. Tbe company will lay off a few weeks 
In Kansaa City before going under canvas for the 
Summer, which will be In May, opening at Mary- 
vllle, Mo. 

NEW PARODIES. Wllh that 
"snappy finish." Rcsnll:— Applanso. 

A Scream on 






(To Fix His Aimi) 
4 Air Jl.oti, with Permit 
Monoy Order only. Read titles: Knough 
salil. Reorders count. Therefore must 
give yon quality. By appolulmonl 
only. No Lists. 

BIN West 140th Ht., New Yorh 

"Tn« CoLLiflB Widow" was used by thi 
lllshco Players, at tho Samucla Opera House, 
Jnmestown, N, Y„ week ending Feb, 28. Ca- 
pacity ruled at every perforrnnnco. 

"Madajib fissiun wns used by tbe Mor- 
ton Oporn Co., at the National Theatre, Bos- 
ton, Mass., week ending Feb. 28. Dig busi- 
ness was In order all week. . 

"When KirUMTHOon Was in Flowhh ti 
being used by the Poll Stock Co., at W»ah- 
Ington, D. C, week ending March 7. 

"Two Littlii Vagrants" was used by tho 
Kmplre, Prorldencc, K. I., week ending; Feb. 
28, under tbo management of Spits & 

"Hid Fill IN Lotb With His Wir»" wns 
used by tho lllancy Stock Co., at the 'Ameri- 
can, PhlladclpCila., Iw., week ending Ken. 28. 
The play did Immcnso business. 

"Tin RanBtRR" was the big holiday pro- 
nnthxway'a, Brockton, msbi . 


"TBI Escape," the sensational dramatic 
success, by Paul Armstrong, waa uiied at the 
Empress Theatre, Vancouver, B. C, under 
tho management of Lawrence 4 Snndusky. 

"Nions" closed the stock season at the 
Grand Theatre Sacramento, Cal., where tho 
Ed. Bedmond Players have Juat finished a 
very successful run of sevcnty-icvon con- 
secutive weeks. During that time they nave 
staged a number of the best stock produc- 
tions that can be secured. On March 2 ttio 
same company will open for a long engage- 
ment at tbe Dlepenbrock Theatre, in tbe 
same town. One of their early production* 
will be "A Fool There Was." 

"Th« Fobtdnb Huntkb" pocked them in 
week ending Feb. 28 at the Lyceum, New 
Britain, Conn. This ls also tho twenty-sec- 
ond anniversary of the opening of thy Ly- 
ceum Theatre. For the following week tho 
same company will be seen ia farce comedy, 
as "Tbe Man from Mexico" will be used. 

week ending Feb. 28, under the management 
of lister Lonergan. For tbe week following 
"The Three Twins" will be tho attraction. 

"Tun Man UtniiRu Up" Is being used by 
the Frank North Co.. at tho Savoy, Fort 
Worth, Tex., week ending March 7. This Is 
one of the latest released for stock, 

"Tub County Chairman" scored a rous- 
ing success at tbo Donhiun Theatre, Denver, 
Col., week ending Feb. 28. Mvs Lang and 
Carl Anthony scored heavily. All plays aro 
produced under tho personal direction of n 
D. Woodward. "Out Wives" ls tba current 

"Tub Hrutb" played to capacity week end- 
ing Feb. 28, at tho Prospect, Bronx, New 
York City, with Howden llnli In the load- 
ing role. "Our Wives" Is tho current offer- 
ing. . 

"Tub bmi Tsitnon" was mod by tbo 
Hlnney fitock Co. at Uio Spoonor Theatre, 
Now York City, week ondlng Feb. 28. "Tho 
Kscnpe" ls the bill for current week. 


was used with groat odvnntago by Norman 
llackett, at the Lyric, Atlanta, Oa. This 's 
tho tenth week of Mr. Ilackctt's season In 
Atlanta, and from all Indications he will ro- 
nuiln there for some tlmo to eomo. 


freat success week ending Feb. 28, at tho 
illou Theatre, Blchmond, Va., with flrnyco 
Scott playing the part originated by Maudo 
Adnms. . . 

"Tub Younobr Obnbuation" is being 
given Its first stock production at Clio Pitt 
Theatre, Ilttsburgh, I'n., week ending 
Mnrch 7. . .. 

"A Tbxas Btmr" wns successfully pro- 
duced week ending Feb. 28, at tho Bhubert, 
Minneapolis. Minn., by ths Bnlnbrldge Stock 
Co., supporting Tim Murphy, who was soon 
to great ndvantage In his original role. 

''Tub I.itti.b Mn,LioNAinB." "The Con- 
spiracy,'' "Indian Summer," ''The Younger 
Generation." "The Boy" and "The Ohost 
Ilrenker" nro some of tho latest stock re- 


'Walter and Lou Hale. 

Gatett, Bsooeltn, Night, Fsb. 19. 

A pretty women playing tbe piano, and a man 
with the banjo. They open with a "rag," well 
rendered. This ls followed by tbe "evolution of 
the banjo," the mat playing a banjo, while 
tbe scenes are thrown on tbe sheets by slides. 

They close with "Stradella," on n<sno and 

It ls a classy set The girt Is prettily costumed 
and plays the piano with much feeling. The 
msn Is a remarkable banjo playeT. 

The Halee might Improve their act a bit If one 
or the other put la a singing number. It runs 
eight minutes. In one, Sid. 

i s 

Scannell and Fields. 

Qaieti, Bbookltn, Niobt, Feb. 20. 

Two men, working in dress suits, doing a piano 
and singing act. They open with "Here Comes 
the Whip-poor-will." This is followed by "Dirty 
Fsce Sue," by one fellow, "Although My Feet 
Are Down In Tennessee My Hesrt Is Up Ip 
Maine," by but partner on piano and elnglng, 
went well. Their closing number, by both, "I 
Want an Old Fashioned Wife," went big. For 
an encore they did "The Ylddlsner Turkey Trot." 

Tbe boys do s neat classy act and sing well, 
also the fellow at the piano can play. They no 
twelve minutes, in one. 8U. 

■ s 

Gordon and Gordon. 
GAvsrrr. Bbookltn, Night. Fie. 19. 

Two men miking their entrance, one as a frog, 
the other la a devil's costume, spitting sparks, 
go Into some clever tricks of tlelug themselves 
up In all kinds of knots. They are real contor- 
tionists. Changing lo white nestings, they <lo a 
fine hand-balancing act. 

Gordon and Gordon have a good opening act 
for any bill. It la a neat, clean gymnastic act. 
They carry their ewn drops with scenes represent- 
Injr the country where alligators, big frogs and 
snakes live. 

The act runs seven minutes, In three. Sta. 
■ s 

Tbe Lublns. 
Two girls, one boy, open In Dutch costumes 
with "Germany," and do a wooden shoe dance. 
With change of costume one girl slid tbe boy do 
"Broadway Glide" and a clever dance. Tbe other 
girl follows with 'Dancing Around." tor 
finish all three do a clever dance, going ulg. 
One of tbe girls makes three changes, tbe other 
girl and tbe boy make two changes. They end 
eocb song with a dance. Thxy are a hnrd working 
trio, sing well, and most certainly can dance. 
They do nine minutes. In one. 


Dessle Leonard. 

FCXTOK, BBOOaTXYW, Matinsb, Fsb. 25. 
Opening with "Comic Opera Pirate." Miss Leon- 
ard looks well In a Spanish costume of mslo 
ottlre Her second number. "Sweet Sixteen. 
Is followed by a "kid" song, "Bllll; Oreeii." 
She ends her act with a clever bit of dancing. 
Miss Leonard makes four changes during her act, 
behind a trunk, which had been placed on the 
stage in view of tbe audience. She Is a pretty. 
shapely. Utile girl, and abo can dance some. Her 
act runs eleven mutates. In one. Bid. 


Al vln and Kenny. 

GAirrr. Bsooklvk, Nmht Fas. 24. 
Two men, doing s clever ring set, ons working 
straight the other in sailor costume, doing com- 
edy. Both boys do some great work en the rings. 
The fellow doing the comedy does some fins tum- 
bling, snd Injects enough corned/ m Ihe act to 
mske It pleasing. They do eight mlaates fall 
stage. "Is. 

1. Llbby I'loiidcll. 

2. Jennie Ross. 

a. Etta Flllard and Oeorge Stone. 

4. Ruth Strutton. 

o. Mabel McCloud and Mickey Fcolcy. 
0. Bert Bnltcr. 
7. Mile. Veoln. 

H. Miibel Leslie. 

II. Lu-Jllli) ilnnlun, 

10. I<lavl.i t.'arlutou. 

11. Margie Demorest. 



March 7 




Played fiom 
Piano Keyboard 



REAGAN mill 
I7U2 llcrtcuu Ave. 

Chicago, III.. 



314-20 W. SUPERIOR ST., CHGO. 

Block and Type Printing for Vaude- 
ville, Moving Picture Theatres 
and Road Shows 

Btook Paper for Hep. Show ■ 

Sever Late Dates-H.OO per set— 6 at a tine 

Send for Ojjgjgfjjj 

Thut cuii direct; mum liitvc Hliort cast script; ono 
that 1h willing to |ilny buss drum in Imucl pre- 
ferred. Oencrol Business Woiinin, capaide of 
Boino lends, with hpeelulileH. If yon can deliver 
llio goods long season guaranteed; HtrnlKlit time, 
no loHt nlghls. liAltliY HUGO, Fergus 1'ulln, 
Minn., March 5, fl, 7; Walipctoii, N. Dak., 0, 10, 11. 

Will sell complete Posing Act at 
a reasonable price. Address 

C. !>.. C»ri> JKNSK I. I. ASK V, 
Lon gacro Theatre, Www York . 

Young Lady Wanted 

Must be Good Singer and Talker 

to work with a well known Comedian. Address 


Ltd/ for part of Eliza; also Cornol Mayor for 
Band and Orchestra. Address 

LKON WASHBURN, cheater, Pa. 
P. 8.— ThoHo who wrole beforo wrllo again. 

AT LI BERT Y for Summer Sana on the 


Only First Class Union Engagement Desired. 

Address L . O. HOWK 

11QB Saratoga St., Orient Heights, Mnmi, 


UiMuiwIminlaaaf, lUtfulrBMa. 

tml !><■ M. SU toMa, ImUWiui 


TqMllMk Imnan Wa.aalUUluu.hl 

iU a tin i ud iuii puSnitnniB. aM(»44MM. 
s. o. Bam, D«a a M. ikIhi, bju. 


PASSES, CARDS, Etc. Wrlto for Sample. 
Wool) 1'iff. Co., 642 So. Dearborn si., Chicago , Ills 

Lady Musicians 

Who play Cornel and Saxophone and can talk, for 
Comedy Musical Act. Add. 01IAH. (I. STEWART, 
llooiii 1104, I'nlnco Theatre Hiilldlnic, Now York. 


Stage, Evening and street Oowim 

Slightly used. From 11.00 to t-' 
J. ANDREWS, 2l!> K. nisi Street, Chicago, III. 



Bessie Leonard 


In Vaudeville. IHrecllon IRVING COOPER, 

■_■ I 


Vaudovlllu or Hctuwu. Add. 11. II., care CM I'PKR 


Can Join on wire. Address 

ji^p., eaw x. v. QLii'PEU . 

.00 u week. 
FLOOD, 2020 
tllliitlelpltla, I'll. 

IKFTR1FS ^'-i- 

JlALI UHLU W, LehlghAv., 1M 

In a suit for divorce uml alimony, brouvilit l>y 
Mr* Ix-wulllo rainier against Scott A. Palmer, 
In Sun Diego, Oil., the do.'icc was grained tu 
Mr. Palmer on a crone coieplalnt of descrtkiu. 
The enso wua he.ird mid decision flven Feb. If. 

William 0. Mullkb, formerly of Oliver .Mo- 
roseo's ufllee and leccntly in advance of "Ilrlp 
Wanted," while on lta preliminary tour V'fore 
coining to New York, bos btaa engaged as iissls- 
taut to Julian Johiisoii, general press representa- 
tive for Ouinatoek & neat. 

Tint raui of llablcle In "Allele." which wua 
formerly played hy Edith liradfonl, was lai;en 
t'V Pay Cord. In Non-ark. N. J., week of Peb. 23, 
Miss Bradford having retired front lite couipuny. 

"iiii! Maid or Atiikns," a new operetta hy 
Prnii. Lobar and Victor l<con, will be produced 
hy Henry W. Savage, March 0, at the Aik>I1o 
Theatre, Atlantic City, N. J. ' 


Portland, Ore.— Heillz (W. T. Panrle. 
iugr.) the De Koven Opera Co.. wltb Beatle Ab- 
tett, drew splendid patronage Peb. 19-21, a. did 
Melntyre and Heath, In "The Ham Tree," 23-24, 
and "Mutt and Jeff In Panama" 20-28. 

Barbs (Geo. L. Biker, gen. mgr.) — The Baker 
Players presented "Our Wive." 21-28. 

(iiipiieum (Prank OorHnberry, mgr.)— Bill week 
March 2-7: Gillette's animals. Madge M.ltland, 
Cameron and O'Connor, the Tabor*. Sara Barbour, 
Armstrong and Pord, and FrlUle SchehT. 

Empkbss (H. W. Plerong, mgr.)— BUI 2-7: 
Wllllah, Mond and Salle, D'Arcy and Williams, 
"Night at the Bath.," Lew Well., and Kate 
Sandwln. and company. 

Pantanobs' (J. A. Johnson, mgr.) — Bill 2-7: 
Power's elephants, Otto Bros., Benson and Bell, 
Link and Robinson, and Dumltrescu Troupe. 

Pbji-li's, Stab, Arcadb, MAJBSTto. Gums and 
Columbia, motion plctores and musical offerings. 

Nora.— "Our Mutual Girl" picture* continue 
to draw large crowds at the Columbia, 

Wester, O.— Olty O. H, (Kettler A Umb, 
mgrs.) "New Sunny South" Co. showed here Feb. 

Ai.rtAniiTiA (J. n. Knepper, mgr.) — Pictures 
and vaudeville. James Hind, ventrllonulst ; James 
Edwards, novelty wire act, and St. Vincent Girls, 
singing, dsnclng and change artistes, March 2-4. 
6-7: Ellsaser. novelty musical act, «nd National 
Trio, singing and dancing Russl.ns 

Ltbio (E. 11. Mott. mgr.) — Photoplay, and 
music. . _, . 

Wallace (Lool. Mohn, mgr.) — Picture, and 
music. „, 

Notes. — The Perry A Bales Avenue Player 
Girls were headline™ at the Alhambra week of 
Peb. 23. The company presented three bills for 
Ilie week, with a ballet of pretty and graceful 
glrla, neat costumes and .nappy and up-to-tbc- 
minute music. Mr. Perry, known to the pro- 
fession as the typical Jew comedian, was a big 
feature. Harry B. Reynolds Is the company', able 
musical director. The .how did good business 
despite the extreme cold weather. 

Sun Antonio, Tex. — Grand (Sid H. Wets, 
mgr.) "Mutt and Jeff" played to good business 
Peb 10. Alma Gluck. nnder the anaplces of the 
San Antonio Musical Club, played to good bujj- 
ness 10. Mme, Nailmova, In "Bella Donna, 
played to One business 20. 21. Anna Pavlowa 
24. 25. "The Pink Ljdy" 27, 28. 

Majestic- (Edward Raymond, mgr,) — Bill March 
2-7 : Meyako Slaters, Vincent and Raymond, Paul 
Klelst mid compsny, Baron Llchter, Milton Pol- 
lock and company, Primrose Four, and Bedford 
mid Winchester. ._, 

Plaza (James Barr. mgr.)— The following bill 
reaa presented to large audience* week of 8: Do»s, 
the freak of nature; Bert Demo and company, 
Just a Trio, Louise List, Romlne, and the Aliens. 

Rotal (J. M. Nix. mgr.)— Moving pictures. 

Wkiwam (W. J. Lytle. mgr,) — Feature pictures. 

Nora. — Lloyd Spencer haa resigned as mana- 
ger of the Plain Theatre, and la succeeded by 
James Barr. 

llockford, III. — Grand (H. W. Grampp. 
mgr.) Hull House Players, Peb. 20, to good busi- 
ness. Eva Tanguay, 23, pleased the usual good 
business here. ''Damaged aoods" 20, Rose Stshl, 
In "Maggie Pepper," March 5; Robert Mantcll 
11, Irish Players 17, "Peg o' My Heart" 20, 21, 
Montgomery and Stone and Elsie Janls 27. 

Majbhtio.— Kor the slity-Or.t week of their 
Rockford engagement the Oliver Players presented 
"When Love Is Young" the first half, and "Her 
Fatal Sin" the last half. Good business prevails. 

OnpimuM.— For 23-25 the hill Included: Gypsy 
Countess, Mayo and Allman, Lido McMillan and 
compnny. Median'. Acrobatic Oanlnes. and New- 
port and Sllrk. For last half, "When Women 

Aurora, III.— Grand (E. T. nendcrson, 
mgr.) Rose Stahl, In "Maggie Pepper," Feb. 28; 
Primrose ft Dockstnder's Minstrels March 8, Joliu 
McOonnuck, Irlah tenor, 12. _...„,., 

Fox (J. J. Reubens, mgr.) — Colonial Minstrel 
Maids Peb. 22-20, and all girl ahow. Creditable 
company and performance to good business. 
Vaudeville 20-28. Beginning 20 Oils house will 
continue to give one performance only each even- 
ing, excepting Saturday anil Bunday evenings. 

ISIarlu, III.— Grand (W. B. Newman, mgr.) 
"Salome June" (tabloid) Feb. 28-20. lo good busi- 
ness, at popular prices. Pepplc and Elliott pre- 
sonted the Colonial Minstrel Molds 20-28, uml 
show fifteen glrla, and the advance reports of 
the show were good. 

STAn Oourbb. — Barnard Orchestra March 0. 

CoLianuM.— Redpnlh Grand Opera Co. 2, Smith 
Damon 0, Fannie Bloomfleld Zelsler, phtiilst. 10. 

TlsIPLB, Staii and Oui-iiisum, pictures only. 

Lynn, Mass Auditorium (Al. Jones, mgr.) 

Auditorium Stock Co. presents " Happened 
to Mary" week of March 3. . 

Ltnn.— J. W. Oormnn's Muslcil Co. presented 
"llllly, the Boy Artist," closing Feb. 26. 

Olympia.— Vaudeville and motion pictures. 

OoMiqus, DiiEAHLtNo and Obntual Bquauk, 
motion pictures and vaudeville. 

Not». — The Lynn 'lTieotre foiled to become a 
successful stock house. It Is rumored that Marcus 
Iah-iv will tsko possession of tho thoitro for Qrst 
class vaudeville 

Altouna, Pa.— Mistier (I. 0. Mlshler, mgr. ) 
motion pictures March 2-4. "The Vlrgtnlan' r 7. 
The Hunter Bradford Flayer, will open here O, 
for the rest of the season. 

One ii cum (A. B. Denman, mgr.) — Bill 2-1: 
ltolro's "Purple Lady." wnh Ralph Lynn, Barry 
Ann, Whittlcr-lnce and company, and Richards 
ami Brandt. For 6-7: "The Tourlata," Western 
linker company, Versatile Trio, and Miller nud 

ttreensbnrir, Pu.- -St. Clair (A. o. Wlble, 
mgr.) "Mutt and Jcit In Panama" March 7. 

KsuaoY (II. R. I.lghtcip, mgr.) — Dixie Colored 
Mlunlrels were here Fob, 20-28, 

Ohand, Casino, Puinobsb, Lybio uml Stah- 
LtotiT, pictures only. 


is a make-up vanishcr. A little 
rubbed over the skio before ap- 
plying the make-up will prevent 
make up poisoning. Albolene 
positively will not grow hair. 

Supplied In hat t and one ponnd deco- 
rated screw cap cans hy all II rat-class 
drugglBls and dealers In make-up. 

Sample Free on Rtquttt. 






Eves., 8.15. Matinees, Wed. and Bat. 8.H. 


An np to-dato garment In three pieces, fonndedon 
the famona stories from the BATOBDAY EVENING 
POST, by Montague Glass. 

Oakland, Cnl. — Macdonongh (F. A. Gelsa. 
mgr.) Harry Lauder and company, for two per- 
formances, March 9. De Koven Operu Co., in 
"ltobln Rood," 10. 11. 

Yb Lib» (H. W. Bishop, mgr.l — Isabclic 
Fletcher and Bishop's Players will present for the 
second week of her engngnment, beginning !>, 
"Mrs. Bumpstead-Lelgh." "The Lady of Lyons" 
la announced for early production. 

Om'heiim (Geo. Ebey. mgr.) — Bill 1-7: George 
Damerel and company, Chick Sale, Hans Roberts 
end company, Louis Hardt, MartlnottI and Sylves- 
ter, Msrle Bishop, Sylvia Loynl nud company, 
Anna Lchr and company, and motion pictures. 

Pantaobs' (Wm. a. Wright, mgr)— Bill 1-7: 
Raymond Whltaker and Company, Geo. Snntag, 
L'yena Japs, Lillian Watson, Dreyer and Dreyer, 
Millard, Kennedy and Christie, Monohan, and 

Columiha (Dillon A King, mgrs.)— Dillon and 
King and their Ginger Girls, present "Poppy 
Land" 1-7. 

Bboadwat (Guy 0. Smith, mgr.) — Five vaude- 
ville acts and three pictures at every performance, 
lllll Is changed semi-weekly. 

Oakland, rkoent, Oambiia, Stab, (lAirrr, 
Mablowe. Hiiown's and Geh. motlou picture.. 

St. John, N. 1». — Opera House (Walter 
Woods, mgr.) the Thompson-Woods Co. opened 
their twenty-tlrst week March 2, with "Elevating 
s Husband." 

lMPnnuL. — ?jiml>ert Bros, and Donovan, banjo 
trio; Betty Donn, soprano, nnd moving picture.. 

I.Yiito, Anita nnd — Musical Bohemian, 
and moving picture*. 

Obk. — Song, and moving pictures. 

Staii, Uniqub and Eupbess. — Moving picture* 

Muscntlne, la, — Grand (Ohas. Salisbury, 
mgr.) "Rosalind at Red Gate" bad full house, 
and was a good show, Feb, 21 ; Frank Wlnnlngcr's 
varieties of musical comedies for eight cousccu* 
tlve nights, 22-28, had packed houses. 

OnPHEUM (Harvey D. Orr, mgr.) — On Sunday, 
March 1, vaudeville started at this house. Mr. 
Kldd, the new leasee and manager, had for the 
first bill : Newport and Stlrk, Browning and Dean, 
and the Four Musical Klelsea. 

Hatehlnaon, Kan, — Home (W. A. Loe, 

mgr.) Sarab Padden, In "Lavender and Old Lnce," 
March 2. 

ino Ltrxa (J. u. Burford, mgr.)— General Film 
Co. feature, and orche.tra, to good business. 
Dunlin Fornum, In "Soldiers of Fortune" wn> 
featured 2. 

Ibis (K. H. Stark, mgr.) — Universal Service 
pictures to good business. 

I'BAiiL. Elite sod Majkstio, pictures only. 

Rlelintond, Ky.— Grand (W. P. Baxter, 
mgr.) "A Modern Eve" March 10, "Excuse Me" 
17, "Prince of To-night" 10. Vogel's Minstrels 
played to good house Peb. 24. 

Aliiambba (S. H. Sparks, res. mgr.)— "Pictures 

Ann Arbor, Mich. — Whitney (Arlhitr Lone, 
mgr.) the Men Payne English Players March 8. 

Hill Additopiuu.— Paderewshl 2. 

Majestic (Arthur Lane, mgr.) — Vaudeville nnd 
motion pictures. " 

Oni'HPX-M and thuple, motion pictures only. 

PflDT TUCBTDC 48tH8t., Jo.tK.of B'way. 

tUnl IHtAInt , 3&kg» Brjuau. 

Direction of John Cort. 

Ere.. 8.20. Mats. Wed and Sat 2.20 



In the Comedy of Tontb. PEO o> HY HBART. 


AQTl"iB «'f St. and B'waj. Phone 287 
AOluil Bryant. Mats. Wed. And Bat. 


Fonnded on Earl-Den- Blgger's famous novel. 

VUiir IrlVlfPlKU W. 42d St. Eves. 8.10 
llfill AlTIM KIlllAlTI Mats. Wed. A Sat. 2.16. 

Klaw A Erlangor Present a New Musical Comedy 


Book and Lyrics by C. 8. McLellan 

Joan Sawyer A John Jarrott, King and 
Queen of Modern Dancing: Fanny Brlce, 
World's Funniest Girl Comic; B. A. 
Rolfe's 'lArcadla," A Superb Musical 
Sensation; Ball ft West, In a 0. A. R. 
Masterpiece; Hoey A Lee. Robbie Cor- 
done. Rafayette's Dogs, Max and Mabel 

b. p. KEinTs mm &£&£& 

10 BIG 


Ford, Three lleddcrs. 

P A T A r 17 BROADWAY A 47111 ST. kanage- 

aTAliAVEi mentof Mr. Frank Thompson. 

The World's Most Beautiful Playhouse. 

Smoking Permitted In Balcony. 


Dally Matinees: 26o, 60c. and Best Beats Tic. 

Bvenings: 21c., 60c., 76c. and entire lower Door fl. 

Finest In the World. 

10-ALL STAR ACT8-10 

M9WUMJim.O\J*J Mate., Thnrs. A Sat., 2.16 


In Henri Bernstein's Play 



Evenings at 8.26. 

Mats. Tli urn. and Sat. 2.20. 



With an Unusually Strong Cast. 


Indianapolis, Inij., Is to have another vaude- 
ville theatre. 

Fbancbs Rino retired from the cast of 'The 
Last Resort," In Newnrk, N. J., Feb. 23, and 
her role was assumed by Olive Wyndham. 

Alma Gluck announced, Feh. 20, that she was 
engaged to marry Bfrem Zlmballst, Russian 
violinist and protege of the late Joseph Pels. 
Zlmballst Is now touring Russia. Miss Gluck sold 
the marriage probably would be In June, at the 
Pels home In London. 

William Paveiishaii will appear In vaudeville 
March 0, In a condensed version of bis former 
success, "The Squaw Man," 


THIS CliDPON will be numbered and attached to your contribution, and a certificate 
will be returned to yon as an acknowledgeinnit. and for future reference. The contribution 
should be signed plainly by the person or Orm tending In same, and should be endorsed by 
tbe stage manager of the show or of the house -where the art Is being used. Further 
acknowledgment will be made by tbe names and numbers 'jelug published each week as received. 

Address your contributions to 


NEW YORE CLIPPER, 47 W. 28th St.. New York 



Enclosed please find copy of my 

entitled , 

for Registration. 

NAME ,.. 


When you register a play or scenario that you Intend to submit tor reading to any pro 
ducer, we will furnish a label to be attached to the original, showing that tbe same ba. beet 
entered In The Clutbb Registry bureau. Oet the Idea? 

Additional Cort Incites Issued to Feb, 28: 

611 — Linden Hcverly New act 

408— Frank I to y Held Song I Itle 

400— Edward O'Connor Title of net 

.100 — Hugh A, Thunmgon Act 

MM — Harry Fenn Dulton Musical comely 

,102 — Lew Stafford. .. Psmily 

503— Fred I. Crane Sketch 

604 — Robert De Otnui Lcland Lyrics 

60S — Adolph Adams Travesty nnd comely 

600 — Mrs. Charles Tholcy Song titles 

607— Mrs. Ohnrles Tlioley Sung titles 

60S— Jules K. Carson Sketch 

600— Miller Play Co Sketch 

010— Johu POueger Scenario 

612^ — Charles Tlioley Four song lyrics 

613— Albert E. McNett Song 

614 — L. M. Borle Burlesque 

616 — O. II. Adams Song poem 

610— Luola Blalsdell Title of act 

517 — Fred II. James Scenario 

618— Anita Helncck Dramatic sketch 

610 — Paul Kelmo Novelty act 

620 — Prof. Wilson Posing act 

631 — Hob McGwire Sketch 

522— Al. Shorten Title 

523—0. U. Adams Song poem 




The House of Bondage 


PHI TAN 4 °th St., W. of B'way, Phone 700 Bryant. 
rULlVli Eves., 8.80; Mats.. Wed. and Bat. 2.20. 
Estate of Henry B. Harris, Manager. 


A new play by Ohas. Qoddard and Paul Dlokey. 

sTITIMniT W. 42d STREET. Evgs. 8.16 
EiLtllllUU Mats. Wed. and Sat. 2.16. 


Remarkable all star cast with John Mason, John 

Barryinore, Florence Reed, Kmmett Corrlgan, 
Julian L'E.trange, Macey Harlam, Elsine ines- 
cort and others. 

T TR TTPT V *2d St. West of B'way. Eves., 
UlOaaL I 8.16. Mats. Wed. A Sst,, 2,16. 


The Hungarian Operetta Sensation 

EMMERICH KAI.MAN'S Melodic Masterpiece 

iJATBTV BROADWAY A 46th ST.. Eves. 8.20 

UAlEl I Mats. Wed. and Sat. 2.20. 



A Comedy of Atmosphere and Action 


From the French of Fonson A Wlcheler 
As wholesome as your Grandmother's gingerbread 

HTTnfinN 55 St., £ or B'way. Eves. 8.20. 
HUUklUn Matinees Wed. andSnt.2 20. 


By ACODSTIN MaoHUGU, author of '-Officer ooo." 


Lexington Awe. and 4Slil St.. If, Y. 




6th Av.43d-44th. Dally Hats. at 2. Bestseatall. EtbB 

A 18 BIO 80BNBB A 


al£°nbw circus acts 


Ergs,, 8.00. Mats., Tnes., Than, and Bat, 2.00. 


M\\m ELlI0m?n C one 8 i1?6^. r nr Wtty 
Evgs. 8:30. Mats. Wednesday A Saturday 2:30 

A Drams of the Present by JACK LAIT 


TVPTP 42d8t.W.ofB'way. Phone 5Z16 Bryant 
JU I H1«J Evgs. at 8.16. Mat. Wed. A Sat. 2.15 


Supported by HARRY CONOR In 


D A ATI! THBATRE 46TH ST. W. of B'way. 

DUU I n Evgs. 8.1ft Phone moo Bryant. 
Mats. Thnrs. A Bat. 2.16. 



II. H. FRAZEE'S 48th St., W. of B'way. Eve'ga 
I A MCI I T If™ B -20- Mats. Wed. A Sat., 2.30. 
liVHUAll it ii Phone Bryant 23. 


Author of "The Lure" and "At Bay" 

presents his latest play 


A Modern Melodrama In three parts 
Staged by J. 0. Huffman 


QHITPTTPT thea., 44th. w. of B'way. 
arlUDCjrfi Phone, Bryant 8430. 

Evenings 8.16. Matinee Wed. and Sat. 2.16. 


HENRY E. DIXtY as Capocomlco, the most suc- 
cessful role of hlsentl re career ; greater than Adonis 

rnivTsTnV Sst St., East of B'way. Phone 

\j\lalCiUI 6i94 Bryant. Evenings 8.16. 

Matinees Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 2.16. 


The Comedy Success of the Season 

44th Street Theatre 

^^"■ , LEW FIELDS, Proprietor. 
44t b St, W. of B'way. Phone 7202 Bryant. 

Evgs. 8.00 Hats., Wed. A Bat 2.00 




PAQTMn Broadway' A atitli Street. P 
VAOlilU Greeley 8848. Evenings 8.16. 
MatlneeB Wednesday A Saturday, 2.16. 


With Stella Mayhew & Tom Lewis 

QOt-li CTPWITT THEATRE, near B'way. 

O W III Olntill phone 413 Bryant, 
Evg4. 8.20. Mats. Wed. A Sat. 2.20 


By and With FRANK CRAVEN^ 

WATT A TIT'S Broadway A 30th St. Evgs. 8.20 
VYiLLLHLll. J Mats.. Wed. A Bat. 2.20 


(THE LIEBLER CO., Managers) 


F. F. Proctor's 

5th Ave. 

B'way A 28th St 
Dally Mat., 26c 
Eves. 35c. to SI. 

2 00N0ERT8- 
Sun., 2.16 A 8.16. 

All Star Bills. 


"Elevating a Husband," Nell Mc- 
Klnley, Rose Marguerite, JOE 
& JOSEPHINE In a Combina- 
tion of New and Refined Ca- 


The C. W. Park Dramatic Co. 


Comedian who does Specialties 

SOUbrette who can Act! 

Leading Man capable of playing a few 
Character Leads 


Address nil mall to JAB. A. P ARK, Mgr., Orlando, Fla. 





For First Class Repertoire, Playing Opera Houses 

Good Leading Man, not under 5 ft. 11 In.; Director, with scrhitfl, to play Heavies or Characters: flen. 
Bus. Man, Comedian, Character Woman, Woman for .second lliis.and llcavlcs. Wardrobe absolutely 
cssciilliil. State all llrsl letter. Send photos. Must Join on wire. Also WANT GOOD AOBN*, 
familiar with Southern Territory; one who will n.c brush If necessary. Scenlo Artist, to double stage 
Address PRIOR & RBDOISK, Mgrs., Box »31 v «lrri,|i,gl,a,ii, Ala. 




Never rub the dirt in 
— always wash it off 

When your face feels dusty and grimy 
there's a big temptation to rub the dirt 
off with your dry handkerchief. Never 
do this. 

This rubbing of the dirt and grime over jour 
■kin irritates it and destroys its texture. Instead 
of this way. which throws an unnecessary bur- 
den on the skin and tends to overtax it, u*c this 
specific cleansing:— 

Apply your hot washcloth, lathered with 
Woodbury's Facial Soap, for several minutes. 
When the pores are thoroughly open, rub in a 
fresh Woodbury lither. This dissolves the 
dirt and takes it out of the delicate pores with- 
out the slightest Irritation. Close the pores 
and arouse the circulation in your skin oy • 
cold water rinse. 

Use Woodbury's regularly. The 
formula for this famous facial soap 
Is the work of an authority on the 
■kin and its needs. It costs 25c a 
cake. No one hesitates at theprice 
after the first cake. 


Facial Soap 

For itU fry dialers throughout the United States 
end Canada. 

Writ* today for MampUl 


For 4o we trill $er\d 
a tample cake, For 
lOo, aample*ofWoo<t. 
imrv't Facial Soap, 
Facial Cream ana 
Powder. Addre»$ The / 
Andrei" J*rgen» Ct. % 
Pmi 1M\ Spring \ 
Orove Avenue, Ceit- 
finnati, 0, 

la Canada, nddrct* Tfu Andrew Jergtrt* Co.. Ltd, 
btpt, l*-0, Ptrtn, Ontario. 


(Positive) euro for Weak Acta) 

so nm (a of iomhw 

Cross-Fire Patter for Mala svad 
Parnate and two Males) Minstrel 
and B. P. Jokes, Poems, Recita- 
tions. Parodies. Epitaphs and 
Hundreds at Original Bits suit- 
able for any aeT. A valuable 
Volume for Vsudevllllans. Just 
oat. Prlc«, SO Cents. 

uakky l. m mm 

♦Til Wlnthrop Ave., Chicago 

New Typewriter $ 18 

or .u.rau an asaiiy use, Dennett ron- 

le Typewriter has leBH than 140 parts, against 
» to 3100 In others. That's the secret of our *18 
Be. it's Imtit.ln the famous Elllott-FlBher Mll- 

A Remarkable Typewriter. Carried In 
<irlp or Overcoat Pocket. Htundnril 
K..-, board. Does Work of $100 Machine. 
Over 3il,0U0 In Dally Use. Bennett Port- 
able T' 
1700 u 
price. . 

«I3 ^sBannBaBBa-. I"K Machine Fuc- 
i.,i, , samPW' an " ir v, ho1:I on a 
s u.B.a. ^jTst- ... : ■& mo J ncy.|,ack-un- 

lled guar- 
anty. Wt. 

*a ibs. 

You can 
carry for 
homo use, 

jr tripB. 

Scnil for Uaulojtniid AKvul* na.ssstlrai 

705 Cedar St.. 

Hurrlsburg, Pa, 



6th Ave., bet. 27tb and 28th Sts., New York 



MUSIC 8.80 TO 1 A.M. 



*f\ Clear the Voice 

A great relief when 
hoarse or coughing. 

Used by speakers and 
singers for over 60 years. 

,_ 26c 60c and f 1.00. Sample Free. 
Joha 1. Brows a Son. Boston. M an s. 

Uaudepille n otes. 

ntOhJktJSti *H , 8l| B tl,, . v '"Jowl by a imllrt. 
Bred I by his wife. Hurlnr ihelr Mluvpshootlns act at 

Feb. 21 " ,rllMtr *' RCTOre *«<*. Mass., 

., M m.* t w° P i"*. '■"'"erlng from a broken leg 
JId M,ril "»' Hospital, Ualllinote, 

EanST* 1 ™ 8 '"" > TrS0! * haTe m,uraca fron » 
Nsil Ktotok calls tbli week for Euror*. 
Minr Euzibeth was obllgert to close nt Hie 
Si'los" ' ■"•""* ">" WMlr ' """S '" sow 
iJOfSE&S AanucKi-s U reporteJ to o r .cn on the 
Orphcmn time, at Winnipeg, Man., In "The Circus 

i.'i^r X ^™S,n I "L 8roiT "£. wm ,n « *•»•» *na 

l- letcls vaudeville show in OblC4ju. 

Millkr anb ViHciarr made a hit last week, 

mmi aSRSk New York - whCTe theT rep,,Md 

Bbowk *ko TiTLoa will open next week on the 
proctor time. 

Mll* Cabbis opens, 20, on the Proctor tonr. 

,-r2. Il : , Woowolk lias secured the tsblold 

rights to Johnny Bay's "A Hot Old Time," and 

opened at Waukegan, III., 19. They are booked 

over the Bntttrteld time. " 

VroLsr n.uiNXT, well known In stock, Is mak- 
ing her Initial appearances In vaudeville. 

Lao Dacey's motber is anilous to hear from 

Wouet akd Wbbt, hcvlng euceessfally tried 
out their jew German act. In "one," written for 
them bv Ja-nes Madison, bare booked a number 
or weeks of New England Mme as a starter. 

.. Tn "« M,rc0 IVln " nl " "» from Bremen, 
March 8, for America. 

Billib Sisto, the Italian statesman. In his flrst 
speech working the Unlte«l time, has had several 
burlesque offers for neit season. 

Habbt Lamomt Is In his tenth week plaring 
Happy Hooligan" in Oua Hill's Big Olty Show. 

Donotaw ANn Aajiotr have Just closed a suc- 
cessful Are weeks' engagement orer the Inter- 
State circuit, where tbelr act was a feature and 
big anccess everywhere. They opened on the 
united time for Harry Mundorf, at Blnghamton, 
Ala., Feb. 0. for eight weeks, where they were 
also a big success. They hare an offer to go to 
Australia rext July, tot are waiting on other 
offers to remain at borne, 

Yuls Alto Maokat write: "Our set Is coming 
Into good bhape and a big bit." 

Vaw akd Oasrib Avrar write: "We Intend to 
produce a new act during tbe month of May, 
called 'Making tbe Morles.' At present we are 
playing the Inter-State circuit, have plaved 
twenty-eight weeks for tbe Western Vaudeville 
Managers' Association this season and have more 
time to follow after finishing our present engage- 
ment, opening it Champaign, III., week of March 
0. Best wishes to Tub Old Keuaiu.ii." 

Don McOugtn's new Columbia Hotel was opened 
In Davenport, la., to tbe pobllc, Jan. 31. and one 
thousand people paaaed through tbe betel and sur- 
veyed the •nrroundlngs. It la a real showman's 
headquarters and has long been Dsn'a one object 
In life to have such a place of ample site and 
attractive appearance to accommodate tbe -show 
people who had always been bis principal patrons 
of the old Windsor Hotel. 

Thp New Columbia flotel, at- th« Northwest 
corner of Third and Ripley Streets, Is built as 
part of the new Columbia Theatre Building, which 
was a 1290,000 modern structure. It contains 
forty rooms, complete, with the Istest of up-to- 
date furnishing., and expensive oil paintings deco- 
rate tbe walls of the office. Twenty of tbe rooms 
are connected with bath, and all fitted with the 
latest electric fixtures, and tapestries decorate 
each. A vacuum system bss been Installed for 
cleaning and sanitary purposes. 

All tsdy visitors during the opening dsy were 
presented with a rose or carnation, and the men 
received cigars. A ten piece orchestra furnished 
the music. 

♦ »» 
The following speaks for Itself: "Anyone know- 
ing the whereabouts of Coulter kindly 
notify his wife, who la very anxious to hear from 
him. Also his little son, Melville. Address 1001 
South Wood Street. Chicago. (Signed) Mrs. C. 

a) i a> 

Ahtiibh McAoaii writes from Rockford, 111.: 
"I closed with 'Little Miss Mlx-Un' Jan. 28, In 
Keokuk, la., owing to the severe Illness of Blla 
Ualvlu. Mlis Oalvln was rushed lo Mayo Bros.' 
Hospital, st Itochesler, Minn., and underwent a 
successful operation for cancer, the youngest esse 
of cancer known to the medlcsl profession. Feb. 
0. I opened with the Oliver Drama Players, 
doing leading business, snd taking Mr. Oliver's 
place, he having opened a new atock In Daven- 
port. Tub Old Kbliabls la the big 'read* for 
me every Sunday." 

J. Bxbnasd DrLLVN appeared at the benefit of 
the T. M. A.'s, held at tbe Orsnd Opera House. 
Toronto, Out.. Can., Feb. 20. Others appearing 
were- Percy Bronson snd Winnie Paid. win. "What 
Happened to Mary," the Roma Duo. Norah Will- 
iams, Charles D. Weber, the Six Klrksmlth Sis- 
ters, Florence Hnrsley and her eight Speed Boys 
and Girls, the Claire Trio, Sawyer and Tanner, 
I*on Erroll, Frank Th ney, Max Scheck, Peter 
Swift and 0. Bcrlbner, In "The Subway Station;" 
Llewellyn and Stanley, and "Tbe Amazon 

Tun Royal Comedy Ootnpony, Eddie Erlckson, 
manager, touring New York Slate, report good 
liu.lness despite the extreme cold weather, Geo. 
A. Fox Is slllt looking after tbe otage manage- 
ment. Senora Erlckson, Gray and Grant, Elsie 
Ward, Prof. Radclltfe, Join at Syracuse April 0, 
for the Summer sesson ; tlso our big ten nsssenger 
touring car will be ready on the asmo dale. 

M. BI. IllJiilll.lOV. 
M M. Hugb.ler'8 place, opposite the Gunter Hotel, San Antonio, Tex., Is a favorite gather 
lair place for showmen. Mr. Hughley invites all followers of the white tops to call on nln 
when In the "Alamo City." TnB Now Yobk Clii-peh Is al ways on file In "Hugnloy'a P lace. 

In anawcrins ao*». pleats menflois Clippb*, 


Hugh D. Mcintosh, governing director of the 
Tlvoll Theatre, said: 

"It Is absolute nonsense to talk of boycotting 
Australian nrtlsts. We are only too glad to get 
them It they are capable. In fact we are glad 
to get any good artists. It costs as £12 s week 
expenses for every performer we Import from 
abroad, In addition to the salary that Is paid 
after irrlval, and we have to pay them salaries 
at higher rites than the English pay. An act 
In which five artlsta are engaged will cost ns «0 
before they can be landed here, and as there Is 
an average of two and a halt fares for each act, 
upon that basis we'll have to pay for the next two 
and a halt years £30 a week for fares alone for 
each act." 

"Bat to talk about a purely Australian hill at 
the present time Is utter foolishness. It woold 
be as foolish to cry In England for a purely Eng- 
lish bill, or make a slmllsr local appeal In 
America. Variety Is wbst the public look for, 
and pay for, 

"Still, wo are encouraging, and will continue 
to encourage Australian artists. We have a very 
large number working ou our circuit, some or 
whom have been working for twelve or fourteen 
years, wthout a break. 

"A large number of Auatrsllans ot present on 
our circuit are artists, who have gone abroad to 
rain experience, and we have re-lmported them. I 
could mention half a doren who are with us now. 
We encourage our artists to go awty, because we 
think that experience In the older countries of tho 
world will be of immense value to them. 

"1 might mention Fred Bluett, for Instance. 
He was with us for over twelve years. Wj 
gave him a benefit, from which he got £300, and 
he went to England. I personally booked him In 
Ixmdon In tho best balls. I would arrange and 
reengage Mm to oppear here at four times his 
former salsry. And tbe same applies to Tom 
Dawson. It Is Impossible for any artist to de- 
velop and become a star In AuatralU. There srs 
numeroua laotonces of this fact. They must go 
nbrosd to gsln the necessary polish. 

"The Tlvoll bss been a training ground for 
Australian artists for years. And what of our 
own Friday trials, snd the competition* la Ade- 
laide and Melbourne?" 

Replying to other statements In the complaint, 
Mr. Mcintosh said he did not think there were 
five hundred vaudeville artists In Anstralla. 
There was no erase for imported [artists dating 
from flvo years ago. The late Harry Rlekards 
bad been Importing artists from England snd 
America for twenty years, under exsctly tbe same 
conditions as existed at the present time. Im- 
portation had been goln* on since vaudeville ex- 
isted In Australia. The Variety Artists' Federa- 
tion of England, tbe most powerful organisation 
of variety artists In the world— wUh which the 
A. V. A. B. claimed affiliation— never yet raised 
the complaint against Importing artists to Eng- 
Isnd from abroad. 

♦ ■ » 
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence H. Doty it 
Mails. O., twin boys. Mother snd "boys' are 
doing splendidly. 

"Tun (Iiul and run Bason" la again under 
tho old management, snd once more working with 
the original caat. as follows: James Bennett, 
Eddie Goodman, Kddle Olive, Park Ulitcrs, Booth- 
by Sisters, Harrington Sisters. Executive staff: 
Max Stern, business representative; Joe Gorman, 
muslcsl director; James Bennett, producer. This 
Is our twenty-fifth week, and tbe entire roster 
has signed up with Sam M. Ilelchblum, tbe owner, 
for bla now Progressive wheel show next season. 
Tin Oid Rsuaols Is a regular member ot the 
caat, and Is "signed up" for life. 


will redoes your weight. Applied ex- 
ternally. No drugs, no oletlns;, leaving 
the skin firm, white and free from wrin- 
kles, box. Jar|1.0l). Address 


14S N. Ashland Blvd., Chleaaro, III. 
Phone Irving 730. 



M ■ Cotton Tlgbta, pair tl.OO 

*p^ Worsted TlfMa, (ate 8.W 


Halted Silk TlxMs, p«lr Ml 

Heat Bilk Tights 1 B00 

Calf, Thigh and Hip Paddings. 

Gold and Sliver Trimmings 

Send deposit and route with order 


«87 Washington Bt. Bor^n, Mass. 

4 Ten Minute Specialty for SI 

Three up to date parodies, alio a suro flro poem, 

THE PASSING 80KG8 OF 1912-18 

1 )ovc tailing 76 song hit titles Into s rythmic story. 
To get all tills send P. 0. or express order for $1 to 
Colombia Theatre Bldg., S. Y. 0. Bnlte 708-10. 


Big Salaries Paid lo Vaudeville, Interesting, fas- 
cinating, mystifying. Travel tho world over. 
Fall Instructions sent complete for only 25c. to In- 
troduce oar wonderful Illusions and mysteries. 
Particulars free. SMITH CO., 290 Livingston St., 
Brooklyn, N. T. 


Large list ol Hew Proles. 

slonal and Amateur Plsys, 
VasasvTlla 8 k a t « b s s, Bla — 

Monolopss, Mtnatrsl Mater 


rir D ^^^^^^s^ 



B. P. AhBBB, • General Manager 




MARTIN DBCK, - General Manages 

United Booking Offices 
of America 


ARTISTS and Acta ot Every Description Suitable 
tor Vaudeville Can Obtain Desirable Engage- 
ments in these Offices. You Can Book Direct oy 
Addressing B. K. Hodgdon, Booking Manager of tbe 
United, and F. W. Vincent, Booking Manager of 
the Orpheum Circuit 

offices: B. F. KEITH'S Palace Theatre Building, - • New York City 



f>ri on c 





Snlllvan and Coasldlna Didst.. Third 
and Madison ."Is.. SEJA.TTLB, TV4HII. 

THXD. LINCOLN, ■ Gon. Hgr. 


1405 Broadwar (Haldalbea-f Bids;.), n.X. 

CHRIS O. BROWN, - - Mar, 

BRANCH BOOKING OFVIOBSi PAUL OOUDKON. 6 North Clara St., cor. Madison, Chicago 
HI.; MAURICE J. BURNS. 8d and Madison SU., Seattle. Wash.: W. P. RKKBK, W Market St., Sal 
Francisco, 0*1.; B. OBKRMaYBR, Broadmead llouso, 21 Psnton St., London, S. w., England 

Boston Booking Office 


Oolonlal Bldg.,B03TON,MAS 

tbl.. oxrouo ou 


Want to hear front all aeta, large or stnall. Writs, wlrs or phone. 

W. H. Woi.KKK, Manager. 






By SIR JAB. M. IIAHIIIK. Author of "I'utor I'an," .•(<•. 



'■i ii ii^oervsw 


Week Mnroh 2. Poll's, Boran ton, Pa. 



Under canvas. Two-Car Hliow. Tbroo-nlglituiid week sIhikIs. 
forden. Bus., some Leads; " 

Drummer: all to Double Htago; ,, ,- ■ »., i«mm M i» m... », ■■»■■■»„ in>~, u ..> n .. l >i»», u .<»., 

Port«r and working ncoiilo and all olliers Unit liave been on horn lief ore, writs. Aililresa all mull to 
I.. VV. CALLAHAN. SOUS Bast Mill HI., Kansas (Jits', Mo. 

Show. Thrco-nlglit uud week stands. Oneim Kust HI. I.uuIh, May I. Woman 
*; Man for Onaraclem, to Ilotililo llnisa; (Joruots, Clarinets, Triuiilioiies, Trap 
Utago; Violin, II. A ().: Advuncu Man In llouiilo Itruiis, Oauviiiiiiiun. Citaks, 

Wanted , for Lough k Ellis Associated Players, under canvas 


Musicians for II. fj 0., Actors doubling brass, Lsaasag Man and I^jaillng Wonniii, llliarartur People, 
Oon. Bub. Man and Woman, Houbrutto with specialties, Heavy Man, Director with scripts. I'ooplo with 
spcclaltlca given prerorunco. Week stands, ray own. Hlnlo all In first k-ttcr. Also waut Boss Canvus- 
inan. No holdback. No parades. Show opens Ma; 4. Address 




ready. Send 'for It tc.-ilaj. 

Is my latest, a-rcateat and best song for Hass or Maritime Yonr cony Is 

II. W . 1'BTIUK, llswnar'i drove, 111. 



Plain Kid, • • $3.60 
Patent Leather, $4.60 
All Colore, - 65.00 
Extra nest, wilt not rip. 


In Oxfords, Slippers and 

■end for Catalog 

■ant C. O. D. II e*.</v per pair la advanced. 

riBH M AIM. 13 DAMOMa MATS, rntds to 

order et 10 ete. per njasrs toot. 


THO VV. Madlsoa Btreet 

Opp. Hsymsrket Thcstro CHIC ACQ 


Acts of All Kind* 


•00 Iistternsads and Fins Cat for •«, 
angsj, aba Printer, M Bast Mat ■treot, 

aW. Broadway end ronheATe., Hew Tort City. 



Ibllmbvl r—lamllni vrotm*—. UIimI. 

MtUm. Ka»»rUnf tainmtinmrr. SpUodM Mmc*. 

■unti oJwa/i woltliw. Ovptvtaallr tor tnf«l. 

' MIS4VM nv mrthofa. " 



sqassss stli 

ajssasasl eaOj ••llisbnt T..<.,ni." «., r..,. ■ 


S12 NEW ACTS $12 

Written to yotirordor. Guaranteed logo, on big or 
small Umo. Heat of references. Exclusive mater- 
ial full of new and original Idoas. This price for a 
short time only. Lot rue write your play, muslcsl 
piece or opera. 

CI9 My guarantee positively protects you. fin 
• 14 N. J. UUUKWIIKK.T, Huntington, Mass. ♦ I u 


Hand On IT /aV'lj R S " 
Mind B«adlng'*a«Bo ^*v ^ M punch-Judy 
Send Be. slamp for Houvenlr POCKBT THICK, 
BO THICK Catalog lneluded KllBK. 
aUOIO CO., BU. I, w> w. aetii St., Mew fort 


208 PAOKS 
Second High! 




WAIBTETi One, Three Night and Week Stands 
W Ail 1 CI/ near I'KlHbiirg. I'a. Several weeks 
to good shows. Liberal percentage. Address full 
particulars lo CLIFF II. NBLIOH, 




March 7 


Your act a sensation. It's the so long waited for opportunity 
Grab it ! Grab it ! Every line has the " punch," and every strain 
the "drop," the whole is a "riot" culled That 


Band, full of "Pep," and the biggest song ever, put over 
the footlights It is an 


"hit" with us and will be for you, while the public will 
rave about tin song and you. Don't hesitate a minute, but 
write, wire, phone or call for it right now, in fact 


You can use it as a single, double, trio or quartette in any act 
or musical comedy. It's your one chance to stop the show . nd 
have everybody crazy with that rag. Prof, copies now ready 
and will be sent upon request only to recognized profession. 



We made "Casey Jones'' famous, but the 
" Ten Million Dollar Band," will make us famous. 






■■and Willi oar flew Cold-Holl.d 

■t..l Binding. Threo-plyB.B.AB. trunk, 
■ vetedtipf'- 

wood. hand-rlveto- 
■END FOR FR a . 

ling trar. 


B, B. k B. TRUNK CO., Pittsburgh, Pa. 


lit tnetcacn YOU Rsctlme Piano 
playing by uiaiL You learn 
quickly— cully In 20 lessons. 
'^ Even if you can't play a 
£. note I'll teach voutoplau } 
**• anvplecelnRealRaalimes __ 
[-^^"Monojr-bock" Guarantee" 

- Wihn mo now for special low tirms and 

-toulmcnlilsli om hundrediol hippy sludsnli. 

A«ICr.(l!te»stn(fiirolRiMlmr)DlrtcloT nun School of Popular Muiic 

8 Bldt., CHICAGO, ILL. 

Earn $35 to $500 Weekly. Study 


Vaudeville Aots, Sketches, Snmi, 
Musical Comedy and New Novelties 
In Stage Danoos. Wrllo for Illustrated 
booklet now a ,000 Btudenta suoceedea 
Engagements guaranteed. Failure 

Altieoe Theatre School of Acting 

»3& Bt. ami 8th At*., New York 


Uniform in Color and 
Quality Guaranteed 

rnrr ( Memorandum Date Book 
|H» (BooktheArlof "HafchurUp" 


Oar popular style $/ 
m* in tan and It 
black --- ^ 


Many other exclusive models, %t\ Cfl 
high and low cute, button or lace, .V JU 

any heel, all Blzes w up 

Full line of Tango Slippers. Fair prices. 

Hundred! of other styles In all 
Leather, and color*. DAINTY SAT- 
IN SLIPPERS In any (hade, French 

heel $a.00 

Ballet Sllppera, one (trap, all 

thadei . . $1.50 


3 Convenient Stores 

Ml SIXTH AVE., near 3Iat St., 

58 3d Ave.. N. Y. I aj»8 Welt 4i.l St. 

Near 10th St. West of B' way 







130 Stockton SI. Baa Frmdaoo 




. . ■ j»» 

, ikTuubt Diauia u resworn. 

1 ^LSSSLSS^iSt^SS^SS »«a. 

Army Qooda loaned Moving Picture Co'a. 

Fine Magical Catalogue 

Grand End of Century, fully 
Illustrated. BOOK C ATA- 
LOGUE, 26c, tree by mall. 
CaUflogne of Parlor Trick, 
tree. UARTINKA & CO., 
Mfre., 408 Blitn Are.. N. Y. 

Real Hair, Crop Wig, *l ; Negro, 2So. ; Dress 
Wig, Import Bald, Boubrctto, tl. 60 each; 
,4 yds. Crepe Hair (Wool), Mo. Ask Cata- 
log. Carnival papercapa,16o.dos. up. Imp. 
RL1PPKRT, Mfr., 46 Coopor Bquaro, N. Y. 



Look at these prices for cash with order. No ship 
merits made O.O.D. Union workmen. Union Label 
80M 8x8 tonights, changes, casts, $10^0 
30X1 4x12 tonights, 1 side, ecbanges, no casts, 12.00 
SOU 4x12 to-nlghis, with cast and synopsis, ■ 13.(0 
SOM 4x12 tonights, printed both sides, - 16.00 
I0M S},x°>; card heralds, .... 10.00 
10M 0x24 heralds, both sides (or 7x21) • 12,60 
10M 12x18 tieraldB, 4 pp. (or 8x24, both sides) I6.00 
10M 14x21 heralds, 4 pp. (or lOKXB, both sides) 18.60 
SOM ladles free or coupon tickets, • • 10.60 

600 half shoots, from typo, black on yellow, 4.60 
1000 half sheets, black on yellow, - • 7.60 

coo ono sheets, from type, black on yellow 7.00 
1000 one sheets, black on yellow, ... 11.00 
1000 tack cards, 11x14, one color, - ■ 8.00 
We carry no stock paper. Above prices are tor 
special forniB from your own copy and cuts. Good 
shipping facilities. Catalog of slock cuts. Corres- 
pondence Invited. GAZETTE SHOW PRINTING 



DESCRIPTION. From Government Auction. 
No matter what you want Id that line, 1 can 
■apply it. Now or second hand. Send tor 
oatalogno. B. B. ABRAHAMS, 
MM Booth Bt-.-PMladolphla, Pa, 

'^ mm No. 2 






The Trunk that ds made special for 
the seeds of the CIRCUS man. 
Convenient and durable. It will 
>ay yon to send for our latest 1914 


CHICAGO: 35 E. Randolph St. 
. NBW YORK: 131 W. 38th St. 



Silk Opera Hose ud Stockings 



Gold and Silver Brocades, Silks, Satins 
Theatrical Jewelry, Spangles, ete. 
Gold and Silver Trimmings 

Wigs, Beards and ail Goods Theatrical 

Catalogues and Samples upon request 

When asking for Catalogue, please 
mention what goods are wanted 


8. W. Cor. 27th St. & Madison Ave. 


description, Padding, Frog 
Snake and Monkey Stilts 
Elastic and Cloth Supporters 
Gymnastic Pnmps and Gaiters 
Spangles and Balaton Fringe 
Bend for catalogue and sample of 
tights— FREE. 


Successor to 3plcer Bros., 
•ft WOmiRINIO *»T WKT.YN V j 

Trnnk Scenery a specialty, 
Btage properties, paper-mache 
work, statuary, bust figures, 
vases, bric-a-brac, animals, 
suits, stage money, green and 
yellow backs, engraved beet 
printed. 40c. per pkg., $3. per 1,000. Order from 
the oldest and most reliable firm In the U.S. Est 
1878. TdIb paper tor reference. No catalogue. 


IB4* Broadway, New York City 



Costumes and Millinery 

56 West 45th St., New York Gty 

Ankle and Short Dresses on band 

Phone, Bryant 5375. Send for Catalogue 

Joseph Nolan 


Of Leotards, Tlgbts, Shirts, Pic- 
ture Suits, Contortion, Bear and 
Monkey Suits, Paddings, Elastic 
Supporters, Pumps. Send for 
price list. 

68 and 87 Bllery St. 

Brooklyn, New York 



. . t-.ouunda of doMsn tn porsHlta —You man 

«odoeej« Tilt" bdcJ ir proPeHLY FUUIJSHED rtm iBfute* 
- Sen d «Mmpl«« of - 

mpetent sntT BUTOKSSriTL injBLJ%B 

life KtCOGNrZKU MARKET foraoi^iaw 

• iltbltv v 


r HlTS' E*t. ItMin. If Interested, do t,. . 
TsJuabU KREEBlKtKLtT sad full psrtJcul.v* 

ay ralui 


T 11 A.'. L.I- . 


Onr vanishing Handkerchief, using no elastic, 
thread, nulls, hand box or hag. COMPLETE with 

silk handkerchief and Instructions 10c. 

Going Ling Foo'B favorite trick, COMPLETE. .10c. 

Best pocket trick on earth, COMPLETE 10c. 

All three above tricks complete and onr cata- 
logue, for 26c. 

NOTE 1 1 These are not merely secrets, you get 
complete apparatus with each trick. 
GORDON A II ALL, 760 Mass. Ave.,Cambrldge. Mass. 


Ship same day. 
I60 Set and Up. 

Sond for SAtnples and price list. 

CENTRAL SHOW PRINT, Mason City, Iowa. 



Melodies written to Bong poemB. Ref.— Wltmark 
A Son. W. 11. NELSON, 128 W. 30th St., N. Y. 


CATALOG of Professional and 
Amateur Plays, Sketches, Mono- 
loga,Mlnstref JokeB, Recitations, 
Make-Up Goods, Etc.,sent FREE. 
FITZGERALD 20 Ann St., New York. 



H* Sabrlaa. Eipariaoea SSaaaaSSSSa InaixwtJra book FREE. 

Frederic La Dalle, 8ta. 123, Jaokson, Mich . 


Containing cuts of Leading Conjurors, 60c. New 
124 page book Catal., loo. None free. 
\V. D. IiEROY, 103 Court St., Boston, Mass. 


Totrpees Ladles' Hair Qooda M. Stein's Make 
Up. Send for Price List OBO. BHINDHBLM 
2S2 W. 41st Bt, New York. Tel.. 8728-Bryant 


Planten.s o[ , bLACK 

C c " *? CAPSULES 


1,000 STYXBS 


115-117 80. Wabash Arc., 


1166 Broadway 


508-10-12 First Ave., So. 

728 M1sb!oh St. 

The A. H. Andrews Co. 

DELIVERIES For All Theatrical Merchandise 




Phone Central esw 




lit No. Dearborn St., CHICAGO, U. S. A 





order Is reed-red, or we will let yon know by card. 

W« an the LARGEST THEATRICAL MAIL ORDBB HOUSE In the country, and We wlU 
send onr large Illustrated catalogue, lately revised, to any address free at charge. 
AMATEURS NOTE that we .carry the largest stock In the country of Costumes for 
your shows and school plays. IB W. LAKE STREET, CHICAGO, ILL, 


6th Ave. and 20th SU 
Leading House in America for Theatrical and Street Shoes 

Theatrical catalogue "60" mailed frt We fit oat theatrical companies without dels: 
"CAMMEYER stamped on a shoe means Standard of Merit" 

A Leader WHO CAN ARRANGE. How manj times have you read an "ad." like this? Can YOU 
arrange? If bo, this will not Interest you, but If not, send two-cent stamp for trial lesson. Three 
trial lessons tree. If not then convinced you'll succeed, yon owe as nothing. 


Yon must know the rudiments of music and mean business, otherwise don't write. 

Box C, H!15 Firth Ave. - - - ■ - - NEW YORK CITY. 



For Street and Stage Wear ^ 

A complete line or Pumps and Slippers in all shades, for evening 

wear; Aorobatlo Clog and Ballet Shoes kept In Block. Tel~8B00-7 C 

write for catalog no. 8, I. MILLER, 1554 Broadway, New Yorky 




924-926 South SL, 


Fall Ores. Salts, Prince A1-) MEN'S 

berts.Taxedot, Sack and Cat-} ™ ." JT_ Goods Skipped om Approva 

away Suit., Overcoat. 1 WARDROBE " 


26m., 110 ; 281n, 111 ; 82tn., 112 ; 8 8 In., fit : lulu.. 114.50. Circus Trunks. 24x11x18 ig.M 
Bill Trunks, 80x28x15, Inside, 118.50 Utbo. Tranks, 42Mx28HH2, ln^ld^ U8.60. ShlppsS 
on receipt of $8, balance C. O. D.. except over 800 miles, then remit whole amonot. 
CTONTRAL TRITNE FACTORY. Est 1884. SIMONS * 00„ S. W cor. 7th A Arch 8tt.. Phil* 



Aod tha Uttst and Moat Popular Stylas In Ladlat' Hair Draatlif 

A. M. BUCH & CO. 

119 N. Ninth Street ■ - ■ . . Philadelphia. 



oniiDnrTTr nnrpprp Roe *' ***** '*** °" ,0 **° 

bUUDnh I IE UnhSSES ^^ p 2 ^aKation' en,1 ' oo61 


How to get the rlohest effects for the least expense la readily solved, by using ORONER'S SPARKLE 
EMBROIDBRY on your Coatnmes, Gowns, Curtains, Banners, etc. Sparkle Embroidery also works 
wonders with old Costumes and Downs that you might consider worthless. Chiffon Tunica a Specialty 
Send 60o. for Spangle Butterfly or Sunburst rally demonstrating Sparkle Embroidery. 

'PhnriB Rrvant «7TB. ORONRR'R SPARKI.F RarRROinKRY WORKS. 80fl W 4Sd St. N Y. 




We apeolallse In Stock Wlars 






amusement, Negro Playa, Paper, Scenery, Mrs. Jarley'a Wax 
Works. Catslorue Free I Free I Free I 

SAMUEL FRENCH. 28 West SStk St., New York. 


Send for Catalog C 136 pages. 140 N. Dearborn St., CHICAGO 
R. H. MAYLAND A SON, 54 Wllloughby St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Musical Specialties, Xylophones, Orchestra Bells, Ete. 


est. ison. 


Seven elaborate Oriental Costumes, Sultans, three Grand Viziers, 8ultana'sand three Harem favorlt'.-i" 

made for a private Society Ball, worn once. Bargain. 


f STARR & SACKS "-"low"*."* J 

i Evening and Soubrctto, Fancy Stage and * 
r Street Dresses, opera ooata and Fun, Poll- A 
k dress, Tuxedos, Prince Alberts, and English A 
» Walking Suits, silk and Opera Hats. * 

fc Mtl. Clark Bt. , Okleasro. * 

H A all A R< * i M «81 C ' Kc3 > MlnJ heading 
■ Acts, Real Escapes that make 
■"«*■■■# good. ••Tbeklndthat'adltTerent." 
Bend for bargain sheets. Hundreds of bargains 
1. 8. Barto, 707 So. Capitol Ave,, IndUanapoUi, Ind 



Advice and Infornvi- 
Uon on how to start :n 
Skow Basinet*. 

Send So. stamp for Illustrated Booklet. 

STAQE SUPPLY, Sta. I, 248 W. 88th St., New York. 


And the right to produce them *t 
" nanuscript. Get New t 

cost of manuscri 
alog. N. Y. P__ 
Theatre, N.Y. 0. 





Oldest Theatrical Joiirnal in America 





• > 

The moat beautiful oong we h»ve ever published 

, I3B ^A/. 44th St., Now Yorfcc Olty 


!MVUkch 14 



Clipper Bureau, 6 South Square Gray'* lata, London, W. O. 

Feu. 28. 
""Louis Meyer has Just bought out nil tb» 
original sharobolderB In tbo Strand Tbenlro. 
ana 1b now the leaseholder for ninety years. 
It was built as the Wnldorff, and run by ftp 
Shubcrts at tbe outset. Then It became the 
Whitney Theatre, but with no better luck. 
But "Mr. Wu" looks as though It might run 
there till further orders. A week hence Mr. 
Meyer sails for New York. Ho has bad 'in 
Interesting career. A fairly Bkilled artist In 
black and white himself, be made bis Hut 
money as a dealer In curios. He bas many 
quaint looking art stores. lie backed s two- 
rent newspaper and made money at that — 
London Opinion by name. Then he made a 
pile out of "The Glad Kyc," and went head- 
long Into theatrical management, lie rarc'y 
makes a mistake. Horse racing is his side 
line. And his luck docs not leave him (note I 
"A Pair of Silk Stockings," Cyril Ilnr- 
court's new farce, produced at the Criterion 
Theatre on Monday by Mary Moore's son, 
Itronson Albcry, and Allan AyncBWorth, who 
havo taken a lease of this house, owes n good 
deal to the personality of I<ottlo Venue, as 
any ploy nmst In which that wonderful 
.woman should appear. But It Is nn effective 
composition of its kind. Hnm Thornhlll, a 

Kooa-honrtcd, stupid creature, was divorced 
y his impulsive wife — be had not the energy 
or the Intelligence to dissipate her suspicions, 
which were quite unfounded. A while Inter 
Sam formed one of a house party at witty 
Did Lady Cowers. They wcro to give an 
amateur performance of "Caste," and Sam 
was to play old Kccloa. Who should arrive, 
all unexpectedly, thanks to a motor smash, 
but Mrs. Thornhlll. It was embarrassing, 
ut Sam was not sorry, for be loved his wife 
nd wanted to make friends. Disguised to 
be beard and rough clothes he had procured 
or his Eccloa make-up. bo hid himself in tbe 
'•droom reserved tor her, To his nmrtie- 
merit she was followed to that seclusion hv 
Major Uagnall, a daring admirer. Sam 
snorted with rage and was dragged from his 
hiding place. Neither of the parties recog- 
nized blm. They took him lor a burplnr, 
overpowered him, tied him up wltb madamo'r 
silk stockings and flung him Into a bath- 
room, from which, when reinforcements ar- 
rived, he had escaped. Nobody believed tbe 
burglar story, and so Mrs. Thornhlll and 
Uagnall were In a very scandalous predica- 
ment till Sain appeared, In his proper per- 
son, put everything straight (with the help 
<.f tbe silk stockings), and made good friends 
with his wife. 

At Ihe New Theatre on Saturday "The Joy 
Hide Girl" had a pretty good reception. The 

music Is held to bo Its best part. The dresses 
In the Widows' Club Bcene are very daring. 

When Adellna Oenee left the Empire, Lydla 
Kynsht succeeded. She, in turn, departed, 
nnd the directors determined on a bold stroke. 
Tbcy made a little English girl, Phyllis 
Bedells, trained In the theatre. Its proud 
premiere danaeuie. Edouard Esptnosa, tbe 
new moUre-de-bollet here, is quite in sym- 
pathy with this policy. He Bays English 
girls would soon dance all right did tbey not 
sec all tbe prizes going to the foreigners. 
He Introduced Miss Bedells on Monday, ac- 
cordingly, In an "all English ballet" That 
1b to say, all the performers In »he revrroa 
"Dancing Master" are English. The story 
of the ballet, written by Wllhelm for Genec, 
Is very like that of "The First Night," in 
which the novice replaces the overweening 
prima donna. Miss Bedells and Edouard 
fcsplnozn, a son of tbe famous old maitrc 
who died some time since, after fifty years 
in England, danced finely. Tbe reception of 
tne revival was enthusiastic. 

Whatever criticism may be directed at the 
dramatic art of London, says The Pau mall 
Uazette. it can never be accused of being 
non-cosmopolitan. A glance round the thea- 
tres at the present moment shows that 
amongst the authors England is well repre- 
sented by Shnkoapcarc. Ireland by Shaw. 
Scotland by Barrlc, Trance by Bernstein and 
Sardoti, Russia by Tolstoi, America by Cohan, 
und the Jewish race by Zangwlll. Chinese 
nnd Japnriesc subjects are in evidence at two 
other theatres, whilst Austria contributes to 
the musical plays. 

Having been played two hundred tlmos, 
"The Sleeping Beauty Re-Awnkenod" is short- 
ly to be withdrawn from Drury Lane. 

Marie Tempest was uulck to rccogulae the 
failure of Norrey Connell's play, "Thank Tour 
Ladyship," and on Tuesday night replaeed It with 
the perennially popular "Marriage of Kitty," till 
she shall hate a new piece ready. 

Vedrrnne and Radio proceed to their next adven- 
ture at the Royalty to-night, a play entitled 
"Peggy and Her Hnsband, ,r by Joseph Renting, 
better known as a novelist. 

On Wednesday "Anna Karentoa" will r* played 
for the one hundred and first tin* at the Ambas- 
sadoT's Theatre. She chooses this occasion to 
comnipmornte, according to Russian custom. 

It Is claimed that Friday last waa the eigh- 
teenth anniversary or the Introduction of the 
Cinematograph to London, by R, D. Panl. 

There has been a re-arrangement ot the Alhsin- 
bra dluctton, Andre Chariot and Montng.ta J.eveau 
havo for a long time been "Joint general man- 
agers." Now they both Join the hoard, Chariot 
us managing director, Lrveaux as nn "advisory 
director" only. 

Captain Scott's widow bas seen tbe wonderful 

pictures of the heroic explorer's fatal expedition 
now drawing dally and nightly crowds to the 
Philharmonic Hall, In Regent Street It took ber 
long to steel her nerves to the occasion, and her 
emotion waa profound. 

Although the Wonder Zoo and Circus at Olym- 
pla la still drawing "record" audiences the show 
roast end tonight. Olyinpla la wanted for an 
aeroplane exhibition. 

Two vaodeTille corporations kave "divided" 
this week — twenty-live per cent, tor the Coliseum 
stockholders ; twenty per cent tor those in the 
Empire, though, In tbe latter case the directors 
have had to take a little from their large accu- 
mulation of proOts to keep tbeir distribution up 
to the average. 

There bas been an elaborate revision of the 
revue "Keep Smiling," at tbe Alhambra. Robert 
Hales bas a skit on "tbe American Railway 
Boas," opropot to Mr. Thornton's appointment to 
tbe Great Eastern Railway. Lee White bas a 
charming Valentine seena. Marguerite Haney his 
a new song. "Tbe Olrl Who's Followed on tbe 
Street" Tbe revue is still vastly popular. 

London's relaxation of the regulations that so 
completely separated theatre and music hall did 
not, of course, apply to tbe provincial cities, 
though many of them came Into line with the 
Metropolis. Birmingham was a notable exception. 
Tbe police authorities bate Intimated that tbe 
long revue cannot be allowed. This is held to be 
a very serious matter (or the touring combina- 
tions, who cannot aSord to cut out tbe midland 
city, which, moreover, may set a troublesome 
example to others. Tbe Variety Artists' Federa- 
tion Is strongly supporting tbe movement against 
tbe revue, which It claims to be injurious to tbe 
single turn. 

News comes from Australia that "Joseph and 
His Brethren" baa been produced there with great 

Queen Mary Is getting the vaudeville habit. 
She is next to attend a perfoimsuce at the 
1'alladlum for the benefit of the Woaun's Hos- 
pital at Chelsea. 

Reginald White Ksuffman's "Daughter! of Iah- 
mael will be done on Sunday night by the 
Pioneer Players, a society of which Ellen Terry's 
daughter, Edith Craig, la tbe dominant spirit 
Marjorle Patterson will figure as the heroine. 

Joseph Blaacheck railed for Australia yester- 
day to put mien Tern's Shakespeare lecture tour 
In order. Miss Terry berself sails on March 
27. laey are taking the 'Jvelleat Interest 
In her visit la tbe colony. James Oarew stays at 

T. Elder Beam, who used u V known as Tom 
•fleam, the Laay Juggler, hss quslllled. In France, 
as an aviator. 

Leoter Barrett, many years In charge of tbe 
"profe**kmal" department at Francis 4 Day's, 
has bad to resign hla post owing to illness. 

Oswrld Stall Installed one more French revue 
at tbe Middlesex on Monday. He bas established 

Suite a vogue for Ibese shows, which Madame 
assault gets ready in Paris and ships over. Tbo 
costumes are very florid, and the humor very toea* 
This one. entitled "0"eet Bon." Is as good as 
any of Its predecessors ; or bettsr. It exploits 
a very clever dancer. Mile. Oornellla, but smue 
of tbo papers score steli for permitting a per- 
former to ape the late Harry Frisson. Tbe like- 
mm la so near aa to be uncanny. As a matter 
of taste, tbe Imitation Is no more reprehensible 
than many things to be seen lu vsnJevIUe just 

Jack Johnson badly thrashed an American box- 
ing manager In Pirls for making eyes at hla 
wife, so be said. 

Prince Henry of Prussia la taking lessons In 
klgemstography. Tbe Kaiser's son wants to be 

able to record bis travels In South America. 

Roland Mltford, who teaches the tango to the 
Karl's Court girls. Is the cousin of a peer — the 
Baron of Bedesdale. 

At the recent meeting of the Actors' Benevolent 
Fond, Sir Herbert Tree, Sir George Alexander 
and Sir Squire Bancroft all tendered suggestions 
to procure that the twenty tbousand Actors and 
actresses In the United Kingdom should each con- 
tribute at least two cents a month, making $5,000 
a year. Sir George Alexander said that while In 
vaudeville, be saw music hall performers making 
up pence for their fund In the dressing room. 

Ons Sohlke will produce the new revue at the 
Palace Theatre, about Easter. Willie Solar, who 
returns to London In March, Is meanwhile ap- 
pearing at the Hotel Ruhl and Clro's, Nice. He 
la announced as the merrymaker of the Riviera. 

W. O. Fields reports a great soecess at tbe 
Empire. Johannesburg. 

Oa Thursday night Charles Frobrasn replaced 
"Quality Street," at the Duke of York's Theatre, 
with "The Land of Promise," In which Irene 
Vanbrugh and Godfrey Tearle appear. 

Nearly $8,000 bas now been raised for John 
Henry Cooke, the veteran circus proprietor. P. 
L. Howatt. of the King's Theatre, Edinburgh, 
has the matter la band. 

The Musical Johnsons made quite a bit at the 
Coliseum this week. 

Some locations for Monday next are-. Moorvy 
and Hoibern, Hippodrome, Holder's <Jreeu; Luw- 
enworth end Cohen, Hippodrome. Sheffield; Chung 
Ling. Sou, Belfast; Gerald Griffin, Hippodrome. 
Dublin ; May Moore Dupres, Empire. Cblswick ; 
Campbell and Barber. Palace, Leicester; Willie 
Solar, Hippodrome, Manchester; Billy Arlington, 
Empire, Shepherd's Bush ; Toby Claude, Pulacc, 
Chelsea; Drawee, Hanbo snd Frisco, l.oml„n Pa- 
vilion; btoddart and Hyuea, Metropolitan; the 
Three Meera. South London Music Hall; 'ferry 
and Lambert, Palace, Walthamstone; r Muslim 
and Houlihan, Hippodrome, Brighton; Scott and 
Whaley. Hippodrome, Leeds; Joe Jackson, Album- 
bra Palace; rani ClnuuevslU, Collin*', Isling- 
ton; Mlnola Hurst, Palace, Durham; Maud Ouur- 
tenay, Palace, Brafonl; Anna Porotbv, Palace, 
Southport; Alexandria Dagmar, Grand Theatre, 
Birmingham; tbe Great Wieland, Empire, CnrdltT; 
Hanlon Brothers, Empire, Glasgow; Howard and 
Harris. Hippodrome, Hamilton; Bert Ooete and 
company. Palace, Hammersmith ; Olive and Bun- 
yea, rrJace, Hull; Musical Johnston-*, Empire 
Leeds; Houdlnl, Hippodrome, Swansea. 

Eddie Howard is here, and probably opens with 
bis quiet acrobatic comedy at the Bedford Im- 

Ada Reeve, and tbe Elliott Savonaa, sailed for 
Australia yesterday. 

Oswald Stoll's mother, who baa been very 111, 
has returned to tbe box office at the London Coli- 
seum, which, la sheer devotion to her son, abe 

An Immense vaudeville bouse Is to be built In 
Cardiff by the Moss Empires. The present Um- 
pire, so long the headquarters of the stall 
enterprise-, will be turned law s regular they're. 

Thomas William Matthews died at (be advanced 
age of eighty. As one of the proprietors of 
Matthews Brothers C. 0. 0. Minstrels, he waa 
one of tbe earliest managers on the road here. 
The corps broke op years ago, and all tbe brothers, 
three, are now dead. 

Montague Levcaux hss brought salt against 
Lydls Kyaabt, for commission on her engagement 
at tbe r.mnlre. 

Vesta TlUey and Walter de Frees are off to the 
Riviera for a long holiday. 

On Thursday sight the Actors* Association ball 
drew a huge crowd to the Holboro Restaurant, 
under the eye of Sir Herbert Tree. 

Charles Cochran bas acquired an Interest In 
tbe little Ambassador's Theatre, meaning to abol- 
ish the pit and to run a short smart after-dinner 
entertainment, something on tbe revue order, 

"Mr. Wu" has now been played oce hundred 
times at the Strand, and "Who's the Lady" has 
been played one hundred times at the Garrtck. 

"Suffragette" women disturbed, the performance 
of "Tbe Darling of the Gods." which the Kin* 
and Queen were watching, at His Majesty's Ttie- 
atre on Saturday. ■ 

H, B. living rays be looks forward to a day 
when "Hamlet" twice nightly will effectively 
compete with vaudeville. 

Both William Greet and Louie Englehack, form- 
ing one of our most irauratlal theatrical firms, 
have been very 111, but arc now on tbe way to re- 


Oakland, Cnl. — Ma-dcnoug'u (F. A. Gelsa. 
mgr.) March 1-8, motion pictures of "The Inside 
of the White Slave Traffic." Harry Lauder Co. 
0, for two performances. Bessie Abbott, wltb the 
De Korea Opera Co., in "Robin Hood," for the 
rest of the week 

.!"■ Lmnrr (H. W. Bishop, mgr.)— Iiabelle 
Fletcher nud the Bishop Players present "Mrs. 
Bumstead-Lelgh" 9-15. "Tbe Laay of Lyons" 

Obpheuai (Geo. Ebey, mgr.) — Bill 8-14:Bees!e 
Clayton and company, Hans Roberts and com- 
pany, Blnns. Blnna and BInns, Alcide Capltalne. 
Welcome and Welcome, Nina Barbour, ana Fathe 
Weekly. Business excellent. 

Pantaoes' (Wm. H. Wright, mgr.)— Bill 8- 
14 : Both-well Browne's Merry Masqueraders, 
Rhoda Roysl's high school horses, Hsl Davis and 
company, Marry K. Hill, Melnotte-La Nolle 
Troupe, Brighton Quartette. Dancing Farleys, 
Comedy motion pictures. Business heavy, 

Columbia (Dillon A King, mgr.)— Dillon at 
King's Musical Co. present "Follies Bevue" 8-14. 

Bboaowat (Gay 0. Smith, mgr.) — Vaudeville 
and motion pictures. BUI changes Wednesday and 
Sunday. Capacity attendance. 

Oakland, Rkoknt, Bxlluan's. Gauou, 
Gaixtv, Gem, Stax sad Marlowe, motion pic- 
tures, report good business. 

Hutchinson, Kna.- Home The: t re iW. A. 
Loe, mgr.) March 2, Sarah Padden, in "lavender 
and Old Lace." Good show to fair bouse. 
Bnrke's "Uncle Tom's Cabin." 7. 

Dl Luxa (J. R. Burton], mgr.)— General Film 
Service and orchestra, to good business. Follow- 
ing feature pictures boom!: "Tbe Lion and the 
Mouse." "Tbe Third Degree,'* "Paid in Full" and 
John BarrjoiOTe, In "An American Citizen." 

Ibis IM. H. Stark, mgr.)— Universal Service, 
to good business. 

Runt (Olouse ft Cotton mgrs.) — Darnella, tie 
clairvoyant 2 4. to good business. 
Majestic and Pearl, pictures only. 


HALF TONE! PICTURES In tbe) read- 
ing pages of THE) CLIPPER will be 
Inserted at these prices t 

' Front rage Cat. 103.00 

1 Doable Column ilO.OO 

Slnsjle Colnmn 


Copyright 10H, by the Frank Queen Publishing Company (Limited) 

Founded by 

NEW YORK, MARCH 14, 1914. 




Brdmi Warren, who 13 Mrs. J. S. Garalde, 
character actress with the Blsbee PlojerJ *ppear- 
Ins at (be Samuels Opera House, JdrriestBwh, S. 
Y„ observed ,ter forty-Seventh birthday Tuesday, 
Mardi 3. MlsS Warren baa, for a number of 
Veart. bedded ber own company In the West. 
while In New York recently visiting her daughter, 
Pauline Seymour, an opportunity to join the Bis- 
bee Playeri was afforded ber. and ahe accepted 
the place, anticipating a stay of perhaps a couple 
of weeks In Jamesto*n, but »ho was to enthusi- 
astically received that ber Itsy his Men pro- 
longed from one *ee» to another. 

On the above evening, St the conclusion of the 
pert ormance, We was called before the curtain 
inti presented with a large bouquet of flowers, 
oier'tbe footlights, the donors of this floral tribute 
belnr Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Connelly and lira. 
E. Holme*, while from Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. 
Blsbee anil PorKot Kelly. Miss Warren wris the 
reclpteht of habdsome gifts. She wis destined to 
Hpcrlence another delightful surprise on her ar- 
rival at the Hotel Everett, where she Is stopping. 
On entering her room Miss Warren stopped In 
amarement at the sight of a profusion of pink and 
white carnations that decorated her Jpirtnlent. 
remembrances of other frjerins Iri Jimxtmnt 
and a table was laden with a dainty ldnclleon, 
mysteriously plaeed. there .at the Instigation of 
the proprietor, of the . Hotel.. 

Tie J. £. Qaralde Summer stock company will 
orgtnlie about May 1. In Dubuque, la. 


The Infant son of Ealph end Reliecea pltjglcy 
Kellard was formally .christened .At. IHo rectory 
" St. Michael's Cailedral, Id Spt-lngneld. Mass., 

jtaf> afternoon. March 1, the child being given 

ie name. Thomas Dwycr Kellard, after ances- 
tors on his odHrnal side. Ilev. Thomas P. Cum- 
mlcgs, rector of toe Cathedral, officiated at the 

William Ooirrlenay, the star of "Und?r Cover," 
which Is now a sensational success at .the Ply- 
mouth Theatre,, BodWh, dnd who Is a longtime 
friend Of. fit. Kellard. and Mrs. Mary Kellard. 
bf New York. Mr. Kellard'a mother, were the 
snensonj. Following the ceremooy Mr. and Mrs. 
Kellard entertained a few friends at dinner In 
honor of their con, at the apartments In the St. 
Charles, on Pearl Street, there, which they have 
occupied since Mr. Kellard closed his Miison as 
leading man of the Poll Stock Company. 


, Prleo, 10 Cents. 


Tab Man Irholi MkzlcO" the 
t comedy vehicle ol the season at the Lyceum, 
,'tw Britain. Cobb., week ending March T. 
"Qulncy Adam9 Sawyer" week pf 9.. 

"When Kiyio8tbooo Wis IN Flowkb".w4s 
plsyed weei ending March 7 at Poll's, Washing- 
ton, D, c, under (be nanagement of JameS 
Thatcher.. „ . ,. .. . 

. "TBI Fobtoni HirNTfca" Is being used by Bert 
L.'tell And Bis excellent stock company at Band'a 
O.ieia Bouse., Troy, jM. Y., week of March 9. ■ . . 

"Thb Rioht or Wat" will shortly be produoed 
at the Utah Theatre, Salt Lake City, D., under 
the management of J. H. Garette.. .... 

"Foett-hvb Minotbs raoK Bboadwat" waa 
used to great advantage week ending March 7. by 
Grace Scott and her company, at the BIJou, Rich- 
mond.., Va. 

. "Thi Younoeb Genebation," which has Just 
been released for stock, scored heavily week end- 
ing March 7 at the Pitt Theatre. Pittsburgh. Pa., 
under the management of William Moore Patch. 

"Thb Man raou Metioo" will be used at the 
Daqoesne Theatre. Pittsburgh, Pa., by the Harry 
Davis Players. Thomas Boss will use tbls as bis 
farewell attraction. 

"Gdyls'' was used most successfully week ced- 
ing March 7. at the Colonial, Lansing, Mich., by 
the Kelly Brothers Stock Co. 
, "QtiiNCT AdaUs SiWteb" Is the attraction at 
the Metropolitan, Olevland. 0.. week of March 
0, under the management of Vaughnri fllaser. 

"Mas. Godbinoe's NecklacI" Is being need at 
the Castle Square Theatre, Boston, Mass., whl 
of March 0. with Mary Young In the leading role. 
FohTT-rirB Minutes raoii Broadway" is 
"'idcrtlned for eatty production at tha Nattdnal 
Theatre, Boeton, Mass. 

"thb Man HiOHgn Up" was the attraction at 
he Savpy Theatre, Fort Worth, Tek., week ending 
March 7. 

"Tub Milk Whmb .Flao" scored heavily week 
ending March 7. at natbaway's Theatre, Brock- 
ton, Mass.. Under the management of Tbdmpadu- 

,. "Oub WivEV' la being ored by Kvi Lang and 
he Denhnm Players, at llic Denhuui Theatre, 
•e aver .Oil.. week of March 0. Curl Antuiny la 
m ?J»ddlaj nia.ii with the company. 
rt Tub SpENtrritcirr" li the attmotlon at the 
Pork. Manchester, N. H.. v,*ek of March 9, uu- 
^, the management of William O'Nell. 

GBADsTAaK" Is being iK*d nt the Washington 
Venire. Detroit. Mich., week of March 0, under 
lh ?, management of William Moore Parch. 

SPIRACY" are l*lri; conalilere'l by IVestcT ixmer- 
fV»'«"J production at Hathaway's, Nerw Bed- 
iuitI. Mass. 

"Tub Man rr.iur Mixico" was used with great 
J«ceM ending March 7, at the Creenpolnt, 
Park *""*" tl,c nllula » !al < ;11 ' "f I*" 1 

"Thb Gjipdt Bbiaher" was successfully used 
»cek ending March 7, at the Grand Opera BbbbB 

a 5L um,w lh * "••"aueinent of I.onls Barr. 
r Jl^* .tS "* na * been transferred aa manager 

■P D* 5 reenpolnt - Drooklyn, to the Crescent. 
„,"• K - J.* 1 * - stage manager of the Lyceum 
J'ayers, New Britain. Conn., will resign from 
k* C0 °lI" ,n T on March 14, closing In "Qulncy 
Aaams Sawyer," and will open the following week 
li l ,,Re . n " na,wr wlth 'he Mary Servosa companr, 
at Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Bn.LT Bitant Stock Co. Is In their forty-llftli 
n-een. and reiwrt good business. Tlic company baa 

"J,"* 1 ' ln 'act since oprnlng. 
Fonrr-rivB Minutes raou Broadway'' plavol 
« capacity week ending SInrch 7. at Samuels' 
fjpera House. Jamestown, N. Y., where the BlsI«o 

.K™ nr * bavlng a most smicessful reason. 
Madahb Siiibby" Is being used st Poll's. 
Baltimore, Md.. week of 9. by the Poll Players. 

riOBKAN HAcitrrr closed Ills stock season at 
tJWN t Atlanta. Oa., March 7. 

JTna SprNDrnaiTT" was most snccessfnlly 
"sed week ending Marcb 7. at ILe Broadway. 
Bayonne, N. J., with Lnella Morey playing the 
leading role. The bouse la nnder the direction of 
Hotand Edwards. 

"Ttib Diroare Qtjysyiov" will be used by the 

lllsney Stock Co. at the American, Philadelphia. 

Madams Smaaar" Is underlined for early rro- 

dnctlon at the Washington Theatre. Detroit. Mich. 

Tub Comspifact" and "Ttw Ghost Breaker" 
will be car | 7 produdions at the Shubert Theaire, 
Mllnmikor. Wis. 

'Tub Tiireb Twin»" was used by the r.ester 
onergan Players at Hathaway's. New Bedford. 
"""■■ week ending March 7, to capacity at every 

"Th* Ottos* BKBAKaa" will be nsed hy tho 
Afalley 4 Dennlrou Stock Oki., at the Colonial, 
Lawrence, Masa. 

"Mb fbll iw Lo»» with Hia Wira" la the 
attraction at the Sproner Theatre, New York 
City, week of March 9. 

•THk Mtrrt" Is being used at the West- 
cheater Theatre, ML Vernon, W. Y„ week of 
March 9. 

"Shobb Acnas" acorcd heavily week ending 
March 7, at the Colonial, Lawrence, Mass., nndet 
the management of Malley k Dennlson. 
. 'Tub EscApb" played to capacity week ending 
Mart!h 7 at the Spooner Theatre, ftew York Clt». 
Cecil Spooner scored heavily In the leading role. 

"David Hlnuii" was successfully used week 
ending March 7, at the Westchester Theatre. Mt. 
Vernon, N. Y., under the management of C. E. 


Mrs. Gsa( a Itnux. of S68 East Kinney Street 
N'ewark, M. 1.. writes: "Harry Imnan ftta cjrent 
Inman), well-known contortionist, who la onaiilo 
to wutk any longer owliui to tevere luilna In th* 
head ad also troubled with his eyes. Is now con- 
fined to his bed, tiki bis brothers ami friends for 
help, as he is badly In need, the above tmjiils 
caused from doing his act thirty-one yert. Any- 
thing that will be sent to htm will certainly be 
appreciated, as he Is certainly deser/liu and very 
much in n«ed. Will be very pleased to hear from 
his old friends." 

Thb BAtn-iLLS are playing through Oklahoma 
end Texas, In their new uct, eiittlltd ' Tastlmes In 

Jilt Ddt-GHliRTT, 

Leading man and manager with the Dough- 
erty Stock Co., na* in Its seventh jfear of 
success In the Middle Wtist; 

'Tub .OoNSl'iiaer.''. w!i(c;i has W been fe 
leased for.stocU, 1» being uf»«l lor -.Hosiltat ttpfc 
In stock at, the Acadejsy ot,.Md»|j;. Ayw YoM 
City, week of 0. A heavy edvaii<» sale s re- 

"Hawthobnb or tub U. S. A." was used by 
Wllmer * Vincent Stock Co., Beading, Pa., week 
ending Morcb 7. 

Will H. Dobbin baa closed with the Grew 
Plavers at Pittsburgh, and opened 9. with the 
Auditorium Stock, Perth Amboy. N. J., In "The 
Traveling Salesmen." 

IlArrr Jack Smith and Bbbt (Boddt) B»jb- 
iiins are wlth.lhc Joy Polard Show. 

Helen CAHPBKtL, a Troy girl, and «n actress 
of much promise. >» a member of thr- Lytell- 
Vaughan fjompany. at Hand's Theatre, Troy, Ni 
Y.. and Is handling Her parts lh a Capable manner. 

Theodoub A. Dotopivf bas gone to Sptlngfleld, 
Mo., as director of the Bobert Dempster Playefs, 
who opened Feb. to. lb "dlfls." at the Lenders 
Theatre, {or a Spring stock engagement. Mrs. 
Doucet (Eieanor Orayce) Is engaged for gemral 
business with the sdnte players; 

! Co n tiuu etl oft Another ptft/C. i 

World of Players. 

Lono 4 Bates fcoTBS.— Oljr two "Beverly it 
Graustark" conippnles rire doing nicely, and rlrc 
loth bodked to rtlti to Juno 1. The .16. 1 eom- 
pnny is beaded by Dorothy De Ecker. who bus 
mode n great auccers of "Beverly." The news- 
papers of tho South devoted a great -leiFof apace 
to ber clever work. Misa De Eeker ha signed a 
Ave years' ngreemnt with na. The No. 2 com- 
pany Is headed by Avis Paige, who Is cue of the 
best actresses now appearing In the one-night 
stands. Long Jt Bates will control four attrac- 
tions, beginning Sept. 1. The Arm is a young one, 
but lias been sueovsful from the start. 

Wm. N. Smith will close with "A Fool and 
His Money" Marcb 11, at Shenanihiah. Pa. 

Mns. 1. B. Wills reiwrla that Cupid visited 
be.* company two weeks ago, tben the marriage of 
Archie Lane to Vloa Dora took place in Montreal. 
P. C Both members have tccn with Mrs. Wills 
company for over a year. 

Notes took "Tub Oibl ani> tub Tbamp" Co.— 
Just read your Anniversary Numlwr of Tub Cup- 
pib, and, believe me. It's some Curprn. We are 
now In Texas, after finishing tight weeks of ulg 
business through Oklahoma. HuaIiicsh has been 
exceptionally good with us litis season. This Is 
the first lime In Texas In eight years, end there 
lias been a wonderful change in that time. Fred 
flyers bought a 100 acre farm at Wcgon Mound, 
N. M., List tconth, and wilt spend sboat two 
n»nuth* every year on It Boater of company na 
follows: Fred flyers, manager; Oato Mnnn, hm.1- 
eesa manager; Will Fuller, second agent; L. D. 
Way, atage manager; Lawrence Foster, J. K. 
Jones. Floy Main. Georgia Burdce, Kitty Evans. 

Cfcii, Wood Clabkndon (Mrs. T. I. l-'alil), 
soubrette with "nans Hanson" Co. waa taken 
suildeniy ill in her dressing rcoin at Kosciusko, 
Miss., at overture time, with an attack of acute 
Indigestion, snd for a time her condition was 
thought serious. A physician was called in from 
the auillence. and after two Injections of mor- 
phine she was able to go on with the performance. 
She made the next atand with the company, and 
her condition look a turn for the worse, another 
physician was called snd orders were given for 
her to be put to bed. The company pulled through 
without her that night, but she waa unable to he 
moved to tbe next stand, so Mr. Fahl went on 
with the company, but came back on first train 
tho following morning. However, she Is much 
better now, snd rejoined the company at Amory, 

Zieofeld's Follies missed tbe Monday show 
at Baltimore, as nearly all of the prlnclps*. spent 
Sunday, March 1. In New York, and could not 
r-rticb Baltimore until Tuesday night. 

"Anns or IIA8LSM" will be prodnced by 
George Bradhurst and Marry Voq Tiller. The 
play la bf Thomas Barry. 

Gypsy Ownp." 

Ohabl-is and Kdwabo wxdkb, the comedy lug- 
glers wilt cico, on tbe Otphettm time. March II. 

DbtiNe avd Williams opened on the U. II. 
O. time March 2. 

OOivA Is filling her contract on Ihe Orpheuin) 
time, which will not expire nntll levt No-omVr. 

Fbark K-EMAlt will be seen In New York, 23. 

BLossoit Sbblbt will apnea? Il a single act, 
while Rube Mar-juaM plays Base. 

YvsttS 1 bs retirrned from Mnlopp. 

AftNOLh tUtY sailed for Lcortim Feb, 28, for n 
five weeks' trip. 

ErNA LnBY Is announced for th? Fifth Arjui.i-. 
New York. In a new act, for March. 2.1. 

Habby IIiNson. of "Almost a Magician Fann\" 
has recovered from Incipient pne»»ala. wlitrli 
laid hlttl up at the .Oprdes Hotel. OlnelnMil. 
There Is a rOSftlhlllty of John V. Fields ,id l!in*on 
re-unltlng before next season. 

Jniit> T. rliNsoif A#d M.ivbbt. DshW re-peft a 
PTospcfoua i»asdn In their comedy pluvlet. "tho 
Bin poster " 

.Maiiib Lloyd was married Feb. 21, to Bernard 
Dillon, at Portlmd, Oregon, In ibe Brillnh <Vn- 
t<ubites offlcc, by a Catholic priest. 

Tiicnnsa anp Thdebeb write ffom Middles- 
Wro, Ehg Feb. to: "pleased to say that we 
have been dclng fine since we play*d the Alhambra. 
Paris last month. We were milch pleaaed with 
the Anniversary Number. It contains data and 
Interesting news which cannot be gotten through 
any other source. We shall remain In England 
nntll the early Summer, when we commence n 
tour of tbe Continental Summer resorts, after 
which we commence Ihe regular season In Ger- 
many. Kindest ^regards and verv best wishes. 7, 

Qn«Kh Arm .QOAUrt write: "We open at Ihe 
Howard Theatre, Boston, on the United time 
.March 10. with twelve weeks to follow. Direction. 
Phil Hunt. Our act la proving a big success, In- 
troducing twelve stylea of dsnclng. Including our 
latest sensation, 'The Russian Kosntskr.' Next 
season will find na In burlesque, having signed up 
with Harry 8tronse's Girls from the Follies Co." 

pbop. HonNMANN baa returned from the New 
England tour on the V. B. O. time, after a suc- 
cessful trip. 

— — — — «^— , saa ■ — i ■ 

.MAyLAnd supplies cinctis. 

R. H. Mayjand titi jiat OrJIshed a Contract with 
Barnum A Bdlle'y, making all the musical nov- 
elties for their new inectaCUJaf rUdalCal chofui of 
three hundred add fifty people. Using all kind) of 
ancient musical designed (original) instruments. 
played by the whole chorus In conjunction with 
Ihe consolidated bands. 

■■ *»«-» na- , - 


Sydney u. Hymin slrrlved from Kngiiind oh tiie 
8. 8. Baltic, Marcb 7, and is mailing bis Ucsd- 
quartera with Richard Pltrot In Thb CiiiTra 

I »» 

On* Monday. March 10, Henry W. Savage will 
present, at the New Amsterdam, New York. 
"Maids of Athens," the romantic operetta by 
Victor Leon and Frars Lehar, who gained their 
reputation In "The Merry Widow," which had 
Its American premiers at the tlew Amsterdam 
Theatre. The American adaptation of "Mflhls of 
Athens" hat been mute by Carolyn Wells. 

WintiHOP AttM.rrlll present Grace George, In 
Clyde Fitch's comedy, "The Truth," at the I-ltlie 
Theatre, beginning Easter Monday, for a Sptlng" 
KeasOn Of all weeks. New York has scarcely beeil 
given a. chance to see this— tile, best of the com- 
edies of Clyde Fitch, altllodgh the play fan for a 
year at tbe Comedy Theatre. Loudon ; M twd 
years on todr thtonghout the United Slates; for a 
loh'ii perldd In Aiistrjlln. besides being acted In 
practically every capital and language .in Europe. 
. The 20Oth performance or GrJirw M. Cebrin'fl 
farce, "Seven Keys to Baldpate. took plate 
Mareh 6, at the Aster Theatre. New York. 

Oihil MXupe. in "Grumpy," will end his en- 
gagement at Tvanack'* Theatre. New York City, 
Apr)! 23. . . ., - . ,. 

sib Jamks M. . BiEBik'S fantdsiJd sketch. 
"Pantaloon," will be, given it tho Palace TUe'- 
aire. New York, on March 10. Mile, ilnrlo will 
uppenr as Ooluunblne. 

Dooolab G. Wood will produce for a single per- 
formance at one of the Shubert theatres, New 
York. Msrrh 27. "Love and tbe Law." 

" MoitnT" '.ylll be produced March 
10. at the Princess Theatre, Now York. 

Kiaw A KkLAKOEB will produce "Cordelia 
Blossoiu," by George Randolph Oburiter and Lil- 
lian Chester. 

Julian Rltinob. who wss to open Monday 
night. March 2, In "The Crinoline Girl." in 
Philadelphia, was prevented from making the 
trip from New York owing to the lis up of the 
trains by storm. C lax ton, of Brie. l'a.. bss placed 
through J. A. Snltaler, bis version of "Ishmael," 
with Manager R, L. Lege and Manager Frank 
Maury, for early production In repertoire. 

Manaosr J. A. Pabk, Erie, Pa., has secured 
'The Land of the Sky" and "Dlvorcons" from 
Beaumont Clsxton, for repertoire In the South. 

Thb Kbys Stock Co., Wichita, Kan., has 
selected Beaumont Claxton's version of "Camllle" 
for a slock presentation. 

"Pantuea 1 " has been put Into rehearsal by tbe 
Shuberta. Olga Petrova, George Nash and Conway 
Tearie, will play the principal roles. 

'Tub Little 0*rB,'' now playing the Amster- 
dam theatre. New York, closes March 14. 

"Mains or Athens" opens at the Amsterdam 
Theatre. N. Y„ March 10. „_ . 

Jambs K. Hagkett. hy the death on Morrh II. 
of his ulece. Mrs. Minnie Hacked Trowbridge, 
tuherlls the Inilk of nn estate left by tho de- 
ceased and voiced at Sl.500.000. 

ON Thursday afternoon, Marcb 12. In the Em- 
pire Theatre, at Its final matlneo of the season, 
the American Academy of Dram.illc Arta will 
give, for the lint time In this country, Maeter- 
linck's live act drama. "Tho Death of Tiuto- 
glles." The program will also Include a one act 
piny by Roberto Bracco, entitled "Orange Bios- 





mi&Sit '<"' '<"•'>'' 


BSk'. ^mUiSbl .v v 

tBBBK■f*V%iti.i'' , 

?«BT' t 't' VpSki'- 

:,' '.'.iM e*»MB* 

V >4«*r '■■;iv*a 


v...',-. . '•^.-■JS/ 
>■ -*(,>- ''JBBBti. ;; 


Sf'iSWBBr ' 




■ ^bT' 

■B . 


wSF- ■"■' 


^y : : '. 


^BB BBm ' -~JBS 

f ' >■ 

ebb^^ : 'bbbbL" 

B*5r * I ■ 


Era i. 


T ^ I SR ■ ' 

BSE •■**•'. •-* 

"',■•?! rS 

Hk L 

■ ■ sTt'.' ". 'a- * "'- - *7* 

- ^9»ws 



Under this beading wo wIM-YBiblUh each week 
Iiuiwrtuut aud liitvrcstlng amusement cveuta 
TmSSo igu. corm " ,on,,ll, « »«* « 'l"a«« of 

Jfarcb 0. 1880. — Oriental ttsMas; Phlladelubla 
.- - ft- 9P"'«1 «»,a Polish theatre. ''* 

IwtTtsded. "*' "'■ L0,,i:e ' "• " °' E,kf - 
• March B sf W "»". Washington, D. O.. de.ll- 
March 10.— "Dreanis." by Mlldre.1 fuller, orlg- 

March 11 — 'The Klug of Scoundrels." ha \v W 

March II.— "Man an.l Master." by Whitman Oa- 
at QlllLV Ol>er 1 TlCe' , K.SS^; ^ 


tSSJF" Hf '" ,l,U ( ^ r » C '»' ■" l« Ban 

«Elfc , S?£2S. ,n " Tlw "'«" """ 

nSFSUT "*• " , "*"" < > n, » Dime Museum. 

JjJLST""' ot '• 1,U, " U, «. K >" «* ■ 

the K Zr„unV'* AT J..neV stow"' """""™>*»t of 

Irkns WuUllKI.L elosol |„. r | ullr . 

I ctkb IIiue was manager of J. II. Polk's Ob 
ALiaANum, OikisTooK was bushesa luaVagcr 
of the Academy of .Music. New York m * ustt 

tmsSttSmsr 1 " ,h " " ock " tb « 

-*ff*. Og»S variety circuit included: The 

S ■ W«lh 0rc " *"" "° aiaadaril, BeaX 

Fbku Ibwin Joined ihe Klks. 
,t .','" ."J!!""- () '"' Skinner. Ueorgo Clarke 
rrolerli-k Bond. Mm. Ullbert. Ham aiuliunVand 
VJffS .■Sryork'" " T "" , '"« * W«W 
a^y'lJalr-'ro"'" B " ,h N °" , " ,r « , ••"• «" "»■ 

■i\Lt£rzv "" 1 E,v " 0n » ■»*— '» 

y Mm. UNumr appeared at tho People's New 

45 wTuBSJB*" *• T "" cl,cr ' '•'"»• 

nm immmm «piii his piaco at iiohokus 

SurxafdVlfaTM,.. 8 "" ,U to '"»''•"' BSl 
Ibe Nuiiunal, Now "cri lIc ' mm "' 

.nri'^unXy C?,"" WM "• J ' »• »"''' «»»•/ 
Qeo, Tavlob was adverllilng "KldJ's Light." 

I'll Ihlll iKiii HIIIIJI s. 

Hon FiTZBiuuiitts ako Honor Jn. proved a hlu 

drawing canl at tins Victoria, In pi.uimriii 

Giving io a lacerated hand, "leu 1 a,m'r ofXi 

h.'?i 7," ""''"J •»'<•'< for Kit™ 8r and had la 

"» 2" iluc-kli.jaj the ,„»„. blows of Fit. J* 

PtlltEl ttrBJfilUrVO. 
Pete vttidjlhg;, thb thfee-StSt brand pianist on 
Ihe F. A MIIW M« lielplns' to ClnCh Ihe aoiig 
pennant with the following sofas : "Camp Meeting 
Baod" snd ".She's Dancing Her llodrt Awgy. 
Mr. Wenullng recently returned from London wiin 
Lewis P. Mubr. where his wonderful ability as 
a pianist snd accompanist made tbe forelarners alt 

Mauris. K;.« - -**-*sx,c s'pae s ;?• ..prop. .. 

S^are mt '"' '"* U ""' at Uto oBseebi 

"Hum" BtiiKs, the amlstile properly man at 

the Harris, was "some" sclor receiitli re uderlM 

valuable assistance Ju |hr<v acts """luring 

,J!."n* L U " m - "'. ,l, « "''lensure Seekers," and 

ErJh " Pn ' ,aen B clover Dulch. 
of tl" Harrl'«. C0, ' tl ' 1,K '" " J *° ln,Ut ,, "«° manager 



The aiobe Theatre, BoslonT'hsT'gunT hnck~to 
coaihlnatlon attractions, after nearly two years 
of plctoraa and vaudeville. Virginia llrrwks' 
white slave play, "The Utile Lost Bister." 
aliened s three weeks' engagement at Ihe (llolx*. 
Monday. March 2, and every Indication nointa to 
a very aucressful engsgement. Miss Brooks' play 
was very kindly received by Ihe Boston press, 
and the caste and production provided hy .Messrs. 
(Jaizolo ft lllcksen, tho producers of Iho play, 
was called the best that has appeared In a popu- 
lar priced drama In Boston In years. All of the 
critics said that Miss Brooks' play contained 
none of the objectionable features that made 
other plays dealing with white slavery Impossible. 

"The Little Lost Slater" Is being presented by 
live different compsnlea In various parls of the 
country. Charles Leeklns Is managing Ihe com- 
pany playing at Ihe Olobe, mid the ndvance la 
being looked after by Will Spink. 

Hy Iho to.-iiis of nn ngreenent Just «.\<culed, 
Wtlllaiii Collier is to become a musical cutm-dy 
Mar under tiio mniuigenioit of Cohan k Utrrls, 
who niinounccal laat week that this coiwlliin 
would api>ear uuler their direction In a produc- 
tion of "Forward March 1" a musical ctmiedy. the 
U».k ami lyrlca by Winchell Smith, John Guhhii 
and Krauk Craven, and tlui music by John (Jol.lep. 

'Die mat and chorus for Mr. Collier's sup|s*rt 
la now being engaged, anil relmrasls will Ik^Iii 
ot once. Alensrs. O'listi k Jlirrls plnu Io pri-sent 
Mr. Culller In "I'orwaril Mn.-rhl" for an out-of- 
town Spring tour, which will hogln Hie latter 
part of Hie pn-Hriit month, Us New York prewnta- 
i Ion ladng reservwl fur Hie Full, when I! will lie 
i*!iowii on Brondwny. 

o »«■ 



"pinafore" Is In bo given at Ibe New York 
Hippodrome following Iho rim of "America." 
which will close In 'lirse weeks. Tiie big lions* 
will remain dark for u week to ;iermlt re'iearauts. 

It la Intended to lino Ihe big tank In the pro- 
duction, nnd It Is said that lluire will be scenic 
(■ccla used such as have i.ever before l««n seen 
In "Pinafore." The details of Ihe revival are la 
Ihe hands of Arthur Voegtlln. 

AnaANosslBNis w«M eornpleled March i 6, le- 
tweeh Aribqr IlopHns, the proxluwr of "We Are 
Sevcfl " and fcleSuor Oittes, Its ailllMir, whereby 
Sllss aates l#t(iin*s ll» vole owner of Ibe play. 

'TUB Midnioht diHt" will be the Summer at- 
traction St the Oort TbedlM In San Frawloco 
during the PaflEnta Egpoaltlon. 

Mas MuB&at will make bet debut In vaude- 
ville at the Palace Theatre, New York, March 

In Ihe Shprerne- Court of New York last week 
Justice CotlaWn awarded S10.000 a year allmnriv 
to lira. Ida ft. B^mrtrsf, who Is suing Geo. If. 
Brinlhuj-at, Hie well-kmrnrn playwright, for d 

""tiiV'Ss's = lrtalt - m "S" T , otk l 1'ehWlvsnla 
and OlIIO. tlMr Change hands. S. M. Cobti. a mo- 
tion picture iriatfuilte of tho Tacnle Ooaat, la nego- 
Hating for IU purCbSsS. . 

Law II. Wood hal resigned is treasurer of the 
Forty-fourth Street Theatfe, anil lias returned 
to bis old post (treasurer) at the Broadway Tho- 
aire, Brooklyn, which he bar held for eight years. 
Ills anceessor st tbe Forty-fourth Street house 
Is Harold Jscoby. who comes from Iho Prospect 
Theatre, in the Bronx. 

"CM»TIIi:S" (Pnintiii* TlnyerB I-Vnlure Klliis). 


Jsobssj J. Corbelt. ihe fonner heavyweight 
rliamplun, wbwe plclure appears on the title 
MSJE) l» one of (lie best known vaudeville per- 
formers <m Hie AiiK-rlesn stage. Mr. Oorbett 
Is now playing over Hie l/iew time, under Hie 
personal direction of Chris Brown, and Is the 
highest priced single net ploying t lie circuit. 


Mabch 14 


Il3S b6Dl US many good things 
bat bait of all F«>n, the soap of 
quality and pnrlly-- there*! in* 
years of reputation behind— 

Pears 7 

■ tie. a Cake 'jm \tht \Un$oentei ■ 


Lenten day* are upon as, and there baa txen ■ 
alight decrease la theatrical Interest manifested 
at tba boi ctllcee. March cunc in Uercely, end 
ibe blluard tint raged for two days dtdn t lielp 
very much. 

Grand OPHU Houan (John II Havlln, mfT.) — 
"Excuse Me," with Willie Sweainam, la coniliig 
Marcli 0. Last week, Formic Ward was eecn lu 
"iladam President," one of too attractions pro- 
scribe.! by tSe Oatliolic Federation. The critlo* 
all admitted It was naughty — one of them called 
It "uiiraural" — bat most or them united In toe 
lerdlct tbat It was very funny. Gcorjo OldJens. 
W. J. Ferguson and John W, Dean came In for 
the lion's share of praise for good acting. George 
Arils* comes 10, In "Disraeli." 

Ltric (Carl Hubert Hetick, mgr.) — "The Bird 
of Paradise" arrives 8, wllh Lenore Ulrlch play- 
ing the role of the little Hawaiian princess. Last 
week "The Pleasure Seekers" Introduced by Lew 
Fields and Marcus Loew, "cleaned up." The/ 
enjoyed a run of prosperity. Mai Rogers got a 
warm welcome, and everybody In the cast was 
made to feel aa If they were right at home. 
Harry Cooper, Bobby North, Montgomery and 
Moore, Hugh Cameron, Vera Hlchelena, Virginia 
Brans, Flo May, Myrtle Gilbert. Clay Smith, and 
a boat of others, were In sprightly evidence. The 
Ice skating specialty of Alfred and Slgrld Noess, 
made a bit, Helen Ware, In "Within, the Law," 

Wilnct BTntrr (W. F. Jackson, mgr.) — "Tho 
Warning" to to be offered 8, with Rodney Rsnoiu 
and Marie Nelson la the cast. Last week, i.d- 
mand Breese'a old Tehlcte, "The Spendthrift" 
waa TCrtrcd to good advantage. Frank I-a iiue 
war seen In Breese'a old role of Richard Ward 
and Elsie Qretham waa the wife. Others in- 
cluded: Vincent Devlne, Bobble Gale, Laurel to 
alien, Harry HolUngaworth and Marcus F. Hnela. 
"Mutt and Jeff" return IS, 

B. F. Kami's (John F. Royal, mgr.)— Ray 
Oox la our headllner 8. Hulie Dickinson, in- 
justice of the Peace, will make his local debut. 
t) tliers Include: Roehm'a Athletic Olrls lmboir, 
Conn and Oorecnc, In "Surgeon Loader, ' Claude 
rtolden, the Mualoal Elllhona, the Two Alfreds, 
and the Verlgraph Olneiiiuatl In motion. 

Ekpiswi (George F. Fish, mgr.) — Fred Hallen, 
Mollis Fuller and company are the headlloers 8, 
sharing the distinction with the travesty "More 
Binned Against Than Usual." The former pre- 
sent "On the Road to Zanearllle." Others: Dick 
Lynch, Moeeop Slaters, Three Falcons and Self 
Bellini. Motion pictures. 

Qatbtt (Larry Nehru, mgr.) — Al, Reeves' 
Beauty Show comes 8. To* Rosey Posey Olrls 

SroTlded a good show last week, with Oeorge A. 
lark ae Lem the town pest, hitting all the high 
spats of hilarious popularity. M. J. Kelly, Harry 
Le Van, Lee Hickman, Jim Moran, N. 8. Wilson. 
Irene Oold, Ruby Gray, Blllle Davis and Mabel 
Orel] were prominent in both "The Mayor's Elec- 
tion" and 'The Dashing Widow," Liberty Girls 
arrive IB, 

Olthpio (McMahin * Jackson, nigra.) — The 
Sector Olrls arrlra 8. They follow the lively 
aggregation, George Davis' Cabaret Olrla, who 
put on two burlettas, "It Happened In Havaaa" 
and "It Happened In Paris," and happenings were 
very lively In both places. Bert Saunders an-i 
Lew Golden were the star comedians. ia<I (he 
assistant fun makers were Will Morton, Tack 
McSorley, Harry Garland, Jack Wltaman. Mabel 
De Nord, Seine Cooper, Mabel Reflow and Mar- 
Jorle Demateit, were prominent among the girls. 
Art studies proved the best thing in the olio. 
The Girls from Maxim's are due 10. 

OiiHiK (Otto Ernst Scbmtd, mgr.) — The Gor- 
man Stock Co. present "Two Hippy Days." 8. 

Standard (John J. Black, mgr.) — The French 
Maid* and Mite. Floretta. dancer, come S. Geo. 
H. Ward, the German plutocrat, was the hit of 
last week'a bill. Babe Howard, Catherine Shop- 

A VAVtmrtLVm wamER if known by 

fh» sore-esses h» writes. Aak Harry Pint, The 

Stanley!, Canton * Will lard, Webstar A Carle ton, 

Whitefev A Bell, Allen A Dallon, Herman Timber*. 
a few of my satisfied patrons. •'•«•• < 


act, sketch or monologue tbat will put yon among 
the "aiwavn wnrklnff." write far me to write far 

If you want 
rill pot yon • 
the "always working,' 1 write for me to write for 
yon. ALLEN 8PBNORR TENNiV "That Playwright 
Tbat Write* Plays That Play Right." Knicker- 
bocker Theatre Bldg., 1402 Broadway, N. Y. 0. 
P. 8. -Send llformySiarcflro parodies worth $20) 

rector, accomparled the organisation The 

National Trio i Hue si an danrera), of Barnaia & 
Bailey fame, playe Alhamlra. 

Hamilton, O.— Grand (John K. McCarthy, 
mgr.) bill week of March 0: Four Nelson Oom- 
Iquea, "Hen-Pecked Henry" and Bioscope. 

Juration (J. H. Broomball, mgr.) — Special 
feature motion pictures. 

Jaws,, Stab. Eaolb, Ltric, Ratal awl Pbik- 
oni, motion plcturee only. 

Nora*. — Hal Johnson. Banns Karl and Alive U. 
Hamilton were the headllners of the "Oh I Look 
Who's Here" Co., at the Grand 2 and wees, to 

capacity business The Grand Theatre waa 

six years old 8, and at the close of the first 
evening show Manager McCarthy waa called upon 
Ibe stem and presented with two beautiful bou- 
quets of American Beauty roses by Emma Earl, 
of the "Oh! Look Who* Here" company, and 
Mr. McCarthy, In response, thanked the audience 
heartily for their loyalty. 


The Sbohert-Brady Opera Co., at the Shsbert; 
"Bunty Polls the Strings," at the Boston; "Mrs. 
Gorringe't Necklace,'' at the Castle Square, are 
holdover attractions, and changes at the bur- 
lesque, vaudeville and motion picture boutes com- 
prise the theatrical lay-oat for week of 8. The 
attendance was again affected laat week by the 
weather, and also by the beg Inning of the Lenten 

Shtjbebt (WUbur-Shubert Co., mgrs.) — 8hu- 
bert-Brsdy Opera Co., featuring De Wolf Hopper, 
begins 8, a fortnight's engagement. Opening 
week: "Mikado," "Pinafore" and "Pirates of Pen- 
zance." The company Is a large and capable one. 
Gaby Deslys and company bad a big four days' 
stay no performances being given 2 snd S. owing 
to the delay In arrival of scenery. 

Boston (William Wood, mgr.)— "Bunty Polls 
Ibe Strings" Is the new attraction. The play 
had a long run at another local theatre laat year, 
and Its return at popular prices Is cure to be wel- 

HoLLia (Charles J. Bleb, mgr.)— Second and 
last week of Blllle Burke, In "The Land of 
Promise." The young star never captured an au- 
dience more thoroughly than she did at this bouse 
last week. "The Poor Little Rich Girl" comes 

Colonial fChaa. Frotiman ft Wm. Harris 
mgrs.)— "Fine Feathers" Is In lu Anal week of 
a fortnlgth's engagement. "The Little Cafe" 18. 

Oner (J. H. Curt, mgr.)— For the second snd 
farewell week of Margaret Angltn'a stay the plays 
to be acted are: "Aa YooLlke It. 7 * "Twelfth 
Night" and "Taming of the Shrew." Kitty Cor- 
don, In "Pretty Mrs. Smith," le). 

pabk (Chaa. Frobman, Rich A Harris, mgrs.) 
—There were no perforuxineeo at this house 2 
and S of "Fanny's First Play," owing to the non- 
arrival of scenery and costumes. Second week of 
this Bernard Shaw play la underway. 

Themont (Jno. B. Bchoeffel, mgr.)— Raymond 
Hitchcock begins the fourth week of bis engage- 
ment In "The Beauty 8h»p." 0. 

Majestic (Wllbur-Shubert Ob., mgrs.) — "With- 
in the Lnw" Is Mailing expectation*. Thla la 
tho fourth week of what la expected to be a 
record run. 

SKKSL&5* B -,.Wrtatt, ingr.)-Ttlrteentb 
week of "Under Cbvee." 

CUma Squabs (John Oral*, mgr.)— "Mrs. 
Gorrlnge'i Necklace," with Mary Young In the 
leading role. Is the stock offering current week. 
It is announced that the ladles Will wear the 
headdress of the latest Parisian mode, with wigs 
of purple and other varied boa colors. 

National <0. A." Haley, mgr.)— Retaining 
nearly all the original features that made It 
popular when Richard Carle was In the cast, 
"The Tenderfoot" was given last week by the 
Morton Opera Co. to good business. This week 
"The Belle of New York" Is the attraction 

Dns (Robert Janette. i 

-. mgr.') — Lossy ' 
Heads are back here again. Other Important tea 
tures of the bill are: Halite Fisher, Morria Oroolu 
nnd company. Pederson Bros., Chief Caunollcao, 
nines snd Fox, Bempell Bisters, and Charles 

WaunoN's Casino (Chat. II. Waldron, mgr.) 
—Hose Sydell's Loudon Belles Show waa a money 
maker. The Bon Tons 0-11. The Bowery Bnr- 
lesquere 16. 

Guam (Oeorge n. 




"The London Drunk" 






Featuring LEW HERMAN 




9 General Manager 
7th Floor Gibbons Bldg., CHICAGO. ILL. 


nard and Myrtle Olark were the leaders of the 
Irollers. Kyro's danetna waa appreciated by bis 

Orfhzcii, HrDcs's Ornu Hocsx, Paopis's, 
r.vmi.T, OaXTUir and Nun Lyc-eok., motion plc- 

Hinoit muos. 

21. T. UmoucroN, who came upon Ihe local 
scene ns the manager of the Gayety, and waa 
then persuaded to assume general manaqetneut of 
the Heuck enterprises, has resigned. Ill* action 
was unexpected. 

Tit. Rono pictures, posed by Nell Ball, were 
a noielty with the Cabaret Glrla. 

Da. B. J. Mates, the publicity man of the 
Lyric, and a good one, recruited from The Jra?it<r* 
rr'i stars— Is quite 111 with pneumonia, 

8am and Kitty Mobtoh were (Wen the "glad 
hand" at B. F. Keith's, and their act, "Back to 
Where They Started," prored a scream. 

Jeaw Adaih was In the cast of William A. 
Brady's sketch, "Beauty la Only Skin Deep." 
The playlet was espeelslly pleasing to the femin- 
ine portion of the audiences at B. F. Keith's. 

Tit. IUTiiBKEt.LtB Tbio prored a delightful 
enrprlee to Rtnpreas constituents who liked the 
set Immensely. 

Got Burnt came in adronco of "Disraeli." 

Jem 10 and 20 aro already booked as red- 
letter days at Chester Park. The public school 
children will have outings, and a chorus of 100 
will sin*. Obi. I. M Martin Is not waiting for 
Spring, but la away ahead to meet her. 

Tub Barbary Ooast dance was a feature that 
•rent well with the Rwr-y Posey Girls, 

Fits or six hotwired shoppers 
ehonra of "The Pleasure Seekers'" 
McAlitln'a. After this episode, . 
snd Cloy Smith gare a little tango 

Annua RaiaiNsno, who has been with the 
Standard Theatre, la to be In charge of the Cin- 
cinnati offices of Coney Island, In tne First Na- 
tional Bsnk Building. 

Tnt Iilani queen and Prlnceu hare come 
"Into port, "after Wintering at the month of tne 
Kentucky Mim They are all ready for the Ben- 
son to open. 

Hcort OAlinoN, of "The Pleasure Seekers," 
recelTrd a message from New York, telling him 
he wsa the father est a baby girl. 


Traffic In Souls," waa arrested for embessletnent, 
■nd again arraigned In the United States Court 
for using the nulls to defraud. Florence D'Rnlrr. 
of Norwood, was tho complainant, aoC alleged 
that Brannlgan had collected expense money on 
forged snd bogus contractu for her troupe of con- 
cert artists. When she went to All the dates she 
found no such contracta bad ever been made. 

Wooster, O. — City Opera House (Kettler ft 
Limb, mart,) College O' 
March 6. Wayne County 

Shepherd of the mils" o, Frledlander's Style 
Show 11, Biennial College Minstrel Show IS, 

Altihisba (J. II. Knepper, ragr.)— Photoplays, 
Tsoderllle and atoek. La Roy Stock Co. week 
of 0, Forte Musical Comedy Co. week of 18. 

Ltrio (K. n. Uott, mgr.) — Photoplays and mu- 
sic. Motunl Feature program. 

Wallacb (Louis aaoho. mgr.) — Photoplays and 
moslc. General Feature picture program, 

Noma. — Denny and Morrison, opera dm, 
nrored a high elan music number at Alhatnbra, 

1-4 fames ndwarda. a Wooster boy, who for 

years um s tute d a norelty stack-wire act, rerlred 
his act aa a single, st Albatabra, 2-7, after an 

absence of three years Jaroea Hlmta Tresb, 

Tentritoqalst, on the same bill, please 

K. of P. Mlnatrela, local organisation, repeated 
tbelr nerrormsnee In Ottr Opera ITonse, Ashland, 
t, and scored a btg hit before a large snd appre- 
rlatlTa audience. Wooster Olty Opera n<«ne Or- 
chestra. «•• twelre pieces, Plemfnilua Pranks, dl- 

Noteltt, Stab, Qaiett. Bbxl, Lion, BunaoN. 

Subwat, Pbihcess and Geibiu, morlng pictures. 

Noras.— The local theatregoera wlU hare more 

Globb (Robert Janette, mgr.)— Second week of than passing Interest In Frank Sheridan's one 

rbe MBS* Lost Bister.'' The play Is a success, act play, '•Blackmail," nnd Mary Stockwull. who 

:ccrn's (Harry Gnstln, mgr.) — Lasky'a Red plays the leading feminine role, waa leading 

woman of the Poll Stock Co. eome seren or eight 

years ago The Mayor refused to permit the 

Blm, "Tramc In Soula, to be shown here...... 

Tuesday. 10, marks the one thousandth perform- 
wee of OsrT Brtekert, leading man of the Broad- 
way Stock Company's appearance before a Spring- 
field audience, drat with the Poll Summer stock 

company and later the Broadway A meeting 

of Ibe Massachusetts League of Motion Picture 
Exhibitors was held at the Broadway Theatre 4, 
which waa largely attended, the purpose being 
to talk orer matters for the protection and ad- 

rancement of the motion picture business 

The Creation Sims are to be shown at the Au- 
ditorium. They will be presented in three In- 
stalments, part first being shown March 8, 7, 

second 18 14, snd last 20, 91 The Park, 

formerly Poll's, corner of Dwtght and Worthing- 
ton Streets, which, since the completion of Poll's 
Palace, lias been need aa a rsoderllle and moTln£ 
picture house, waa completely irutted by lire { 

early Sunday morning, March 1, the flw starting FeI1 _ -potlejt, Frances Allan, Harry Bouton a 
from some nnkrown cause. When first d.seorerd „,„_«,,, B,,bey Stone, and Marrelous MelrUle. 
It waa bursting from the property room. Mr. 
loaa amounted to shout |15,000. while 

Batcbeller, mgr.)— Honey 
Moon Olrla are here for week of 9. ' Bastings' Big 
Show 18. Sam Hows and bts Lore Makers had 
ususl big week. 

Howabd (Oeorge E. Lothrop Jr., mgr.)— Mis- 
chief Makers 0-14, and the Welae Trojpe, Man- 
rice Wood and company, the Mcnards, Three 
O'Neill Slaters, Kennedy snd Burt, Chief Tender- 
hoe, and Gertrude Purcell 

OnncEDM (Victor J. Morria, mgr.)— Bush and 
Rngle, Fay and Minn, Burke and Harris For and 
Olark. Geo. Yeomana, Rose Pltonoff and "Olaea- 
matea" 0-11. High Life Four. Petro, Helen 
Primrose. John P. Wade and company. Eaaeae 
Trio, and others 12-14. ^^ 

^P"' 8 ..!*'. ,1M »s (Marcus Loew manage- 
ment).— IJIgh Life Four, Petro, Helen Pr.'tnroae, 
John P. Wade and company. Bonne Trio 0-11, 
Euah and Engle. Fay and Minn, Burke and Har- 
ris Foy snd Olark, George Teomans, Rose Plto- 
noff. snd "Classmates" 12-14. 

Oobdoh's ummfu (J. B>. Obcnerford. mgr.)— 
Barsal&w, Ed. De Obtain and company Haya and 
company, Bd. Munyar and company. Novelty Mln- 
Strega, snd Nelllson's Ballet. 

Bowuoiif 80UABB (GeorKC B. Lothrop, mgr.)— 
Week of 9: Herman Le4b and company. Prince 
Rnnton and company. Musical Uuskirks. Stanlee 
and Stsnley, LleuL Bldrldge, Laiupe Broa., and 

Bijou (J. W, Oralg, mgr.)— Week of 0: Frans 
and Zeleaow, Will Maddox and company, tho Dc 
Marcos. Musical Robnrts, Thomas K. Olirford. and 
Alice Holmes. Under Mr. Oralfa management 
the home la a capacity business at all times. 


VAtmirrLU and motion pictures at the Old 
South, Washington, South End. Huntington Atc- 

Herlxrt Coyne baa returned from a tour with 

Ben Toy 'a Comedy Ob The Mischief Makers 

played Lawler Theatre to a tnrnaway business. 

Haverhill, Haas, — Academy (Joe, Mack, 
mgr.) "Qataey. Adams Sawyer" March 9-14. 

Colonai, (Wm. B. Furber, mgr.) — Bill 9-11: 
Gene Muller Trio, Nell Moore, and Roman's Re- 
vlew. For 12-14: Elmore, Lasky's "Eloping," 
and Homan'a Reylew. ■ . _. 

Oarimzac (Oca K. Boblnson, mgr.) la dark 
011. Photoplays de luxe 12-14. 

8omno Tehtu, MAjaann and Caoww, motion 
pictures only. 

Montreal. Can. — His Marty's (H. Q. 
Brooks atgr.) the Qnlnlan Opera Co. had good 
attendance week of March 2. Same compnuy week 
of 0. 

PBUfoaaa (Abble Wright, mgr.)— "Alice UoJd" 
had good houses 2-T. Nst Goodwin, In •■Neret 
Say Die," 0-14; "At Bay" 18-21. 

OBTHarctar (Geo. Diiscoll, mgr.) — Business good. 
Bill 0-14: Fred Ksrno, Byan and Lee, the Btg 
Olty Four, Bert Melrose. Kathryn Purnell and 
company, and Nina Payne. 

Fbakcais (Mr. Blessenger, mgr.) — Vanderllle 

-isTness godd. BUI 0-14: 


to Portland, 
aires Co. 

Me., m§ maaaajer for Kastent .'be- 

ond morlng plcrures. BusTnesa godd. 

Congress Hall, Wlntbrop Hall. 
Niagara, and others. 

Williams' Ideal, 

, MHsuUBLia." Victor Hugo's famons 
story, told In motion pictures, begins s two weeks' 
engagement st the Tremont Temple 9. The pic- 
tures were here for twelve weeks last Fall. 

Aa stated before, there were no performances 
st the Park and Bhobert on Monday and Tuesday 
of last week. The companies were on hand, 
but the costumes and stage settings were some- 
where 8outh of New York. The scenery for both 
shows was shipped to Boston on the eame train, 
which was overtaken by a billiard. Most of the 

players, who had two' nights off, 
other shows. 

Poll's loss amounted to . 
Geo. Whltney'a loaa OB theproperty was la the 
vicinity of (38,000. Mr. Whitney announces ha 
will rebuild If Mr. Poll will take a lease of the 
bouse. There Is also a posalbllltr of other In- 
tents making Mr. Whitney an offer to reballd. 

A number of vaudeville theatres were short 

sets Monday afternoon, on account of delay by the 
big storm ea route. 

Lawrence, Maura. — Colonial (Julius Oahn, 
mgr.) "Shore Acres" prored a good bill for woek 
of March 2, and the Malley A Dennlson Stock 
Co. will present "The Ghost Breaker" and 
week, followed by "Toe House of Bond-ice." 

Niokel (John R. Oldfleld, mgr.)— Eall and 
week includes; Dixon Sitters, Johnnie Woods, 
Marroiolltsn Trio, Barrett and Stanton, 81 
Kltchle, Pelham Lyton. Edney Bros, and company, 
MariDOf Troupe and pictures. 

Oieba lloosH (W. R. BotheTU, uigr.) — Vaude- 
ville and pictures. 

Viotobu (Ohas. Beadle, mgr.) — Thla house hsa 
recently changed manager, and many changes 
have been made for the betterment of the patrons 
The policy of the house will still be motion plc- 
rures only and Universal films will be shown, to- 
gether with several novelty attractions. Amateur 
night baa been Inaugurated for Friday night of 
each week, and has proved a success. Batarday 
souvenirs are gtren, end one night each week a 
flaah light of ihe audience la taken, and the one 
whose face appears wltbla a circle on the pic- 
ture when thrown on the screen the following 
week Is presented with somy souvenir. 

Broadwat (P. W. Magstre, mgr.) — Motion plc- 
turea and Illustrated tongs. 
i PBOEatrn <N. Demarra. mgr.) — Motion pictures. 

Notes. — John J. Owens, of the Malley ft Den- 
nlaon Co., has gained a host of admirers by his 
portrays! of Nathaniel Berry, in "Shore Acres." 
during week of 2 Rita Knight and Ralph J. 

Oatett (Fred Crow, mgT.) — Good houses jrreot- 
ed the Bowery Burleaoners 2-7. Oolumbtas 0-14. 
Watson Staters 16-21. 

Jersey City, N. J Majestic la*. K. Hen- 
derson, mgr.) "In Old Kentucky," with Mamie 
Parker, Wllllsm Hedge. Scott Moore. Jantea Ono- 
per, George M. De Vere, Andrew Glassford, Alice 
Hndree, Leonard Arnest, nnd adequate scenic 
equipment week of 0. "A Fool There Was" 

Acadoit (F. E. Henderson, mgr,) — Charlotte 
Temple, with the Grahame Stock Co., week of 9. 
"Saved From the Streets" follows. 

Moxiicbllo Kotdnson A Morns, diets.) — Week 
of 9, dally changes of itfiot inlays and dramas. 

Obthedu (Anthony Michel, mgr.) — The usual 
tlTong Tariety offerings, comprising ten acts nsd 
photoplays, week of 0. 

Bow Tow (Bd. U. Cadoran, mgr.) — Splendid 
business, the result of select variety actr and all 
the latest Dim offerings. 

Bboadwat (Batonwb). — Msnager Edwards will 
present Loella Morey and tba stock In "The House 
of Bondage" week of 0. 

Of-eba Houss (J. M. Brennan, mgr.) — First 
class variety and photoplays. Good business pre- 

Nora. — Some of the male members of the Gin- 
ger Girls Co. had t heated argument at the Cen- 
tral Riilroad Ferry at high noon, 2, the resn't 
being: David Tine to the hospital, Gus Richer to 
Jail, and Louis Bilber held aa a witness. The laat 
two named were admitted to ball. 

J. — State Street Theatre (Her- 
March t'-ll, photoplay >f 

8prlnErfleItt, Mans. — Court Square (D. 0. 

Ollmore. mgr.) " 'Way Down Bast" March 9-11, 
Gaby Dealya 12, James K. Haekett 13, "The 
Whip" 15-20. 

Pou'a (Gordon Wrlguter, mgr.)— Week of 9: 
Victor Moore and Emms Llttlefleld, Tom Linton 

, the Great 
■ ■■...— ••» _■ >ivui ,..l..ukt, Gerard and 
West, Olympic Trio, Frank Sheridan and com- 
pany, Pollscope. 

Bboadwat (D. D. Bcnllcn, mgr.)— For 0-14. 
the stock company will present "The Rainbow." 

Plaba (Goldstein Bros., mgrs.)— Vaudeville 
and moving pictures. 

Fox'a (J. Loewer. mar.)— Vaudeville and mo- 
tion pictures. 

Bijou (B. L. Knight, mgr.) — Feature films. 

went to see Herbert continue to please, and are ably supported 
__^_____ by Edns McBeth, Miss Monroe ard Messrs. Owens, 
Tsggart, Cannery and Richards. 

n n,,. - n,..._ v vicior aioore .na amuis i/Utieneia, ] 

rwi^21 ,7 ni^. n, „Ri lu *,,iJ te a!!Li «»<! Bit Jungle Girls, Lewis snd Doty 

.? , J^.2 lr ife_, mL. C1 i' b - O> nSS Howard. "Tne Girl from Milwaukee/ 

ae County Com Snow 0, ... "The w— . Olimnle Trio. Frank Sherld.i. 

Greenfield, Masa.— Lswltr (Lawler Bros.. 
mgrs.) bill week of March 0, vaudeville and pic- 
tures, except Wednesday, 11, when a Progressive 
wheel ahoav will be here. 

Viotobu (J. Hayes, mgr.)— BUI 9, All Star 
Feature 81ms and vaudeville. 12-14, the Barbeao 
Family of seven lnstruxaentallsta. 

Buon (B. Blreeter, mgr.) — Pictures only. 

Lvato (F. Scheldler, mgr.) — Pictures and 

Oollb (F. Colic, mgr.) — Taylor Stock 18. 

Noras. — Gladya Klark Stock Co. played the 
Victoria to a turnaway business, and laid over s 

week to plsy at Oolle Theatre J. Hsyea waa 

a guest st Motion Etching* ball. In Beaton, last 
week Master Leo Coyne bat gone with "Pint- 

Rdibonia, Mibbob, Qbaxd, Oloob, Lraio fore Kiddles," which recently played here. 

Trenton, >'. 

man Wsah, mgr.) March v-11, photoplay if Ce- 
cilia Loftua, In "A Lady of Quality." The Min- 
strel Kiddles, Holer snd Bcgrs. Levey nnd I-esey, 
Ksshlne. For 12-14: Dustin Farn'im, In a elx- 
part moving plctnre of "Soldiers of Fortune:" 
Anson Duo. Lawrence anil Edwards, lldlrh Liv- 
ingston. Nssh and Evans. 

Bboad STsaer Thbatbb i Francis Obnse. mgr.) 
— For week of 0, Harry Lewis presents A Trip to 
Parts, with Oeorge Rehan and Mal-irle Lake. 

Hoboken, N. J. — Gayety. "The House of 
Bondage" by the Gayety stock week of Matrix u. 

Earnia (Wm. F. Flugerald, mgr.) — The Queena 
of Paris 0-14. The Broadway Girls next 

Ltbio (0. S. Biggs, mgr.) — High class photo- 
plays and mid-weekly changes of variety. 

Keenc, If. H. — Keens Opera House (A. W. 
Quint, mgr.) "Little Women"' March 18. "Mrs. 
Wlggs of the Onbtuge Patch" 28. 

Majestic and Scenic, vaudeville nnd motion 

Pbueunb. — Motion pictures onlr. 

Nora— I. 0. Jackson list, replaced E. L. Camp- 
bell as manager st Msjestlc. Mr. Jackson has been 
manager of Lexington Park for the paat two sea- 
eons, prior to which be was In Ibe manugeineiit 
of Piragcn Park, Nantastet. Mr. Campbell goes 

Aurora, III. — Grand Opera House (B. T. 
Henderson, mgr.) Broadway Belles March 4. Prim- 
rose ft Dockatader Mlnstrela 8, matinee and wen 
ing: John McOormlck, the Irish tenor, 12. 

Notes. — Montgomery snd Stone and "Romance 

will appear at the Grand thla month Jot 

McCormack will be assisted by Donald Macbet 
violin, and Vincent O'Brien, piano. Top prle. 
12.30 for this engagement, 

ElKln, III.— Grand (W. B. Nennan. mgr.) 
vaudeville March 8-7 Included: Menlo Moore's "A 
Bachelor's Dream;" Florens Trio, O'Xell snd 
Dixon, EHni Gardner, McCuruudl nnd Austin, 
new moving iiictarea. Dcslnest opened well. 
"Who's Your Friend?" 8-11, vaudeville 12-14. 

OousBtm.— Redpath Qrond Operj. Co. 2, Smith 
Damon 9, Fannie Bloonuield Zlesler, nlsnlat, 10; 
Cathedral ObolT 10 (return date). 

tgnlner. III.— At the Emplre-Hlppodrooie 
(W. L. Bushy, mgr.) "A Dsy of Days" Msrch 7. 
S ; "Romance" 9, "Damaged Goods" 10, "Peg o' 
My Hesrt" 11.12. 

Buoo (W, N. MeOonnell. mgr.)— Bill week 12- 
14: La Vine and Inlan, Gruet snd Oruet, Knight 
Bros, and Santelle, and the Dorsns. 

Thb Colohadb. Pbikcess, Satot. QinNCT, 
Oek, Stab and Faxiiit Thiatbb, pictures only. 

Jackson, Mich, — At the Athenaeum (H. J. 
Porter, mgr.) the English Players. Msrch 2. 
pleased. Al. O. Field's Mlnt>trela, .1, dlj well. 
Joseph Sheehan't English Opera Co. 18, Karl 
Stock Co, week IB. Ethel Barrymore 24. 

Buon (Frank R. Lampman, mgr.)— Bill 8-1). 
"Johnny Wise;" 12-14, ''Mareon," Iia Hampton 
and company, Sautley and Norton, Al. Lewis snd 

Trow, ». Y.— Proctor's (Dan Corr, mgr.) 
bill for March 9-11: Camllle'a Poodles, Fred 
Primrose. Louts Bates snd company, "The Girl 
in the Moon," and Stewart Sitters and Escorts. 
For 12-14: Orphea. Wheat and Ahrln. Mattle 
Chrate and company, King and Brown, and the 
Three Romanoffs. 

Hand's (N. 0. Mlrlck, mgr.)— The Lytell- 
Vangbsn Stock Co. made a decided hit In "The 
Woman" week of 2. "The Fortune Hunter" week 
of 9. 

Pbootob's LTcatm, Plaza. Tbojah. Noveltt, 
Keith's Eurras and Majestic, photoplays only. 

Cohoes, N. Y.— Proctor'a (W. W. Hatch, 
mgr.) feature pbotoplaya to crowded houses. 

Majestic, Batonr Spot snd Earprta, photo- 
plays only. 

Woonaoeket, R. I. — Park Theatre (O. W 
Smith, mgr.) week of March 9. the Edward Lynch 
Stock Co. presents "Where the Trail Divides." 
"The Sign of the Four" 18-21. 

Sunn's and Nickel. — Moving pictures. 

Colombia. S. C. — New Coltxinhla (F. L. 
Brown, mgr.) "Stop Thief" March 8, Geo. Evans' 
Mlnatrela 10. Zlegfeld's Follies 11. On 18 the 
Crescent 8toek Co. takes possession of the Co- 
lumbia, snd will remain for several months. 

Tna attaches of the New Vork Hippodrome 
will hold their annual ball st the Murray Hill 
Lyceum, In East Thirty-fourth Street, on Sunday 
night, March S. The evening will begin with s 
vaudeville ente.-talnment given by the members. 
The curtain will rise promptly at eight o'clock. 

Joseph Btbox Tottxji, tho dramatized Regi- 
nald Wright Kaufman's novel, "The Uonae of 
Bondsge, 1 ' baa Just written s stage version of 
Mr. Kaufman's other nnvel, "The Girl Who Goes 
fl'roog." The company has lem engaged, snd re- 
bKrsals will begin next week under Mr. Totlen'e 
Ifrtenal direction, 

a M. Mtrarn-r, the old time road agent, who 
haa retired from the profession for the present at 
least, la running the Palu Restaurant, st 421 
Cllntcn Street, Defiance, 0., and would be pleased 
to have his friends call on him when working tbat 



March 14 


Good with any makeup 

Your make-up may demand a 
pipe — but if you have ever smoked 
a Fatimayour preference will be 
. for the cigarette with the "distino 
tive" flavor. Its pure goodness 
has made it the biggest selling 
cigarette in America. 

' For 60 Falima Coupons you can secure a While Satin 

Pillow Top, 24 Inches square, decorated with hand- 

. tomely painted flowers — 24 designs to select from. 







In • telegram to hi* New Tork nfflcn, listens 
Lortr, tin Hew York rauderllle magnate, rn- 
pti.tlcallr denied Um dlapstcbro tioio Chicago 
■latins that he hart bought the Snlllrsn-Omrldlnc 
circuit In the We«t. and wished to deny tho story 
tlmi wide publicity In tlila city that be had 
anj Intention, of doing so. He .aid tb.t hli trip 
to the Pacific Ovist with Aitolph Zukor ana 
Aaron Janet, of Junes, I.lnlck A Hrharfcr, wa. 
for pleasure only, dno to hi. nerer baring been 
In California. Tto party will visit the fllm 
plant of the Famous Flujerj Co., at Hants Monica, 
and spend seve»»l weeks In California. 


Portland's (Ore.) now $100,000 National The- 
atre 1. to bo tn-clc<l on the J. D. Parrel! propertr. 
a quarter block, bounded bT Stark, Pork and 
Weat Park Stwets, Immediately North of tho Star 
Theatre, according to announcement by Melrln (l. 
Wlnetock, who, on Feb. 20, sororod hi* connec- 
tion as general manager of tho People's Amuse- 
meat Cbmpiny, In ttiat city. Mr. nonstock will 
now deiote hid entire tunc to bullillnj the tbealxo 
and further Brtnplnir of the enterprise. 

At the regular Thursday m«;liw of the Morlni? 
Picture Exhibitors' League, of Portland. Feb. 10, 
the following resolution was ploced on rcocrd: 

"Itegardlna: Hie reslpiatlon of Melrln Q. Win- 
•tock. a. gcneial mnnaifur of tlis People'. Amuse- 
ment Company, and believing that Sir. Wln.itock 
I. one of the n-oat capable and UMt Informed pic- 
ture men on tho 1'nclflc Ooaat, therefore, be It 

"Resolred. That the Moving Picture Ribllillon' 
League of Portland, extend to Mr. Wln.tock a 
vote of confidence and appreciation for the rery 
ible aerrlces he hat rendered to the league, snd 
the best wishes of the lengne that hi. new venture 
will be a prosperous one." 

At two o'clnock, afternoon of 20, about thirty 
employees of the People's Oonipany InToded the 
prlrate office of Mr. Winstock. taking hlin com- 
pletely by surprise. W. B. Armstrong, speaking 
for Ihe employees, presented Mr. Wlnatock with 
a beautiful gold headed enne and a lorlng cup, 
as tokens of the esteem In which they held him. 
Mr. Winstock made a fitting reply, and a general 
Ultle reception and pood time followed. 
O . » 


"A Peck o' Pickles," In which Kolb «nd Dill 
supported by a large snd cap.ble company, 
elaborately and beautifully dressed, wa. seen for 
the drat time on any stage, In Indianapolis, lml., 
Feb. 2T, Instead of 20, on account of the com- 
pany, en route from New York, being caught In 
the big snow storm just West of Cleveland, and 
delayed for eighteen hours. 

The opening performance was sn unqualified 
.ucceas. After a week In St. Ixxtls the company 
will more on to Chicago for a run. The cast 
Included: C. William Kolb, Max M. Dill, Karl 
Henham, Ceo. M. George, Thonuis Itolfe, Mnnri 
Lillian Herri. Olga Stcch. lttiby Leslie. Alice 
Hills, Edward Grau, ltd. Morris. Tom Mason, Kil. 
Farris. Helen Kennedy, Belle llersleln. Slay Co- 
barn, Trlxle Warren and Itiitli liber t. 
4 « ♦ 

A new theatre Id the rear of the Hotel 
Tuft, in New Haven, Conn., is announced 
for erection. It is said that the building, 
which will be four stories high, will cost 
over $50,000. 

The new house will scat over 1..100, and 
have a stage 40 by 00 feet. 

Mogxilre's California Minstrels. 

A re-organization was made In November, 
for a Western tour, under the management of 
Haverly and Magulre. Beaumont Read, Slvori 
and others were added. They opened in Mil- 
waukee, Nov. 20. Closed the traveling <»eason 
at Washington, D. C, Dec 13, 1876. A new 
company was then organized, which opened 
to Ottawa, III., Feb. 26, 1ST!. Fredericks 
Oberist, He/wood Morton, Lester and Will- 
iams to the party. Billy Bmerson, Earl 
Steele, Fredericks, Nat Horner and Wash 
Noirton left Chicago April 15, for 'Frisco, 
and opened at the Opera House, Bush Street, 
April 23. Arlington left the company Oct. 
16, for a lecturing tour. The band appeared 
in New Tork, Jan. 14, 1878, at the Olympic 
Theatre. Bmerson Schoolcraft, Coes, Ches. 
Heywood, J. W. Mack, Quitter, GoJdrich and 
others to the party. Their stay there was 
a very short one. anal a new party was 
organized, which started oat Feb. 25, under 
the business direction of J. H. Mack. Bmer- 
son, Smith, Waldron, Morton, Martin (the 
Big Four), and C. Heywood to the party. 
The season closed to Buffalo, June 15. On 
Aug. 26. they appeared to Philadelphia, with 
B. Abecco to the party. 

John Hooley and w. Hawkburst opened 
Hooley's Opera House, Brooklyn, Sept. 2, 
1872. with the following party : James H. 
Bndwoth. Dick Ralph, Canifeld, Baker, Andy 
CoHotn. McPhall, J. B. Carter. H. Williams, 
T. Waddee and Sir. Constnntlne. Fayette 
Welch appeared! Sept. 9 ; MoKee & Rogers 
Sept. 80; Q. W. Griffin and Oberist appeared 
Dec. 2, 1872, on which occasion Griffin as- 
sumed Hie management. De Angells and 
Hughes were the end men. S. S. Pardy ap- 
peared Dec. 16. The next managers were 
Griffin le Little, who commenced tnelr cam- 
patlgn Dec. 14, 1874, with Harry Talbot, 
Hawley, O'Rourke, Murphy, Shannon and 
Thomas Hedges, Frank Gayton, Burton Stan- 
ley and others, Closed abruptly Jan. ■?, 1875. 

Wm, Henry Rice's Minstrels, 
ComsIstlnK of Billy Manning. Walter Bray, 
Fayette WeJeh, W. H. Rice, Chas. Fontelle, 
Gustavo Bldeaux. R. T. Tyrrell, W. W. New- 
comb, Sam Gardner, Goo. HiU. and the or- 
iehestra, formerly with Neweomb' Company, 
ust closed. They opened Sept 2, 1872 t at 
lelodeon Hal], Cincinnati, Ohio. Walter 
£niy, W. W. Neweomb, B. M. Hall and Cool 
White Joined the party. They Inaugurated 
Music Hall, CoaclDnatl. Ohio, Oct. 14, 1872, 
with Ches. Barttoe, Joe Malrs. Horace Rush- 
ly. Jss. Seniple and W. Pope to the company. 
CoBapsed Oct 28, 1872. Re-organized lor a 
traveling tour, opening Nov, 7, at Cynthlana, 

Dan Goosrln'a Minstrels 
Organized at Winona. Minn., where they 
opened June 20. 1872. Collapsed to ilx 
weeks at Lake <5ity. HI Price was to the 

„Hl Price was born to Cbatneld, Fllmoro 
County, Minn., Sept 80, 1867. His first 
appearance to public was with Google's Min- 
strels. Since then bas been connected with 
various circuses to the concerts. 

G. Swayne Buckley and Sam Sharpley 
started out on a tour with a party Sept 8. 
1872. They made a tour of the East and 
West, and opened in New York at the San 
Francisco Minstrel Hall (St James Theatre), 
March 8, 1878. The first part minstrel 
scene was abolished, and the performance 
commenced with a protean farce, followed by 
on olio. They closed March 22. 

Hontley's Minstrel. 
Was a party that was organized for tbe 
•eason of 1872-8 at Providence, R. I. They 
rnade a brief tonr. closing at Birmingham, 
Conn.. Oct 22. 1878. 

Kelly's Minstrels 
Orgalted in Omabs, where they opened a 
new minstrel hall Dec. 2, 1872. Lew Reese, 
tambo ; Billy Blair bones, Thos. Sands. In- 
terlocutor; Prof. Glubb and nomas Kelly 

Harry Allen's Minstrels 
Opened Dec. 0, 1872. In Milwaukee, Wla, 


Sell Its packs for a dime at fairs, e'c. We seU II 
to yon »t one cent per pack. 

HELMET OO., Broadway, Cincinnati, 0. 


Jolly Rnth Oamold entertained a nnnibor of 
her rrlend. at her borne, Sunday evening, March 
1. In honor of her birthday, and was presented 
with many handsome and valuable nnenia. Mlsa 
Oamold sang a number of popular song* with 
her birthday twin. Leo Better, St the piano. 
Sir. nerger's birthday also bring March 1. he 
celebrated bl. twenty-fourth year, but .'oily Bulb 
refused to rert.l her age. 

This Is the third year they have celebrated 
their birthday together. Mr. Berger Is one of 
our city's firemen, and consl-tatd nno of Chief 
I-angfarrt's most rolusbto men. Stable Bennett 
rendered several songs, and comic song, and 
Hories try one of our foremost comeill.ins. Frank 
Byron, of Byron and Langdon, was rnotter fea- 
ture. Singing, dancing and merrymaking was 
Indulged In by sll until II v. it., when a delicious 
turret lunch wa. serred. The following wore In 
attendance: Mr. and Sirs. Frank Byron. Mr, and 
Mr*. Billy Darling, Mr. and Mrs. It. K. I#nnoat, 
Mr. end Mrs. Troy Cooper. Mr. and Mrs. Will 
Hunt, of Anbury Patk, If. J. ; Mr. anil Mrs. Dare 
Huasell, Yonkevs, N. Y.; Misses .Motile Bennett, 
Marlon Sherrter, Kate Johnson snd Vallere Len-' 
nax, and Messrs. Leo Berber. Toji Foley, 0. 
Kelley, D. Ott and Ohos. Ailameta 

A. L. Tiilelbar writes from Peorln. 111., 
March 1: 

"Wo had Kdnn Aug as our feature at tho Hlp- 

Pxlrome, In Iter orlirliial creation, 'Folks Is 
oiks." Miss Aug Is known to some extent pcr- 
ronally and rt»<te well by reputullon In rcnrln. 
and the advance sale justified us In predicting 
what v.'ns later an ertabllsheil fact, soM-ont 
bouses Ihrougliout live week and many times a 

"Mlw Aug has a remarkable act. It Is hardly 
what she says or sings, but her very gripping 
personallly seemed fo set tbe audhsi'-o 'wllh 
her' from th-> nioment she nppesred and broturtit 
her lire and six curtain culls nt the rlnlsh of her 
numbers. Her gowns are beautiful, mid her char- 
acter linper.ioi ntlous quite tbe iK-st that has 
ever been seen and heard In Peoria for a long 
time. She was such a t'omotulo'is success thnt Sir. 
Seaver made arrangements for an extended engage- 
ment for the first half of week of March 0." 



An Interesting sccount of n recent RMCtlng be- 
tween dipt. Jack Ornwfiml jnd John W. ltalney, 
of "The Trail of tho Lonesome. L'liw" Oi„ who 
were together twenty-seven rears "«■> In "I>nntel 
Bonne," In which the captain starred. It 'night 
lie a good suggestion to some moving picture cor- 
poration that Captain Jnck Crawford would Ik- a 
picturesque tlfuro for pictures, anil llmt lie lias a 
wonderful stock of suitable material. 
* « » 

Amelia Mitchell, who U nt present making her 
borne at Ibo .Savoy Hotel, in New York, i-millriiM 
tbe rniiHir tint she hns reiHiunee<l her nlleglnuco 
to tli.' slngo to lake Ihe ■MM veil. Sllss Mllehell, 
who nt one time was a nH'mlier of tins Kdwnrdi' 
compriiy, and recently a slnglo In vaudeville, will 
enlcr ifisullne Ounvent on Saturday. No explana- 
tion of her sudden clnnijo of lienrt could bo 
obtained from her. 

4 s » 


Oarrle Reynold., "tbe sweetest girl In vaude- 
ville," will try out her new act at tbe Odcon 
Theatre on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, of 
next week. 

Harry Allen, Geo. Burgess, Billy Welch, 
Johnny Rice, Chris. Mathews, John Larkeller, 
Chas. De Yon, S. H. Montgomery and Chas. 
de St. Clair, in the party. 

Welch, Hart A Clarke's Minstrels 
Gave their initial entertainment on Dec. 23, 

1872, at Springfield, 111. The company con- 
sisted of: Fayette Welch, Jas. W. Clarke, 
Thos. Reed, J. Rappler, Frank Harrison, Ned 
West Geo. Pierce, II. Rasbby. Henry Milton 
and a brass band. On Jan. 31, 1873, W. W. 
Neweomb Joined, and the company was there- 
after called Welch le Newcomb's. On March 
81, 1878, Neweomb severed Ms connection 
with them and they soon after disbanded. 

The Fits German Minstrels 
Were composed of the following: Hughey 
Hagerty, Richard Gorman, Harry Brown, 
Howard Egbert, Harry Blanchard, W. H. 
Stanley, Bldeanx, Fred Romher, G. A Ber- 
nard and a silver band of eleven pieces. 
George Cole was proprietor, and Val Rolew- 
ski, leader. Tbey started early to March, 

1873, and tbey had not been out many da>s 
ere Cole deserted them, leaving salaries due 
to all. 

Fred 'Wilson's Minstrels 

Gave their first show at Jacksonville, in., 
March 2, 1873. Fred D. Goalee was the 
tenor. In May. Fred Fox, George Wilson, 
John Rapier, Will Morton and R. M. Tile- 
s ton were in the party. The season closed 
June 16, 1873, at Lafayette, Ind. 

The "Clnetanaius" Minstrels 
Were organized in Cincinnati, O.. to May, 
1878, under the management of "Clncln- 
tatus" (right name Mike O'Connor) and 
Harry Wilton, and gave their first perform- 
ance May 5, 1873, at Xenla. 0. 

Pnrdy & White's Minstrels 
Gavo their first show on May 10. 1873, at 
the Thirty-fourth Street Theatre, New York. 
8. S. Purdy, tambo; J. Niles, bones; Cool 
Wbite, interlocutor; ALecco, J. Manning, II. 
Wells, Evans, J. W. Clark, H. T. Mudge and 
B. Carroll comprised tbe party. 

Conrtney & Snnford's Minstrels 
Was n party made up in New York to travel 
with Courtney & Sanford's Circus in South 
America. They consisted of: Billy Watson, 
Dave Wilson, J. K. Campbell, John F. Ober- 
ist Carl Rudolph. J. B. Carter, Harry Percy. 
J. G. Raanpone and orchestra. They sailed 
from New York July 23, 1873. 

Jacob Carter, baritone singer, with this 
companv, died at Rio Janeiro, on Aug. 27, 
1873, of yellow fever. His right name was 
Jacob Werwertz. 

McAllister and Poley started from White- 
hall, N. Y., August 1873, with a company, 
for a tonr through New York State, but 
their trip was a abort one, as tbey collapsed 
at Whitehall, N. Y.. to November. 

Hugh Hamall started from Montreal, Can., 
with a band consisting of: Ned West, Honk 
HowaTd, Hugh Hamall and tbe Leaux Bros., 
and opened in Quebec on Aug. 10. 1873. On 
Sept. 1, 1874, this company consolidated 
with La Rue's Minstrels. Hugh Hamall, 
singer, died to Montreal. Can., Oct 10, 1875, 
of disease of the kidneys. 

Davis A Co.'s "Christy's'' Minstrels 
Started from Toledo, 0. , and gave their first 
show Sept. 24, 1878. Christy, Hooley, Rich- 
ardson Bros., Lew Hallett. J. T. Cook and 
Prof. Smith, were in the party. 

llnnvcr St FeraTnsoa Minstrels 
Opened Oct 18, 1873, at Battenvllle, N. Y„ 
and the party consisted of G. Hall, A. Haw- 
ver, Bralnard, Harkness, J, Allen, J. Fergu- 
son, H. Russell. W. Harper, B. Brownell, 
Mart Gllmore and Lew Miller. 

Hasrher Dougherty, Leslie and 
Were managers of a minstrel band traveling 
in South Africa, to Nov.. 1878. In tbe party 
were: Dougherty, W. 8. Leslie, Braiam, Cox, 
Turner and Harvey. Dougherty arrived in 
London, Bug., from Cape of Good Hope on 
Nov. 26. 1874. 

Howard It O'Brien's Minstrels 
Gabe their first performance on Nor. 18, 
1873. in Batavla, Ohio. C. P. Howard, Dan 
Htokel Jr., Harry Nilson, Harry E. Pike, 
Harry Ostxxrn, Jos. B. Manning, Dan KInkel 
8r., and Tony Backus were to the party. 
(To be continued.) 


t&k -. 

X R 

VV i a 4**s»sF*>. ■*"' '"■—- •■-■-- ■ ■'- .,.'.. 


r-cmoemwts "ANTON Y" *-.'CLCQPA"IR/\" kthi 
oovwviVMt'wvMTA. , \i r^^^w\J\l^.^ 


Oliver MoroBco ended the run of Kitty Gordon, 
In "rietty Mrs. Smith," at the Burbank Theatre. 
Los Angeles, Msrch 7, and will Jump the entire 
company to Boston, where the piece Is booked st 
tbe Cort Theatre for It. Eastern premiers on Mon- 
day, March 16. This will be the record Jump of 
years, snd the longest one ever taken by so largo 
a theatrical company as Miss Gordon's organiza- 
tion. It Is about three thousand four hundred 
miles from Los Angeles to Boston. The company 
left California Sunday, March 8, and will travel 
by special train, on the shortest possible schedule. 
direct into Boston, where they are duo to arrive 
l'rlday, klarch 13. After tbe Boston run Mr. 
Siorosco will bring the musical production into 
New York. 

construction nrcoiiN on scr.Nn; 


RiN Francisco, March 2. — construc- 
tion of the scenic railway on the concession dis- 
trict of tbe i'nnnmu-l'aclflc International Exposi- 
tion was begun Feb. 2D. This feature is being 
installed by the L. A. Thompson Scenic Hallway 
Company, and It Is expected that the eonceiilon 
will be completed within ninety day.. It is tbe 
Intention of the builders to operate tbe railway 
during the pre-exposltlon period. 

The scenic railway will cost abont inO.OQO, 
snd will occupy a ground space of about 79,00i> 
square feet. The entrance will bare a frontline 
of abont 12S feet. This entrance will bo domi- 
nated by two huge wooden elephants, supporting 
a portion of the track on their trunks. 

Klelne-Ambroalo, "THE BARBER OF SEVILLE," 
Three-Reel General Film Release, March M. 

(This out copyright, ISH. Ocorgc Klcine.) 

Corns 1 

Made these shoes im- 
possible. But Inez told 
me of Blue-jay. 

I applied it and the pain 
stopped in a moment. In 48 
hours all three corns came out. 

No soreness whatever. 1 
never thought of the corns from 
the nioment I used Blue-jay. 
And now they are gone, to 
never return, unless tight shoes 
cause new ones. 

This is tbe story of millions of 
corns which have liecn ended by Hluc- 
jny . It will lie the story of your corns 
when you use this one ri^ht method. 

Don't pare them. Paring never 
ends iiciirn. Use the modern method. 

A famous chemist, by Inventing 
Blue-jay, lias made corn tronbles 
needless. Blue-jay takes corns out, 
without any trouble, without any 
nnnoyancc. Apply it in a jiffy, then 
forget the corn, 

* It is taking out about one million 
corns a month. It is the method 
now used and endorsed by physicians. 
You owe to yourself a test. 

Blue -jay 

For Corns 

IS and 25 cents—at Druggists 

Bauer & Black, Chicago .cd Ntw York 

Makers of Physicians' Supplies 


Complete Line of 






Always on Hand 

Orders Filled 
Tim DALIOTB Promptly 

Cotton TijrnM. very (rood quality, ■ pr, *• ■»■ 
Wonted Tights, medium weight, i pr. 9.00 
Worsted Tights, heavy weleht, • pr., 3.T5 
Bilk I'lalted Tights (Imported), ■ pr. . 31.60 
811k Tight., heavy weight, a pr...... o.oo 

Pure flllk Tlgbts " " 8.5o 

Hhlrt to Match, same price as Tight. 







6th Ave., bet. 27th and 281h Sts., New York 



MU8IU8.30T0 1 A.M.. 


' will reduce your weight. Applied ex- 
ternally. No druua, no illrllng, leaving 
the skin Arm, white and free from wrin- 
kles. Mos. Jarst.OO. Address 


MSI K. Ashland Illvd., Chicago, 111. 
Phone Ir ving 730^ 




rtellcvo tho rough In Ions trouhls. SSe, fiOe and 11. 00. 
Bunpl. Free. JO IIS L utinw* S Ml, lain, Sw, 


I ull r<-J how I IBSSBSISJ mfMrtm. 

ui«#. ■ s.stsss.s a BBsas ss. SpimdM 
Ml. «!»•/» mlUns- O w . Su .IU t* mi,i 
Tb*sti1ral fmlm tOwnm aw r»uxxJj, Thlrti 
rsaiv .iBrrUoM m b*ta as a s ps *as issasss i 
nlmtbttk "ill it*.. V»..<llto" uatrm. n 


Advice snd Informa- 
tion on how to start In 


Send 9o. stamp for 1 iin.trstcd Booklet. 

STAOE SUPPLY, 8U. I, Wi W. Slth St., New T«lt. 




Mabch 14 

BLANCHE RING, In "When Claudia Smiles" at the Lyric Theatre, N. Y., Is scoring the Biggest Hit of her Brilliant Career Singing 




A real BLANCHE RING Hit. Our other Big Hits: 

heart interesr. "ON THE HONEYMOON EXPRESS," the 


balladl that is beautiful, appealing, haunting and full of 
Great Novelty Hit, known everywhere: "SOONER OR LATER," Great Double Num- 

ber. "LOVE'S LAMENT," a High Class Song for High Class Singers, etc., etc. "THE BELLS " is restricted. 

Send late Programme or 15c. In stamps for the above. 


If you are known to us, neither Is necessary. 

146 W. 45th St., N. Y, 

VO other class of Performer! bav* 
■^ at much use for a Trunk, or 
give It harder wear than the CIRCUS 

Is built specially for the Circui Pro- 
fession, convenience and dura- 
bility being the strong 1'catures. 
CHICAGO. 28 East Randolph St, 
NEW YOBS, 181 West 88 th St. 


In «ndlr»» variety In .t.n'k anil mad. 
to order according (o sketches. 




OATALOOUKS and SAMPLES upon request. 
When aaklng for Catalogue, pleaso mention 
what goodi are wanted. 

m ai.itikh the beat. 
PRICKS the iow...t. 


8. W. Cor. 2Ttb St. ft Madison Ate., N. T. 





oont Anrna About boo bungalows 



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mmnm clous 

Plain Kid, • • $3.60 
Patent Leather, $4.60 
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JB12 NEW ACTS $12 

written to your order. Onarantood logo, on big 
email time. Best of references. Kxoluslvpmab 

t or 
o mater- 
ial full of new and original Ideas. This prlco for a 
abort time only. Lot me write your play, musical 
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tin sly guarantee poaltlvoly protects von. f 14 
flQ N. J. UCOKWHKBT, Uunllngton, Mass. fig 



1»8 PAGES 

A €*j 1*' S von ° t ' r ' ii ?' i ii'' ki 

Mind Reading ■■ ■ ^** ■"» aw Punob-Judr 
Bend *c. sump fur Souvenir POCKET TRICK, 
SM TRICK OaUlog Included FREE. 
MAOIO 00., But. I, 240 W.Bttb St, New York. 

Hand Cuff 


Nxw Yobs, Feb. 2. 
Mh. Omit. Mi dds, Wslltck's Theatre, New York. 
IitAH Hin: Pardon tbe lntrualon of tbla 
letter, but your published remark, ss followa: 
"Bring It down en your own bead," furnished tbe 

I should like to see a better system of agency 
for American plays la England, sod I cannot 
help thinking that If sn agent would engage a 
certain number of actors, good readera, to read 
ploys to managera In London, more business would 
be done, and done mote quickly than at present. 

Now, before your remarks were msde I was 
thinking of a plan whereby tbe unknown play- 
writer could bring to tbe attention of managers 
bis play sod get a bearing quickly. 

It was to bsve tbe drsmatlst buy or hire an 
ordinary phonograph with a few recording discs 
and then talk his play on tbe disks, bring It 
or send It to a manager who could, at hla lelaure, 
put It on bla reproducing phonograph, and over bis 
lunch. Ms tea, bis toddy or his cigar, bear the 
same, and spoken words would show up a play to 
him where written worda might not. Humor and 
oathoa could be forcibly expressed In the spoken 
words while tbey would fall flat when read in 
manuscript. In fact, s play agency could Invite 
managers to bis office and they could listen to a 
play or aeveral, one of wblcb might strike tbe 
fancy of some manager. 

To quicken matters for managers, the author 
could send a dlak upon which were recorded the 
opening and ending of each act whereby Its dra- 
matic worth might be determined, and If such 
were InU-restlng, tbe full recorded play could be 
sent later on. 

Dramatic societies encouraging new playa could 
bave meetings, and several new ploy* could be 
presented to them, on tbe phonograph, and their 
Judgment could be naked ns to their worth, and 
their endorsement of a piny no doubt would re- 
ceive consideration by a producing manager. In 
this wny a thousand plays would be heard where 
fifty now would not no read, ns tbo rending of 
ploys Is no doubt a tedious matter. 

The author could read the. play lilmwlf on to 
tbe phonograph's recoiling dlak, vr ho could hire 
M>mn good actor to do It, who could bring out 
Its dramatic [mints. 

Tills form of presenting piny* to managers 
would cost but a few dollar* to tbe authors, and 
get attention, as a play could bo more nutekly 
judged by heurlng than by the present method. 

If this strikes you as a good idea— If you glvo 
publicity to It— It would soon be heard around 
tbo world to the advantage of authors and man- 

A play could be recorded bete on the dlars and 
sent lo Kngluid for consideration. Yours truly, 
Kuiibnb Biixsiuan. 

« »♦ — 

Charles Frohman baa closed a great contract 
for a combination of atars for next sesaon. Be 
Itaa secured William Gillette, Blanche Batea and 
Marie Horo, for an all atsr production of Sardou'a 
"Diplomacy." This star combination brings 
William Gillette back to the stage; It provides 
Blanche Batea with a role iierfectly aulted to ber, 
and glvea Marie Doro an American opportunity In 
a part In wblcb she bas already made a great 
London auccess. 

When Mr. lTrohman produces "Diplomacy," Mr. 
Gillette will ploy Henry Beauclerc: Mlaa Patra 
will bo the Countess Zlcka, rnd Miss Doro will 
ploy Dora. His appearance sa Henry Itcuuclcrc 
will tie Mr. GUletto's first return to the tlew York 
stage In over three years. He was last seen In New 
York In bis play*. "Sherlock Holmes." "Secret 
Service" and "Held Br the Enemy," bnt since 
tben be bas confined Ills public appearances to 
brief lecture, tours. Periodically Mr. Gillette baa 
vlalfed Mr. BYohman to ssy that whenever a part 
to bis liking came along bo would be glaa to 
act ngnln for a limited season. On accepting tbe 
role of Henry Beauclerc, Mr. Olllotto expressed 
great wllllngnesa to have ss co-stars with htm 
Miss Bates find Mian Doro. Mr. Frohsiun has 
commlaalonrd Illlaaboth Mates, author of "The 
Poor Little Rich Girl," to wrltn a new play for 
Hiniicho Bates, In which ahe will appear at the 
end of the, "Diplomacy" aesson. 

Mlaa Doro Is now playing "Dora," as one of 
the stsr* in tbe atsr cast production of 
"Diplomacy," now in lis second year at Wynd- 
ham's Theatre, London, where Gerald du Maurler 
la acting the part that William Gillette will play 
In this country, and Hill* Jeffreys Is playing the 
role that will be done In America by Blanche 

Tbe season of this combination of stars for 
"Diplomacy" will begin In October. A number 
of the English cast will be brought from London 
for other parts In "Diplomacy." 
♦ ■ » 


Mr. and Mrs. Horace V. Noble (Tercso Lor- 
raine) will celebrate their Ufteeuth welding anni- 
versary on March 14, and tbelr seven hundredth 
performance In "Where the Trail Dlvldea," under 
tbe management of Mesara Klliut ft Gauolo. 


We Insert advertisement* In this column at a 
special rate of 11.76 per agate line for 8 months 
(or 18 times). This will enable local managers 
to keep tbelr bosses prominently and continually 
before the manager* of companies. Daring tbe 
dSM the ad. Is running w* will send each adver- 
tiser a copy of Ths Ourrn f re*. 

WANTEP-Good attractions; drawing capac- 
ity, 3,6oo; new Opera Hoiibo; electric lights, hot 
snd cold water, dressing rooms, largo stage and 

good scenery; best show town In Western Pa. 0. 
.AL T,Mgr.,Knox,Pa. 

UNION HALL, CHAZY.N. Y. Modern, new 
sceneries. Stage, 20x34. Electric lights. Seating 
capacity, 300, Population, BOO. Drawing popula- 
tion, 2600. Z. A BISSONNETTE, Prop. 


stago; seating capacity; 

Shows. Good light and stago; seating capaclt/321, 
PopulaUon if 



time for good shows. 

Brldgevllle, Del. 

Seating 800. Open 



6,000. Largo stage and good scenery. Miners Hall, 
Nanty Qlo, Pa. John Scalf, William White, Mgrs. 


for any Instrument or number of Instruments. 
Songs, words and Music, 8ke tches.etc. Send stamp. 
OHAS. L. LEWIS, 428 Richmond St., Cincinnati 0. 

WRITTEN TO ORDER. Terms for stamp. 

E. L. UAMULE, AUTHOR, East Liverpool, 0. 

Side Nhow, Carnival , Vaudeville and Medicine 
Performers, get the latent and start the season 
right, E. WITHERS, Madlgun St., Eugene, Ore. 


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catalogue Free. J. S. llarto, 107 So. Capitol Ave, 
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FOR HALK—I'laiio Accordion ;flno condition; 
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$76. Sell for $26. Two and a half octaves; high 
pltcb. Address E. Z., care CLIPPER OFFICE. 

POD Q A T V Sixty foot Pullman Sleeper, 
rUIl OAlifi"— Mow Mattresses. Blankots, 
Pillows, Pullman Side Bracket Tables, Large 
and Small Mllburn Lights, 1 Largo charcoal 
Broiler, 1 Portable Bake Oven, Seats, Reserved, 
Grand Stands and Bleachers, Heavy Baggage 
Wagons. I Oiler Wagon with Boiler and Heavy 
Steam Kettles, 1 Range Wagon with Ranges. 
Steam Tables, Coffee Urn, Falrbank Standard 
Scales with Frame. Apply 
DBWITT BALLARD, Bridgeport, Conn. 


for Acts. Everyone a Hit 


Writer of " Good-Bye 8tl," 
" If They'd Only H ove Old Ireland Over Hers," 

Blanche Ring's Big Success 
AddrcBS AT West »8th St., NEW YORK 


Banuad-MiRP.iS K 

and fiouuiotto, Fonoy stag* ana n 
at, Opera Coat) end run, vex- a 
BL] MM Alberta, ud ute^m & 
_^ SttUu. Ullit. nod Opera Ha'.'. it 

fr aVtl B. Clark Ht. , Oh V uag*. *} 



I almost give away, Five Seta of Scenery, 
complete outfit of new vaudeville theatre. 
Changed to picture*, AMVLIA GRAIN, 
819 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 


And tbe right to produce tbem at 

Get New Gat- 


coat of manuscript. 



Theatre, N. Y. 0. 


TBIB COUPON will be numbered and attached to your contribution, and a certlflcati 
will be returned to yon ss an acknowledgement, and for future reference. The contribution 
should be signed plainly by the person or firm sending In same, and should be endorsed bj 
the stage manager of the «how or of the hotuw where the act 1* being need. B-urUiei 
acknowledgment will be made by the names and numbers 'jelng published each week as received 

Address your contribution! to 


NEW YORK CLiri'BH. 47 W. 28th St., New Tori 



Enclosed please find copy of my 


for Registration. 

NAME «.. *.« 


When you reglater a play or scenario that you Intend to submit for reading to any pro- 
ducer, we will furnish a label to be attached to the Original, -*■ 

entered In Ths Curama Registry Bnraao. Get the idea? 

■bowing that the asms has been 



for the balance of the winter season, at Samuel's Opera House. The same company will go Int 
Celeron Park, Chautauqua Lake, one mile from Jamestown, for the summer, tbe prettiest park theatr 
in United states. 


'n all lines. Young, Good-looking Leading Lady, Yonng, Good-looking Leading Han, Young Character 
Woman tbst Is capable of playing heavies, Tall, Dark Complexloned Heavy Man, A-l Comedian, A-l 
Director that can play a strong line of parts, A-l Ingenue and General Business People, A-l Scenic 
Artist and Union Stage Carpenter. All of the above people must be young, good looking and good 
dressers. Send late photo, with age, height, weight, past experience and lowest salary. No atten- 
tion paid to applicants wltbont photo. Rehearsals at Jamestown, N. v., March 28. If you can't com- 
ply with the above, don't answer this ad. You must bo A-l and high class. If yon misrepresent- you 
will be closed without notice. Belter get In touch with ne. Will have 10 stock houses for the summer. 
Address THE BORNE STOCK COMPANY, Grand Opera House, Akron, Ohio. 
P. 8.— GEORGE K. BROWN, that wag with us at Newport, write. 




M A \#V L- E Y 


For responsible managers only. Both A-l Gen. Bus. people and absolutely sober and reliable. Can 
Join on wire. Just closed ;io weeks with last nhow. Managers who booze or have booze or agitators 
don't notice this. East or Soutb preferred. Address GEO. HAWLEY 

027 Avenue H, Council Bluffs, Iowa. 



For White or Blackface Team, Dutch Team, Blatcr Team, Comedian and Soabrette, Blaokface and 
Soulirotlc, Straight (in. or. f.) and Tramp mid Straight and Hebrew. Also EIGHT-MINUTE MONOLOGUES 
for Rube, Blackface, Tramp, Irish. Silly Kid, Hebrew and Old Maid. Every act an ORIGINAL. UP-TO- 
DATE SCREAM, boo. each or any four for f 1.80. Cash or M. 0. No stamps! Other material. Send for 
catalogue and enthusiastic testimonials. MRS. MARY B. P. THAYER, 2100 Broad BL, Providence, R. 15 




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ville. Moving Ploturo Theatres 
and Road Shown 

Stock Fatper for Rep. Show * 

lever Late Dates-, 1.00 per Bet— 6 at a time 

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Call, Thigh and Hip Paddings. 

Gold end Surer Trimming* 
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»*T Washington BL, Boston. Mas* 


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Full Instructions sent complete for only 25c. to In- 
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Particulars free BMITH CO., 280 Livingston St., 
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m. iOOmhmmMi 

V«>M>n«M, N u iii i fc WaavftsOutnM 
wJiti ss mJ m Miuimr**!. —ii<ii—. 
■- ii. irm, DMk uo. JutM* a**. 

CATALOG of Professional and 
Amateur Plays, Sketches, Mono- 
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Hake- Up Goods , Etc. ,sen t FREE. 
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Ladies' Evening Dresses ' 

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diet St, New Tort. Tnl>.8Tg6-Btjaat 


,Plantens ch - b laCK 

I C •> . : :>i? CAPSULES 




Seating capacity about 1,600. Long known as one 
of tbo most popular and successful houses In 
America. All modern Improvements. Recently 
rebuilt. Address 

L M. RUBEN, IS E. 40th 8!., New York 

Telephone: Murray Hill 4786 


Company to Open Canvas Show 

1 Week's Repertoire- -Opening May 5, 1914 

Lasting B Months 

Leading Man, Javenlle Hun, Gen. Bas. 
Man, Comedlnn, Leading Lady, Char- 
acter I.K<1>, Soabrette and Ingenues. 

Those doing Specialties preferred. Piano double. 
Send photo. Must be sober and reliable; otber- 
wlso don't write. FrlendB write. 

HEPRICK BRQ8., Colchester. 111. 



The First Saoitary Eraser 

390 Eleventh Ave., Hew York Clly 


E. B. Bonneii, Gen. Mgr. 

Booking Everything In the Amusement Una 

Chicago Representative for 

Frankel Bros, Southern Vaudeville Time 

Suite HOD Thompson Bltlg. 

3S0 North Clark St., Chicago, 111. 

Local and Long Distance Phone, Franklin 223s 



Lifeless. Weight II lbs. Front connection. 

Address BOX 2032, PORTLAND, ORE. 


Tell all. Two plays. Address CLIFTON 
MALLORY, 10 Evans St., Auburn, N. Y. 

Bessie Leonard 


In Vaudeville. Direction IRVING COOPER. 



Melodies written to song poo: 

W. 11. NELSON, MS W. 80th St., N. Y 

A Son. 


inn. Iter.— Wltmark 

Maboh 14 




liOffonnport, lad. — Nelson (Ktlw. F. da!- 
Unn. nigr.) Richy Craig and the Merry Bur- 
jimiers March «, Ollvo Vail, In "The Girl 
bom Mamm's," 11: "The Traffic': 12, "The 
Gill and tho Tramp" 14, "Uncle Tom's Cabin" 
16, "Tho President's Reception" (local) 17, 
Wm. Hodge, In "Tho Koad to Happiness," 
20: Great Griffith 25 and week. 

Colonial (Harold Beverly, nigr.) — Elil 
9-11: Halght, Dean and company. Bunny 
Baebler and Ty-Bell Sisters. 12-14: Char- 
mlon Trio, Flo Raymond, and Zeno, Jordan 
cud Zeno. 

Broadway (E. E. Cunningham, mgr.) — 
Vaudeville and pictures, , _ 

Abk. Gband, Tokyo and Hub, photoplays 

Notes.— Richard Bennett appeared at the 
Nelson 6, In "Damaged Goods," drawing a 
rapacity house. This Is Mr. Bennett's home 
city, and his first visit here slnre gaining 
all present prominence. Following a splen- 
did ovation after the second art, Mr. Ben- 
nett Bald that he hoped the applause was 
rot for him but for the play and the truths 
it portrayed. He further stated that he was 
through with the lighter drama, and that as 
long as plays wero written that tended 
toward the. uplift and betterment of human- 
ity that he would lend his time and abilities 
to tbelr production, Mr. Bennett was 
pleased to meet many old friends, <tnd stated 
that ho would possibly return next season In 
his new ploy, "Maternity." He lectured on 
eugenics In the afternoon at the Baptist 
Temple, which was largely attended. The 
proceeds, nugmentsd by $20 from Mr. Ben- 
nett, wero donated to the local Industrial 
nchool. ...Agreements wero entered Into last 
week between Local 148, I. A, T. 3. E. and 
Manager Galllgan, of tho Nelson, whereby 
the stage crew of the Nelson will be union 
men. Since coming here Mr. Galllgan has 
worked to bring this about, tho house being 

on the "unfair list" since IVOR The 

Ark In the future will open at 11 a. If., and 

run till 11 p. M Daniel Hoffman has 

nine to Oxford, Pa., to join tho Wheeler 
Bros.' Circus as general contracting agent. 
Mr. Hoffman held a like position for tho past 
five years with the Mighty Hang Shows..., 
Gas Sun's "Conservatory of Music" was a 
big hit on the Colonial bill 5-7. 

Indianapolis), Ind. — English's (Ad. F. 
Miller, mgr.) Ruth Chatterton, In "Daddy 
Long Legs "March 0-11: Christie Macdonnld, 
tn "Sweethearts," 12-14 J "Joseph and His 
Brethren" week of 16. 

Mubat (W. B. Mick, mgr.) — Robt. B. Man- 
tell, In repertoire, week of 0. Mme. Favlown, 
assisted by Novlkoft and Russian Symphony 
Orchestra, 16; Schumann-Helnk 10. 

Lyceum (Anderson & Zelgler, mgrs.) — "Mutt 
and Jeff In Panama" week of 8, "The Spend- 
thrift" 16-18, Olive Vail, In "The Girl from 
Mamma," 10-21. 

Kbitjih (Ned S. Hastings, mgr.)— 'Bill 
week of 0: "Beauty la Only Skin Deep," 
Arthur Sullivan and company, Raymond and 
Caverly, Bernham and Erwln, Valentine Vox, 
Cartmell and Harris, Azard Bros., and Kitaro 

Linic (Olsen & Barton, tngrs.) — Bill week 
•f 0: Tom Nawn and company, John Neff 
and Carrlo Starr, Betty Wells, Two Georges, 
Rathskeller Trio, and Onnlp. 

Columbia (J. II. Southwell, mgr.) — Moiilc 
Williams' Show week of 0. Kosey Posey 
Olrls next. 

Majestic (J. E. Sullivan, mgr.) — The 
Cabaret Girls week of 0. 

Family. — The Rapier Co., In musical stock. 

Notb. — The W. K. Stewart Book Co., 
which was burned out a short time ago, hare 
leased tho property on Washington Street, 
near Pennsylvania Street, now occupied by 
tho Orpiieuni, ono of tho llncst downtown pic- 
ture theatres, from Dickson & Talbott, for 
ninety-nine years, and will rc-model it into 
a storeroom. 

lUrmliiKlinm, Ala. — Jefferson (R. S. 
Douglass, mgr. ) Pavlowa March 5, to capa- 
city. Zlegfeid'a Follies 14, Jobn Drow 18. 

Bijou (M. L. Semon, mgr.) — Jinrk week 
of 2. Open 0, wlt'.i tho iftnma Hunting Stock 
Co., for an Indefinite engagement Miss 
Bunting is a great favorite In this city. 

Liric (M. L. Semon, mgr.) — Week of 2, - 
fiwor and Mack aio a veritable riot, and bovo 
ono of tho most unique black; face acta ever 
seen In this city. Lucy Daly, who Is exceed- 
ingly popular here, Is also going great. Allan 
Dlntliart and Ann Heritage, In an attractive 
•ketch, well presented ; Will and Kemp, Carl 
Itjnl and Dora Early, and Jack Gardner, 
constltuto the remainder of a very entertain- 
ing bill. For week of : Ethel Urcen, Asahl 
and tho Four Japs, ltobcrt L. Dally and com- 
pany, the Travllla Brothers and t.ielr diving 
seals, Armstrong and Clark, Ben Beyer and 
Brother, and Valerio Sisters. 

Oiiriir.iiu (M. L. Semon, "mgr.) — Week, of 
2, Mm Bloom, in "The Sunny Side of Broad- 
way," the first tabloid that has appeared at 
this house for some time. Bnck to vaudeville 
for tho week of 0, tbc hill will Include : Cora 
Youngblood Corson Instrumentalists, Grey 
Trio, McGrath and Yeoman, Joe Kclscy, and 
one other act. 

Amusb-u (II. M. Ncwsome, mgr.) — Doc 
Baker and his big voice will attract many to 
this house, for the next four weeks. Doc Is 
a big winner here, und always goes good. 

Bbst IE. L. Lenhart, mgr.) — Weeks of, 2 
and 0, tabloid musical comedy. 

Notes. — The Majestic, which was built 
about eight years ago for a vaudeville house, 
and which played Inter-State time, was sold 
recently to Gen. Louis V. Clark, the owner 
of the Lyric, which is next door. It Is an- 
nounced that tho house will bo remodeled and 
used for commercial purposes In tho future. 

The Kit Carton Buffalo Ranch Wild 

West Show, which has been Wintering In 
tills city, Is getting Into readiness for the 
opening, which will occur at Bessemer, Ala., 
28. After playing Bessemer they will come 
to Blnghamton for two performances, Con- 
ditions have been so satisfactory here to the 
owners that contracts have already been 
made for tho plant to Winter here next sea- 
son. Messrs. Weldman, Bartlett and Parker 
have made many friends hero during their 

Zanesvllle, o Schultz (W. S. Canning, 

mgr.) "Tho Shepherd of tho Hills" had two 
eood bouses March 5. "Littlo Lost Sister" 

Oai'iiDust (E. R. IlarrlB, mgr.) — Vaude- 
Tlllo and motion pictures. 

lliiTuuiioME (W. S. Canning, mgr.) — Ca- 
pacity business with motion pictures. 

QuiMOl'a (W. 8. Qulmby, mgr.) — Moving 

Elctures. "Tho Kissing Cup* and "Tho Third 
•cgrce, featured week of 0. 

Qband (James Collins, mgr.) — Universal 
program of pictures are bringing good re- 

-MKIIIC4N. — Motion clotures only. 

Note. — A new picture theatre, with a seat- 
In" capacity of seven hundred and fifty. If to 
bo erected In this city, owned by prominent 
local business men. The plans call for a 

Kound floor and balcony, with a thirty five 
ot lobby running back fifty feet, to bo 
handsomely lighted and decorated. The the- 
atre will bo located on the intersection ot 
two alleys, with the entrance on Main Street, 
between Fifth and Sixth Streets. This «s an 
Ideal location and will no doubt prove suc- 
cessful. Al. H. White, now with the Bam E. 
Llnd Co., la to be the manager. Tbe house 
la to be completed early in April. 

Akron, O. — Colonial (Wm. T. Grover, 
mgr.) bill week of March 0: Romeo, Lydell, 
Rogers and Lydell. Four Musical Avolos, 
Andy Bice, Enmas Japs, Harry Holman and 

Grand (O. L. Eilsler, mgr.) — Men's Feder- 
ation course 0, "Toe Bound-Up" 10, 11, 

'"The Rosary" 12-14. Commencing 10, tbo 
Home Stock Co., In "Madame 'Sherry." 

Music Hall (O. L. Eilsler, mgr.)— The 
Horno Stock Co. present "The Lion and tbe 
Mouse" for week of 0. 

National, Pastime, Bane, Plaza. Dream- 
land, Waldodf and Empress, motion pic- 
tures only. 

Sandusky. O.— Sandusky (V. 0. Wood- 
ward, res. mgr.) Chas. K. Champlln Stock 
Co. week of March 0, opening with "Ma- 
dame X." 

Star, Tiieatorium, Gem and Roial, pic- 
tures only. 

Note. — John Klssler, manager of the Star 
Theatre, announces bis now tbeatro will be 
opened about the middle of April. It will 
seat about lire hundred people, nnd will show 
the General Film Co.'s exclusive program. 

Shreveport, La. — Grand Opera nu-.ise 
(Ehrllrh Bros. & Coleman, mars.) Louis 
Dean Players close at an early date. "Miss 
Bob White" (local talent) March 10, "Peg o' 
My Heart" 14, 15. Tbe San Carlos Grand 
Opera Company pleased on audience 2, 

Majestic (Ehrllrh Bros. & Coleman, 
mgrs.) — Week of 1 : The Tasmnnlan Van Die- 
man Troupe, Billy Curtis and bis dog, Ross- 
Ing and company, Bolgcr Brothers, "The 
Harmony Trio," Billy Hedge, Marlon nnd 
Flndloy, and Novelty Duo. 

Saenoeu (E. V. Richards Jr.. ingr.) — Asso- 
ciation and Famous Players pictures. Good 

Queen (E. V. Richards Jr., mgr.) — Asso 
elation and Independent pictures, lo good 

Palace (E. V. Richards Jr.. mgr.)— Inde- 
pendent pktures, to fnlr business. 

Rex, Miseu, Dreamland and Hiri'ODnoMK, 

Notes.— Tho Louis Dean Tlayers will close 
at an early date, having enjoyed a run of a 
month or so in permanent Block at the Grand 
Opera House. Tbc company now Includes: 
Louis Dean, Charles Dey, George MeMamiB, 
Frank Barclay and Louis Bellew, Misses 
Lenore Phelps, Essie Hursey, Edith Marlon 
Bryan and Helen Ullllngwater, Louis Bellew 
being the latest addition to the company, 
hailing from ibo Keystone Dramatic Co..... 
The Crystal Theatre opens at an early date 
as a picture house. 

Milwaukee, Wis. — Davidson (Sherman 
Brown, mgr.) "Damaged Goads" week of 
March 8. "Tho Traffic 1 ' 10-21. 

Majescic (11. A. Blglcr, mgr.) — Bill week 
of : Alexander Irvine and company, Homer 
B. Mason and Marguerite Kecler, tbe Zan- 
tigs, Bud Fisher, Dainty Marie, Nellie Ni- 
chols, Lewis and McCarty, and Oterlta. 

Suubert (C. A. Newton, mgr.) — The Shu- 
bcrt Stock Co. present "Green Stockings" 
week of 9. "Hawthorne of tbe u. S, A." 

Gaystv (J. W, Whitehead, mgr.)— Vanity 
Fair week of S. Happy Widows next 

Crystal 'Wm Gray, mgr.) — Bill week of 
: Jewell's Mauiklns, the Original Svengall, 
America Newsboys Quartette, the Havllands, 
and Ladolne. 

Empress (Wm. Raynor, mgr.) — Bill week 
of 8 : Julian Itcse, Two Romans and Mad 
Doll, the Skatells, Joe Maxwell Players, and 
Green, McHonry and Dean, 

Oiii'iibiim (Walter Hlldebrandt. mgr.) — 
Bill week ot 8 : The Marlnos, Brown and 
Larson, Golden City Quartette, Pearl Merrll, 
and Waldiu and Rio. 

Providence, n. I, — Providence O. O. 
(Felix Wlndeschafer, mgr.) Gaby Deslys 
March 10, 11; "'Way Down East" 12-14. 

Colonial (A. II. Spink mgr.) — "Happy 
noollgan" 0-14. 

Empire (Sol Brannlg, mgr.) — "Sag Har- 
bor" 0-14. 

Keith's (Chas. Lovcnbcrg, mgr.) — BUI 0- 
14 : Miss Orford's elephants, Mme. Doree's 
Opera company, Llghtucr and Gordon, Nip 
nnd Tuck, the Peers, Mrs. Gene Hughes and 
company, Devlne and Williams, and Nell Mc. 
Kit) ley. 

Bullock's (Parker Burke, mgr.) — Vaude- 
ville and pictures. 

Scenic (Martin Tooliey, mgr.) — Mnrtln 
Toohcy and the Tempio Players, Eddlo 
Henley and Marie Horton and company. 

Westminster (Geo. Colllor, mgr.) — Hast- 
ings' Big Show 0-14. 

Union (Chas. Allon, mgr.)— Vaudeville 
and pictures, 

Casino, Bijou and Nickel, pictures only. 

Hiiuitiiir, 'iv n ii. — Vendome (W. A. 
Shectz, mgr.) Nell O'Brien's Minstrels did 
good business March 4. and, as usual had a 
Dig house. John Drew 6, 7. „ _ . 

Ori-heuk (Geo. II. Hickman, mgr.)— Week 
of 2 Billy Long and her Players drew lino 
business In tho Western drama. "Texas." 
Week of 9, "Clothes." . „. , 

Princess (Harry Sudekum, mgr.) — Week 
of 2, "Tbe Brazilian Widow," to uuti good 
business. _ _ 

Loo Cauin, Crystal, Elite, Firm Ave- 
nue, Aluamiir.v and Rex, moving picture* 

Notes. — Billy Bordelser, formerly mann- 
er of tho Casino and Hippodrome Skating 
link and other amusement enterprises la 
tbo past, Is tbe authority for the statement 
that the Crescent Amuscanont Co., a largo 
local enterprise that controls six or eight of 
the beat motion plcttirs housed In tbo Slato 
Intend breaking ground early this month for 
a $20,000 skating ring, dancing pavilion 
and tea garden on the site ot the old Hippo- 
drome on West End Avenue. 

Memphis, Tcnn, — Lyceum (Frank Gray, 
mgr.) Pavlowa, March 4, had crowded bouse. 
Jobn Drew 10-21. 

I.rino (DcoJ. M. Stalaback, mgr.)— Kmma 

Ford, Kolo and Swan, Barton's dogs, Keller 
and Kelley, and May Bartlett". ' 

World in Motion and Bijou. — Pictures 

Notb. — Messrs. Ben Franklin and Wm. J. 
McCune gave tbo second of tbelr scries ot 
attractions when they presented Mme. Schu- 
manu-IIcink at the Empire Tbeatro. 0, to a 
enpariy house, her first appearance in this 
city. Mrs. Katherlne Hoffman and Nina 
Fletcher nbly assisted In making tho pro- 
gram tho most successful ever given In this 

ttimirn, V. T, — At the Lyceum (Lee 
Norton, mgr.) tho Dorncr Players presented 
'"Sweet Clover'' to big business, March 2-7, 
except 5. when Mrs. Flske presented "Mrs. 
Bumpstead-Lelgh" to big business. The Dor- 
ncr Players. In "Alias Jimmy Valentine," 0- 

Majestic (M. D. Gibson, mgr.)— Week ot 
0: Gus Edwards' "Song Review," McCfM 
nnd Burns. Adelaide Itlnard, Mr. and Mrs. 
Bertrand Magley, Wm. Lytell and company. 

Mozabt (0. II. Vcn Dcmark, mar.) — Week 
of : The Ginger Kids, Dave Wellington, 
Howard and White, Held nnd Cameron, tho 
Lansings, Jack George, Kelly and Lnffcrty. 

Kinulino Bros.' Circus comes Juno 0. 

Syracuse, N. V. — Empire (Frederick 
Gage, mgr.) Flske O'llarn, In "In Old Dub- 
lin/' March 1.1, 14: Ysaye, concert, IK. 

Wietinq OrsRA Hoisk (Francis P. Mar- 
tin, mgr.)— "Tho Whip" drow crowded 
houses all last week. "Change" 0-11. 

IlASTAiu.n ( Stephen Bastable, mgr.) — 
Wntaon Sisters Ilurlesquers 0-11, "Uncle 
Tom's Cabin" 12-14. 

viRAMi Ol'ERA HOUSB (Chas. II. I'lummer. 
mgr.) — Hill week of 0: Gus F.dwards' "Kid 
Kabnret," Bert Errol, Madden and Fltz- 
patrlrk, Henry aud Francis, Watson and 
Santos, 'Miireenn and Delton Brothers, and 
Dainty English Trio. 

McAlestcr, Okla. — Busby (A. Bert Estes, 

mgr.) Nazlmovo pleased large audlcnro March 
2. San Carlo Grand Opera 23, Al. 0. Field's 
Minstrels April 8. 

Yale-Majestic (D. A. McDonald, mgr.) — 
vaudeville and pictures continue to nil this 
popular houso dally. 


Star and Liberty.— Motion pictures. 

Notes. — Veno Plstocco succeeds M. Q- 
Young as manager of tho Star Mana- 
ger J. A. StelnBonhas closed down tho Forum, 
moving picture, theatre, which has operated 
In this city for several years, and merged 
it with tbe Liberty, which will continue to bo 
managed by Mr. Stelnson with licensed films 
only. Mr. Stelnson will operate two ma- 
chines at the Liberty, so as to Insure a first 
class continuous service. 

Enid. Okla. — American (W. S. Billings, 
mgr.) March 0, "Tbe Pink Lady" pleased a 
packed house. Coming: "Deep Purple" 8. 
T 'The Girl In tbo Taxi 7 ' 15. "Mutt and Jeff 
in Panama" 27, "Shepherd of the Hills" 28. 

Majestic (R. W. Wirt, mgr.) — Pictures 
only. Feature films for. week of Marcb t : 
Blanche Walsh, In "Resurrection ;" "Last 
Days of Pompeii" and "Harry K, Thaw's 
Escape." Business good. 

Wonderland, Royal and Obfbbuu, pic- 
tures only. 


W hen "W iring Advertisements 
to TI£E CLIPPER, also wire 


Bunting and company, In "What Uapncncl to 
Mary?'" week 1-7, had packed noiuwo. Dnrlnnliig 
8 tho Miss Percy Haswcll Company will open 
an Indefinite ewwiwut. with "Dlrorcom" as the 
opening attraction week 6-14. The roster In- 
cludes: Percy Hnswell, Sylvia Starr, Margaret 
(illlxrr, Bernlco Uelknap, Fronds Oilleu, Her- 
bert Delmore, Wm. Balfour, J. Arthur Y'oung, 
Ralph Nichols, Gwrge E. Lask. 

Ohi'iieum (Max Kablsb, mar.) — Bill wwk 
Includes: Wm. J. Doolcy and company, Taylor 
Orinvlllo and Laura Plerpont. La Tby Bros., Lew 
and Molllo limiting, Marshall Montgomery, Bar- 
rown and Mllo, Daisy Leon, and motion pictures. 

Majxstios (2), Eurnuta (2), Gabsollton, 
Palacs, Plaza, Qmrnv, Alamo, Colonial, 
Piinckss, AlioucAN, Kouo, SusrsBBAN, KonN, 
Pastimes (2), Daisys (2), Famous, Metropoli- 
tan, Or.uuMA, QXOf, ROYAL, Savot. 1'ikin. 
Joy, motion pictures. 

Albany, N. Y — iHarmnnua Blecckcr Hall 
(Edward M. Hart, mgr.) Madame Schumann- 
Helnk. In concert, and Nat C. Goodwin were 
tbo offerings which crowded the bouse dur- 
ing tho past week. "Tho Hero of a Nation," 
photoplay, March 0. 10 ; Mra. Flske, In "Mrs. 
Binnpstead-Lelgh," 11, "Freckles" 12, Flske 
O'Hara 19. 

Eupird (Jan. H. Rhodes, mgr.) — rtowery 
Burlesnuers como 0-11, and Sam Howes 
Lovo Makers 12-14. 

Proctor's Grand (Oscar Perrln, mgr.)— 
Continuous vaudeville, with high class mo. 
tlon pictures. 

Proctor's Thkatrb (Jos. P. Coyne, mgr.) 
— High class vaudeville with moving pic- 

Pboctor's Colonial, (Oliver Stacy, mgr.) 
—Vaudeville, with moving pictures, doing In- 
creased business. 

Majestic (Emll Delcbcs, mgr.) — Vaude- 
ville, with moving pictures. 

Clinton Squaub, Broadway, White Way, 
Btar, Palace. Oiifiieum, Pboctor's Annex. 
— Moving pictures only. 

Olena Falls. N. Y. — Emplro (Joe Miller, 
mgr.) for week of March 0, Billy Allen Mu- 
sical Comedy Co., In "Three Twln=," "King 
of Kokomo/' "Royal Chef." "Coming Thro' 
the Rye," "Green Bird." "Pinafore" and 
"Wise Member." "Little Women" 18, "Broad- 
way Jones" 25. 

Park (Mausert & Bird, mgrs.) — BUI week 
of 0: Cueh'iig and Litchfield. Manning and 

Iilnden'a New One. 

Linden Haverly, London's celebrated ma- 
gician, has Invented a now sensation In the 
illusion Held. - It Is called "Pbanto. the Spirit 
Prisoner," and Is said to have several dnrlug 
scenes and a startling climax entirely differ- 
ent from any Illusion yet staged, lie will 
havo everything In order for a tour over tho 
U, B. O. Unio next season. 

A ltn> uliore Aathor la Town 

Fred Thomas, "Tho Dog Thief," dug his 
way out of Itnyjlioro (L. I.) snowdrifts 
last week and was scon hustling tip toward 

St. I'mil, Minn. — At tbe Metropolitan 
Opera Hoiibo (L. N. Scott, mgr.) William 
IIikIkc, in "Tho Road to Happiness," had big 
business week of March 1. May Irwin, in 
"Widow by Proxy," comes Ml. "TrrtfJc in 
Souls" (pictures) 12-14, Montgomery and 
Stone, In "Tbe Lndy of tho Slipper," 15-18 ; 
E. II. Sothern 19-21. 

Sii iiiicitr (Frauk C. Priest, mgr.) — The 
Huntington Players bad big business In "The 
Lovo Route" week of 1. "Alias Jimmy Val- 
entine" week of 8. 

OiirriBtist (E. C. Burroughs, mgr.) — Busi- 
ness continued big week of 1. For week of 
8: Bcsslo Wynn, Rnsbanara, Tbcodoro Rob- 
erts, supported by Florenco Smvilie and their 
company. In "Tbo Sheriff of Shasta ;" Ken- 
nedy and Roonry, Mornlls Brothers, Eug°no 
Damond and another act, title not given. 

Grand (Theodore L. Ham mgr) — llual- 
ncss was big week of 1, with Vanity Fnlr, 
featuring Illlllo Ritchie, Joseph K. Watson 
ond Will II. Cohan, with tho Happy Widows 
week of 8. Week of IB, tho Golden Crook. 

Empress (Gus S. Greening, mgr) — Busi- 
ness was big at all performances week of 1. 
For week of 8: Bentrlco Morello'a Six Pa- 
risian Harmony Girls, Al. Hermann, Ryan 
Brothers. Williams and Segal, and "Spiegel's 
Daughter's Beau." 

Auditorium (M. F. Morton, mgr.) — St. 
Paul Symphony Orchestra, with John Mc- 
Cormnelc. soloist tenor, 10. This will be the 
last concert of tbo senKon. 

Oaibty (Otto N. Itntlin. mgr.) — Big busi- 
ness week of 1, with Ethel Alton Stork Co., 
Gnmblo Brothers, O. B. Wlso, Grover and 
SI Ik wood, 

Majestic, Princess and Stahland. — Pic- 
tures. Business big. 

Bridgeport, Conn. — Park (R. □. Clarko, 
mgr.) James K. Hackctt, In "Tho Grain of 
Dust." March 10 ; Ed. Lee Wrotbo and Gin- 
ger Girls 12-14. 

Pen's (Matt Saunders, m^r.) — Bill 0-14: 
Potto's Diving Girls, La Vler, McConley and 
Conwell, Helen and Orlna Odonne, and Frank 
Stafford and company. 

Plaza (Jeff Oailnn, mgr.) — Floronzo 
Family, Musical Cralcs, Mnruello, Ward aud 
Dclmoro, Rainey and Baker, and lirst run 

Lyric, Bijou, Arco, Lenox, Crescent, 
Family, Stab, Electric, South End, Elk, 
Imperial, Studio, Palacb. West End, Em- 
pire, Eauxes' Hall and New Hippodrome, 
moving pictures only, 

Hartford, Conn, — Parsons' (LT. C. Par- 
eons, mgr.) Gaby Deslys Marcb 13. 

Pole's (W. D. Ascougti, mgr.) — Bill week 
of : Fatlma, Norton and Nicholson, Mason 
nnd Murray, Kelly and Harrison, and Du For 

Hartford (Fred P. Denn. mgr.) — Bill 
0-11 : "Troubles of Rehearsal, Princess Mln- 
nokomls, Cooper and Eshell, nnd Goclets, 
Strotz and Lafayette. For last half: Frank 
Stafford and company, Ross and Howard, 
Clermont Bros, and Tllford. 

New Haven, Conn— Hyperion (B. D. 
I.ldrldge, mgr.) James K. Hackett March 9, 
Gaby Deslys 14. 

Poli's (Oliver B. Edwards, mgr.)— Bill 
week of 9: Llano Carrara and company. 
Bison City Four, Burns and Fulton. Jed and 
Ethel Doolcy, ''The Lie That Jack Built," 
Walter Van Brunt. Mlgearcs, and Billy and 
Edith Adorns. 

Clinrleaton, 8. C — Aeademy (Charles R. 
Matthews, mgr.) George Evans' Minstrels 
March 0, Crescent Block Co., 10-15, after 
which date they close for tho season. 

Victoria (Pastime Amusement Co., tflgrs.) 
—Bill B-ll: Boyle and Dr. Becker, Tbore 
Four Entertainers, nnd "Tho Wonder Kettle." 
For 12-14 : The Grazers, flplro and Lorlns, 
EgKleston and Marshall, Bay Elmore Ball, 
and Buckley's animals. 

Dixieland (Dixie Amusement Co,, mgrs.) 
—For 9-14: Russell, Owens and Shnefer 
Stock Co., Brown and Stella Harris, Wiggins 
and Dombry, Mad La Rue. and Jewell Perry, 
and Hamilton and Wilson. 

Pbincssb, Majestic, Lyiic, TJno, Co- 
lonial, Casino and Cmicbht, pictures only. 

the Columbia Tbeatro Building, where Jack 
Curtis has hl9 office. "And not only that," 
but a forty page manuscript wag seen bulg- 
ing from his new "benny, and some kind 
"soul" bounced It at mo that tho bulge wns 
a now act which Freddie bad himself written 
while stored up In Fredena Co'tago during 
thoso beautiful (?) snov»f«IK 

Bobby Headed East. 

Bobby Gossans "The Mo-letn Minstrel." 
just close! an eighteen weeks' run out on lb* 
Coast with his new act, and ho Is now on his 
way Kast to fill engagement* Gossjn* will 
bo back with ouo of tho big minstrel shows 
next season, 
iinnnn, Dalo and Urahtn In Omalin- 

nanna, Dale and Grolim, and their Dancing 
Dolls, opened an IndoUnlto engagement at tbo 
Kllto Theatre, No. 1, Omaha, Neb.. Feb. 13, 
and bare been doing plpplngly ever since. 
This Is not a tabloid musical comedy com- 
pany, but a nrven peoplo vaudeville troupe, 
including Clalro Dale, comedienne; Jack 
Urahm. characters ; Chester Uanna, comedian, 
and tbe Dolls, Mario Morledge. Winnie Will- 
iams, Jean Vernon and Ida Itlley. 

"Dill," Matthews Indlspoaed. 

"Billy" Matthews, manager of Proctor's 
Ono Hundred and Twcnty-lltth Street Thea- 
tre, was stuck Into a taxi Monday, March 2, 
and rushed to tus homo on Washington 
Heights, whero bis physician said "Nothing 
serious, but 'four times' completely worked 
out." (Lakewood, my boy, Lakowood.) 
Lunette Olrls i» Hit. 

The Lunette Bisters, who returned East 
and opened to hum success at tho Winter 
Garden, Feb. 15, havo opened on tbe Poll 
circuit, and were a feature of the bill In 
Worcester, Mass, last week. After finishing 
8. Z.'s tlmo the "girls" will begin a tour of 
Marcus Loow'a bouses. 

Kd. Kennedy Very HI. 

Bertlne Farnsworth Informs me that Ed. 
Kennedy (Kennedy and Farnsworth) Is In 
a critical condition with pleura pneumonia. 
In Bellcvue Uoapltal. this city, and would 
he pleased to bear from friends. 
Clara lo "Court." 

Clara Thropp has signed wICi Max Witt, 
to lead his successful comedy aklt, "Court 
by Girls." 

Nash and Alton Together. 

Pleased to brcezo It that Nash and Alton 
havo Joined hands In a new sister act, and 
cpeued at Poll's, Worcester, Mass., March 2, 
to "a lilt at every show." That can bo 
expected for there's no clovcrcr two girlies 
about who should mnko up a bettor singing 
and piano combination than they for a doublo 
turn. "I Want n Little Bungalow," "Candle 
Light" and Harry Carrol's new ono, "Off 
with the Old l-ove, On with tbe Now" are 
among their repertolro of songs. Watch these 
maidens stop aticad. 

HaolA to Work. 

Ruth Wheeler (Mrs. Harvey Maxwell) is 
happy. I Not that she over missed that good 
humor thing, but, you sec, alio had been 'die 
for a coupla of months caring for that new 
Ingenue, Adeln, who came Into her mother's 
rights In November, Slnco then hubby Hnr- 
vcy and sister Naomi havo worked with 
Choo's "Vegetnblo Garden" — until a fovE 
weeks ago. when both Jumped away from (ho 
"eats" tiling, Unrvcy going to St. Josoph to 
the Mrs., and Naomi to Pnllndolphla, whero 
alio got busy doing a "sluglo" singing nnd 
dancing trick, wlillo Ruth and Harvey worked 
out a double art, 

Maxwell and Wheeler, as they nro billed, 
launched the new song and dance turn 
around St. Louis last week, nnd aro now In 
possession of contracts via tho O. T. Craw- 
ford Kxchnngo, that will keep them busy for 
tho next two months. Unrvcy Rays tho Craw- 
ford peoplo givo all hands a '.luman recep- 
tion and proper hearing, even t hough tbo 
office is constantly S. It. O. Sounds good. 
Willi Manaver Prank, 

Frank McCuno looks more like, a regular 
manager evvrytlmo wo run acrosa him. Ho 
is ploughing tho depths for something new 
every moment, and when you stop Into his 
littlo "beneath the stairs'' ofllce. in Proctor's 
Twenty-third Street, you will llnd him po»- 
derlng.but always on tap to throw a greeting 
grip towurds you. 


Direction James Plunkett 

m HUFFORDaiidCHAIN dull 

United Time — Direction Pat Casey 



Perhaps Brother Gus wonders If nrothcr 
Frank Is his opposition, but then at the samo 
tlmo Ilrother Gus Is appreciating llrother 
Frank's activities, llrother Uus Is. Frank's 
latest was to suggest making a six Instead 
of a seven act bill out of tho Twenty-third 
Street policy and play up (bo picture part of 
his show. So If you happen to lay down a 
nickel (about II a. m.) any morning there 
don't hesitate about picking oft a pamphlet 
that tells yon what Is and what's coming In 
attractions. There's a dully fenturo In photo- 

Slays, via Kdlson's "Dolly of tbo Dallies" an 
lundnys, "Tho Adventures of Knlhryn" on 
Tuesdays, "Our Mutual Girl" on Wednes- 
days, Pat he's Weekly on Thursdays, Key- 
stone comedies on Fridays, special "Andy" 
scries of tho Kdlsoi company on Saturdays, 
and Mutual Weekly and Keystone comedies 
on Sundays. So all In all business shou'd 
pick up again now that it listens like decent 

M.r.-dltli SUIera Didn't. 

Tho Meredith Sisters wero on tho advance 
sheet of Proctor's Ono Hundred ond Twenty- 
fifth Street for (ho first half of last week, hut 
after the big week tliey had lit tho Fifth Ave- 
nue they were wonted on the "less n day" 
elsewhere, and ho 1bo Lo Prestons tilled the 
vacancy u;i In tho Harlem bill. 

"Mascot" llu»y In Englnnil. 

The educated Lorso, "Mascot," has returned 
to F.nglnnd from tho continent to (III engage- 
ments that will not roiuo tn a cluso thco un- 
til Sept. 21, at tho Hippodrome In SliniUeid. 
Then to Paris for a month, with Madrid, 
Spain nnd other bookings, and then back to 

Oertrnde at Colonial. 

Gertrude Hoffmann, who Is now under the 
direction of tbe United Hooking Offices, will 

? resent her full rovuo at tho Colonlnl Then- 
re next week, and she will latroduco scvoral 
new and sensational dauccs. 

It's Starllners Now. 
So It comes that hereafter Win. Favor- 
fcbam, Virginia ilnrncd, lllanchn Hates, Lil- 
lian Russell, llcrthn Kntluli, Ham Iiornnid 
and other legits playing Kellh vniidovlllo 
will bo known as atnrlliiers, InHtead of head- 
liner*. Ask Dor. O'Noll. I hear bo's study- 
ing Webster's of late. 

Jim and Gene Should Keep Hn»r. 


Jim Saulpangh anil Gcno Gardner, the 
robntlc "mho" with tho tnble, and hit 

dainty, and clever partner, will shortly be 
necn (hi the I.oew tlmo In their now wny nt 
prcKciitlug iiernlmticH. Jim does n sfinds 

iiiiuvi, good work with tho four legged wooden 
"anliunl," wlillo you'd think Oono lind boon 
doing I he tumble thing all her llfo (not yet), 
to seo her work. 

Prank Dertrand With Do Noyer. 

Frank Dertrand, tho producer and come- 
dian, mndo a big Jump lust week, from Halt 
Lake City, Ii.. to Wheeling, W. Vn.. to Join 
Eddlo Do Noyer's Musical Comedy Company, 
to product) several now mimical comedies. 
It was Frank who staged Hilly Allen's rep- 
ertolro of "Tho Three Twins," "Royal Chef" 
and "Coming Thro" tho Rye," ln*t aenson, 
nnd hn feel* HatlaMcd that they aro bringing 
Hilly tho gelt. 

Hertrund hud n successful stay with ttie 
Wlllard Muck and Murjtirlo lliimbcnii Stock 
Company, In thn Moriitaii City, and begun 
labor with Kddlu Do Noyer's clovor troupe 
March 0. 
Hays and Han Open for Cloodroii, 

Kd. C. Hays Jr. and Dorothy days, tho 
nut romedlun and the lrrealatllilo girl, oponed 
for Paul Goudon at tho Colonial, Logansport, 
Ind., March fl, presenting their comedy sing- 
ing and talking act, untitled "Foolish Fun. 
Those Three Keatons. 

Joe, Myra and Ruster wero on the Ml: nt 
Proctor's Fifth Avenue last week, ami wlmt 
Hunter did to Dad waa n shams. Hut ouUhle 
ot thoso "brutalities," their ballroom dunce 
nnd every other "bits of blzness," with Myrn's 
Knxiipiidiiiiig, iiuitle them tho generally big fuu 
thing of Uus M I'unc'x show, liven Nell Mi- 
ls In ley couldn't roHlst taking ono nt their 
bowu In helping out after his owu was over. 

Peoria, III. — Majestic (Henry Sandmeyer 
Jr., nigr.) "Ilotigbt and Pild For" March T, 8, 
'"The Harden of Allah" 014. 

< men bum | Nullum & tlrecnhcrg, mgr.) — mil 
for 8-11 : Olsr* Dallerlnl, Dolly and Mack, raster 
Trio, Hilly K. Wrlls. Kaufman Troupe. For 12- 
14: Bollinger ami ilcvnolila, Otmpuell and Camp- 
bell. UavlVand and Campbell, Aha Attell, Mile. 

IIiitiiiiiiomf] (Acaver Amuse. O,., mgrs.)— For 
••11: June Klwyn, Matcppa, Blanche Oordon, 
I'careo, Chan and i.e Forge, Wellington liCrrlng 
Troupe, Lillian and I'alner. Maids De Long. 

Foi.i.i (William Moeller, mgr.)— Stock bur- 
Usue opened 8. 

Columbia, OolT, Osistal, Da Lrzi, Dcolisss, 
Kltsium, KUI'SISR, GaSiibn, Illinois, Imcihial, 
LimniTT, Liciuii, Palaob, I'aiNoiBS. Hanoamo 
and Stab.— Picture* only. 

Omaha, Nrl>— dSrntMlebv (C. J. Hutpbcn, 
mgr.) Otis Skinner, In "Kismet," March 
0-11 ; Eva Tanguay 12-14, "Tbo Traffic" 15 
and week. 

Orpiieum (Wm. P. Ilyrne, mgr.) — mil for 
week of 8 : Clayton Wblto aud company, 
Jobn F. Conroy, Lilian Ilcrlein, H. Miller 
Kent nnd company, Harry II. Lester, Hon- 
dlnl Ilros., Charles Weber, aud the Sellg 

OaYETI (M. b Johnson, mgr.) — For week 
of 8, Gertrude Hayes and Follies of tho Day. 

Kmtpi No. 1. — ■ Uanna, Dalo and Orabam 
and Dolls Co., Indefinite. 

Kmtbkhs (Frank Harris, mgr.) — Vaude- 
ville and motion pictures. 

CInrkadale, Hlaa. — New Clarkadale 
(Paul Drown, mgr.) March 6, "Peg o' My 
Heart." Bouto sold out. This show closed 
tbo season at this tbeatro for tho regular at- 
tractions. Paul Drown took over the lease 
of Crawley Ilros., and will put on motion 
pictures for the rest of the season, 

Cacuh (Blgnor Cecum, mgr.)— Licensed 
motion pictures and vaudeville. "The Ad- 
ventures of Kathlyn No. V and "The Battlo 
of Shlloh" 6, drew capacity. Ncal Obel, dan- 
cing comedian, week ot II. 

Ann Arhor, Mich. — Whitney (Arthur Lane, 
mgr.) "Traffic In Houls" March Ml, Michigan 
Union Open. "A Model Daughter." 18-31 1 Ethel 
Birrrmoro 28. "The Mauler Mind" 28. 

Bill Auanoaicx. — Ignaoe Jan PaoVrewakl 
drew to crowdM bouse 2. V. of M. Glee Club 12. 

MAjtjTia (Arthur Lan# ( mgr.) — Motion pic- 
tures and rawlerlllt. 

OarmuM. timpls, Buov and OoLSMiu, mo- 
tion pictures only. 

Aiiuiiatn. flu. C rand (Richard R. Tout. 
mgr.) "Htop Thief" played to two woll 
pleased houses March 4. The members of 
the Brooklyn Nntloiuil League baseball team 
were complimented by Ibo management with 
a box parly at tho evening performance. Now 
York Ornml Opera Co, 0. 

Bijou (K. ,T. Hpnrks. mgr.) — Hob Hhacffcr, 
In "Tin) Hcinlnnry Ulrl" was tho altraetlon 
2-7. Max llloom 0. 

Diinita. MiiiijrnKa. and Ddbahiand.— 
Moving pictures. 

Wllmlnulon, Del^-Oarrlck (W. L. 

Doi'kMtader, mgr.) bill week of March U: Na- 
vorro Trio, Threo Lolgbtons, Glynn and Ash- 
ley, Rosalind Cougblln and company, llnrt's 
"Mix Steppers," tho Olldlng O'Menrs, Monroe 
and Pusey, Ward and Cullen, Lillian Ashley, 

Count Beaumont and pictures. 
Playihm hk (John H. Hale, n 
in Souls" ( motion pictures) wee; 

Platiiochb (John S. Hale, mgr.)— "Traffla 
■k of S). 

Ooelpli, Can. — flrlffln's Roval Is now un- 
der tho management of IOdtly Ilutlor, playing 
Orlfiln's vaudeville nnd road attractions. 
"The Red Rose" March 11. 


Tbo Majestic Tbeatro on Springfield Are- 
rue. near High Street, horetoforo playing 
Htnlr 4 Havlln attractions, has passed Into 
the control of tho Newark Amusement Com- 
pany, Milton Cosdorf ;r, president ; James 
Madison, vice-president and treasurer, and 
Charles B). Pope, secretary. A policy of high- 
grndo vaudeville and photoplays is outlined, 
beginning March 12. Mr. M,«dIson announce* 
that his nnju'rlng an tntni'Mt In tho new the- 
atre will In no way interforo with his writing 
nnd publishing business, which will continue 
as before, 


"Tub Rainbow" will bo prolnccd by Selwyn * 

"Maids or Atosks" wis given lt» first per- 
formineo Friday night, March 0, at Atlantis 
City, N, J. 

A. L. KitLAN'ira, of Klaw k Brlangfr. last 
week tiled suit for 175,000 against tbe estate of 
tho lato Tim Hulllvan. 

John VT. Romsbv allied, March T, for Panama. 
J. Fred ZlmnMrnian, Mrs. Zimmerman and tf. 
W. LlV.jgiton. were on tbe lame stsamer, 

Jamis Mar™ will arrlro from Europe More* 
7, on the Amtrlka. 



jMarch 14 





l I 




ASTOR— "Seven Keys to Bnldpate," twenty- 

fourth week. 
BOOTH— "Omar, tje Tenomaker," eighth 

■week : fourth at tola house. 
BELiA«CO— Frances Starr, in "The Secret," 

eleventh week. 
CORT— Laurette Taylor, In "Peg o» My 

Heart," sixty-third week. 
CASINO— "High Jinks," twenty-third week; 

eighth at this house. 
COMBD?— "Kitty MaoKay," ninth week. 
COHAN'S— "P*,tash A- Perlmuttor," twenty- 
ninth week. 
CENTURY— Century Opera Company, twenty- 
fifth, week. 
EMPIRE — Maude Adams, in "Tho Legend of 

Leonora," ninth week. 
ELTINGE— "The Yellow Ticket," seventh 

FULTON— "The Misleading- Lady," fifteenth 


Girl," second week. 
ty-second week. 
GLOBE — "Queen of the Movies," eighth 

GAIETY — "Along' Camo Ruth," second •week, 
HARRIS— "The TJulo of Three," third week. 
HIPPODROME) — "America," twenty-seventi 

nUDSON— "What Would Ion Dof second 

KNICKERBOCKER— 'Tho Laughing Hue- 

•band," fifth and Inst week. 
LONGACRB— "The Last Resort;" second 

and last week. 
LIBERTY— "Sari," eighth week. 
LYRIC — Blanche Ring, in "When Claudia 
Smiles." fifth Week. Second week at 
tbla house. 
LITTLE— "The Philanderer," tents week. 
MAXINE) ELLIOTT'S — ''Help Wanted," 

fourth week. 

• second week. 
NEW AMSTERDAM— "The Little Cafe," 

seventeenth and last week. 
PRINCESS— (Five one act plays, last week. 
PLAYHOUSE.— "The Things {That Count," 
thirteenth week ; eleventh week at tbla 
BHTJBERT— "A Thousand Years Ago," ninth 

TniRTY-NlNTH STREET — "Too Many 

Cooks," third week. 
WINTER GARDEN — "The Whirl of the 

World," eighth week. 
WALLACK'B— Cyril Maude and London Play- 
bouse Company, eighteenth week. 
Loew's Avenue B, Losw'a Geand Btbivt, 
Hamilton; Loew's Delancby Street, I'laxa, 
foubtxenth stbeet, loew's lincoln 
Square, Jefferson, Kef.ney's Thikd Ave- 
nue, Cm, Cbotona, McKinlbx Square. 
New York, Loew's Third Avenue, Acdu- 
jion, EiuiiTV-aiXTn, Loew's National, Nemo. 
Riverside. Loew's Oiu'iieum. Loew's Gree- 
ley Square, Proctor's One Hundred and 
TwENTf-riiTit Street, Proctor'b Fiftt- 
eiohth Street and Proctor's Twbkix- 
iuird Street, 

Circle, Unique, Savot, Herald Bqtjare, 
Lroadwat, Weder'b, Mount Morris, North 
Stab, Reoent, Washington, Yorkville, 
Family, Union Square, Keith's Hablbm 
Otiba House and Bijou. 




To this popular vaudeville house belongs) 
the distinction of baring the only novelty of 
the week — the debut In vaudeville of William 
I'aversham. Not only wss the bouse crowd- 
ed on Monday afternoon. March 0, but all of 
the dramatic critics were on hand to ace tho 
popular actor. For further mention of his 
appearance sec New Acts. 

The Three Renards, In their aerial teeth 
act, opened the program, and their work beld 
the attention of the audience. The applause 
it-Mowed upon them was honestly deserved. 

Bryan Lee and Mary Cranston contributed 
a pleasing act. Mr. Lee bills himself as the 
Cbauncey Olcott of vaudeville, and In voice 
and mannerisms be reminds us of that star. 
He sang some of Mr. Olcott's songs in charm- 
ing style. Miss Cranston Is also a good per- 
former, although not gifted as a singer. 
Near the close of the act she lets down her 
hair, which Is exceedingly long and beauti- 
ful. She is a blonde. 

A big hit was scored by Edgar Allan 
Woolf's playlet, "The Little Mother," which 
bears a slight resemblanco to Jules Eekert 
Goodman's drama, "Mother." It is one of 
the best sketcjea that Mr. Woolf has written 
and has no difficulty In "getting over,' for 
the story that it tells goes straight to the 
heart. Louise Galloway, who is featured, 
gives a splendid performance as the mother, 
and Doris Hsrdy. as the cabaret singer, makes 
her role stand out prominently. (Miss) Jean 
Ueece, as a maid, furnished the comedy end 
of the piece in a very clever manner. Join 
A. Butler, as the wayward son, has greatly 
improved his performance since we saw the 
playlet last 

Chris Rlcharda, the eccentric comedian 
•cored heavily. He is a good dancer, and 
his 'lint'* staff pleased the house Innnensely. 
The Sir Kirksmlth Sisters charmed the 
music lovers In the audience with their re- 
fined act. All of the ladle* are pretty and 
are skilled musicians. Their act is one of 
tbe best of its kind seen on the big time 


Cort (Wm. 

. P. Molltor, mgr.) —.Special 
matinee of JuU Ai Well, HoppGitu, The Dan 
of Dupe*, one act plays by J. Hartley Man- 
ners. Produced by Oliver Morosco on Fri- 
day afternoon, March 0, with these casts : 

"just as will." 

Captain Trawbrldge Hassard Short 

Doleen Sweetmarcb Lanrette Taylor 

Mrs. Carfax Bmelle Melville 

Maid Yvonne Jarrette 


Phillip Cbandos H. Reeves-Smith 

Frits Scowcroft Peter Bassett 

Mrs. Chrystal-Pole Violet Kemble Cooper 

Jenny Laurette Taylor 


Tho Artist H. Reeves-Smllh 

The Politician Clarence Uasdvsidd 

Tbe Financier Reginald Mason 

Tbe Llterateur Hassard Short 

Tbe Attendant Emeile Melville 

Tbe Dupe Laurette Taylor 

/■^■gTJTTa* A. ^t>'B v «5a Montack (Edw. Trail, mgr.)— David War. 

■M. HIVa JL jnCgD/Qt .field. In "The Auctioneer," this week. Fan- 

/ale ward. In "Madame President," week of 10. 

nlI ,~ * Majestic (John R. Pierce, mgr.)— The 
l ALA Lfc, sensational pbotodrama, "The House of Bon- 
,„„,. mimm mn"i\ «J»gc," this week. "The Blindness of Vir- 
» a '""J 1 *" J* " 8 ' "^'^-r-r-— tucy 7 with the English players, week of la 
Monday matinee hero was attended hy an Lboadway (Leo C. Teller, mgr.)— Wm H 
audience that completely filled this house Crane and Douglas Fairbanks, in "The New 
to capacity. The show Is one of tbe best Henrietta," this week. James K. HacketL 
seen here so far this season, and will be a in "The drain of Dust," week of 16 ** 
hard one to duplicate. D» Kalb (I. Flugelman, mgr.)— May Rob- 
Anna Held, who was recently seen at an «n, u The Clever Woman," this week 
uptown hoose. duplicated the success here Cecil Spooner, In "One Day," next week 

that greeted ber efforts on her initial appear- Orpueum (Benedict BlatL mgr.) Week 

ance. Her songs, while a little spicy, seemed of 9: Louis Mann, with Emily Ann Wellmnn 

to strike the fancy of tbe large audience. and company ^ Emma Carus and Carl Ran- 

(Maude Lambert and Ernest Ball, with a dall, Andrew F. Kelley. Stepp, Goodrich 

bundle of new songs, captured one of the King, Robbie Oordone, Julia Curtis. Miller 

hits of the hill. Miss Lambert's original and Vincent, Herron and Gaylord, Montambo 
manner In putting over a song quickly won 

tho audience. Mr. Ball's singing was also 
an enjoyable feature. 

"The New Persian Garden," featuring 
Louis Simon and Flavla Arcado, with a com. 
pany of fourteen, had little cause for com- 
plaint at the reception accorded them. 

Trixle Frlganza, who only played an en* 
casement three weeks ago, was called In to 
Sir the gap made vacant by the Illness of 
Tfanacl Dolly. MIbs Frigaasa was simply a 

For the purpose of giving Lanrette Taylor iS^^"*- JK™ *j fHKS-J . tEtS? i. 
a "rest" from the role of Peg. in "Pee o' My JL ot y,la> Dcr horiesque dancing. The act is v.«»o..»j.» ,«»•. i.omrnj, mgr.;— -me tres- 
Heart," which she has played, without : ml£ £"5?»22 ■™ Drwented on ler Ust ap- eent Stock Co ;> present "Camllle" this week. 

sang a single night, sinco the opening nig'Jt 
(Friday, Dec. 20, 1012) at this theatre, her 
manager, Oliver Morosco, presented her in 
three one act plays on Friday afternoon, 
March 6. The playlets are all from tbe pen 
of her husband, J. Hartley Manners, who, 
as everyone knows, wrote "Peg o' My Heart.' 1 
Miss Taylor was assisted by the members of 
tbe "Peg" company. 

It was tie intention of the management 
to add John Corbln's play. "Tho Forbidden 
Guests," but the length of the Manners' play* 
lets prevented this. 

"Just As Well," programmed as a "twen- 
tieth century romance^' was the first pity 
acted It proved to be a delightful comedy, 

pearance here. 

Louise Alexander, with a capable dancer, 
gave several of the dances that are being 
made famous by vaudevlUlans. Including the 
tango, one-step and the max lie. Both are 
finished artiste and made a most favorable 

Fisher and Green, in the entertaining skit. 
"The Partners," clean up with laughs. Sel- 
dom before has a team received such an ova- 
tion as was accorded tbese clever boys. 

Emily Darrell and Charles Conway. In 
their novel comedy offering, called "Behind 
the Scenes," were big laugh producers. 

McMahon, Diamond and Clemence, in "Tbe 
Scarecrow," need never change their success- 

winning hearty TaugSs. It told of - "■»""» -"-.".?• lD *V » 

and Wells. 

Bubhwick (William Masaud, mgr.) ~ 
Week of it : Virginia tiarned and company, In 
"Anna Karenlna ;" Hermlne Shone and com- 
pany, in "The Last of the Quakers;" Rail 
and West, In "Since the Days of '61 ;" Min- 
nie Allen. Hunting and Frances, Four Kas- 
racs, Beaumonte and Arnold, Cervo. Flying 

Gaibtt (Wm. Woolfolk, mgr.)— Vaude- 
ville and pictures. 

Crescent (Al. Trahern, mgr.) — The Cres- 

The Rainbow" week of 16. 

Stab (Mv J Joyce, mgr.)— The Oayety 
Girls this week Rose Sydell week of 16. 

Empire (J. H. Curtin, mgr.) — Tbe Tail 
Girls this week. The Gayety Girls neit 

Gband Opera Hocse (Loots Barr, mgr.)— 
Tbe Grand Opera House Stock Co. present 
"Convict 089* this week. "The Common 
Law'' week of 16. 

Casino (Cbas. Daniels, mgr.) — Tbe Ameri- 
can Beauties this week. Girts from the Gar 
White Way" week of 16. 

Gxnirpon-T (Lew Parker, mgr.) — The 
Greeopolnt Stock Co. present "Uncle Tom's 
Cabin'- this week. "Merely Mary Ann" week 


maiden snd a stuttering youth, rich in Jnenln* here 

money if not in brains. Their wedding is to •fi'.fiTltJll Circus, consisting of won- 
Flanagan and Edwards, la their amusing Jf^SirfS.ft **75fV w i^«-^I«^-5. » oerfully trained dogs, held them seated until 
act, "Off and On," were prime favorites. i L -! l » *" l -».' ll *t »• w £? in JL w .22£ £?.» the conclusion of ttelr excellent performsnee. 
These two Doys are not only good comedians. S 1 ™**' aB *?«* eaca love someone else. ■ Jatt . 

but they are also splendid dancers and the 
audience was generous with its applause. 
Their act Is really a novelty. 
Those two clsssy entertainers, Wellington 


The bill March 6-7 Included: 

Holmes and Riley, operatic duo, with tbe 
lady on the atnge and her partner directing 
the orchestra. A soprano solo wss well sung, 
also the gentleman's baritone selections ana 
their Joint offering of "Faust." 

W. E. Whittle, ventriloquist, kept the dum- 
mies In conversation with himself, and did 
imitations snd singing In Roosevelt make-up. 

Bush and Shapiro had a lively net, tbe 
little comedian with the funny whirling slide 
working well in conjunction with his bigger 
partner, who keeps slapping him Industrious- 
ly. "The Ylddlshcr SocUWe Ball" and "Vir- 
ginia" wcro the vocal contributions to tho 
festivities of the evening. 

"The Love 8pe<:lnllet" was a sketch In 
which a wife, who feels herself neglected, en- 
lists the services of a professional love re- 
viver, who succeeds in winning back the hus- 
band's attention to its proper and lawful 

Eugene Emmett tenored In "On the Banks 
of the Brandywlne" with good effect, also 
with 'IShe's Dancing Her neart Away," and 
followed up his advantage by "Molly O," 
'(Roll On, Silver Moon," nnd "Norah 11c- 

The Thrco Brandt Brothers offered a ring 
act, showing great proficiency in athletics 
on a set of apparatus which provided some 
novel features especially adapted to their 
line of work. Plenty of teeth grips, includ- 
ing work by one of tne trio with the guy line 
supporting the poles and ladders on which 
the others worked. A triple teeth whirl was 
a hummer. Each one of toe surprising tricks, 
in fact, the entire act, gained hearty ap- 

"A Good Little Devil" In many parts made 
wo tbe big part of the entertainment, and 
the clever work of Mary Plckford and her 
assistants was splendidly reproduced by the 
Famous Players' film. JftH. 


(filank uccu.vb, mor.) 

Found business somewhat slow here Fri- 
day evening, March 0. hut "on tbe whole" n 
real entertaining program paB on hand, 
which, by the way, made tbe final program 
of tho seven acts policy, for beginning Mon- 
day 0. Manager McCune Introduced tho 
change to sir vaudeville acts and a noticeably 
strengthened array of photoplay features. 
The House Is as comfortablo and tidy as of 
yore, and tho shows deserve a repetition of 
the business that ira* oeforo the heavy snows 
came upon us. 

Jeter and Rogers, the comedy roller skat- , 
ers, opened the bill. Tbe straight man's 
work is good, but that continual showing up 
of the lingerie things by the fallB of tho 
comedian Is not clnssea as comical. He 
should dig up some different business. 

Wheat and Alwln. black face enmedinns 
and dancers, are a bit above many other sets 
like 'em seen on tho "pop" circuits. 

Others on the bill to be found more fully 
reviewed under our New Acts and Reappear- 
ances, In this Issue, are: Lionel Turin. Alary 
Gray and company. McDcrmott and Wallace, 
Lcn JuDdts. and Gorman and Phillips. 

Bill for 0-11 : "Fun in a Drug Store," Lns- 
wcll and Rowland, the Juggling Burkes, Paul 
I'ctlhlng and company, Irving Goslar, and 
Kelly and Catlln. For 12-15: George Dniry 
Hart and comvnny, in "Tho Pardon ;" "New 
Year's Eve at the Club," Josephine Sabel, 
'Dunn and Donee, I slip and Adams, and Mllo. 
Carrie. This Is Spring Festival week, and 
Manager McCuno doesn't coro whether Com- 
missioner Featherstone likes tho Idea or not 


Metropolitan Opera Honse. — Bills 
week ending March T : Orfco cd Kurtdlne 
Monday, 2 ; KotniotUnder 4, second act. of 
fautt, fcecond act of Harass! nnd Qrctci, sec- 
ond act of Aids, first act of / PopHaooi, spe- 
Ul matinee, S; Die WoUuero (night), 
Julie* 6; Her AosenkaooUer 7 (matinee), 
Borit QoiuHoff T (night). 

(J. Herbert Mack, mgr.) — 


Rote Ayrfeira London 
Honeymoon Girls next 

Belles this week. 


Cross and Lois Josephine, bsd no trouble in 
•coring their ususl big hit. Refinement is 
stamped on everything that they do. Mr. 
Cross is one of tbe few men In vaudeville 
who can wear a dress suit and look com- 
fortable In it .As a dancer he is away above 
the average, and Miss Josephine Is not only 
one of tho cleverest women on the stage, but 
she is also one of the prettiest She dances 
with much grace and her singing voice is 
pleasant to listen to. 

The BellcclMre Brothers, who have been 
long absent from the city, were given a 
warm welcome on their appearance. They 
are remarkable athletes. They work fast, 
and everything that they do commands ad- 

Harry A. Bailey Is now managing the Co- 
lonial, He is one of tho most popular man- 
agers In the country. Kelcq/. 


("JAKB" irjBIX, VOX.) 

Thursday evening, March 5, was rsw and 
blowy outdoors, but Jake Lubln's "first night" 
regulars would have braved another one of 
those snowstorms before they'd have r>Issed 
the mid-week change of bill, aad so Web- 
ster's capacity was already In type for this 
review. There was no room to put your coat 
and hat any place but on tbe floor, aad we 
barely had time to bang them there when 
Charles Ulbbs, tbe nut sort of impersonator 
of animals and musical sounds, opened tbe 
show. Globs still bangs on to "dead" to 
finish off most of his Imitations, including 
bumble bee, bobolink, chicken, automobile, 
dog, donkey, phonograph, etc., and closes 
with a whistling number. The way he works 
helps greatly, but It's a repertoire of the 
"same old thing." 

A young woman sang tbe illustrated song, 
"Good Ship Mary Add/* in a frightened wav, 
to follow, and tJcn Morris and Bcasley 
offered a few songs alone and together, ana 
danced, but their chatter draws your atten- 
tion from the Idea tbat the title of their 
act Is "The Manicure Shop." Business at 
tho table might Bupplant the rough work on 
the sofa with better results. Miss Morris 
sings "I'm On My Way to Mandalay," and 
Mr. Bcasley "I Miss You Most of All/' wlti 
more class than tbe "action of the turn" 
warrants, They could make as neat an act 
of It as they appear. 

Madam Zenda, after being Introduced by 
a too oratorical affected young man, offered 
her "•mind reading" and question answering 
while blindfolded and seated up stage, while 
the man worked the orchestra aisles. It 
was all enjoyed, end do Mndam sprung 
many laugh answers for relief from the 
straight work. An extra word for the beau- 
tiful gown she wore at tbls show. 

Add Hoyt's Minstrels, seven In all, romped 
away with as big a share of the applause as 
anything on the bill — snd every act was 
Irked, it's the some speedy frolic of min- 
strelsy, with close on to four dozen laughs, 
with the singing just as good. 

Herbert and Dennis, straight and a 
"two hundred and fifty" pound comedian 
with a comic slide and a repertoire of facial 
expressions, were probably the noise of the 
bill, due to the "two-fifty" feller. The 
straight man works well, but often gives tbe 
Impression that he's striving to be Frenchy. 

Tho Three Donalds, In white fleshings, are 
without a doubt one of the leading strength 
trios In tho business. They have a sterling 
net snd present poses that appear to either 
bo lnvposslbls for or have escaped other acts 
somewhat like the wonderful Three Donalds. 
Tbey finished the bill off big. Pod. 




A bill consisting mostly of singing and 
dancing acts Is offered this week. It opened 
wltb Will Carpentlcr, doing a skating act. 
Mr. Carpentlcr Is a clever skater and does 
many tricks, but he could strengthen his act 
if he worked with a girl. 

J. Francis -Brcnnan followed with illus- 
trated songB, assisted by a young lady in a 

Plko and Calame do a fair singing and 
dnnclng act. 

The Girl in the Muff went big. (See New 

Iloey and Lee sang some good parodies 
andamsde tbclr usual hit. 

Joe Kcno and Roale Green were a big lilt, 
their dancing was exceedingly clever. 

Elisabeth Murray sang four songs and put 
them over great. 

"Ms Cberie" (see New. Acts). 

Fannie Brlc* cleaned up. Fannie has im- 
proved wonderfully well la the last few 
years. Bbe pnte ber numbers over great, 
end she hnndles her comedy well. 

Wellington Cross snd Lots Josephine were 
easily the hit of the bill In their singing and 
dnuclog numbers. They have a very classy 

Hello Blanche scored a success witb her 

Six American, Dancers, three girls and 
three men, doing a clever. dancing act, with 
changes. Longhltn's Comedy Dogs did well. 

Moving, pictures of Jnok Rose, Harry Vol- 
Ion and Bom Ssbepps closed the till. Bit. 

mistake, as tbey eaca love someone else. 
Each becomes Jealous and "pans" the rivals, 
with the result that tbe girl and her youth 
make up and agree tbat they might as weU 
get married as announced. 
Miss Taylor, as the maid, gave an excel. 

Lindbn, Columbia, Costsdy,, Rotjl, 
band them tbe applause as they did at their fitth Amixm, Josrs', Libirtt, Oltmpic; 

DttreiEU), BsDroBD, motion pictures and 

Gothah (James J. HacCurdy, mgr.) — The 
MacCurdy Players present "The House of 
Bondage" tbls week. 

Oxford (Geo. J. Weiss, mgr.) — The latest 
photoplays and vaudeville. 

Wabwick (Ambrose Miller, mgr.) — Vaode- 
vllle and photoplays. 

Bijou (George Schenck, mgr.) — Loew's 

Centnry Opera Uonse. — "Tiefland," an- 
nounced for week beginning March 8, was 
postponed and in its stead the Century Opera 
Co. was beard in Hansel end Gretcl and The 

wig she looked not a day over twenty. Has- S5S"£!!5As : Vk.} n J??ls?* latest photopjays^ _ _ 

sard Short as ber fiancee, was capital. It 
was one of the heat performances this clever 
young actor has given us. 

The next wss ''Happiness," and It was by 
far the best of the afternoon's plays. It Is, 

named the cast was: Peter, Louis D'Angelo; 
Gertrude, Cordelia Latham; Hansel, Gladys 
Chandler; GreteL Mary Carson; tbe Witch, 
Kathleen Howard, tbe Sandman, Grace Al- 
berts; the Dew Fairy, Florence Coughlan. 
The cast for The Secret of Suianne was: 

♦ Z v.. ~„<.\. ^^t,i J..., « inn. *aa ^...i,-' aho cast lor j «e outre* of cusanns was ; 

w^Si 1 uTSSi »nrf L?h!i N,%JEmfc Countess Gill (Sowmne), Lc4s Swell : Count 

interesting, us story is_ as ioiiows . airs. H . d-ii.* _,it h AihorHna Rjx.-'h »nrt 

Halbxt (M. H. Ssxe, mgr.)— Miniature 
musical comedies, together with vaudeville 
and the latest photoplays. 

Fm/ros (A. M. Llghton, mgr.) — Vaude- 
ville, changed twice weekly, Is drawing ca- 
pacity houses. 

Shubeet (Wm. Sheehy, mgr.) — Loew's 
' houses. The pr.>- 

Cbrystal-Pole, a widow, who has every luxury 
that money can buy, Is blase at twenty-seven. 
Nothing gives her a thrill, not even the won- 
derful dress brought ber by Jenny, the errand 
irl at the fashionable modiste. Equally 
ired Is Phillip Cbandos, a millionaire, who 

national Ballet, with Alberrina Reach and 
Edmund Makallf. as the chief dancers, as- 
sisted by en excellent ballet 

Jnrdin de (Ed. E. Pidgeon, mgr.) 

girl at the fashionable "modiste. Equally ^ r I° 8 „ 8 *t s, ^>A s J± ^JUfZ. JfJ? 

Cored la PhllUp.Cbandos. a millionaire, who ^'^f^cUKf SS 

eodety favorite. Mr Sebastian and Miss 

, Bentley are offering several new terpslebpr- , 

dining at big hotels, going to operas, then- fan features. Other entertainers are. Louise Pnrer ot Tok | ." etc. Tes. ererjbodj is «isd 

trcs and reading books. He cannot under- 6ont£ne. soprano; Le Roy and Mile. Mon. ^ tB the old Ciin-ra gets In. Mr. Mills st.tes 

•tnnrt Hie vlpwnnlnt of life as entertained bv speedway dancers, and Leona Bnerwm, he has one of the best load snows he b«s ever 

this nredons nair He leaves i them i India- &'* t Mcllwaine end Clifton Webb. Prof, been connected with. He carries ten chorus 

mst Thaodos follows him eolnl home to Tim Brynm's Colored Troubadour Orchestra, girls, snd tbe show is playing three night, 

S?es. to h ta n ke 08 M f r s. 10 C S -p hl to' fiKfc ItatS fc-ow^a. dance musician, also have re- ' 

Jenny, who, despite her cheap clothing and ^ff^LSJtfi? » e ,7,i°fLiSi r - 
poor wages. Is supremely happy. _8be_ tells """ * 

Thb Manhattan Mosicai. Comott Co.. Cart 
Milk and Joe Roberts, owners aci msuofi'M, 
is In its third week playing to standing room 
only. They carry eighteen people, mostly cirli, 
all special scenery and special paper. Pliyhii 
inch TOCcwsee as "Tbe Girl in the Movies," "Hip, 
Hip. Hooray." "Tbe Quaker Maid," "Bolllcklni 
GH," "Forty-Are Minntes from Broadway," "To* 

the blase lady ber life story. Her happy 
disposition, ber enthusiastic hopes of top 
future, ber philosophy is a lesson to tbe 
woman, and she derides to profit by It When 
Cbandos returns she Insists tbat he. Jenny 
and ber mother shall dine In her rooms. The 
curtain falls as Jenny sits wondering If her 
hardworking mother will Join them. 

Miss Taylor was at her best as tbe little 
shop girl, and won all hearts by her charm- 
ing performance. She made Jenny a real 
human being ;yon laughed with her and you 
pittled ber. The role reminded one strongly 
of "Peg," but to our mind Jenny 1b a finer 

Violet Kemble Cooper, as Mrs. Chrystal- 
Pole, scored heavily, playing wld diBtlnc- 

Proetor's Flfty-elBhih Street (John 
Buck, mgr.) — Vaudeville and pictures. Bill 
Oil: Gorman and PJIllIps, Dunn and Dean, 
Wlley-Braxton and Carter, "The Pardon," 
Josephine Sabel, and Chester Johnstone and 
company. For 12-15 : Loxwell and Rowland, 
Arthur Drury, Dnvenport-Renard and com- 
pany, Le Prestons, Kelly and Catlln, and 
Fred snd Albert. 

Knickerbocker (Cbsg. Frohman, Klaw 
ft Erlanger, mgrs.) — "Tbe Laughing Hus- 
band" will conclude its stay here next Satur- 
day night, and on Monday evening, IB, Julian 
Eltlnge will be seen in "Tbe Crinoline Girl." 

Mew Amsterdam (Klaw ft Erlanger, 
mgrs.)— «"The Little Cafe" closes Its engage- 
ment here Saturday night, March 14. "Maids 
of Athens," a new operetta, will be produced 

with change of bill each night They will open 
in wilkes-Batre, Pa., for a ran, with Scrantou to 
follow. Mr. Mills la so longer manager of "Tbe 
Old aad the Baron." 

Hon. H. Beeves-Smith as Chandos, acted in this house Monday evening. 16. 
with ease and polish, and Peter Bassett as 
tfes father, was excellent 

The last piece was 'The Day of DupeB," 
an allegory. It turned out to be a dreary 
affair clothed in much mystery. Prior to the 
rise of the curtain beautiful music is beard 
and the bouBe Is darkened. Presently the . 

curtain slowly rises snd Miss Taylor's face *"P r T ^^^ nn J?* ,n ' u J55 SLavKseK 
is seen. She recites a prologue. At its con- JfP Duchess," Is the current weeks attrae- 

cluslon the scene changes to the besutlful tl0 S m °! r , e -»- <rs..„v ah»w,«. ~~\ o«^-i 

reception room of a courtesan dimly llluml- „T.5?*Zi. n „y£* I X.JP l &$: 2*l ) — 8 ' ,eial 
atcd. She has decided to reform and has 
sent for her lovers — a politician, a financier, 
on artist and a writer. She bids them all 

f:ood-bye individually, and returns to each 
he presents given her. Sbe then sends them 
«U away, and follows them alone into tbe 

Jklss Taylor gave an interesting perform- 
ance as the Dupe, and tbe men In tbe cast 
gave good accounts of themselves. The rolrB 
are small, with the exception of Miss Tay- 
lor's. The playlets will be given on Friday 
afternoons, March 20 and 27. Kelcei/. 




The first performance Monday found very 
few people In attendance though the bill Is 

made up of numerous acts which bear the the start, 

stamp of big time standards. Opening with Gotham (C. Frankly n, mgr.) — They are 

De vole Trio, three young men who are holding their own here, and the attractions 

without s peer as Roman ring performers, are mostly return dates. For this week, the 

Princess. — "Msrrylng Money" will suc- 
ceed the "five one act dramas" policy at this 
house beginning Monday, March 16. Tbe 
cast will Include : Wm. Roselle, Wm. Demlng, 
Edward Emery, Nan Campbell, Juliette Day 
end Nlnn Herbert and others. 

Grand Opera Honse (Geo. A. Klngs- 

Jfofda this week. Taxi Girls next 

Olympic (Dave Kraus mgr.)' — FoUles of 
PUature this week. Jolly Girls next 

West End (M. Smith, mgr.)— Motion 
pictures are the only attraction here. 

Keith's Harlem Opera Honse (H. 
Swift, mgr.l — Pictures only sre doing well 
here, and they offer only the latest produc- 

Keith's Alhambra (C. Saunders, mgr.) 
— iBusiness continues good here. This week's 
bill : Minnie Dopree snd company, Trixle 
Frlganza. Lasky'a "The Beauties,' 5 Tvette, 
VIollnate, Fred Duprez, Dsvls Family, Gard- 
ner Trio. Duffy and Lorenre, and Montague's 

Hurtlir & Senmon'a (H. Seamon. mgr.) 
— The Broadway Girls opened to a well filled 
house on Monday, and Indications are they 
will do well all week, as they caught on from 


Immediately, experienced 

Pianist (male) for Orchestra 

and Vaudeville; mnst be able to play Standard 

music; eight reader; must be good; salary, $ 15. 

STAR THEATRE, Lyndonville. Y». 

GETTER. Ask those who know me. Address 
HARRY FRANK. 164 S, Main St., Oloversville.N.v. 

Their routine of work is of the difficult 
order, and they work with grace and ea.e. 

la a very hard position for a team offer- 
ing an act of their calibre, Chas. and Fannie 
Van had a tough road to travel to get over, 

Jolly Girls (May Howard's Girls of All Na 
tlons) were well received. 

Proctor's One Hundred and Twenty. 
fifth Street (W. A. Matthews, mgr.) — BUI 
B-11: Jack and Forls, Mile. Carrie, Roland 

but Charles finally landed, then sailed along (Travis and company, Arthur Drury and corn- 

getting the results due this Al offering. 

Minerva Courtney and Harry Irwin did 
not appear. 

Kdna Luby presenting her clever sketch, 
entitled "The Crucial Moment," scored a hit. 
Tho act is Quite a novelty with an un- 
expected ending. It gives Miss Luby and he.' 
cast ample opportunity to display their 
wares, which tbey do, each one scoring in 
his or ber particular pert . 

Ward and Curran were seen In their old 
standard, the "Terrible Judge," nnd were 
positively the big hit of the entire bill. 

A film of comedy pictures was offered for 

pany, Bradley Martin and company, Tslip and 
McAdams. Le Prestons, Cullbone, Price and 
Ross, and the Frank Troupe. For 12-15: 
Mnrtlncttl and Oennett, Royal Comedy Trio, 
Wiley. Braxton and Carter. Nance Lee, Paul 
Fetching and company, Weller and May, 
"Desperate Desmond," Irving Goslar, ana 
Juggling Burkes. 

Bronx Opera House (Richard Madden, 
mgr.) — This week, "Adele." Cbauncey Ol- 
cott. In "Shameen Dhn," did well hut week. 

Royal (Frank Gersten. mgr.) — This week, 
"Tbe Blindness of Virtue?' Last week, 
"Maria Rosa" pleased. 

Cecil Spooner Theatre (Joseph Cone, 
MoConnell and Simpson dashed over a big mgr.)— Tbls week, "He Fell In Love with 

H6 Wife" will be seen here with a new lead- 

laughing potion with their comic skit, en- 
titled "The Right Girt." 

Claire Rochester, a protege of Lew Fields, 
made a decided hit In a repertoire of song 
selections. (Bee New Acts) 

B. A. Botfvp "Arcadia" was tbe final offer- 
ing. Tbe set la beautifully staged, and 
introduces eleven instrumentalists of excep- 
tional ability. Tho act was a decided novelty 
and scored. OKo. 


Lonsraere (H. H. Prases, mgr.) — "The 
Last Resort" wiU close it* engagement h»re 
Saturday night, March 14. On Tuesday 
r.' lT.^A - 

lng mon. Last week CecU Spooner appeared 
in "The Little Terror." 

Keith's Bronx (Sam Tauter, mgr.) — 
Tbls week's bill: Claude GllUngwater and 
company, in "Wives of the Rich ;" Little 
Billy, Joseph Hart's "A Telephone Tangle." 
Ed. Wynn and company, in "Tbe King's 
Jester;' Gas Van and Joe 8cbenck, Jere 
Grady and company. In "The Butterfly :" 
Five Idanlas, Daniels and Conrad, and Wil- 
son and Audrey. 

Miner'. Iironx. — This week, the Girls of 
the Great White Way, with Harry Ward. 
Pair of Saxes" will be pro- Prospect (Frank Gersten. mgr.) — Plc- 

evenlog, ... <- . u — «.«, „... m ,..«- .-..-. — ,....— ._. 
duced at this bouse, with Ann Murdock. Hale tures of "Traffic In Souls 

Hamilton, George Parsons and Ivy Trout- 
man in the cast 

Msrray Hill (Pred Waldmann, mgr.T — 
Beds* of Beotrty Row tola week. Ben Welch 
Burlesquen pest 

Brooklyn, M. T. — Academy of Music (F. 
O. JUdsall. mgr.) E. M. Newman, travelogue, 
"Paris," March 11 : Metropolitan Opera Co„ 
"Lohengrin," 17. Various musical entertain- 
ments other evenings, 

• 1 < 

•-. r l. 

Spring nnd Slimmer Season of 


Man for Uncle Josh, with good Rnbe Specialty; 
Heavy Man. Juvenile Man, Boubrette with Spec- 
ialty and Heavy Woman. Prefer those who eaa 
do Specialty and men to Double In Band. Ad- 
dress by mall 
C. H. RENO, jgjg B'way, W. Y.CIty. 


Trained for the Stage, with Paraphernalia. 
Handsome Dogs, in fine condition. WiU 
travel with them if desired. 

377 Slain St. Hartford, Conn. 



ANO. SUte salary, win advance ticket. Ad- 
dress WM. KIBBLE, Syracuse March 12. 13, 14, or 
Room ta Long Acre Bldg., New York City. 



Useful People,. all lines; Chorus Qirls. 8 Night 
Stands. Open April 13. State loweet for Spring 
and Summer Season. DAYID R. BUFFINTON, 
e Park Plaoe, Pawtucket, R I. 


Comedian and Sonbrette, strong enough to fea- 
ture; Character Man to direct; Men for Heavies, 
Juveniles and General Business. Women for dial- 
lers and General Business. Repertoire, 8 night 
stands, spring and summer season, open April 13, 
state lowest, people with speclsltles given the 
preference. DAVID R.BCFFINTON 
Pnwtneket, - - - R. I, 




Jas. Adams Floating Theatre 

Heavy and Genera! Business Man, double Band 
or Bpecla'ty preferred. Greenville, week March (; 
Washington, March le; Bath, 17-18; Aurora, l»-a; 
All North Carolina. 



With Lady Assistant. Both amsU parts or lady, 
chorus. Wardrobe tbe finest. Reliable people for 
reUable managers only. Address 
LB NOIR, care CLlPPgR. 

AT T IRT7PTV for stock or road 


Leads, lle&vte*. Age, 25: Height, 5 ft. 9 In. ADA 
BIMPBON, Ingenues, Leads. Age, a; Height, 
5 ft. 3 in. Both thoroughly experienced and relia- 
ble. CARL Q. BJfBTAN, Bsblns, Ohio. 



TOM NEVARBO, Star Theatre, Berlin, Ontario. 

. - 1 1. i 
I ( 1 • j 

.1 J t ' 

Maboh 14 



Success Success Success Success 

I wish to inform you that I am now Professional 

Manager for the 


IAS \*V\ 45th S-t., N 

and am at your service for all your wants. I have 
several excellent new songs at my disposal and invite 
you to call on me. If out of town drop me a line. 


EACH SET HAS 4 4- SHEETS, 60 9x42 and 100 9x24 •• OTHER COMBINATIONS 

Bend for Price-List on All Kind. Theatrical Printing. 

FEIST SHOW PR INT, White Haven. Pa. 



Sldo Show People and working men In every department: a Colored Band of eight or ten people that 
can put on a lot of good singing and dancing; Good Magician that doubles Punch. Wo don't want an 
AuoUonc*rorlU«-hPltcaMan,uutanian who can and will glveaShow. (Art Allen where aro you?) 
Good Coooh Dancers, Musical AoW, or any Show that will send them out talking; Lady l'orformcrs In 
parUoular. Snow will open at Cortland, N. Y ., Saturday, May and. 

A.ldrsas BIO BAUTKLLE, Homar, X. V. 

Success Success Success Success 


(Special wirei to Tna Ouftbb.) 

Chicago, March 9, 


(Lyman B. Glover, manager). The Ma- 
jestic has for Its headllner tola week frank 
Lalor, In a musical comedietta, "Back to 
berth." It can gafely be said to be the best 
sketch that Mr. Lalor has ever presented In 
Chicago. Gertrude Holmes and Robert Bu- 
chanan opened, singing old and new songs, 
doing nicely. Frits Bruch and slater, 'cello 
and violin experts, did splendid In second 
position. "Fixing the Furnace," a farce by 
George Holland and company, one of the best 
laughing sketches seen here in some time. 
Muriel and Frances, two clever girls, sang 
songs in a way that made them take many 
encores. "Mandaiayj* was the big song hit 
for the girls. "Celluloid Sara," a moving 
picture drima, was a big surprise to the Ma- 
jestic audience. The cast is well balanced. 
Bellow, the mentaphone artist, opened Inter- 
mission with a novelty. Frank Lalor ana 
canjpany followed with a company. 

The Girl from Milwaukee, 
Sprague and MoNeece. 

Three Lelghtooa, 


(George Leeve, manager). Les Masceg- 
nts open, presenting whirlwind dances. Of 
the team the woman la the better. Marie 
Dreams, singing comedienne, la a charming 
woman who captivates an audience at once 
with her baritone solos. Archer and Belford, 
In a comedy sketch, should go fairly well on 
small time. Melnotte Twins are two pretty 
and attractive young women, who slog and 
dance fairly well. After their last song they 
close with a dance, which made a big bit. 
Gordon Brothers and kangaroo are clever. 
They do bag punching and present a sparring 
match with their kangaroo that furnishes a 
lot of fun. 


GwrgeW. "B^ry"and Maude *c.lford cleaned _£3fV»gJ 
n? in next to closing position in songs land evened » well 
talks. Stalling and Bevell. gymnastic come- SJIf'S JJJ*. 
Sans, closed. Next week's bill : Bertha "leal novelty. • 
KaUeh and company, Morton and Glass, w. 
«. 8t James and company, Arthur Deagon, 
Cecilia Wright, the Lloyd Family, Hill and 
Wblttaker, TCennedy and Booney. Heuman 



(Andy Talbott, mgr.) The Deoooo Brothers 
well balanced Mil; both are very 
ampins;. Sterner and Swayne, rau- 
Jty. pleased. Florence and Lovette 
presented a comedy dramatic offering, en- 
titled "Toe Tamer," to good advantage. Belli 
Brothers and Murray In (antra and talks, 
very good, Great Gerard and company, 
strong man, wits oomediaa assisting, dis- 
plays talent in lis line. Adams and Guhl, 
German comedians, were the lilt of the show. 
Monkey Cabaret cio«e<l with a fair offering. 

Bboadwat (W. James, mgr.) — Bill week 
of : June Ueston and company, Schumann 
Quartette, the Four Comlqucs, Fred Werner, 
too Breakaway Barlows, and others, 

Ithaca, If. Y. — Star (C. L. Hamer, mgr.) 
bill March 9-11 : Marron, Hclna and La Mar, 
"The Bose of the Harem," photoplays. For 
12-14 : McCrea and Burn, Gua Edwards' Song 
Heme, Boys and Girlies, photoplay. 

Hapft Hour (W. K. Tree, mgr.)— Photo- 
plays only. 

Moras. — The recent etorm caused "Change" 
to cancel 4, at the Lyceum. . . .Choos' "Little 
Lambs," with Wm. BranteU, was well re- 
ceived at the Star week of 2 Charlie 

House, superintendent of the Star Theatre, 
is very popular. 

Atlanta, Go—- (Atlanta Theatre Pavlowm 
March 0, 10, ZlegfekT* Follies 13. 18, "A 
Modern Bve" 16, 17. , 

Fobstthb.— BUI 9-14 : Laddie Cliff, Harry 
Tlgbe, Alberta and Myrtle Moore, Carl Byal, 
Dora Early. Hill and Sylvlana. 

Bijou.— l *The County Sheriff" 9-14, by 
Eddie Black Stock Co. 

Columbia. — Melton and Dehnar, In "Two 
Lucky Tramps," and Densmore Sisters. 

Grand Rapids, Mich — Powers" (Harry 
G. Bommcrs A Co., nigra.) "Joseph and His 
Brethren" week of March 9, John McCormack 

Majestic (Orlnfltalr, mgr.)— ''Little Lost 
Slater," week March 1, drew well. "The 
Common Law" week of 8, and "Officer 600" 

CoLOMDiA.— 'Bill week of 9: Kidil Asskl, 
Brown, Harris and Brown. Dolce Sisters, 
Ella Kramer Four, Five Melody Boys, and 
Lew Hawkins. 

(Mort Singer, manager) Monday maUnee 
«ni sell-out for the Palace, the home of 
the "tatlgo. , • The feature thlB week is Mau- 
rice and .Florence Walton. They P^Jf 1 '^ 
various dances that have been the erase in 
Chicago for some time. Matthews. Shayne 
and company. In sixth position, were the 
tooghSgWt. "In Dreamland," In threo 
«re*aa\ to one of tne test •krtciea ever P"t 
en aF the Palace. Boa Matthews and 
Shayne are hard workers and deserve credit, 
leimett and Wilson open with a comedy bar 
act that pleased. Doris Wilson and com- 

fmy offered a novel singing sketch. The 
rads did well In third position. Irene 
Temmons and company, In an original one 
act playlet, displayed rare ability. Alfred 
Bergen followed, with a baritone voice that 
will be long remembered. Billy Gould and 
Belle Ashlyn were welcomed back home with 
their original songs. Zara-Carmen Trio closed 
Boldlng the audience to the finish. Next 
week's bills: Adelaide and J. J. Hughes. 
Frank Sheridan and company, Fredcrlka Sie- 
mens and company, Australian Woodehop- 
pers, Golden and De Winters, Jack Haseard, 


(J. G. Bnrch, manager). Stlgti and Gar- 
nler, Jugglers, started the program nicely. 
Gene and Arthur, aliiilng and talking. Both 
nave fairly good voices and were popular 
with the audience. O. 'S. MlUUry Maids, six 
girls, should go wen with any audience. It 
Tk a good musical act, nicely costumed Big. 
BapoTl displays marked skill In handling and 
Juggling heavy weights. Loo Fllller. vio- 
linist is a finished player, opening with sev- 
eral classical selections and rendering a few 
popular songs, he did very well. Russell's 
Minstrels in a classy turn. They sine and 
talk In addition to presenting several dances 
which are fantastic aa well aa funny. 
Power's elephants accomplish feats which 
show conclusively how thoroughly they are 
trained The act made a big impression with 
the andlence. Five Old Veterans presented ' 
a special novelty, which was both entertain- 
ing and Interesting. West and Boyd closed 
the show doing a little bit of everything. 





Wnterbnry, Conn— rail's (Eugene Wtl- 
son, mgr.) -bill March 9-11 : Chic and Chic- 
lets, Harry Hohnan and company, Apdale s 
eiitmalj. Gertrude Flake. B. A Holfe's "Porch 
Party," Jones and Johnson. For 1214 : 
Odonne, McCauiy and Connell, Mae Francis, 
Herbert Lloyd and company, Espe and Paul, 
Four Musical Misses, and photoplays. Busi- 
ness la better. K. P. Furlong, formerly man- 
ager at the Park, In Springfield. Is now In 
charge of this house with Mr. Wilson. , 
. Pox's (Louis D. Garvey, mgr.)— Bill O-ll : 
Bose Berry. Ellsworth and Linden, Miller and 
Btackett, Ten Dark Troubadours, Honey and 
Oene Fader, and Keeley Bros. For 12-14: 
"Cheyenne Daye." Baker and Berry, Jams 
and Harrison. Nina Spain and picks, Battle 
Fox, Bell and Walker, and photoplay*. 

Alhambba, Stab, Bboadwat, Lraic, Gab- 
DBie, Cabboi,, Pbincbss. Scranc, Colonial 
and Globs.— Pictures only. „___ 

Jacqobo (Harry Parsons, mgr.) — "The 
Littlest Rebel" Is the last stock attraction 
this season, aa 8. Z. Poll has leased the 
bouse to P. P Shea to be used for burlesque. 
The lease Is for a term of eighteen months, 
and In the meantime Poll Is planning for a 
new house. 

Toronto, Can.— Princess ( W. Mulholland, 
mgr.) Laurence Irving aad Mabel Hackney, 
In "The Typhoon" and "The Unwritten 
Law," March 9 and week. "Stop Thief 
week of 16. Ethel Barrymor* to follow. 

Albxandba (U Solomon, mgr.) — Guy 
funding and Cbrystal Heme, In "At Bay/' 
9 and week. Bias. Byan. la "Peg o' My 
Heart. 1 * 16. Joseph Bantley. In "When 
Dreams Come True.'' to follow. 

Grand (j. w. Cowan, mgr.)— Don Gas- 
solo, In "Where the Trail Divides," 9_and 
week. "Broadway Jones" week of 16. Taos. 
E. Shea to follow. 

flaaA's (J. Shes, mgr.)— BUI 9-14 : Winona 
Winter. Adelaide and Hughes, neatb and 
Mlllersoln, Avon Comedy Four, Wm. Weston 
and company. Three Types. Martha Sisters, 
and Boxy LsVBocca. 

Giirrt (T. B, Henry, mgr.)- 

Burlesquers 9 and week. Billy Watson's Big 
Show neat 

Stab (F. W. Stair, mgr.)— (Flirting Widows 
9 and week. Girls or the Follies naxt. 

Majestic (F. P. Orufflo. mgr.)— Vaude- 
ville and moving pictures. 

Stband (E. Wild, mgr.)— Photoplays and 
Illustrated songs. 

Loaw's (E. Bernstein, mgr.) — Motion pic- 
tures and vaudeville. 

Reading;, Pa. — Academy of Music (Phil 
Levy, mgr.) Manhattan Gaiety Girls March 
9, Howe's Travel Festival 12, 13. 

Gha.\d (F. L. Callahan, mgr. ) — Pictures 
of the Bible by the International Bible Stu- 
dents' Association. 

Orphicm (J. W. Busk, rngrJ-JIae Or- 
pheum Players will present T 'The Nigger"' 
week of 0. with Walter P. Richardson and 
Brdney Shields In the leads. "What Hap- 
pened to Mary" week of 16. 

Hippodsomb (C. G. Keener, mgr.)— Bill 
9-11 : "Bouse That Jack Built,' 1 Ned Norton 
and Girls. Jack Symonds, Ralph, Baybl, 
Mellen end company, Whittler Iince and com- 
pany. For 12-14 : ''House That Jack Built" 
remains, Ellen Richards, Hartley and Bar- 
nell, Lexey and iLaxey, Delbalne and com- 

Will I a ma port, Pa. — Lycoming Opera 
House (L. J. Fisk. mgr.) March 4, lira. 
Flake and her excellent company presented 
"Mrs. Buropstcad-Lelgh" to a large andlence. 
Moving pictures week of 9. _... m . 

FAMat (B. O. Johnson, mgr.) — Bill 9-14 : 
Nortne Carmen's Mlnetrels, the Violas, Lacy 
aud Trtcy, Elizabeth McAfee, Dave Vine, 
the Bounding Petersons, the Minstrel Kiddles, 
Dolblenne end company, Mabel Testes, Jack 
Simmons, Deckla and Irene, Brown and 

Colombo*, O. — ITartraen (Tt. F. Bods, 
mgr.) Christie Maedonald, in "Sweethearts, 
March 10-11. _ . . 

Southm* (J. F. Swift mgr.)— Week B, 
"Quo Vadrs?" in motion pictures. 

Keith's (W. W. Prosser, narr.) — Bill week 
of 0: Mile. Dasle. Dlnrhsrt snd Heritage. 
Melville and Hlggina. Hayden. Burton and 
Hayden ; Josephine Dunfee. Jotin T. Murray, 
Rolando Bros., Wanda, and pictures. 




At the twenty-flrst birthday party of the 
Professional Woman's League. Maltla Crai- 
gin, president, given at the League rooms, 
1999 Broadway, on Feb. 28, 1914, the draw- 
ing for the winner of the Weser Brothers' 
Pianola took place. This was a 1000 Instru- 
ment, and was won by Harry F. Weber, of 
Mt Vernon, and who is of the well known 
firm of vaudeville agents, Weber A Evans. 
The winning number was B-62, sold In De- 
cember, 1911, by Rosalie Mnckentuss, who is 
one of the prominent members of the League, 
besides being the manager of the family de- 
partment of the United Booking Offices. 

LHile B. Becbslle, the treasurer of the 
League, presented the League with four 
dozen solid sliver teaspoons and one dosca 
solid silver forks, upon Its "coming of ago" 

Mrs. ASbertlne Pen-in baked and present* 
ed the birthday cake upon this occasion. 

Mrs. Sol Smith, the oldeat living actress, 
elafrty-six jears of age on March 10, is quite 
111 with neurltla of the head. A large basket 
of -choice fruits was sent Mrs, Snath by the 
League members, expressing their sympathy. 

There were so many requests at the Frl- 
iday evening dancing class held at the League, 
for another class, chat Tuesday afternooa 
of each week has been decided upon to meet 
these demands. Already more applications 
hare been made than was hoped for. It la 
quite possible that the League rooms will be 
utilized for a similar purpose If tbe demand 
continues. A very nn Vlctrola hae been 
purchased to add to the other music for dan- 
cing, and Bosetta Hawthorne Hayes, tbe 
dancing instructress, Is to be congratulated 
upon her wonderful success. 

The Literary Day, on March 2, has been 
postponed to April 6, when Mrs. Llbby Cul- 
bcrtson Maedonald will be the chairman. Tbe 
terrlfflc storm of tje former date Is the good 
and sufficient reason for the postponement. 

Francis Wilson, president Of the Actors' 
Equity Society, will be tbe gvest of honor, 
at tbe regular monthly Dramatic Day, on 
March IB, Howard Kyle, the secretary, baa 
also agreed to be present, also Henry Miller 
and Bruce MoBae. 

The league takes pleasure In Inviting all 
actort ana octreutt who are Interested In 
the great movement for the benefit of the 
acting (Mople, to meet Mr, Wilson at the 
league rooms, 1900 Broadway, at S r. m. 
Boaa Band, who is a ebsrter aunsssr of the 
league, will preside st the tea table. 

In the special performance of "Love and 
the Law," which itougtas J. Wood will give 
in the Lyric Theatre Friday afternoon, March 
227. Mary Mash will play one of the principal 

4i » 

Montague Glass, author, of "Potash ft Perl- 
mutter, and Mlehsel Morton, who wrote "The 
Yellow Ticket," sailed March 10, for Europe. 
+ «» 

ITibbt la Fatal, will orlguMto a new slfoat 
enraady rote In "r*ina*nr>," at (be Hew tark Hip- 
podrome, opening April % 

George Tipton, wall known In the circus 
and tbe minstrel world, baa been signed by 
Manager Sparks as steward for the coming 
season. He hss been connected In a like 
capacity with the Gentry Bros.', Sun tiros.' 
and other shows. He waa at one time mana- 
ger of III Henry Minstrels, and Is a clever 
musician aa well as steward. A C, Orcutt, 
who has been steward with tbe Sparks 
.Shows, Is at present In Alt Vernon, N. T„ 
and has not decided aa to his plana for the 

Joo McAllister will be the principal clown 
with the Gllleapee Show this season. I ti.^V 91 

The Gillespie Shoiw, *y the way, la the ■ ***££ J1 
first circus of the season to leavo Win lor — — — 
quarters in this section of the South. The 
opening date waa set for March 1, and the 
agents have been out for two weeks. Then 
enmo too recent cold spell and blizzard, and 
caused tho postponement of the opening tor 
a week. Tho show has been greatly enlarged 
for this season and carries suite a ilacable 
menagerie, including two elephants, camels, 
lions and leopards. Dave will play his old 
territory again this season, getting as far 
North as Virginia. 

W. J. Daplyn. last year advertising banner 
solicitor with toe Sparks Show, who has put 
In the Winter at his old home, in England, 
will hare the banners obis season with the 
Gollmar Bros. 

'Harry Hall, who has had tho aldo show 
witb the Sparks Sbow for tho past three sea- 
sons, will nave the same position this season 
with the Wyoming Dill Wild West Show. 
During bis absence from Boston "Doc" Gor- 
don will look after his mall order magic 

John H. Sparks Jr., who has been spend- 
ing the Winter at his homo in East Brady, 
Pa., arrived at Salisbury last week and waa 

Agents! Streetmen! 

Herd Is the Biggest Snap Yet 

We mannfaotnre and import Embroidered Pat- 
tarns, Silk Shawls, Scares, Latest Fanoy Goods, 
Embroidered Kobea, Also a full line of Dress 
Goods by the yard, and Ladles' Ready-to-Wcar 
and Tallored-to-Maasure Garments. Thousands of 
our agents are making big money. Write for our 
Big Illustrated fashion Book containing eoo actual 
samples of Silks and Drese Ooods. Free of oherge 
and oxpross prepaid. Investigate our methods at 
our risk and espouse. 

Bohwnrta Importing; Company 

St IiOnls. Mo. 


The ilroeklyn Sonic publishes the picture 
of tbe Interior of a "School on Wheels" with 
the following description: 

"Pabib, -rob. an.— Those who have stared 
for any length of time In Paris are familiar 
with the difficulty Involved In trying to reach 
a point on some street or boulevard In which 
a atreet fair la in progress, 

"These atreet fairs are called 'Fetes Fo- 
ralncs,' and are unlike anything on this 
order in tbe new world. The management ob- 
tains a permit to occupy a certain stretch of 
the moro unfrequented boulovarda, and for a 
period of time the carnival spirit Is rife In 
the locality. All forms of cheap attractions 
abound, and not the least faacfnatlng Is an 
acrobatic 'performance In which the partici- 
pants are all young children. 

"Tho various crowds who arc. ever to bo 
found watching this particular amusement 
are perhaps often putsled to know why these 
youngsters are allowod to perform In public 
to tho evident neglect of their educational 

training. The accompanying picture, taken 

HSgagSST ■•: • ! l-^JlzIai&rlnfi* 

makings of real showmen 

Geo. Ei. Alzeda and wife, of St Louis, are 
In the city at present, conducting a store 
aaow with an ossified man aa tho main at- 
traction. They are doing well, as a store 
show Is a novelty here. 

It will be good news to his many friends 
to leam that Irving Puttie, ono of the old 
atandbya of Bandmaster Jack Phillips, baa 
entirely recovered from a long siege of sick- 
ness, and will be on hand early in April. 

Bandmaster Phillips, by the way, la ex- 
pected In quarters dally. He has been put- 
nag In most of the Winter at his home In 
Cotambus, O. He will be mall and Clippim 
agent again this season- 
James M. Bolelack la In jail at Charlotte, 
N. C, under sentence of death for tbe mur- 
der of his second wife, and will be electro- 
cuted in April unless quick measures for 
mercy are taken. .His first wife was a 
daughter of one of the Siamese twins, tbs 
former well known freaks. They wero born 
and first secured for exhibition purposes at 
their home In Mt Airy, this State, a short 
distance from Salisbury, 

The Great European Shows, a carnival 
now being organised in Buffalo, N. Y., opens 
In or near Salisbury, March 23. 

Trainer Lewis lleod hss met with great 
euccees In breaking the two little elephants 
recently secured by Manager Charles Sparks. 
They have been taught to waits, drill, walk 
on bottles, and participate la a laughable 
barber shop act. They are as gontle as 
kittens and great pets with the crowds that 
flock out to the quarters (Sundays to feed 
them peanuts. 

Tom Jacobs will have tbe train with the 
Sparks Shows again thla season. 



Everything is repaired and the painters are 
nearly through with tbe wagons. They will 
all be of uniform color. White and gold. The 
new band and tableau wagons have arrived, 
and they are reel "beauties." 

We will have a number of new animal acts 
with the show 'this season and more circus 
acta, and tbe Wild West will be improved 
over last season. 

Frank Scott will be with the show again 
as fancy and bucking horse rider, this Is 
Frank's fourth year with tbla show. 

IMIIton Zednay will arrive Murch IS, to 
lay out his aide sbow. Ho has a feature this 
season be ssys will be original, and says 
the side show will be strong, and that thoy 
will return on the come out to see tbe bouse 
Of mystery. 

All of the stock has Wintered well, aad 
will be In fine shape for the opening. 

General Agent Geo. M. Forepaugh la still 
In charge of Winter quarters and is busy 
superintending the finishing up of wagons 
and laying out routes, and admiring his 
line of special paper he hat for this season. 

Chas. H. Tonspkins Is expected borne by 
March IS, from bis trip West He writes 
he has purchased several good buckera, but 
from all appearance* "Spot" will stlU be 

"king" of alL 

The concert wilt be one of the strongest 
with any show In America, one of its fea- 
tures will be Oeo. Osplond, tbe champion 
Australian bull whip cracker. He Is now en 
the Sullivan * Ooostdlne time. 


On Monday, March 2, at a. at., the stork 
settled down Into tbe winter quarters of the 
liamv.m ft Bailey Circus, fa Bridgeport, 
Conn., with a tiny baby giraffe, and Imme- 
diately thereafter the whole Winter quarters 
was nllvo and obustle with the good news, 

"Anna Louise" Is the name given tho new 
arrival In honor of the daughter of Charles 
Hutchinson, treasurer of tbe sbow. Tbs 
(hilatenlag will take place during the en- 
gagement of th* circus at Madison Square 
Garden tie Utter par t of this mo nth. 

Dbub Bditobi All well with tbe 3. H. 
Escbman Baropean Circus. Just returned 
from the Great Bahama Islands, Big busi- 
ness. Respectfully, Jaspeb FUI/IOw. 
i s 

"Out Dan" Rcesrxi/, claimed to be the 
oldest showman In the United States, cele- 
brated the one hundredth anniversary of his 
birth on March 1 at Llueoln*.Neb. 

BamtsT AamaaaoM km th. Sisobikt 
Tboupb returned T from Bogland, for the 
Barnum * Bailey Show. 

the great wagons standing near the perform- 
ing ring Is In reality a modern school, where 
the mental development of the boys and girls 
keep* pace with the physical, A glance at 
tbe contented fac»s of toe occupants dispel* 
rny doubt that may exist as to the happlnosa 
of their lot." 

s ' ■ 

(Bpeoial Wirt to Tua Cliitbs.) 

Chicago, March. R. 

A dispatch from Leavenworth, Kan., con- 
veys tbe distressful Information that Mr*. ' 
Con T. Kennedy died there tbla mornlngat 
the borne of CoL Charles W. Parker, Th* 
end came very snddenly and unexpectedly. 
As tbe wife of Con T. Kennedy, the noted 
carnival manager and director of the General 
Amusement Company, tho deceased enjoyed a 
wide acquaintance among representatlva ear- 
nival people, who will sincerely mourn her 
loss. Wabbbk A. Patbick. 



The show opened to Obrjins Ohriaai, Ttt., Bat* 
urday, Fob. 28, with tbelr twenty big car shows, 
uiid«r tho auspice* of the "Musketeers," to a large 
crowd aad good basiuou. 

Dave LacJman, upon laying out Ibe railway, 
found it a little amcolt on account of tbe big 
rvmMati laqairrag so much mar* spaoe thua h* 
bid been using leittofora. 

'its ■ Moton'Mur, under the msnssjawsnt et Os- 
car Nobis, was detained from snowing Msmlny 
night oo sacouat of one of Us ridse* bring ska. 

Bveryon* with the sbow la ptessed to kiusw tbat 
J. O. Miller, aeifctsry and treasurer of ttn MUbf 
A Lschman Obnblned Bbow*, who has b«u la Hon 
Antonio for the ps*t fair week, under a physi- 
cian's care. Is lniprotlng rapidly, aad will Be back 
borne with Hie .hows la a few day*. 

Mr, Muell, "Texas Dad," who has the Wild 
w«s* Show, ha. lust returned from Kestoa, whs re 
be hss been negnUattivr a Ug cattle deal. 

Oa account of Mr, MlUar and Mr. Laehman bring 
away from tne shosss at tbe assas time. It hsa 
kept Gear** M. radsett, Uieur assistant ounsmv. 
snd bis wife, eastatlog him, very basy beadling 
all department* of the targe coniMn*. 
s i 

Tin WASiniraM Suowa will play tbe Old Bays' 
Reunion week, to be held at Brentford, Out, la 

Lvcu BoMAMoa goes with Ibe Bin* Blbbao 
Show this soason. 

AnvicsB from Paris. France, state thnt 
Madeline, the so-called ''Siamese Twine," who 
was separated. March B, from her sister, Bu- 
zanne, by means of a delicate surgical opera- 
tion, died March 7, of convulsions. Huaanne la 
recovering rapidly, and tho pliyalclana say 
there is every prospect of her riving, Tbe 
ope rut l oa waa performed bore Wednesday. 
No such operation bad taken place In France 
since Dr. Doyen, In 1002, separated the twe 
Hindu children. Badlca-ltoodlca, who died of 
tuberculosis after tho operation. Madeleine 
and Buianoo wore born Nov. 28, 101,1. At 
Mrta they weighed ten pounds. Both ap- 
peared to be perfectly healthy, end when not 
sleeping were extremely lively. Madelelne- 
Busanno were Joined in the region of the 
stoma<£i. The Juncture waa superficial, and 
radiographic examination showed that there 
waa no organ of Importance In the uniting 
membrane. Tbe organ* of tbe children were 
on'.lrely distinct 
fOVmffaucd on page tt.) 


Proctor'* Fifth Avenue Theatre, New Tork, 
will chango Its policy to moving pictures on 
Monday, 23, 


J. Van Obousbb presented the posm-o-gsaph, 
"The Face Upon toe Floor," week of Msrch t. 
at th* Colonial Theatre. Chicago, to big sudlrnors. 

"Tn. Human Boub'' opened st Otorelass, o., 
March 0. Week of 10, at Oblcags, III. ; week of 
2.1, Om*ni, Neb, fjrsaa Hamilton, soil llsrrlsoa 
Uatwstt hsv* joined Dr, Schwenk'e support 

ADBX.S Bowlamd, It I* reported, has been mar. 
rled to Obarles Rustle., appearing In "Help 
Waited." Mis* Bowlsad I* reneamlng for the 
lead la "lb* Ited Canary," which will opt. «oon. 

Tn* Inventery of the estate of Usury Orem- 
will, who had large lateral, bare and in Tnsa, 
wss Bled Msroh 0. at New Orleans, and showed 
tbe vain, of $801,000. Th. H«nry Qrerawsll 
real estate Is valued at t*>0.006, aloek at 
101,000. promissory note at $33,000. Ossb la 
bank lo.fl7l.2l. 

■Tat TnspLeroN will pity Bottercop In the 
"Pinafore" production at the N. T. IHppodrome. 

Oo* RowAans' "Boas Review" will open at 
the Mass Umpires, In Holland, Sept. 7. 

Tua Phlladtlphia-Glitngo Opera Oo. will play 
at the Metropolitan Opera !'«*•• Philadelphia, 
March 11, for ono performance, under an agree- 
ment with Win A. Brady, who has "Th* Whip" 
co. playlag there this week. < 




March 14 


Fonnded In 1SS3. ' 




Entered Jane 24, 1870. it the Post Offlee at 
Hen York, N. I., as second cliu oattcr, snder 
MM act Of March 8. 1879. 


Advertisements— $2.80 per Inch, single column. 
Advertisements let with border, 10 per ct. extra, 


One year, la advance, 14 ; six moDtbi, 12 ; tores 

months, SI. Csosda and foreign poitage extra.' 

Single copies will be sent, postpaid, oa receipt of 

10 cent.. . . jl. 

Oar Terms are Cash. 

The Forma closing- Promptly oa 
Tuesday, at 10 A. M. 

Please remit by express money order, check, 
F. O. order or registered letter. All cssb enclosed 
with letter la at risk of render. 
Address All Commnnlciitlona to 
47 West 28<h Street, New York. 

Tel. 2274-Madlson. 

Rtgltttrt i Cab le Add ress. " Aqth obiti." 


of Tin CLipras Is locsted at Room DOS, Ashland 

Clock, Chicago. Warren A. Patrick, manager and 

correspondent. . . 

Tsa Cur-rsn can na outiinid «iiw.iihat.b ano 
ibtail, st our agents, Daw's Btcsmthlp Agency, 
IT Green Street, Charing Cross Road, Lon- 
don, W. O., Ekujlaad; Brentano's news depot. 87 
Avenue de I'Opeia, Paris, Ifrauce; Diamond Kens 
Co., 120 Pcado, Havana; Manila Book and sta- 
tionery Co,, 124 Escolts, Manlls. P. I. ; Gordon 
A Ostch, 123 Pitt Direct, Sydney, N. 8. W„ 




tM. W. Pittsburgh,— The play was 
id produced by Philip Hartholomue. 


!■;. u, Cedar Rapid s.— You probably mean 
Wlnthrop Ames, who can be addressed care 
of Little Theatre, Now York. 

O. 12. Slatlcgton.— You cannot copyright a 

■ N. B, B., Lima. — We nover roply to queries 
concerning the private affairs of anyone. 


The best Sunday matinee bouse tbts season 
•was recorded 8. The bill was excellent. ' 

BUI Dooley and Evelyn went down the 
line In a One variety ot stunts. Opening as 
an Eton boy and a sbort-frockod kiddy, the 
couple sang and danced. Evelyn did some 
bicycle tricks, Bill did a Scotchman. singing 
••■She's the Lass (or Me,' 1 then in the tame 
suit rode a untcyclo and a target with com. 

edy effects ; then a dance, then a tort of a 
Will Rogers roping act, showing great skill ; 
then both appeared In a clover Texas Tommy 

ilijin>» 'I'lin I'll n Tin ab nf fn I #n« Fills' I 

dance. That's a basketful for fair I 

Farley and Morrison, a nifty couple, opened 
with "There's a Ctrl I Take to Hector's," 
wblcb they sang nicely. Then, after a change 
of frock, "I've Got Everything I Want But 
You," with neat buslucss by the girl. A "Ger- 
many" song In dialect was followed by a 
French bit and song, with a little funny bit 
of business with the mustache, and their 
getaway was marked by good applause. 

Helen Page and company, In the playlet. 
"The Understudy," made the usual - hit 
through Miss Page's clover Impersonation of 
the naive stage debutante who fell all over 
herself In the misfit leading lady dress, ably 
assisted by tbe leading man. 

La Pllsrlca, a dark eyed senorita. who 
could donee, and her blonde brother, showed 
the genuine Argentine tango. The lace 
trimmed trousers worn by tbe man made a 
big bit with the ladies. The dancing; of the 
whirls and the ItUBslon steps, as well as the 
Castanet dances wore well liked. 

Keefe and Bruno doubled In a singing act, 
srith harp accompaniment, and Mr. Recto's 
yodllng as well as tbe expert manipulations 
of tbo harp by Mr, Bruno mado a good com- 
bination. ' 

•McConDell and Simpson, la the mlrup be- 
tween tbe girl whom the young business man 
intends to marry and tbe hosiery saleswoman 
whom he does marry, made up a merry enter- 
tainment. Tbo energetic lady, an adept at 
crying and laughing put over a good act 

Baunders and Von open as an awkward 
couple showing stago fright, but readily bo- 
came accustomed to their surroundings and, 
■wlf.i their ventriloquist stunts with funny 
repartee and actions, a burlesque on "Dr. 
Jckyll and Mr. Hyde'* arid other "nut" stuff 
by both, earned their placo on the bill. A 
burlesque tango topped tbclr offering. 

Ward and Curran closed the hill, and 
Fop's energetic admonitions to tbe audience 
and to the customers ot the court room got 
the laughs, and John Curran'a eluging, the 
encores. ''Off with the Old Love, On with 
tbe New," was well liked. 

A plcturo finished tho show. mil. 

4 » » 


Justice Green baum held that the Leavltt 
case against Anna Held Is good In law, 
About two months ago Michael B. Lcavltc 
sued Anna Held claiming commissions of 
15,000 for procuring a contract tor her with 
George W, I/ederer, which contract she vio- 
lated, and Mr. Leavltt attached S8.000 be- 
longing to Anna Held In the hands of John 
W. Cort. The attachment was vacated, and 
for a time It looked as If Leavltt was com- 
pletely out of court. Mr. Leavltt then 
changed attorneys and retained Nathan Vld- 
avcr, who filed Mr. Lcavltt's complaint In, 
the action to-dny, Wednesday, March 4, 11114. 
Argument was heard on tho sufficiency of 
the complaint. Leon Laski contending on be- 
half of Anna Held that Justice Scabury'a 
derision vacating the attachment practically 
disposed of tho rase, and Mr. Vldavcr con- 
tending that Justice Seabury's decision was 
erroneous. Justtco Orecnbaum decided that 
the complaint was good, which means thait 
the action against Anna Held will ho tried 
shortly. Mr. Leavltt states that ho la going 
to placo the case on tho Short Cause 


'Burrognto Cohnlcn decided Mnrch 7, that 
Robert I* Dollcy. administrator of hli 
brother, ivtor v. Dallcy, tho comedian owes 
(he estate $787, which Is to be deducted ironi 
bis share. The Surrogate confirmed the re- 

tiort of John Path, referee, who found that 
bo administrator bad given to George Const, 
dine pawn tickets, belonging to tho decedent, 
for two rings and n diamond stud worth 
11,800 and pawned for *l,04O. There was 
more than |4,ooo on tbo decedent's bank 
account, with wblcb tho Jewelry could have 
been redeemed, and the administrator is held 
for tbe dlffercnco between tho vnluo of the 
property and tbo amount for which It wub 
pledged. Peter F, Dalley's oatato amounted) 
to about $0,000. 

a a a 
3. Herbert Mack answered tbe sranrcons 
served upon him for runulne on Bandar, 
March 1. a convert which oonfllctctl with tie 
Sunday law. After a bearing tho charge was 

6 NEW PARODIES FOR $1.00 ■- 6 


"Cet Out and Get Under," "International Rag," "Carden 
of Sunshine and Rosea," "Mother's Big Blue Eyes," "We 
Have Much To Be Thankful For," "Somebody's Coming 
To My House." 

To gat tho •bow* material send P. O. or Xxproea order lor SI to 


Columbia Theatre Bldg., Suite 709-10, N. Y. C. 

Or, Three Parodies and Song Poem for ft, "Peg 0' My Heart," "Lonesome Pine," "When I Lost You," 
and song poem, entitled "TUB PASSING BONOS OF 191-.MS," dovetailing 70 song hit titles Into a 
rhythmic story. If yon desire tho 9 Parodies and Bong Poem, send 12 to the above address. 

World of Playe?s. 


Tbe semi-annual romp ot the attaches ot tbe 
New York Hippodrome took place March 8, at 
the Murray BUI Lyceum, New York. 

The frolic la one ot a scries given by the at- 
taches of the big Sixth ATenoc amusement Insti- 
tution every year, to keep up their organisation, 
which Includes all male employee*, from manager 
to clown, and door tender to scene sblfter, on a 
grand democratic footing of equality, 

Tbe entertainment opened wltb a minstrel "first 
part," followed by a vaudeville olio and an old- 
fsabloned "afterpiece," entitled "Thirty Mlnntea 
of Shakespeare." 

The ball brought the frivol to a finale. 

The official program follows: 

Interlocutor Wm. C. Gordon 

SolelaU Kolin, Dor* and Cary 

Hud Mm I '■■ Pearl. Molllua, Hansen, 

****** I Russell, frrltchsrd, Fleming 

rw.«« i W'He, Kohn, Young, Cary, IIiw- 

""""• J man, Kennedy, nidges, Burns.^ 

Chorus* ....,.....«*•.,.•.. i 

..The Attaches 

Opening Chorus By tbo Company 

"Rebecca of 8unnybrook Farm" Mr. Kubn 

"Don't Stop" Mr. Fleming 

"Prologue from 'PagllaccI'" Mr. Dore 

"La Paloma",., ..Mr, Russell 

"Tbe Horn" , Mr, Cordon 

"Funny Old Gal" Mr. La Pearl 

"You Can't Stop Me from taring You".. Mr. Cary 

"Surprise Number One." 
Finale, "Georgia Oampmeetlog Band" 

Dy tbe Company 

Overture "Kcbos of the Hippodrome" 

Arranged especially for this occasion by 
Manuel Klein. 

1. Surprise Nnmher Two. 

2. Faux Banbt Ann Co., in "Votbs fob Woumn" 

By Felix Haney. 
Time, i»» Present. Place, W«to Torfc. 

John Taylor Sr. Tommle Bowd 

John Taylor Jr...... Felix Haney 

Mra. John Taylor... Elisabeth Kcksrd 

3. White and Williams. ....... 

4. West snd Joyce 

6. Barry La Pearl 

Surprise Number Three. 

Olio under the direction of Joe Hanrahan. 

"Tjiiktt Minutes OF SnAKlsraias." 

Rlchsrd III "Doc" Potter 

Oyp, the Blood Bob Hllllard 

Harold Jack Prttcbard 

flbvlock .Tommle Mulltas 

Julius Omar Kcllx Haney 

Mark Antony W. 8. Stewart 

Caesar's Guards 

Bill Wordcn and Georgia nanrahin 

Cleopatra Johnnie Bush 

Itomeo.... ...John P. Wilson 

Juliet Joe Eisner 

Deadamona Bob Jordan 

Othello "Spook" Hansen 

lsgo Bill Smith 

Cssh boys, soldiers, shouts, bums, mob, etc, by 

the Oompany. 
Scene 1.— A atreet In Rone (perhaps). 
Scene a. — Any scenery we can borrow. 
Bcene 8, — Tho Forum. A good place for the dirty 

Conceived and Invented by Wo. Shakespeare 
and Edwin Fuller. 

Production stsged by W. S. Stewart, John 
Foster and others. 

Music by Manuel Klein, Sonet and other 

Scenic effects by Will Wordon and Murray Hill 

Costumes by Mme. Ztebartb, of Mew York and 
Palm Beach. 

Wlga by Buch A Company, 

Deer by the pall. 

With tbe exception of Robert Oort, the bari- 
tone, all of tbe talent la employed at the Hippo- 

Tbo first part was a big hit in til its features, 
Tbo "surprise" Included: Roy La Pearl, alng- 
lng four songs, and an acrobatic act. 

Hurry La Peart'a rendition of "Who You're 

looking Att" his roelo>ln,mn, and finally, the 

eonlrretle and Ppnnlsh dance, wss a trig scream. 

West and .Torre* did a dne dancing -act 

White and Williams, In song and parodies, went 

over nicely. 

The Bbnkeepeorlsn burlesque, was another big 
laugh, especially lluili, Eisner Jordan ana 

The Ouards were a sight. W. S. Stewart de- 
livered a splendid oration over Caesar's body. 
"Votoa for Wutnen" also made s hit 
A big crowd enjoyed the show snd the dan- 


Tirs Musical Art Society, Frank Damrosch, di- 
rector, will give a concert at Carnegie Hall, 
Tuesday evening, March 10. On Saturday after- 
noon, H. Mr. and Mrs, Vernon Oaetle will do 
modern dances. BoncLX, violoncellist, will give a concert 
at tbo Philharmonic Society, Now York, Friday 
afternoon, 18. 

Will MabioK Cook and his Afro-American 
Ringers will present negro music at Oamegle 
Hall. New York, Wednesday evening, March 11. 

Hanb Lars, violinist, la billed for a recital 
at tbe Little Theatre, New York, Sunday evening, 

HanoLO Barn will give a piano recital at 
Aeolian Hall, New Yrrk, Saturday afternoon, 31. 
• "Klijaii" will bo produced Sunday evening, 
22, at the New York Hippodrome. 

SAeinsTBiN, pianist, will give his recital at 
the Princess, New York, Sunday afternoon. 15. 

Yhavk la announced for Carnegie Hall, Now 
York, Friday evening, March 18, 

John McOoiiuack, the Irish tenor, will sing 
at the New York Hippodrome, Sunday evening, 10. 

Kusklik Will give a special farewell concert 
at Carnegie nail, Saturday evening, 21. 

Mibcha Klman will give a violin recital Sunday 
fiftenioon, 15, at Carnegie Hall. 

FuiNEALSt gave a recital at Aeolian Hall, 

Monday. P. 

Ji'UA Cvu> offers her inUmabo song recital at 
tho Little Theatre, Friday afternoon, 18. 

Nam a in -Ton and Royal Dtdmun will live a 
song recital at Aeolian Hat), Thursday evening, 

Tits Tolletsen Trio snd Mme. Buckbont are an- 
nounced for Aeolian Hall, Saturday evening, tl. 
After a successful season writing moving pic- 
ture scenarios, Al. Mack has returned to the field 
of vaudeville writers, and Is soon expected to be 
accountable for a number of laughs, if his past 
record as a comedy author is lived up to. 
a) a » 

Ofi'iLxs D. Mim.ird Is now playing tbe role of 
Dr. Ftewart Marshall, In 'The Thing's That 
Count," at the Playhouse, Ntw York, succeeding 
Howard Esterhrook. 

Ablimb Fbroxbiobts has eaeceeded Mayhelle 
McDonald as prima donna soprano In the scenic 
spectacle, "America," at tho New York Hippo- 

Mascots Lobw gets tho Knickerbocker Theatre, 
In Philadelphia. 

Abolmi Zdkob will open his Los Angeles studio 
this week. 

"TBI PniLANonsa" will close March 21. 

^Special di$ vat ch to Tub Ntw Yob a Clipfu.) 

Oot.ruBu. — Mondsy, March 9, Henrietta Cros- 
man snd company, in "The Tongues of Men," 

Cost. — Monday, 0, "Tbo Blue BlM." 

Havor.— Monday. 9, "Tho Crime of the Law." 

Oaiitt.— Monday, 9, Marie Dressier, la "The 
Merry (lomltol." — Mondsy, 9. beginning of special sea- 
son of Herbert Kelcoy snd Eltle Shannon, support- 
ed by tho stock company of the house. In "Years 
of Discretion." 

Oaruiuti. — BUI opening Sunday (matinee), 8: 
Henry Woodruff and company, Ray Samuels, Sim 
Collins and Lewis Hart, assisted by Harry Kelly, 
James F. Kelly ami Emma Pollock, Hilly Rogers, 
Grace Carlisle ami Jules Homer, tbe Hockney 
Company, Marie Lloyd, and Daylight motion, pic- 

Kumiss. — Hill opening Sunday I matinee), 8: 
McMahlu and Clmpiwlle, the Three Bounding Gor- 
dons, Rose Tiffany snd company, Sebastian Mer- 
lin and bis "yip yaps," Jennings and Donnun, 
Brown and Blyler, and Twilight pictures. 

1'antaoes' — Bill opening Sunday 'matinee), 8: 
Harry Ulrard, Agnes Cain-Brown and coiuimny, 
Zens Kccfe and company. Maune and llelle, 
Schrodo and Mnlvpy, itlnaix and Atuua, Arthur 
ltlgby and Sunlight plctuies. 

UroN good authority It Is learned that Harry 
(Morosoo) Bishop, of the Liberty Theatre, Oak- 
land, has secured tbe old Y. M. 0. A, lot on the 
Northeast corner of Bills snd Mason Streets, on 
which he will erect a hotel, and within a largo 
theatre In which a stock oompany, at medium 
prices, will sppear. 

Rvhob haa it that a contractor named O'Day, 
and ssld to own forty per cent, of the stock In 
the Gslety Tbestre, bas purchased from (1. M. 
Anderson (Broncho Billy), and a member of the 
firm of the Essanay Film Co., all his interest In 
the said Gaiety Theatre Co., sssomlng all mort- 
gages, contracts and liabilities of every nature, 
and that ho (O'Day) will run the theatre himself, 

Thb following photoplays arc being seen at the 
houses named: At the Tlvoll, "Through Fire to 
Fortune;" at tbe Imperial, 'Henna Adrift;" at 
•he Portola, "How Wild Anlmsls Live" and tho 
latest number ot "Our Mutusl Olrl." 

Ruuob has It that Ackerman & Harris, mana- 
gers of the Republic, In this city, and other 
smaller houses, as well as numerous bouses in 
the Interior of tbe State, including tbe Hippo- 
drome In Los Angeles, have taken the partly 
commenced but unfinished thestre at the South- 
west corner ot Eddy snd Msaon Streets, the site 
of the panorama of the Battle of Waterloo, the 
Olympic and tiie Tlvoll Opera House, prior to the 
fire of 1000, and known aa tbe "Round House." 
and have also added thereto a vacant lot on the 
West side of Mocon Street, South of Eddy, on 
which will be erected a place of amusement cap- 
able of seating over three thousand persona, and 
in which vaudeville and pictures will be shows, 
at tbe nominal price of ten cents per person. 

Br laonssT of tbe faculty of the university 
of California, the company sow appearing lu 
"Robin Hood," at the Columbia, will give a 
special mstlnee In the Greek Theatre, at Berkeley, 
on Wedneaday, March 11 — should the weather 
prove Inclement on that day tbe performance will 
be given at the Macdonough Theatre, In Oak- 



Tns Tyler, Tex., Elks, on Feb. 37, gsve their 
annual minstrel show, In the Hippodrome Theatre, 
which was a huge success both financially and 
artistically. Tbe performance this year was given 
under the direction of Henry Roquemore, an old 
profeslsonsl, to whom great credit la due. 

TxLia, Tex., a town of 10,400 population, bss 
been without a theatre since tbe burning ot tbe 
opera house In 1007. The Hippodrome, a "movie" 
house, seating capacity 4B0, has a small slsge, 
and is playing a few attractions. Friday and 
Saturday are tbo best dates, as tho students of 
the Tyler Commercial College, cumbering nearly 
one thousand, are prohibited from attending 
amusement plsces only on the nights mentioned, 
and consequently, thus restrained, are i.nre to go 
en those nights. 

As AN example of how Tub Currxs Is re- 
garded, even In action, among abow folks, look 
up Roland Ashford Phillips' story, "Standing Room 
Only," now running as a serial In Tho Top Notch 
Magasine. Can some ot those self-styled amuse- 
ment (?) "weeklies" explain why Mr. Phillips 
didn't mention themt In fiction, ts in true-life, 
Tub CLti'pin Is without a noteworthy rival. 

Lauot Bowman snd bis estimable wife, Clara, 
many years ago connected with O. W. Setchell's 
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" (now called Terry's,, re- 
cently left Obuilrou, Neb., where he hud been lo- 
cated for many yeans aa an engineer on the 0. A 
N. W. Railroad, for Oregon, where they have 
decided to locate snd make their future home. 
Mr. and Mrs. Bowman can tell many amusing 
experiences with the old "Tom" show, which 
numbered amongst their employees, Joe and Myra 
Keotou, sow famous In lumlevllle. Bert Cutler, 
for many years director of Field's Mloatrel Band, 
waa also with them. Mr. Bowman Is and kaa 
slwaya been a staunch admirer ot Tns Ci.:ii-sb, 
his schoolmates Including the late Frnuk Queen, 
the founder of Tin: Olipieu. 

Tub Neville Trio, Frank, Bessie and John, 
have closed with tbo Fred and Ethel Bays Thea- 
tre Co., and are back again with the Southern 
Cbate-Ldster Theatre Co., touring Texas. 

MtNHtB Louibb FraauBON hss severed her con- 
nections with the North Stock Co., at Oklahoma 
City, Okla., and joined the Wolff Stock Co., at 
Topeka, Kan., March 8. 

Kiai. Nasi,, after a pleasant setaon with Beyer- 
ley's "Undo Tom's Cabin," is now touring tbo 
Middle West wltb the Beatrice Harrington Stock 
Co., under the management ot B, Harrington. 
- Olao to see tbe SAarps and Flats Column. It's 
now up to you, Mr. Musician, to ace that it's 
made a success. Send In all the news you can 
aboat brother traveling musicians. Wo predict 
that it will be a big success, for did you ever 
stop to think thst the traveling musician has 
been left in total oblivion as far aa the musical 
Journals and other amusement publications were 
concerned. It remained for Tub Oi.iitbb, as in 
everything else, to start It, so now let's all get 
together and make It the musicians' column a 

Chablbs DsDtrtioND ts "captain" <f the band 
and orcbeatra with tho Ohaae-Ltster Southern 
Theatre Co., now «* route through Texas. 

Tns opers house at Wenthcrford, Tex., was 
destroyed by fire night ot March 2. No attraction 
in theatre at the time. 

TatiFUa, Tex., bas a new theatre, the Temple, 
opened this season, nnder the management ot W. 
y. Lucas. McKlnney, Tex., also haa a new one, 
the Pope, also opened this season, which will be 
good news, as both these towns are good and 
nave been without theatres for some time. 

Cabi, nosLiTiBLLB, president of the Inter-Stite 
Circuit, Is In Dallas. Tex., on business to do wltb 
the erection of a new Majestic Tbestre In that 
city for his circuit. 

•" 4.» 

Oirtbbdb HomiANN will play the Colonial, 
New Yerk, next week. 

Tua Hsoaiuvat, New York, will have a roof 
garden this Bummer, 

Gabt Daai.vs, after playing two Rumlny con- 
certs at tbe New York Winter Garden, will sail 
for London Marc* IT. 

Wsasa aho FisLos* receipts la two weeks at 
Ohlcaga reached the •urn at |D0,t0O. 

Stanlt F. Dawpon, for many years Identified 
with the various tig circuses, including tbe Sells 
Bros.' CXrcas, Itlugllng, Bamum A Bailey, Buf- 
falo Bill's Wild West-Puwnee Bill's Far Eaat, 
an connected with various prominent theatrical 
companies In a managerial capacity, a proinin»r.t 
member of the I'risrs' Clnb, Is New York City, 
bad the misfortune tbe other day In Birmingham, 
Ala., to fall and break bla arm. Mr, Dawson, 
for tbe past ten weeks, bss been managing the 
Beulah Poynter Stcck Company, at tbe BIJoa The- 
atre, In Birmingham, Tho company closed Feb. 
28, and left for New York, being obliged lo leave 
Mr. Dawson Jn Birmingham, as the doctor would 
not discbarge him to go North on account of the 
severe weather conditions reported there. Mr, 
Fox, of the BIJoa Theatre, there, called on Mr. 
Dawson, at bis hotel, and found him progressing 
nicely, with his Aim in a plaster east. 

Tns Grange Amusement Co., after several suc- 
cessful seasons wltb their bsnd and orchestri on 
the Lyceum circuit, have decided to put out s 
Summer repertoire company, under canvas. They 
have purchased a complete new outfit, wblcb will 
be one of the best canvas theatres on tbe road. 
Tbe band will be nnder the direction of M. W. 
Holllngawortb, who Is an accomplished musician 
and wbo has spent several seasons on the road 
with the band and orchestra. Tbe direction of 
plays and stsge will be In charge of Dan E. Dee, 
for the past four seasons with leading stock com- 
panies of the Southeast. Tbe company will play 
Southern Illinois and Indiana during the Sum- 
mer, and the theatres ot tbe Southeast this 
Winter sesson. 

W. B. Patton will be seen next season In a 
new play, entitled "The Good Samaritan," n pow- 
erful story of tho present day. Frank B. Smith 
will again be manager for Mr. Patton. 

Tub Lavahnes write: "We are ploying at tbe 
noward Theatre. Wsshlngton, D. 0., to crowded 
bouses. Tbe theatre is tbe largest and finest 
colored theatre In America. We bod a terclble 
Idlturd here. On tho bill with us are: Green and 
Pugn, Bert Whitman an! her Sunbeams, Maud 
Jones, Magical Ovctts. Young Ling Chlng, and tbo 
Millers. We were featured. 


nii.LiF; VAIL AT IT \a Atv. 

Business Monsger Bll'.le Vail, or Hie Gaiety 
Girls CO., arranged some week for his show st 
the Star, Brooklyn, this week. Tuesday waa 
Tango nlgtjt, Wednesday Is Country Store, Thurs- 
day Piano, and Friday, amateurs. Some hustler. 


Maurice Samuels, who boa Just learned that his 
parents are still allvo In Bucharest, Boumsnia. 
whom be has not heard from In many yean, will 
sail from Now York July 21 wltb bla eutiro com- 
pany, to make them a visit. On bis way back ho 
will plsy vaudeville in England for several 

William Sibto went big over In Union Hill 
last week and all the big fellows were In one 
evening when he wss the real hit of the bill. 

Binnb ano Bntr are going great over the 
United time. They are booked to open In At- 
lanta this week. 

Wilson and Acbibt, the burlesque wrestlers 
and gymnasts, cleaned up playing those Osnadlsn 
cities. They opened at tbe Bronx this week, 

Dan Hiimsuan has Just purchases! a seven 
seated Pullman csr, which he will use at bis 
hotel at Sherman Lake this Summer. 

Moons and Ross, wbo are going big on the 
Loew time around New York, open on tho Western 
vaudeville time about May 1, under tbo manage. 
ment ot Lew Goldberg. 

Moans ano Bbablbt opened on tho Loow thus 
several weeks ago, in their well-known act, "The 
Manicure Girl." * 

Rom Cdstiss, win Is playing tho United time, 
bss had several offers for next season to go In 

Kara and Paul axe playing the Poll time. 
They opened In 8pr!ngdeld last week. 

LitziB McKbstib, who is well known In tbe 
Weal, and has been doing her "single" In ond 
around Chicago past year. Is In New York st 
present, under tie ttvuugesnent of Joe Jermon. 
Miss McKeever will go In burlesque next season, 
tint will plsy vaudeville In tbe East the balance 
of this season. 

lavmo LivaiNosTON will be seen la burlesque 
voider the management of Jos Jermon next season. 

as » 


Mayor Mitchell intends to put into effect 
his new plan regarding tbe operation ot tbe 

One class is that ot tbe restaurants, cafes 
and halls that have no cabaret, to close at 
one A. M. Another, Including restaurants 
with cabarets, to close at two A. H., and an- 
other class which will be allowed to remain 
open under an all night license. 

Many applications have been handed In 
for all night licenses, but all will be closely 
investigated, and if granted will permit tbe 
holder to serve food and drinks all night, 
but no singing or dancing will be allowed 
after two a, m. 


E). H. Sothern gave up Shakespeare, with 
his performance of "Hamlet," March 7, and 
formally announced tbat ho would retire 
permanently from the stage at tbe close of 
the 1915 season. He will revive "Lord Dun- 
dreary" in remembrance of the elder Botheru 
qt Kansas City, March 22, and will close his 
etnge career with it. 

"I have been on the stage since 1870, and 
that is a long time." said Mr. Sothern. "I 
en vigorous, nut this life without any social 
phase Is wearing on the system. My wife's 
poor health forced her to leave the stage. I 
shall quit and lead a thoroughly domestic 

t a » 


And now It will be March 17 when this 
farce will be presented at the Loneacre, 
New York, with Ann Murdoch, Hale Hamil- 
ton. George Parsons, Ivy Troutman, George 
Howard, Walter Allen. Maude Eburnc, Carrec 
Clarke, Robert Smiley, Raymond Wnlbnni, 
Geraldlne Beckwltb, Frank Gcrbeck and John 
Merrltt In tbo cast. The play has been pro- 
duced under tbo direction of Edgar Mac- 
Gregor. * 

■ a i > 


James Montgomery, author of "Ready 
(Money" and "The Aviator," returned on Sat- 
urday night from Los Angeles, Cut, where 

he had gone to present his new play, "Como 
Home, Smith." Tbe piece was played at the 
Little Theatre there, and tbe critics spoke In 

in New 

terms of it The play will be seen 
n New York. 


Tho old play known as "Kidnapped - ," then 
as "The Plant," will be shown again, this 
time at Atlantic City, March 12. an "Tbe 
Dummy." with Ernest Truex, Ada Dwyer, 
Joyce Fatr, Edward Ellis, Joseph Brenuan, 
Joseph Tuohey, Helen Macbeth and Frank 
Connor in the cast. 

t) i » 

BnisnANg, March 7. — < Despatches from 
Thursday Island say that Mme. Nordlca, who 
has been suffering from pneumonia there, 
was bo far Improved to-dny, according to her 
physicians, tbat she will bo able to sail from 
{hero about March 28. 

a it 

This new play will be produced by A H. 
Woods at New York, Chicago and Boston, 
simultaneously, early in August. 
« i» 
The White Hate Will hold tlielr Actors- 
Fair at the clubhouae. in New York, May 10- 


Selma's Russian 
Skin Beautifier 

Is the best value for your money of any 
cream ever produced. Made of pure and 
rare oils of the Orient from a genuine 
Russian formula. Generally used by mem. 
bers of the profession for cleansing the 
skin and preventing injurious effects of 
make-up. Wonderful for chapped and 
rough face and hands. A skin nourisher, 
a whitener and a preventive of flabby 
skin. I use It myself and guarantee its 
purity. Jars, 60c, 75c, $1.25; Tube, 50c 

Selma's Russian 
Face Powder 


will not make the skin rough. All shades, 
per box, 50c, 85c. 

Fourteenth successful year among my 
private patrons. Look for my pho- 
tograph on label. On sale In Greater 
Now York at Stern Bros., Jas. i 
McCreery Co.. B. Altman & Co., 
R. H. Macy &. Co., Fred'k Looser 
Co., Abraham & Straus, Rlker- 
Hegeman Drug Stores. In Phila- 
delphia, at Wanamaker's, Straw- 
bridge & Clothier, Snellenberg's 
and Geo. B. Evans Drug Stores, 
in Denver, Colo., at Denver Dry 
Goods Co. 

Or by mail direct to the 

Sole Manufacturer 

' Pace ami Hair Specialist 

45 West 34th St., 

New York 

(Established 1900) 

face and Scalp Treatment— Russian Method, 



Advertisements att exceeding one lint la L 

will ha published, properly classified In this ! 

at the rate of 110 tor one year (OS limes). A 
eopy ot Tes Now loast Curras will be seat tsar 
to each advertiser while the advertisement la tta> 
stag. —— — — — . 


0. W. Trainer Mfg. Co., 70 Pearl St, Hostess, 


D. a Hassphrys Co., S18 Arch St, l'hllailelpalo. 
B. II. Haylaast * Son, 84 WUloughby St., Brook- 
lyn. N, Z. 

Hnecslelm Bros. A Kckateln. 248 So. feoria ft, 

8. Bower, 11T Barman St, Brooklyn, H. X. 

Edwin il. street, 28 Brook SL, HartfcrS, Conn. 

J. 0. Deagon, 8800 K. Clark Bt, Chicago, IH. 

A. Braunflss, 1013 Napier Ave., Blchmond BIB, 


B. J. Harwood's Sons, 09 Pearl SL, Boston. Mass, 


Boeckhelm Bros. A Eckstein, 240 So. Pearls SL, 

O. L. Story Beanie Co., Somervllls Button, Baa- 
ton, Mass. 

SoasnaD A Landla OS., 41T B. tTJlnton St. Obk-ag*. 

Shell's Staaie Stadias, B81 So. High St., Oolas* 

1001 Times Bldg., N. X. a 

RewYerk Stadle, _. 

Howard Tottle, lJOJ Center St. Milwaatoe, WVa. 
I'aal Taeatg A Hon. 104 B. 14ih SL, B. Z. a 

Boston Begalla Co., U1 Vast. St., Boston. Htm 

H. Walker. 80S V. 80th St. New York. 

Ben Hobson, 151)0 Amsterdam Ave., N. X. City. 

• If 


Would Yh Like to Bogtlo I Ulcer Fljne 

and Ie!t6""ullu Easily? 

See these two pictures 
and oak yoursolfiryoa 
would like to become 
like the lower one by 
getting rid of bnrdea- 
BOme fat, doubloohln, 
flabby cheeks, aaggi- 
ness nnder eyes, pon- 
derous fatness. Put 
aside all else and get 
tho very iiitcreating 
book on how to re- 
duco weight steadily 
and easily without loss of time, starving or stren- 
uous exercising. Yon may 
obtain this book .also a free 

Kroof treatm en t by writing 
>Dr. H.O. Bradford, 20 r£ 
S2d Street 107 L, New York 
City. Package will come in 
plain wrapper and yon may 
conveniently read and test 
lbs contents wlthont any 
coat. This is an offer which 
yon should not pass by. A f 
legion of others— men and 1 
women— have reported that' -_»_ 

they got rid or largo btirilens of unhoaltby fat, 
that their figures are Improved and that tnef 
havo had remaikable benefit in health. 

March 14 





The Showmen's League of America gave 
Us first annual ball at the Hotel Sherman, 
Chicago, Wednesday nlgbt, March 4. 

It was a huge success from every vlew- 

Through tho courtesy of Frank Bebrlsg, 
manager ot the Hotel Shermao, rooms on 
the entire second floor, Immediately adjoin- 
ing the Louis XVI Boom, -where the ball was 
given, were placed at tho disposal of the 
League officials for the convenience of the 
guests of the evening. Every effort was put 
forth by the Hotel Sherman management to 
make It pleasant for all attending The SJow- 
mens League Ball. 

Tho grand march originally scheduled to 
occur at 0.30 p. M., was postpoucd until 
11.30, In view of the fact that many of tho 
profession were unable to arrive at the hall- 
room until after their engagements in the 
local theatre. 

Colonel W. P. Cody (Buffalo Bill), presi- 
dent of The Showmen's League, and Mrs. 
Dora Earle, a prominent suffragette, led the 
grand march. 

Join B. Warren, chairman of the general 
committee having the ball In hand, deserves 
tbe highest praise for tho exemplary manner 
In which every feature of the gala night was 
carried out Warren A. Patrick arranged 
the entertainment program, which was suc- 
cessfully carried out under his personal di- 
rection, Colonel Charles Andress, first vice 
president of the B. L. A., made a wondoiTul 
showing with tho advertising In the official 

The memory of The Showmen's League 
ball will linger In the minds of all who at- 
tended It, for many years to come. It Is the 
rnnsensiiH of opinion that never In the his- 
tory of Chicago amusements has an entertain- 
meat been offered such ns was provided Wed- 
nesday nlgbt. There nan not a single un- 
toward Incident to mar the festivities of the 
evening. The ball wns a formal affair, and 
•be ladles and gentlemen present enjoyed 
themselves to the full. And much of the 
pleasure of the evening was due to the hearty 
co-operation of the Hotel Sherman manage- 
ment. Not a detail was overlooked. 

Interlarded between the dance numbers 
there was presented a number of uulque 
dlvertlacments. Under tbe personal direction 
ef Harry L. Newton, of the Will Bosslter 
promoting staff, dean of professional music 
managers In Cblcago, representatives of the 
aunlc publishers provided a songfest. Among 
the vocalists who added a degree ot indi- 
viduality to this part of tbe program were : 
Walter Wilson, Milton and tfaglni, Bocco 
Vocco. James Bggert, the Pour American 
Harmonists-, Dick Satchel, Marvin Lee, Joe 
Curran, Ralph Bart, Coleman Qoctz, Logan 
Slzemore, Bert Duffy. Lew Jacobs, Billy 
Johnston, Bert Reed and Flo Jacobson, who 
contributed their services and entertained In 
a charming manner. 

Through the courtesy of Manager Hurry 
M. Strouse, a charter member of the Show- 
men's League of America, the Girls from the 
follies Burlesque company appeared in cos- 
lume and materially added to tho enjoyment 
of the evening. Never before has a burlesque 
company appeared on a ballroom floor in 
Chlcngo. The prlnlclpals of the Follies who 
helped to entertain were : William H. Harris, 
George "Red" Martin, George Warner, Vesta 
Lockard, Mnrglo Catllii. Harry Steppo and 
Buth Everett. Tho chorus was In splendid 
form and made a hit. 

A buffet dinner wns enjoyed by the enter* 
talners la tho Rose Room. 

Siiiiblc Tucker. "Tho Grand Old Scout of 
the Show World." was on deck, and the way 
she made the folks laugh was a caution. Her 
portion of the entertainment was a scream, 
as It always Is wherever sbc appears. 

George m. Hodgo made tbe announcements 
In a capable manner, and was assisted from 
time to time by Charlos Falk. Their intro- 
ductions added a zest to the occasion. 

Edgar A. Itcnsun's Orchestra of ten pieces, 
under the direction ot Horatio N I'eabody, 
furnished the music, and too much pniisa 
cannot be accorded this splendid organiza- 
tion. Every member of the orcbestrj seemed 
to enter Into the spirit of tho affair with tbo 
result that nothing was lacking. 

Maurice and Miss Covcrdale, of the "Sep- 
tember Morn" company, now enjoying a 
record-breaking run at tho La Salle Opera 
House, tangoed ou the stage for twenty min- 
utes, and, needless to eny, were heartily re- 

As chairman of tbe general committee, 
John B. Warren was one of the busiest men 
oa tho ballroom floor. Tbo reception and 
floor committee Included : B. P. Carrutliers, 
Walter P. Driver, Warren A. Patrick, Ed- 
ward P. Neumann Jr., John 0. Talbot. Hunk 
W. Wnkclleld. M. 8. Ilodkln, Charles Arm- 
Etrong, Ithoda Royal, John II. Sullivan. Harry 
U Newton, Charles M. Mueller, Warren B. 
Irons, John 0. Robinson. Charles Andress, 
Lester Rose, John Miller, P. A. Mcllurh, 
Dave W. Watt. C. W. McCurrnu. AI. W. Mar- 
tin, John Reynolds, Charles Uagaman, Thos. 
P. Hanks and C. II. Powell. 

Among those who graced the occasion with 
their presence were : Richard Giithninnn and 
party. A. W. Warrington, A. J. Zlv, Miss A. 
E. Hartmann. Mrs. George M. Hodge and 
party, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Llnick, Mr. and 
Mrs. P. J. Schncfer, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar 
Bock, .T. P. McCarthy and daughter, Estellc ; 
Mr. and Mrs. Wlillnm Qtilnn, Jerry Muglvnn, 
Sadie Dorf, Richard Jones, Frank Hogan and 
party, George H. Degnon, John McGralL Mr. 
and Mrs. George Chcrdron, Dr. Max Thorek 
and wife, Harry P. Itoso and Mao Scamon, 
Roy Scbree and Buolah Walton, Dave Lewis, 
Frank L. Brown, "Texas" Cooper, J. C. Mc- 
coffery, T. S. Shaw and wife, Mr. and Mrs. 
Harry Splngold, Lew Nichols, wife and 
party: Henry Gllbertson, George Mcahan, 
Art Goldle, Oliver Labadle, Andy Lewis, 
Harry Rose, George Atkinson, Mae Allan, 
Marion Evans, W. H. Godfrey, Mr. and Mrs. 
H. u Laroux, P. D. Corey, E. D. Corey, and 
Earl Burgess. 

Buffalo Bill was a striking figure, and 
was given an ovation upon his appearance, 
which was tho signal for tbe commencement 
of the festivities, which lasted until three 
o'clock In the morning. Colonel Cody was 
heard to remark that no had never attended 
n more enjoyable affair. 

During tbe course of the evening congratu- 
latory telegrams were received from William 
Judklns Hewitt, special writer on Tub New 
York Clipper staff ; Arthur Davis, who Is 
taking the waters at Hot Springs; Doc. 
Waddell, who also sent a framed tribute, 
which was displayed In tbo ballroom ; W. 0. 
Maurice, Sam C. Holler, and others. 

The Showmen's Lengue ot America Is to 
be heartily felicitated upon the wonderful 
success of Its first annual ball, and the Hotel 
Sherman Is duo a vote of thanks for tbe 
splendid manner In which it handled tbe 


in- a. I. linn. 

The paste sllngers are busy now, and are cover- 
ing tbe available boards, In this city (Macon, 
lit), and the surrounding country. Jesse Springer 
■ad bis bunch of hustling publicity promoters 
ime certainly done their' advance work In a 
masterly manner, and they have "some showing." 
Tho Sun Circus opens at Macon, Saturday, March 

Bay 0. Piper, Is assistant general agent : James 
xt. Beach, contracting agent : J. L. Springer, ad- 
vance car manager; Mi A. Bentley, special agent ; 
Bol 8am, twenty-four hour agent. 

Tbe sbow la using a new line of paper this 
year, and Is conceded to be the finest ever bandied 
by this old established firm ot amusement mana- 
gers. It will also be distributed In a lavish 
maimer, aa this show believes In extensive billing. 

The work at Winter quarters Is practically 
Unbilled, and tho sbow bss a line equipment. All 
aew cages and many new baggage wagona. The 
•lock of the show Is In prime auoiie, and this year 
will be In charge of the well known master uf 
circus borses, ' Bob Ahrams. 

Prof. Ralston Oase Is tho new musical conductor 
for tho big top circus band, and he assembled to- 
gether a band of high excellence, and all of tbe 
men are seasoned '"troupers" and skilled musi- 
cians. Band rehcaranla start March 23. 

Some fifty acts will be distributed throughoat 
the big top performance, and among these will be 
found the Peerless Wallet t Family eight expert 
equestrians; the big Ilelford Acrobatic Troupe, 
tbe Tan Arakl Japanese. Olrcus Company, th» 
Vilas Troupe, tho Zaiifrotto-Mcliitoah Pantomimic 
Troupe, Cheerful Gardiner's play-acting elephants, 
Mr. and Mrs. Wallet fa feature liberty bones, 
and SI Kltcble, up-slde-down man. 

Toe clown portion of tbe eliow will be repre- 
sented by James Olbhonn, Jack Cohen, "lllll" 
farmer, u. W. Mcintosh and wlfo, A. It. Kramer, 
Eddie Alva and Moe Zonfretto. 

Harriet Rtekey Is re-engaged to alag with the 
big show band at every performance. Marvin 
Arnold will manage the supplementary and annex 

Oscar Rodger* Is again privilege manager; 
James (Mose) Forest handles the advertising hau- 
liers: Dr. B. I*ater Miller. At, O'Dsy, it. Weaver 
and Sam Josephs arc the official ticket sellers. 

J. H. Ebohvan Ciacus, Bahama Iulanp, 
Noras. — Tbe weather man bas been more than 
xtnd since the opening of tbe Winter season of 
the J. H. Escbman Olrcus, and business bas been 
very much better thau usual at this time of 
year. The lumber manufacturing towns gave us 
good business In Southern Alabama, aud the per- 
formance baa been running along very smoothly, 
with a great n.any new faces both In the band 
and performance. On Monday afternoon, Feb. 
M. with several membera of the profession, In- 
eluding Gov. John F. Robinson at tbo steamship 
docks of Miami, to bid them farewell, tbe com- 
pany set sail for Nassau, tbo Bahamas, and 
Ob, such a trip, a rough voysge. and even Buster, 
the mascot, was glad when the nest day tbe 
Islands were sighted In the far distance. It was 
estimated thst ten thousand people of tbe city 
bad gathered early and lined tbe banks from tbe 
Colonial Hotel to the steamship docks, to see tbe 
circus come In, and great enthusiasm was shown 
as the circus band, on tbe hurricane deck, played 
tbe favorite Brlllab alra. Tbe advance bad done 
Its duty well, tbe evening brought forth at tho 
sbow grounds a repetition of tbe morning crowds, 
and the first two days hundreds were turned away 
from tbe ticket booths on account of shortage of 
seating room. The third and fourth days were 
very satisfactory, and tho special matinee given 
by tbe management la honor of tbe Boy Scoots 
and Daughters ot tbe King's Bench, was greeted 
with standing room only. Tbe show Is now tack 
on American soil, and everybody Is glad of having 
made toe trip. 

BtciHAin Scott writes: "I will agsln be with 
tbe Kennedy Shows the coming season, also will 
be your agent as usual. Some bustler. Will do 
my best to make tbe people of tbe Kennedy Show 
read as tbey never did before. 

Kit OAsaon's Buffalo Ranch Wild West will 
*P*« at Beesciwr, Ala., March 23. 


We append a partial list ot the Winter quarters 
of tent allows concerning which information is at 
hand. Corrections and additions are Invited to 
enable tbe publication of amended lists In subse- 
quent Issues, as it Is our desire to catalogue the 
permanent headquarters of all tented organiza- 

Aunt Phoebe Snow Buffalo, N. T. 

Aulger Bros. Missouri Valley, la. 

Barnum A Bailey Bridgeport. Oonn, 

Barnes, Al. O Portland, Ore. 

Bailey, Mollle, Great B. B. Shows, 

1216 Oak St., Houston, Tvx. 

Barkoot Carnival Ob Knoivlllc, Tenn. 

Packman's Animal Shows, 

Box 18T, Texarkana, Tex. 

Barlow, Ed. P South MHford, lad. 

Bayne, J. T ....Alius. Okie. 

Boubeur Bros. Carmen, Okie. 

Brown Family Anderson Ind. 

Buckskin Ben Wild West Cambridge, Ind. 

Broncho John's Wild West Valparaiso, lad. 

Brown's United Shows, 

T17 So. Beach St, Syracuse, N. T. 

Braden, 0. A Natchei, Miss. 

Brown's, Ed., Overland Shows Bath, Me 

Brundage, 8. W., Shows, Leavenworth, Kan. 

Elllle I) rough ton '* Overland Bbows. ...Ambla, Ind. 
Burk's B. B. Showi, 

Bannock St. and Col. Ave.. Denver, Col. 
Buckskin Jim Vellloqaette Wild West...Albta, Is. 

Brown's Combined Little Bock, Ark 

Ourlln Bros.' New Modern Shows, 

Baseball. Pa., or 1318 So. 04th St., Pbtla. 

Colorado Oram's Sparta, Ky. 

Clark Bros Atoka, Okls 

Cancle Bros.' Shows Latrobe, Pa. 

Clark's United Shows Alexandria, La. 

Coulter, W. H Albany, Mo. 

Collins, F, T., Wagon Shown Stennrtt, la. 

Cooley & Thorn Pt. Pleasant. W. Va. 

Carlisle's Wild West South Cairo, N, Y. 

Oonkllng's Tent Shows Matteawan, N. Y. 

Crawford's. Col Box 077, Bed Key, Ind. 

California Frank'* Wild West Augusta, (la. 

Cunningham Bros Leavenworth, Kan. 

Canada Frank Tipton, In. 

Cole A Bice Geneva, O. 

Carson, Kit, Wild West Birmingham, Ala. 

Downle, Andrew Trmonlnm, Md. 

Dssblngton Bros Danville, Va. 

De Cestro's.... Riverside Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Klsotibnrih, B. K Marietta. O. 

Elys, Geo. S Bering, Tex. 

Hlatun'a Dog and Pony Show . . . Kanaaa City, Mo. 

Eltor, Fred Garland, Pa. 

Evans' One King Show Wooster, O. 

Ferari, Francis Harrleborg, Ps. 

Freed, U. W 005 Grand St., Nlles. Mich. 

Finn, Thos. I,., A Co. Booslck Falls, N. Y. 

Forepsugh-Sells Bee Singling Bros.' 

Fowler A Clark's Famous Dog and Pony Sbow. 

Albany, Mo. 

Fan Bros Salle, Wis. 

Gentry Bros Bloomlngton. Ind. 

Gorton's, 8. F Toledo. O. 

Gollmar Bros Baraboo, Wis. 

Great Wagner Show Milwaukee, Wis. 

Great Patterson Bbowa Paolo, Kan. 

Gorman's Greater Shows, 

Hippodrome, New Orleans 

flayer Bros Lexington, Mo. 

Hagenbeck-Wailaoe Sbow Pern, Ind. 

Offices, Suite 043, Marquette BIdg.. Chicago. 

Borne A Co Denver, Cot. 

Bsag, B. 8brereport. La. 

Harris, Chas. H Sehaylervllle, M. Y. 

Halt, F. W Atwood, Kan. 

Hall's, Geo. W., Jr Rvansvllle, Wis. 

Bargreaves' ...Chester. Pa. 

□arkmss A Fox'» McKewport, Pa. 

Helnec, Prof. J. H. Beauregarde. Miss. 

Hater Bros 813 & ITth at (Mamas, p. 

Hoary. J. B. Stonewall, Okls. 

Howe's Great London Montgomery. Ala. 

Jones Bros.' Sbow. No. 2 Norfolk, Va. 

Kennedy, Con X. Bbows Leavenworth, Kan 

Kennedy Bros Perry Okla. 

Kennedy's X. I. T. Baneh Dresden, Tenn. 

Klrby'a Novelty Sensation Sbow Klnora. Ind. 

Ka-DellKrltchfifld Snow Maraetles, IB. 

Krbw, Herbert A., Shows) San Antonio, Tex. 

Knight, a H. Dunkirk. O, 

Ucnnunn A Lewi* Baa Antonio, Tex. 

Lamm Bros.; Shows .... .Abseeon. N. J. 

La Tena's Wild Animal Circus Tlmonlnm. Md. 

Loudon ..Dublin. Va. 

Lamhrlgger's. Gas OrvUle, O. 

Lamoct Bros .Salem, III. 

Lee Bros Oramstoa, R. I, 

Lowry Bros Shenandoah, Pa. 

Lombard. 1. Q daco. Me. 

Lucky Bill Box 309, Qnenemo, Kan. 

Marble's, W. B Spotuvilie, Ky. 

Martin Bros.' Savannah, o*. 

McDads's ...Oweneboro. Ky. 

Miller Bros.' Big Sbow West Liberty, la. 

MInelll Bros. (Nos. t and 3) Delaware, 0. 

Miller Bros.' 101 Kancb Bliss, Okla. 

M unlock Bros Gardner, Mass. 

Nobles, Chas Charleston, 8. O. 

Oklahoma Bill Wild West Douglas, Oa. 

Patrick (B. 11.). Greater Shows.... Hatleton. Pa 

Pierre Amusement Co. Goldcboro, N. C. 

Pnldllones Cafe Central. Havana, Cuba 

Rlppel, a A Frankfort, Ind. 

Reed's. A. II. Vernon. Ill 

Bice A Dore Portland, Ore. 

Singling Bros.' Cblcago Offlce. .221 Institute Place 
Winter Quarters, Barsboo, Wis. 

nurga' wild West Parkin. Ark. 

Senla Bros Geneva, 0. 

Robinson's, John Terrace Park, 0. 

Gen'l Oinees, 2d Nat, Bank BIdg., Cincinnati 

Robinson, Yankee Des Moines, la. 

Bobbins, F, A Jersey City. N. J. 

Ripley, Geo, W Homer. N. Y. 

-Smith's. E. Buckstown, Ps. 

Kells-Floto Buffalo Bill Shows Denver. Col. 

Smith Crosier Shows , Augusts, Oa. 

Smith, Prof, tlarry Grata, Pa. 

Smith's, E. 0., Colossal Shows Atwater, O. 

Sparks, John II. A Chas Salisbury, N. 0. 

Stsats Bros.' Shows, 

1874 Washington Ave.. Bronx, N. Y. 0. 

Reulelle, Slg Homer, N. Y. 

Stewart's. Csp .....Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Starr»tt's....s7 Clermont Ave.. Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Sun Bros Central City Park. Macon, Ga. 

Silver, Bert Crystal, Mich. 

Spann, Byron Haverford, Pa. 

Swift Bros Golden Gate, 11L 

Swain (W. I.) Sbow Co.. 

Swain BIdg., Gravler A Telemacbus Streets., 

New Orlrana 

Thompson, Frank II Aurora, 111. 

Tannea. Ben..., Colby, Wis. 

Todd, Wm En tour through South 

Tompkins. 0. H Lamhertsvllle, N. J. 

Terry Shows Little Sioux, la. 

Ilden's Wild West Flanagan. III. 

Van's Famous Showa Scott. 0. 

Van Hansen's, J. J Highland, Kan. 

Welsh Bros... 703 Norlh Rlgbtb St., Philadelphia 

Wheeler, Al. F Oiford. Pa. 

Wlntermuto Bros...... Ft. Atkinson, Wis. 

Wren, W. O Lelpsle, O. 

Wood's, J. L I.stta, S. a 

Wortham. O. A Danville, 111. 

Young Buffalo Wild West, 

80 Madison Street. Chicago. III. 
Ai» F. Wit Jr. writes: "Only a few 
more days of pleasant weather will be required to 
put the finishing touches on what all visiting show- 
men pronounce the finest outfit of Its slse that 
baa taken tbe road In many years past, nearly 
all of t'.ie equipment la new, and no exoenao or 
effort has been apared to make tbe Wheeler Bros.' 
Shows an Institution of class, and tbe perform- 
ance that will be presented In It* three ring* sad 
hlpiwlrome track the coming season will be of 
such quality as to fully uphold Ibe enviable repu- 
tation earned by Mr. Wbeeler In tho post for pre- 
senting only the best B. O. Ann-ten, wbo for 
several seasons was connected with Ms), G. W. 
I. line with the Pawneo Bill Sbow, has been en- 

?sged as legal adjuster. J. R. Bullock's smiling 
ace will be seen In the big ticket wagon, be 
also filling the position of auditor with the 
sbow, having served in that capacity for two 
aeasons with Ibe Downle A Wheeler Showa Oet> 
don D. Calvtt will be private secretsiy to Mr. 
Wheeler and also have charge of tbo reserve seat 
ticket wagon. This show opens Its season early 
la April at Oxford, Pa. 

Tus si.n Know opens Its season Saturday, 
March 28, la Macon, Oa., and will have all new 

Fimn !,. Oav, clown, romwnbere Tim Duma 
with a postal, sent from Nassau, Bahama Islands, 
March 2. 

Tub Olroo Wellon Is doing well In Mexico. Il- 
lustration* ot Walter Stanton, the cowb'.y shoot- 
ing act; Stedman and Harris, the entire ahow, 
Charles and Calherlne Philip, the August Family 
and other features are shown In tbe locul journals. 
A. L., ninnoger of the lllpimdrome. 
rcorlo. 111., will not bo with tbo Wild Weat Sbow 

tills Summer. 

Wyoming Bill's Historical Wild West will open 
near Philadelphia. 

Jab. W. Bkattib Is director of privilege* for 
Rico rtros.' Cirrus, 

Bert RUTiianronD Is goncral agent for Andrew 
Dowulc'a La Tena Show, which o|K-ns April 18. 
N. H. Walker will bo boss hostler. Woody Va» 
will be band-leader. 
(Continued on page UJ 


Louisville, ICy. — Macauley's (John 9. 

Macniiley, mgr.) "Tho Bird of Paradise" 

layed a return engagement hero March 2-7. 

o big business, "Bought and l'ald For 

M V**4^^fk0**^*^***V*^*^^W*^^* * * 








There'aOnly One "(irogam" 


Wa. king for "STARS OF jMWgT 


"Queen of the Ivories" 


Eddie Swartz 


Fannie Vedder 


Under.ths Haiagirnint ot JACOBS * JERMON 


wtjn the riitnui Kssi vk (inu.s 













Principal Irish Comedian and Olio Feature. 



Prima Donna 




"Saw rou up to Ibe Ben Welch Stow last 
week. Ilow'd you like It!" 

"Brother, that's s sbow worth seeing." 

"Ain't that lien Welch some Jew cornlcj" 

"You can Just bet ho Is. He lost dashes 
along banillni! out laugh after laugh, anil v<tt 
never lire of lilm and that monologue of hl«. You 
saw and heard him and heard how the audience 
screamed. That's the answer. '• 

"Whose that little two by fourT" 

"Oh, you mean tho luro doctor! That's Jimmy 

"Ain't he a rtott" . „ . 

"Man, I Just screamed when ho slipped over 
that baby bit,'' 

"That tramp stunt Immense, too, ain't it J 

"Ob, he be some iierformer." 

"What's that guy's name who played 


week of It, "The Garden of Allah" week of 
10. "Joseph and Ills Ilrethreu" to follow. 

.Siiiiiikut Masonic (J. Lovo, mur.) — I'av- 
lowu 13. 

Oavett (C. T. Taylor, mgr.) — "Mutt and 
Jeff In rn n n mn" played to ulRROBt business 
of tbe season week of 2. Thos. IS. Shea 
8-14, "What Happened to Mnry" week of in. 

CuRKi.NuiiAK (Horace McCrooklln, mgr.) 

.Mollle Williams' lilff Show drew well 1-7. 

The Honey Posey Girls week of I. Al, 

ItccveB' Hi it 8how next. 

Walnut (N. Van G. Gurnoe, mgr.)— 'Hill 
week of 8 : Mrs. Eva Fay, Three Mlllards, 
(illmoro and Castle, Maldle and BHIIc Ghent, 
and Leo Daltnagc. 

National (Leo Goldberg, mgr.) — Bill week 
of ft: Hvelyn'a Pets, Flvo Greens, "A Day 
In tbe Alps," Dauson, Lnnlgan uml Covert, 
James Tlrockman, and Hunter and Hobs. 

■Kkitu'h i.i. U Weed, mgr.) — r.iil week uf 
8 : Sam and Kitty Morton, Mao West, Han- 
koff and Girlie, Rex's Comedy Urcus, John 
Oelgcr, <Stan Stanley Trio, Wllllard Blmms 
and compnny, and Ernie and Ernie. 

Majkhtic (L. Dlttmar, mgr.) — "Hearts 
Adrift" l« the feature film week of 8. 

Count n I a (A. Kcnnoy. mgr.) — "Tested by 
Fire" featuring week of 8. 

Oiipiiei.'m (A. Kcnnoy, mgr.)— "The Mas- 
snero" featuring week of 8. 

Noveltx (S. Leveuson, mgr.) — "The Opal 
Ring" featuring week of 8. 

Casino (A. Kcnncy, mgr.) — "From the 
Gutter to the Footlights featuring week 
of 8. 

'Hippodbohb (Max L>. Simon, mgr,) — "Mu- 
tual Girl" featuring week of 8. 

Olympic (Max L. Simon, mgr.) — "The 
Diamond Master'" featuring week of 8. 

CitYHTAr, (M. Swltuw, mgr.) — "Tho Tiger 
of tbo Hills" featuring week ot 8. 

Ban Dletro, Cnl. — Spreckels (Dodge A Hay- 
ward, nigra.) "The Blue Bird,"' Feb. 20-28, 
missed tbo Drat nlgbt'* performance, being de- 
layed on tbe road br tbe recent Booda aail railway 
washouts, but made up for It by packing the 
bouse at all remaining performances. Henrietta 
Crosraan March 8, Tetrasslnl II, De Koren Optra 
Co. 14, Bergen Players 20, 21. "Tbe Wolf," 
booked In for 24, canceled. 

Oiirrr.— This bouse reopened 2 wltb a new 
company (under the management of Fred Batleln). 
In mualcal comedy. "Tbe Maid of Dundee" la 
the first bill, wltb J nine* Keller and Lillian Maa- 
sey In the leading role*. Included In tho cast 
■re: F.mll Rogera, Flo loans, Tom Walsh, ileorgit 
Cbeatem and Minnie Janekl Fred Htananeld will 
lead tbe orchestra. 

KlU'Rxsa — Routhern Htock Co.. In "Tbe Price," 
week of 2, with K.dna Marshall In tbe leads. 

Havot IHcoit A. Palmer, mgr.) — lllll week of 
8: Illp and Napoleon. Ibe Hylfonos, Three Jshni, 
Leroy and Lytton, Rice and Franklin, "Vlor, 
and Keystone comedies. 

MAJBSTto (Lloyd Brown, mgr.) — player Feature 
Fllma discontinued and new policy of vauderllle 
and picture*. One vaudeville turn and five reels 
of pictures, wltb triweekly change*, tbe pro- 

run, Pickwick and Qdbssn, picture bouMS, 
still doing well. 

Nance coynert" 

"Pat Kearney." 

"He's One." 

"A gteat strslght man, tool" 
"Some all-around rerformw. Patl" 

"Tho Ud with (lie hod Is a regular fur-down, 
ain't btT" . . „ 

"Frank Murphy 7 Yes, and a good iwrfimner. 

"Tbey got to to good to be with Ben. 

"You kuow that <ral Unit Rings the cwui songs. 
I saw her playing over tho big llr»\" 

•That's atStaa O'Neill, and she know* how to 
etng tbo old synrupaled melody *'""'■'' 

"Looks great In Bilker's, dou't Bhol" 

"Fllla 'em all right !" 

"Homo performer— miff said." 

"Who's the liloudo with tho swell pipes thst 
does llist bit at Ibo lablo and gets wire with 
Welch 7" 

"You tnenn Flctence llotber, who sings "Honey 

"""That's tho donna I Ain't there a world of 
class to her 7'* , „ ,., 

"You can nut tbo O. K. matk ou haf nil right, 
ind yon wouH go wrong." 

"Didn't (bat girl look like a boy, you know 
tbo ono flint danced an well 7" 

"Ob, thai;* Helen Delnney, wbo aang 'Cbeaa- 

^•Lola'of cl««s to (hat one. let me toll you. 
Did you catch her In tho tango danco with Malpcl 

"'Is Mabel Howard the Utile chick that did Ibe 
swell society dlltyt" „, 

'That's the one. Didn't you llko her 7" 

"I idimihl ssy I did." 

"Whoso that Waller Orleve* and Alio MUi..7" 

'That's aouio hunk conceded by Jako Llcber- 

"Who's Jake I.lels-inan 7" 

"Ob he's Hen's manager, and a regular guy. 
Ono of the mob at all I lines. No swelled Ml 
or nothing. Everybody kissws Jako ami like* him, 
and a he. every* My knows bin) and his art gal- 

"Wssn't that chorus drilled lo perfrcllon? All 
good fingers, and work nil tbo lime," 

"I never sow a 4jc(lcr drilled banco. In my 

"Tbey worked llko regular army soldiers In that 
Zonsvo drill, didn't lueyl" 

"Say, I forgot to link yon. How doe* Ben 
Welch mako that quick chango from lirm to 
I la I Ian?" 

"Search me. Too can bet If some of tliosa 
other cornice know they'd bo copping Ms sluff." 

"There's only ono Ben Welch, though. □» 
does tho business." 

"Ho deserves to. no's got a great show." 


Met' Alt THY BUBS. 

On tho ground that he w*s dlacharged In viola* 
Hon of a contract (hat called for bis employment 
for at thirty-five weeks at 100 • week, 
Charlc* McCarlby has begun an action which was 
heard Ibis week III Ibo New York Oil/ Onuri. He 
nlli-gca that lie was engag'M on Aug. H. I0HI. for* 
full season, but wss dlrcharged tho following 
Nov. 1 "(rttliiHit iiiiMin." 

The management elnlina that n few day* Is. 1 - 
foro one of their attractions >vns to <r].en In Mil- 
waukce, they »ny McCarthy 'Inrnrmnl tl.o minngsr 
he wanted to vfltnlnale Ibe two wes-ke" discharge 

McCarthy threatened to leave the cost mid re- 
fused to let his trunk leave old Manhattan Mo. 
As bo had ono of tbo principal parts, ralber Hum 
try to supplant hint at tho last tnlnule. Hie Itolilo 
Amusement (Jompaiiy declares, they were forced lo 
acmilcse and glv» lilm a thirty-Are week contract. 

They alio claim that McOarlby refused to per- 
form properly bis duties, 

Pint. Ilnr/BKHAN as s musician. 

Jus iiiniTHN'B club work, 
Pan Lawiiknck's nit oxt vKt 


Ruuws that didn't ooen HjuiCa. 
Rons naatiHTsiN's Follies of Pleasure. 
Jack Levi's victory In Philadelphia, Pa. 
Jack Cunwav at the Swede ball. Fostu's Qllraore apartment. 
Uui I'n'a sll stor chorus. 


From Cblcago comes the romor that Andy Lewis 
will bo seen ou Ibe Progressive circuit next sea- 

Unhkb the able tuition of Dsu Doily the La Vera 
Hlsiers are well under way wltb a new vau'-e-vlllo 
offering, which from ill ve-mrt* will be s novelty. 
New cutume* and eiclusivo songs will U> uaol. 

Tbe act will break In up State, and big time 

TarLOB'S Tanoo Oirln wilt play the folkiwln- 

ll me between Kansas City and Cblcago: llsrca 

IS, Orsod Opera House, Muscatine, la-t If, 
Illinois, Rock Island, III.; 17. Mollne. Mollne. 
III. IS, Auditorium, Oalesburg, 111.; to, 20, 21. 
(lary, Oary. Ind. Buslneao la still great. Bertha 
Rich la* signed contracts for two more years 
with "Father 1 ' Taylor. Mar, of the Broadway Bel lea Rlinw, 
Is tbe bsppy possessor ot a airing of beautiful 
Importtd pearls which was presented to her oa 
ber birthday, receoUy, 


Last week whllo playing Ibe Olympic, Now 
York, Charles Roblnaon came near missing the 
opening performance. He left Rockaway Beach at 
ten o'clock In the morning to drive Jo New York 
In a alelgh, a* tbo Mlsiard hsd crippled the tralu 
service. During the Journey to the city tbe sleigh 
upset three limes, throwing Charlie Into use 
snow. Ue finally reached the Olympic at 8.80, 
just In time to giro his act In lbs olio. ObarlU'a 
ftnrer* were froaen. and h* now want* to knosy 
wbo discovered llockaway and placed it oa lb* 
Long Island mall. 

A large crowd from Rockaway Beach lendsrsfl 
a theatre party to Cbarlea Rohlnson laat Wednes- 
day night, and after the performance enjoyed a 
•pread at Zlrmrr'a Cafe. Mr. and Mrs. Jos. 
Ward and May Mew Ward headed the party. 

Palsy Slmond* Is about to give up her star* 
career, and at the end ot tbe present sesson will 
marry a wealthy shoe msnnfactiirrr of Boston. 
In Patay, burlesque will lose one of It* best front 
row workers. 

Vivian Madorr, recently with Welch's Tabloid 
Acls, and a new comer la burlesque, Joined at 

Beatrice Stewart closed laat week at the 

Several chnngra bare been mndo In (he situa- 
tions, dialogue and number* ot tho *li(iw, for lb* 
■sconil trip over the circuit. 

Killth Mareell* wo» granted a divorce recently. 
She ie now building a bungalow nt Sea (lam. 
which la eiiwcled to be ready for occupancy by 
the end of the season. This Is Kdlth's fourtk 
season with the Crusoe (llrls. 

May iteriilm.-ilt slid Lillian Lawrence ar* now 
working on an net which will ho acvu In faudav 
vllle at tbo close of tho season. 

Tnm Atkinson'* Tent Hliuw* will open on or 
about May 10, at Carson Oily, Mich., Willi vaude- 
ville and circus acta and pictures, and will cover 
Michigan and Ohio territory. The main tent, 
waioua and most of Hi* stork will be new Oils 
•eaaon. and Hie show considerably enlarged. The 
following Is the rosier: 

Tho*. Atkinson, sole proprietor and manager; 
Klhel Atkinson, trensurcr: "Doe." Atkinson, mas- 
ter of Irnnsp'irtsilon; "Pop" Atkinson, advance! 
Tho*. Kumiss, lender of band (third *0*Mn)| 
Ouy 1 'arsons. niiH'rlntendent of stock: LVaunl* 
I<eou*rd, superintendent of canvas. 


nilOAUWAY, llltoOKLYN, FOP. 

It I* almost assured Ihat Hie llrnadway Theilre, 
Brooklyn, goes over lo I lie Progressive Oireult 
aeit scasiui, along with number llrouklyu house. 
Humors hnvo been circulated a* lo tbo Progres- 
sive Circuit going Into Ibo Bronx but litis* has 
lieon absolutely denied at Ibo Pro. Iiendiiuarlers. 
Itoriorti; are again broadcast as to I lie Oolutiilila 
tskuig over Iho Keith'* Bronx house, st Ono Hun- 
dred and Foriy-uluUi Htrcet and Third Avenue. 

no Annnn attraction!! with 


On Iho miosis In New York, bolli Cliss, MM» 
son and Hiile llcrnslelu did good business, W 
Blum* playing wllbout added attracll.ais. Oba*. 
Itiiblnsoii played to a record Monday's two |iet- 
formauces, Feb. 211 . 

Tom MoKbuka, Violet Illlaon and Olydo J. 
Bates have signed with Itulw Beroatdn for next 

IIkn Wbloic ha* consented lo act as nsslar of 
eereinonlm at Uie lesllinoolsl lo lio tendemx W 
Mauagcr Frank Abbott. *t People's, riuuday even. 
Ing. March 22. Ben Is su adept at announcing. 

TlAsai Umta is taking a few week*' vacatloa 
at l.akewoml, and will not return lo burlesque 
until Iselt *J*JBM. . . , _* 

MAimi. LM will play cabsrels »J 1 " I J>„ <,, J , « 1 ™ 
the burlesque season. Malj-I Is a big bit In lha 
mubrelle vole with Ibe Crusoe flltls, snd ha* 
uuimtouii offer* for next svusou. 
booking 1* asBured. ... . 

WSEuk OlUHillH, who ho* been iinsbln to ap- 
iiesr with Ibe lleelor Olrls on account of IsjurU* 
recelveil liy an accblnil In Itillailelliliia, l's., re- 
lumed (» (he cast In Plllsburgli. Pa, _„.,,. 

Fvtoitiiinii'h In reaillne** for Fred FolletlB 
big benefit at Miner's Bronx March 10. neo. 
Miner ha* srrstigiHl a gala bill, 

Mvubav IUI.M0NT. Ibo clever Juvenile, has ror- 
ssken burlrsiiue *ml Joined Hie rank* of A. II. 
Woods, snd will go wllu "Potsah A P«'l<"«"'' r " 
No. 2 show, which atari* rehearsal tbo latter 

P, |tsroSTS from Tom Sullivan'* Monte fkirlw 
Olrls are: "Tbo Show I* still cleaning up. The 
repeat* are even bigger Hum the drat tlroo over, 
and w* lop Iho list for record business," writes 

J. D. ilASToar left New York March B for a 
trip over tho circuit. President Fred Stair l* 
now In Canada, but return* In a few days. 

flso. P. Muni'iir, at the close of Hie burles<iue 
•eaaon. will tall for Hi* other shle for a few weeks 
vacation, accompanied liy Felix Aster, ,., . . 

Pownaa and Cai-man havo signal with Jacob* 
A Jerraon for nest season. 

Tna csae agnlrat Dove (Iiirjn, who was ar- 
rested In Rochester. N. Y.. for a sborlsge In *c- 
comits wss released Milder a suspended sentence 
Maneb 0, u;s>n payment of tbe mini Involved li> Use 
Theatrical OixTallr.g Co. Tlio shorlsge wa* made 
op by collection taken up try all the cerppsnles) 
playing Ibe Columbia circuit. Ouron arrived la 
New York March T. _. .. 

Davb Mabiok and his own company broke tue 
record ot Ihe Columbia. Indianapolis, last weea, 
opening lo capscilr nt both iierformances or i Mon- 
day. The sbow made a tleclded hit, caught tha 
fancy of Ihe Ifumlera, and stsndlng room was 
st a premium st a number of perfoTmsnoe*. 
Marlon canto In with a vengeance Ie wake things 
up. The town w«s billed like s drcn* la ad- 
vance, and Ihe newspaper crttletsms. wtucb were 
wosderfiil for a burleasjuo allow, all helped to jrot 
over Iho big tree k. It was Marlon's Brat visit 
lie re In three /ears, but Ibe natives ebowed that 
tbey hsd not forgotten Mm snd bis show, 

li bx 
bBbl . 




i • 

. ■. i 



Mabch 14 


Johnny Weber, In "The Hieing Son," pre- 
sented by Hose Bydell, bad bin turn at tbe 
bat at tbe Colombia Monday night and 
batted 1,000 easily. Tbe sbow, which opened 
tbe season at tbe Casino. Brooklyn, remains 
practically tbe same, and all tbe principals 
■cored heavily. Tbe cast : 
Nick Oberdorfer, tbe father of bis son. 

Louis Thlel 

Timothy Mulvaney Harry Campbell 

Back MoGee George Clayton Frye 

Lord Airy James Roeard 

Madam frivolity Norma Bell 

Mary Aon Oberdorfer Clara Bttnson 

Lady Algy Florence Nlcoll 

Haggle Mulvaney Pearl Turner 

The Butler Eddie Clark 

Henny Johnnie Weber 

Tbe Chicks: Edith Cease, Chick Miller, 
Leu Baker, Dora Mason, Marie Baker, Bile 
Taylor, Trlxie Wallace, 8uale ltobcrts. Norino 
Holmes, Mabel Debnlii], Sadie Smith. WH- 
lette Wilklns, Kittle Hess. Mae Glynn, Ethel 
Miller, Bvelyn Bail, Janet Martin, Millie 
Fayette, Bthel Hughe*, Loretta Clifton, Edna 
Lcffler and Alice Dearies. 

Tbe burlesque follows tbe visit of the Ober- 
dorfer family to Heidelberg In order to ex- 
amine tbe son, Henny, who Is turned into 
an old man by the professor, and tbe two 
eld man are made boys again. 

In the first act "Only a Boy" Introduces 
Mr. Weber. "Joyous Lore" was tbe splen- 
didly sung offering by Norma Bell, and sbe 
encored with "Kebecca of Sunnybrook Farm," 
assisted In several of tbe choruses by Loots 
Thlel. "The Mason and Dixon Line," by 
Clark and Tamer with dancing and tbe 
latest shrugs and hugs by the nifty chorus 
girls ; "The Gas House Gang" was the tough 
number, led by G. Clayton Frye, who, aa 
Buck McGee, contributed an excellent char- 
acter. "Tbe West Point Cadets" showed tbe 
girls op from tbe waist down In a catchy 

"Honey Boy" was Miss Tomer's offering 
with Johnny Weber, and the chorus, In buck, 
very busy throughout la "The Pirate 
Crew" Mr. Frye led the bold buccaneers. 
Miss Nlcoll made a bit with "Isle D' Amour," 
and with Mr. Bogard, In "Ball On, Silvery 

Mr. Weber's well known war cry and bis 
convulsive sneeze, also his "outside," made 
laughs as usual. The explosion on shipboard 
resulted in tbe closing tableau of about 
twenty nymphs floating In mid-ocean. Clara 
Stlnson bad tbe proper brogue as tbe Irish 
Mrs. Oberdorfer. 

Tbe second act showed Heidelberg, and 
opened with the rousing "Stein" song. 
"Gesundhelt" was put over by Mr. Thlel and 
tbe German girls. "Just a Plain Little Irish 
Girl" was dnetted by Mr. Frye on tbe ground 
and Miss Turner on the balcony. 

"Bummer Lovers" was sung by Mlas Nlcoll 
while Miss Bell and Mr, Weber were kissing 
In the windmill. Tbe girls were neatly at- 
tired in pink. "The Music Teacher" number 
Is one of the big bits, with Che girls wearing 
short aprons with notes, fore and aft Mr. 
Weber selected among otberR : Susie Roberts, 
who sang well ; Hdlfh Lelller, who rugged 
and sang; Ella Taylor, who wns prominent 
for her work In the numbers all through the 
sbow, and Norino Holmes, who made a big 
bit wlCi "The Million Dollar Doll," sung In 
a fine soprano voice, which would get her 
dates on any time. Tbe funny bits intro- 
duced by the teaoher were all appreciated. 

Clark and Turner did a few minutes of 
singing and dancing. Tbe Comedy Four 
offend "Wild Oats?' with some of Mr. 
Weber's choice German "flchnadahupfele." 
"The Heidelberg Yaegerhaoi" number dls- 
played Norma Bell's fine figure in red tights, 
and brought tbe show to an interesting finish. 

BoBe Bydell witnessed the show from a box, 
accompanied by Viols Hastings and other 

'Tbe staff: Harry W. Thompson, manager ; 
Louli Doll, musical director; Harry Court* 
land, carpenter; Jack McBIUgott, electrician; 
Jake Miller, properties, Mill. 


Gotham, March 0. 

The May Howai'l Show, returning to the 
Gotham under the title of 'Tbe Jolly Girls," Is 
practically a new sliow . Tho entire cost ban been 
cbsnfed with possibly three exceptions. 

Mul Clark Is the principal comedian, and holds 
down tbe mala comedy role In a Dutch character, 
which he has male quite aa enviable reputation 
In the past. Mr. Clark plays tbe Datoh part in 
Ids eccentric stylo simI make-up, and scores 
tbrouirhout tbe entire prodoettca. 

Patricia Mackuy, tbe prima donna, wears Bne 
wardrobe, of which she lias many attmnlne crea- 
tions. Miss Mnekay wits over her numbers in 
hit form, and is without a doubt one of burlewiuo'a 




slxwd for tbe next season for toe Hapny Widows. 

Tom MoXamfA. Den Bergman, Violet miaou. 
Clyde Bates and Lillian Bates, have been signed 
by Babe Bernstein for the trollies of Pleasure for 
next season. 

aortuLxa, Hill inn Uiirn are with tbe Bast- 
Is— Show, Id place of Val Stanton, who la out 
of tbe show, after an encoanter with Jack Levy. 

Btook boTlewjw will be tried st Ibe Baker. 
Denver, by Joe bcbmall, commencing March 16. 

Fun WiunCAXN baa another tango contest 
this week, with the Dlion Show, at Ibe Mur- 
ray Hill. A eras booster's contest goes on next 
woek witb the Ben Welch Shew. 

Tun crew of tbe Colombia, New York, are all 
out in tbetr new green and ajnld uniforms. Bleb- 
•rd Doran looking like General Von Moltke. 

Law Kaa.iT and the Behmao Show hung up a 
record at Newark, N. J„ last week, and parted 
them In all week. Jack Singer says : "They wen 
very good to me In Paterson. If 

ZV™lTl&#?ffi" <UM> -"• ____«" C ° nte " W * W ae,a ■■"«■» „ Mr. Corto hsulbsen aa*>d*ted with the 

FsAmr. HAaooow Is making tbe bit of Ms life c ^,„ t] L Bmn ~ r a . .„,, ,_ «. w --,», .„» Geo. W. Meyer Co. for several years, and 

with the Taxi Girls, and hTs clever work gets --g^ txWtsa 1 * «"**l » *4F 30 * «*■ was one of their best boosters. He had also 

recognition In dallies that count. Si are rare of "lifting f the cop"'* b " n ta Tand « ,lu « w" "^^ of the »»»«» 



Joel P. Corln. one of the demonstrators 

As we go to press Indications are that 
Tiir Naw Yoek Cliites's composers' eon- 

' f test, which takes place at Borland's Casino, — m . n H W Mover r died Tnesdav 

^•Sesn* .W* evcnlDB ' »«» 10. wUl be one of naming! Malib a af to a Ungerfig UmiK 

Bronx great), the hottest contests ever held in this or any m> KhZ*.* iWn •inrSffii Srith , the 
other city. 

Tub GnakT La Foi.lbtts, with 0,000 pounds 

jTbe music world has gone "daffy over tho 'HU^neral, which took place last Friday, 

baggage and six lieople, opens st Toronto. March „«!« Basic world 

10, ■■ an added ai tnctlon with The Girls From affair. Several of the boys have gone as far Wag attended by everybody of note In the That they have two new songs & nrenara. 

as to write new songs for the occasion. music and vaudeville neat '"- " 1 -* — v - ■ 

ttae, and some trio: tho Vinton Sisters, 
playing Keiths. Boston ; Colton and Miles. 
Elmer Crawford, Llghtner and Jordan, Four 
Rosemary Girls, the Kemps, 0. B. time; the 
Harvard Quartette, the biggest quartette, In 
Boston. That's only the results of tie first 

2/*^ S<> £L '««»"*> <*. what Watch for 
tbe Story Trio. 


Did Yon Know That 

CMPPjn advertising pays? Ask the Buckeye 

Music Fob. Co. J 

That iue retail department of tbe above com- 
pany is the most popular place in tbe 
That their new ballad, "That Is Why I Love 
You," is one of the acknowledged hits? 

the Follies (Progressive wheel. La Follerte Is 
presenting an act new to America, containing a 
series of protein changes, impersonations and Illu- 

Aoifis Dinitls expects to rejoin Ibe Big Jubi- 
lee Q>., at Br.lTnlo, after recovering from tbe 
effects of an operation In St Joseph's Hospital, 
Milwaukee, fiho will then rest op tn Mew York 
Cor the remainder of tbe reason. 

Darn Masion has Zallab as an added attraction 
In Ohlcaan, this wtek. with his own sbow. 

Tub Honey-noon Girls, next week at the Oolao- 
Ms, New York, will feature Phil Ott and Alice 

As The Clipfcb forme go to press on 
Tuesday afternoon, it will be impossible to 

five the winner or any of the happenings at 
he hall. 

An account of the contest will appear in 
next week's Issue. A partial list of those 
who have entered Includes: Fred Fischer, 
with a new eong; Ctas •Ektwarda, Lewis P. 


Jack Qalvln, connected witb the Broad- 

tion that are sure to be popular! 
That their professional manager, Charles Roy 
Cox, is rapidly acquiring a host of the- 
atrical friends? 

laneiy JeaillrK 

Irene O'Mear* works with a dash. She baa 
a way that wins ber audience tho minute she ap- 
pears, and keeps them hi good hmiur ttirou.fh- 
rut the Show with her work In the soubrette 
role. Sbe was one of the big Mrs. 

Earl Sbeeban iilnycd a light juvenile part, and 
offered his effective dnnclnR, singing several num- 
bers to many encores. He was welcomed sa a 

Jennie Gladstone a plump little brunette, with 
plenty of vim, romped slong_ In a small part. Her 
acrobatic work in "TUe Boogie Man' 1 number, 
was a big hit 

Geo. Hart, as *ho tramp, playing opposite Mill 
Clark, kept things lively, nnd was well liked In tbe 
role of Count ue Koko. 

Elwood Benton, a little too dramatic, plavev 
tbe straight part, anil offered a specialty with 
Alay Clark, which went over nicely. 

Joe Barker, aa a bad nun, also appeared, 

Tbe chorus are wWI drilled and worked nicety 
thnonghont. Tbe costumes look w?u from Ibe 
front. The ntonhi-rs tre nicely staged, ami tbe 
scenery, though nut elaborate, Is nlosetng. 

Tbe chorus: UIIIp Bly, Pearl Livingston, Jack 
Gray, Bettls Wallace, Oira Cross, Te-lily MsseU, 
Kdltb Turner, Myrtle Ilownrd, Masnle Ooairrove, 
Bdoa Whitney, Maryle Davis, Ornee Mhenitil, 
Alice Qerard, Blbblo I* Clair. Wale Ree>I, Mar- 

Erette IMllson, Adi-Ie Hardy, Bllxiibeth Scott, 
lunle West, Julia wilmn. 
The staff: Sol Mr>-ers, manager: D. B. Will- 
lamion, bustness innnnper , Mul Clsrk. stago dlren. 
tor j Aaron BTliitow. musical director; Bbcrwood 
Jones, stage cotrmtiTi F«orge Ix-arli, cleetrlciau! 
Mooreliea.l. proiierty master; Jfsilamo 


Bums, wsrdrobe mistress. 


9ov* of tho beat money-making shows have 
Signed up with tbe l'rogreislve circuit for next 

MaaxLLS Paskxb and alics Anaws, who re- 
signed from the Broadway Belles 00. several 
weeks ago. are now with the Star and Garter 
Bhow, on the Oolntnbla wheel. Both have signed 
contracts with Manager Rsrry Lewis, to take 
effect Immediately after close of their present 

Vic Casuobb »np Qso. Bououass, the two boys 
woo here made such a tremendooe bit this season 
with the Behman Show, have been signed with 
Ben Welch for next s easo n . 

Jack STaortsa, who closed with the Golden 
Crooks, In Chicago, baa been engaged by Jack 
Blaster for his Summer stock. 

Caicx Oahbxon, wefl known tn bmrteaque 
circles, is now connected with the Edison Co., 
ss assistant director, at their stadia. 

It ra reported that Margie Oattaa wfH be seen 
ever tbe big time next season. Margie la making 
a bit in the soubrette role with tbe OMs tram tbe 


Taat JacToea Opera Uouee, Watertary, Corn, 

tor three Vlaye will 

Ut » a « a> the llorrsy Hill. Mew York, aad Btidae- 

the open dates 

port. Tbe Belles ot Beanty Bow wffl he the first 
show to try out the town as a tnrseaojuer. Mnrch 
MIR. ^^ 

Iianra O'Mmiu has aagned with Jean Bellnl 
aa axsabrette for next ~ 

•way Music Co., had the following experience rw q»i» Si, ».„_,„ ^.. 
Whtle m route to Phtladerphla: wonderful ivSc in ^Krf.iJ a n„? D ?. tb f r 

"Daua FBiairo Jack : I am going to write E™ ..W l .\ ft w if ^r,* ^ ' v ° 

you a little story that happened to us. We Tha t°thl exoect to nn „7 lijff. J oU I 

left Jersey Oty Sunday at 4, and got as far ' "JSZl P Southern office 

Mulr, Harry Williams, Bert Grant and Joe * B Bound Brook (when all waa still) snow- That th _ , exnM ., »„ „„„ ,,,,, ^^ 

Yonnt UvSg BertlnTRay Walker? J "ooooN Ixwnd. ""Itri telegraph poles across tbe tracks ^rt men V? eXpect to op€n * Jobbln S de- 

vrtn. Earl Carroll, Jeff Branen, Harry Carrott, " B 5»? n o. w UD t0 ??. W,I 5!? W '-. v ■> ». . That within the Dext six months thev <cin 

Herman Paley, Maurice Abrahami, Grant , "Next scene. 8.45. Certain one-half hour 
jonxKtx Wanrai was tendered s beefsteak dm- Clarke, Billy Tracey, Al. Harrlinan, Jimmy xl e .- . £ M ^ fiv * People playing to The 
r Monday evening, hy tbe Olympic Ohxe. Among Monaco end Joe McCartney. Joe. Dalr James Whip,' Clarke and Berger, Will RobMns, and 
S SS U ieZ5?' bl " c,,,m ^ ,,,rt, • H »"» HaaUngs KenrMs, Frank Stlllwell, . Jamie Ketty and myeelf, arranging f 0r a show. Well, we all 


(By Special Wire.) 

mabch 9. 
Messm Walter F. Driver and Bdward P. 
Neumann Jr., received many conrnUmenta 
trpon tbe massive oil painting of Buffalo BUI, 
which was 

we a er e it B was a"work of'art and^^'us'utl «j2*fc Sk^l^l£^«sxeV« .?£ 
evidence of desire of tbe U. 8. Tent & Awn- t « r ! a, -*» "S. 8 *. 6 J ?. HJ" 1 * • Mt M !!■»• 9°* 

Brank GUIen, Seymour Brown. Henry f Mar- «?« .^^EJPS pot on a nrst part mb> 

snalLTooany Gray, Lew Brown, Ruby Cowan. i* r * to v.S ,tow ^P J» a <«baret show. One of 

Jack Richmond and Bob MUler' Martin DcaV tte A""? 1 ? 1 na , d ^ ™]S uth orsBB .- 5? 1 bor ' 

son, George Johnson, Glenn Leap and Charlee *° w f2 ^L 8 ,"* J>>»voa, some of tbe songs 

MoCarron on that Well, Jaca, old pal. If you could 

_. The i competent staff of judges who will de- ^ZL^LI^ n P. L' < S , ,S? nld ,. h ?I e . ^5**iS? 
dde tbe winner are men that stand high In ? l y"f? t ;,"t ory _St 7 ?^ fe " » . 7** ,< l that 

"Well, aa this Is about all will close witb Lillian Fallon, the prima donaa who has 

best regards to all. I remain, sincerely yours. r * c * n i , T been added to the cabaret show at 

Jack Qalvln," 'the Cafe Bcolevard, slags "Love's Melody" 

A CORRECTION. to several encores every evening. Livingston 

months they will 
open a New York office, and are now 
looking for a capable manager for It? 
That they are coming to the rront moro 
rapidly then any Oder music publisher 
mot located in either New York City or 


Tanderbilt and Moore arc doing a very 

pretty waits and roarlxe. Their waltx music 

Is none other than "Love's Melody," our 

successor to "Nights of Gladness." "Love's 

approval of everyone present 


Mavsrice Abrahams has a new one tbat, on 

diwnlnvnd nt Tho Showmen'* . aaasunce ADranams nss a new one mat on 

Cody, the worthy president, 

llhodn Royal, equestrian director of tbe p e, £* ^ 
Sells-Floto-iBuffalo Bill Bhows, was a Clip- to occon^ 
pgr caller, and predicted a wonderful per- 
formance and a great season. 


All Aboard for Dixie," which was tea- 

at Loew's Avenue B Theatre, una 

%X£F. m »!«» ^ l»tert aong. *„, ^. ^ WMmoat .. .. E1 choclo." "Love's Melodv" 
We informed that Mr.. Brown va, g» » su^cesl? wS?ftA tffS 

■M^iieV/ copulation dance, consisting of trot, tango. 

Z JS?^f?' "« ralu and maxixe, a pretty medley of 

«. ete^ etc, -r/Amonr," -El Choclo," "Love's Melody" 

Brown ess *"* "DeaKO™" Trlxie McCoy, who Is meet- 

« inounced from i~UiXnlSit <3 *€ 8 'J'A mDen success, will Boon be seen at 

treSt.'wbat^wa B to rr^n^ln i oar , frtlcta ^™ e h cu1; e rr a n K I ea r fo n rhe r r e ^ t J lre Bo t S i 3 

. ... was that no pretXous announcement bad been SE5 ^ ^ * 

left Chicago for Denver, where tbe "Indian torcd by Elisabeth Murray, In "High Jinks,*' made that Mr. Brown was to bo in the con- The orbrinal Rose Maid Trio consisting 

War" pictures sre to be ^^ exhibited tinder his was purchased bv the J. HL RemlcS ;Co. sev- teat. However whether he had been an- ^ ^ ^f 1 J 81 Sisters and Victor Foste? 

direction, at the Tabor Qrand, this week, eral weeks ago from the J. Fred Heir eon- Bounced or not, bad no bearing upon toe in- ,miS,j bT vloS Wo rMsM . >»1 

With the proper boosting that the disputable fact that he did win the cup. but, CSS -S aiTwalrIn* r^nJirsa* tw 

force can givethe song "it Is likely Inasmuch as the article might be construeo, ^"fH 9 When noshed the? win b^l« in 

ne one of the season's biggest sue- by some people as a reflection upon the Loew tbe wTtime nouses In and I around New^Yori 

manaerement. IrrrnlTlnir unfnimess we rheor. "^c uiguuie nouses in ana arounariew xorx. 

toanagement, Inyplvlng unfairness, we cheer- 
fully make this explanation. — .(Ed.) 

Tbe F. B. Havlland Music Co., witb a 

and will sh*w their dancing ability In sev- 
eral different styles. Their tango, done by 
two ladies and one gentleman on a flight of 
stairs, is a feature, and the melodious strains 


As waa announced in this column last 
R. M. Harvey, general agent for tbe Hagerv- week, Moe Kleeman. tbe smiling songster, 
beck-Wallace Snows, was in Chicago, and baa been promoted to professional -manager batch of new songs by Billy Tracey and AL of "La Rumba," they show you what might 
stated things are shaping np nicely for th» for tbe Geo, W. Meyer Music Co. Harrhnan, will Bhortly occupy their new of- - 

coming season, which Is to open In Be. Louis. (Moo tuts been connected with the above flees in toe Strand Building. Mr. Havlland, 

company for several years and baa always who is .one of the pioneers In toe popular 

Geo C. Newton, tbe fireworks man was a * >een '*• Iwrdest worker. Tbe change re> •enr business, predicts that the Ann will 

Clipped caller. 

the 101 Ranch Wild West Show again this 
season. He maae a great record witb this 
organization last year, 

reason ably be called the Impossible. 



"I Wish You'd Keep Out of My Dreams" 
and "Where the Bed, Bed Roses Grow" were 

cently made in the offices of tbe company again take its place among the leaders. He 

made tt possible for tbe president, Maurice has a wonderful working staff, which In- 

■i/rtiTi r> Tfeihnt . n ,ii.f „. *»,. n,_ Richmond, to award Moe wito tbe nonor of eludes several of the best boys In the game. 

beck* Wallace ^Shows Comnany li to FwfiS- *«omlng the head of the professional depart. ROGER GRAHAM ON THE ROAD. 

praising affaire, pending Tfce'openlng. 5» nt ,, * ?*vi ft lo !SJl f M £ n Q a j5JH?T Roger Graham, recently professional man- featured by Maddtsoh and Nice, at the Co- 

» »"«•«", peuu uk me opening. vites all to pay bira a visit as be has several m^tf ^ Theodore Morse Music Co., la lonlal Theatre last week. 

Gcoree H. Demon will be In advsnee of St w SS^&L.?* * 8 them a "*"*" ttat BOmiM now on the road for the Morse concern, aa 'May Rose and the Star Quartette, at tbe 

! rTrTn^rSmS VOL t %2J££nJE ■•••J"*"!, , ,., , . salesman and general demonstrator. Great Nortoem Hippodrome, sang "Red 


.. J. B.. Phcenixvllle.— Ssad yonr poems OF HARMONY. Bartrtun, Duffy aad Reed sang "Bed 

to any of the reputable New York publishers. As treasurer of your organl?«tIon, I beg Boses" at the Cafe de Luxe, witb much suc- 

Tbe ancestral_home of Lew Nichols' eatate, Rsat u Foetnbt, Youngstown.— The J. H. to state there la a balance on hand of S19.30. ctas. 


at Minnehaha. Springs Wis., burned to the Remick Co. can supply the song you men- One payment waa made of $50 to "a needy The Tiemey Four, at tbe Congresa Cafe, 
ground. Lew has decided to bnlid a 110,000 «jon. member, after a favorable vote by a com- went big witb "Bed Rosea" andM'Keeu Out 

•nritAA r\f flvTrt —.m war— -X aa 

bungalow to replace it 

Colonel Cbarlea W. Parker, who baa beat 
under the weather tor some time past, Is con- 

It Is probable that tbe next Showmen's 
League of America ball will .be held In Chi- 
cago during tbe State Fair Managers meet- 
ing, next February. 

C. U Jones. Blalrsvllle. — Eugene Platztnan anittee of dve. 

la reliable, and is a meet capable man. After repeated attempts to get returns, 

iKBANK Smith, Boston. — "'Lawful Wife" Is x*one have been tendered to, or received by 

pnblbxhed by Harry Von Tiber. the treasurer from several members who had 

Bbbbii Roth. Kalamacoo. — IntjnlrlBB tall the nandUng and collecting of money for ads. 

to locate tbe publishers. * B 5u.? CKe ' te .-. . 

WATTERSON, BERLIN A BNYDE&1 -.S 1 *. «*•.."■ ««t. you as a matter of 


What is said to be tbe finest offices In New 
•York will be the home of tbe Watterson, 
Berlin A Snyder Music Co. When they move 

of My Dreams.' 

Nina Stralee. at the Woodlawn, sang "Red, 
Red Rosea" to encores at each show last 
week. - . 

"Flower Garden Ball" waa made popular 
at the Boston Oyster House by Dolly Lamare 

Jack Block, formerly with Shapiro-Bern- 
stein, is catching acts about town and land- 

nivervlew Exposition and White City ate tnto their new Strand Building shortly. 
making preparations for the coming season. "a..™" 

self protection, aa the wrong impression 
seems to prevail among certain members con. 
cernlng the funds and the treasurer. 

It Is to be regretted that this order hat lng songs for Tell Taylor, 

been practically forgotten, but the under- Atkinson and O'Rourke report that "When 

edgned stands ready at any time to lend a ft* Maple Leaves Are Falling" Is the biggest 

Every known equipment for tbe comfort of hand or a voice to start it again. ( Signed) Ut they bave ever had in their act. 

t, „ _, ,. professionals has been Installed by Chief Thxodore Mobse. anUth and De Syrette are taking encores 

<*. JLih£?£ t iJn&! TOresentatlv. far Watterson including a large reception room, ST oRY>S STAFF OF pittopfim ■*tt " l LoT « tbe vrho ^ e United States." 

the world-home, has been on a scouting trip where performers can write their letters, a Zawnma ™ rsMnSw 1 Nln « Stralee told Jack Block that "When 

and reports great progress. In tbe mean- dozen sound-proof piano rooms with the latest ' *»■»■» ™ MEW YORK. the Maple Leaves Are Falling" is one of the 

time affairs at the home office are rushing np-to-date airing devices. ^ TOe people of New York will shortry feast prettiest tajlada the has ever heard, 

and thousands of dollars are being expended) The company will announce the opening of tselr musical ears on one of tbe sweetest The Cbealeigh Girls on the W V M A 

for equipment. the offices In a short time, and will also re- staging trios that ever left a publlsher'a time, report that "Back in Maine" Is a big 

lease several new Berlin songs flat are said office; Caddlgan and Brennan, the writers nit 

St Patrick Day greetings are received to be "some pipping." 
from T. M. Warren, from Dublin. He was SOME DASEBALL TEAM, 

the rdl sSS ft Wt °' Bhanuock «*■"»•«« Tbe Shapiro-Bernstein baseball team cbal- 
""* u " ______ langes all the music Souses for games any 

Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning, com. 

boys to put over their new number, headed 
by Hilly- Cory, the sweet tenor, who is sup- 
ported by Frank Lawrence, doing the harry, 

Arthur Davis writes from Hot Springs mendng AtordaT June ^ rX^FoT games^ l ai ^ L IM?, e B» ta _af _*?• o.^ 1 T}° 

that flowers are blooming, birds slngln£ and dnesBoi TRussat' fcaTe ? e _ d ^Hl ^° S*" 11 ,* hat , stor y haa 

he Is having a grand time as guest of % 0. The toe-ni T Opnenheta. pitcher- Plncna, LJS* 1 ^Sl ■ a *- th , e *°ll , ?. onW il cel I e a 

Maurice, with F. M. Bonflls. who is taking catcher x. PlantadoaT ltv " ^Connelly 2K • Bu J f°S "ff 1 ^ 011 Si 1 A ,W K ^ e Une ' n Tlu! teom 

the waters and playing gob* John Barton __a ~S ^1r__S!_^ab • L« lL tr 2nrterman " bw _! through the big towns. Story says, 

and wife are In rfot "springs, where they cTf * Lewta "' tTvSmm -Sal sasa* f°. aB .J ar aB 7~ uke *"* *e c «° "tand it 

stein; press agent Zlt. 


bave a Que residence. 

Dick Jeffries will be with the famous Rob- 
inson Shows, as will Dave J. Jarrett 

T. S. Shaw was a Clttp-a caller. 

Tbe Corey Brothers purchased two new 
cars in Chicago for their carnival company, 
which Is to open at Wabpeton, N. D., with 
a struug frame-up. 

John A. Pnllltt. director of tmbUclty for 
the Wortham Sbows, is expected la Chicago 
this week. 

of "The Rose of the Mountain Trail," did The West Minstrel Trio is using "When 
some wise picking when they picked these the Maple Leaves Are Falllne" and*Back In 

* Maine" with great success. 

Fred Clinton and toe Norrle Sisters are 
using Hesitation waltzes, and Fred writes 
they are wonderful numbers. • 

Dorothy Lewis declares that Kansas City 
Is craay about "When the Maple Leaves Are 

MayMcCrea, at the Edelweiss, is featur- 
ing "Would You Take Me Back Again T 
ilay Sunderland, tbe dainty little singer. 

with this number. 

Cnddlgan and Brennan arc about to shoot 

fS-^T-SavS-SS nVh/f? dflyS ttat l00k * uTrond^f "the Vet" that" ahe' tatrodnVt3 
liken, sure-fire over nlghter. "Where Can I Meet You To-NlghtT' 
Story has landed "The Rose of the Moun- Acta uelns: Joe Morris ba'i o d« are ■ Nor. 
made one of the hits of the evening singing tain Trail" with the following acts who are wood and Hall Baker and o-\Li ahiVlev 
Jerome Brockman'a parodies on tbe season's cleaning up every performance witb this \jm, the Cox Family and Garden and Gar- 
latest songs. song: The Oiynrpla Trio, playing the D. B. - 

At the song contest held at Bennett's Caba- 
ret and Palm Garden, March 8. Jack Seaoiou 


"The Old Homestead," in all Its original ex- 
cellence. "Tbe Dingbats" next Capacity 
business rules. 

DtjQu*e.NB tD. A. Harris, tngr.)— -The 
Davis Players present "The Man from Mex- 
ico" and week, with Tios. Ross in the 

Shibidan Sqdabe (F. H. Tooker, tagr.) — 
Bill 9-14: '«The Tourists," Gordon High- 
landers, Luekle and Yost, Mile. Garita, Baby 
Ann, and De Wolf and Gardner. Capacity 

Notes. — Manager Frank Tooker, 


Pit t «bnr gh, Pa. — Terrific snowstorms 
throughout the East were the cause of sev- 

eral Monday disappointments in local the- lending role TWas Mfliran7°whTwas"rorn^ hH^ T E--? a * aS a!LJZ3£' ( .™Wi .&** 

George M. Hodge is booking attrartlons for atrical circles. Helen Ware and her "Within erS leadtag lady \rtthtote sterile conxoen^ iS^-^Sia^. %2$ n 52JL ^SMfSS 

White City, havmg arrived Vc from New the Law" company arrived last Monday and "£ rehraed and onene! thte weeB^MisB S.n^on « aklD8 r>^ n , y f ^ s "] Vl e 8hp i; 1 " 

Orleans. Immedistely hurried to the Alvln, where, by EtmmTwB here ffToiZ.and made rnTn" w a8 iu'to^VwfweaaV rrtSrnedto'hli nost 

bard and earnest work on the pnrt of Mana- .taunch friends. She la a pretty and clever « the Harril MondaV^ Prr^r Vnrirk 

Martin Van Borgon and Haael nickey. who fW John tteyaolds and his aswetates and , cUe „ and 5_ rovc „ gSasai addition feade? c f the f ex?eUent IheridVrf^ouaTS 6^ 

did a double ot the Academy and the Indiana the entire "Within the Lew company the to _ e j^^b company. In addition, Mr. chestra has DToven himself a nonuffr fdlow 

Theatres, have sullt Van liersen will (to performance was started shortly nfter nine 1^^ announces a eneclal starring mrcse- .m? ^wi'JSIPJ^i.iS" 1 ^.? ?" 1 . 8 .' fel i?.1 

Theatres, have split Van Bergen will go P?" " 11 "^ waB started aaonqr nrter nine Dayig announces a Bpedal starring engr*e- 

Bast, nnd Btatcs that he will play the Or- •____ ,, Tlle ,] B r8 e "P*J appreciative audience ment o{ SssHiBj Collier, who will be aslo- 

&«"* d ' cn,t - ttj&^jsfijssF&g&z ssa.* 3 tte iocai compflny fw a si,ort 

i^fiSSSS^SrUXAiTZ^ %!&&&_£ SF£®^\»* - P ^.^ B - McVlcker. mgr.) 

with performers playing that house. His 
sunny smile and congeniality infuse life Into 
an act Jerry Collins says he will have to 
keep off the grass, for Jerry himself Is 
me boy_." Much mail tnese days for 

far his "Night On Broadway" act during S&sxNr I* SSr xSkaJai m ^ tBaaaTlS &«„""_ ?f»y e "'^ ea . d , ed by W*1*t Mnry PopuUr Wed Maderlaeh. of tbe VlJtnria, 
the Summer time. "The Sailor Girls," an- !__?'2l" ," wttsburtrh on Sundav ^and Mr H »" » nd Robert Glecklcr, are aeen In "The from performers who appreciate fine treat- 
other Lew Cantor production, opened at Day- ____5 y JZ ' "J ™_HS , «„ll Twsioav nenca EaBlest W »J-" "^^ "os*" 16-21. BuslneAS ment. ™ 

SSW&li35Lk£S4ft4 f|s«iS#S ZEpsmMxt £s&£$*tss. &* 

„ later date A number of vaudeville acta as the added feature. Tango contests are BuotT ih /i RMtt, 

The Stanley Seminary Girls, a new girl did not arrive until late Monday night or held at every performance for cash prizes. Knirw s»r__ri« \vZil J 

act, produced by Roy Sebree, has been routed Tuesday morning, but by clever switching Gay New Yorkers 16-21. Capacity business t, mh »,„„„ o , ,,„ , v 

over the Western circuits, giving tbe act from different houses all bills were cared „ Victobia (George Schnffer, mgr.)— For »■ K™™, »nd the Hiinnii^T^"i>«7"v» i2~ 

over forty weeks' work, 

Wabrbn A. Patbick. 

I. A. 

tor satisfactorily. The battle with tbe ele- 14. Sim Williams' Parisian Beauties, with 

meats was interesting, though somewhat Jack Miller, of this city, and Lillian Smaller 

troublesome. and a large chorus. Turner's Comedy Cirrus 

Alvin (J. B. Reynolds, tngr.) — March 9-14, is the added feature. -Honey Girls next 

the second week of "Within the Law." with _ Gband (John P. Harris, mgr.)— Bill 9-14: 

Helen Ware. Capacity audiences riveted Cub Rdwards' Matinee Girls, Jack Wilson 

. mgr.J-dflli 8-11: 
a, Wajwin and Little, Barnes 
"on Flossen, Rose and 
^ouscope. Foi 
Richmond Kent, in "Tbe Only Son," tabloid. 
Gaorro. — Vaudeville and photoplays, 
Wxnosah, Stab, Templb, Cbowh and 
FAUU.T, moving pictures only. 

T. 8. E. GRATEPl'L. 
Ixioansport, Ind., March 6. 
We. tho members or Local 148, I A. T. 8. this production all last week, and toe ad- ^rto. WxU Rogers, C. H. O'Donnell and com 
E, through toe courtesy of Tire CLirraa, vance sale waa very large. Beatrice Noyea, Pany, Hnrsley Troupe. Wlnsor McCay, War- 
wish to Inform the theatrical world of our tbe clever and pretty little Ingenue, who ran and Conley, Klutlng's animals. Mile, 
appmdatrori of the C. S. A (1 AinsMcrnent was formerly one of the most popular mexn- Tina, and moving pictures. Capacity busi- 
Co., lessees of the Nelson, and Ed— . OalUgan, bers of the Davis Players, this city, renewed h«a. 

Its manager, in considering oar rcowcrts tor old acquaintances. Joseph Santley, In "When Harms (C. R. Buchbelt mgr.) — Bill 9-1 4: 

recognition, end onto more Installing tbe Dreams Come True," week of 16. Five Tyrolean Troubadours, Bmll Hoch and -dick Freeman Flayer?, Ed. Howard and com- 

■union men In charge of the Nelson stage. Nixon (Thos, F. Rirk Jr., mgr.i — "Strm companr, Two Harolltons. De .Mlchdl Bros- rany, Zeb Zarrow Troupe, WUhelau-a Berry, 

this dty. We have found than fair to alt Thief 9-14. Richard Bennett, irt 'damaged Four Ncwsomea. Pond, Wood and Jerome, and the Msjesticscope. 

respects, and anxious to favor the union Goods," next. Business is veay -good. OBnrns and Marguerite, and Barrett aad Elite, Comtnial, Naw, Ltstc and 0»- 

mea. (Signed) Membeni ot Local 146V Lictpu (C R Wilson, mgr ,)— For 0-14: Jayne, Capacity business. raaux, motion pictures only. 

Kalamaioo, Mich. — Fuller (Cedrlc F. 
Lawrence, mgr.) Earl Stock Co, in reper- 
toire. March S-1S ; "The Master Mind" 17, 
tfthel Barrymorc. In "Tnnte," 28; "Bunly 
Pulls the Strings" 28. 

Majcsxic (Will Marshall, tsgr.)— Bill ti- 
ll, "The Trouble Makers." For 12-14! Rea- 

! h 

, it rC 

il«' . 

Kaboh 14 






traCKY has written somogreat "Homo TovTO'-song^ra 

P fesstonal CopTe* and OrchestratloM Ready in Air Kays. Come in and hear it, or send,Ior: it at once, It's a sure', Fire -•'Encore Getter." 

After May lot, Strand TD-eatia Building 47th Stieet and Broadway (Tb« Hut> bl New ; - York). ^vY: ;/ . 

Published by 

lapulementaJ L,l»t— Received Toe Lata 
(or classification. 

/Set payes fS, Zl.) 
•At Bit"— Toronto. Can., 9-14, Montreal 16-21 
-Ade*/— Buffalo N. Y.. 10-21. 
lan-jmoce, Ethel — Kalaxuazoo. Mid., 23. 
JlaJr BulrW— Buffalo. S. ?., 9-U. 
Inntlor, Emma, Stock Co. — (Correction) — Blrm- 

lngiiim, Ala., indefinite. 
Iroodway Open Oo— Shobert. Boston, 9-21. 
Bergen Players-i-San Diego, OaL, 20, 21. 
Inwo ft Roberts Show lEdw. H. Qatntd. mgz.) 

Jskin. Oa., 11. Ozark. Ala., 12, Clayton IS, 

Eufsula II, Colon Storings 16. 
'Botigtt and Paid Pot" — Davenport, la., 15. 
■Ben-Hot"— Davenport, la., 27, 28. 
'Blue Bud, Toe" — San Fran., OaL, 9-14. 
"Bunt; Polle the Strings"— .Boston, Boston, 8, 

Belles of Beanty Bow — Borlesqoe — ^ Correction)— 

Jscques, Walerbury, Ccnn., 10-18. 
"Baby Mine" — Eaatoo, Pa., 13, Snxomerrtlle 14, 

Pottstown Id, Harrisburg 17, OoatiTlllc 18. 
"Broaiway Jones" — Olena Falla, N. Y., 20. 
•Bought and Paid For" — Louisville 9-14. 
"Blindness of Virtue"— Majestic, BUB., 18-21. 
Croeman, Henrietta — San Fran., OaL, 9-14. 
Crane, Wm. H.— (Baltimore 10-21. 
"Orine. of the Uw, The" — Ban Fran., CAL, 9- 

Cresceot Stock Co.— (Oorrectlon)— Columbia, 8. 
C. close* aeaaon 15. 

•Common Lav, Tie"— Grand Rapids, Mien., 8- 

Boroer Playera— Ma N. Y., lad*fhdte\ 
trresaler, Marie— San Plan.. Cat. 8-14. 
Deslji, Oeby— Providence, B. I., 11, Hartford. 

Conn., 13. Ntw Haven 14. 
*DamaM Gooda"— Milwaukee, Whfc, 8-14. 
•Dunmj, The"— Washington, D. a. 18-21. 
EddlogV, Georgians, Co.— Wadena, la., 914. 

Sumner 10-21. ' 

Ivans', Geo., Minstrels— Peteriborg, Vs., 20. 
rorbes-Roberlson— Wsablngton. D. a, 10-21. 
•Fanny's First Play"— Park, Boston, Indefinite. 
•Freckles"— Albany. N. Y., 12. 
fioreoo. Kitty— (Correction)— Oort, Boston, 18, 

Sordlnler Bros.' Stock Co.— New H i mpt on , Mo., 

12-14, Humphreys 18-18. 
-Garden of Allab, The"— Peoria, Ml., 9-14. 
-01 -I from Maxima, The"— Cincinnati 10-21. 
"Girl and the Tramp. The" (Fred Brers, mar.) — 

Pecos, Tex.. 11, Carlsbad, N. Mex., 12, Ar- 

tetla 13, Boswell 14, Olorla 10, Hereford, Tex., 

17, Amor 111* 18. 
Crlfflth Hypnotic Comedy Co. — Bay City, Mich., 

"Olrl from Msram's, The" — Indlaxa-polls, led., 

"Olrl and the Tramp, The"— Logansport. Ind., 

"Osrdeo of Allah, The"— Louisville 10-91. 
"Mlrl In the Taxi, The"— Enid, Okla., 15. 
tfeorgta Troubadours — Wm. McCabe'a — Llnneus, 

Mo,. 11, Pordln 12, Milan 13, Green City 14, 

KoTinser lfl, 17, Brssbear 18. 
anna. Dale A Orahm A Dolls Co. — Omaha, Neb., 

Beckett, James K.— Broadway. Bkln., 10-21. 
Hod**. Wm.— Davenport, la., 12, Loganaport. 

Ind., 20 
"Happy Hon' loin." Gus Hill's (Gtltf William*, 

aur.)— (Correction)— Bridgeport. Omm,, 16-18, 

Blliabetb, N. J.. 10-21. PWls.. 23-28. " 
BaaweU, Percy, Stock Oa.— (OonetUoo)— Lyric. 

Keaphla, Term., 6, lndeflnlte. 

"Boly City. The" (Sherman A Aylesworrb, ip.) 
—Goran, Saskatchewan. Can.. 18. Ba i ka t oaa IT, 
18. Humboldt 10. Wadena 20. Cauxrra », Me!- 
rille 22. Yorkton 24, Danphhi. Man., Can., 29. 

Inrln. May— St. Paul, Minx.. 8-11. , 

"Joseph and Ulj Brethren"— Grand Rapids, Mi*., 
9-14, Indianapolis. Ind., 10-21. 

•Utile Hits"— Baltimore. Md., 0-14. 

"Utile Women"— Olena FalU. N, Y„ 18. 

•Little Loat Slater"— Zanesnlle, O., 13. 

•Little Cafe, The"— Colonial, Boston, 18, todefl- 

-LIUJe Lost Sister." E. & W. Ot>. (Lea D. Ells- 
worth, mar. )— Johnstown. K. Y., 13. ConrtUnil 
14, St. Joansrllle 18, Amsterdam IT, Schenec- 
tady 18, Oatiklll IB, SanftttJea 20. 

"Uon and the Mouse, The" (Geo H. Bubb. mgr.t 
— Kedneld, S. Dak.. 12, Henry 13, BsteUloe 14. 
Oasttewood 10. 

■antell, Bobt.— Indianapolis, Ind., 0-14. 

saacdonald, Christie — Inllarupolla, Ind., 12-14. 

airs, riike-— Albany, N. Y.. 11. 

■arks, Tom, Co.— Moose Jaw, Can., 23-28. 

■nrdock Bros.' Show (Al. Mordoek, mar.) — Ar- 
cade. N. Y., 9-14. 

"Modern Daughter, A"— Ann Arbor, Mich., 18- 


"Matt and Jeff la Panama,'* A Co. — (Correction) 
-Brerette, Wash.. 11. Mt. Vernon 12, Ana- 
cartes IS, Bedro Wootey 14, Betllngbam IB, 
Vaneoarer, B. Cv, 10-18, New Westminster 19, 
Victoria 20. 21, KanuoopB 28. 

•Maids of Athena*'— WaahlnctOD. D. a. 9-14, 
New Amsterdam, New York, 18, indefinite. 

Koattomery-Stooe ft J an Is— St. Paul, Minn., 15- 

O'Bara, Fltke— Syracuse. *N. Y.. 13, 14, Albany 

'Only son, The" (Tabloid)— Bay (Sty, Men., 

'Officer 068"— Grand Rapids, Mich., 15-21. 
ricnon, Franklyn. Comedy Co. <Wm, P. Pieraen, 

rntrTj— MootpeUer, N. Dak.. 0-14. 
"Pleasure Seekers"— Washington. D. a, 0-11. 
Parlowa— Loolsrllle, fty.,- 13, Indianapolis, Ind., 
„ 18, Darennort. la.. 23. 
rrtmrose ft Dockstader's Minstrels— Derainr, 111., 

11, Snringaeld 12, JacasomUle 18. Blooming- 
_ ton 14. Alton 15. Hanulbal. Mo., 18. 
"Poor Little Ulch Girl, Tue"— HoUla. Boston. 18. 

"Price She Paid. The"— Dobbwky Bros.'— Not th- 
em Co.— Sioux Falls. S. Dak.. IS. Letcher 18, 

Kimball 10, PUnalngton 21. Mt. Vernon 83. 
"Price She Paid. The' 1 — DnMnaky Bros.* Cenlnl 

Co.— Telluilde, Obi. 10, Delta 19, Sallda 21, La 
_ Junta 23. 
"Price 8he Paid, The"— DnWntkr Bros.* Southern 

Co.— Trinity, ■Tex.. Ill, BockdaJe 19, Bastrop 20, 

Moulton 23. 
Blchards A Prlngle't Minstrels— Morganrown. W. 

Vs., 11, Falrmotmt 12, Clarksburg IS, Weston 

"Romd-np. The"— Akron, O., 11. Buffalo, N. 

"Boaary, The"— Akron. 0.. 12-14. 
CotnUn Opera Co.— Montreal. Can.. 0-14. 
fpooaer, Cecil— Be Kalb. Bkln., 10-21. 
fklnner, Otis— St. Joseph, Ho., 12. 
■pedden.Palge Stock Co.— Pomrroy, la., 12-14. 
_ Elk Point, 8. Dak., 10-21. 
September Morn" — Rowland ft Clifford's— (Wka. 

Lemle. rajr. )— Toilet, HI., 18, Michigan City, 

Ind.. 17. So. Bend 18. Kankakee, III, 19, 
_ Bloomlngton 20, Sprlnoneld 21. 
smart Set — Petersburg. Va., 13. 
"Hag Harbor"— Prorldenee. R. I.. 0-14. 
aelmmann-Belnk, Mme. — Indianapolis. Ind., 19. 
Southern Amuse. Oo. (Oamlral) — (Don C Bteren- 

son, mgr.)— Marble Falla. Tex., 0-14. 
Tetraaxinl. Mme. — San Diego, Oat.. 11. 
Tangtiay. Eya, Show— St. Joseph, Mo., 11, Omaha, 
_Neb., 12, Keokok. la.. 26. 
T>xas Banger. A"— Wllkes-Barre. Pa., 19-21. 
Traill. Wm.. Vand. Show— GalnesTllle. Ga., 9-14. 
Traffic. The" — Locananort. Ind., 12, Omaha, 

Neb., 15-21. 
Terrla, Ton, ft Oo.— Washington, D. C, 10-21. 

"Uncle Tom'a Cabin" — Uurk's— Los Anlmos, Col.. 

11, Trinidad 12, Las Vegas, N. M., 13, Saata 
' Fe 14, Alboaaerque 16, Win a low. Aria., 17. 
Ward, Fannie — Vontauk. Bkln.. 16-21. 
Wrish Players— lyracuw N. Y.. 9-14. 
"White SUTe. The-"— Wllkes-Barre, Pa., 18-18. 
•*Wltbm the Law"— Helen Ware— (Correction)— 

Otneinnatl 15-21. 
" 'Way Down East**— Prorldenee, B. I., 12-14. 
"What Happened to Mary"— LoTdsrllle, Ky„ 15- 

Ysaye— Syracuse, N. 1., IS. 

9mm Parte ana fairs 


Hollle E. Oooley bas been appointed rllrector-ln- 
chief of special events, and will soon lease for 
Sen Francisco. Because of this be recently with- 
drew as secretary and general manager of the 
National Association of Theatrical Managers. 

Mr. Oooley, who was appointed by Charles 0. 
Moore, president of the exposition, is the second 
New York theatrical manager to be associated 
With the "big IBOW," Frederic Thompson hailcg 
preceded htm by sereral months. Bis head- 
qoartera Will be In San Francisco. 
i s 

"Next Is the maenlflcctit tableaux car, 
wblch presents one of tho most picturesque 
scenes we baT« ever beheld. This car Is 
ilra-wn by six splendid matched horses 
driven ty a man representing the god of the 
sea— old, long-bearded Neptune — holding In 
his hand a trident, and this proxy teemt the 
Ideal penMoincatlon of the son of old 
Qceamis. in tho centre of the car, beneath 

a canopy bordered with gold, stanch) Am- 
Dhlbrite, surrounded by nerudes. and guarded 
by the Spirit of Darkness standing Just be- 


The first sign of warmer weather, on Sunday, 8, 
brought a good-slsrd crowd to the Island, eres It 
there was snow piled up on the Bowery and .m 
Barf Arenoe. The picture shoes did a good busi- 
ness and the barkers Umbered up for the regu- 
lar season. Straeb's did a One tuslness. 

Inoma PiaX, Oakland. Cal., trill open the sea- 
son March 28, axd will dose Nor. 1. 

BiWDxaa Baoe, — m t m that they wfll or- 
ganise aa alrdome circuit the coming season 

tJrrougbont Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas and Okla- 

Tsa West Michigan State Fair wU be held at 
Grand Baptae, Mkb.,6ept. 1-7, 

Tot Prairie Lite Wild West Ox wOl p resent 
their Wild West show at the fairs. 

1. N. M rurai is stTangUf the concetslona for 
Dehnar Grrden. St. Louis, Mo. 

Out Spaktsh Post Paaar, Near Orlstaa, La., 
will open Hay >. 

Bmnnsw. Detroit. Mich., wOl open April 80. 
Over tlOO.OOO will be sprat to lmrn»Tements. 

Joruwp, formerly Oak Park. Sacramento, Cal., 
win open April 11. 

Ths Baran, Oaootaa' Assocuvtok of Norfolk 
sad Portsmouth. Virginia, Inc., la arranging a 
■nararaotb pare food e apo alten and teaser at to 
held the teat two weeks of May. 

UUtrraa OirranR, irn> Ai. Laiua wOl open, 
March 22, on the Orpheum time, at Wlnnkpeg. 

TRS ZiNc:r,8 are back on the big time. Tbey 
went very good to Chicago, and their work is 
far ahead of all they hare ever done In the mind 
reading line. 

Texas Gmjsur had to cancel her vaudeville 
tonr on account of sore throat. 

Rtjbs Whttal will appear In "Should a Woman 
Tell." at Hsmmerateln's, March 10. 

FXAirxra HoCor (Mrs. Frances W. Sohannlger) 
writes: "I have obtained an absolute divorce 
from my husband. John M. Bchannlger, and am 
Wintering at my home In Blnghamton, N. Y." 

Jack Maishau. Is recovering from a severe 
attack of paeamonla, at hla home, 153 Attorney 
Street, New York, and would like to bear from 
hla friends. 

Ttvaaa hundred members of the Twentieth Cen- 
tury Club will attend the performance of "Help 
Wanted," la Maxine KiJIotfs Theatre, New York, 
on Wednesday afternoon. There will be a tes at 
the Astor Hotel afterward, and several speakers 
Will criticise Jack Lalt's play. 

"L'Alfoaa Msnico" will be sung at the Metro- 
politan Opera Hour. New York. March 20. 

Mm. was too III to appear tn "La Bo- 
hem*" at the Opera Hosae, Boston. Hatch 7. 

Ths Stnrsnrs March 8 announced that they 
would toon present a revival of "The Gin from 
Kays." with Sam Bernard. Gaby Deslys and 
Cecelia Xoftna to the cast 

PAtn, Swam appeared at the Lragscra The- 
atre Tuesday aftcrnoot.. March 8, la a series of 
"Poetic arid Interpretive Dances." 

MiBorrtitrTW Sotmvan will make her operatic 
debet with the Century Opera Co., March 14. la 

Crnrt, Mauds and his company. In "Ornnrpy," 
celebrated thHr one hundred and fiftieth perform- 
ance at Wallace's Thentre. New York, March 9. 

Gatti-Cizazza will be re-engaged for the Metro- 
politan opera, the contract to be renewed for 
three years from 1915. No chsnges In the Opera 

Taffid her. Fran each of the four corner j 
of the car a long arm Is projected, at the 
end of which was an ornamental teat. In 
which sat a maid appropriately decorated to 
represent each one of the four seasons. This 
ear and the Dragon were built by Scan ft 
Tea Brocke. of Chicago. 

Then came a gorgeous band wagon, with 
a full band of mualdaaa, Oiling the air 
with loud melody. Afterwards a camel led 
by an Arab servant, and carrying on his 
back a richly dressed woman representing a 
Persian huty. Next we have a cavalcade of 
twenty-five knights, arrayed In burnished 
steel mall from bead to foot, their polished 
armor reflecting the sunlight like mirrors. 
Steel hekseta, visors, cuirasses and gaunt- 
lets made cms almost feel that be was back 
an old times with King William and his 
Normaais, or viewing the vassals of the Black 
Prince, Afterwards we have twenty-four 
horsemen in gay maroon with, white feathers 
Id their caps. 

"Then followed about twenty rtchly-palnted 
cages with wild animals and for style of 
smash cannot be beaten In the world. Fol- 
lowing- these, la a grotesque group, men oa 
horseback, fantastically dressed, so at to re- 
eatable, erne a gigantic rooster, another a 
huge frog, another a monkey, one a mule, and 
one a bear. Inside the expansive tent, which 
la of Itself probably the largest In the coun- 
try, la a menagerie containing some of tho 
finest animals ever brought before the Ameri- 
cas gaaa. We enumerate some of them, lie 
elephant, Bosclus, la one of the largest and 
most intelligent of hla species, and weighs 
six tons. He la attended try George Hoakmt. 

"About the noblest Roman of them all la 
the tjlacb-mancd African lion. Pomp, eight 
years old, who bas a most royal look, well 
entitling him to the prerogative of king of 
beasts. Ue is the grandest specimen and bas 
the moat kingly voice of any of the genua 
Leo which we have ever seen. A magnificent 
■Astatic female Hon inhabits another cage. 
She la sleek, trim and beautiful, and of a 
else corresponding to Pomp. Her name is 
Sose. Two African leopards, perfect beauties, 
and probably the largest In ths country, in- 
habit one cage, and two Asiatic leopards an- 
other, la another cage are three performing 
Itocky Mountain bears. Otber entasis which 
•we remember are an Australian kangaroo, an 
African ostrich, the celebrated Walapua, t'e 
Australian wambat, which la a real curiosity ; 
the sea cow, a camel, monkeys, parrots and 
dozens of others which in our haste we can- 
not remember. 

"The keepers take pleas-are In giving (he 
spectators information and in 'stirring up 
the animals.' The circus performers are sot 
surpassed In anything In their line by any- 
body, and in many things are unequalled. 
The Melvllles are unapproachsble In their 
feats of contortion and acrobatic evolutions. 
Originality also marks all the performances. 
P. A. Older, formerly a successful banker In 
Iowa, Is the general business manager, and 
most of the design and workmananlp baa 
been done under his personal directions. J. 
M. Chandler la assistant manager and re- 
ceiver of tickets. J. B. Turner is the treas- 
urer, James Melville, equestrian manager and 
director, and Major Pott la leader of the 
band. The show leaves here oa Sunday 
morning for towns in the direction of Chi- 
cago, which place It expects to reach la 
June."— Dolly BepulHoan. 

Bryan's Caravan bas commenced Its har- 
vest la York State, the attractions of the 
menagerie, and la said to be drawing out 
thousands upon thousands of the people an 
despite of the shocking weather. At Albany, 
on May 4, Manager Kdsh reported 12,000 
to the revenue collector, and "handsome re- 
turns" are on the books from Brhenectady, 
Amsterdam and Fonda. The receipts thus 
far are ahead of Forepaugb's last season, 
end the Indications are that Bryan will, at 
the end of the season, find that the "liberal 



FroiTIi cupper, Biglnlig February, 1861 


"Aa the carriages and cavalcade passed 
along the street yesterday they presented a 
grand and glittering pageantry that attracted 
not only boys, but business men to view it, 
and tbe sidewalk, balconies, fences and 
wooden awnlngx were covered with eager 
spectators, and tbe general remark was that 
Boblnson was fairly entitled to his cognomen, 
'Yankee,' In virtue of his genius of origi- 
nality and Invention. A fsct apparent was 
that only first class artists, artificers and 
workmen to design and construct his elabo- 
rate equipage had been employed. First In 
order in the long line of pageantry is tbe 
celebrated Polyhymlna, which we described 
the other day. It is a colossal musical organ, 
resembling In its tones an enormous hand 
organ, whose loud snd melodious strains are 
calculated to announce the approach of the 
caravan and at the same time delight the 

"All that tbe skill of the painter can do 
to render the external appearance of the car 
gay in color and scenes has been done. On 
each end and one side are pictures done op 
by the best artists, and la a style of execu- 
tion which cannot be excelled. It Is fifteen 
feet high, thirteen feet long and eight feet 
wide. Oo the left side the front of tbe in- 
strument Is exposed to view. In a deep panel, 
elaborately gilded, and bordered by massive 
mirrors The next novelty Is the great 
golden dragon, with fierce looking teeth and 
eyes^ — an awful monster of the deep, such as 
the superstitious heathen mythologlsts might 
have fancied dragged the car of Plato In his 
Infernal realm, or In bis fight with the ab- 
ducted Proserpine. It hss feet, claws snd 
tail like the fabled sea horse, snd glitters la 

administration" by which he Is now gov- 
erned, Is Just what was wanted. Strong 
advertisements, a splendid procession, cor- 
rect management, an extensive menagerie 
and s "tip top" cirrus are all brought to 
bear In Bryan s establishment. The papers 
apeak well of the show. Peter Conklto, the 
clown, la making himself beard. A few 
weeks ago an editor woo didn't like shows, 
pitched into tbe concern, for which Peter 
pitched Into the "man of Ink." It Is seldom 
that chin music can beat the editor, but 
Peter's eloquence and sarcasm was too much 
for the editor. But one thing clowns should 
remembered, that as a general rule It's folly 
to fight against the press. Don Rice attearptea 
It at Morristown a couple of weeks ago, and 
although Dan was In the right, he came off 
second best. A newspaper can go where the 
voice of Mr. Moneyman can never reach. 

Hcrr Drlosbach's Menagerie and Howe'* 
Circus appeared at tho Calender Lot Provi- 
dence, it. I., on May 0, 7, and people were 
turned away at both performances. A cor- 
respondent says: "O. X,. Clark and Johnny 
Wilcox, the clowns, are up to the average, 
snd the songs of the latter took well. Mr. 
Henrique and EM. Watson ere good eques- 
trians. The Gregory Family Is the feature of 
the show. Mile. Qerknell sppeara with her 
trained poodles, and Jeon, Victor and Arthnr 
on the trapeze, horizontal bars and revolving 
globes. The procession is very well laid out ; 
two bends of music being In line, snd s beau- 
tiful tableaux car occupied by Gertrude and 
her poodles, and a number of women followed) 
by cates, wagons, etc., all decorated with 

They're awful pious at Concord, N. n.. 
Judging from a story which ssys that the 
workmen in one of the carriage factories at 
that village recently held a consultation to 
decide whether they could consdentiouily 
work on circus wagons. We believe that a 
glimpse of a drrns manager's greenbacks 
overcame the scruples of those pious money 
gmbbers, snd they went to tbelr sinful work 
on the circus wagons. Burn a place cannot 
be a "concord of sweet sounds." 

The Van Ambnrgh Menagerie appears to 
hare been very unfortunate first In losing the 
best part of its animal collection In the Inte 
fire at Rarnntn'a Museum, then the giraffe 
died a abort time since, and very poor bust- 


For summer season under canvas. Opening May 4, Char. Man to doable brass. Jar. Han to 
sum tenor, either 1st or 2d, Preference given to people doing specialties and doubling brass, Piano 
Player to doiiMe brass, Clarinet for B. and O. violin to double Cornet or Trombone, Trombone 
to double Cello. Ann Crosby and Jaok Howard wrlto. N. H.—Honzera dismissed without notice i 

Per. Add. G. L>. UHVHRIDGB, Mtebfleld, III. J 

nets It has met with since It started out for 
its Summer campaign. Instead of taking a 
route where It would not hsvo had any oppo- 
slttam it started in dead opposition to the 
New York Circus, losing sight of the fact 
that the "New York" had n long and well- 
deaerved reputation as one of the best con- 
cerns that travele. The Van Amburfh con- 
rem exhibited at Hartford. Conn., on May 
11. 12, to about the worst business ever ex- 
perienced by any circus In tbe country. This 
was caused! no doubt, In consequence of the 
"New York A being extensively billed to show 
there on May 13. We arc Informed that tbe 
receipts of tbe Vara Ambnrgh show were 
srftomaon or tbe lltb, about *325: errenlng. 
927B. and <for the VI, afternoon. 1106, ana 
evening, S70. 

Ill Is Is terrlbletttul business for any canvas 
show, but worso for such a laorge concern aa 
the Van Ambnrgh. The "New York" showed 
at Hartford, and notwithstanding tt rained 
very bard, the receipts for the afternoon and 
evening amounted to, we axe told, over 
11,676. Having become satisfied that It can- 
not successfully oppose the New York con- 
cern, the Van Amburgh has mads a allgbt 
change tn Its route and showed at Providence 
four davs earlier than It was advertised for. 
It appears that even the country people know 
when a good show la coming along. 

The Orton Brothers' Circus performed at 
Brownsville, Neb., on May 8: Nebraska City 
11, Plattsmouth 12, Omnha 13, 14, and Coun- 
cil Bluffs, la,, 18. During tbe week ending 
May 2 they were at Kansas City, Mo., and 
bad very windy weather for throe days, so 
that they could not put the top canvas up, 
bat put tho sides up and tbe people sat In 
the hot nun to look nt the show. In Western 
Kansas business is said to have been targe, 
they being tho first show over at Junction 
City, Mnryvlllc and other towns. 

Ames' Menagerie has, we are Informed by 
a correspondent, been doing a goo